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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 53
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 53

The Miami Heraldi
Miami, Florida
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'fStfVi ifi raiit'fi'nii rituKigiiihii'triii yji'jiHiKri1 uraini iinjmil ra'ifryrrtwviaotomi W-itewi naMftril yifteteiaah'-inn iwimth mieutml Wed March 8 1972 THE MIAMI HERALD 7-D 31 Sunday' 6 Hot Rock Heist Movie Is Funny -But Uneven Has Many Faults this point for its unrealism How for example did they get their hands on an unmarked helicopter? jailbreak is a bit too slick and easy Their taking over a police precinct gets out of hand and is neither tense nor funny JOHN HUDDY herald entertainment editor With forte for action scenes it is not surprising that the jailbreak of Paul Sand (Greenberg) in a top-speed Mercedes excels in sheer tension It is followed by deadpan comment at the end of their hair-raising ride think we cornered too TIIE HIGH POINT of their criminal antics is the museum heist in which the four go through an elaborate scheme to divert the attention and rob the museum of the Sahara stone The scene combines suspense ingenuity and humor They almost get away with the diamond except that Greenberg gets caught but saves the stone by swallowing it The film crumbles after h' IUIA liil By CANDICE RUSSELL Horold Entortalnmont Writer Hot a new film by Peter Yates vacillates between a mild humor and mock seriousness This rather uneven tate liniflP about four mUVIL bungling ex- REVIEW suit of a priceless dia- 1 mond sparkles for the comedic charms of George Segal (Kelp) and Ron Leib-man (Murch) The handsome but cold presence of Robert Redford as Dortmunder the gastritis-ridden brains of the group does nothing but retard the lighthearted spirit Yates is a popular entertainment director having given us and and last with Peter CONSEQUENTLY Hot proves disappointing for a lack of continual suspense and a sense of comedy that is so subtle it gets lost in translation (as when Dortmunder and Kelp discover stupidly hiding from each other during the museum heist) NOW TO MARCH 26 50 Continental Breakfast Only otf Ptrsoi OBL OCC FULL AMERICAN FUN S550 ADULTS $4-00 CHILDREN UNDER 10 PHONE 947-2631 turns cun iinkimiicmi cuu tuncnc Informal ond Cartfrot Fool a 300 (I Frivolt letch Fitro Sun Dteki ShuHlokoord Wiomo Roiitl Monti TV Cocklul lounit CoHci Shop Kiddit Fool Froi Firkinj OPERA Peter Finch love triangle and so forth Between lia sons the girl visits her family and we detect an unhappiness and an alienation The physician goes to a Bar Mitzvah Is needled by relatives about his unending bachelorhood and recalls his own entrance into manhood years ago In perhaps the most exciting scene of the movie the physician encounters a homosexual with whom had a past affair He gives the man a ride only to have his expensive instrument case stolen In the end the distant ends of the love triangle finally meet after the young man goes to New York As we would expect the doctor and girl are polite almost friends and they part not too unhappily And in my case by this point in the film I could care less MISSES RwTSaj OCEANFR0NT-17Qlh ST- ROW TO MAR 25 DRIFTWOOD WINS MAM IVOR 10 11 25 ol 116 Rmt 20 of 170 Kens Only Pee Petson DM Occ FULL AMERICAN PUN Mu rtd Cp '9'" wnWm 1r WE ACCEPT MASTER CHARGE DINERS CLUB oiAiMtiv4 TWA I towny CotHI Alttwitm iyrM Mobil Sumc Cart tlomhn ARCOSmdsit 4 POOLS FREE PARKING Inlllltlnment