Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1916
Page 4
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~_ *-»~i±i«. T«' H £' STERLtWG DAILY GAZtTfE 'AND DAILY STANDARD S i X T V • S E C O N O Y EAR. - f'ubi.rU'CJ DTI), E.*._;r!- Ss.-dav. O. W. GRANDON A SON'-,' ifOit^ Prr^*'*, ?": t'ir 'j f f *r- En' ,f, : TERMS O f Ci'f5«. M Kta$ By M*il. Ou!vri>''of Sicrlir.cj s- F.-lH-S, Ar> t .-v«,- l 'f r? 'in thp U(i. St 3 t fl «i 0' C ,1 •"> ,-U' 1 . |.. .... U- -', - - n. : ' • By Carripr irt Sterling or Ro"k F.->:i* or by .1! f'e S?*rling or _; Roct, r.iij 1 ;. Pos'off'c?, < ir: f *. »~-'i r : n .^'' t • • . ... . ^ : {•-•K- .?n...ii'!•,.-. !•; ;>•!-. . <ln< Ttl..'<Ul ,<•! .>«!'. :•.:•'•>•. . ., !j }U Hi.- V, i-f-K'. Y. f. .;!>>- !•• ' ;•* f ,: • ;. , :,> IF WILSON CAME TO STERLING. Tin, I..!;',,! '.'•!• '! i.. •,::-•", - ;c .... ,-. T!!'.- i ••' = -'•-' ••• • ! .: .,! i,. .... • • '• !,:..,| '• Illi !.-:•• ",,.( ;, ' i- i- '..•!• ; i (-' I . I-.' V i f ll :i >••';! I :!>'! I..':" i r t!l .- , • • Vx ,!- liMlti". " !-. .' : t; • ,.. • ;. r ..; \\ |U .r, * I..-1I ', . .(I -• .•.'... )• '» M l.'.i |..| : !., ,.-.., . |.. |.-et I . 'I--..!!'; ?.|!"W >l iir-'.,^ I..I . ...H '•• :i! ! I'll .Ml 1 i;!-. : ii. • • Mi- \V:j!;' .;,;« I. .-- Salt?. ..I. J!_'jil-.jL.i i *i nf'i i •• II- i.lo , :i>~e nt< I • -> !l;:Vf ! KHJS*™"**** res? ri 1 ! n Jo| ru;;)t . , ,|ti I'll"*.? !!!'".}i ••' Mi < . .flltll. I • ' :< of !(.!- (.,'.,; M'l* I':-' iM-iiJt-; ftl lll'Hiil !")!>••. ;lr].t !:• ' MI I • l\ ill IlliMtH iif|. '•; hot in ( '. >-| V ! I'll . >.- h.'i! !.'i..'« (,. f-'iif-piVja! nili - .it:i!'!-a". lilair antr.jtii-.i>jl,. :f'i.-!;s. f-'ml .i!i! . • ' I " i.ti tilt's! lor (ha! 1-ii! I .•'.«*•.' • '!•• • ••• 1 .)• •?!..••., t-\ t-ryt Itinir (hat i-» n- .•.!.-.[ !.\ Mli.^ i-otntllisMarv of all antic that ail I -» i I : I I i' 11 I f i -' a I ! i • '-I - ^ i T i ,. t! i ( U.: i' : i i ma !l net 1 . ' ti I'- !>l if!!;- i; !,.-!7i. '.i .,|| )!' ^ -.-.', ~ T..VV !,,-.•:( I I- , , I;' ,.; •»,, -.\ai oi.ii'i-- Motv, I-; :(•>;,. ih-- |.| ie' S tot I lie I it I-"I' (o; p.'! fl I,! I •'. h.-tll" .,«. d t-... ..I-, It.. --- w now M... i". v. '"' rh ""' 'I' 1 ""- cut .io,;,-.h<-r d., ti •! •aim.-.- i.oro •< .ii-lan... Mi.,1.- M'.- |... -,l """' 1 i'""' '"I- per e.-nt ,.,' ||,e |,.tr,l .-! '•-: ! • < -..( --f Mtm-m !,;..! MI..:'- -.,. " ! "' "•»<»'"'•" ^»w, l« rout- n-r ,,'.-> :., a,, .,.,......„ ' H.--- .«-s !-..', ,»,'..',' .I"'--"""; »be :•.; p,.,- ,,.,,, • |., ;« r,^,..,,. .., mai.'.'.i-u:;.!-,-.! aiiUl.:: ; u-.d ;h« ,',„;. l! ' ! '. !<1 . rJJJ'i.V,:: 11 i'^l.l' '"" • ma'i.I to! tin- -aifi" i-: o>iti'o!;i'd '.