Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 6
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STERLING DAIOT GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS, MOUSE Or FEATURES GRAND TODAY Viola Dana IN . > **The Flower of No Man's Land" VAUDETTE TONIGHT—GREAT VAUDEVILLE A !-.. :*e.- Musty Suffer comedy id "StriMMknT*": K.-ith!> a." •.iw-f, 1:30 . IX—~ *4W. st».."i:tl, K;i:i)!vn Wll- M>m;-ti u- tn !< rcp|<-. nnd 3; 4.*.. nil:!;!, «:4.', O. R. THOMAS l{--v. ?.'. ft. Th«mn<:, prtvtnr far rniny 3 %•<•!•;»! of hi? off) p.-irt^Mopf-r* n -, :sif i-*-? !>!'!;*'•'. 1 h Y. Mr T*K>*^ •'• •-• ^-. "*^> r =*"-«-f! -'l :i ' t! .'I ftf : w!; IS VERY SICK. rorttr'M't'*r. }s>*i -it <!'•- fi > ELt K!i Hr--s t!ie il !'!-e-;)i;ir>>? <1ov n, ?!- h.i; ™ f'.I' yollH- t :•!)«-. !>;i! foj t'lf pri«t tWo ••<li"V )i>'- h;r.<3 (fen iTroWtTK: \ror»<«. Mr, iv afff". rio>!ii7 f>nt "trentr -TV** l-f-tt':r to- r~ IN MEMOR1AM--REV, THEODORE CHOWL SATURDAY. OCT. 28, I9ta A CADEMY OF MUSIp Wednesday, November 1 V^ ONE NIGHT ONLY The Biggest Farce Success of tbe World A Pair of Queens Direct from the Cort Theatre, Chicago, where it fan for six^months The Funniest Play Ever Produced With a cast and scenic c<jni])tTM j n(. identical in ijualily wjtli tlu; Chicago prodiu'tion. Prices - - - $1.00,75c, 50c and 35c Seats now selling at the Sterling Pharmacy" >RETURN FROM WYANET. ... .H<->_. rind-.. \$ra ; $Y.UlJafH- -I'1-Bknsv. **»- itit-wd .borne hi>M evening from n week's t ; t»!( tn U'yjuH'i r»nd vicinity, where they hrt\f> sjM*nt 16 yenr* ifi tit*- minifstTy, Mtid iliinns th«'ir \ifclt KPV Pinkne.y- JiKj'iFte'cl in the fjunrtHH • meet- in^' service. SCHOOL WAS CLOSED. Thf \Vtifulstde }»< h<Mil was closed thin week •-«int-e_ Mo»ii|f»y, . mnny. fearlne. thf it one '«f thf pupils who .ivn.o »li k mfffht he iifTlHtr'd with infantile p.'inrlyjdK l?ut th« ivas unfounded siml it In expf*» tn<t the .school will opeh HKaln .Monday." APPENDICITIS CASES, Mrs, Harriet Kctiumnn, who wn«« operated on Monday :it thf* hospital fur appendicitis N reported to UP Raining nlcfly. On Thursday .Anna txirdf. of Morriwon. underwent an operation at Ihc hu.«pitnl for appendicitis. SPRAINS HER ANKLE; Mr«. Iffiiry Cramer hml thr> mfsfni*. tune to. step in ft holo In her yard Friday, whteii fruited irr MjmilninK her ankle cjiiNc badly, UTTL€ LOCALS Ituf-;*, Htovr* and ranees, nt Woo tin.* Pnul llopplfp returned Jnst night from n business trip to Chicago, J*upt. CollitiM rind wife of the County Hume, were Sterling visitors Friday, in;i t*. of thru iv -rrrtrr -------- }-r ity ."in*} f-' of" !• J,v his \-,,,----f, ;.«*•• r^iln'-.F ':.-••*• - of »!:'" *"tr::- • TVf,-VYTf"T <T^-;,T; ,,,, r ,,. fr ,,!,.,• -,. 7T' P;K ifi< , an«T thft pTfr.'it to jif>_i i fi-i]-f\ f>r. Xlpht '••!«-«••» f.ili IK.* more .Vor w«.;»rv n, r'ltn -out «'h 5*0 fi^v ^(';»f?i ?}r*^r. J'.l^SfMf *• j? C-r*n*? t«'ft • OHT nimdfy t-i*y f* i-.'in ha'>Hv !icli"'-f his c»'?!*-roi! no !'>n!;' t ' i-'-niridiit'-"' to i.tir nf-KK. \Vc «<"» him ;u the hvth li'iard, \vhi i fr> In 1 t»ok RO n;s>" !i ut** in th*> Intfrpftf of tni*- »'<H WP rru-f-t him »n th" *'rr«'t. w! wns n!wav« rcaily with "\"r <".-irn<*- front nn rnrly r-K^illf* to .'!««JKt !!t thf ,f f-rr. ./«- ft !