Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1916
Page 5
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ai»«. /^•X^A-//: ,--%t\S^. /*. *' . fudge by the Aroma—Your Nose jtnows Ten different men —or ten different advertisements—will tell you that ten different tobaccos are the best on earth. i % Your riqse will tell you one tobacco is the best. And yqdr nose knows. Malig^ this .'simple test. Rub some TUXEDO briskly between your palms until the heat'and friction bring: out the full aroma—then hold it up to your nose. Test every, other tobacco you can get hold of*in the same Way. Give them all a fair, square test Your nose will say, "Oh, what a difference." Your nose will tell you that TUXEDOES packed full of that delightful fragrance that ..must mean supreme flavor and mildness. Your nose .wni_Je_ll_you_ that the other tobaccos don't meet the test—that they fall down hard. Your pipe-will back up what your nose says. TUXEDO is as good as its aroma. That's saying a whole lot—-but the .waiting for you. The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette BOcTins THJt AMEIUCAN TOBACCO COMPANY 1HT SCORELESS TIE [either Sterling Nor Dixon Had .The Final Punch Needed To Cross Goal Line. , <i; Dlxon, ».• The rentiU of tlut lont i" Ulxon I'rhluy hy temm* ie- the Hlt-rhiiK and liixon HU'li l».' It wan the most iiotiv « oii- grid Ion iiattle ever Indulufd in crowd that ever -'ittended a in Uixoit, fully twelve liundi'cd heing iireHent. k, Borne reHiwelH the gnmi" Itwelf \vaj« iullUllltf.' There were no hmw no «(«i)Kat)onal pasw!'. It «:»* light, old.Htyie j'ootlmil and iteitlier ^ hud the final jium-h to carry the over tlif Koal |im> of ith opiion- |!J8terllnt: had Just one opportunity ' wim within HtriiiiiiK diNtanen just ^, hunif Wxon luul the (all fully il*«8ftli» of the time lutd was within i\v» yard line «lx times with to go. bnt~nt~ttteHe ciitk-tr Twin -City ladn .rt^ponded inUy.and held an heroically- at/dM pireju'11 at Verdun, It wu« this Shorn rewtetunew that ruiwd the ..JIB , above tho mediocre mid BEHC; |9f|i|M«ctHtoi8 something to K«-t thrllh-il s the flt'»t quarter with the ball on fiftniafrrimiryiMi i* n ° iin<l -vntu four -*-•' '(hi* home team Wi)n tinnble to J'raeth'ully the wtme nltn'ition pjojiert Ui tho neeond and thiid i uiul tluvo tliiH-8 In the totitth tliru-M tho mettle of both tc.un.-. to the ntternioHt. and each to admit they had jnet then 'lip Sterling High «chool showed lt« • »irit hy ••-•-• filling ~U With mnde the trip h> unto "It was a ju^otif home'-omiiu; when VVUM ovi'i 1 , To hold IIIMUI to an itK own ground* \\.i-. mote WUM Cipecled, and a thtui wan e\pet led hy the 1»ivu til fact tho dlK.i|tpulnlnii'nt in in* \\w tlver IK very lu-i n Thex (in \Ictol >. All ol tU-tl closed iillit even the V ^~V~, A. vya« locKed in nidir t.> Ui _' " ' the holne ho><« u m [»Oli''TIUinkt»gl% IUK .May the contf-t. he continued at th" \V«.M i:ud at which time the Sterluu.'' hoM- i0'«lwnunMi«t« their suptuoiltv •E^lit'wyK'j Ui l% fruwil «'»>> l'«i'K«")t x\ I K "*~^"^tmieily, and" thV ofTul.tllii ; u •* It tt.tK <( n in.iiii.tbK Hi-rercer Schmel/lo, IMInol.i. rrnjifre. Heard. Illinois, Jlend linemiin, |{ot;er«, FOOTOALL^CORES WEST. \Vl(-con>-.n, IS"; t.'hicago, 7. Xortliwe.Htern,.