Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 13, 1968
Page 2
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SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. ond 4 0.m, Calendar o! Events WW (Ml) ST Wt fnntK »r Ofhit Hope Soldier Decorated •.'TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 ' :;;'f he Faith Sunday School of the First " WJ " bridge, pitch, Tripoli, etc, will be played. Host couples wilt be Mr. and Mrs,! Dick Meofe, H. C. Whitwof th, and Brack Scnenek, CLUB MfiEfS W A Mrs* W* A« hef as AH mem* the ers included two club t^« 4 ->.* «i*t *^ Mrs. F, R. Moses afld Mrs, W, A. bets and assoeltte members art Mudgett urged to b* present. M th ^ conc j us i oB O f play, high scorers were Mrs. Mudgett and Mrs. C. C. Lewis. A dessert r WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 The John Cain Chapter, DAR, wHl meet at the Heritage House •'•Wednesday, February 14. The ^program will begin promptly at 12- noon, followed by a luncheon. Hostesses: Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, : *Mrs, Floyd Monzingo, MJS. L. ; 'Ki"Persons, and Mrs. Robert La- "tffone. » -» ••• *•- t * ,m,: . t :n There will be a benefit bas« .ketbati game for the March of •Blmes at Jones Field House, Wed* nesday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. There will be two games* The flrst game will be the Jaycees and the Kf* wants Club. The second game will be Perry's Truck Stop and Tj$e Coaching Staff of Hope High. Ajj proceeds will go to the March plate and coffee were served for refreshments. VALENTINE DANCE AT COUNTRY CLUB A Valentine Dance at the Hope Country Club on Saturday, February 10 had many kinds of appropriate decorations in the enter* talnment area made and taste fully arranged by Mrs. Bill Hairr. Red and silver were the colors and (wo daughters, Little Rock, art! Miss Ruth Atkins, Hot Springs, spent (he weekend with W. s, Alkifts and other relatives. HELEN HELP US! by H*f*n Botui In on« w«y 14*feRf^otd » fun. TC-Uttt ASKEti F6K ttl This Column is tot young Mrs, Bob Snaddoxvisited Mr, **°P Ie » !J*! f *£***** *"*>!«* awl M*>* CHffairf Frank* FH. S(tfes t 'heir troubles and ana mrs. viuiora rranxs rn* ».. „,,«, «t- •»-* -»/ ii^f.M if«t*i *. SEISMS SBSSSSS lege Hill Junior High School In W M«Hous «i»«t(oa with * Texarkana, was attending the Na< at our fcws* eonsfanliy. titfn food, using can'* n*r« hold He's ftpflrit and realistic goats* J ' ftftofMf, «mf ifti insists she is* trtpiftf ikfMf 'ffi : w* seen SAflN «t & ft handle, * H* TWs column h (0 a Job, la Just « htsfi, too* «1» ._ f w , ... . *« long its sh* KM iroabit "r ]a$t plain' can hold her fin, U mwtts *n« let Helen help YOU, She will atse cwi hold net Ikptof, But* H6!$K* welcome your own atnusifif W» she can't even lift herntidsomt ptrlenees, Address H«!ea BMttl mofnlngs, she's so sick* Ho* to ear* of The Helen JVcwt C &^Tot MOtHER ^WNSHER Mftnaf «**«•»!*«.» B*!*,.!**!.. S«»d JTOOr {(ftWH* ttt»»IIOft*tO tlonai secondary Principals vntrru A«vrn rnt) H> ****nt - • Meeting in Atlantic City, N.J. JJJJJ H *f f£,?£!?'!"L°/ imMJHo«|»f will «ht hut? fei*. Help USl this n«wsw*r, t Jove her and wantto help,** Copyright, 1966, King r«. eause I remember how she «s«d | uf « s syndicate, toe. to be ami know she could be thflf way flpln. But *hatcanidowhen she says professional help, or A,A,, Is "tor drunks?" - MJC, De«r Ms An alcoholic can't be helped fore she gets In her housecoat, mm m "< lroils *** ™«** «• and from there H never stops. Often she won't even eat tne dln« a see ti*flf Helen! Mrs. John Qrlffln, Columbus, ami g v<jr sln)5<J {he d|wc0| my Mr, and Mrs. Crelghton Me- ^^ hfts ^en pQ Urm g tjo^n Dowell< liquor When she comes home - ... «.,,,,,, from work she fixes fl drink be- Sue Smiley, St. Louts, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R, E. Smiley. MAJ. WILLIAM D. THOMASON AND COL, JIM H. McCOY COLLEGE STATION-Army used on the table where dips V Maj, wnnam D. Thomason, left, chips, other assorted snacks, and a reC ent addition to the military cold drinks were