«• |»U' i! fff-*'i. thy Ihi-ir wnh him in the social < lr< K- ns he wont to thf jnv of *h«- \«-P t\f:ir him in the V'tU»if n« ?>o. the InvitinK mrwwffe of etrrn.'tl ?stt« dli! I LYRIC CAUGHT BY SHERIFF. Vcrtton .lon»*» nnd Charh-H Italmny, of t'*tt«wn. \ji ominty, were iippre "ROCK FALLS TONIGHT "THE GIRL WHO DIDN'T TELL" Featuring (the famou» screen itar, Violet Merterian. M Also a strong comedy, v "Father Got in Wrong." AT THE LYRIC SUNDAY. A strong 5-reel feature, "TEMPTATION OF MAN" A etery of the great "White/W*v Matinee, at 2:30-3:30—Night ^ - J jr m^n* , "Whit*/W*y." ! ^ight ^iOQ.&ISj '^-, DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 9 to 10 P.-M, * For private 'tonaona' call H. H. KELLEY, Bell phone 430R ! liendrd hy *pr>cinl deputy sheriff, Hob- j ^rt J.'lirt,- of Ottawa, for" a violation of j ••« T cTuuiL_.l.Ji:ejLtx-i:tidii r _D£^..lliii.-_L'ifjli mnl jf.atne art, which rein t ex to ti'i-f*pn>>«- ; Inn. They w«-re brought before. JUK- i lice 'of the .peace lieoixe T. Koenlnn 'of the same city and were each Kiven | a line of five doMnrn nnd contu, an,i'Minl- [ II«K to }!».::», which w« re paid. The men pleaded utility !<•> thf charge. The report of the- arrest and line reached«' and Fli-h W.ardcn H. C. Turner vc*-ti-rd.i^ at St>M'llttK. \ i- --ml ^ END OF HONEYMOON. |)r. lli',nrv ^chmltv. and btlde passed ihroiiKli Sterling Friday on their way to their future home In ,\J«.rMha,Htown, Iowa. They were married in Sterling t»ct. J», and have been <iti a honeymoon Hall.' Mrx. W.W (ialt w«-nt lo Ho. k I«lantl Thursday for a few ilny«' vi*<it. MIKK Kmmii HnKMoh wcni in Clinton Krlil'ty for t\ \v<-k end vifit. Mi'.H, Wnyne .Jtihimoji, of New H<Hlford •rjirnr• ThntTtlny here with friends. Dr. ICskey went to .Prophetstown Friday on biiNineMH. William' !'e:ifHol>. of Tampico, *<pent Friday here. MinM I>onn firotlcnchcn IN recoverlns nicely from her lllne«*<. Chicken tuipper a( Sterling Club, lo o'riock • -tonight.*" .Select oysftiTH in bulk. City Meat He trif-il meh art. rcjifo lav. Allured to brlphtrr world?, and led tfie way. A more KftiLii r»i!>ir» v nr\ rr appeared ornoiiir u?. We nri" reminded o'f ..fames Hamilton. wt;oj«e "L!f" in KoniPiU" wnn lincf popular in osir Hsus- i.lay Hf'hool lit»rftri*'«. Wh<>!^ in t/"n- don we noticed on "thf tvalb? "f ?h*" ( THE CHURCHES ) • fN>fir fjiitJifoi di-so on«i wrre await- st'.K tt<»--ir i<* 1 ' ?!<1 '' i" 'bo • hetter laud: S. r O id-Jin i: ;s. .». K Chfftcr. l^r. O>«r- di'M, i*. ,\. ^"I'llu-rJw'c. l'r«'shy(<T uin, of saiuV'd «t 'I?-! VniHsrn* of -thf ' nine ;tini Smith of th« Mcthi«tl«t. : (Jrnnlhuf* «»f ih" KpfJ<copnl, Mrtpon nnd l*iprv«* of thf- |t.iptist. Hmfill and ito\y Thf-y w»^rr« lo«, fty nnd |i|pns:int in tlyir !i*»-«*, ittt'l-fn thfir dfflths they an 1 not FINE ATTENDANCE ;o OIK-.) FOURTH STREET METHODIST icetor, Klnn-f K. Hit"; r>!K:i!iisf. \| '•«le, lU-it«»ini!er: Scinliv «.-h<>o! s Or, Wntfpr J'r.lm Sunday .« hfol "nt !»:30 n. m 3H \. of the, .«fhool la*«t • Siil)<!av thr t* 'or.tinfied ftoni i ... , _^_ _.._;. |t.r::t«i--iiv. („ \V.. ; Ah, i Ar th.-" ,-.->., l*f.\on. A i,rk |-':il|v; Mr <-vill»-; Noiniti -t MIH.IS. I,. A )!