\ ih.-j Showing The President, '"'" )•' I 1( " ! v. ar dini.'iiul ffoiii i.'>!-j V»'' !!. jm viriu' IK ai d ' th> •,» r-.-mrukr. fopr. (I.,- -.|i.".". hov th,- !.-(,!•,.,-ii: v; i,, ,i, :..(•.: |.,1,1. .., I,,ok ;ii, H'.inni;, Ati. IM 1'if'iiK: coo. I t'l'. now l.i -• :ri- ••<•, ; I-,- i'i< videiit. Ttn -•• vioM'-i an all d.-in'i-. ".olluni; iir'ui of Ian..)..- |- In th. i.a'd.'ja hu,' ii'iHin.-'« for a !.».'. n hKe this., th" line III o| ',',;,v . .,nu 'ihaiion, !• !,,,.. ijou ,.| f.-.ictot n-: \ou K» .-"alotn; (lie ii-..••• til-; the •!;: inti'-M li..||.|- (hi-] -HIV of i -r .and railroad tra/'k-' an- tut nho,' .,:H fin' '!.-iH.|M of Ml it").- -h r.e •-.. f i! -j P'IO.VH !H b\' (Ho traiiv h.;ol aiid, a« \,.o ''"i 11 ; h''' 1 ^ " '"* !lll> f " r '-vpoi t - |i. "|';.i'to| >• '< \'- ''ir a-s t kiso-', the Twin ''i!io- -,ii" WHAT FOUR PER CENT WILL DO? cm d'^lintf in a ni. kl-'v -.voish I |!> Sci-tt U llliaius > ll 1'ti"idi lit \\'il«t.iir would . onio I Moiihi til',,- f i-l.'ilm l!>. | Ilia!.Hal at |i|i -.•!;!. hid oiir . otimii). ' IM Ii:|!|lhl}J well ilitil the mil||oll.<; this V",ar, Remember you can buy a tiii Watch or Diamond By making- a small payment down 'and, balance on WEEKLY PAYMENTS •• Better make your purchase! now for Christmas, ,1'i.h:... Mif.he!) tty bon'-r uf inti'ii- I't.-vi.h lit, "M..i',ly *'?•!, ->'r<^«tt|rTit." '•(|r-,r.-iy- lir., .t'ldii!'," 1 >.oo ;, ,i!iv<' room jn jour am-i, .!';.|ei% wo.'hl > mi-iiiin.t vho'A iim the I'ffi'di nt jthi' ciiiintryV In we i-limb and a\\,a\ | w» i i>i. ThM ratuil and dam. Mr. t'res/- i liTi!. nn> j'onr • biijiiiie'-'". thev In tout tii ff-i- i;.|V ( | ..|5lt III '!'hi« -'artll Ciitttl- try, with Its aiititmn wood-, and tield--, •,'e !.oiij.\,. irt ijud's < t.untry. It'?; l» : aa- I If'!) :ili I «e Jove it. Attend A Farm Sale. , l^iok over there where tin; crowd or nie'n ~i.-<. Tbift'* u farm. Kile. I.eiS- «top iiuhilt', Tbero are live bundled \Yhitcslde county 'buyers, here. \:vn «2& SOT. ^fe^,n. S-pne from "Parif- of Qticefis," Academy of Music, Wednesday, Nov. 1. < <ii:tti ', , l-t-r f! .ilil I 'i\ I roll .'I' '••: .Mf.-jiT < 'tJr. i.h!t:u '-'• .:i;-i! I, ' ••• ;:'• T I !i H<! ;U:-li!!.--! the I at I .-II '••••>,'.'• tint! {"I (hat tri'ils , i liu.. \.,| • n '.' '••• it o|,i YVhH>"-ii!,', UK-H.''-/' a '. ' .if;.!..- .' i! in, r p'-,(| >.••;.. ;«. rtii. v, l\\~ ' ".•:. i-i-l • \\ !; it ' \ ~ <}',<•• <•';< le <>v?»! '; H'HA • !'.'! v ( -I ."Hi" ..-':!. >f». ! Vtl ''if r'.' I '• n .(-' < i ••( (.' I ." I- ;•! j. •,• tli" fa! nn T. "iti,.«,. !(!)>-«•; l,c<- ami I'utivli .'!!>! <'!:!•• vvitstitd'S I'liI "it ev> t > ' hiliK. ;!ii.