Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 5
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Jf - , 3I/2 New Series Road*t«r 5*29 » « t. T»V«4« Amazingly Comfortable ^hji^ • *^ They like its power—it's the world's most powerful low priced car, Everybody concedes its beauty. It wins on economy, But its roomy seats, deep upholstery and easy riding cantilever springs — These things make it so amazingly comfortable that people can hardly believe their senses. You wouldn't think that a small, light, economical, low priced car could be so comfortable. But come in and let us prove it to you. Both Phone* Ask for Demonstration]! ^ Sterling, IHinoii, OlVV/iJ* Can make immediate deHveriet Th« WHIy»-Ow1«mi Company, Tol«do, Ohio [S LIKE FICTION At the present time six United At Mattoon After Twenty-Twd Years. fusband Called To British Colors Lost All Track Of Wife and Family. (I> United Prows.) jijMatoon. III.. Ogt, 28.~-Hcotl«nil VunlH, ,i Jngland'H fiimoiyi (U-tectlve heailijuurt- a fortune of itifpruxlniHi^ly tir.o,uuo tho <"nil of n huKttnnd nnd wlfi-'n i# family «f Clart % nr« Mitchvll lntre "i we«k. For tii*« Hr«t time, at-this nion, -Mitchell. n - ho«c home 1« in [I iVWpool, 'KnK-. «aw hi« twenty-one- 'old daughter. [ft »topy of the B^puratlun of the liy, the. nhnoHt quarter oontury ,rch, and the thre« year fight ftir a une. rta<ln like fiction. - Wltohell and lii« wifo were married T Jndiana twenty-noven y«»a.rn ago. He a adbj^ct of tho iSrttlKh crown, nnd yearn iat«>r, tw«>nty-(w<i ywir« called to the liritlMh cnlor«. He 'ont to Knijlarul,' and WUH later India with his regiment Coire- "indence bctw«>on h«» and hl« wlfo » carried on for wovernl y4»arH, but «U»|)|MHi. Mitrhell Iliuilly in Igettinif out of th«- lirltinh army arid utartt-d a uearc-h for hln wife. *nli«tin^ the aid of Homo uf (ho hr-«t detectIVCH. Jlrii. Milcht-ll. In thiw eoun- so 8tnrt«Hl a' M-nrrh for lu»r him d, but five yearn of »{>urrliinK' tiw*r OUghly convinced her he wan dead, and remarrieil. in England. Hhf left 11 larse e«..,_.. to Mitchell, hlM wife, nnd to thHi children, if any. Whwi Mitchell d to the color« twenty-two y ~*gi>> Ae had a yttutiK won. A fewTii'H.,... H«t*r a daughter wan born to the family, UO under the KriKllHh lawn ail ih< mat mu»t make Hiclr clnlniH within .jyfr'jrwururoT ei«» the estate would go to th* crown. •%"At thin |wlnt. Mitchell fiilinteii ti» SWVloen of Scot land Yard, inn to nn .Avail. Thrw montliM uj;o, IH* eame ti fAmcrica, and b<wan u HyHtt-matiu fean-h >r the mlttolrtK h«lr«. In Indiana, tvtt' &gn Im. acciilentully ylxit«<f| I|K ., of hi*» wifp'« parfittK. They loia i»f his »qn rfwidlng In Jfelw city, " """ oamn hcrt< and tnn th» Mjftcbcii \\nt- 8 " M ..^_^ _ m .. J ..,...,._ „„.,. miUJ ^er arrival ,her« frotn llptroTfruturuu h, the reunion of the \WIR t>fimrattul family-Will nail for 1'JnKland next i. clRira >h« fortune, und will re- tot to this country to spend the iv«i their days " " WILL FIGHT EPIDEMIC |JSr. Drak0 Will^ Arrange For ' Conference On the Dread "" ' . Infantile Disease, l!y I'liited I'rt-^n. t , tl, III., Oct. L'». -Tin to vtliu-uU' the citi/.i-ns O ii| 'ifec winU' for tiin »-xj)i ('(<•»( t>|iufetmi' of lufantil^ ji;irnl>his next tsuinmer. \\ill U|»pit williln u ft'W wi-elsf* ,j</ Timt tllll Middle West Woiil lu- IMVHUI-, V-fey tiim di"*-ttd infant tli».t'««',' iu-xf cum ^ttmr'ln takrH H* 11 foregone ri.m-ltiMni. tlia stall* health uuthojitu-!