Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1916
Page 2
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, Hot Water for Sick Headaches Teffs why everyone should drink hot water with In ft before breakfast. H <••.-, JI.-.-IM which n unt ! ?>,U if !-,-,nef.--(-' in Mischievous Need strong, durable apparel. This store is particularly equipped t*> fill your requirements in everything that boys wear. SAVE THE CARTOONS, KIDS, THEY MEAN MONEY TO YOIJ S ULLIVAN V '10'MALLBT TKo S'i-oro AKodtt A w,,tj broke iiu'f!'' DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1916. A PRETTY WEDDING THEY WON FROM ERIE Mii« Mabel Jseobion Became Bride of j HJflh Schoo | Boyg p|ayed Bagkat Bj , M Otis Bull Saturday Eveninfl. j Friday Night. A very Himple Jutt pretty, wedding j several of Hie h.lRh/iwhonl hoys made ;6orurri»d at .the home of Mr. and Mrs. ,„,, ;l , M1M ,, ( . ( , m| , ,,,,,„, und wont , 0 ' -- Jnrolwrttr;,- in Union -Urwvr on ^.,-- ^ { .< y ( , vetl jn K , where they won ny evening when their dauKhter; (hi , ^.^ RimH , of = U)ts BC . aHOI , by . n 'became the bride. »f Mr. Otis i^,,,-,, of nftecn to «ix. It was the Tht' liuu«i; wa« prettily duco- j initial wiine of tho Krl» team ftnd J with autumn (lowers, and at 8:00 I"" >•"' '-'*< *•>'»•' «' »«•«*"' "•••• which tho Iji'ldi! and Kroom, wnattend- toojc their ncfon- a lnr«>' of ft'Cns and llowet-ji, which had had fve>r'l>e.<!ii playtul In thftt city, The ICrie hoys wert- unitlde to make any Held ImykrtH, but \*on their live pointH on fouls. After the game, the boys wen- taken to the K. of P. hall where n nrrn«KiHl for the occasion in on coreiiiony a .two • wan -tn-rvt'd tu HIP W'oddillk* r. wvfnty unejttH, Mr. and Mrc. J«ll were the .recipient* «f many pftutlful frlft«.' bride IK a fhu.rmirtK' youhe lady kmnvn In thlH city, havlHK at- tho. Morrlwou bl«h school. Tho in the, noil of .Mr 1 , and Mrn. Hion ICBuJI of 1'ultoii and 1« a very ,„... ttiid CHtimable youni; man. Their t/nany friends In thin vicinity unite in "' hlnjf for -thvm a bapi>y and pros- JUH future. ACCEPTS POSITION. Hurt-, of Ktwlltiir. haf arcopt- poaitlon in-fht* Wood worth print- Offlco In this t'ily. Ho bewan work hint- - th« we»«k. tt If; K, Jloyd, c; Kldd. rg; Snyder, 'lit. Itradley, ruferee. AN ENJOYABLE PARTY' Mitiot Gladys Kennedy and Vera James Were Hostesses Friday. C.ladyK Kennedy and Vera in a lowo'on party at the homo of H." W. Kuit.iutdy north of thlw city on Friday even'liiR. The hou«o had been decorated ami 'urruiiKe/1 for tho occasion, anJ ouch >,'ue»t an they arrived wa» taken into the darkened place and put through all kinds of Mul- lowe'cn 'KtuntM.'. Tho house was latnr liMhteii with jack o'ltutlerns. and jrame? und alt MortH of -priknkH were ,IaliH4*—W4irts—Ul "Th<« m»>nt» > r'n FOR THANKSGIVING ' MARRIEO SATURDAY tempting ANOTHER VICTORY School Foot Ball Team Woo From Genetco Saturday. «cnof«l : M-fifidrnt, ,«i. x, f< Vf-?'!•«! j ymt. Thr-rr ynn rr.i r ,irf To ,'ii •••••.Hiiti Inspirits nf ttif t']-injiide*» w hi' h t'-tnj'ot ' th'-'*«- HrMatU'C toxin*-- j tporiufiii i'f lirne^-ioite phosphate in it. i drank liffore !n-f'.-ikfss» for- awhile, will i not only wash !!)