| MI--..)!!!i the •:.)!•' into 5* 1 . "!•*'. vi !K n ii!'. .Inm'! i\j,.-f! to ir-i nvi-r -U.' -•*( u !\ I !• !1 >i.'i. tiijii-^ all' pro«.-pi'i<!!(« ;-i \\ liiti Mde *. ,.•.!!!!>. I «;,.!•! CM n • t; ! '• i I !•-••' . • . t \ iinpli tTifrit. i '. i-t \ '^ 1 .t: t! -'! J:i *. i 11 a. •;. aii'I 1 he I'-i \ • ! * • I i!ti»i !••( f'f ni'.n- Th.e-'e tmin Hi<- • I !l<!- ... ill! i- K .!;,!', '! i>!iS • I'll! if f." r I < lit o!' ihi' 1 ^.Mi r ;, I,us ihr.s- madi! the oMier '"'' l"'r • < H of the lni«itii-.«•< biiotn. !'> Throucjh The F£:*3rief. P ii I, to I.r,vn w t, r " to look thf"''t;h H'.' ! n in!.." ' Vi -•, b'.t«tlir~;« JK 1,'i.i'd. .- .1 ' •'• .Mr. M .'iM'ifai t ui i-r. "You i;i"'. MI\-. i'ai (i•(!••>! loinietimr v, iiti n« ai-- liv'aliilH: lliUTiit ioli-i. that !t UKT^ u« ;i • •itir '.hin', ii ijj,, mark. i. mitt K.UO- »a'i |. l i\.;s I.I.I up the |.[iie i,f ifvfl rid s!.'i-| pi -nditi IK si- that We :U o '.:.)- iin-. ni'ite i"f "itr i;nod«s than «e ev- • • c d. « >>!!• men an- all «e|| pnid ajfl u. ;.!'a.h i\..|K f,!| I hi e. .iil.ii .I I'lili^l.lei a hiv «'!iiti- I, ' 'li (\i:h;i)i; t'i \\'o, don't h.-ne .. \\'lii!e only four per cent of m-.t »Mitr>'.M total coniin'-iii' tnav lie ;»!! that nt** to C'H'oi.i-, slill tisal do'ihf- Hatt Schaffner&Mant , i* .ll{illo\vi'V»n pnrt'n's* If you fm» you uiny Hnllics; w*-'Il liikt' c.'if*' «»!' vtui rr-' Si."I 111. V i. . I < Don't Overlook Our Service in the matter of dress clothes. We welcome thi "eleventh .hour"., customers "on dress clothes for are prepared. c^ , T. Jennings Jeweler -:- Optician A TWICE TOLD TALE One of Interest to Our Readers, trood tiew.s ( iH'ai'.s repeating, and vvlieti it IK continued after • a < IOIIK Irtprn* of time, even if we hesitated to believe it at tlrst lipariMir. wo feed .ne- fttre in aofeptliiB u« truth now. Th<v fo!lowliiK.exi)trieiice of n' KtcrHnj,* man is eontlrmed'after three years. «'- IV J)ow,'. bi.'iekKinitb, 4UG Ave. 7>. Sterling, faym ','1 HUffered lnti>nnfly from riaitiH through tln» small of mv * . t ' - , z^J ' M.tCK {inti my 'ii»ineyf4.,-iict,iMl Jrr>OBruJrtr« '!>*.• .l)oi(n'» Kidney 1'ills restored my kidney.-i to a n imial condition "and then the piiin^ .s'tuppc'd." (Statement. On .January IS, j:'M5. Mr. Daw iidd- l| ed: '-1 still tu!»,« Ooaii's Kiilney 1'illti. I win-never my back or kidneys bother ;me,_and I never fail to net prompt ! relief. .Several of'my frieiidn have al- I'riie Mi,-, at all dealers, Iton't f imply iiMli fuf n kid !!(.*«• remedy >.;et J'oaus Kidney 't'ilb .'the NJinie that Mr. I'ow twice pulilicly recom- eiiitfd, (•'oster-MUburn Co., 1'r iiffulo.