>>*••. Ssipl. \V. Session. Will the Next Drop iti Tem* perattire Find You Cold s Coaled? «?Vi." (HH* t!it!li: '! I' 1 !! wji-i? i> Mipi'h «'f p- r-Uy cole <.'riT;uiV~-;m«i rtliii on!v n j 'hat i- tluif '-«> l;?k" nr-'<-. <>nlv_ never can «r LEADER COAL trBURNS CLEAN Just Step to Either Phone and Call People's Ice and Coal Co. AMUSEMENTS J ' ( * t . f i • » t f. !!..,., * • * The. (,.!!,,% • howti ,u t:i« !:!•. fi'At «''i VAUDET.TE "A PAIR OF QUEENS." • Moll. itoth tit* '""•! I'r.i'-n t;h-o c : U U rttxl tin- North l»i\o ti tinai j •,,-.),, M) ] o,-«-lif«tr.-i ri'-nd«'ri*d miimc' Mi*. W. 'K. ..Shuck IM .nick and unable to be at hi* w-'rk at ' ir» Shoe Store, |f NEWS IN BRIEF J <-** f *- - -...-. - • . . ...... :. -.-... • ...-.J REV. WILL IS PLEASED. The O«»t«tto \\-Att plriuicd to followSnsr Jinps froni llrv. Will, former ««!<i»tiint i«a»t«>r of ', tlm-Pburth street At, R churclv.who i"tiow haw un appointment of hl« uwn " Rt Torkvlllf. 111.: , *T practically prnthiHoi) to let you " know about my appointment after "my &"' departure from tStt>rllttK. lnt«n«««nnd r»rt of the time they have been »u, whern they hiive r*»hi lives, ti (ho homo of her mother. Mrs Win. itmirk Tho doctor Is Sterling -iHiy with a «ood prHftlfo In MitrMhalltown. Tkn-y arf making their trip b.V'Hiiio. They were ut the home relative* for dinner Friday ^n Ht«-r- , lvaviir« later on tho trip oome. LABORERS ARE SCARCE. ThoH«» who employ common laborerH ro haviiiK liard work to Hccurv Httffi- clent help, Tlj«»y arc ofTeririK twenty- ovt> rvntsi «n flour, but tiiey full to many .«t tlml ^. A man i-amo to SterliliR n few dayn nito to do Home w«,»rk t.hat reiinlred laborers. It j~nctivlty on a now Jicld oi, ' ! ~*jUUior IM the only excuse 1 have for •— delay In writing. Am greatly with, my «ppointm»»nt to. the church of Yorkvillc. The about tifty~mllcM from Chichi- and alxtut nineteen nnlf>n from irm, bcawtlfully »ltu«t«l «h the river. The tone of the town to- ,w(lh the nplcndid wconery It an Ideal place to, live. Hnve Jnost ro.ynlly rccolycd, Yorkviilo •'-* In a county neat. \Vo have ono pJiper. Ivf The Kendall County Kw-ord," wliicli f, i -; |»" putiliMhiM weekly. Kxtend to my friends nnd arquulntaw^s tit gr«cting« and kltidost rc- sards A< PRETTY BUNGALOW Al CJraham i» jn«l' 'iinl>>hliiK a l»r«'tty jf ibungalow, »W t tJm«« for l)0u»e. lle> 1» <'»!'« ham looked for for. » hriiidKotne of u bu1ld»?r took nearly two dayx to necurc tho ro- i|UiHiti k numlii-r of men for hl« work. It has l>t»««n years nince Inhororn have fiocn MO Hcarcf. Theme doiiiK contrncf work are e*perleucinij"conaldcrahlc difficulty in KettttiK men. RETURNS HOME MONDAY. MI-K. C. I* Mich., who ••r, Mrs. l)<»ty. in thlw citj. and her daughter, Mrs. Kd. Clfltlnor. In Hock K«lln, for the putit wfck or two, will «t«rt for her home ii"xt Monclny. The lady uud her lllihli.'ind were r*'i«ideiitf< in the east end of Whitexido county for rt, Rrent many yc*arK iind only Went •north a few yearn njj<». Tliey report fair Krain crops and a jjood crop of .Mr«. \V. .1, Hell went to Chicago l-'ti- d:»y for u few days' visit, Jf. (iri-htmr :ipcnt. l-Vlilay in ChlcitKo Wanted- Men to work in factory, In- niro olltc'C National AlfK*''o" yVtr«. Harold Ward ha» K«>n* v to Free- purl for a vis-It over Sinulay with friendw. Hand dance In Woodman Hall, Uock Falltt, Saturday. October isih.