- m-thn tlyn of tlu'.tvwntr>. !'»• f. HI n,'u» lii'ulth, iJo'lui'wl today. f 1 ," lie utaicd WiKrontilu. «t « n-< u-nt J tapell|l« ttt MlivVHUkcr. lliij<(.. t I.,)., for ttto Jijjht lu f;i-' maUe iiK.nii-»i bp urgaiiljEpd nnd direri* 1 *! by tho 1111- noN" Mt ate ISnnrrt nf-Hrnlth;- < >ne eon - ferehfe will bt> held in the northern state naiiit.'iry dixtrift.. at KlKin, Au- Xyra or Ijtorkford.. Another will ,i»f> hcl<i! at' "Ohlofhnric iti tht> went vanltiiry t!i«lriet, A third eonferi'tu'o will tn> hchl at either Dan» ville.' { J rOiiYi. ! i or Mattoon In tho.. euM «<iiiiinrv iltftiiet. Another confer**nee, to ln« held in the c>'iitrat«^aniiary dix- trirt. prolml'Iy \vill In- nt Deeatur, The south ttanltary tlistrict conference prob- •i!>!y will be held at AU. Vninion or IlarriabtirK. Artuther conference will be .held at Chicago. Tin- conference* w^ll oyf'n in No- vemlivr. • State KiiiilcmUilf'tist K. 8. (Jodfrey find'Dr. '». F, HiH-diKt'r, hrnith offlcpV •if l^iKalle, are amonc other Illinois Health authorltu-H attending th(< Cln* cimiii tl c<*riv< i 'ntlnnr " RIVAL OF COTTON IN "CATTAIL". (By UnitiMl- I'rc»») • Thlra'Ko,',"«>rt." 2K.—~Tho ftii'.ay brown •YattalP* that, xruwa In the inar«hrs MOW looms oh thi' horizon an a po«siblc competitor of cotton, said l'rofe»«or Jotm Coulter, boiiinl*t of the I'nJyi-r- *ity of t'hlcnKo today. I*rbf«*iUK)r Coulter us* 1 * the Motioiurly- name "typha"^ for I IIP said "lall."' " "Tho Oernmns liavo found n way to make excellent doth from the typha." «aid Professor Coulter, "and I uec no rwaron why we riannot du the same. The typha could be raised in commercial ciuantiticB far more cheaply than cotton and wJtliim- provod tnanufaeturlnK' facllltiea could be made Into cloth at a price which would cut .the high eo»t -of llyinjf." i A NEW UNivERSITY BUILDING. (By UnltPd' f'rcmi) • ChampalKti. III., Oct. 28.,— Women students of the .rniverulty of Illinois will inarch In battalion formation through a street gaily decorated with tiuntinfr Saturday, to witnora th«. luy- tnK of the corner«tonu of the n«w Women'* Residence Inilhlliu,'. for which a|i(mipriatlon wu« recently made, 'T^iurtt"I(. ICvaris of Taylorvlllw, one of the university trustees, will deliver tho Mil addrcMM at the ceremony.- - ON PROHIBITION (Continued I'Vom Page One) 1.1 Increased riuht al<>ii«. r>>«il >)jifii>i» cjim« r lU'xC.""'TlilSr' I« fn» (ijjtliinal nnVl ton local, for we have tin- •«afn<" tli;ht nvi-f.. every- two'yearn., jind (hf only K<r|nt|iin of the rliMiinn* of (h<> .•VIS (M by ttHtlotinl IfKlMhitiotti no we rnuxt V(>ti» for Prohibition. "I have nothing nitnlntt the ol<l (nir- tl«»!». 1 admire tin 1 Democratic (tarty for it Kfjyo to.n« our country lone HKO. 1 ndmlre the Ttcjitihltcnn party for rtd- dinj; tho. cnsintry »f hutnnn Mia very. THE MUTTON INJUNCTION. v An Item iittiM-ared In Th»» (<tixt*tto e«t<>rday In reicurd to llin t'ioxinK of i the i^o llntlnn place'Which was er- j roneotiM. Tho temporary injunction j Krant«?d--airafiiftt. ..Huttoii. provide" ...thsit I he whnli not »« % H or take orders or <llHf, I trii»ut«ii. intoxlcutinK HquorB, but docs jrnt'clom* hi* |.i|ace-of lrui<int*KN ux *tnt- fid, In which - !H« fttn «'oiiti«iu«» to noil i'clKotVi. Hofi drlnkn'i»r «ny oth«-r urtirlc I not prohibited by law nnd not referred to in the injunction. Mr. Htilton'* attorney, Mr. Mee nnd Sir. lltitum btitli Htnt<? that'the pine? wii« closed voluntarily. CWURCH OLD. ri«y I'nlted i're»B) •New York, 0«-t?f^8.