Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 27, 1963 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1963
Page 22
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22 Galesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg, 111. Thursday, June 27, 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPl)-Slock market midday prices: Admiral 17% Iowa P&L 5714 Allegh Ltid ,1(i s S Johns-Man Alld^Chem 4!W Kcnnecott 73 Alld Strs 51 3 4 Krcspe 22% Allis Chal IRVi Kroger 28% Alum Ltd 26-7A Lib McN .15 Alcoa 65 Lookhd 57% Am Air 25% Mar Oil 57% ABC Pnit 30 Mill Hnywl 100 Am Can 46% Minn Min 57 Am Cyan 59 Monsanto 52' A Am AI&F 20 3 4 Mont Ward 30% Am Mtrs 18% Morrcl] 25% Am T&T 121% Nat Bis 52% Am Tob 28-% Nat Can 15";i Anaconda 49% Nat Dairy 64-V 4 Armour 43% Nat Gyps 45% Atchison 29% Nat Ld 71% Avco 28 NYC 22% Bendix 52% No Amn 57% Beth Stl 31 Nor Pac 47% Boeing 35% Nor St Pwr 36% Borden 63 Olin Math 42% Borg War 46% Oulbd M 11% Case 9% Pac Tel 31% Catplr 43% Penney 42% Celanese 44-V 4 Perm RR 19% Cent Soya 28 Peps? Cola 50% C&NW 26 Phil Pet 52 Chi RI 26% Piper Air 28% Chrysler 64 Pure Oil 42% Cities Svc 65% Qua Oats 67% . Coca Cola 94% RCA 69% Colum Gas 30 Rep Stl 37% Comm Ed 48% Revlon 41% Cons Ed 84 Rexall 34% Cont Can 47% Reyn Tob 39 Cont Oil 61% Safeway 58 Deere 64% Schenley 21% Diana 9% Sears 88% Douglas 24% Shell Oil 44% Dow Chem 61% Simmons 40% Du Pont 246 Sinclair 43% Eastman 109% So Pac 36% El Auto Li 58% Sperry 14% Erie 3% Sq D 46% Fairbks M 13 Std Bds 73% Firestone 34% SO Cal 65 Flintkt 22% SO Ind 60% Ford Mtrs 52% SO NJ 68 Friden 35% SO Ohio 62 Fruehauf 30% Stude 6% Gen Dyna 24% Swift 39% Gen El 80 Texaco 71% Gen Fds 81% Texas Inst 78% Gen Mtrs 70 Un Carb 103% Gen Tel 24% Un El 27% Goodrich 48 Un Pac 41 Goodyear 35% Unt Air L 39% Grant WT 24 Utd Corp 8% Gt Nor 53 Utd Fruit 27% Greyhound 39% Utd Gas 38% Gulf Oil 44% US Gyps 82 j Homestakc 48% US Play C 26% Hupp 7% US Rub 44% 111 Pwr 39 US Stl 48% Inland Stl 39% West Un 26 IBM 441% Wstghs Ab 31% Int Harv 58% Wstghs El 35% Int Nick 61% Woolworth 69% Int Paper 31 Yng S&T 102 Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxvillc Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD—Produce: Live poultry receipts too limited lo report prices. Cheese processed loaf 39-43%; brick 39-43'.-j; Swiss Grade A 5055: B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 90 score 57%'; 90 score 55%; 89 score 54%. Eggs barely steady; white large extras 31; mixed large extras 31; mediums 24; standards 27%. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AJ 5 »—(USDA M logs 5.5(H); 1-2 11)0-225 lb butchers 18.5018 75; 18.75 paid freely and 35 hcM<i Ioi around :U0 lbs promising high yield of lean cuts 19.00; 1-3 190-2,'il} lbs 18 00-18.50; 230-260 lbs 17.50-18.0li: 2-3 250-280 lbs 17.0017..50; load 3 near 300 lbs 16.75; package mostly 1-2 around 300 lb .sows 16.70; 1-3 350-400 lb sows 14.50-15.50; 400-450 lbs 13.75-14.75; 2-3 450-500 lb.-- 13 0*1-13.75; 500-600 lbs 12.50-13.25. Cattle 800; no calves; slaughter steers part load mostly choice 1,075 lbs 22.75; package choice !,380 lbs 22.25: iew lots good and lou choice 900-1,100 lbs 21.00-22.50; Call Your HOME REPAIR MAN For Tuck Pointing, Sidewalks, driveways. Also Painting & Eave Spouls Cleaned and Repaired. Phone 343-8343 after 3:30. standard and low good 19.00-21.00; slaughter heifers, few lots mixed good and choice 800-950 lbs 22.0022.25; some mostly good 21.0021.50; few lots utility and standard 18.00-20.00; cows utility and commercial 15.00-16.25; c a n n e r and cutter 13.50-15.50; bulls utility and commercial 19.00-20.50. Sheep 300: choice and prime spring slaughter lambs 22.5023.00; good and choice 20.50-22.50; cull and utility 16.00-20.00; cull lo good shorn slaughter ewes 4.506.50. Bushnell Livestock Market is active. Top $18.25; bulk 190-220 pounds, $17.75-$18; 220-250, $17.25-$17.75; 