••>•'•"•' poison.** fr*nn \ottr ' will '(leniise, purify. «ud freshen the i entire alimetiiriry rnnat. j Afk your phntmfn'ist fiir si <iu;«rtc>r of limestone pho*philt<*. It i« (n- hWtjltesn aft. fMixrir, and rtl- Ttiowt tn*»te|«>««s. except for a sourish twinge which Is not unpleasant. f If you aren't feeling ycitir best/ if tongue Is eoateil or you wnko up with bnd taste, foul breathe or htiVf* enhls, ln<Hgei«tion, bllioii»iif,>i«t. cotiMttprttlott or sour, at Id Btomnc-Ji. begin tho phos- H'hate, hot water cure to rfd yotir system of toxin* and poisons. , JlewultH are quick tind it is claimed tlint thoHe who continue* to duffh out tlit*, sloRiHch, iivef and bowels every morning never harp any headache or know ^''miserable moment. .•Ions lunch In Keeping with tiie was fu-rvcd arid the k'li'V party iip ut a !;«tf hour, after having il an unusually delightful t-veu- FINE SOCIAL EVENING "The Gleaner*" Enjoy Hallowe'en Social Friday JEvening. Olr-nwTM," Mrf. A. K. 1'ar- H of tl»> M, 1'. Stimlny f. fu'lil :i H;il!o\v«''rn xoi |nl iit tin- of Atrx. Ini Null.oJi I.lnroln \\n\ Friday cvrnliut. Tilt- htnip' 1 w;t« nifh )iuiri|iklns, K!hi.*t». witf!i»*« and othi'r iloronUioKH In l«-i-|i- IIIK with the WUPOII ami ttic cvcniiij,' ilellKhlfitlly H|K'nt with K'I'HPH ittiil IfallowcVn Ftvint«. rn*»ntn i'on«lf«tinK of , linlivldmi! kln . jil«v»,. ilwitghiiiilsi and ciiffco W'r< % «i>rvi-d.. Tlii-ri* wi>r«- tfilrty-fhf urcs- nnt nn«l nH enjoyed n dcllKhtful cvi-u- JURY OUT ALL NIGHT Mr*. Denn Vogil Found Guilty of Slander in Leaver.! vs. Vogel Gate. Tlx> rvliti'tn'p in Iht 1 I.i>nvrn.i \n. VU'KH mini wa« lion til livforc .IndL-c Kuintfay in'. the i-ircnlt <ourt on Friday. Mr«. l^lort'iicM D. L<'uvt>ns nt Kulloti broiiKht null aciiiiiHt Mrf*. l^'iia V'«Ki-'l, . charKlitK her with Klnndor. Tho ru»»' vv«tit 'in ' the jury nhoitly hoforu two oVIui'k on l-'rldny. Not liciiiKiitde to MKi''"* 1 that i»v«>nliiK, iht« jury hold tin all nlcht Kt'fHion, not nmkiiiK thi-ir r<*- I>urtAi> tijv^i'ourt until ninr u'clock Sat- ur'tla'y. in»»rninK.. .....The. .tcrUU-t' w;m 'tn- turni'd IHidiiu; Mi*. .VoKfl Ktillty of und ordorlnif b««* to |>uy u tt-n tlullur- fine. * " - " ' -rtaif ARRJSTEFANP. FINED. Matt Stone Arretted For Drunkonnen and Fined Saturday. Matt Wttwe. a chicken iik-ker at the Iirodu»'«* luitiKo. wu» urri'stcd for drifnk the south iwri of town b*rl- dny. ovpiiliiK. He wiiH placod In the t*-am \yoti day when the*. «<.in a cnn.e from <!cn.>- seo in tliix illy by a gucnre of 13 to.e, Tin' box s are clolnif tine worfi po -fnr tiii«! venr, and will be tilde to |^n»'t' if t h»* MfirtiHon |'(-iip[f and IK-IP MiMipori tln-lr t«-am SPRAINED HIS ANKLE George Matfnitk Twi»ts Ankle While Practicing Football. While pr/icltcint; foot ball at th'-f;iir Ui'i'iindM on l-'iiduy. (it-otiie Mat/.nl, I, H.IH utifoi-tunate «.|iouuli In ."-'lip f.lll, BCIrtil inu the injuf-d member In a t-n«t nt pn *ent, and i! will ptobably b<> .--'iin'" time before he Will be able to be ba ill ;»~=mne. A NEW GARAGE. * The Morrison Telephone ciftupany at prepen't ereititn; a new tiauitrc at the rear of their iililldlnn. Th" 1 ." Itite will be "L'\,H feet when pleted and i.M beinif built "lit of !ti\x tib 1 and brick iind .will be ke.ia- utrmi'd. It will have ft concrete Hour v.ltli a pit constriii'ted beneath to make if e.i-iier whin, it 4 i« '.