San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas on September 10, 1965 · Page 38
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San Antonio Express from San Antonio, Texas · Page 38

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1965
Page 38
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‘IV, Ion l’liH'i ' I 4miin»s. (,oiii¡vv » r - r • II n M ' OU■■.?• 1..= I‘: r. : ,{ r n r r S\Srtin) wi ! '' vr: 5r‘'i in} rr<Hlucrr i'-ul '-&.o li. ri It ‘M’ran:^.. d to wnfe out Paul I.;^ng1on (Ix'she llHrnng- toa) and sent him a Ir'trr fo that effort. Rut he forgot to tell the legal department. who sent Langton a new contract The acti>r. who figured Monash had changed his mind, siped the contract. And so he’s back in the series, temporarily ... The guest star policy may bring a part to Joanna M>iore, Ryan O’Near.s wife . . . There is increasing talk of the show going five-a- week. Monach and most of the actors are fighting this, b u t the network (ABC) has the last say — and they may insist _on it. Show Is Bonanza For Real Indians HOLLYWOOD - Warner Bros.’ “F Troop” series for ABC is proving a windfall for Indian extras in Hollywood as it is the only cun^ent TV show in which groups of Indians will appear regularly. A redskin tribe figures prominently in the frontier plot. Only about 25 real Indians w'ho look Indian are registered with the Screen Extras Guild and the studio plans to use these teepee natives whenever suitable, tefore calling in Mexicans and Hawaiians who portray Indians. "F Troop” stars Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry and Melody Patterson. tiÜT .\T THE PALACE -Bing Crosby will be the first guest host for ABC-TV’s “Ilolly- w’ood Palace.” a color series this season, at 8:30 p.m. Saturdays on Ch. 12. Crosby will host seven other "Palace” show's during the season. LOTS CUT OUT NEW YORK - Allen Funt discards enough footage on "Candid Camera” to make six full-length feature films each year, in selecting the best material for his .series. NOW! MOTOROLA RECTANGULAR COLOR TV in a compact cabinet! Cabinet is so compact it could fit inside this Motorola round-tube Color TV cabinet shelf—with space to spare Vo More Movies For Qilj} HOLLYWOOD - Robert Culp looked back five years. j Three years as the star of the; television series Trackdown hadj put him in the "hot actor” 1 category. It was time, hei thought, to make his move intoj feature motion pictures. That he did, announcing "No more TV” and playing roles in three films, "PT 109,” "Rhino,” and "Sunday in New York.” What the films did for his ca- jreer, Culp now sadly regrets. "They did absolutely nothing,” he lamented. I should have saved my breath and made $500,000 doing another television scries. There’s no place in movies today for someone like myself. I discovered that I’m in the ‘second banana’ category. When they cast important films today, they give the top role to veteran stars like Frank Sinatra or John Wayne or Burt Lancaster and surround them with young people like Tommy Sands and Franlde Avalon.” It is the rea^n Robert Culp is returning to home screens this fall in NBC-TV’s "I Spy,” an adventiire-comedy series debuting Sept. 15. The premiere show of the series, with outdoor locations filmed in Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico, is a script Culp wrote. He has since written five other shows. What Robert Culp learned playing roles in thc^e three motion pictures he says he is now applying to his secwid TV series. Culp calls w'hat he learned ¡“product control” and he believes it is the most important factor in an actor’s continuing success in today’s show' business. "I was trained for comedy,” he explains, "but once they started paying me to act, I I couldn’t get a comedy role. So I wTotc a television idea for myself and took it to Carl Reiner. It was about a government intelligence agent, fed up with his job, working as a teacher in a military academy for boys. To the boys he was a dope. It combined high adventure with family situation comedy. "Carl loved the idea and took me to see Sheldon Leonard, who was concerned about supporting the idea every week. Lkinard came up with the final format — two American intelUgence