Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1916
Page 3
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FAttS DAILY GAZETTE !, ItLtlfOIS) MONDAY, OCTOBER.30, 1916. WITH KNIVES VESPER SERVICES Given By Cortqreciat'Ofial Church Very Gfted—Large Attendance. !_ ' _, . _, I ):<•- H A Ifiilp .Jt-livr-rM i }\* fr-r 1 BOW OvPr CftrdS TWO : .->i,.,, .,? ;'-,. m..?n;nt,' >..-!'.!..• -,vh,< h wa jii'Fdught nnd One • *';:;' ti ,. l l. ; '' !1 '^; ! ' ,™'^ IS In Hospital ! "-'» llk! " ! f '» n ""' v Itnllrui in Iftt fnrt of thi.*''i-i!v •.•.•'!!-> In M»t.!-« Tw«, firhtlnR with knn«-a ^Otfipf fr-TfSw' «r\ ~'tv•} :*!•(•-1? .body. fWve o'clock t'w«> IK-IJ. ftn^n IT A dwlor •«"n i ' -i-Httnl nnd tnprp hn lies \\\\h .*n!!il! xtr-d and f ft ken lie «ill await |lf>nn wan Jail, tv IHOFAKE FRANK as tiify \ I 7,i-i ,,'.!,„ k \\. iv \f-fy R-ont ;ii]i!i'-?i'-'' 'ill""! ,fhe < hm 1 ' h n n '•d fiv the choir under the ]r-»t] nt 1'ruL J. _.N\'. Ji'biiston. .. Th n> t\!rit"Minnriiy K"*"' Th hsu*! KUf-n a numhrr of tln-se rr't-italf to <!» ft.;. SIX O'CLOCK DINNER. Mr rtrit) .%{t.«r. .fohn I'ytf of S .ivMiitf r-utf-rtnlned ni n six « dinner last evfnini?' the fold Rn»-^t!«, M ls*if-s Flln J!i»in« and MinnK \Vilm* nnrt Mrw. f* W. Hrt-nts nnd R«y J("t»TI'i(i. IWO |-f-|niTf« S% :l vijitlSt'iti. Illuxijy in .tl'«'...i'.ii!.i | it..._ He H;ii i« p-iii.-irkafijy "Fieipft H<- st-'fikr- of thf \.-iri ..«—.|»«-in«~Juitl—..Itirtditi < >\ •-> hn. • 1 n»t<•;»,) ..;' -' th<- vyni'it a Jujtas Baf-r f;l !h»> rncctinif aritl tn. e i'ii in^. 'a_ t!i»* .l*-f».-«»rH>e* a,nrh. i the luoihrrhiiotls, and klndrf tf»r'i«"W J"iiaj< if a "macbiu-C" Run 1! hiM Siring, he condcnwd the tvi.i ni n H . e!,- Into'a half lioiir. -flml fsn\ no ho?i>.ef!oirl n -i1t'ln\<i\ (tirtoer. ii for a ttK.iipjif'id •»np'i«»5« tf> jii'hff, ,\fy Kt'-at lU'ili'i-mei's praise. . Ar|v»d' Thi» Morning. received hero Friday of [ot Jak« Finnk at Osallah. PVank bad bwn »lck for |w«n>k*. but tb« last reports wan Rpttlnff better. ' The ._ r«-r«i thw mntning- on tho train anil WB» taken to the (iw>. Frank In Montrnotency. Services u-ill be ....held iWJli nl 1;3» o'clock , ttt j Frank home-, and at 2:00 Iftt. John's Lutheran church K. ('. Harrlf". pastor ch, will officiate. Interment Ithe Hock Palls cemetery. TY At Six O'clock Dinne Sunday. |Mm. Ocll Welch, of Htunr* at a six o'clock dinner I ie deoonitlonH IH-IHK of i\ and jack .o'lrtiiterns wblc) bpftutlful. Those. preHi'n id Mrs. «JporK«» 1'" MUITII> .«(jht»»r», Mr. nnd Mr« ilnrr.v two «on«. Mr. anii MrH "iird nntl family. Mr. nut |ry Klwki*. Mix* Vi»n»^ n Liinilerfi and Mrs* !*• on. ARRESTS MADE -Finns Paid. and Mrx. iturday i they wnre Sunday morning Coscy wore for drunk- in th« when th««> ed on ball.« TJil» mornltiK Ibrouglu bi-fort" JudRi- run wen 1 both tlnod ltv(» tlollarn Thpy |>til«l thrlr Hw« and ;RY REDECORATED One Of Fintst Storat In Twin Cities, hlllamnon ban Junt completed ktlnir of thr» U K. Hlf« c.r«»- which makes it one of the Etlve bUHlneiw houHeB In tin' "Paper ami .-..varolMhlng e and new three-Hhelf have been Installed. - IflTHDA^PARTY B«lis Stsphsnson In Honor Twtlfth Birthday. Mr». R U Biepht-nHon will ednetiday about twenty-five !