* Jimcplr Ijixio has returiu-d from, n two weeks*' visit- in Buffalo und other citicK In New York. / _^^^^^ Mr*i. W, T. Ualt' and daughter. June, have K"iH' to Uock Island to visit over Sunday with Mrs, J. It. Brtjwtt. Hallowe'en dnnclntr party- in the' Woodmiin hull of Sterling Monday, October 3'J, Public invited.' • -•••••• ••••••• i *-?up i>i in- i>»\s anil Kins ;i "J r lllj,7' h .rT, V "" : " ! '»«l "»" «'»-v"> «'!"»,.!« I-, .-itor.. .Tlui ..i *tw4!»>-ii «••!-».-,-, .-»^.-.---.- T~•,--nt—-—i --.- ~, : -.-—': 1'1,-tVs ruc.'tinif a! Vii'(» at T:"0. i>f n (5r«\tt Ti'j<i." opli^ «>ri«hf, otiii aiitt Hpirli <">f -vvlndi ,ir» imt raptor. Thi> !!•< ofti>rlnK5f l->r ih. c Hi- rum;. Th«- form* r '!'. ti!-. oj th<> W,»\ g ;ii!.l thf I-Hit A: !!n-> n»"!!iini; .«. "-.Mon a! the M, • li'iti h the m«*«'t.iii,- pl.ici r,,r n \t Hot m n,l, HIP j>ioci:irn uHl V;!M.!.-'-.' The;i-.f- r\.fv ".Mosl p.l'.Join I'arn- k ."pit liim Moi;il:iy, I s, t , ' '!i il"'.ii:o X«"W:-. .. , I' . , M' !,• ' . .' "" H l " 11 '" f fl "' '""' .!', , -v i ; .-.f.^'.-.m -I' 1 :.''- - N . , rt y,,,s r,,,,,,, c ll>"<( t>.ij.)l| if «.( ,, ill I !:.'.to- '. ,j- % ( . ( ""," . !;1 " T! ;" 'V'" 1 IV "" 1 |:iM "'''l..-li.' ! ..,i ,'., w .,c..r HUM n ,l .!...•!•?. -ttiil .-Tory ot lo*'.-.ui.! ' f - "i «' -••• tar -norlb. 'i'li.-i • •••*'" r'in< ^ondrtlul si!,,\>.- .;nul hii; '.l-ii!)nit{ I;-.' 1 !*- SI-CIH-, in ('!;;•< pl'is ;it'.i H>M -Mila thf «>lvf>«»h «»t';'tb.*lt ^rr-;'.' ;i' ',1,1. \\ i!!;, nt t-'iiritotnV TliiH pictun- i'*ii si? ''SH'-^tjio ,tt I»JK .-ifltnt^f'i* *'! S';..>\ u lit-tc in.itnifi' .nfit iii^'ht UKUul i ll oin» c,' t ii 'ma .'tot unit till "A Pair l. •;- •!.. t;-;<> A* of M l.ty. X«»v. !. an/r M.- Tiit-.-ii'in. - f \t!,i !. I !-f'5"n',s Kttflvn V\ I ••!<.. rv\ i.««. il.iv wilf Sncludo an unihoni in Uu- tf !»>• tho full rhttrus rh-sr, i »>i»j«.-tt ,11,.3 if,** «* ,, ^-. JUKI at t>>,. »<>iv)iv On- ladies' chi'iuM will iult-r n »*"lfi-i!'iii «>u lit !>•>!] "Tlif l>»«»l In IH«i Holy Ti>mpl»- " orKnn nutu- « s.u:»i«. ilu- Hii!<i< alt- uit! |>i4->., ni !: ami llii< .IS i.t 1 1 •• bcrs: nf(frt i;i\)t:.t,,m-. < :..-M[, in t» to th«« <»t<-r» ^ !j|f» < in-Ill Will t •»] I » iiiH in Un- »'-w \.i\.'iuur.' of K.-ithlyn.' *'•'•* fi-<>ls. A W'.ii.ici fi.:! ;«tiia thritiini; firnl' «,-!i- vi., r t | t , ji,|[ S |, TH., ,, . t ; at th«; til iiV3i : !..iU^) 'jrtt t.-n it. It I ffH'ii> f:|i'i.-e ill ItlttVactH ilrtd tl!< l-ot.-iit e.toom chaxer the AmcrtC •~!,ii;i- !i;i>* l;tu»«n iti >.'iir-<. If yoM d«;h <•< .(ititiiaMiNly I di ouwlioiit ti;f»- ,o f* of thlx pluy you can «l tn;U;«' fiii \.tur mind that you r«] t! <• ;il!entloit of a phy.ilcinn.- ."A of l.»ti>-.J,H" h;i-< ni.'t.i<> a half' mi ,„.,,,,!,, .j :t .,.. h ;, r x*nv Yi.i'k jind'TH r •-, .iin! it wiU in it(f \i(U do tin ?!!•«, .MI.! h. hit-; added aofdhr-r m ft.-j. (o ti,.',!oiH: itst of Imuclilriij hK • I--- Ins i'v< n *i:io;niway: .The )•;•••!.I.-m to' unfoid, lint it \vi!l kc ••<•.!• n ~- • v. t v miii'it- for thi • i .- tto'i.!, un; .i^'to u-ji»t will ha i't-ii n« m T'if if»mp,tny i:' the r\-, l'r«-- 1 of Hurlford, I'KH-n viMitiiif; her moth in certain" pttrtH of the conn- try. Mr, and. Mr«. >VllUuma read The fiaxette 'dully. dnncer»*- -We are Koing in Hhow gwwl the llallowe'- en dancioK party, Mondy, Oct. 3't, In tho Woodman hall of HtorliiiK. Coc'h- nin*j» 4-plece orchestra. Public lnvlte<i.