•)(»'; Uralo-i ii. lllinolH, H: '1'nrdue,-7. ' , Minnemitn, t!7; Iowa, tl. MichiK--«it, It; SyraeuKe, in, Turin, J2; In.liana, 10. Michigan AjtKles, W; X. I>, AKules, u. Xoire -Ihime. iii»; Wnhnsli, ". Cane. 27, \VooMter. ti. EAST. llaiiard. 2:t: i'«»inell. ». frmrpinnr 7r Hartmnirth, 3. Vale. 'M; W. and .{.. I I. i'liiKhurKCi, Jo; renn., <>. Xa*'y, IT. (if'oi'Kia, .!. Army, liul Villa Xova. 7. Howdoiii, 13: Hale*. :i. (•ideate, 27; H|iritm'lit<|il. M. < 'olhy, D: M4ihu>. o. Hi'own-21; Ittitfters, 3. I al'.oett* 1 . 27; Luhanon Vulloy, II. (ieol'KetiHMI, M': Alhl'i^ht, '». Columhia.'u: WllllatnH, u, 1'eim Htate. 4S- iiPtl>>>hnrtr. 2. * ! ,tttrt-V<tU*: 2-74- I^4t»MO».-M. - - - ' Uehleydti, III; Atllhertit, 7. • ' SOUTH. n^u-sia Tech,, 7; \VashinBton and Jelfei'Kon. 7. / \iihnrn. 7' .MI««iH6i|i|<l AuKiew, ':!. Vtiiulerln'lt. 27; \lrglnw, •!. •Sew a nee. 7; UniiKiuna. '». Ti-nni-niiee, 2-1; Florhlu. '!. Alahuma, -7;. .MiK»ifa>ili>iil, ". OfHER SCORES. - /{ij.-.n. 1:5; Heioit. o. KIIHV. 7, Lake Forew.t, <>• - Js; Lomhiinl. I". Uiinni-il, In; Cole, u, Lavuenec, 7; *'aiio|l, 7. AiTKEN WINS 100 MILES Rcsta Led Until Forcacl To Quit The j before 7 o'clock 'Saturday nlKbl, at ; IMxoti, rilled the c.'inh drawer and citeapoil \villl *V7f'. and dep,«ito the effort.*! of the iuH hot-It ic* to afpreheiid him. I* xtlll "t large. At t>:.'l& P- ni> Mbtrt Anna Mende, day HKeiit at tho station, locked up and iefl for the day, K. T. Leilh, night ,'inenl. \van due to arrive «t the Kta- tion at *7 o'clock. When he reached the depot'-'lie entered the tickel office and switched on the Huh!, i MIC of the wludowK in the buy window Tn the front of the station hail been broken open with ri blunt '!nt<ir,uinent. of woine noriV-Vtifd turniiiw to Hi" ciinh draxvei At;elH Leith found that il hail . been for.-eil open with a 'Key from a car iireuk, i ho thief having left the key on Xi u Vi\ik. O..-I. *,iu -Ji-hiuiy Anker, in .1 l'i iljieot, MjiUnhed all lecoiiK • ii the i.i e inr the UiuilKn'-.^. K"ld HIP it Kt ec,-!.lli -id l',l\ ,H:ttiJlduy b\ ('i\ JIM,, I 1 '!' mill, tn '.'i Mi, 'tMiin;, 1'i'St'i ml' i I" I Inctiti lltallv' I, U 'ted u tit-UI of lUi'lil\ -two l,;-l i Itt- (I1-) ,tin el-. .Hid tl.-U tilt' li'l ill! Il,tlllplOlls) |p ll'llll I'.lH't U'*i.l. ill h;. I IIV,.1 |nr ui, iiiw honoi ,s ! i.uik c,.>i\in m .» I'n mi-r <,ir, *•» "Itinl-'hi d Hie i loud -In lini,->huiK in et'Jiil 1-1,111- ui H, i'.; oiiH i i^ht ->i • • lid •> bt hind tlui s\ nun r \ViktA, in aiioihi r Iv-n^H't. urn?-? i <! l|*'U'l HI '-, -1". Hi Mill I-<i'll, lil .1 \ti\- 'Ait| W.IH tiiui ill :u,d I H \ '-'J c. in ,t liiil- «eill«e| ^ u': ( ,s tsllh Hi »'' ^ ! fr« CLi \\ 1 a TS",i r :r Tn rr ntr ,i\ tth '-be r __ i ,,\d .'(. In. Ill" XII Jl« I' "l "l "i 'In -very !Vw pt<nullivi hi inj; uu!i' l- j i.u • up \>, tl.e ji\'>-n.|le in n'k. whin . . - ~ -j— rr li,ni lltl- llotil'U.' lie ll.lll to \\Jlil E""U>WU|>—Hleilmn' r e. tJibh.tdt. .' j un. i ,i,t miltj»/i nt»v r "it \\b>u h' ' ' ' u, I ' i'.