• in honor of Ml«« Clara iltth birthday, Tho affair In the Woodman halt. MITE SOCIETY Mmting Tuwday After. Ml At Mrg. Brown's. Ite Society of the Conirroga* ch will hold a BpeclaLmeot- afternoon at the homo of -Brown. All member* arc prevent. BIRTHS •A son WOH 'born early thin to Mr. : and Mr», Klmer IRTAINED AT DINNER. " i, l< B. Clifton and fam- • Lyons were entertained ^Siintlay at the home of Mr. 'l.ctj/ Sturtovant. |jF SRTlsED LETTERS. ; vine letters remain uncalled Tpoit office at Hock Falls, 111.: J,. Albright (2). MrH. May A. JUndlsey. C, C. Orady, CARD SHOWER. dub 1» today sending njs to P. V. Johnwon In re- of his seventieth birthday, ion w»» once pr«Bldottt «>f the tf sides in Mitchell, H, ffRTAINEO SUNDAY. ' \-Vln. J». A. Whitney and Mr. M, J* Wanhb'urn were en- fit dmner yesterday ut the Ir, and Mra. C. tV.Orody. BOARD MEETS. Iclal Board of the Mothodiat hold a very ln»|H>rtu«t ,10 evening at .the church. AT "DINNER. Mrs. H. I* Collttir enter- f dinner yesterday, Jiev. Forbea i Bensio lowry of Bterllngt • ROCK FALLS BRIEFS i The c-ity rr.vmcll will hol<] their lor meeiinK thix everiinK. S«'th fJrny went to I'rlnrrton Hunda.v for a viHlt'wlth relatlvp« nnd frlendn J \V. Hurridff. of Krie. is afl»l;t!lns at the Wylle Drug Htore. ! Harry IVU-rnon IB contlne»l to his I hodin tin account of sickness, i. Will tho persons wlm tool* the W I It <*. tables from the TToodmnn hall ' idenfie return (tiem lit once and notif> j ttn> r'resldprtC., H« (hey wish to them* Hamui'l Jjawrftice, of Ht>rlng Hill, «<|tent the day hero on btmlnc.«*. Irvin I'oiirtrlgbt returned Ktiturday from a two months) \'i«it In southern Itollin "Wo»d» returneTT home Htindny sifter a. Hhort \-JMlt In ChlcaKo. Mr. and Mr«i. Cha*. lUbb*, of l^ike iS^uevii. fl|>enf Sunday at the home of Mr. athl Mix. Harry Spear. (•Vink <!eetini? retiirriHl home Saturday from a two week* vlmt In lu- dlanapollH. Ind/ Mr. and Mrs. Thomnw i % lark wi-nt to (JalejtbnrK this morning for a vl«Jt. Mi-ft. Itiirrlx Hrown returned to her home in Chicago after a few days vlnll Hnlln-wn'rn rtfinring imrty In Woodman .liiill u of Nt«'rlln«: toiilifht. Coc'limti's four plf'o orchr-Htra, l*ubllc Invited. 1-huiclfiK from (<::!0 to I'.'MIO,* Mr. nnj| Mrs. .Clyd-n Ih-ntilHon, of Tamplco. apetit Sunday here, Many frk'tids of Mr». 8. K, Wheolock will b<» (?lud to hciir that Hbo IK 1m- irnd —vri I! -br—n'-btr—f o ho liriMiKtit home In about tell days. Mr. anil MrH. W. K. Murray arrived home Saturday from a Hhort wedding vltdt In Hellvldere. AT 4THS.NLE. CHURCH $25 Wai Collected For Tht Sufotrina Arm«ni«n§. St. wn« a lime of nacrcd wor* i and healthy activity at Fuurth church- In #p!te of threatenlhir' wand heavy atmo)*pher« without, tho NcantuuTy all wan K'odneHH, )p<» n»id cheer. An offering- wa» takfti In th*« Sunday •luxil for, 'the milterlng ArmenlanH uoiintlng to tw'e.nty-Hv« dollor«. Fourth Kt. Kiinday H*ih*x»l IR glad -to havw a liart with other HclioolH of ihn. city In helping-to till tho whip which the Urjlted Slates Kovi-rnmenl will din- in the