served. Dancing Sc i en ce staff at Texas A A M, was enjoyed by some 30 couples, has been awarded the Bronze Star Hosts were Mr. and Mrs.: Medal. Chris Petre, Bob Kellatn. John Graves, and .. •gThe Brookwood P.T.A. meets Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 3:30 p.m. Ntts, Elmer Brown will be in cffiurge of the program. The Lilac Garden Club will meet Wed., Feb. 14 at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Guy Downing with Mrs. Harold Hendrix as co-hostess. SHOVER SPRINGS HD CLUB MEETS Stain removal from clothing was the chief concern of the Shover Springs Extension Homemakers Club when members gathered at the home of Mrs. Wilton Mullins on Friday, Februar) 9. After Mrs, Gene Dillard had presented the eye-opener, the hostess led the lesson discussion, "Away With Stains." When the secretary, Mrs. Barrell Dillon, called the roll, 11 members answered with "The most difficult stains I have tried to remove." Mrs. Clarence Johnson was welcomed as a new mem- The officer was cited for meritorious service as senior advisor WIN AT BRIDGE Experts Make 'Impossibles' By Oswald and James Jacoby The Garland School PTA will have their regular Founders Day Program Wednesday, February 14 at 3:15 in the school auditorium. The Executive Board will meet at 2:45. Mrs. C. M. Owens of Texarkana will be the guest speaker. Mrs. Owens Is the 6th ber ° f . th * clu °Vice-president of the Home Ser- Club "'i* 1061 "' vice Dept. of the Ark. Congress of Parents - Teachers Association. Mrs. Owens has spoken to various PTA groups. This promises to be a very interesting program. All parents are urged to attend. There will be a call meeting of the Hope Junior Auxiliary Mrs. Clifton East, was In charge of the business meeting, when it was decided to change the meeting day for the club to Thursday. Buy- Ing birthday gifts for the residents of a local nursing home during the month of March will be a project of the club, members decided. "Youth" and "Birth Defects" a. m. at Commerce the Chamber office. Wednesday, Febraury 14, at 9:30 were leader reports given by of Mrs. Homer Poindexter and Mrs. Clifton East, respectively. Mrs. >•••• Poindexter,, club vice-president, '"'" also""rsad"'"'a p^oem, "Dresscis- sional." During the social hour, Mrs. NORTH *K105 V 8 4 • A J 10863 *KQ 13 WEST 49873 EAST 4QJ62 V65 • KQ5 4J976 (D) • 92 410532 SOUTH 4kA4 V A K Q J 10 3 * 74 4 A84 Neither vulnerable West North East South Pass 2 * Pass Pass 4 N. T. Pass Pass 5N.T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* 9 54 7V to a Vietnamese army battalion. The medal was presented by Col. Jim H. McCoy, A 4 M com* mandant, at right. Major Thomason was assigned as assistant professor of military science at the university following his Vietnam tour. He served with the Arm Military Advisory Command and as HI Corps assistant operations officer at Blen Hoa. He was also with the 12th Cavalry in Korea and 34th Infantry In Germany, A 1959 Henderson State College graduate, the major instructs in the Military Science Department basic section. He was comtssioned at the Arkansas college, is a member of Theta Alpha Phi and Phi Lambda Chi and also wears the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. t* . .t „, „ , .... nor I fix tor her. Mr. andI Mrs. Elmer Neighbors , (50,^^ ^ m * sh e has went to Marsha 1, Tex., over the tftkfin to nkln dr1nksb6 , wce n weekend returning to "— *•• - -••- • day night. ., over Hope Sun drinks. She has hidden bottles everywhere, and , when they go Hope empty sooner than she thinks they should, she accuses me of guttling her booze. I wouldn't Mr. Cecil Bumpurs of and Dr. Surest Prasad of Nashville and Raymond Reeves of . r _ Nashville left Saturday morning touch M* miserable stuff after foe Charles City, Iowa for a watching what It has done toner, week's training, All are connected with the Mountaire Com- She Is seeing a guy who Is Against Using Television and Radio By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer -NEW YORK (AP) - Bob Hope Is a One entertainer. The USO is an organization worthy of a benefit performance. The new Madison Square Garden is an impressive auditorium. The combination, however, did not Thomason, 31, resides at 3808 add up to a very happy hour for THURSDAY, FEBRAURY iV' Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will have a regular meeting in the Masonic Hall at A reading •, of Victor "The Immortals" 'will show that these players' favorite hands are likely to be ones Tanglewood with his wife Bernadette and two children, Karl 3 and Charlotte 2. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Thomason of 1820 S. Main, Hope, Ark. Jehovah's Witnesses Plan Meet A spokesman for the Hope Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses announced today that plans to which Mrs. Bob Diliard won. cult convention to be held here In Hope, March 1 through 3, 1968. The three day convention will fact that there is no play for bring thirteen congregations and .i& mv , . r j^ dlrected a me .that they make In spite of the 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February JJf" ^okies and cold drinks the hand a & ainst correct de " three isolated groups to the dty Laxe, coowes, ana coia annKs , onca from M southwest Arkansas. 15. The Senior Citizens Club, formerly known as the Golden Age Club, will have its potluck dinner Thursday, February 15 at the Youth Center. Serving will begin at 12 noon. All members are urged to attend. The Rocky Mound Homemaker's Club will meet In the home of Mrs. Clifford Messer on Thursday, F'ebruary 15 at 2 p.m. All members are urged to be present for the lesson, "Away With Stains." SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17 A potluck and card entertainment will be held at the Hope Xfountry Club Saturday, February 17 at 7 p.m. After supper, were served to members, aguest, Mrs. Ethel Reece, and 3 children. Surprise Was Tee Thorough SALT LAKE CITY (AP) The two masked thugs who held up Chuck McKenzle, 20, early Sunday did too thorough a job of surprising him. McKeneie arrived at a bank to make t night deposit of $1,700 from the restaurant he manages when two men ordered him to hand over the money. The startled McKenzle threw up his hands. The money sack which he had been holding kept going up. It landed on the bank roof. Local ministers will be serving In some of the 23 different assembly departments designed to function for the comfort and ministry advancement of all visiting delegates. Eugene Siuster, overseer of the local congregation, will serve as assistant assembly servant during the convention. He will als9 act as chairman for the public talk on Sunday afternoon. Terrorists Rounded Up TEL AVIV (AP) - Military sources reported that 74 Arabs suspected of being members of the El Fatah ring of saboteurs mode o'dciy We have a Lovely Selection 01 DRESSES - BLOUSES SWEATERS - LINGERIE And Just All Kinds Of moe o'day * CORNER OF SECOND ANP MAIN in a massive raid on the casbah at fense. Here we see Jean Besse, the leading Swiss player, in action. Perhaps his seven heart bid was optimistic, but we are inclined to blame North for Blackwooding away for no real reason. Anyway, Jean found himself in seven, and after the nine of spades lead he saw little chance to make his contract. He knew that West's lead marked East with both queen and jack. They might be doubleton, or there might be some complicated squeeze if East held all the high diamonds and the spade honors. There was no harm in trying. He rose with dummy's king of spades, cashed the king and queen of clubs and proceeded to run off all his trumps and the club ace as rapidly as possible. When he got down to playing the club ace, dummy held the ace-jack of diamonds and ten-five of spades. West, holding on to the eight-seven of spades and nine-deuce of dia- the rajd Monday monds, saw no reason to keep " that deuce of diamonds. East saw plenty of reason why West should have hung on to that card. Jean discarded the jack of diamonds from dummy, and poor East was caught in a criss-cross squeeze. A spade discard would allow Jean to cash his