250-300, $16$17.25; sows 25 cents higher; bulking at $13.25-$15.50; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Galesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. ft Q. Stockynrds Market strong to 25 cents higher. Bulk of best eastern shipping hogs, $17.75-$18. Top, $18.25. Quotations: 200-220 $17.50-$18.25 220-250 $16.25-$18.10 250-300 $15.75-$17.25 Sows: 300-500 $12.50-$15.00 Interior Hog' Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal): Receipts 18,000; barrows and gilts 1-3 190240 lbs 17.00-17.85, mostly 17.2517.85; 1-2 190-230 lbs 17.85-18.25; 1-3 240-260 lbs 16.50-17.25 ; 2-3 260280 lbs 16.00-16.75; sows 1-2 280330 lbs 14.25-15.25; few 15.50; 1-3 300-400 lbs 13.25-14.25 ; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.25-13.25 ; 2-3 500-600 lbs 11.50-12.25. Tomorrow 's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 5,000 hogs, 3,000 cattle and 100 sheep. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)—(USDA)Hogs 2,400, active; barrows and gilts 1-2 180-240 lbs 18.25-18.00 ; 36 head 1-2 200-220 lbs 18.60-18.75; mixed 1-3 180-250 lbs 17.75-18.25; sows 1-3 270-400 lbs 14.25-15.75. Cattle 123; slaughter steers mixed good and choice 700-1,400 lbs 21.50-22.00; good and choice heifers 700-900 lbs 21.25-22.00; calves 17; choice 25.00-28.00; good 22.00-25.00. Sheep 90; spring lambs good 85105 lbs 17.50-19.00; individual choice 110 lbs 20.00; shorn slaughter ewes with No. 3 pelts utility lo choice 3.00-5.50. Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks steady in moderately active trading. Bonds irregularly higher. U.S. government bonds steady in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly higher. Midwest stocks steady. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans mixed. Hogs steady, lop 19.00; cattle steady, (op 22.75; sheep steady, op 23.00; dressed beef steady, top 42.00; dressed pork loins steady, top 49.50. Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) — New crop soybean futures extended their higher trend today with gains running to 3 cents a bushel on the Board of Trade. The market was generally steady to firm. Nearly all commodities advanced major fractions at the extreme on support, credited almost entirely to speculators. Traders in the soybean pit said the bullish sentiment there still BACKYARD SALE FRIDAY and SATURDAY JUNE 28 - 29 318 S. Farnham St. Loads Some furniture, misc of dishes, knick-knacks, antique dishes, clothing, FOR SALE RCA WHIRLPOOL Combination Washer and Gas Dryer. 9 cubic it. Chest Deep Freeze. 343-5763 or 343-9256 HOUSE FOR SALE 3-Bedrooni, 1'; bath, Hiick Kartell on 1-airc lot near Lake Bracken. Paneled living room with fireplace and beam ceiling, knotty pine kitchen with built-in stove and oven, disposal unit and birch cabinets. 2!i-car garages. Low taxes and maintenance. MUST MOVE OUT OF AREA SELLING AT A LOSS FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 343-4097 was linked to weather. The fore cast of continued warm with only a possibility of scattered showers raised more fear of a drought developing in much of the major producing area. Wheat was V* lo % cent a bushel higher, July 1.85%; corn Vi lo % higher, July 1.28'^; oats % to VA higher, July 66%; rye V* to Vi higher, July 1.26V4; soybeans 7 /s to 2% higher, July 2.65-V4. Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain A Supply Co. Wheat $1.84 Corn (old) $1.21Vi Corn (new) $1.05V4 Oats (new) 58M>c Soybeans (old) $2.51 Soybeans (new) ..