near future to relieve the nnd Mturvtttlon of the op- Christians beyond the aea. The pastor. \V. I* Collin, preai;hed In the morning on The Challenge of a Grout Crluttf, HndJng the bauta. for the r«« In the feeding of the thouBund iu« recorded In Matthewa gos- It wan pointed out that when the clpifui found them«elve« In'the crlpln :>n»d by the hungry thore only remedy wan- the >t tlie people, "wend the multitudes ivvuy," but ChrlBt Bald. "They need not lej-art. .Give ye them to eat." The dls- 'IpleH wanted to uhlrk rettponHlbllity. Tho Motiter challenged them to fact' the reBpoDHlbllliy which the criHiM Im «ii**'d. The. aermpn waa'an urgent plea to ho church to. accept the Master's call o tho followers of today to co-opt with Him In distributing the bread of Ifo to the hungry multitudes in far off and In places near at hand. conKceration wervlce was held at close and the altur vvai* crowded ike UH in an old fonhioned revival with pledging themnelvcB to Increased levotlon In the Master's work. The fl-30 found two'live <t>tingH in fufl awing. A chuw meet ng and an Kpworth League service, rh»"latter wa« led b,y MI-M. ColHn an.d va» pa^-ticiptt' by a largfe..number •f the iiu-mburB, At th'e fxenlng wer- •lc«f Wtfi, pastor preached to a fine re- iponslve congregation on The Master's 'all to FaithfulnesH." The sermon was in ei»rne»t plea for lidellty to the great H sucli aH de»erved the devotion >f a whole life, AniongHt the objects lamed u« deserving faithful allegiance w«re The Home, Our Country, The itrher Ideate of Life, and; the Supreme IdeIJty, Je»u» Chrlnt. Two anthema and ft group of organ uimbc«r*-gave~uplift and fnBplratlorj to bu eervice of prut HP. Among clat-H ac- ivIileH of the- Sunday School may be udixl the Qleanera Club which meef» with the president. Mlua Woodford, at ho Henry Stone haiw>. 510 Weat 3rd " Tuesday evening. Marian JenntngM entertains her of young ladles nt hctr home, 809 Went <th street, Wednwtday evening. Mid-week devotional service will be mid Thursday evening at 7:30. Choir meeting l<Ylduy evening. BUB- IICHH uesolon at 7:30. itegular rehear<al at 7:45, to which all choir members are a»kert to keep In mind. On SUNDAY AT ST. JOHN'S 12th Church W,ll M A .\!o!«t j-ki'-i l.-.wrn-a Hiv r-'-'H yy!'-r <i:iv *n S, S t<> "•"'. an-! offerinpt ! <••!;:?! i .I.-.M.-II-* I'xm-r Sin-'k 1 -- rtnt •A-rtf :i!rrn-«! U;'-- or.Iy i,7;r " t<? a ft.-<ir :!•;:.' iHv M^m ','•*• . -.-iiritrv TUf. !-ir!i: ii;sv l"i\ f'-! f- i'i-'t;n ri!.= "<t.'T)-J -,', V-» »n !;Vu:ei| !>v .-it; M\ ."'!'•* !'!•>• rir:« rn»tat j fi <•>•!«;«: !di;!,<"(; \ ' 'I «)'.'•• :i (cliF ! , -. , j i \ ,..u . ,> i:!.- !' !"l in •Tf!.^ «••!.,rr V,:t>i (?!<• !")•!'' ')''!>- t-;:",'i! !rsi«Fl« itt:H .•U-,i-.'l-> « is: :•> '•-!••! m '- ' '!!• S !'\ !;l!;,i . -« u. :•;!•! ;i!tv',i.v !'•••• J'iriif '••!.,;.- f'-i! «»!••!!(<•. lii.J.fin!. • ••:!! ,l»:''.>::«. - -;l P;»sf«>r Unit i« followed in n s1}?ift nd di*«««j, hrlMllng with dates nnd f*Kiirei The Luihernii rhur< h In Northern 111! HOIK biix," shown a m:irvHloii« grow*] from a. little hand nt the synod of Iffi to ttuit In !'.'!