ace of spades and set up dummy's 10; a diamond discard would allow him to cash dummy's ace of diamonds and set up his seven spot. Jean Besse is pretty proud of this hand, but he points out that his partner got him to seven on the very next hand and this time there was no miracle. He went down one. (nttrpriic Aim.) «l .error,* »e re roundup %%%» r?S £££S television viewers tuned to NBC. The problem, quite simply, was one of size and shape. Hope, with Blng Crosby and Pearl Bailey, performed on an enormous bare platform In the center of the vast place. While the microphones functioned sat* Isfactorily, the visual part left much to bo desired. Hope and friends were before the cameras during the benefit Sunday night. The tape was edited to be broadcast less than 24 hours later. It was pretty ragged. The comedian walked onto the stage with a lot of jokes about the city's strike of sanitation workers—which to New York were like Hope's smog jokes when he is in Los Angeles and his Gi jokes when he is In Vietnam— more amusing to the folks on the scene than In other parts of the nation. Blng Crosby and Hope predictably Insulted each other with good hum'jr-and some of the time their printed cue cards were highly visible to the TV audience. Barbara Eden and some chorus boys had a song and dance number that was pretty difficult to handle-Miss Eden had to change costume In front of the audience since there was no place to hide. Most awkward of all was the fact that all performers, trying to reach the live audience seated around them, circled the platform long leashes. Much of the time theSSSmve? ^^ tenk °' thelr ""*" Ware t0 the camer The raiders discovered two caches of arms. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and tho army chief of staff, Ma], Gen, Haim Bar-Lev, toured the area during as. The show concluded with a long and unfunny boxing match between Rocky Marciano and Hope— it never came off at all. Immediately following that __ _ _ special, Andy Williams popped Youth Charged onto the BC screen presiding IM S!MW!MM over an awar( Js ceremony—the •ii 9iayifig Golden Globes of the Hollywood HAMBURG, Ark. (AP) - Foreign Press Association- Roger Chavis, 19, of Fountain from the grand ballroom of a Hill (Ashley County) was West Coast hotel, The facilities, charged Monday In connection while far from perfect, were a with the slaying Saturday of little better for television. 19, also of There were a large number of awards, and while handled In Leonard Her lee, Fountain Hill. DENTINE) 13 Q—The bidding has been: YVe»t North East South 1 A Pass 1 t Pass 2 A Pass 3 f Pass You. South, hold: What do you do now'.' ;\— 3id three »pade». Jhi» $hovy» Ibat you have a five-card TQJUV'S Your partner gats to thret- iiu-tiunip. What do you do Clow' 1 SWEETHEART NIGHT AT THE SAEN6ER TONITE * WEDNESDAY 6QUPU 1.50 - STAS ,80 PAUL NEWMAN • JOANNE WOODWARD THELMA R!TTE« - mVRJCf CHMIW IN "A NEW KINO OF LOVE " IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE- TIME TO TAKE A NEW KIND OF LOVE TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) ~ The use of strategic nuclear weapons in Vietnam would be lunacy, Alf M. Landon said Sunday night. The former Kansas governor and 1930 Republican presidential candidate s«ld at a Youth Week dinner that "Even If we could win over communism In Vietnam, we could stilt lose the war on our dollar, and then communism would still victorious." "We are attempting to police the whole world at enormous financial cost and are not adequately mooting the demands of the times for a viable economic and social structure with decent respect for the law and order In America," he said. emerge tho classic manner of the Oscars, it went rather fast. Since most of the fun for tho audience In an awards show is looking at the celebrities, It was a little disappointing that few of the P" 1 on. winners were present to pick up Th«t time may be sooner limn you think -»drunks protest loudest just before they break down. Next time your mother Is "too sick to hold her head up," take her to