$2.41 Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (AP)— Prcv High Low Close close Wheat Prev High Low Close close Jul 1.85% 1.85 1.85 1.85'4 Sep 1.87% 1.86% 1.86% 1.87% Dec 1.93'A 1.92% 1.92V& 1.92% Mar 1.94 '/z 1.93% 1.93% 1.93% May 1.89% 1.88V* 1.88'A 1.88% Corn Jul 1.28% 2.27% 1.28V 2 1.27% Sep 1.24% 1.24 1.24% 1.24'4 Dec 1.18 1.17 1.18 1.16% Mar 1.20% 1.19% 1.20% 1.19% May 1.23% 1.22% 1.23% 1.21% Oats Jul .66% .66% .66% .66% Sep .67% .67% .67% .67% Dec .70% .69% .70 .69% Mar .71% .71% .71% .71% May — . — . .71% .71% "^Rye Jul 1.26% 1.26% 1.26% 1.26% Sep 1.28% 1.27% 1.28% 1.27% Dec 1.31% 1.30% 1.31% 1.30% Mar 1.33% 1.33% 1.33% 1.33% May ' 1.32'% 1.32% Soybeans Jul 2.66% 2.64 2.64% 2.64% Aug 2.65% 2.63% 2.64% 2.63% Sep 2.63% 2.61 2.63 2.60% Nov 2.62% 2.59% 2.62 2.58% Jan 2.06% 2.64 2.66 2.62% Mar 2.69% 2.67 2.68% 2.66 May 2.71% 2.69% 2.70% 2.68% Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)—Profit selling weakened the grain futures market slightly in spots today but new crop soybeans held nearly all their early advances on the Board of Trade. Wheat slipped into small losses after the export buying slackened and hedge selling met little support. Corn also eased from its peak but dealers said there was a good speculative demand on set backs there in soybeans. Most of the strength again was ascribed to a forecast of continued warm and dry weather with only a possibility of scattered light to moderately heavy showers. Carlot receipts were: wheat 18 cars, corn 92, oats 4, barley 7 soybeans 38, and rye none. Wheat finished unchanged to % cent a bushel lower, July 1.85; corn % to 1% higher, July 1.28%%; oats unchanged to % higher, July 66%-%; rye % higher to % lower, July 1.26%; soybeans un- FOR SALE From the Estate of Lela Brand. 1959 Chevy Impala, 4 -dr., radio and heater, pr. steering, pr. brakes, factory air-cond. Inquire Voyles Standard Service, Main & Chambers. TRUCK LETTERING SIGN PAINTING GOOD WORK LARRY WENSTROM 342-1493 Ruptured? Be comfortable with Dohbs Miracle Truss. Win, G. Carney, Distr., Box 267, Altona, III. Ph. 481-6722. Backyard Sale 441 E. GROVE FRIDAY, JUNE 28th 8 to ?? Wall Stritt NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market turned mixed late this afternoon after a recovery drive lost some of its steam. Trading was moderately active. Volume for the day was estimated at- 4.2 million shares compared with 4.49 million Wednesday. Gains and losses of fractions to 1 or 2 points were scattered among the list of key stocks. Du Pont was down 2, General Electric more than a point. American Viscose rallied more than 2 points following word of a court ruling against a move which would have blocked FMC Corp. from buying the operating assets of Avisco. FMC gained about 2. United Air Lines was a 2-poin( loser on news that it is calling convertible debentures which would add to the supply of outstanding stock upon their conversion. Chrysler held a fractional gain, General Motors eased and Ford was about unchanged as they trimmed their best prices. Up more than a point were Universal Oil Products and Union Carbide. Pennsylvania Railroad, which was traded on some big blocks, held a fractional rise in a mixed rail section. Rock Island was about unchanged. IBM was a 2- point loser. Radio Corp. lost more than a point. Prices moved irregularly higher on the American Stock Exchange in moderate trading. Corporate bonds were mixed with rails higher and utilities lower. U.S. government bonds showed little change in quiet dealings over the counter. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD—Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 708.77 off 0.22 20 rails 173.88 off 0.07 15 utils 139.32 up 0.05 65 stocks ' 255.66 off 0.05 Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP)-Corn no. 1 yellow 1.33%-%; no. 2 l,32%-33%; soybeans no. 2 yellow 2.68; oats No. 2 extra heavy white 72. Soybean oil 9% (n). There were no wheat sales. When they form raiding columns to hunt prey, tropical army ants follow a chemical roadway laid down by their leaders. changed to 3 higher, July 2.64%- FOR SALE i960 Fleetwood Cadillac Low mileage, full power, air conditioned. Can be seen CITIES SERVICE STATION Henderson & Daylon Sla. Backyard Sale 1013 BEECHER AVE. ALL DAY - FHI. & SAT. 9 to 6 Clothes sizes 7 to 22, children's clothing. FOR SALE Red Angus BULLS 2 Yrs. and Under Blaine Kendall </2 Mile East of Hamlet Ph. Reynolds, 372-4664 REPOSSESSED HOME ELMORE, ILLINOIS NO DOWN PAYMENT Pay Remaining Balance Only. Very Low Monthly Payments. ELMWOOD SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Ehmvood, Illinois Phone 3621 PUBLIC AUCTION SATURDAY, JUNE 29- 1.00 P.M., D.S.T. 1463 MONMOUTH BLVD. A- I luvi- M >ld in.