Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1968
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. Envoy Meets With Korean Reds ^ m m m j, NOPt (AftR) fTMr Pf^lf by ffffift Obituaries Argentina Police In u - s - ATTACK f. C, WARD Talbot C. Ward, By WILLIAM L, RYAN AP Social Correspondent, SEOUL (AP) ^ U,s, presl' defttiftl envoy Cyfus Vance met fof almost three hoofs today i1 r of Maney, la. died Suf*!a> flight at 10 p.m. In a Maney hospital as a result of an automobile accident. Ho was a World War II veteran ahd ft native of Hefnpslead coun> Drive Against Hippies Learn to Cut Naif By JOSE M* ORLANDO BUENOS AIRES (AP) - A ty. . government campaign against He Is survived by his toother, h , pp , es }s tuM / (1tf Argentine po< Mrs. Elsie Ward of Maneyj and neemen into expert barbers ( eight sisters, Mrs. Maiidie ^t least 108 youths have been with <?nirth Kft*ha»e hKifuWonrf I!annan of MaMy» Ml " s - Gladys picked U |) by the police In raids with Soirth^Korea s premier and Harnller of Henderson Nevada, f n etleno ' s / ltM Xeenlly, Doa* Mrs. J. E. Stanley of Pattnos, ens mofe were taken Into custo* Mrs. Joe Erwln of Hope, Mrs. ^ fl t ^9^ resorts, James Hall of Kllgore, Texas, ^ My O j the boys had their Mrs, Collls Bailey of Henderson, halr t r j mmo d before being re- Nevada, Mrs. Zelma Bailey of teased, One complained a po* Rosston, and Mrs. Chester u cern(m cut O ff his shoulder- Meshell of Maney, La. i eng th mane with blunt shears, Funeral services will be Wed* ^me charged the police beat nesday at 2 p.m. In the Smith Fun- { hemi eral Home Chapel of Stamps. In- ^ n e government two-month- terrment will be In Lakeside old antthlpple drive, stems from Cemetery by Smith Funeral two pet interests of the military Home, regime of President Juan Carlos MRS. BESSIE ROWE Onganla! morality and antlcom- Mrs. Bessie Rowe, 73, of Ross- muntsm. othef top Cabinet ministers, bill Korean sources reported they made "very little progress" toward eliminating differences be« tween the United States and Its Asian ally, the meeting was "rough going," one Korean source reported* the conference ranged over problems of the Complex crisis resulting from South Ko" rea's worries over her defenses . In the face of North Korean • threats, ' Vance planned another meeting with Premier Chung 11-kwon v Wednesday and then was ex'- pected to pay his second visit to a President Chung Heo Park, ' Whether that would be Vance's "• final conference nobody In au'" thorlty would say, but the presl- n dential envoy already has ex- v tended his visit one day, into ' Wednesday, Korean sources said Vance and the Koreans agreed tenta- ;! tively that the foreign and de* f - fense ministers of the two gov- K ernments would meet annually -: to review mutual security prob* • lems, with the first meeting to ••• be held in Washington in June. t- A spokesman for t)ie U.S. Em.' bassy would not comment on '" the report. ^ Informed sources also report•• ed that the Koreans were asking 5 the U.S. government to tell •" North Korea it will denounce the 1953 armistice agreement if •' the Communists send down any '' more raiders like the team that " tried to assassinate President ; Park. The South Koreans also • reportedly want the Americans 'to demand that North Korea ' apologize for the assassination • attempt Jan. 21. One Informed Korean source •"said "very little progress" • seemed to have been made to• ward healing the rift stemming • from South Korean feelings thai the United States, in its desire <• to secure the release of the USS < Pueblo and its crew, is not pay• Ing sufficient attention to South 3; Korean security. ; Meanwhile, the U. N. Com• mand announced it would meet luWetiriesday .with .-.North Korea' at 5 the Panmunjom truce headquarters to discuss "armistice violations." ! North Korean Infiltration : across the demilitarized zone . has Increased steadily tor more than a year. A U.S. military spokesman said American troops repelled two small groups of North Koreans Monday night and early today lu two brief firefights in the U.S.