mtely-Ctiildten Counselor PHONE: 947-7511 bisexual and also sleeps with Glenda Jackson the female character Alex who is aware of this double affair and reluctantly accepts the situation until late in the film when she turns to an older-man If the above read like the scenario from one of those television episodes I know what does IN ALL FAIRNESS however the acting is uniformly excellent the flashbacks and fantasies are handled extraordinarily well and there is an overall excellence to Individual scenes that cannot be denied One scene in which a dog is run over is exceptionally good Schlesinger also has a juxtaposition technique that is frequently effective as when we view a poster about starving people over a bulging refrigerator that is abruptly open revealing all sorts of delicious food IN THE STORY or non- story as it might be called the physician sleeps with the young man who then goes to the young woman and then back to the physician TAHITI RESORT MOTEL ON THE 0CEAR AT 189th STREET MIAMI BUCK'S fA VOMTt llHTKAPfMIH ICO It 121 A00M (ITtllPTt4UJf iuliti nun TY PARKING bolt ntnmras kitta ami Merrill LWAtf COFFEE SHOP PHONE 949-2255 iraui i isa MIAMI BEACH AUDITORIUM FRIDAY MARCH 17th William HABER MODERN (81 COLLECTION AUCTION BENEFIT TEMPLE ISRAEL 137 NE 19th St Miami Sunday March 128 PM SfM Iwiek ley MNu Ohaiift Wr Vnarilf Heritrt ftamfcranit lit My Ml Ursa liptlit lal lali Mariii Mi Man tolMa 0aWr tfttn Exhibition FrLMor 10 11 (Mlt)FM Sol Mar 111 1M It 3 PM 1 1 tel PM Sun Moreh 12 9:30 1 'Ill Salt "TURN ME at 12 20 4 55 5 and 8 15 plus 'WEEKEND WITH at II 05-1 40-415 09 6 50 and 9 30 i 1 1 119 in nil) iirbi uimi miu 1 1 Js II Wl trF "KO ot 7 50 and 10 05 DluS "LAST OF THE TWO ot 9 00 and 1 1 00 GARIB I HWlAMDAli Soon at Wometco "FROGS' JUMP WITH FRIGHT Show Times in Movie Clock IMMMI EARLY BIRO PRICES at Miami 163rd Patio Mayfair-Palm Sprlngs-Mlracle Twin 1 Plaza Hollywood SHELLEY WINTERS MARK LESTER RALPH RICHARDSON SLEW AUNTIE plus VINCENT PRICE MIRACLE 163St TTl also It NO ANDREWS DAVIE BLVD Drive Ins lo Ft Lauderdale and the BOCA RATON Theatre 1ST PG 5 Academy Award Nominations including "BEST VANESSA REDGRAVE GLENDA JACKSON QUEEN PATIO OF PGj 6 Academy Award Nominationf Including "BEST "BEST ACTRESS' 2 SHOWS DAILY at 2 PM and 3:15 and Sorry No Passes or Thrif I Its DurinythisEntatement PERFORMING WITH A THIRTY TWO PIECE ORCHESTRA "MacARTHUR PARK a record Reserved Seats: TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: ALL BURDINES RECORD DEPARTMENTS OR MAIL ORDER: RICHARD HARRIS MIAMI BEACH AUDITORIUM 1700 WASHINGTON AVENUE MIAMI BEACH FLA 33130 Read All Day GUILD OF GREATER MIAMI PRESENTS JOE VENTO SCOn I BURNS NO MIN NO COVER ENTERTAINMENT NITELY FREE PARKINS FREE COLOR TY GOLF PRIVILEGES OCEANFRONT 185th ST 945-3481 MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONORED COLOR TV AND ALWAYS FREE SELF-PARKING Bloody is mostly a bloody bore One suspects that much of the acclaim inuir- and attention MuVIE sven DCWICIll Schle- HEvlEW film about a sex-love triangle set in contemporary England has to do with the shock value of seeing men passionately kissing on the mouth or writhing (in lated sex) briefly in bed Interestingly the one impressive feat to me at least is that by the end of the Btory most of the audience will accept the homosexual side of the love triangle al- most as it does the affair tween the man and the woman And yet since if you remove the homosexual theme you have a very ordi-I nary story this self