ft doctor, and don't pull punches when telling him tho facts. Mflyfo* he can make her face them! - H. Dear Helen: My mother Is Impossible, I'm almost 15, but she won't let me car-date. She's got lo meet all the boys that ask me out and know just where I'm going. Can you Imagine saying, "Come In, my folks want to Inspect you?" She's always telling mo what to do and don't, rm old enough not to have a nursemaid. All my friends say I'm very grown-up andlookabout 18. If I'm "Immature," like my mother says, then what IS "mft. turlty?" - BUGGED, BOSSED AND BURNING Dear B.B. and B.s Being "grown-up" Isn't merely "looking 18," chum. You're mature If you; 1. Know your limitations and work to eliminate them. Likewise know your good qualities and work to make them better. 2. See the other person's side of It. 3. Face your mistakes squarely without pulling woak excuse or shifting blame. 4, Don't hide behind sulks or self-pity. 5, Usually keep your cool and your temper. 6, Can accept a "NO" from abovo without argument. By "BILL" If a man tsn't interested in the latent mcdelsof the new cars, He has jmi about had U ,,. U Is natural as a woman wanting that wall-to-wall stuff.«« But one thing «P particularly noticed in the publicity pictures of the ftuto shows was . , , the cute girls In tho mini-skirts they had on hand to attract the dealers to the convention. You cannot get away from it, men will ALWAYS look «t ft pretty girl first, no matter what other Interests they may have. Just proves they are normal. And that brings us right back to the pod old Rftley's Style Shoppol We cnn roroembor when an inexpensive dress looked Inexpensive. Dyes were drab simply because It cost too much to create new colors. Science and research has turned this tide* Exponsiyg dyes which only the rich could afford and which were a rank symbol are now produced Inexpensively that any working girl can took like she was born to tho purplel For Instance take Parklaud's smart l!ttl« shift dresses. Gay and bright as tho Dallas weather (that's where they come from) . . .simple and uncluttered, slimming, the perfect pick-up for WintoNnto-Sprlng and so priced that you can have several, $18.00 to $23,00. Don't forget, you have two more weeks to buy cottons at a $2.00 reduction, Buy your cottons early and use our Uy- away— For the woman wlio wears a half-jflze or the petite, we have 7. Aren't put-offy, or easily a counter-part Un«. They are made along tho same Unas, but • most of the--awards were for motion pictures and theater performances, the association members chose "Mission Impossible" as the most popular TV show of the year. Martin Landau of "Mission Impossible" and Carol Burnett were picked the most popular male and female stars of tho medium. Recommended tonight: "My Father and My Mother," CBS, 9:30-11 EST, original drama by Robert Crean, with Ralph Bellamy and Jane Wyatt. 8. "Think ahead" to head off hoy * lv !L 1 b " more , hl P* r « om Jroublp.tetorqJt starts,, tor tho * rl wto needs "• J6is ' 9.'Shoulder"your"fair share w* fiey > acclate, of everything from work to re- l.i ooSd'Sflo' 111 ' 1 PI> ' C8d * prlmands. 118.00 and $23.00. 10. Stand up for your teller* w ° lirlns ^ T6 ls Bllve wlth color ' even against that tired old re- Wo lnvlte fraln, '"'But everybody does It." ?™7 (And bo sure those beliefs make good sense!) 11. Recognize the good in others, even parents. 12. Budget your time wisely, and understand that success Is EARNED. 13. Can turn jealousy Into cheerful competition. H. Work toward worthwhile you to s«e each and lino we carry from the to the most expensive. They are all exclusive with us In Hopo at CHOCOLATES The perfect way to say "I love you"—a beautiful Pangburn's Valentine Heart packed with Milk-and-Hpney Chocolates Your sweetheart will appreciate your good taste in choosing Pangburn's . America's best selling Valentine Hearts. VILLAGE REXALL PHARMACY Hop-; Village Shopping Cenfvr WARD & SON DRUG CO. 124 East Second St. "Courtesy, Quility, Service"

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