|,?V,t tli' t'-h itt. ot hi: • ,U ...ii- m - - "' • "6.," l>»hiit, t' ti »•„ H.iliu'. 1 I. b , ichnltjs; f b. t«toet klc ' •." DJjcon . I. c . ,1 I , i'l. mt.ii ' f, f., '\Vhitvoiube. r c. Silui.'l. -i b , , .Mr, Leith nolined IhiyjxiHei' at once and idfieelH went to the niatloll to in- ve»tiKate. AlthotltSh they heafched tin .HiirionndiiiK territory, they were unable to diKcovcr iiny HU«III_C.|OU» char- a.ctt'fH,.. '..',.'"". . ' 3ILLIE BURKE'S BABY : '- y .GAINS 6J-BS. IN 5 DAYS Xew Vork, Oct. "30. MisH ^IcKfeld, wTiii "arrt^T r d~ )B"~The—wnrlrt—Monrtnyr dauc;hter of Hilile liurke unit Horeii/. '/iegfeld, ha» received .tnany Klfls and HC-tiuhfd ~u full nttme -l-'inrence i.'ul- rlelii XieKfeld- Klort>ni"e lit honof of iwr futher. I'atrleia heiuK a name admired by Miss Ifurke. The huhy has «i-v luuiudH «lne« birth, STERLING BOARD,OF TRADE Mfixwell and Qtiinle.van j.tcnjbf-r I'oirrfl oi Triide. , , Chicago, Ilk;. Oct. m Open " -High Uow Class Wheat i'ec. t'.""., I !*'s 1 s7 1 '.i'i'. M;«y l s7 l >>s> 3 i ii".A, i M;»J Corn Dec S't vi >• M'.'J ^7 May l»u'« .'!'« .^'.i "S-% Oats , "* \l.i\ •,•!», Pork Liu "'L I i tard - 1'ei !•• I" .1,111 I ' • Ribs " i. t HI,' I in i 1 ii, I . I" 1 ) i 'i i ; s BURGLAR VISITED OIXON f lurth"). m-> i .1 I. ,C. Station. hrinrtnTr- „! ltd i'' • ;jvisi,', t wl rr CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. I Im tun III, t i, i 'to II,,.- i.j , it i'l. ' lo..< I Lei! m i I . '• * ! ' C,.,i,d }'• "'"'I I" .!'' ^rl\ld - T' "-rtrt^-j l IK la . f' 1 »'"«i" i" 1,'o.U -1 »- ( ,'" 'I '' t,.l I ,»Uf' .--II lit\ .t'i|, il ,lli\ «. 1 |i, f , <• I "I'll \llli - - »"'i - , s , .1 , '"III ! i, - . t. ' i >,i I , i- tj e it :1 • i u - j\ (. < i • ~ CTIICAGO~GT ; raTIsrMA'R"KET • -. , i ,11. " : " \\ i '-.-i** " *S v, u Jv i *| £i.5w i •» %i i w^j 5c Bags Xo_ .'! red. $l.7.V5r l.S^ 1-2; Xo. 2 hard winter. ii.U.M-4, Xo. 3 hard winter, $1 M;',I i.'.ir,. forn '-.Vo, - yellow, $1.1U«il.ll; Xo. .'I yellow, 'iLiM'.'u I.l» 1-"; Xo. H yellow. !li5fti-I.OS; Xo. »i yellow, $1.07 1-^;. No, :, white,; Xi'w :s white, $1,09'if l.W Xo. ;' nilxi'd. il.iiii l-'."ii LIU 1-3: No. 3 niixtil. $1'»',i4i 1.10; Xo. 4. mixed, $1.0S 1 • '2fii I "'J; No, ii niiM'd, $l.»oCti 1.07 1-U; Sample jjrade. yr.ii !."«. iialw Xo. - inlxeH. 52 3-.-l«iT.3 1*^: Xo. .' Hhite, M 3-4;,»r.r) 1-4; Xo. 3 white, •r,:t l-2fu!"i4 1-2: Xo. 4 white. &'.! l-2tfi 54 ">-$;. Std.. 04 l-^5i r,5. Itarley -Ca«h. sf.fti 1,23. Ky("--Xii. 2, $1.405! 1.41: No. 3, I1.3S. ST£RUI\(G CITY MARKETS• ^ . . (Corrected, ojyly.i < Miises Dillon Company.) Xew Xo. 3 yellow corn ............ S'.'e Xeu No. 4 yellow com ......... i.-. ..'«'«<• No. ;; inixei! oats '...,. i s < Whe-a. Xu, '4 f1-"2 STOCK ( *OW» i'al\e*< .... .... .$3.1)0^'-!.•>(> ...'...•..., ,'.$7.«tO'3''.».00 LOCAt "RETAIL MARKET. . tSterllHH l>ept., Htoti,'.) butter IfiuiWovd ci'i'.'unel'y I.utter , Dairy--Whol«»U«. Dairy butter ; .S'Ji i'j'- r., Head Millie. | ei hv.'Ht ...I t \ let >, e'M !l - •, • 1 'in umbel A-(\( u Ii .. ..... .... i'.itnlcv . t$) New polutoiH, pk BwtK bum h -. • *•* ijicell peppelx d.»ycn .. I"* Nt v, t,;e. (b .