« re-presenting 1.1.'"' memtiprs. rind 10."no in the H. Pehoolo ttockford I* the banner church, from n mission in I''!" 1 t<» !.-'"> member* to day. supporting its 'own pnntor in 1*1 diii, Hev, John Aherly. Iir^Hmmer hn ills imnd. on this live Uvnormi. in two' weeks on. Nov. 12. St.. .lolin' will cfle^nite the birthday of Mnrtli Luther with a fine.. proKmm. Ni>x Wednesday Hit- Ifldie* Social r'Ircl< will meet with Mrs. f-YU« for art rti day Bemtlnn to mako nrnuiKfnient* fo the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Th KndeaVor Societies discussed tlie HI- u-ardH of IfelUlon. Alison Thutmm 1 led thf Senior. of IK the UK here •hlef roiii-c-rn 11 clou. factor Harris* found tevt for the eve fiiiK In i!ene*lf«. My spirit «<hul| no iilwayt* strive with man. Gratifying honor* cam* 1 to St.. John'.* a) Hit* synod,' The sermon by I'nntoi Ha.rrlt< on the "Shepherd and tin Shet'p." rceleclcit him to presidency o the body, and tin- address of Joiia* to ,the hrtitherhoiid on reachlifi not In church." made him utian choice for "drtrifnte to the Ke' 1 era! synod In <"h(caKo next May, Kter- onitory IH at a. Imndred and JJGHESLSUILTO WIN Frank H. Hitchcock Declares He Will Probably Get 396 'a Majority Of 129. (Former chairman ot the Itepubllcai latlorial committee .and n member of the advisory committi-f fur the present . HuKh«*H Will''.' elected im 'tb. He will carry tin- following mvliiK an UKKren»te electoral vote 308, or forty-two In excen* of tilt quired iti«: ' ' . - iaine ..;, ..... . ' of re- ermont he Diler e bave succeeded iu getting the Standard Fashion Ito.oxtend their Hjwcial offer on tjie Designer for ther 30 day H. . fPhe Designer for 12 mpnto, one copy of Eidard Quarterly -^ containing coupon one free pattern for the small sum of Designer IUIK -sold i'nr better than wo t'xpeeted it is our uim to jilueu the Designer iii 500 •homes. 8tandard patterns are well known and -Kive ««1* stttisst'at'tion. The Di-si^her not only ftivo« lute, ». but Contains a womU'ri'til lot of good readiug— _Ujud eontiiwed stories', . ... , bojglad to tell .you more about this offer visit .oar- -stem*.-- - •-• — - — -=-- ....... — - ---- - • thodo onnecticul ........... •" ......... •< N'f'W'York ....... ................. "J-j Now Jerm>y ---- . ..... .-.'•• • • • ..... • • 'j Pen.n8ylvania ................... • • • ! Deluwn'rn ..-,.._ .................... » West Virgintii ...... . ...... « ....... ••» Indltina ... ..... . ..... -• .......... '" . Michigan .............. • • .,- ....... '6 .... ......... ••• ..... ...13 Minnrwota ............ ............ 1- lowu . . . ~ : t_- A ...... ,.....- ..... ...... 1 3 North Dakota ...... ..i.i.._ • .• • • • • ---- • .• .» South Dakota .. ... ..... ............ .6 KIIIIHUH ., ..... '.-. . ...... ",....,. ...10 Wyoming ............ • ............ » Idaho .............................. < Utah . ........... . . ................ < N<»$v Mexico .................... - * • 3 Washington . . . . . ............. ..... 7 Oregon . . .',• ........ ................. & California ................ ., ..... ...13 He will W.IMO probably carry Ohio, ^4, Nebraiikn, 8. and CoUirado, 6, making hlH total 346. or « majority of elghJy. He IUIH a good .proHpect of carrying In addition certain no-called doubtful mates, with an aggrugats voto of forty- nine, UH follow*; Maryland. 8; Ken- tucy. 13: MiuMOuri. 18; Montana, 4; Nevada, 3. anil Arizona, 3. Thin would give him a total vote of 395, or a majority of 129," AMUSEMENTS J "ALONE AT LAST." '"Alone At U»Ht," the merry inimical K»m by I'Yan*'J-rf'har, comptwer of "The Merry Widow," with Its excellent Binning rust and largo chorus, continues to fine buB|ni>H* at the Illinois Theatre, where this charming operetta Is booked far a limited run, prlginaUy tho play wan done In Vienna under the .title of "Endtic.hb|lleln,".ttml on the'other nidi i»e<jaTOe-4i*-papuarjMiJLiJiiiH^uyj^r_hj^re, Messrs. Hhubort are the i>r.p«JuceF», und the large cast Inciudwt funny Harry Conor, the handsome Korrent Huff, bewitching Frlt»Lv0» BUHlnjf, the com leal llobiiiHon Newbold, tho "beautiful Blizubeth Goodall. ami the taloiUnd and lovely iBtelltt Norollo, with ft typical e'ftsino chortiH. 'Tho augmented or- chcatra IB a special fcatum T|it> «tory Iw t.httt of two lovers who attempt to asct»nd the Jegged Jungfrau. They lose their way aud are pompelle^ to spend the nighn "along at l«»l,l tho mountain fastnesses. This .given rltsa to Ko'sHlp but the guide proven to b*» a real baron sujd propoaes to .tho girl and i*i'accepted. jjcen^H ana striking and moat original. 'enpeclu,lly. the «t't of picture* which show th«) biuM» ofotlie mountain, then a hulf-wuy «top and linally .the summit. ' - . ~13) "When a feller needs a friend 99 days of oW— i»i/ft frecf rooms cold! — Ptora otl(tnl cstlooa m«Jc br CUIte itflfgl lot Amerttta R«dl»lot CoapUy The days of ease—with heat to please! ___ The discomforts of early youth become the humorous anecdotes of the man of 35. But old-fashioned heating is still a sad reality to wife and children left to shiver and struggle with make-shift heating devices in the home long afta^cforgetful, sturdy father has gone to the snug; radiator-warmed store, shop, or office. Why not stop tiie wastes and cost of postponement, by at once happifying the family with an outfit of • IDEAL Smokeless Boilers and AMERICANA Radiators are the efficient, clean, healthful, silent, reliable servant of the hquse owner — they dp more for cheer, work-saving, and economy .than any other material or article you put into your home! They reduce the cost of living and better the living, RADIATORS BOILERS A No. 33 IDEAL Boiler and 240 ft. of 38-tn. AMERICAN Kadlktott, coiling tbt owner SI 35. were lined to hot water heat ttilt cot- tag«. At thin price the toodi can b« bought of nny reputable, competent Fitter. ThliftM not Include coit of labor, pipe, valve*, freight, etc., which vary according to climatic ami Other condition!. Heating that makes you^feeUriendly^to every "feller Extensive marftifacturing enables us to put into our outfits the best ideas and practices of scientific and skilled men, and at lowest costs. Nowhere else, irt any line, can the public obtain equal value or lower price. * Don't-wait until . you build, but put in at once this genuine, enduring foundation of comfort. Our name is cast on each IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN Radiator—your guarantee— accept no substitute! Get an estimate now ! Dealer* are glad to furnish estimate to anyone who take* a bon* fide Interest In radt-., •tor heating. Phone your local man today t Better act at once—a« at thU *4a»on you get the service of the most skillful fitters. Ask for the (free) book of heating facts; "Ideal Heating." Puts you under no obligation to buy. ff ___A_genuine, practical, built-in Vacuum (gleaner We also make the ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner, connected by an iron suction pipe to various floors of house, flat, school, church, hotel, etc. No dragging around a clumsy, inefficient portable cleaner—instead you have a practical outfit that is a part of the building—like radiator heating. In sizes at $UlS up. Ask for catalog (free). IDEAL Boilers srs mode upon the unll or •ectkmslplan. ItbuUd- Init it altered (65% of nil ttructurc* are re* modeled), the IDEAL Boiler may at say time be e«.lly and quickly changed In ticc. No exclusive agents. Sold by ail dealers. ...... Public Chowoom* at Chleftfo, N*w York, Write Department S-37 816ra22 S.Michigan Ave. • Chicago . Worcester, Providence, i. Wjlke*b*rre..W*thtact6n. BaHiroore...Buffalo, I^hitrt^ W^iburgh^Cle>tl«o<I, .VieoM W 1 %J« •« 0Q91MR, WUTVVVtVI, nUVVUVUW. V^I1»I«V*V.|'UIW, W»«KWW*IKV» *T««UM4|(^M««, «^«HVIfl«0rV:, 1b»U».»IW, r«.^MC«k«ii, * .**•- ^. w - .^^ —^ DtfroJt, QrMUt Rapid*, Atbiota, Birmlofluim. New Orlean*. ladluupoii*, Mllwiukee, Det Moinei, Omaha, Mlnnc«poll», St. Paul, -St. Uouh, Kaoia* Cfty. Denver, 8t*ttte, PortUod, 8pok«oa, SMI Pnadtco. La* Aocelca, Torooto. Brentford (Oat.), toadoa. Parii. BruMeU, Berlin, Colc«oe. Milan.' Matinees are given on Thursday undnhow there was ho c-onrsplracy between Saturday.-, Uoppi'r- nnd .lolin (.'rai«. who Is -«erv- iu^ a life j-i'iitciifc f«.r liillluK Deam. "A PAIR OF QUEENS. Tho Chicago News, in 8|>i'«klng of 'A 1'itlr of Qut't'iiK," the .farce'by Dlto laiiberbach, SeynVotir Bruwn and Ilary lA-wls, which IH announced for up- »'«'!»ranw «t the Academy' of A Vediu^iday, _N'ijv. IK!,. Hutd that .it...wnti he niont luiighuble, nnuihiiiK and riot* us farce wen-In that rlty'fo'r twenty earn. Ml»« Amy Ix-sllc. who ha» no leer a« u dramatic eritlc-in America, IM jimiHor tor this Kia'ieinMit. mid locul iaygoei'8 will'huve. an -ap|»ortunity to irt>v«» tho troth of her as«i»rtion wl^pfi lit^ piece is R-iv^n a local iinosentatlon. "A^Pair" iir'Qiiiet'nH"~.iMi'lJVe 'niTT'fl"TaPW 'Hh v a title auggeRting a gam«» of havit won NUCCCBH for It. H. h«» 'fuinouK - New .York, thfturlcal pro*, i-r. The llrwt wu» "A Hull' of Hlx« «,". then'-curn*» "A Full- HnUHt 4 ,' tnui iiw "A 1'nlr .of jjuue»»" luta broken 11 the laughter and ntienda>if<H reconla HluliliHlunl by llu» two further 8. __ ._ aro jflven .tht» Wedneseduy being at jwpular prlcea. "THE UNCHASTiNf 0 WOMAN/ Kmily Steveijs scores a britlitUU H^C- eBH in Oliver MOI'.OKCO'*> . produtetlon. The UufjuiHlened Woman," •iM'gining he fourth big \v«ek ut the Mi»« Hlev«im Iws scored an in Oliver Moro8.'»'H luoducilon of IxitilM K. An»pacher'« ullltiini i'iiin«'dy dratna, "Tbo Uiic.hax" tonod Woniuii." Mifw "8U'V«>iw i» now •layiiiK the fourth week of IUM; limited 'lilcago "engaKeinent, aftd her, acting j{ the jtart ut "Curi>Hu«- Knolys,' lla* ,in<fh.a»tenw.i '-woman.