* John W. I'aviM, of Joliet Iron and Hridgc Company, Chicago, came last niKht tO'Hpcrid Sunday al Mrn. William Mitchell and Dorothy, and Mr«. Uctmar, of Morrl- Hoii, uppnt Thurwday here on For rent — 7 room all modern ill 1108 Klxth flwnue. <'all The Koy (J. WoodM Store.* John Killian. of DeKalb. came here Friday for a week end vlHlt with hl» parents. Clean up tia to ut F. \V. Woolworth Co., 5 and lOc Htore. Hpecial valuen \v711 bo offeted Monday and Tuesilay. Don't mltis thl«'«Jile.« , hitlc in C, KvcHlmr. f'horus «f . hy Holmlt*. A hearty wi*l« <>im> nili t ii Mir.uivciH junl \-i>.ltiax in town ; n» iht- rctruiar afu-ni!.-iiiti« ut tht-c scrvh-f*. Or, BJair to Speak. it» rintt i,«li-nt I'nitiv-l «r t(-'- tmhrjj,:il ad . J»r. i '!)«,«i-ur-vi- un "Th«» _ ,., Vi«-w.~ Prior to the address a FIRST M. E; CHURCH. 'for the c.inUmi 1 y,.«r .-Ir-ciod. Hev, A. W. Cififs. pastor. When you "*" hp ptnojiram H ss followt.; come to t'inir is to l'«.im of lul Y. l ill' Inu worship at 10;4i;. Wr> note the ami t«» . ' A<Wri •• Addm.<«. "Our Kff.'lutions nnd H. C. Moore. and IUIH dun«? H si'en|, deal of labor. «n It i»nd tiu> BEN BRINDLEY HfRE. Hen Hrlndtey, reprchcnting the NM«»mil Kureiy HondinK Company, of lycflK". was in StcrUiiK Friday Jookinj: after Iiu»(nt'«s bclotiRlnK to bin .conip'inN. Ik* ii'iiurui thut contr«cti»rs ail over an« haying HOIJH- hard tin»en comp|etfii5 their c»ntKict«4.-^J!i}wt<ver, he was very optimistic and was ««HIK- _,_ *i»M It. The home is located at. 405 -Tl«tr_*__i«lnc_ that_tlui M i^aeUon wotdd-flx mat- tnrs- all- nptir ami: times-wonut^rG~lH i C- ter for every one. Ith Want. The house i*» bath; jtml.-ckw houdo la er<x't«'d on phins nnd dt<«iKns f coast, where Much hmi*es ithuund in ' jjreiit numhorn. In tbo attic tut haw a 'good ulited hilllard room und H di-n. : There la alb<> un cSceilent hn^cniciit, • plwwtrrc-d ju»t like a hoiiHe. The in- teriwr iw tiniKbcd in SVatilduglon fir of prwity t-olor, Tliow who huv< TO VISIT BROTHER, MIK. \. is. Kinmkt, uf tliin city tuul Alleyn «tH»n- for buniucas ilny and night". Alleys have been remodeled.* . Mr. and Mn«. Paul June, of MurrU twui. were luarn Tlwrailay night Mtt at*" tend the IClkK 1 tmrly. • Dr. and Mitt. McMillan, of Tamplco, attended the 1-J1K«" pnrty Tliurhdwy night. Select <iyhtrra In bulk- City Meat Market,* J V'm. Cherry returned to lib* home In ror«i Fiid«*y after « few .nice at the Junior conKrViruCion Ice. another chalk lulk ^vlll bv «ivcn j by Harry Thomuit. followed by a ser-• mon hy tho pastor. Kpworttj l.«*aKue( r r lary '"*' ***••»•«• «l ^ o*cl«H»k, Mi«« -l-'lorenrr- Thnma*. * * ** r * 4!4Vt!! **' IJ1 - leadcr. At T.30 the evening nervice will 1 Memorial Ad.lrcss — Prin. be hrld. subject, "Tho (ioKp«-l f,.r a' N '* <»i't^-ri. 1»«K World of Sin," Kvcryone Is welcome at, > > Teui'her'M .Point of . Fnuiel.t t;. \\.-.-k, ty !!••! H rn-nln A - ^ V.H. l.n j!i'- l"li > <li> mo^t Woiidet - .IIS lliii! V IS ||| .li-- i»- tl.M Cp'Sod'- •'••' ,' X illto Mil!.I.ll "A I'.ur o fun. put i«.j.;i u,.I ln;i li.-,| f net. it i („,) I- I'ooiJ, f\f < I' vi-r ciatt-i f .ictti-. of t'i AT THE GRAND THEATRE The j !