\ home 1 will offer the following inrirlwihriiM' for Auction. While c.ih. cosco table, while utility china cibinrt. l-pieoe metal c.ih. .set w.i.'-h tubs on stands, fi-piece dminK room suite iwnl- nut). Very Nice Oval Front China Cab., ;i wh.u-not shelves, oval table, 2 rocking chairs. 2-piece maroon living room suite, odd lamp tables, large salt and pepper collection. 2-door glass cabinet, I telephone stand, nice desk and chair, console model radio record combination, 9x12 rug & nad. 2 - Afghan spreads, chest of drawers, ironing board, 1 - bed comp., 2 - dressers. 2 - 9x12 linoleum, some bedding, lots of dishes, large button collection, fruit jars, Sunbeam electric iron. GE washer lots of misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. MRS. ELSIE FRAKES, OWNER DALE COFFEY. Auctioneer Warren Allen, Clerk SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE Not responsible for loss or accident Gerlaw Tea Attracts 80 To Church GERLAW — Around 80 women attended the tea Tuesday at the Gerlaw Christian Church. Tables were decorated in rainbow colors and used the many flowers now blooming at centerpieces. Hostesses were Mrs. Dick Edwards, Mrs. David C. Edwards, Mrs. John Trinkle, Mrs. Donald Howe, Mrs. Thatcher Haynes, Mrs. Prank Hood, Mrs. Bert Boostrom, Mrs. Ralph Hood, Mrs. William Johnson, Mrs. William Wolford, Mrs. Lloyd Winbigler, Mrs. Harlan Terpening, Mrs. Weldon Earp and Mrs. Wilbur Roehrs. Mrs. Haynes, president of the circle, offered the CWF prayer. She introduced Mary Frances and Karen Roehrs, who played an instrumental duet, and Mrs. Robert Johnston, who gave several humorous readings. Club Convenes Mrs. Richard Edwards presided at the Mother of Twins Club in Monmouth Wednesday. A potluck supper was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Omar Gaskill, with Mr. and Mrs. George Darnell assisting. Plans were made for a picnic Aug. 18 at Monmouth Park for the families. Announcement was made that at least six Mothers of Twins are planning to attend the state convention Oct. 19 in Chicago. Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Starkey will attend as official delegates. Set GOP Session The June meeting of the Warren County Republican Women's Club will be held at the new student union at Monmouth College Saturday at 2 p.m. Gerlaw area women were asked to contact Mrs. Hugh Winbigler for further information. Mats Navy HONOLULU (AP) — The Military Air Transport Service in the Pacific now has its own navy. The non-military flotilla consists of two boats—Geisha Girl and Nancy's Two — moored at lonely Wake Island. The 14-foot outboards, long sought to augment limited recreational facilities at Wake, will be used by MATS aircrew members who stop over at the island while on aircraft missions. The arrival of the boats was such a big event on Wake that SWIMMING POOLS Built any size, any shape. Pool cleaning and chemical!. For information call collect. Swim Klean Pool Service Rock Island, 111. Phone 788-0289 GARAGE SALE FRIDAY, JUNE 28 568 MAPLE 8 A.M. till? Adding Machine, clothing, toyi, drapes, misc. household items. DON'T MISS THIS ONE Backyard Sale 427 W. SOUTH SATURDAY, JUNE 29 8 to ?? Something for Everyone Closing Out SALE FISHING EQUIPMENT and SHELLS Sat., June 29th 1 P.M. MONMOUTH GLASS CO. 1100 WEST BROADWAY —n— Fishing equipment of all kinds. 