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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 33

San Bernardino, California
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tups A Jewish Holiday Mini Spy. The Symbols of Hanukkah Dreidel The dreidel (DRA-dle) is a special toy top. It has four sides with the Hebrew symbols for the 3 words meaning "A great miracle "I have a little dreidel, "I made it out of clay, "And when it is dry and ready, "A dreidel game I'll play." This is a very old song that Jewish children will soon be singing. They will be celebrating Hanukkah, "The Feast of Lights." Hanukkah begins on the night of December 24. The first day of the celebration is December 25.

Hanukkah lasts for eight nights. Hanukkah does not start on the same day every year. Although it usually comes in December, it is unusual for the first day to fall on the same day that Christians celebrate Christmas. happened In Israel, the dreidels read "A great miracle happened here." The dreidel goes back to ancient times when the Jews could not worship as they wanted. They would meet in secret and someone would read the service.

If the enemy came near, they would get out a dreidel and start playing. This way the soldiers didn't really know what the Jews were doing. See if you can find: 4 sold'Ts' heads umbrella snowman 2 witches' hats 2 trees (not Xmas trees) 2 sailboats word "Mini" fish 1 spatula heart 2 flowerpots Spinning the dreidel is a Hanukkah custom. See the menorah on the table. Words about Hanukkah are hidden in ihe block below.

See if you can find: Hanukkah, lights, eight, dreidel, gelt, priest, presents, Maccabee, December, candles, lamp, pancakes, latkes, jelly doughnuts, menorah, games, feast, temple and festival. by Judas Maccabeus, won a great victory over the Romans. They wanted to celebrate by lighting a lamp to burn in a temple. The only pure oil they could find would burn for only one day. They decided to go ahead and use the little jar of oil.

It lasted for eight whole days until new oil. could be prepared. The menorah has an extra place for the "shammash" (SHAH-mash) or "helper" candle that is used to light all the other candles. The Menorah The menorah (Me-NO-rah) is a candlestick that holds nine candles. On the first night of Hanukkah, one candle is lit.

On the second night, two candles are lit. This goes on for eight happy nights. This custom is based on an event that goes way back in history. The story is that the Jews, led HANUKKAH MGAME SP DECEMBERAACLOSR RLSOBPANCAKES FE I GHTBMACANDLES I GELTSOLAMPLTSE DHBCSHTRBMVSOTN ETSTLATKESOLP I LSBOCMMTEMPLEVS SAME NORA HRSTVAP FEASTSPR I ESTSLU JELLYDOUGHNUTSY The menorah with the shammash in the middle. CUPS I y.T Latkes Gifts Jewish boys and girls receive gifts during Hanukkah.

Some get gifts only on one night. Others get gifts every night. Gelt Jewish boys and girls also get "gelt" or money during Hanukkah. Often this is chocolate candy money covered with gold paper and placed in a little net bag. Latkes or potato pancakes are a favorite Hanukkah food.

Nobody really knows how the custom of serving them started. They are often served with applesauce. (mm -im r4afrb kit Punch Ulnct world's greatest Christmas present Hey Kids! It's a holiday contest Have you ever wished for a Christmas present that was so special and wonderful, it just couldn't be real? Squeeze your eyes shut and think really hard. What do you think would be the greatest Christmas present of all? The Mini page has a holiday contest. It's called the "World's Greatest Christmas Present." All you have to do to enter is draw a picture of what you think would be a very special gift.

It doesn't have to be real, just wonderful. Draw your picture with a black pen or pencil on white, unlined paper, give it a title and tell a story about it in about 50 to 100 words. Send your entry to "Worlds Greatest Christmas Present," The Sun, 399 San Bernardino, 92401. A winner will be selected each week through Christmas for publication on Mini the page. 'Charlie9 The best Christmas present I got was "Charlie." He helps me a lot.

Sometimes he rides my bike. He comes from Goolie Land. Every year we take him there He's my best friend. By Susan Rohrbach, 9, of Calimesa Uiij junior artist winner of the week Sale 6.99 Reg. 9.99.

Snuggles, no child can resist cuddling up with Snuggles. There are three soft, loveabie Snuggles dolls, each with her own play accessory; pillow, blanket or teddy bear. No batteries, just pull her string and she'll lovingly snuggle up to her own special accessory, just like a real baby! Snuggles is 12'j" tall and comes complete with accessory. 400 only! Saturday only. my drill -y SpV Thi dCPenney is Tom Gundred, 7, of Big Bear Lake is the The Sun Jr.

Artist winner of the eek. Weekly inners receive $2 and a certificate. San Bernardino Central City Mall Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..

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