-TT7— .-tn F--uit. l iiatl'.e.N. C.llif , inueil , ".",-1 J>I.-(S .sUiel piit.ttot'N. Ii ibh LEGAL ,*MOTIOB execuTQ#i'8 NOTICE, TXt it* of lieOlge W«irner, deceaKcd The, unitefsiuiii'tl h»4\iuu btn-n ap- •io|hted».« \tcutlK of the l.»ot \V»H tltld i\-t mil lit 'of iJiniKc Wuiiur. late ol •ie Count \- ft' WhiU'i-dde and S«,ite ot 'Ilinol'-. ib i e isctl. hert lej' Tiiven nollCl' -be vvifl jippt s .Jl' hefoi'e tlTe C<nmts I'ouit ol Whitej-tde Ciumty. nt the Coin* th'ti^r ni MoritMin nt the l»f- . inhi i ttim on the hrM Aliuuho lu litctinbti lu.xt, .it whuh tune ail pi i Mills h.n IIIK i i.UUI» ,tKaUl:<t .said CMl.ite u, iiotilii d .Uld le,|iu-.led to .itti-lid twl llti |"t,l|"'-' it lliSHIA, the i-.illlf .UljUM- \!l pi 4-"in liid'bt»d to saii| t slate in 11 •!"' --tetl to make uttiiit didte pt\- iin i * in t 'ie t.t.ili f -i». in il * 11 it, .) fi i- i.cti ,i iv «.l i >< i i!" ! A -pp. »„,.... - , -\-n, ,. -\ tfifltn \ CLASSIFIED RATES SllUATION WANTSD ONE CENT A HELP WANTED--MALE. SALESMEN WANTED WANTKIJ T\V-'.i .MLX r«iU |-"KN )!!i»'kii!!4 i'!) f:irm !'• nir--' -•>''•>' 'i\ l - • • ! of ll.i. k rail::, kii-.^ts •• H -i '• • '• •'•• • f urn <'h.t~ H. h-.i-J. ;-. ' '.•!! !-'• ' '-.i" Mt-V. - !".'.:" I* WAXTCli I'.oV, A*;i;p r, ui: Mi'I'.K !,, I,.;,!,i ..I,-..- ,.-).:j;ii!^ I : u.;n-::-. I 'Jirs- ! An;.: I.-- :it I'---' ! - ' - *"- ' §n;! \V\XTKU V'H'.v: MAN T" HI". 1,1' -«-u"0^."'. Mu>--( >•••!i-)< nt ,j ••••'•• •-•- —••' .--"• -=•-•:;--.' _L__.t-;^iJ.-U—s..,;:i.Li..i.'_l i::l'.:ur.: :,L 1-. \VA.VTKI* <;i»(i|» f'ltl'.N I'li'KIMt !,V the lill'-hfl. ->••< I 1 -!!!!;* llti-lm- I. ln«t.-rstr|t" jihofK- MI-V in^.if.l* U'AXTWMf MAX TO 1'tt'K COUN MY ,1,-iv ..r !,*«!,• 1. Th«-o. .Lin-.-, n »!••!! \V\NTl;l» M \N TI t ' I'K'K <'.»H.V h,!. !"l:it.. |i!|. .ft.- t',111 . lolT-i'i-* \v-v-xa-i;i> i, I:\HN i!Ai:m:u TMAIU-:. Mm 11,-ivtiu; ti:n!i'. K.t-v tn li-.un hv i.'ir «\>-!-m. U'iiif f'-t .-it'iS'.i', -'.'I Mill S't, Molirif, lit. Tn «"n\ l'..iit«T ' HELP WANTED—FEMALE \VlLL I'AV LKLtAIU.i: U'oMAX .1^ to ilHItihllfo ft'--- Hint t<> ««-Hl -'»" IIH k-i;;i--' I',nt:iy S"-ip ''-•«•'"!' iitni'iisr It i< ii.l". X" moiiev rc'iuivd \V:ird • •omp-iny T.11 X rrjuikiiM Sf . Chi- ,.;,!,,,. . _ !'H" IS rflKltK A CAI'AlU.i: \VoMAX IX Sli tbiu;, who will e^fl '»'i h.imej wi«h nry. Write "!•'. '!. T." t'.'ir" 'Isiy-tte. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE KOH SALKMV HKHMMtXCi: t'oK inTM.f l!th Av<'. ati<t -'ml St. In h.-irn ami out t>nlldiiti:-< and .fruit-. ,!nM the home for retired fanner In• liilre t'02 lltb Ave. ' li»:Vln7» •iiK.^.vLi: ou tu:xT .<;otir» xi:w r.-room bou<" and n i..t«. l-*lv»» blocks from c.'ir line, Applv "11.7 Fourteenth Ave. Bell i.ihon«» r.H'-W 100-11)3 LEGAL NOTICE CHANCERY NOTICE. of IlllM'liM, 1 ' . \ «H. . ' Whlti-tde County. ! In city Court, Xovt-mber term. A. I). linn. T. «5>tH, J»»«i-J't» <'• •m«t AxariaJt T. n«tt ' nn.l .Ii>»«'l»H i_ linllofk iiH KM-fiitorx rtti.l Tru--t«-«-K of th«- last Will and T«'«tam«"it of Nelson ... A. Hro»M. Arthur T. (; ( »|t..I,1<i lVi"k Cult Carl f. 