-pa- troled section of the DMZ. No casualties were reported. The North Koreans broadcast today a second purported confession by Cmdr. Lloyd M. Bucher, skipper of the Pueblo. ', It repeated the first statement • attributed to Bucher that the I Pueblo had intruded in North : Korean territorial waters. : The new statement added that : Bucher Is "always gripped by i yearning for my family" and : "would like to tell them that 1 • am safe and healthy and that • they should not worry too •• much." i WOULD HALT j (from page one) i of the planned Tet truce, John' • son said of the Communists; • "We would meet then tomor- i row, But we are not going to : surrender. We are willing to i reason, We are willing to talk, i We are willing to let them write ; the agenda and say, 'Here are i the first subjects you talk ! about.' " ; White House officials made It ; clear later the United States : would expect to cover Us own i preferred topics later In any ne» • gotiations, i But he added some quaUfica. ; tions inherent in his earlier ut« ; (erases on the subject? Talks | would have to be prompt, pro* : ducttve and- in effect, he acj, : dressed Hanoi directly- "you : will not take advantage like you ;' did in the Tet," • Johnson, reaffirming and post • sjbly broadening by a fraction his earlier*stated San Antonio ; formula frr peace talks, said his ; J967 offer along much the same I lines was answered with the i Communist offensive during the | Tet New Year holiday-^ M a sat ; Qreo; 4ay« J r- against 44 cities and \ g4U,S,ajr bases, | pespjte that, he told the stut • (leotSj Hanoi needn't fuss about ? senj.aflttc niceties in its public ; pronouncements but simply say, ''Geneva, js Jlie place and tomor* row is tfte time," The sweats were at the WWte ttpujse is &eir capacity as pjaiyjgfs of Choice 68 4 and April 84 preejft^ preface vote by ' The drive has not been admit* White's Chapel Baptist ted officially but a top official said privately: "By leading a life and ton, died Monday. She was a mem ber of Church. Surviving are seven sons, Earl, Rector, Edgar, Jewell Rowe, all of Waldo; Edward of Stamps, Richard and Jack Rowe of Rosston; a daughter, Mrs. J. A. Fussell, Texarkana; two brothers, J. J, and Rector Campbell of Texarkana, a sister, Mrs. W. L. Smart of Stephens. Services 2 p.m. Tuesday at White's Chapel with burial in Waldo Cemetery. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) The Most Rev. James A. Duffy, 94, senior Roman Catholic bishop of the United States, died Monday. Bishop Duffy came to Hot Springs in 1933 after retiring as bishop of the diocese of Grand Island, Neb. He was chaplain of St. Joseph's Hospital, Hot Springs, until 1964. WASHINGTON (AP) - Arnost lleldrlch, 78, secretary general of the Czechoslovakian Foreign Ministry until he fled the Communist takeover of his country in 1948, died Monday. PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) Morris B. Mitchell, 77, author of many of the shaving cream Jingles that once dotted the country's highways, died In a fire in his apartment Monday. Mitchell was for many years counsel and a director of Burma-Vita Corp., shaving cream manufacturer. -"£'afrG.""\Vard, 'e'f," a retired' vice president of Ford Motor Co., died Saturday at his winter home In Vero Beach, Fla. MOLINE, 111. (AP)-Clifford I. Josephson, 72, Mollne jeweler and a former president of the American Jawelers Association, died Monday. H« became the first president of the Ge mo- logical Institute of America In 1938. TOP ISSUES From Page 1 amending the bill to require that the director be a qualified elector with the exception that the governor's first appointment under the bill would not have to be an elector. Under McKissack's amendment, Davis could bo reappointed in July and under Wells' amendment, he