-'- li>«» wornl -as givut w bit iu ClilcuBo a» in N«W Yolk Ml«<« Stwvoim' ctilottgo itngtM/rement u "Tbw I'nchastened Wotnau" 18' iv<*ly'limltM«l owing to hen I'orthcoiuUig W'^laafH'w in New Vw»'k this .ueujton n a n«w pluy under tbto munagiMttent of Oliver Moroato. '-iliw attracl^oit was ioi>Uc«d only tux i«lgltt wt-t-ks, 'mid Uut ' tv Mib» -tSlc-vi'i'i» is Mi(i(it'j'Hui by tiii •ollt'til i.-aMt of playt'i'M. iitcludittg tt'fv CM -Smith, Mar'y fVidi-u, MuK-ol ')uncu'n. i/.u W HrtiniSnti, Isabel JtH.'iv Hllfrf, l.illtiHJ Komllli' < 'o<-|. ( 'r .illit Jfll.- . .jilt . l,a:M - -'n( • "." NEW FIRMS INCORPORATE. • HprinRfleldr lllr.—<4<^.' 30.—-tierretary of-Hiittt HttiveiiHon hua auUiui'lit«U.-tlui. incorporation of the following IVurlu cimreniH: C. H. LewiH (Sruln I'miipany, with, u- catiltul of $2£i,(iuo, tu iruntwct u Kf'iH'Hil grttin <'<iii!tiii,sxi<iii bUMint-MMi Klliott & Hurman KiiKhieeriiiK Coin- 'pany, with a capital of fl.OUU, to en- Kage In cnKlueeiing and work., DEFENSE SCORED AT TRIAL, Muncle, l«tl.. '»*'t. 25.—The jiefwuie in the cum* of Karl Hopper, acciuiid of murdcrftig Frank Ptmm, »c*ire.d telling pointH. The ti-.sti(iuui> tended to CHARGED WITH ASSAULT. IndiiumpoliH, Ind.. (icti 30. An echo the campaign «>f H'14 wax heard when Dennis .). IhiHli. city utrrot com- mlscloiu'r uu'dcr Mayor Hrtl. was jiliifcd- on trial on Hn- cburKi 1 of itHHaull and lialii-ry tm Ualph lv Jtli luiian. f»r- tn«<rl\' connected with tin- r«t;K«.' t Heard on-the Highway. ' IIfc'H neither it wnlk-over nor it free thli% niul If you.tlon't catch the sun In b«l you'll huvif a. weiirlH«in« run on i the <luy's jourwy.—AtlttiUtt- ConHtltu- tlon. ^ We Can Save You Duplicate Lenses itching skins When ytm know pUviicuiru have {*v. scrilxjij Ucsinpl iur 20 yea»» in thij treat- UK nt of ilchuif,', hunumTi "uiuM\'!itly si.iil cru|'tiiiii.i, aiij li..\ c wriucu thoueAiuis nf rt % i*jrts sut.ii a,;: "It u my prescription furiuhiiu'," "Ucsit'wl IU4. pnnluct'd briUi.utt ICMIJIS," and **Tl>" • fturhf cases!<?|,ec>cn)i«," d<u-$ni't it mat.; >i'U s.iy to yourself, "tint's th< ri/Jit kituld Irt uiit'-nt'f .r ,"- r ,'.! I s trutiJ^lci'" Rimmed or Rimless, the Eye Glasses have the vei;y latest finger piece mounting 1 , on and off with" one hand. The Fraines.or Mount* ings are- of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed, Knch Eye. is examined separately by an Expert and .the Lenses ground. to order. This is. your opportunity to secw-;e-a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost, ' . DR. GOULDING, Optician rrl y inajua.u't't* t>f Si'i^ol ('iK'piT v\; C'o.'s npiical th-jmrtint'lit in , Ciiicagu. First : A venue* atid -Hast /Triirtl St., • Over Obermiller's Store

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