'Hnllork. Alice I-', t'.nllork. Bertha Hullook Knlfiom, William H Kol- I 'mil T. r.nlt. Mary X. rialt. rhom- ,»K Mathi-r (if UvIiiB). the wl.low; hein. anil ilfvixeex of ThmiKiH Mather (If IK' he dead). I'd Manly, John Calhoim. NIcholnM II. HiilKoly. J. Calhouii. X. II, niilJteley. X. II. HUlKeli-y, I'ri M«n|fy n« TrUHl'ees of the Stnti- Hiink of IIH- tu>ln. anil a* annUiiee* «>f th«» l'r«>si<ieritv Ulreclorj* niitl Comtisliiv of the State Bunk of IIHnoiM, A. K. Mv.l.v X«'ll Lnw- rii>. John 1'. 'U-iwrie. Knutk ». -Hyde, Ruth Wiltenherjr, Krnnk Wttsenhers; the unknown owner ..r owm-r!< of the Koutherlv half nt Lot 3, Block 38.- West of Hrouilwfiv In the City of StvrlinK. County of WhltOMlUe and State of Illi- H(>|M, To the nl'mve named l>i'f«-ndHntM: AffidavitH haylim heen lih-d in 1hf ahovo entitled cause as by law re.|iiir- ••d. at the office of the elerk of K;Uil Coiirt for the i»tn-|»oHe of tmwurlnp .Utr- iKdietion |iy i»ild(i-.'iti«»n. n.ollf»' if« tiere- hy Klven to Thomas MathiT..iif livin^i the unknown widow, -heir* -nnil d«'ViM>,-.- of ThomiiH Mather Uf he hf dead), t'r 1 Manly,' John Calhoun. .XU'holas II Hidtfi-lfV. .1. C.alhoiin X. H. Hidueley. X H. lUdr.-Iey. Kri Mauley. «H TniKtee^ of the State Hank of HUiiolx, and an as- siHlu-es of the PrenJilcnt. Diri'<-tors and ouiinwnv of iliis IStSte BatiM !jI:llIFh_.i1i tun ttnknowjt owner or oworrs* of tin southerly half of Lot Three, H!.n-fc Thir- rv-».lKht. West of ilroadw >v. In the City •>f Stwrlim,', County of Whitesdde and StaH' of -I'lllnolx thai the at»ove named 'c'orrmliklnHiil. .lo« ( -|ihine llenmnnn Mac tllwl in this .Court luirMll of coiniilulnt in th« ahove entltlwt cnukis i.nnklnK ll» •iliove numt-d defendantx j.arties defend-ml tlu-ireto;. tliut summon* Iw* heeii Issued HKuiiiKt you and eaeh of you. tin *aid di-ff-nduntH. ri'turuHl'U* to a term ;if xuiti Court to ' \»? holdi'ii at th« Court f • \V hlte.*<!u> and State of Ulinois on Monday, the 2«th day of Xoyemi.i'r. A "U," l!»iii, "n'iui that th<- -suit Is still iH-nif- iu'tr. "I which tiine unit pluce, yort an hi-rnhy nolitletl to ph-ad, aiiKWfr or demur tit «aid hill, . -'-,... Marl L. U.-SM. Clerk. I'hilii* II. Ward, Attorney for S<i- licilor. • <H't. 21., 2*. Xov. 4, 11 Term. A. SALE, Stale t»f .Illinois*, | \Vhlti-«lde.i 4 i,unty, f s>r.: City of Hterlini,'. J •|u City Court. Hi I'letnl I), IiH 6. John W. M.iitin vs ,|ohu».t»n aim Jeorl' I'J. Halt iMHut-h'friH** ' noinn H hen !•> Kis>'n thai t to a di-fie<» of n.Ud court en ii'rt in ^aJU cau»e on tttf -l"t day ot , Itflti. Che uiuler»iKned m the Mb tt.iy of Xo\tinb»i. !''!•». .n li t e hour of ten o'eliH k A M. of »'Ud ilay ,i\t' tb«* ftml—t}t»»*--«4 Ui*"- *'j<i H-tU in the City ojf J>leibu« in -xiul «'ount,\ lift i for 1Mb' -iud -ill to-the. lu^heM mil be&t biddii fot t.i-b (u bind thi follow in,; dt^cili'id t-I >t* f-ltH-itii m the City of Stilling Ci'iints oi \Vhiti Hiiln nud St.Ui ft iliu»"(>- t*i-wit Lot Xiru t!i> m iUei k T'lii tj -w vt i i3T» K.i^l ol ItioaiUv.n ui th- Cl^ i4 Sttiltm; .ind also in ^iisinii- ,tt Htmthe*t^terH col in-i of Li't Xuu- C* n lUoik Tbnt\--e\»n t-7» KIM nt l!)uuiw,iy in the Ch, ol Milliti... .t'lii thi^tee riiiininw mmtn^tlx ,»tun« U>e i*ii>- lonuatlon ol the l,i>t lint "I >.tljl lot to the Xoith Inn- of ttie iifeht "I w.