<• worii nnd'T the earn. There will be room-In the building- for live i ar.«. It's made the Wrtgley Way Now Three Flavors A SOCIAL DANCE. Tlh'!-.' Will 1'LL.iL.JiUidai jliUU Uic Wnoiltnan hall in White l-'jiday I'vfiiina. Nov. 3. Th will ho furniHht'd hy the MurrlMon or- MORRISON BRIEFS P diiy where -Went t« Uavunport IIP will visit for n »lmrt time »i t)iv home of his daughtfr, MTB. lockup until morning' when he a. liearliiK^mttined |7,60. SIGNAL BELL Has Been Placed at the Madison St. Railroad Crossing. A new electric bell, which will oper- ite In connection with the Northwest- Til Hignul Hysti'iu, is belilK l"lt 111 at he Miidltton «treet croHHlnir. It Is Klmflar to thorn* used at tho other 'ruMKin«n but of a littlo later design; uid will be placed upon au iron iwst nsteud of » w«x>den one. ;-.. • • NEARLY ~. 8. Owells Plans to Move Soon to New Residence. The new hoimo which is beltiK built Mrs. II. H/Wiiltc. of rrophetfitown. was iii MiiiTinon u nhort tlnu- on Saturday . while on her way to Shannon, 111., whefe she will vinlt rflattvt'H. Mis.s llttth lU-alor Bpcnt the wwk eiul '.it the, home uf her sister, Mrs. J'. W. U»oi|, in (Salt, . Mix, Nellie IJryderitK retunifd to her honu' Iti r'liu-iiKo, Saturday, iif.u-r \l^it- iiiK t'HiiUvY»"in thin i-Uy for *on«' time, Mr, and Mrn. Arthur LonsHnt-rker went to I»ixoi> Suturday. where they will \iKil n-lattVPH for n few i1ay«. I'lura Hlekpy went to Clinton Friday evenink. wTicrc #lie Ktwnt th« week end at-vthe luuiH' of her 1'iireittn. William Tucker returneil Kr.iduy from u short visit In Coilwr Knidtlx'. la. Mi*. U. It. !'rli'« spent l-'rlday with frU-ndw in Clinton. Have a package of each Always in reach fo JudKO \V. A. JIlodKftt \venf to Itock- nl on ItuslncHB Friday, » . , FHee of nnO .\fcl,eiinau returned Sunday from a few days' vUit 'jtt the hnme of their '.Mrs. Clarence* Turney, in Kenton. ..-.•'Mr. and Mrs. Willis Church, of oak Park, who are on their way home from ait auto trip through Iowa, stopped in Morrison t-'rlday and .HIK.-IU thu day with friends. .1: M. NiKhtser returned Friday from a visit of m*vcral daytf with bin daiiKh- i'r. Miah 1'earl Ni«{ht*«»r, In Oak 1'ark. J. 1*. llretz .went to SterlitiK ami «Mr«. t7url Morgeuson, of Hock Fallw, is viNltltur ut the home of .Mm. liannah waiiHon, in" this city. Curl Menklns waw a business visitor in Clinton Friday. Don't forget WRI6LEY5 every meat Pleasure Cost! ''otnrado Moon -house, sind when tlii,- repoit l« tvai 1-Yed left on Friday for Mo- vllli-, lows, where lit' will vUH ut tlu> Will Max field home for a short time.. Mr*. Alviim Knydcr and JIJH-. - ___ where they via lied over Sunday ,wjtl\ Angell, Ktneraon PvlerHon./ Kendrick Mlodgett, an.d ilinwes llideii Karidon, Theo Uiodjjctt und Uenevievc OverJiolser motored to Clinton l-"r!da,v ovenlni; where they t|»> corn carnival. C. A. Martin WUH In Cli;tton Satur-. day; where he played-clarinet with the Cllulnn band at the carnival. * . «'omradcj< John and . Andy. Ifaberer botlf ji.iy 'tribute* in ineni'«r,v" ol' Cer. Comrade I'ruul, who lately iind in Calilornia. lie joined »h.