agents, masquerading as an international tennis bum and his i trainer companion dealing with world intrigue.” Culp’s trainer companion in the show is former night club comedian Bill Cosby, the first Negro to be co-starred in a tele­ film series. SAN ANTONIO tXNBI lloro Of ‘Smarr Trifloy Sent 10 I9AS MAGNAVOX, one of the great names in radio and television over the years, is showing its superb color TV models In a host of styles and specifications for 1966. Shown above, demonstrating one of the attractive consoles, is A. R. "Bud” Rosenfeld, appliance manager of Joske’s of Texas, one of the outstanding retailors of Magnavox merchandise in the United States. The Magnavox line begins at the top with five fabulous Astro-Sonic 25” Screen Color Stereo Theater Combinatlmis, with three of these equipped with Total Remote Control. These combinations provide complete home entertainment pleasure, with 25” rectangular picture for instant, brilliant Chromatone Color, four times faster In warm-up than most color TV picture lubes, with Stereo FM. and Monaural FM AM radio. In a variety of period furniture selections, these Astro-Sonic 25” Color combinations are cabineted in Oriental Contemporary, Aegean Classic, Mt. Vernon Colonial, Versailles French Provincial, Mediti'rranean Fll Dorado, each one in fimst handcrafted furniture of fine hardwoods and veneers. Three beautiful styles of cabinetry house the 25” Color TV rectangular-tube Magnavox models themselves, a French Provincial style, a Spanish Colonial called the Granada, aud an early American in antique Cherry. Two 23” Color TV models feature this size hi the line, both consoles, and in the 21” Color TV series are four models encased with total entertainment equipment, for Stereo record plaving, and AM-FM radio. Other 21” models, 13 in ail, show a wide range of cabinet styles, also console styles, and Including some equipped with Remote Control. m ★ The picture is rectangular, full, big, yet the cabinet is unusually compact and trim. ih Push-button Demagnetizer. ★ 82-channel tuning. ★ Color Indicator Light ★ Power Transformer. ONLY $.^50 4 (KtMgiMr tail MTTMS vlly WEIKLY FULL VEAR GUARANTEE Manufacturer's guáranse» covers free exchange or repair of any tube or pert proven defective in normal use. Arranged through us. labor extra. Compact Tabta Modal. Only 18%' high, 26%' wide, 1751«' deep, plus 3%' tube cap. Model 23CT310B. 54 25 Wk. Early American Compact Co«- sola. Has power transformer , . . lighted channel indicators. Modal 23CU306B. 55.00 Wk. 3501 S. Gevers U 4-8811 2311 Fr«dertdcsbiirg Rd. PE 4-4251 402 lì. Commerc# CA 7-7278 111 S. Uono St. CA 6-5306 And thanks to Culp and his ideas about "prtiduct control,” Cosby’s role will be as important as Culp’s. That was the idea in the beginning, Then writers fell into the old rut of losing Cosby in the woodwork, or as Culp described it, — "making him the monolith in the background.” With that Culp wrote some scripts, cutting the pattern for equal shares. "I couldn’t be happy with him just in the background,” he says. "When it’s a team, it has got to be a team. I predict big stardom for Bill. He’s a natural. Because we are now a team — of Bill — I’m finding it exciting to go to the studio ^ery day.” Sweet Revenge For Roger Smith HOIXYWOOn - Roger , Smith is getting a piece of I sweet revenge now that he is I starring on NBC-TV as "Mr. 1 Roterts.” I When the movie version of I the Broadway hit was being filmed in Hawaii, Smith was on vacation there and became friendly with James Cagney, who played the captain in the movie. Cagney suggested Roger for a role in the film, but Smith was turned down for a strange reason. ■•They told me I was too tanned to play a sailor and not tan enough to play a native.” Rainmaker HOLLYWOOD — When Robert Preston arrived in Dallas to start the fourth of his six "This Proud Land” specials, Texans told him it hadn’t rained for a month. "It will,” he promised. It did. Even in the drought-stricken East, it rained whenever he shot outdoors. Box score since production began in Boston on June 2: 21 wet days out of 23 days shooting outdoors. Television Hits Carry No Weight In Show Business HOLLYWOOD — "Television ic lieutenant