could be reappointed at the time the bill was signed into law. Some action on the three controversial measures was assured since the Senate made the minimum wage bill a special order of business after disposing of House approved measures and the House made special orders of business on the constitutional convention and Davis bills after disposing of Senate bills, In action Monday, the Senate passed a bill authorising the state Revenue Commission to require a cash deposit or surety bond from a taxpayer who might be delinquent two months in a Ig.month period and a bill increasing from 6 per cent to 7 per cent the maximum interest rate on turnpike authority bonds, The Senate attached two amendments to a constitutional convention bill, the major one delaying a vote on any iew doc* ument until the 1970 promiscuous sexual leaning generally toward an ex* treme leftism, the hippies represent both a moral and a political danger." The hippies say the charge Is nonsense. . "We have a right to live as we choose," a beareded, 20-year-old boy said. "We don't bother anybody and all we ask Is to be left alone." "We may practice free love, but that's nobody's affair except for the people Involved," he added. "As for politics, there are no more Communists among us than you would find In any group of young, rebellious people anywliot'vt.i lh«'.vyi-'J." The influential weekly news magazine Primera Plana said the campaign is "a paranoic witch hunt." A hippie said police repres- Weather Experiment Station report for 24. hours ending at 7 a.m. Tuesday, High 59, Low .19, .08 of an inch of snow. Forecast ARKANSAS - Decreasing cloudiness and colder tonight most sections. Wednesday partly cloudy and cold. Low tonight teens north to mid 20s; south. •'•; Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Albany, cloudy 23 7 Albuquerque, cloudy 42 27 Atlanta, cloudy Bismarck, snow Boise, snow Boston, snow Buffalo, snow Chicago, clear Cincinnati, clear Cleveland, clear Denver, snow 44 26 11 7 35 28 2G M 14 22 30 20 32 2 9 13 7 11 9 6 4 Des Moines, cloudy 21 Detroit, cloudy 17 Fairbanks, cloudy 26 Fort Worth, cloudy 54 36 Helena, clear 29 9 Honolulu, cloudy 82 68 Indianapolis, clear 24 10 Jacksonville, clear 57 32 Juneau, clear 37 21 Kansas City, clear 32 13 Los Angeles, cloudy 63 53 Louisville, clear 29 16 Memphis, cloudy 41 29 Miami, cloudy 69 61 Milwaukee, clear 17 10 Mpls.-St.P., cloudy U 3 New Orleans, clear 51 28 New York, snow 26 18 Okla, City, cloudy 41 20 Omaha, cloudy 23 10 Philadelphia, cloudy 30 16 16 Phoenix, cloudy Pittsburgh, snow Ptlnd, Me,, cloudy Ptlnd, Ore,, clear Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, clear St, Louis, clear Salt Lk, City, cloudy 37 San Diego, cloudy 64 San Fran,, cloudy 6? Seattle, clear Tampa, clear 61 50 17 10 22 7 58 26 0 36 32 U 12 31 54 52 63 39 66 48 Washington, clear Winnipeg, clear (M- Missing) 35 21 0 these things on their merits," election, The original bjlf called Son, Worrell Gathright of Pine for a special ejection in 1969 to Pluff said, "It is not the place the chair to admonish this body to do anything," Britt sa}d he wou}d apologise Jf his remarks were out of or* 4er, Meanwhile, the House went ahsacl and passed 92*0 Monday a bill which would allow the dent of the Senate, admonished electorate to decide this Novem? the upper chamber to go to ber whether to call a constUuj vork, adding that he suspected Uonal convention. The Senate decide whether the document would be adopted, Another amendment would re* quire that all 100 delegates be ejected rather than 95 ejected and five appointed as the biU calls for» U, Gov, Maurice Britt, presi* some members were trying to slow 4own the session, "I suspect sometimes that we are seeing some dilatory acs said, ^Let's go on sorat> of passed a similar measure last week, The House and Senate chambers are limited in use to legislative business. slon Is backfiring, He said the hippie movement Js