10-ft. Glass show case and other Misc. Items. • ROGER BLACKMAN GEO. D. GASKILL, Auct. Ellisviile News Items ELLISVILLE - Harry Vow- hces had as his guests Sunday Mrs. Ruth Hatten of Canton, Mr. and Mrs. William Knickerbocker of Avon, MB . and Mrs. Jack Passent, a real estate broker of Palmyra. His son, Clement Voorhees and son Rick spent Monday with him. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Upton and children of Gilson spent Sunday with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lee Voorhees and family. Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Young of Folkstown, Ga., and Eugene Boley of Montgomery, Ala., ar rived Saturday at the Bert Zim merman home. Mrs. Boley and daughters hove been here for the past week. While they are here, they will visit the home of Mrs Young in Williamsfield and Mr. and Mrs. Boley at Fort Madison. Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Fornerio were hosts to a picnic party Fri day. The following guests were present: Mrs. Barbara Black and Buzzy, Mr. anl Mrs. Floyd Oldham, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Myron White. Several birthdavs were celebrated. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lointer of Rock Island were weekend guests of her brother, Tom Bailey and wife. Sunday afternoon visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Gobel Bailey of Galesburg and Mr. and Mrs. Steven Arends Bryant. Mrs, Jane Voorhees and chil dren spent a day recently with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Barbara Lewis and daughter in Bushnell. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Forneris, Ellisviile and Mrs. Barbara Black and son, Morris, were in Canton at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Edlery, to help their mother celebrate her birthday, Paul Nipkow, a German, proposed the first practical television system in 1884, before electronic devices were invented. Mrs. Nancy Bovee, wife of the head of a Wake Island aircraft contractual firm,, named them and launched them with two bottles of champagne. FOR RENT 6 room house ground, floor. 3 room house ground floor. 4 room upper apt. All modern, reasonable rent. Tel. 342-6931. If no answer 343-2681. Sideyard Sale 491 N. SEMINARY FRIDAY, JUNE 28th 9 to ?? Driveway Sale 1617 N. KELLOGG FRIDAY—9 to 4 Nothing sold before 9. Lots of good clean things. MOVING Out-of-Town Must sell living room set, radio-record combination, gas stove and refrigerator, power mower and Misc. items. 628 N. Kellogg Ph. 343-9150 Furniture and Antique Auction 1051 N. BROAD ST. - SAT., June 29th—1:30 p.m., DST RAIN OR SHINE As we have sold our home we will sell our furniture as follows: ANTIQUES: Walnut Secretary Desk with Tear Drop Pulls, very nice oval walnut table, walnut bookcase, picture frams, oil paintings, antique walnut dresser with white marble top and tear drop pulls with matching marble top commode, (this is a very nice pair and in good condition), marble mantle clock, other mantle clock, towel rack, fruit cupboard, solid walnut cradle, 2 walnut beds, walnut organ, organ, organ stool, walnut table, reed seat, ladder back chair. OTHER FURNITURE: 2 piece blue living room suite, book shelves, gateleg table, rocking chairs, 9x12 Wilton velvet rugs and throw rugs, corner cupboard, drop leafe mirror top coffee table, drop leaf end tabic, book cases, bonk shelves, spinet desk and chair, channel back chair, beautiful extra large minor, console radio, club chair, floor lamps, table lamps, card table and 4 chairs, set of Rook of Knowledge, set of Stoddard Library, set of .Journey Thru Bookland, sgi of children's library. 2 canrtlelahra, library table, portable radio. 4 piece bed loom suite consisting of chest of drawers, vanity, dresser and bed complete. 