- l j o>t m l!"i» when the tortner \*,is c,>mmandei. s Tlu« Adjid.ud teporiM an <ipp«al •iihic-h ho -4eth ('com a irienil of a «*om- rude, whose ntiini* for KOIIIH reason j^. not fjii our monument. Thi,s man died perhaps In another Matf. ThiK friend of IliH l.tMKh till" UNIHl! l|lK'SllonK '\\ blell It tiiUi-H a wls»> man to answer. Tim "National Tiibunc" of \V!i>hnf:- ton, 1). C,. \vhjeh In rcciiiTiu/.ed tli. country over n:t "The Soldier's ju;er. its iiui Uiu ulfU i tb *;i.M"l Army of the i:->publii', -IM<| the tellK us MI, "anH vthat I'M- H.rilc.-. hi- aluni- IK reKpoii.Mhh*," and (It-it in tl.e position t \actl\ ot jour i orfV>Mpnnderit. and uhat ue said ut Calvary Haptist here, , < Sunday • iii-;hi chtifh. 'applie-,- Poslum . % ; ;v : . ;- Insliinf Poslum staple, Jimkhfui aod iippedzing products are obtainable right now from yofir grower at the price you have been accustomed to pay. .__.___,'Phis is ex^ptioival, and ^011 wiJI 5 no doubt, la advantage of it. By Geo; D. John. Array on Hat\-r- day night was of guod 8l;'.e, and the •amount of biiHlne.fn (jiilckiy handled. 1 ..Tl'he re|iorl« of thu Adjutant- and Quarter •<• Mauler wrr« * both approved without objection, but your eorresjton- ilpnl. for Ids report, got "Halt cVKmi- bift. 1 " "' He is chargetl mi two countH, ilie Hirst for hln nu'iuion of tho "Klnifr Hriutks" lifty ilidlar sift muiic by provision of hlw will, and tlu> other of a smaller count vthkh did nut amount t» "thlity ct'iitu," both viiHiki's made by a hlKh ullicial. i Wt» huvi* Kixty mcnilici s in 'our- Post, oiH'-J'outth Mf_uhifti were in iji«-ir ttv;\\.$ t>ulurda> ni^ni. the. ollieiti, on ut'i'ount tif diHtance. fi-i'btti ant*, ami uther r< a-* »on»,~v\<r«- ijiM thvM>~urp4<r>>oii. InTt ev- i v ry t'oiur.idi*, whfdit'i in I'hlcuKo, out "The tiling that KO« .-i the tart best Toward m,ikini4 bf>- wnHh \vhilr. TJiat-coHtN tin- IfiiM niid doeo the most; lU just til plcaiMItt Hlnile. "Thu~Siline mat "bubbles" f t'ofi»~,T hT-at t7 Thai loves ius fellow men,!, 'A'iH'diivc away tin* i loud W tilomn .Vntl ciuix the HIIII agatu, lt'« full of woith nu,I Kn,>dn<<fi£ too, With manly l^niincr>s biviit It I.s worth a million dollar*, \nd docsit't..cohi a cent;'" ^,—» Optimistic Thought, * Orunatlon U'Uil« to riiri* half of (rmihlc.s ami uiufctiU'it tlu> rt 1 - maiiub i*. f EMERSON NEWS ' Mr«. OPEN NOSTRILS! END CATAHRH l-'i i d Shultjt and fhildren are >P«*ndini^ a few-days \\ith Mi', and Mrs, Siudtx, .1, M l>iei- i^ havinu ii new lifbtinr. t'>'stem iiiNl.'lllod lu his home. U,,rk"l-'-!li-' 1 it " l(l ' U:l ' 1 • S "'" t l '' rlll:iy in f'-nni illty! '.Mi. lle'rt M.ixnaid. of O.ino. vUltmr ''Mian-li di-appi.UH Vour cloKi'.'-d-noH- rud.iy xxttli A!i.>. M.u-y itaiiey. triN \u'd opi-n. the air p'i-«;iav,es' of your Ml-', Alfnd I'elty !I;IK keen ,sicl;, but j head \vill clear and >oil i-an brcaihi*. IIou- To (Jot Helief Wheu Ht-ad V and Now are StulTtxl I'ji. 5v & *.?-f. ..: •J'4^4' S •^•'-t-.J ? -'ffi i .t> 4- s-s'-^s 4' Your rold in hrnd or .