The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on December 6, 1978 · Page 7
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 7

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1978
Page 7
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'"f " J 1 Wd., Dec. 6, 1978 THE SUN LA. controller refuses to pay for officials' trips LOS ANGELES (AP) City Controller Ira Reiner told the City Council Tuesday he refuses to sign any more expense checks for major trips of city of ficials, some of which he says are "thinly veiled excuses for personal vacations." "I do not accept the contention of some city of ficials that the amount of money they spend on these trips is insignificant when placed alongside of the city's billion dollar budget," Reiner said in a letter to the council. "It is this attitude, more perhaps than anything else, that brings about billion dollar budgets in the first place." Reiner specifically took the Department of Airports to task for spending more money on travel in the five months since Proposition 13's passage than it did in the entire year preceding it. "Last September, I cautioned the general manager of the Airport Department about the need Water management bill introduced again By VIC POLLARD Gannett News Service now have had the right to drill wells and pump as much water as they want with little or no in- SACRAMENTO Controversial legislation to re- terferences from the government. quire the management of underground water supplies in the San Joquin Valley and other water-short areas of California has been introduced again by State Sen. John A. Nejedly, R-Walnut Creek. Although it differs in significant details, the bill is similar to legislation carried during the last legislative session by Nejedly as well as draft recommendations by a special commission reviewing California water rights laws. The measure, SB 47, would require management programs to revive or maintain the water levels in all underground basins that are not already well managed. The subject of groundwater management is a volatile one in California, where most land owners up to Management programs usually require restrictions on well drilling and pumping or costly importation of new water supplies. "The state's present groundwater stores are being depleted at an alarming rate," Nejedly said. Already nearly one third of the ground water that was once present in storage within economic pumping depths in California has been exhausted." The general subject of groundwater management is expected to be the subject of much debate next year. Lawyers ask high court to reverse death penalty for restraint after he had taken a group of Commissioners to Hawaii," Reiner said. "However, some people never seem to get the word. Just this last weekend they returned from yet another trip. This time it was the Caribbean. "Rather than eliminating these thinly veiled excuses for personal vacations, they instead take along prestigious elected officials to provide political 'cover.'" Under Reiner's new plan, he will first try to persuade a city official to withdraw the request for a trip. If that fails, he says, he will refuse to sign the check. That will put the matter into the hands of the City Council. Each council member will have to go on record as for or against allocating money for the trip in question. "It is anticipated .that the action I am taking will have a chilling effect on unnecessary travel," Reiner said. "The council, predictably, will not be anxious to publicly vote for trips unless they are absolutely necessary." Brown beats drum for state satellite SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Attorneys for three men sentenced to the gas chamber under California's death penalty laws argued for reversal Tuesday before the state Supreme Court. Attorney Donald Kerson said his client, SACRAMENTO (AP) A federal agency is planning Gregory John Teron Jr., a satellite communications system similar to one Gov. sentenced under the 1977 Edmund Brown Jr. proposed for the state last year, death penalty law, the governor's office reported Tuesday. shouldn't be "permitted It said the federal Defense Civil Preparedness Agen- to commit suicide judi-cy informed Brown by letter of its plans for a satellite cially." system to link areas of the country during floods, And attorneys for forest fires and earthquakes. Eugene Allen and Ernest In the preliminary budget he submitted to the Graham challenged their Legislature last January, Brown asked for $58 million convictions, under a 1973 over five years to buy California a section of a satellite law since replaced, on scheduled to be taken aloft by the Space Shuttle in grounds that blacks had 1980. been improperly ex- Brown said the satellite would enable state agencies eluded from the jury to communicate in emergencies, and could also be which found them guilty used for statewide education and government con- of fatally stabbing a pris- ferences. on guard. The appeals were all automatic because the death penalty so decrees. There was no specific constitutional challenge in defense briefs or arguments to the new law, passed by the 1977 Legislature over Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.'s veto. But Teron's lawyer said if the conviction is upheld, the constitutionality of the new law would be challenged. The other attorneys said the old section involving convicts who commit murder is unconstitutionally too broad. Teron represented himself at his non-jury trial and presented no evidence. He was sentenced last May 2 in the fatal bludgeoning and strangling of Earl Reed in an Anaheim motel Oct. 5, 1975, under under a section of the law decreeing death for multiple murders. He was convicted in Michigan of two other slayings. Police quoted Teron as saying "killing was like having a cup of coffee today and not remembering about it next week" and that he waived extradition because he wanted to see if California would execute him. Allen and Graham were sentenced to die for aggravated assault by a life-termer for fatally stabbing guard Jerry Sanders at Duell Vocational Institution on Nov. 27, 1973. Tj ,. ' H I . if" .... I (i .Si I pw In Jj If I 1 v kV.Jfe. IrX c sacramento summary Jury convicts father of child prostitution Associated Press Tufsdty, Dk. S THE GOVERNOR Appointed Santt Oara County Superior Court Judge Marcel Poche of San Jove as associate justice for the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Four. Reported that the Federal Defense Civil Preparedness Agency has announced plant for national emergency satellite communications system, based on a concept proposed by California last year, to provide communications during floods, forest fires and earthquakes. THE ASSEMBLY Bin Passed Democrats - Would reorganlj the Democratic Party State Central Committee, increasing number of non-officeholders, AB 11 McCarthy, D-San Francisco, 7J-i to Senate. Resolution