of the cargo ship is a popularity contest — the The Reluctant with its reluctant- popularity is a whim of station Tor-combat crev/ of laugh get- tuning. To be successful in tele-Ters. vision means nothing in realj The idea of Smith thinking of show business where you must'giving up show business sound- pay to see a performer.” ed incredible. Roger Smith talking. ! For five years handsome Rog- Roger Smith admitting he er was one of TV’s top favorites learned this truth the hard way. | as the star of the popular "77 that he had to "fight my way Sunset Strip.” When the strenu- back from a point where I had ous series ended, he took a six- almost decided to give up act- month vacation "happy not to ing-” I be working.” His fight back paid off this; Then, eager for movies he season witb another Tv series, He’s playing the title role m uiM.uvwy "Mr. Roberts,” based on i h e ¡ Populanty. movie, which debuts Sept. 17 on T discovered,” he tells you, NBC-TV. Roger plays the lacon-¡"that I had made an impact on ithe public but not on the 20 or jso people who run the movie V •' - . i business. Their reaction to my five years on TV was, ‘So what? You’ve never proved yourself as a ticket seller.’ "Really, I couldn’t get arrested. I didn’t realize my posi- jtion because things came so leasy for me when I first ar- I rived in Hollywood. I signed a Itwo-week contract and it lasted i eight years. I thought, ‘This is I'd cinch business.’ But it isn’t. 'You can fall as fast as you rise. I “At one point I debated wheth- ier to continue as an actor or to I become a professional pilot, a ¡crop duster. The job pays well and I had learned to fly. I had spent almost a year out of work. But I couldn’t shake show business and I accepted the challenge of fighting my way back.” Things started to happen when Roger landed the lead in a road company of "Sunday in New York.” Then he worked up a night club act. which he debuted at a small dub 10 miles outside of Milwaukee. "I had sung and played the guitar before, but never professionally. Well, this act changed everything for me. To be in show bu.siness I discovered you have to work at it. That’s what I did — playing the hungry in San Francisco, even playing in Mexico City, where I did the whole show in Spanish. During seven months in night clubs, I made more than I did in a year of acting,” Mr. Roberts will be seen on the same night (Friday) and in the same spot once occupied by his early 77 Sun.set Strip hit. "A good omen,” he smiles. H0LLV5A00D — Ma.w^ell Smjirt is a buniiiing espionage agent — Secret .^ent 88 — who works for CONTROL in "its ceaseless conflict with the nefarious agents of KAOS ” • Smart is aided by a feminine assistant — Secret Agent 99 — and Fang, a dog. The dog IS as cowardly as Smart is incredibly inept. Like James Bond. Smart lives in a world of unreality created by CONTROL. A tiny telephone, hidden in the heel of his shoe, rings at the strangest times. While, for instance, he is attending a symphony concert. The heavies of KAOS are as incredible as Smart is inept. Sinister Mr. Big of KAOS is a midget. Another villain confronted by Smart’s zealous inefficiency is a ballet sUir. • Among Secret Agent Smart’s big collection of deadly weapons is a gun silencer (which produces the roiir of a cannon) and an invisible shield which he seldom can locale lic- cause it is invisible even to him. Comedian Don .^dam.s plays ibe role of Maxwell Smart in NBC-TV’s new weekly series, Get Smart, debuting Sept. 18. Last year Don played Gliek, the world’s worst house detective, on The Bill Dana Show. The creator of Get Smart is Mel Brooks (with Buck Henry), one-time comedy writer (five years) for Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. He’s also the writer, with Carl Reiner, of the 2000 Year Old Man, which he plays, in the hit comedy album. • Get Smart is descril>ed by NBC as "a .spoof of cloak and dagger heroics.” It is closer, howewr, to being an outrageous triple spoof. Since the first James Bond movie. Agent 007’s heroics have i i)een cloaked in satire. A satire on this satire has lieen the key to the success of television’s The Man From U.N.C.L.K., staiTing Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo. Now