(.I",IH :i>;.iin. •l\. No mote MiiitVUmt. htiwkim;, IH dlM'hart;". drym-NM or heinl- ii (»•; i'o rtrtij-tiiiiiii: for breath at niKht, «b: :< Mtiail l.niitle of I'liyV t'ream I! tint from ,M>ur drt.uu'.b.l"and apply n, ;iittl< of tlu-i fragrant aiitiKeptif cream Iti'ed i,-. biiildinr, ,'t n> w In .: lion-e i>n ln> t'.iim and inakms ntlnr improvi'im nt". The l-'niii-iMi ,*ii-hool VV.IH c!i-«i d l'i i- I i\ to :;t\i: tin- ti.iillcl.-. a fliaiii'»> to il'i ml the ll|.(!ti|1e at l)|\i>ll. iihxil 1'itlin in \\.i- -.ii i. Mnnd.iy :>iti!!l" >'>ur lio-triH. It pciietratert I'.»il Uulnu.iii cat i led Hi.ill on IM.M j ••'.' rv air pa^--» l t«* of (he hea^l, soothing loilte .!.ind lu-allli;.; the HWolleii or lltllained .Mr- (b-iiif Jinvei.-. \\ i., .-.hoppin.: m ' miicot •ti.i..; \\eiho .-,J.,y. j . f ! ia:.l. i;,n.iy i,, \\otkliif. in the \\ir* auH ID ^t1.1 bm*',and diivinK to work. • mi nibiani', civln;,' you I'oldx and catarrh yli'ld iic. iJon't wtny Ktuffod-up -ami f. Kellef in KUre. III., tij't. 2ii, "l-'cdlow- tt»«- \\ui- in Huiope, Amerita \vill taUi- the i.-ad tn iiili-lli-<-| ual endeiisor tl v thK eoimtry Mti'reed.s in out <>| tho liMlit, bei-aiHH- the' bixt ot manhood has not been f WAGE INCREASE GRANTED. indianapiilis, Jnd., Oct. t,T» A l(f per nt w;i',ie nicrca^c has been granted *. i by the Indian.'M'niix tj|o\e company to all its etuj;lo>es. Tin* cotupaiiy em- -xt KeiM-iatio phVsli.illv UIHU f;nhei>." 1 >r I l-ix ' .si.inuhtcivd on battlolieMs. foivin.;,the! » l " y * "'""" l -"°° l*^""^' tin- n,-v Kcnc.ationa Horn i HUSBAND UEFT IN WEEK. »»i»rr .l.ud.ui of LclaV.d St.u.toiM I'Mi-' '"'"""••I'"''-. I'"' • l •'•«• 3«- Mr». A. MIMtV .1,,'d Mudcnt« ,,| Jin,,,,/., -\\.s-l '" '\'"' I " 1 ' ! - ( ' S '' « J" ««.!«• "' U XVfcii. WilH I'liiM-iMiv beiv. , xanhinj, for Jifr ntihband. • He di»' -appeared Satilltlay. I hey were inar- I'leil al'lel* a« Join teen \\eeii!-!* coillt» Thtv4. < l.>«.svtu,b .\d>b'|?ij: In.- t-i-tuins t. in I'tiih, .III. Klo) id.i or down in Te\.\s,. Tilo «i.i.'.elte, and I'M Uu > ;il\va,Vi-' l'.l> their due}-.. !iH-> lm\c a'llittit to KnoU of \Uiut \v«i jjot iitul the kindness ol IHilly Urooka, you hot. - And to other g\<nd people ontali)i*'tlu- ft»iu»> who help to pay the freight on iH'coiutton dates, they, too, womelilln.';* ought to know just how the i'u^t oii" doJlaiK Htatiti wb.en tliey uro^u ui p,iv their ji.iini)tic t.jx whU-h t»> ^peal^»•r'^. MOIIKH ;u»U the band. Your correfttHindent tmlii'i-j'tly pi j.;ui!i> on tbe Ilix count, bnt diiniii.s x\hen u i.s intimated that he trie:, lu \Vt* ujc ,iUv.i>.H corr.x \vli ( 'n \\t- r<',i<l it )i'Kt> hint.-, amj inuu* ami y when \\ e li.i'. !• H-fiiHtid the I'l'M for Itttci'll M'.ll-v, ,l(ld Vie ll.lXC ll.fil , lh;U lil.lnx kick-* nul tile Ut m^ th it i au.-ii-d tl»'M' ki>K~ XXi le, ;»h ,i |u!c, llti' 'pep' .jj' i.itr !(>(••'!.!.» "\\'11 bout tin- )-ii»' th'-j, uniihl istrarinu-iv S-inlif. ' * - »».. - Till t'l'ttll.ldi l!l|1 (.|IOM|, t'.e i'l pi-H' b'i\ ,t ill- niitiriit; Si'i:r<tix ni-:Jf i* .1 •! in i 11 lend .it-iniu« aii.'l ,i t.ii, .,(\ T.III' « 1. jj t.i'n ;< S.._M - t> ,: .'i . < ,i-,<- wl'kt^lN. 1 . lilt . .{,'1 -'IK." Wi.

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