Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1944 Personal Yorkers Spending Week In Naugatuck The Misses Vivinxi Vinci, Lucy Vi-nc1, and Mary Curclillo tuul Jnme* Marino of'Nuw York city n.rt' spending th-c week as the guests of Miss I-iiicy Moxxio a-t her homi; on Cocn street. For Hot Weather Visiting In New York City R, J. rayons and son, Robert, a Qnlnn street arc spending scvoru day:; In Nc'.v York city. Registered At Girl Scout Camp Miss Betty I-ltvrtwel! is rcglstercc /or the camp session beginning this Sunday fit Crimp Wcciuapuusct the Girl Scout camp, at Wiiterville She is the daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Robert Hartwoll of Highland nvcntic. r Return From Visit To New York City Mr. and Mrs. John Connolc of North Main street have returned from a several days' stay In New York city, whore they 'were registered at the Commodore hotel. Former Residents Are Visiting Here Mr. and Mrs. Gillette Noble and son. Hartley, of West Virginia, arc spending a vacation in Nautratuck visiting relatives. They formerly resided on .Highland avenue. Returns From St. Mary's Hospital Mrs. Helen Harvey of Highland nvciuie has returned from St. .Mary's hospital where she was a surgical patient. Farejveli Party Given J. S$ien .A farow.ell pur.ty was . given re ccntly,.iin honor of John- Stlcn, soi of Mr, and Mrs.- Anthony Sttair.-'io Fail-child street; and his coufcin Bernard .Breincr of Waterburyjifat ithc home'of Dr. and -Mrs. Hurolcl Johnson ot Waterl-own. - ' ;' J * r Both mew. will leave July 17, for •rviix: In the -U. S, Navy.- Spends Several Days At Branf ord ''. Mr. and Mrs. -Anthony Stein nnd son, Kobcrt, of Fail-child street,, have returned from Branford,where they have been, vacationing for the past several days. ''• Boy Celebrates His Sixth Birthday Raymond pinkie, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dlnlclc of North Mal-n street was given a party yesterday Ire honor of Ihi-s sixth birthday. M-any games were played and fater refreshments were served. Those present were; DouglasBos- coc, John and Timothy Hanley, Gregory Photon, Thomas Kopp a-nd Donald Saundcrs of New York cMy. Local Sailor Is Due Home Soon Simply ICharming- BOROUGH DAILY DIARY JULY 1944 • M r T r 2 J B S 6 ? 4 9 10 II II U 14 IJ 16 17 U 19 20 21 22 M 24 25.26«2> M J9 JO 31 — — Coming Events TONIGHT Local Sailor On Three Day Leave Ted Mason, 0'. S. Navy recently spent a three tiny leave, with his parents Mr. nntl Mrs. lid ward Mason of Highland avenue. Local Youth Gees To Camp Mattatuck /io'x.'1't Hjirtwell. Jr.. son of Jlr. nnd Mrs. Pwoberl Hnrtwcll of Highland avenue will leave this week /or Camp MattfUuck. Plymouth. I 12-42 PATTERN 1200 A spor-ls c-nscnible second to iono- In popularity! The t-hirt-and- horts are in one— the skirt ii eparatc arul can just be buttoned ivsr Ihc shorts to make it a smart port.s dress. Make the whole set n cool seersuckers or-chumbrays your favorite colors. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1200 s designed for aiz<x. 12. 1-1. le, IS, 0; ^10 and -12. Si/.u 1-1, shorts-arid Itirc. requires' 3 0-S yards of 39- material: skirt, 1 7-S yard.:.. Fresh inspiration for hoi'ne mowing in our new Spring AJ3C Pat- torn. Book— just off the press. Price 10 cents per copy. Order, an ABC Pattern Book wii-h a 35 cent pattern for 20 cents, plus 1 cent postage. • ' For this .attractive pat-tern, send 15 cenls, plus 1 cent for postage, in "coins with your name, addrc.-s, pattern number and sine wanted t6 Barbara Bel!. Nriugatuck Daily r\'cw», Post .Of flee Box D9, Station G, New York 19, N. Y. James Pistarclli of High street, well known former employe of the United States Rubber Co. laboratory, who now is a member of the United States Navy, is expected home soon following 'his boot training at the Sampsn Is'aval Training Station, in New York state. Taking Summer Course At Cheshire Only walled city in North America is Quebec, 'Canada. K | -Donald Narducd, son of-Mr, alid Mrs. D. N-nrducci of Ward street and David Mutchett, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Mutchcl-t of Go:-man streo: ure taking the summer course of -study at Cheshire Academy. R. I, Family On Visit To Town Mr. and Mrs. John Amoral and daughter, Rosemary, of Bristol, R. I., arc the gursts of Mrs. Delphinc Vierra of Cherry Hill, Pond Hill. • RZlO* PATTERN No. B2109 You can use these simple and charming- croa:, stitch embroideries for a lovely scarf or for a pair of colorful pillows or even, for cnd- lable doilies. Pattern envelope • contains hot- iron l.ransfci-0 . for two designs, each about S, by 8 inches; color Char!., stitch illustrations .and .full directions. Our 68-page muiticolorcd book of Needle Arts containing five free patterns, and many other suggcs- t-ions for dressing up your -home and yoursolf is now available. Send your request for this book "Vou . nrc invited* to tukn-a do- .liffhtful trip. to the tropic* with' B«y Klnhcy and his America,'* No', l Hawaiian bund, appcrulng on utaRo of the .air-conditioned State thoatcr, Hartford, todny, 8tttur<J»y and. Sunday .only. Besides Ills famed Hawaiian or- .Buy Klnney also .pre- Hcnts -his bl)f ; tropical .revue, "Hiiwallan ."Nlsrlits," featuring u company of- 00 itrtlftts . Including hi« (rlamoroiiN % Aloha Mulcls, Ilawiiiian dancers and singers; Niinl,' "I/oveIlne»s In Bhytlun"; I^clnnaln, "Hula Comedienne"; The Coral iNlundem, featuring Al 1'owerH, and 20 of the world!H most hcautlful Hula K'ri*- Severn!' nationally known huadlln- CTtt arc also In tho Khow, Includ- lri)f Eddlo White, "The SIntfInK Comedian"; Morp and Yaconolll, those 2 hilarious Mexicans, John and Eve Komtny, and others. On tho screen, "Secrets of Scotland Yard." •School Board. Meeting, Tultle HOUKC, S p. m. TOMORROW St.' HcdwlK'n Bazaar, Church Pavilion ";.-.-". «. SUNDAY Now'; At Strand (by word of mouth V and who «ub- BcqucnUy married . '"Putny Mlllir without paying her father: Bt«v«, Cleveland'« gypny JclnR; » promfMd ;$10,000. Police • .Charge Demetro with having nln*. .alluc* and a police record jmtj'wt-b\f'.- "•:",. ,•*: St. Bnxuar JULY 17 Rod Croi> Mobile Unit, Y. M. .C. A. JULY 1» Blood Bund Concert, Band, The Green Community Slectmcen, R<'Kl«tram, and Town Clerk Meeting- for New Voters Town Hull oOo JULY 84 » Paper Salvage Collection oOo JULY 35 'Wish You Were to the address listed below, en- j -HerC, He JrOpS closing .twenty conits (20u.) in coins TT» to cover the cost and mailing charges. Send 11 cents (coin) for Pattern No. R2JO!) to Naugratuck. . Daily News, Needle Arts Dcpt., P. O. Box 172, Station D, New York 3, N. Y. Please include zone number. your poital Spending-JSummer At Bantam Lake Vacation Visitor In Rhode Island Josephine Vicrrci. of Cherry Hill, Pond Hill, has just returned from Providence, R .1., -where s'ie sp.c:it tho past, two weeks on vacation. BAZAAR!! ST. HEDWIG'S CHURCH GROUNDS 2 MORE WEEK ENDS JULY 15-16 JULY 22-23 ENTERTAINMENT! PRIZES! Treasure Chest Awards With every Durchase cf $2.00. or more at the stores listed here you -will receive a key to tho Treasure Chest,—a key that may unlock a prize not only valuable, but beautiful as well. Do your .shopping at the .stores below, and take part in this novel and entertaining- contest, that may prove very profitable to you. street is with his Robert .Hair of Cliff spending the summer grandmother, Mrs. M: BrigRs, also of Cliff street, at Bantam-Lake. . Local Family Is Back From N. Y. Mu. and Mrs. Michael Sabio .and family of High street have returned from New York city where they spent the past week. Capital Center Advises 1-Aers On Regulations Up Beside Her Gary, Ind.—CUP)—Mrs. Charles Roush sat 'down at her desk write her husband—stationed to , in the Solomon Islands for two years —a letter. "Gee, I wish you were here," Mrs. . Roush wrote, and as she looked- .up from 'her- desk-—there he. was, grinning at .her. Warrant Officer Roush had written a -letter before he left the island'saying that he was.coming home, letter. but his airplane beat. the Brccn's Sport Shop 207 Church Street Chuck's Friendly Service 109 South Main Street Sweeney's Art .Store 213 Church Street Carlson Furniture Co. 175 Church Street Sodlosky's Drug Store 411 North Main 'St., Union City ' ' \ Kwasniewski Meat Market 39 School Street, Union City Zembruski Tailoring: Shop .443 North Main St., Union City FUN .! : f't. Washington CU J?)— Washinston indictees wanting- advice . about their pci-sopal problems were re- Kponsibli-; for launching- a program of Draft Aid Centers which the Office of Civilian Defense hopes will become nal.ion-wido, Msr. Verna Lin/,el. in charge of the center iliere, which ia serving ns a model for ol.hcr cities, said that the -idea of an advisory service for inclucl.oos and pending lA's' wa-s supKestcd to the district KOV-. ernment by a local newspaper, which had received many queries about allotmon-ls, infant care, and the changing draft regulalions. As a rc-sull., the con-tor, -established in February, is^now answer-, ing nearly 1,000 inquiries monthly nnd .has -been so successful that OCD Is urging ol.hcr communities to adopt, similar plans and hus furnished local defense council-s with a dccription of -the "Washington' center's operations. •Thirty cities already have opcnec centers, modeled a£tor Jhe 6n here, while still others arc for mulalimg plans to open them,'OCD laid. The most frequently asked qucs ions are about allotmenls as large numbers of fathers a f c bc'lnj, Irafted, and raen want to know how their wivo* and. children wil be provided for after they go In-Lo the service, Mrs^ Linzcl said. 