Get Smart will spoof lK)th Bond as 007 and Vaughn as Solo. Is it possible to successfully spoof a spoof of a spoof? Creator Mel Brooks th is. He says: "We are simply translating the James Bond ^drome hitoi our terms in adventure comedy. We hope to become America’s dessert for laughs. We’re! not going to edify or illuminate. | Our character of Smart is so overearnest I think maybe hei will be compared to Harold Lloyd in his early comedies. ‘We’re not just tongue-in- cheek. We jam our tongue in cheek. We spent four months writing the original script. We gave it the same care Tolstoi gave Anna Karenina. Get Smart isn’t as massive a work as Anna Karenina, but,” grins Mel, "It’s funnier.” • Of all the new fall shows. Get Smart is the about in Hollywood TV circles these days. A cinch hit is the verdict. Mel Brooks isn’t worried about this, either. "Living up to a preseason prediction can be dangerous,” he admits, "but I’m not worried. I’m fat. I’ve got bread for a year, at least,” thinks it One of Seven HOLLYWOOD - Tommy Norden, who plays Bud on NBC-TV’s "Flipper,” is one of seven children, ranging from 4 to 17, all actors. Recently Tommy and his mother made a trip to New York, leaving the other children at their home in Florida. But the children are such heavy sleepers the only way Mrs. Norden could be sure each one got up on time was to place a long­ distance call every morning. She let the telephone keep ringing until someone answered. Then she kept talking until the entire family was up. EARL SAATHCH F, of Saal- hoff’s Sak's & Service, shows the beautiful cabinetry of Ciirtis-Mathes conihinatlon Color TV, stereo-phonograph and AM-FM radio, ( ailed the Home Entertainment CenUT, this Ls just one of a number of cabinetry styles which features such a combination, produced by this manufacturer. Custom sound, (iistom cabins try, (us* tom record changer, and t h # notable CMC 20 Color Chassis provides a supt'rb group of features which makes this on# of the fine models In Color TV. Fraiu'ine York AnialcMir Chef HOLLYWOOD - Francine York, who will be seen as Richard Crenna’s secretary in "Slattery’s People” when the show' opens its second season on CRS-TV is an amateur chef. One of her dishes, a cas'if’. role, was concoclcd while she was trying to find a way to improve eggs benedict, mad® with muffins, eggs, ham and hollandaise .sauce. Francine’8 version of the dish has comt pletely eliminated the eggs^ but lises hamburger, cottage cheese, chicken, prunes, {lea* nuts and pineapple! CdLOR TV ENJOY IT NOW... PRICES, TERMS H and SERVICE for complete family "LOOK & LISTEN" enjoyment... COLOR * Th« I WAYUNO V«rk XI SwriM HG 7^'» 21* till!« (ov«rall di'!m«ier) Zbi> s<v In. pictur« RCAVICTOR Ksta na IR. ®H[1 swasiiaDffliM (gaairiiii! Color TV • Stereo Phono . FM-AM-FM Stereo Radio Hire is a furniture showpiece to enhance any modern decor. And it houses the most thoroughly proved Color TV you can buy. Thrill to vivid color realism on the new RCAH i -L ite T ube . Rare-earth phosphors deliver brighter color than any previous RCA Color Tube. Transformer- powered 25,000-volt New Vista chassis assures unsurpassed ail-channel performance. Recorded and broadcast sound comas to you in exciting depth and dimension from four matched stereo speakers. Precision Studiomatic changer with Feather Action Tone Arm, diamond stylus. RCA cool-operating Solid Stale amplifier provides 24 watts peak power. Solid State FM-AM radio with FM Stereo. RCA Solid Copper Circuits assure greater dependability, better performance and fewer service headaches. SEE US FOR THE BEST COLOR PRICES CO-STAR — John Banner costars as a long-suffering German sergeant in CBS-TV’s "Hogan’s Heroes,” color series to be seen at 7:30 p m. Fridays on Ch. 5. The first episode only will be in black and while. RCA S\ZmMwH^id COLOR TV • RCA Solid Copper Circuits • Glare-proof RCA Hi-Lite Tube • Super-powerful 25,000-volt chassis • RCA Automatic Color Purifier • Ultra-sensitive VHF/UHF tuners SEE US FOR THE BEST COLOR PRICES RCA COLOR PRICES START AT Gomfmmh J COLOR TElEVtSION 325 W. JO.SEPHINE Ju$f Ea%t of the Josephine Theater PE 4-5115

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