de- featlng? CERTAINLY there is a place for filmmaking that avoids outrageous coincidences and explosive epl- sodes for more human univ ersal and true to life drama But if good film is to be Horticulture Talk Tonight A talk by Parrot horticulturist Nat DeLeon reported scheduled for Thursday will be held at 8 tonight at the Museum of Science 3280 Miami Ave The session free to the public is sponsored by the Horticuture Study Society of Florida Kissing Bandit Snatches SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) An amorous bandit robbed a Nob Hill restaurant of $4000 and kissed the bookkeeper goodby Police said Bessie Ow 36 was handcuffed to a stair railing by the robber who kissed her on the forehead and said before leaving 1972 or 1971 CorstOQ RENTAL CARS 538 00 MILES INCLUDED RENTAL CARS 9 633-5237 From BLUE WATERS AND DLR LIIIIY HOTELS On th Oraan at 74 th ill) CONDITIONED 2 FOOTS FREE BINGO LOUNGES FREEH 'LOW COLOR II httytoP'riM DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LOU NGE NIGHTLY DANCING SitfhH Hhar ENTERTAINMENT FREE SELF PARKING Also Seasonal and Yeorly Phone 866-6231 UUj to APRIL lllli BLUE HORIZOfi OCIANF80NT AT Ifth ITNIIT MIAMI 91404 FLORIDA Sill FREE PARKING FREE TV COCKTAIL LOUNGE COFFEE SHOPPE MOD AMER PLAN BEAUTY SALON Hatd Pool Bond) Ph: 866 4621 KDHASIIR iouili occur norm noons NM1lthT0tral1Hl rn: bi $7 f-SXHf ATEO POOL" lufwniber HOTEL ON THE OCEAN AT 1 7th ST 0 (J Acn DAILY PER PERSON 91 wu obi OCC 10 MAR 10th I 6m SO OF 200 RMS Completely Air Conditioned I Reefed Olympic Pool I Private Beach Dining Room Efficiencies available 1 Block from Lincoln R4 Planned Entertunmont MM PHONE 538-7511 mmmd RESORT MOTEL 18801 Collins Ave LOW! LOW! RATES! 3P50lSmiPKiNlfW in Mr ROOM PliNNlO INIERIAINMNJ (If COH IE SHOP CHU ON COUNSElOl 150 NEWLY DECORATED ROOMS WITH COLOR TV WALL TO WALL CARPET Phone- (305) 947 3451 OCEANfRONT AT 1B8th ST niPfOPHAPPINIJS BOULEVARD HOTEL Pit Mi PirPennUM Dec SitfitliN At SIK 00 Per Ml SO ll 220 Rm Amwol lint M2P low Booionof Ratal Availobl Includes I Health living Meals CHSICI BBIIU-BALT WATER POOL-P LARKED MDVICS TV -BRIE PARUM by Franz Lehar (In English) BENEFIT PERFORMANCES OPERA GUILD EDUCATIONAL CENTER $12 7 Childrm undr 13 It In wnw pr ptrton doubt ctuponey (48 1 (Boywdo)8WTV Featuring Stars ol the Metropolitan Stockholm and New York City Opera Companies SOME INTERESTING sup-port from Zero Mostel as the avaricious lawyer Moses Gunn as the staid intelligent Dr Amusa and Charlotte Rae as a cabdnver who gets off on a recording of the Daytona Beach Speedway keep Hot from turning cool An exhilarating conclusion leaves us smiling because these not very smart crooks have gotten away with breaking all the rules HBS iSBSSS $4 $5 $6 Classified Ads Starring JEAN FENN Soprano as The Merry Widow Also at Gatoway and Davie Blvd in Ft Lauderdale and the Boca Raton Theatre Rhprafon Bearih WEDNESDAY APRIL 5 1972 THURSDAY APRIL 6 1972 SATURDAY APRIL 8 1972 wttb ponrAt 500 rooms) 1 On tho Ocean at 194th St HAS IT ALL! THE COMPLETE OCEANFRONT LUXURY RESORT! BILL SULLIVAN General Manager TWO 473-4431 'Vi iA' Glenda Jackson a who cares? considered like life then is it not also supposed to be to the point (it must be the conventional film runs less than two hours!) and is it not supposed to have a certain crispness direction and meaning? Bloody has none of this It has too little to say is too ordinary moves with dreary slowness and in places a most gre-vious fault is less true to life and more