^ X. V ent uf Amcrii -.I'ri factory outpilt. •'< MI i-i'i.iJi\ in mi 'till M •odiict.t. It utimii" lalen the nthf-r '.*'', per ci-nt. of factory liii.-siiie^n anyway, Al.-'o, .\\hilo ICiirop** is I.'I>HIK I'l'oiin.'ts vimllfir to my i;n i - ioiv .r.itpnt, she Is .lendini; the >aini' .kind '.-I' !'tod'\i t« liv-re tu cnmpcte \\ith mill''. aJi<l \V e l'ra\e t (ie AmcrfcJUl tho war." American, Good* In Storoa, 1'ii)'" th_e iuvpei Holl e.nds. .Mr, .\ler- • 'It.uit reinaiks: "Huj'-tiH'-.s i« tiood I'iU'incifi jiro pi'oKperouH btK'jiuw I'*u- tope ma'k'e.i a hi«h bid for oiir grain and America niti-it. meet Urn price to I.i-ep tmr own people fed.' The workhiK meu_ui>v.dr»wit\)i tlieir pay i«'gu\:\vly and .are buying mortx efttabU'H, wear- .•ibb-.s and honifj^ I'limfortM^ nrnl the.y an extent that surpri.Hi'S pie. H'H l»e- cniihe they ale not lai.l o(t thr-ao times Von set;. K'iiropo will pay bii; prices for what, we can't une tif-hotiw, so the fne» torK'H can keep Kti{ntr,4ill llio tlnltv X'>,' wo me IHH Kt'ttiritf very itiun> from ICuroj,-f>. .Amorica is bcinij Plb'-d more than «-ver bfftiro by Amw- 'Harii'Schdffner & Marx made them for us. Fir and styje are guaranteed, and if you see us to- you can wear them"this evening. Suits, ,ties, • jewelry, mufflers, g'lm^es, silk- hats, all the "fixings" are litfro waiting for you. Shirts, ties, jewelry, mufflers, gloves, fields and Paddaehs styles, priced up to k,"in niiulc ami that , the' l"n» glad that to jnaki- tliul tlic gxivorn- Specials for factories IninuminK. Anicrit'a'iiH'un.! ii(iv\ l «ly<-!«, and uJHu iiit'iit ori'tiiN willinj; t<i firoti'ct ilictn auuitiM i'oifluii 'r<imi»'liti«n after ttte uar, It'.s u n« v \v Im.siiu'.sM wo wouldn't' havt- hail if H li.iilii't lii-cn i'ljr llto war. . - . ., * "1 liuw* J-.'..iii-(i worth of fctiH'k, Ii i Klii'H,i|iy (ilt'cciil HU IlioilK lUI't I'tlci'S wuiilii KC.-II four ju-r iH-nt ironi I.M '1<> HnmoUiiiiK 'to HaVo ,,^ •"-:.f •*>•$ Conre to us with your dress problems—part of our service is advice. L 1 nton Oo. Go. Atnorlcan mndo BOOI)« for American ihat thotifiiiiil ilollnr IOHB. ltd JHH on niusl jruuumatJL sale :,hi with uniii*nnl Ui.u.. . tl«» JiiKtbry of Kt of liarniiiiiH in PIT rrm of KO«>I!K would ft Wife My four for Hi* 1 irvy t'i)U f my Hunk H to |>ut »i i' niy K*>UI|H \i;« forcf- rill «i(lC<'t my $25,i)0i.i A Souvenir Of Starling, Upon It-aruliiK (liat tln> (in it family •-- v-"fi*l 214 FIRST AVB-. SOAP 310cbars foi- ,;. ... 