'Many men, she sai.d, hav c .' ? no idea -that ths .government-provides complete maternity ; and infant care in', cases whcse the fa! l-ri- -the.- first- four ''grades .of the' service. 'Others are concerned about their parents' allotment and w.hal. be done for children which arc not Mich-.own but whom they have been supportin'g, she .said. : . Men often come in. accompankd by their wives , or children, ....ODd. sometimes the wives .come alone— and, there is a big rush of business' evory time .|.hc draft regulation .are .Chan{yea, 'Mrs, Linzel said.: She anticipates a new. set of qu'er-. ics now that men n'o longer know'' which service they arc .to enter'.-- . The center-.'here is .staffed .by ,30 volunteer intci'vlc,wcrsj including: several servicemen'-s.wiv.ea, whb,rei brief courses, in .the' .draft •emulations, . ' .. . . , The center to help men 'facing. nduction was established wil.h the u approval N of .Selective Service • Hi-" rc.ctor Lewis B.'Hershey, and has. he full co-op'or«/l.ion of the -armed,'! services, 'the 1 Red Cross,..and- oth-. .' cr' agencies. . •' . "-,' i Temperature Report Red Hermans noticed, the coolness ot the weather last night and took advantage .of it by hittinK the cotton, .springs, and feathers pretty early. The result of this effort this morning;, was a wide-awake, ready for anything Red Hermans. Red lljrures on doing: this every night except Saturdays and get rid of all sorts of-pests, \vhich bothers the oftl redhead. Midnight 72 3 a. m 08 .6 a. fn. .. .1 G!3 9 a. m SI Noon DO 1 p. m 91 Paper Salvage Collection Weather Report | Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Fa:ir weather-tonight and tomorrow with not much change in temperature. Eastport to Block Island — No small 'craft or storm warnings are being displayed. 6.000 OX STRIKE • Chicago, July 1-1—(UP)—In the Chicago Can Companies strike— War Labor Board Chairman William H. Davis has been asked by union and company leaders to take control of the situation. Six thousand workers nf the American and Continental Can Companies walked ojit yesterday. They are engaged in vital war work. There wore ing .machines 19-12. about 253,000,, milk- on U. S. farms in •About' one-half the relail stores in the U. S. are so small thai, they hire- n'o employes. Announcement! ! ! Our Fruit and Vegetable Season Will Begin Friday, July 21 Wayside Farm Market NmiCiiUick-Waterhiiry Highway JULY CLEARANCE • DRESS SHOP MAIN FLOOR Valuei to 8.98 Value* to 10.98 4-88 Values to 16.98 7.88 Includes Prints, solid colors, Jerseys, Spun Rayons in one and two piece .numbers. To .conserve-'metal,..'.coil springsl re .being made -of. .'transparent plastic materials. OPA Odd Lot ^Release Men's, Women's and Boys' SHOES No Ration Stamps Required NEARY "BUIIiDINOr 5 NAUGATUCK Helen Vln»on and I.ylc Tallrat rhcad the cunt In Monogram'!*' "Arc Thenc ;Our ParcntH," timely . film, dcullnjf with parental delinquency ' which comcN - . to the Strand thcfctcr, Walerbury, to r . . day.' Gypsy Heir-Apparent Held For Illegal Entry Cleveland (UP)—The heir-apparent to Cleveland's frypsy crown Is in jail here charged with entering the United States illegally from Canada. . . • •' is iZ-ycar^ld . ..Elic., Demctro, who was married ot the i nge.or 12, divorced four •years.later Here's « finish that won't scuff ofl -and widuundt hud wear well as exposure to weather. as DaCett CANS, Inc, MAPLE STREET IS HERE| at the Metropolitan Single STUDIO COUCH Complete with: 3. Pillows' Ideal for your living room or den. A benntil'nl divnn by dny, comfortable single bed by night, witli coil spri7i« base. Choice of rose.or blue tapestry. $5950 Open A - " Metropolitan Account DECORATOR BEDS (Twin Size Only) Maple Headboard BED Maple Headboard box-spring on leg» Bed . . . Twin size •with comfortable felt mattress, only. "59 50 Antique White nnd Gold Headboard . . Upholstered with quilted satin. Twin size only .. . OPEN ALL DAY THURSDAY TILL 0 P. M. METROPOLITAN INC. 27 CENTER STREET , Water bury's Oldest Furniture Store FROM YOUR FAVORITE-PRINTS Have Extra Ones .Made For Your Friends In The '. Service. They're Not . Expensive C up PHOTO FINISHING You'll like the way we do them in album styleV Bring Yours Here •;•-.-; - .'' ".. : " V ; ; ; TOUR KODAK DEALER STATIONERY?

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