>\ irt 111* Cht< «».k<> ,H!>i X-K»lt-»»- "t* H« Krfii- \va\ .Ci'inp.uis . Itniu*' v\i"-t'l!i\ .ib'Up. llii .tint ijo'nh IIJH to tlie nUel.'-t t lii'ii nt ..tul .Ni'Hh lu)t with its' pii'l* u- l ticli >i.ii!h'iis ol l'u w-ttih ly.i- n! j,,ild Lot Nun t'»i ' t •!» ' H • I tin i iv .iloii^, •• lid piol"ii. i1nli - iilb'iU "! the v\t->l«tU ii's<- •-! *H! ("' 1" 1t<t South W i "-ti 11 v t "i !i< I • I i-» I*iS i!.«,!u < tl>It|l. lloi - t- 1 ~—1> >'i i •" »: 11 I i t l • 11 « i i • * < l > -.-. -.- t: -.-. \ • • • S'M-l'i. 1 ' !..V. ;. \,\\{> -.: M \ sr r v "n '',-ij! 1 ! 'i'.v:i auto »r ti-am '-fit. f-'!«-i >,i,!|'.-i f lilf IM Mfl', C,, . «'!..,- ': .!••'! i .'hi-. ' :"-'* ;*,r., \vf.KKLV -AN1> K.\ !'i .-.-!-:-^ ii.ii .int- - >t int. Ilistr-n! rn:ut <it -,\.-T" an.!" tt.i\,l a?id fiftiwilut loivi' i'-i- k n! ; o.' i < '" *5 t ,. A lll'STI.IM•;. l|oXV:ST. ^-LKVKL- J i :i!-,l Hl:ill Wlil 1"' l,i\lfi th>- ol"|">l - i'.inily uf a trO-tit.ili- ndil traitiml !" , ( j,., e , ,,t ,,-s )•»•.illy, A S< ti« i" statini: H'IIV >"i! fliiiik >''ti e;m <| ! .:;ilif> v.iil liimi; jiartii ul:ii «. I'.usinef-i chaii»-«. " X.w.-nK. X. J. !"-' W.\NTKI» MAN" o\i:it .Ti Yi:.\IJS i.'iil t.i !t-H'l for IIH njakiitt: ,St«ltiiii,. ! i|\,.D. Fi-e« |,..rt, CliliJon, !{•>' kf..r.( l,;iSi!!f, I'.'IU. Sprint; \"iill> v, M"liti", 11 i-,'!,|>.ii't. \'i-ry |i!«-.'i«an"t «-st:ilili--h«-d ii?i''. 1" rinaio hi. !!i« !iion".v. <;!>MI lir,--.. li». h'---ter. X. Y. " C FOR RENT i'ot: I:I:NT > HOOM Horse. ,M<H>. •••in. II":' K:iM (III SI.. rail !!••] p!,,,!..• ;ur.u.i :ifi»-r :. s« "». 1 »-'-!"• A vi-. H. |-(^K ItKNT S-IJUOM I'AHTLV MOD- .i-in lniii*«> wl^i furiiiicw r iiiu! t.>:tt!t. Haul and p..fl water, Fif)»» rrllnr. !«':. Ivi-t^Thinl Hi. JVsjiit' Mlslil. r. 1'Clf .l-'oi; Itr.NT- -STKAM Hi:ATi:|t nl'- ti. »• KH'in hi Acmlcmj' lOuck. {'<<<>. S. o!msi»,ul, 10^. ii>S KOU iiivNT WI:ST nrn r STKKKT, .six-rcKtii litiu?**'. All mmliM'ti ••(ill* COK'KKNT six. HOOM .MOIH:UN* h-.i-.uv .-u .•in", I'Uth A*-. J. K. riiilllps. OU KI:NT ..... S-KOO.M I'.VHTI-Y MOO- t-i n lt»unc with furtmi't 1 nt)il luilh. H,u<! mill K'tfr water. Kin«- <-«'Har, '."'*. tvist Thlnl St. Jos»l«' Mi«hlfr. KOI! H'KXT OKFK'K SI'ITK .IOIIN llail'liiiin Mlofk. Jlell jilnnic "7i'.-1. '.13- US* > KOOM KOH KI:XT "Mo.l.-rn ciiiivi'iiit'iifi-ji. ll.-H itlu'iiH 1 :•«!». \v; s:-tr MK. HKN'T .MODKHN KI,Al\ U'KST • Tlitnl. St. Inauiro A. L. llorkinan. . Kfilf 1'OU KHXT—7-HO.O.M ALL Mol>- ern ho.iwe at 11MX Sixth Ave. Call The Uoy <!. Woods Store. iuntf K<m Ui:XT -STKAM H1JATKD OF•i lice r->itm in Academy- JJlock. In- tiuire ti'.ro. S. Olmxlend. - 101-102 KOH HKXT ~ JktODKHN SKVKX- .. n'nun- housV, SOI Third Av«>. St-c Henry llri'lding, corner 4lh and l*>cum St. . 9'Jtf POTATOES OX A of OK IUSK IX 1'UICK il ' ln«t vrrt-tf"\va»i not .shipj** 1 ''. Will K* 1 ! cat MaU:r. without r»'K»rd to jirici- if they can tti- woi'iircil. M. H. I5ui»k, Until hoiu'x. ' ' ' log-lot* CAKD OF 'OK" THANKS — We «-xj>rcs> lu-tt'by to our lu-iKhbors ulul fnoiuU i,nr pratitude (iiul ginverc thanks for tlu 1 roiirt«"*U<H and iissitituivct 1 vxtt'iul- «l «» ti« iluriiiK the slck»«»»N ;HH! l.urvji! rif.