3 quarts fancy Ripe Cranberries for 21c .; Fancy 0rimes Golden Apples, per peck 55c Large 25c package Oatmeal for 22c «Large full quart jar plain Olives for ..: 25o composes* «r Slor* 'H ivdpulatlon, thiV PiVrtlileni no doubt want lit takt- a n lr 'tvi \VUKon, «ln» \vsi8 i5n<'c u Gait IM.UV st'lf. Nothing IHII'U diiunuiul la K"" 1 ' <>j>oiinh tor tin' Hr.Nt huly of tln> lanil. tu» .Mr. .Icwoli-r i».»kt-f. t lit* m«rks: "V«««, A Sterling Workingman. Mr. U'ilMon expresses 'mcater in- t in the worker* thtm in the property they produce, ho IH naturally to .mm a wiirKlitKmun on the Mr. AVgrkiiiKTOaii H rcinarkn follows : "Yes, [ have fteady work in) particular kit-iron ihe that thu homo • tnulw ia keeps us bUM.v, nrnl -It tho stuit' sent to ISuropo mukfH Jobs for a lot of tbmt- erc. vvlm mitflit be ufter i.tir Job«. HO wo an* .«afn as. loiiff is tho^wjir last< Bin snppoHo only 96 JHT i-eiit of ployed, t reckon there must IM> about twenty.five , million workers in thin "country, and four per tent -of them IK* a milHon work ink people, out i<f a job. If we liai! a cotipbi hundred mado~it their they haxf* xpt f-ded up the manufacture •.if catinoii and nitiiiitii.oiin' even wnen so many oi tin tr meii weroaway trom thu Hbops liKhting. Why, even the! rMie»t and n»o«t TurkH havi! Started up 'factories to make war. .supplies. I claim that, if tor fifty yenru to protect- hom'tf InduMtrieH and lh«.» American workinsmen. making ,113 -tht' ^perou* couniri' earth';"' • As tho . 1'resldeij.t siiys jjo»d byo to .European i*-ople f.m..maka.un-.. su-rUnj:. where his uttnictivo pcV-son- < . .. , _, ,, ' ' )"•*•>. * trtifti n n-v t V *•!*-! «»VV.>II.V<llfV' heard of quantiUe* of heavy cannon | alu> . luili m , tlk , j,, H vUlt ft .,, ww niiu; n.en not . . -it OH .with m.mi of tlu-ir . they , -an make even. I al , >vhu Iui . t ,„„ „ 8 ro for t that am |0 ,,. u hlm ,„„, n . Kard . s , , ' » *»«<» i F jf »t^ji i^ j i/ ti|ft 11*111 t |li* 1, 4 f ».«& I Ut ~ m.uo commercial products when tl.ej lejis ut _• lhe m(UUU , r .. ,„._^|, Ul|l ..., m ...» M18 ^ e,»nu- back I,, Oie And |, atl Hi,.,i our uffuirs wlillv Kurop,. IM biiwy with wur, Mn riUiculu of warning; to'prepare for-industrial war* th<« fad tlu»y will liavts to do it, to pay their enormous , . „> ., ," , ,. : , H.iiiiuiK iu prepuri! joi-niuiihiriai war* war .lobts. I ho I'nite.1 States la tho f . m , „.,,,.„ o ,„ dec ., lim , aml „„, bent market In the world, fur we live j , uv | u u«. policy t,f bin |.ttrty In oj.posl- Pt'ttt'I* 'lU*!'** .illli! is IU* till IlloPtt I1UHH'\' ; *i.,. » .... .'