2—in. mattresses, maple mirror, fireside table, bedding, linenr. yard goods, set of dining chairs, 7 piece chrome dinette set.,» Kcnmorc gas stove, elctric refrigerator, Extra Nice Cabinet Sink, Easy Spin-Dry Washer, rotary power mower, ha,nd mowers, garden hose, yard cart, garden and yard tools, wheel barrow, stepladders, 28-ft. extension ladder, ornamental yard fencing, lawn sleeper, 4 lawn chairs, bird bath, child's wagon, used lumber including a 12-ft. fir plank, jig saw, sander, 2'i HP outboard motor, 12-ga. Marlin Repeating shotgun, 6 boxes shotgun shells. 22 cal. rifle, hunting coat, fruit jars, phono records, dishes, pots, pans, and other items too numerous to mention MR. & MRS. HAROLD C. TURNER. Owners Corbins Auction Service Frederick Erickson, Cleric Kent and Cook — Auctioneers Phone 343-9033 REMEMBER THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE Vacationers Return to Alpha Home ALPHA—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Metenef returned home Monday from a vacation trip to fienton Harbor, Mich, where they visited her brother and sister-in-law Mr. an" Mrs. Charles Cook. They were accompanied on their trip by Mr. and Mrs, Frank Schoening of Aledo. Alpha News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beck of Cable, Mrs. Martin Hurstrom and Ross Parker were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Michaels near Glasford. Mrs. Michaels is the former Miss LaVon Parker of Alpha. Janet McLaughlin who attends summer school at the Illinois State Normal University spent the weekend here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McLaughlin. Guests Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McLaughlin were Clifford Erickson of Aurora, Mrs. Nellie Berglund and Mrs. Aubrey Berglund of Aledo and Mrs. Louise Christian of Wood: hull. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hart and two sons of Indianapolis, Ind. and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Crocker and family of Galesburg spent the weekend at the Albert Spencer home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Duncan and baby of Milan were Sunday guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wells. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tietz Jr. and daughter Anne of Kewanee were visitors Sunday at the C. W. Kronsted home. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Schertz and Mr. and Mrs. Rolan Main of ElPaso and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Newman and Mrs. Upha Newman were Sunday visitors at the Byron Weir home. Trutuportation Departures Effective April 28 ALL SCtUfiDULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIM* Burlington, Etttbemntf S rast Mai) 3*4 t. 30 AkSftrBen *.5:55 a 10 Denver Zephyr —-—7:52 a 2 Local ... *-8:60 a. 18 California zephyr — 12:31 p 12 Nebraska Zephyr .—7:05 p. BuHinaton. Westbound 8 to Omaha, Lincoln -.1:48 «. •5 to Kansas City __„—l :SS a 7 to Denver ...-..3:55 a 85 to Kansas City —.-3:00 p. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln —.3:10 p. 17 to California .—6:32 p. 1 to Denver . 8:22 p, Santa ft, Ettibrand —.-4:40 mm ii :40 20 Chlel 18 Texas Chief 18 Super Chief. El Capltan* __.11:10 3 SJ. ChUf* . ——11:45 124 Grand Canyon ...2 20 12 Chicaj, an . 5:50 Santa Fa, Westbound 9 K.. (J. Chief —2:38 19 Chief .... 12:55 th. m. m, m. m. rn. m. m. m. rn. m. m. m, m. m, m, m, m. m. m. m. m, m, m. 123 Grand Canyon —^..3:20 1 S.F. Chief* ... •„».__ l >^ lr Texas Chief .... 8:55 17 Super Chief£1 Capitan* 10:25 p, •—Flagstop Otark, Northbound flight 140 to Chicago* „_-«.8.'S3 a 64 to Chicago* .......„__.« :45 p, Oaark, Southbound 141 to St. Lo-iia •* 1228 p, m. •—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Waatbovjid To West Coast 6:58 m. m. m. To West Coast lo West Coast .120 p. ...9:48 p. Eastbound To East Coast 12:01 p. To East Coast 8:00 p. _ Southbound To St. Louis 10:00 _ Northbound To Davenport -- . . 9-70 o. To Peo la 1 -iff p. To Peoria 825 o. m. m. m. m. m. a. nv m. m. m. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully lnsurad — Fraa Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call CoUaci — rro|an a -2101 Ollfoa. tU Oalasburg, 111 — MI-tSM READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Tree Removal Insurance—Free estimates Call 342-5919 or 375-6553 Backyard Sale 1180 W. FREMONT FRIDAY and SATURDAY 9 to ?? Feed Abingdon 36% Super Baby Beef A Supreme Feed for Problem situations. 40,000 units Vitamin A. AU Natural Proteins with Yeast Culture added. ABINGDON MILLING CO. Phone 89 Collect PICK-UP COACH CAMPER Fits Vi to V* Ton Truck. Eating and sleeping accommodations for 4. $695.00 Inquire 1116 S. Kellogg. VI'S VARIETY SHOP 1155 Accommodation St. Good clean summer clothing for the whole family: uniforms, swim suits, dishes, pictures, books, few toys left, double coll bed springs, full size, good condition. If in need of something I don't have just ask. I'll do my best to get it. Remember we are here to serve you. Hours: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. 10 to 9 on Saturday Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must bo In our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Coll 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. FURNITURE AUCTION MOORE'S AUCTION HOUSE-534 E. South St. SATURDAY NIGHT-June 29-7:30 P.M. SHARP We have a large selection of exceptionally nice merchandise this week as follows: "Reams," 30 gal. nat. gas water heater, 6 yrs. old; 42 inch Youngstown kitchen cabinet sink, like new; "Westinghouse" automatic washer and dryer laundromat; "Kenmore" automatic washer; GE V* ton air conditioner; Deluxe heavy duty coaster wagon, like new; 3 round table dinette sets with 4 chairs, like new; 2 chrome dinette sets, yellow and gray and red chairs, real nice; Windfall bedroom suite with a $59.00 mattress; 3 chest of drawers, real good; 2 dressers; dressing table, oval mirror; Pink 3 pc. sectional built by "Sataford," can't tell from new; big Kalvinator refrigerator with 80 lb. freezing chest, perfect condition; 2 good daven- S orts; baby crib complete; walnut dining table and chairs; 2 quarter orse electric bench motors, run perfect; baby basket and stand; 9x12 wool rug and pad; "Hardrock'' maple Deacons bench, 2 months old, cost $39.00. blond plantar table and plants; set of twin beds; beige sofa bed with good metaiic thread; tank type vac. sweeper; desk chair; small oak desk table and matching chair, 2 night stands; 2 old radios; porch rocker; small platform rocker; 7 inch hand power saw; dishes and misc. items. ANTIQUES—4 kitchen ladder back chairs; walnut rocker; Amey- thist Rose bowl: World's Pair milk glass btl. 193!); butter pats; pink Fastera glass; china powder boy; goblets; vase; fruit dish; compote; Pansy pattern, parlor kerosene lamp with white satin glass floral shade 16 inches nigh, Antique Price Guide prices this lamp at $69.00; round black walnut extension table, 2 ext. leaves; 3 beautiful beaded purses, two Rose patterns one diamond pattern; tapestry; misc. articles. CECIL R. MOORE. Auctioneer. — Phone 343-3973. FREDERICK ERICKSON, Clerk. TERMS — CASH. (NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS) AUTOMOBILES—1.955 4 door Mercury station wagon, runs good; 1946 Plymouth 4 door, runs good. AUCTION of ANTIQUES. GLASSWARE, ODD ITEMS Saturday, June 29, 1963 COMMENCING 11 A.M. — RAIN OR SHINE To Be Held at Stronghurst Elevator Warehouse, Stronghurst, Illinois Haviland China, Ironstone, Milk Glass, Cut Glass, Pressed Glass, Carnival Glass, Pitcher and Bowl Sets, Furniture, Walnut, Oak, Rockers, Marbletop Dresser and Stands, Large Cherry Bedroom Siu'te, very nice. Dolls, Books, Sleigh Bells, primitive Farm Tools, Railroad Lanterns, Buggy Lamps, Child's Cradle and a very large assortment of other Antiques and odd items. J&R CLUB-Owners Not Responsible For Accidents Lunch Will Be Served

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