-iiur iH'lovi'il'wIfii', nicthfr arui- hif-u-r. H. L. Chajdin. CalUtn Chaitjin. rhrin. P. SchiK-itlor. Mr.s:.H. F. Mtihrnmn. Mrs. K. 'j. l).>i!iiist.T. to rx- kiiutl.v !< tliUiutJiiH om 1 ilauK in* l«» . Katharine .Kry«.from which t^lit- H . Mr. ami Mrs. KM. Kiy*», lloL-k iMls. Jit. 1' LJB^LNOTIOES "" CEQAT^NOTicE. " :1 • JHIJ, ____ _____ J In Uu'**'ity Court i'f fltfrlhiK. While»Ulc i*t>uui>, HliHuiw. to thi* Xi'Vi-tiilti-i ^•un, A. I). 1'JIU. KfHvl An-JuT-va. 1'Vi-il L. Ai'i'ln r, Hi> for Divorce, IJiu- utriUitvit that tht» <tlnn-f name* li'i'i nilani, Krctl L. Arch«-r. »••* ;i n»n r«-». ul«-ni of tl»> t'ouuty of \Vhti.-.snlt tin) State uf IlliliDlN. lutvlllK IM--II !ilo II III.- ««nu-r of tlu> <*hTk ««f 111.' i'H\ %iutt "f Stt-rlJiiK, notice \n • h»-rrli> K<\ -n to Ui<* txiUi Ki<'»t I*. Ar<'ln~c th-il »->ii» •nijil'laluuiit lu'l'i-tiiforo Jilol h.-r hill foi .livorof la »*aiU i-nurt on tlu- «'luu»-'.'i'> it,|,yihi-i-«-t>f; thut a HUtittnoits .lj> «ai* iii--e ha.-, ix-vn i»-«u> % il out i.f i-.ii'l I'oiii In- .sai»l t'tmrt on tlif lir>t i|i> of th< nt'\t N«twi>ilM-r tfini ihi'U'*if to he heh >t tln> i'nutt llou»*» in ihu «*ti> of Sici um )u »aiii County on tin- thin! Mna 4 Vi-'.-H't''!', ^ O I'tli! .•!>- !«. In ,i\\ 11 i|Mii ,'d, vvhlcii c.tUM' is Mill pi ilii nit. and uiub'U i mined tit .said Coin l Cleik of ^ i£ \V i; MtUhvli. Soht U. >t i.ll.lll! Ol I I'L 2* I- PUBUICATION NOTICE! s -nl.ti' Ot llllllOl-, | - 't> i!.tv of \VhHi suit, ?fs 'it\ oi Sit i line. i i u\ Cmut oi the Cl!'« <i otiliiliv- I 'v.itmi H.uH.Hil \s, i 'h,u ',< > >:.jiiSiiit .ivH uf the uuit i' -I'll . Js.ililiUd,* ll.e il.i,1. ii.iv.1 I in •(, IIIVHK In i nulled itt tht v ii C \S aui AH' IM • ' l * '"pi "' UU, ii, -1, ^ ,t\'U I" thi, s.Hd lloll-ll std< tit til It till Cl m|«l 411, llll b'lS l)l'S*t !-r»-J- 1 I > I i 1 "1 tl'l.I i'i.tUit lii !».iid Couit, ,Hu! !ii»t ,. -inn *".- ii t .1 i it is \ -till ih i' i).: it !• itiui ( it-h i n Uf, Ui si d ^\ i>( t!i i« v? tt i (n •i t'.cji!, tti I" hnidi U l! 111- t'• IU i ii ..-t j'l the t'i'\ of Mi- [1,1 "i t' , tl it M i d t> ot ,\,-\i m!" i \ 1> • i ' .s |i\ i,! tt "H "1 ,11 ' d W I I, M ,' t. 1 , J ; . ', n .!>'! mini 11» i in, 1 i >! . ,1 i 1"T* i, n Pt/BLIC SALE PUSLJC S MBER ;TH, / O O K A L O t. A N t. L K E R PUBLIC SAL E .• • TUESDAY', rue THIRTY . FSRST DAY nr OCTOHP.R, A. O.. I" 1 '" r,.n. BELL." FOE SALE^-FAKM LANDS '•• Af 'itcs T s : run i I,M; v nts- !M- !. v,*'|! imps i •>. ' -.!. i>r|f<- I'" 11 i" ' -• i . 'i.iirt , iv---r I'.-.k f hi-" if % "U .if i'",'.:ir.. for 'a !i;iri' ; i nt. 'Jm'Ml Iinrl-.- :-•• "t wri'"'. . "?••_ »:. \Vi.!..-!!> ii. T-iri!- . •!•• I--. Writ" for ),]i, ,1, .• I .1 j.f ;• .it.X ihfii! IM:tti,i!l. Milllv! \ ! ", ' S \ .) \vn.i. TIIAIH: .M^• IOI-ACUI: 1,1:1: •in.f T!!;,-, j.iit dill' I-i-IIC'- ill • Nislf U'llle 'X V •/." t-.-ir.. »:;i5"!l = -. V7-11"' FOB SALE--MISOELLANEOUS roil MAU; A !