like a series of skillfully presented well polished soap opera productions PETER FINCH portrays a middle aged physician who has an affair with a younger man (Murray Head) that is more spiritual than physical In turn the younger man is Go Uauds most MOTOR HOTEL ttsott 69th Street ee the Ocooe MIAMI aACH TLA im Ik ImMmW IibMiI Imbo I Mn SWf FIH MmiiiHh ksdiliB Nil fill Pwimf Mibim UbrtiMmi Prfraa LOW LOW RATES ALL YEAR IN 7ffauUcac6 ON i PER DAY per person IN A ROOM $1 UNCLE PRIVATE BATH 111 OP SS2 ROOMS ANNUAL BASIS INCLUDES JCOO 5 AIL 3 MEALS 6 WINTER MONTHS IN 7ftld4d VESA 33 LESS THAN PER DAY per pereon a IN A ROOM PRIVATE BATH 111 OP 252 ROOM 6 ALL 3 MEALS FLAT RATES PER PERSON llurwa lhiNM MONTHS $870 $1860 4 MONTHS! I MONTHS 999 1090 J6SO Tioo I MONTHS 1140 1920 ONE DAY IN ARCH 21 TC MARCH 21 TO DECEMBER II nn IILI PrPro" 2 IN A ROOM PRIVATE BATH 111 OP 232 ROOMI INCLUDES ALL 3 MEALS DAILY RATES tlromn lbtmM Mtr21UDlO1l $100 11000 Die 20 to Mir 20 1100 2000 AIR CONDITIONED A HEATEO MOVIES DINGO DANCINO POOL FISHING BOARDWALK TREE PARKIN! POOL LOUNGES THE MEW BISCAYA A RESIDENCE HOTEL 100 rr THE BAT SOO WEST AVENUI MIAMI REACH PLA 331 31 CALL 672-5433 Tickets now on sale: $1500 1200 1000 8 00 600 (Dade Auditorium) $1500 1000 800 500 (Miami Beach Auditorium) FREE GOLF FREE TENNIS KIDS FREE SAME For Information and tickets write or call: OPERA GUILD OF GREATER MIAMI 1200 Coral Way Miami Fla 33145 Ph 854-1643 Ticket! also available at: ALLEGRO MUSIC HOUSE Phone 444 8181 DADE COUNTY AUD Phone 642-9061 MIAMI BEACH AUD Phone 531-0477 PfooiorTVmoorv' room Fr 1 OOO fi tnh doubl ftf per 0 Fro (f 5 of 3SJ room lundryroundl PtM Tiwti Matter Charge Bankamaricard Hint Mar 21 16" W5 Pool Beach Golf Tots 4 Suite-sized rooms Jolty per person ecuponcy 1 AmxOmeri mmnn' limniT MiiTKL On the Ocean it 167th St Hi 949 1300 Mypni it 1-i w-J 94th ST 4-ly rm 1 tie 18 Mil I I Min 21 KIDS FREE! UNDER 12 limn 2 in room With 2 adults 200-ft Ocean Free Parking Privileges Nightclub daily entertainment Teens fun family and rates PHONE: 865-3551 CONTINUING THE NEW ADVENTURES OF CUBS A NEW MOTION PICTURE TO THRILL ALLTHE WORLD I The TweLve cagsars i i jf ijiai ui i yj ff 8 ay ttmyvfpMcrtfp 1 ft a 0 a FIRST SHOWING IN THE UNITED STATES ON THE OCEAN AT Dade County Aud Dade County Aud) 815 PM Miami BeachfAud a MM LGEMTON mmHmbffi I A Ft i I MOL I MARCO Sfessw CASUAL I INFORMAL GOURMET MODIFIED AMERICAN PLAN AVAILABLE INCLUDING STEAK OR ROAST BEEF NITELY IN Charcoal Broiled NY Sirloin Strip Steak FRKSElYWWHGn 8 Academy Award Nomination! including "BEST PICTURE' "BEST A HIM BY PETER BOGDANOVICH PICTURE KORMAKIIY ALL SEATS $100 Academy Award Nomination "BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS" ANN-MARGRET KNOWLEDGE PUb RICHARD BENJAMIN PAULA PRITCHETT In new Film by JAN KADAR st English Sub Titles MAYFAIR fpS Mat Eva 5075 CAMEO POLLIFAX UNDER pin WILD All Seats 60d IHUO 3 smcnrits! OF A YOUNG (ld OF THE SM i 1 ns Table If M5runi SC 45 I -39 'aaMwaiBBiPa orm out the best tnyou $00 8r fm III) IbiMi lee AeflTI leeoe Te Nereli lief il 09ft4r 41 NIGELDAVENPORT IAN REDECORATED I Cell Shop and Cocktarl loung Olympic Swimming Pool k-ddit Pool Exiting program ol If ontorlommonf BMC PARKING FREE FULL 3 DELUXE AMERICAN PLAN MEALS OAHY FOR INFORMATION CALL 945-651 1 STARTS FRIDAY OgEACHCOMBER RESORT MOTEL IAC Ml JHQPP FG CFNTG9 I OCEANFRONT AT 189th STREET MIAMI BEACH FLA Me Dlwt a WarMtae Awe Miami SmkIi JI S-1311 if.

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