*.KKITO f..r the Crand The.ltn* Of?, F. W: BRODERICK f*ractic<» 14m jt^j • j o EYE, EAR, NOSE «nd THROAT^ BRAIN SURGERY Hours: 8 'to is a, m.; 2 to 4:30 p. i Fifth Floor ~*wreiKte-Blde. St.rlino. III. Both Phon Pu.f TRINITY u. E. Another Krea,t day the Trinity I'nlted K on Sunday. The which have been In at SHERMAN ^ARRAIGNED !Th« Alleged Murderer of DeRix Given in O«fen»o. to week. Hev. F. W. tor, will take charge of and preach, Humlny Bervices „.. .... Iowa: -Humlny school 9:30 a.* m. Proachlne .service lf>;30 a. m., /The • ™£L f"^^;, l £™* n * U - S! »"™« *l,o h« M of Jufy cbai-Kcd with munier of Dt-Hix, u UuSallc taxi' and who was indicted by the Sep. temt«>r imtnd jurj- for the crime, wan •VJCfi Ifltau a tn Kiihi*>«-t- -•-—--• »-•»•.". JMIJ> «^ ( ,i,,. uriuie, wan Kimr"^ K? L. c K &• an J J tT! * 1 K«"^ *» <lw aircult court before .»ii«7i,. .n/i 1 ^,^ ™~£L J "d^ J^' A. Davis to pb-nd to the p. m. Eviinecilptic and' song MallownVn days' vinit TitcHday. Ort. hall. HIcrliiiB, III. Hull's or- eh«Htm, - Public- Invited.* Mrs. Mamie Ktiirtevnitt and Mrs. William Pri*tt, of Projihi'twiowni - npwit l-'riday in thin <'iiy. H:t ru h Sinllli, U. N.. returned Thurndtiy eyi'itlnit.. from u visit a«8iist In the f chars**. «ce It. itmwn and Carey Johnson'V» dt-fen«l ihp man. Mr. Holleri<-li then hamU-tl Sherman a copy of the Indictment f.»r lar«-« w> a it«, returned uKtUntst him _ by Uie )t rrand jury for the theft l >n Monday will bo procnted l»e-I U «<lt Hopp. i an-l |!^•-^t^; l^ive til' S:tand<d. Mop|» t IH Known, tor hi.-*' < nthji-,.»sm. 'I. u in all hi* «ap.>..|' ln> i hii.s HI s« r ii;s|.!.n\ ( il uft much enthusiasm «••• 'or' a.«, he e\!iih|i.s \\hcn <lt."<, nl»)ii K jo* ),,,,! /,?." the old actor in hiK iit-vv '('M.usn.e pj.iy, j Hajaku«,i Hitii Tf-uin Aoki m Alien' Souls I'.uutu:-* ui th,. annuls ot .)«- | pan «».*. oa"«> of the l«.i<iin>r aet(tt> of; the f,.r l««?t. S.-.-Mit* Hnjakawu by re-iw.n of i) .Ni-f^-j of apiteaninres in phoioj.U'.h prod ui t-il b\ the Jt-ssc 1* , !-i.->ky Fc.iture Plav company, steps*' iroin ami'ini; the r.itiKh of photopla> .icti-ra m'o tii. ii;«» of .-.tarn Hith his foriliiomint; productmn. "Alien South.") un \V ciJnvfday 'nmrnntv II IIWP prc- .**«'iit3 V\'m ri H.tri in The Capfive-' *»!><1. In the titular role. Hart I.H iic- ctauvt l.t have rendered another t'as- B. T. MOREHOUSE Optometrict |i_ Over Corner Drug Store FITTING OP GLASSES E. U. TAYLOR FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE and RENTING Notary Public Rock F*U«, III. CALVARY BAPTIST. Corner ;.ib Htreet o«d Sth avenue. J. ...... .-, ,.„. ^..,,« J1M , ,,, r „,,. Illert Alfred «..«rr«tt, minuter. 10;t*o «. m.}»f the iHcrUnd «utoihotdle in which Hihln S«-hfn»l All tl«» ,.i,o.)^«., «„,«* Iw.lNv ,»„,« c«>«,,^.«,. " . ,; """" Bible Hchool. All the children arut,— -< friendH niT urgod to 1^ pr^Kcm, ,vl v 'i"»« i«» , „ full announ.-om.fot w-dt t to ih« HaJfoweVn gi 4 Sherman wer* death of the former - - . madt- m rc-l»hl.>h sh«mian Ji>urney»d to Clinton forT««i-l»« ««»>r th*« tntK«Mly, • A tmniiur order from H to «. Social dance from » to IL'. Wood man Hall ~Harurday niKht. Public tnvttPd.