-'i:\v «;'mri HHOATH, ..i;-- fn-yh !i:i1f liL-rxl .)' r-< v, »!„• full. !i'.i.'ll .1. (-•»«• V ;-|.|-|l.ll:i I . ntl. I'M!- h.ifli hSlil. tl!(< r-t:|H- |i!t..)l*'. \V, II. 1 1-.,. v.-r. M'J-l'i.'t i-'oj j s\i,i-; T\\'O iii'N'n.M! j»oi;s. ll.llf f«\ lloillcl, il ill I" .-ll'.l.'. ISi-ll 1 •'<' 1 r S A 1 ,K T W I'. *S'!' V . !••!' LL C, lt« t\V X c)si. (•;• Us- . ilili- .. : i, h ,'!i.:, till Aye. C-., k I-^IIS; IU.'* roi: SALI: A <;niii» u«>usi; AXI» f.'*7 KavP Third Si., i;.» K I 'allw. iii, 1 -Hi.'!* I'OK SAl.i: COiili HKATIXM SToVK. ll/ijilil.- i;->-.-7T~.- Mi-li-alf, IS.'II photie ' i'c'in. , mi'.HI;? . ,Mii-\V. ] "di. K oVKIU.A.MI UOAU- . *';ill l!cU tliiW. I'OK- SAl.i; !•(•!•. 'If KoU HA1.K .\loT()l;('Vi'l.i: ciiii- I'.-ir ei'iinpldc. (•ht'Hp.if l.'ikt;ii at lOn.'i'. liniuiri- <if ll:ti is l''mtl, * " ^TK lMl'tSl'. WA«;i>\ AN1> if I.iKi-u ul'i.ticf. I. 1 1)0 r 1 I'(»K SAI.K- -TXVKhVK I'ICS SIX \vit-kx old. 1'. \V. <!tnnl. lii-!t phone iVHSOl-ILLANEOUS •At'LKVH fl'IU»LSTI-:i{IXt; pitiii, l»;o'. uieiii corner' Locunt and l-'oiirth Stst. - ' 05-1"0 " " REWARD ~~ >- A U1->WAHI? oK OXH hundred Uollafri will IH< paid for evidence leading' to ' th« ii|>prehenitiuii itnd con\iciiiin of the IHIMOII or per- Nt.ns who on tin- night of Octoher 1!',^. J.:»!fi. ime the siilliiK oft the .dwelling hotiM 1 op the 1 Muuiii\\e«t (j.uarter (S.W.»i)'of Section Two l'2t in Jordan TiUMiMliiji. \VhiteNide County, Illinois, liifm mat ion may he R#\vn direct to me or to H,, C. Ward, iny attorney. A. U. Warner. Iiii'-lll3* _ WANTED WAXTI-;iV~-~"THltKK I-' i.M'iiiK far liuht lioiiHei<ei<|itnK in modern hunie. Write "(;. '/.." cure i!a/.- elte. lir.'- H»3» WAXTKU — HKK.SS.MAK INC, AT 604 !8th Ave. .Mrs.-sUurlt-y Tiiylor. WA.XTKD T\vo-4»i{. THUI-;I; FKIJ- in-hi-d rooiiiM, for lijjht hoifheki-ejilnK. Centiall> located. Man and Wife. Wiitc "L" care Castette. 100-1U2 U'AXTKH - ALL KIXfKH OK 8CAV- i user work in Uock Fit I IN or Sterling. Call Belt jihone 32ft-1'. K. II. iJoImon. \VAXTKO — SKCOX1»-HAXI> AUTO- niohiles, will ji.iy the hitihcxi jirice. Also vi-i| all kinds of rejtairw. Mlkn the $ir. Tiiilor. liolji ttlioni-M. 3litf WAXTKU -TWO OH THUKK Fl'H- ntihfd rooms for lushf h»m.sekt'e|iin|i in modern home. \S'tiie "«/' caro fiaxette. . 102- 103* APPLES AI '.I 'T?Ks' A H K ™X(?W ( ) .S <' Al {"7\T MllledKeville, Fn,»> quality ui'd «ood variety; $l,l'f, per h,«hket at ear In Coh'tttr—JLhdiyen tl in country, $1.35. Atnnan .V liarri-^in. 'JiiL'-HH W. K. DUNMORE Eye and Health 8poci»liit Hr«. 9-12—2-5 Chlropjwtie ami tmtetijiathle treut- QLA88ES inentH CORRECTLY STERLING, ILL. FITTED 9 I. Third St. S. W. Lehman, M. IX DIXON. ILL*) Special office consultant, and disease* of women and children. ROBERT W. BESSE n.^ Attorney-at-Law State Bank Bkig. Starting, III. A, G. HUBBAED . * SURVEYOR Have purchase'*! th« Jno. P. Ar«y field notes of th* Onain*i-8Mr-, \«v of Sterling and Rock Fall*, > Bell Phone - — 603 E- 2nd St., • SteHinu. HI. , Dr. E. W, WaW SPECIAtlZINa IN, Electricity in treatment of 21 K. 3rd 8t. GaU'e- iaak Sterling, 111

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