spreading as a result, * ? "I don't think there were more than a few hundred &f us In Buenos Aires some months ago,'' he said, "Now you Count, us by the thousands,'* Long-haired boys In light Jeans and brightly colored shirts are now a common sight In Buenos Aires' fashionable shopping district, walking hand In hand with girls who often look like the boys — or the other way around, The drive against hippies Is the government's second morality campaign In one year, Onganla, a religious, 53-year- old cavalry general, last year sent vice squads raiding lovers' lanes, parks and hotels and hauling couples Into jail. Hal Boyle Is 111. page one) of mote than half of the troops U«S. offfgers be» Heve they aorafnitfed to the 61* tensive, Military spokesmen said 1 the Communists on Monday shot down a South Vietnamese Air and strafing the Citadel, the two»ttille*sqtiare fortress,which was the seat of Vietnam's 19th century emperors, The pilot parachuted Unhurt and the plane crashed outside the city, Communist gunners also shelled and attacked the staging area of a government engineer* Ing battalion and (he headquar* ters c-f an Infantry division In Hue, The attacks were repulsed and the enemy left behind three dead, a government military spokesman said, while South Vietnamese losses were one killed and four wounded, • Pour miles northwest of Hue, 300 communist troops clashed with Infantrymen from the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division In a two-hour battle that left 30 enemy and five Americans dead* Benefit Ball Game to Be Here Wednesday ftwr of Arkarisas' meanest basketball teams tangle Wednesday night beginning at 7 p.m. at Jones Field House —and for a good cause loo - the March of Dimes Drivel The first game begins at ?, with the Jaycees meeting the Klwahls Club Pros, Playing for the Jaycees will be: Roy Ray, Mofttle Harris, Buster Rlggs, Warren Plyler, Terrell Ingersol, Bar! Ray Murphy, Ronnie Phillips, On the Kiwanls squad Is Al Graves, Johnny Craves, Bill Hairr, Bob IVfores, Jde Barren* tine, Steve Marlor, Rufus Hern* don and "Ole One Shot" Clyde Davis, The second garni- pairs Perry's Truckers against the All- to tell ftefft hef gtandsoft visiting from Fresno, calH^wss missing* When found wandering with the dog near her home on Jack* son's West Side, Steve saldf "t'm not tost* My dog's the one who's lost," Street Sweeper Is Missing LOS ANGELES (AP) - A 10- ton, bright orange city street sweeper Is missing, Police have put out a grand theft vehicle re* port on the Western states and Mexleot The sweeper swiper may be far afield* It can go SO miles per hour, Purdy of Texarkana, Willie Tale Star Coaching team of HHS, which O f Yerger and Donny Griffith. Toasdiy, ftbrair? !3, m Light Snow Stti t irtrf nc UlUy IA14 wircii HIT idiicu \\j * t;- ^^ " ^ ^^ * »• W tarn M§ graftdmothef called |>6* g y fue ASSOCIATES PRESS If Was the Dog That Was Lest • •'. JACKSON, Mieh/ (AP) '- St^yeifold Stsve Norton sst out to find his Boston faffed to includes Joe Austin, Ronnie Hig gins, Wild Bill Lawrence, Gaylord Solomon, Jim Jordon, Don Remember this is a benefit game and all proceeds go to the March of Dlmos Drive. Light and scattered snow fell over the western half of Arkansas today but the U. S. Weather Bureau said there would;be little accumolaltoh and only-in the northwest portions of F ft e state. •v The State Police reported ffiat several bridges in Central Arkansas had light Icing early^o- day, but that the Ice melted because of heavy tra/flc, It reported traffic slowed on ty' s. 71 because of light snow, ; Continued cold with claudJMo partly cloudy skies Is predicted for Arkansas through Wednesday with light snow ending-tonight. .;; Low temperatures repor&d around the state today rangfd from 22 degrees at Harrison to 36 at Texarkana. Highs reported Monday ranged from 41 at Harrlsbn to 51 at Texarkana. 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