. ..i MI • * . : . ... jih»n tu protection, will not j»**rinit JIK*- of Jilt-in on the H-iii,', «e'«! tbliik wo Hut j;ee whl«, i'mi Potatoes Early Ohios, line vrinlor Poiatoos. i»cr l»n«r. ,$3,iO, taiiiM around JiiO Ut$i. |!;IL; Grape Fruit I'Uxira luryt 1 , fliin skiir I'Moritla Fruil, <»H'li. .10c iMiy, e\_el_>'_ .neces^H s ajnl JllXjlj JV J8J}if_ fected more or les-f. by the -\vur. Kvcn diiininiub, me not exempt. Hclgjum'i* diamond eutters fir«», ont of btisluejia. nnd. in -Hnthmrtr « r -*r K'onditi<m!', have pra> I i,>;i||y cloned ilou n the diamond cuttiitK xliops. More dinmondd urc« he- ItiK eni In Ami't'ioa now than ever .!)«,»- Tiu'c. it's another new Industry ninny t aiised by the \\u'r that is it,S hin.tll (-hnie to the general Ity. 1 on!> inipt* romfthinK wjll bf ilono to pie\eiit ICiiiop cbei opfiin competition to am extent, or ttl- Dried Fruits X-i-'Jl'H"' s « - His...25c ,1 |»i'jirli«.s. 'J 1I.S...25C d Ai»rM'ui>, •„> Ihx.SSc Hxtni l |M!llUtl Jlirlk .Sti'ilk's^ IHMIIK! . ... '.Fiy.-li l»al«'s. ....25c •Ills. I iiH' ....15c for 25c JToinxV Dill" Picl liUi'M*' Sour l'i*'!^ (inX.t'lt * . .j ll'ifuti, |u-r H». .. • ft- li f "| > h tr^r "H IT? i >^} i'K, JUT ,:..i5c (';-, |HT ,..!l5c ....24c *tti 2§e 10f pk^>. l*nrtt'jiki» Flour for -. .25c Itur Tor . ..... : ..... 30c Lnr^*' tjiiart Itolth 1 Ma.|»U> nntl Cant 1 Synfp, -)>t«r hut He ...... ... Lai'tit- /(He liottl «-l<'i''>=.^ Salad" ". 7'T»T'T ? "lVonif". ."."", .\Visr<Hisiii ( 'rca Fmu-v . i'lva ; jiouth.3 •".'.'.. 28c J togetlH r iltMlo>m:t llle lHI»i!l»i.','iS of the many t.u'toiiei that ale now ptoduciDK STGMJCH UPSET? Get at the Rwil Cause— Thlto J)r,. EdwrrJs" Olive Tablets -*• -"—-~~ That's \.h. t thousvitiils of stomach sufferi'iVt ;.•< (inin^ iu-w. Inftcaj of takinjr 11 :;:.•-. ir trying to patch up a '<•->, t'-y'arc cutickmg the 't-tH «if Ktor- I'tc* tip ti^alntit It. per-'wiit of the peojiln in this cojmtry idle \vtntld K«vt- u bunch ui two hundred -fttr eudi of .'.Otift n,»w»»H Ilko Kterllns. Kity. Jliu.1—wumld-#ur»*- b4-tmmt* (irtnlp^believo mt"! l-'unny how only four per cent beinjsr cni|iloved or lillo cnn make or lin-ulc Jltt; |tn>0i>erily of tbi' other »fr per ceiu of tho win-king 'and upend Hum nny other nation. VV'bo can we imtitrnttjr-tnnli-ur. for Woteciion ,.r mir | ,, url v iU u , lln , t w]wn lhlj probability home market nKalitut lorfiKU Koo.l8.Lf KuriiiHun jK-uce- will force our IMUU- th« !»emocrat». .who havo -nhvay* J , ry (o nnpivcetlented meu«ureH of pro. claimed that n protectivt> torritf Is -.wfMMK In .principle and harmful In practice, or the liepubliciins, who have it? cither isn't , for tho U»vo of Mikc». what will wr- do when tho hundred million pwpU' In tho Kiimpean urmlcH or t-ngjiKcd in makiiiK wur Kiipiilie» for tb^m in. the fautories of Kunuio, all gu'bauk to Work at regular tradt'«. Thi-ro'll bf one of tin-in fur every man, woman ami, child in the. 1'mted Ktatew, «mj ihfy'll t*\e«-y !:IM one ot" them want work tlfnt real car ami (lis. Dr. I •. . -' O! the li\ir i.i 4 f 1 1 When liu- l'..