* " f!ale BurliiiK, Walter <i|ffr(»w went , Mm. II. T. liniiKhmttu. of Dison, wont tu Kovwuirts yi-Mtprdfiy to visit with thoir hroHtcr. Attorney Charium who wrfu rerpntly injured In an Knt. Air. .Sturta waa lu« fuihcr-in-luw when uutoniohiU' riiUni; with 'fc w'loSHh S,rtr SS^' ««"r »««««"•»•'"* ™* -trurk l,y an in^ irr«JrVoToc!u a, va,n f «•"•«"•»««« W «*««» Mr. 8turU HUffered It will l>« re^dy for oct-uptmoy ubuut e flr»t of tho monMi. -j, . TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. t)<» CJct, gg. 1T&4, at u Ri-eat assembly, Jlj* Choct«w InrtiatiH promised tu bi« u Hjmiiiji'il hl|i anil- it numlx-r of broken ribs. UNDERWEHT OPERATIONS. The tw he ji«ca, ' ol Mr. and Mr«. W. H. "' Ftr»t Avenue, underwent an With all th« Frcnclj In the Mis-'opemtion Fiiday at the Public Uospi- ; ««lw»ippi Valley. Tbi« protiiiKo was kept tal for tin- removal of their adcnoldK ' faithfully b.v Urn choctaw. lo Dlxon "to attend the football Hand dunc«< in Wooarnan Hall, Hock ullH, Hutu relay. October ^Hth.* J. D. Harden i« able to be back to hlf place of niiMiiu'feH after u few riuyn* 'llllU'MM. , • Mm. John HVUIIM. of J{<»ck Kails, ih reported quJiitilLnt the Public Hospital. Tiie drtKcttt' wan misinformed ).>(, day that Prof. J, W- .lohn«ton had to Du\cit|t(irt, la,, and Moiuiiouth day niglit, ll:»M a, m.. Worship, S.-r->l»P'»»it«tK im» s<tme attorncv-s to «>. mon by our minister. 7:3« P. m.. JVs.-jrVitil htm W«M t-ntert-d in the larctitcv Pl«'» Forum, ttubiect, "Dare ti» do teas*. uljl Uisht; Duro lo Htand Ahwie," «*«i«t. j$he«mn !s jjje younsr man who whib Jacob Hoofstitler- Tho «!|HHT!I_WI«_ t>o jl»»»J«t«K open at T:0{L o^cloch, . <''om» early i^l'Jf IMlix the ' lM>rr<~»»»MC »tHwr«I J'icfomi;if«'« that will rstab- libh him Mill mom iirnily in the |KI)IU- lar tax 01 He MppcarH. it tu true, tlMKUCttMU is a.s powel t'lll • •rs. but s«s ever, <»n Thur.«la> St-lij; onern Tvrone lW»n* -»nd K.Mhl\n Williams m Tlu»u. Shalt not, Covet. JOHN A. WAED Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN On Iteat K«t«te Security ., MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 Lawrence Bldii, StoHino, 111. <Ui Friday Ptiramtmnt present t HaiM'l t'.i^n m.the l-\ ud (Jirl The' }*>'t»i i;nl |-. ,t - 1 il tinjj' t«ile o! u.ttiji),,' , !ii!!,> jj|,j C«»tit'H!Mig loVfS tlClttel'll ft > Itl.lll «IJ<J t\ m.nd t>| 0i;m^tle <uc!i"|l!i thfs runged the^ Society v^ill bold an all day at th« church. Hev. PRESBYTERIAN. Irwln, |iastt»r. arc as follov-s: for Kt»h(>ol at a-Sn o'clock; Morning service, ui 10.45 o'clock, aubject. 'Tnt» Trtuh in Htelnor. of *.., '* vnl *" t%a »««n. I«w_a. wjierv he was> ~ Thv owning Your/ Money .Without getting CHRISTOPHER white lump, eggr or ant something .'• th0 host, iry our Kentucky hand, picked Moses Dillon Compan for a wci'k'ji \iHil. Cluan up Halo at F. W. "\Voolworth (!o, 5 and lOc Store.' Hpei-Uil \alucb will bo offcroil .Monday and Tuesday, ntlvti tliii* wile.* ut 7:3') o'cUwk. .subject, "Tiie Couit," Music, will %< furnishwl by ihe «iU4iU-tte HeKuiar pru>*>r mect- (.ervicc w ill U> held Thuniday e\x - -ia ;:3fl '. •r - Hupervinor Katnut*! (Jlvwi, of Funton, waw in tAtcrlun; Friday yn buMine.sK timMerH and to visit hitt daughter iiv- IIIK in thin .Hi'Mion. 8eb-ct oyKleij* in l>ulk. City Meat Market.* .son a K"""!,!)!!!! i|t the 11,'tllov,e'- en dancing jitii'l). .Mondy, (let 30. iu \Vooiiiniiii tall iti Hu*rliii« t'ui-h- van's 4-i4ece orchcttrti.' Public invUc4,* FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. l*r. MCI ton W. Jones, {tagtor. S«»r- S VICOH tor Sunday will l»»» as follow*,.