Passed Moscone - Memorialized San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, who was murdered Nov. 27; SCR I Marks, R-San Francisco, unanimous; copies sent to Moscone family. Bills Introduced Mines - Would delete state provisions relating to mine safety, which also regulated by federal government, AB SO, Fen-ton, D-Montebelio. Horse - Would reallocate 41 weeks of thoroughbred racing per year Id central and southern tones as 39 weeks In central zone and seven weeks in southern zone; AB Si Vicencia, D-Bellflower. Guard - Would remove $53 000 limit on house purchase under Notional Guard Members' Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1971, and appropriate U S million to secure revenue bonds, AB SS; Vicencia, D-Beiifiower. Horse - Would change Horseraclng Law relating to license tees, commissions and pursev AS Si Vicencia, D-Bellflower. Liquor - Would authorize pn-saie alcoholic beverage licenses tor non profit theaters at least W years old, AB 57, Robinson, D-Santa Ana. Tax - Would increase business inventory property ta exemption from SO percent to 100 percent; AB il; Cline, R-Northridge, and AB 66, Lockyer, D-San Leandro - Nursing - Would tighten regulations on nursing homes and increase civil penalties for certain violations. AB 62 and AB 61 Agnos, D-San Francisco. Highways - Would abolish allocation of highway construction fund formula of 40 percent to north and 60 percent to south, with further formula tor counties, requiring instead that funds be allocated on basis of priorities, based partly on number of vehicles per county; AB 65, Ingalli D-Riv-erside. Tax - Would impose tax of 100 percent on income received as retirement allowance under Legislator's Retirement Svstem by certain state constitutional officers which is in excess of two-thirds of highest compensation received while in office, AB 70; Lockyer, D-San Leandro. Beverage - Could prohibit sale of beverages in plastic containers; AB 72, Lockyer. D-San Leandro. Industrial - Would authorize state to finance acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of industrial development proiects, AB 74, Lockyer, D-Sen Leandro. Alcohol - Would require cities and counties to submit plans to the state for the issuance and location of retail alcoholic beverage licenses; AB 73; Lockyer, D-San Leandro. Family - Would establish state institute to study family life, AB 7, Lockyer, D-San Leandro. Crime - Would provide for lite in prison without parole for 15 years for habitual offenders, AB 80; Moorhead, R -Sacramento. Renters - Would Increase renters' In- Santa Monica lice cniei takes new post ANAHEIM (AP) A 25-year law enforcement veteran was appointed Tuesday as police chief of Anaheim, Orange County's largest city, City Manager William O. Talley announced. George P. Tielsch, who currently heads the Santa Monica Police Department, will assume the $44,137-a-year post Jan. 4, Talley said. come tax credit from $37 to 1300 a year; AB 11: Bates, D-Oakland. Censtltu- tienal Amendments Introduced Politics - Would provide for election of governor and lieutenant governor jointly as members of same party,- ACA 10; Lockyer, D-San Leandro. Housing - Would delete prohibition against low-rent housing proiects without maiority vote approval, and subject such projects to right of referendum, ACA t, Brown, D-San Francisco. Funds Would prohibit governmental entities from appropriating more than in prior year, adjusted for changes in national consumer price index and population; ACA 9; Leonard, R-San Bernardino. Resolutions Introduced San Jose - Would give legislative approval to construction of student health center at San Jose State University; ACR ; Vasconcellos, D-San Jos. PanAm - Would request U S. Civil Aeronautics Board to approve application of Pan American World Airways to acquire National Airlines; AJR 3; Ingalls, D-Riv-trside. Reapportionment - Would create Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment consisting of five members of Senate and five of Assembly; ACR 7; Lockyer, D-San Leandro. THE SENATE Bills Introduced Aquecutture - Would smooth permit process, identity appropriate coastal sites, and require assessment of aquaculture activities as "first step toward state aquaculture policy"; SB 52, Keene, D-Elk. Auto - Would require insurance or other form of financial responsibility as condition of auto registration, and make numerous other changes in financial responsibility law; SB 49; Carpenter, D-Cypress. Water - Would make legislative findings and declare legislative policy concerning management of groundwater resources, SB 47; Neiedly, R-vValnut Creek. - Desert - Would Identify those native desert plants which may or may not be harvested, and take other protective steps, including requiring nurseries to maintain records, SB 41; Neiedly, R-Wainut Creek. Judges - Would require judges to state their reasons for judgments, sentences, or the granting of new trials In felony cases. SB 64; Russell, R-Giendale. Coliseum - Would add two legislators to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission; SB 62, Russell, R-Giendale. Truants - Would provide that schools are not responsible for pupils who have left school property without permission; SB 60: Neiedly, R-Walnut Creek. Tax - Would permit annual deduction of up to $500 from gross income for expenses or care of child or handicapped person while taxpayer engaged in unpaid volunteer work for government agency or nonprofit organization; SB 57; Roberti, D-Los Angeles. Advertising - Would exempt advertising for farm or ranch products produced and sold on the property from regulations against outdoor advertising. SB 51, Neiedly, R -Walnut Creek. Charitable - Would permit 17 cents per mile while rendering donated services to government agency or non-profit agency to be deducted from income tax as charitable contribution; SB 56; Roberti, D-Los Angeles. Redevelopment - Would authorizecoun-ties and cities that have used tax-increment financing to levy special, assessments within redevelopment proiect areas to supplement property tax revenues for payment of indebtedness incurred before July 1, 197), and extended loans, and would make other provisions in tax-increment financing law, SB 55, Mills, D-San Diego. LOS ANGELES (AP) A 35-year-old man was found guilty Tuesday of selling his 9-year-old daughter into prostitution, and a photographer was convicted of child molesting in the same case. After the jury returned its verdict, Charles James Hughes screamed at them, "I'm not guilty. Go to hell." Then he yelled at Superior Court Judge Philip M. Newman "You ain't no judge. You ought to be disbarred." Two bailiffs then tackled Hughes, handcuffed him and forcibly removed him from the courtroom. Hughes was convicted of four counts of child molestation, one count of conspiracy and one count of selling a person for immoral persons. 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