<i UK il •• ailment— cjo f ; 1 liver him;, TrtMcts arouse tij; way, forming goes itii!i(; If VL-il ,' fuitrti .jt., away inouih, toii;'i!e i'>at,d, appetite .'20.c 11.1 your tiifuiiif *iiit;'tii" ^.'-aivU t ilpi'Ctllt- |> fcuy, tJon't-c.iie fccliujf, n>> anibitiun or energy, troubled with umiij;estcd you ..should take t)|ivt« Tablets, lhe Stitlitc ityr talhitcl » % Dr. KilttuHJ/, Dike* Talilus are a ptiuty vi.'ctibli' (oinjiiiunil ii!i\..i) with MlH'e <.ii V' n will Jktl'HV tljCUl liy lltUf olivj- fii'.i I li. y ih» the \,.ik tu'Ud .it i>ttt-*~i. r t'tTW. IT-pun -—-- ----T i • •'. < : t., , ..; I ,!(!:; c f. «*»>mpiM4' with my work, or Uu» vvoiK of Home other At)ierj(,(t«n workman, They'll he ght<) to tuko any old wjuu-ji. too. lliavca Knows Vip, horry for them. It's awful, ami I'm \villiiiK iii-^_l4ij! 4u_w4j t .j t1 ^- r ij — \, t - t - s alour lint i'\e HIH hi looiv^uiter my- si-li .itul my lanitt> 1 don't :5Vani my folks to gt t into any uneh condrtlon «if poverty as the winking people \>f Kmope i\ ill lie in "I coi.hln't belli Ivniope or ,in>bot|y then l'\e JII.HI iiatur.i||.\ K"' to hold m> juli, .-And itV up to the KO\ • elnnU'lil Jo lio sutivetlutiK to pioUnl {he Ami i lean woikliiyman rii;ntnM Hie war pati|.« tixed labor oi Km ope \) hi'ii tin w.ii i> OM r. It ain't *< We ,"-Ui:» to >:Mlri,.i> .IX W K'ltlop IS YOUR HEALTH Woman Tells How, Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Com* pound Restored Her Health. ^ ji- ujimiiniMiii Lima, Ohio,—" I Wtw all broken down In health from a displacement Qno of my lady friends camu to gho advised ma to com- alone. tetriioti utnaluut t'hent! labor in Kuro|<e under a jiert'cctcd wystein of etllciency in inanufuv'tiirw taught thustf courilrie« by iho neces.sttieS u(. War. KsjH'cially when even now plain* hi-iiiK mado iiy allied Ktiiopean li) eliminate Aincricti and other from' tbo trudw of tlui world an - i>gH!«ibij— can, , i Mluiil vot» lor llii^hfH and the Kepublican party, both of whom lmv»» jmived their ability tu urister the detail* of liii.HlneHH problcuiM niid a high plant! of Jivimj fur (tie American w 05 king man. Jf we uru to tu* of help to thu world lu U>« ji'coiiHti uctiun utter tim,vvur, wo cannot do It by ourselvi'!