- j y.1%, Hunduj SC!M:O!; vlc« at Or. -Join** will wr- Kvening fWrvief at 7-Vt Whero be ban be*u ierii«K younK man returned to hi*, bom,, much the wlwr fur his LVJ! 1 ' * llh , a "tMnger 1 who bad invited him t« taki* a nde with him, HUSHES S¥W YORK TeUs Aadience^At Newark the Democrats Have Not Kept Their Promises, Huxei J'll daiu '-iioiiini-!!' and thrtUiFK • l rt- Illn^tfl^n i * me «»J,d Jitlt.tetixe (lii'.lte of l» conspicuous thnniKti- drains is presented tlu» Mrl- . Iri tilth prodix (ion Mme, IVtrova Us Ktirmundfti i»v i»n < M-eptlonally utroiu; ! i.»st. The, ft"!4tuit» ,tl»>undt* vuth bi«i an<l s.triKtn« s«t-iH-«., amount them i'ii aviator droppmtr from his aeroplane to the dctk rtl :i tutiis/r.tlant Ir #trailt- For Sale Cos Braiding's motor 'boat. Speedy, cortifnrtablc, safe. Include* one-half intvrvtt in large _rn*tal boat house and all equip -mett^-J58nd~*eated bW» ** - — Frank Haskejl, Eeceiver, 508 l Lawrence Bldg., btfor« Wednesday, Nov. 1. The riflht to reject any anil all bid* r«» served,. Termt cash. Un _ at both. s»*ri ii'i'* ! TlitiiHitay eveniiiK the , najer* » j*-e?\ico will in? hrlil j,t I 4*r |'rt,s,s| DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The Chlcaito weather hmvau fore- for todny i» a« follow*, niicht and Hundtiy: wuimer l i-.u-t and c.,'ii(|iil portlunM, co I to- in . BIRTHS iJKJNH.UU),"! 1 ,\ li.»hi hov v. i.s U"i'4ne*"l.iy iituht to .Mr. uiul Mi--> Uciithaiilt Jit th<- Public H".-i> OUPEX4LCAZAR Far«ou» Ranga Being Oemonitiatcd at A 8T. JOHN'S LUTHERAN, K t' li.uns. |-;i;,toi Itibtu ht ho..I. ' "i the 'iOtb .uiinial coiui>nttou ««f' tb- • t^yaod of Nut them lliinui*-, U,t>hu J .--J ton, ().-(.,'17-i'i. by the pastor ,-nj.l !iv ; i lii'Jegfitc, 'Mr. Jonas H. j^f C K, < ti,;M, hiit'jtct, "Tbo U*'\vaiu*> o{ luh- i Thummcll. Preaching «t-fvii e, 7 .'u ' < CHRISTIAN CHURCH. : l htivuca \\ill IH* lu-|U li> ti v eluir<Ji at the V Aj i '_ _\'.. liliiit- {js'tld-.l ut U,<\ |'lf,». N- 4"i, t onillllllitotl «t 11 4". «.-!«>- Uy l>riy Arnold. «'orrryfwui-tcVt of T T nl N V , «*.-> :-s ,.,.., ii.( it-Ait- nor security unl«»,-.H «c tin -ttr **-lf rc*iK?ct." Hoput.iic.ui Jatt- tiuifbt-*. told an uudlenri-, of »> «,»!««• tnuii imic» m the ,*.-,t- »-<.^,i oUSHf} ult<i Mailed ,»ll JUilU r* $.,.Hi. ,is t .ij»<j|,(fuV tvHtr.-iVil <*tn<ti!>/\ .<<•)>,), tui 'Aaii'j icaniaiu COKE IS NOT PLENTIFUL THIS 'Some time, »m 111 tt.v lui ii- MI iia*. «oiiiii(!nl •• itsoi! -it Tin' it.^ t; \\, Thi 1 * |ii \ «»uj I (-1 ^h HI., i at At Roy G. Wood* Store TtihirtUt I*. i,our laftt •! u tin jH-t h Ct \our Lint, t l>n- » * V, >2.tlimi| l.v '! ti !!• i , ( l"nlt«tl t»t.i '.I s! . 1*1,4) !», vi Tl«c i| f ii, tin I.V " *».•<% e Hi. I > i .1 1 r.i i 1 IJ,.«K. 11 » ft v, v J«ill', S Hi ' mo, lat,s •ti-li) :u 3 III ill In-.) i I i 11. I i._- , I'll' ll,~ - J, I • U i I \ ,. Jf ,.v . ; Our stock ojF Milwaukee Solvay Coke exceeds the combined tonnage of all coke for sale In the Twin Cities, It will pay you to tie to the one who can deliver the goods. We can, a V >!|ol« i" u uuii! H <JUi) tnr -m f I, t t ••i'. 1 . n . t* ii-., '!• -M - ),. •, ' i '. I j. ! ' !i,. ii» wsi? :,".. '* ' ' i ' \, I i .tte Weeks Coal £o. >* I

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