* fjj a..' condition of bu.siiuy» detirej,sion, and adding" to 11,600 of tbr«» votoa elected. In dottm this ye Rood man. a man from * mhnhy who will go to In makliitf jjood than to make a pcrnontU Oirpemer and Hrowcr wi TukiiiK away tin so Ji,0 leave. :tl,AOO 'vot»>« for C Hrewer. or !D,fj(H) each.'' beaten any way you thinkln. to «lvo Mr. Carl* vote«. : Ulve him thrw» vp Nil re of Idx elect Km. ' No UB« In Dele "Whllo I'm not f," Riatetl Mr. and of Htirojie, a of unemployed and hungiy pi ople in 'u, who will cotiMiums all i<uc be,n evolent ejtoits in lalutiK eaie uf theni V by, e-u-n the o|d men ami from the park benches of New York ate juM now nrule self supporting, be- IllK (j.tlbeieii into 8hop.-> to l er iii t iermany. mence taking Lydia JE, JHnkhwn*8 Veg. et«blo Compound and to use Lydia R i^inkhsprn^StBiBtivcr- 1 - Wosb, Ibegantak-| 4H _ __ Ing your n^di ea| Bl _ T C ; RTER ^ARPE'NTER ANP BREWER. (S>camo|-e 'i'l ibiine ) ^jr fhw ao«tor« Hid I am* wouUI' Ht ft? ,S!iV; Ait j"^ 'K't '"fc stand wp straight Bgwn, J was & m«|- n« c be IUIM i )lcW 4 i-wjfttjjt-a in UUMIUB wife for seyun yeawtand I r«.'5«mroenae4',"" u nta-litnt< tor lii** own udvame- U>e Vegetable .Compound to every wo- ""'"' and % two moutha | waw a well woman ; man to Uiko birth mid afterwards, and they all got along so nicely I .';i;, h,i*i Ja< i .n Dunne lia.s lent his oitln-s in •l to tlil.H end and iH •i'ti d hi* iiniebine. Nolhiuis I,' \\'hell il UiaU Miot ne.s|t,j in 1 iiuiiiic a .iol> -..„. 'tuinished to f'lieniithi u the (|ti . , that it surely »» a godawnd to sulForinjf l.,f,l,U. <o ,,.,, ,| ue le, hvr. tb:,t wpmw< Jf W0||le|1 WJJ|h to.wj.Jkj to .( ...u'i' T&V 1! u 1 ','! ",'n me I will b« delighted to a^werthwu/'''*,'/;„.,,,, ti^'t'I lfjti( l ^% H** Hitiiii J|i -ri||f -^-v ^ »tf r i»t "»_i »I ' l**'j*i*i;ti t u.l.l li.'iii I i« in ,n)\ other liibm lst« j ""Mw.JKNNJ^ MuYim, <>44 t.NOft" bt., , Vbe da> of murhlliv |Hilili''f. lj»i.s Ijt-cii Lima, Ohio. ' , - ' i M>-it.\ eiti-etmii\ nm.ished Kme«t W6m ea who .oflT^r from di 8 plao«- ,',; ]^ ££^\' ^ ^"^ mwowt^ vf^ntjw. irwgularitMW, «wr-| u , ul t .„„,„?.,„, ,„. ueit.Aed «lV in ' Utckachtt or beaqiif-dowu 4l ,, ,, h ' ., .,,.iu; u,,,! t,«- b- , I-. t».l mi- M I'l t t ni.itui , i '• K.lib -ii i!! ivi < i\i- it--, i i,;iit^ U > i ..• 11' \ •» t ill ih-Ui h i\e Jin !• n e Ii. |i, i! 'th,. elvjlll i j in ii in bynimu .» ioli, U h t . •- tiK-i| uM.tjk. >!• lo- '.'.ill \\ I . Illl!., all 1 t lit it 'o t it S .11 Hi ,' t I • Hi ' ', • ' rmins,' iieud the in he'll wliip m loan hint my hut ntid with."— -KIIIIWIH C|ty Stiii A Brusli S Double B Air Oushi llt'J'c's a liui'j s li u u I <} not 6i and Ju-rbs II HI . ' 'illlt', i '. K dii ».. I'o, f ', , 'I \.-ti ,.tt anil only by tity jiiii't'ii'n.sii \vHc a iv \vc j, [licni yt siicli a pdc Set* Our nendricKs D ruj Tftr

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