— Bei^nnlnif tomorrow the Scotch Presbyterian i'hurrh will feiebrate for »• week, the one hundred ami nixteleth anniverwary :>( UK (oundlnk. Jt.s history roarhinj; far beyond revolutionary dayu will lie reviewed. " ' FIND 'NEW~COA*C*1r > IEl.D. (Hy United l-resst) IJiipiius Airew. f>cu 88.— The dl»eov- ->ry Is reported of extensive coal deposits in the Argentine prtjvlnee of Ran Juan. The ftintoinsnt ia made that M Wt'iHh conh—font—would,- j»r«ivc* of im- HI- importance, to Argentina, which fount ij- by hu-k of vheupfuel TR V BU YIN cT"A $40™H AT. U»y 1'niiwl i'retw) Ht. Paul. Minn.; Oct. 2».™ Friend \vif»- bud it new rttuHon .today for buying ~ of ohy»iujogy iiarvtird mil , toid tht» .Mitm««ota rued I m 1 Kjon thot ,rnun t# KH'ei-test whei- His r^jKe IH hiKln, MUII'H blood HUKU' i<iliili/.i'(l when i a '-ii* {mayti him. tin ' is it comuion lnu^u.'iue, |«.H,sf.ijs«'d b- nut n MH<I lower NEW HEARING FOB RAIUROAOS. Sliui^iHM, ill,. IH-I. 'i'S, - Tlu- i*t.u< iHllilir tiHIiUt'.H < (iniinist,'i(jn hay Ki'aiit- _jil uiilniuds j>f JjUimw a tcin-'i'rini; oi ihe H'ct'iii t,'itnit*i'i'm't' i uliiiK it* "i'i'f»'i •me lu Hit' dlMllbtntoii ot main ijTit I'ln- new hfariitK hit THIEVES GOt f2.2CO. l'n WITH THE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS DEMOCRATIC. ,Uy Ocor«« Orool. "lender . whleli IIIIK?" misltt well be n«ked of tho -rnotely crew behind Cun- didato U lloosevelt, Haeon, ,1. P. ai organ and ail tho Morgan millions, am tl«hUntr -.PrtMMent' \\'tl*<»n became ho h«« not turned tho government of the.' United Stiitex over to the HrltlHh Rirelgn of~ flee. They ar«' onnUsed that h<n did not j>rot«'Ht nKninut the German oecu- t>at4rni of IJelKium, and tlmt he did not follow up the Uuwtlnnla diwiiKter itv breakltiK off dl|>lomntlc relations with Merlin and then seizing all the- «er- trsn nhtpK lnt«rn«"! in otlr j>orts<. They ar« for Hu«iiea bwauHe they hayo reRwn to t>»)ievo that he, will throw the -utrength of Ameriea. to the AllieH. f!erm<m-.Amorifan Alliance, "as- by Jertjitah o'l^ary. Ip *iifhUtitf Wilson beeauao )it> haw not turned thi* govoniment of the .United States ov««r to th<; German Foreign of' fire. They tire e-nratfwd becati««> h* mado CiPrmany *u»p tho slaughter ot anrt non-conjbatantw, and bei JieJ|i()!L reftittetl t o break off djj- tit>- relatioiiH \v4tfi" l«omTon n*"j> tesuit of mail *ei«uren. Tliey aro foi HutflixH (iiH'uiiHe .Uu»X— have .reaww t" beiii'vo that b<« will. throw the strength of Antwiea t<» tl«» Ktiinor. ,N'i»lther of these two grea.t K>'(>u|>f if KivMifi athoDBht to thi» TnUed Htate it 'in of KurQpo- llmt they ar« thinkinr »nd wufkloK. and when they cawt tlie>> V'o'tfK it will l«e eitluf for Kl»s f Kaiw-r. What tw th'iunht «>f » ennditlate Willlsitf In leeelve Mieh HMIH'iil't 111,11* <tt.|«* lo n-'iiin It'*. T-.MI irrorim hatlitv' "at It i>th<*r. ;i"i| vv«t*iuiH tor two itbsn- '•iteli. dilfeifiit einlfi, mul >i«t (it lb" •^itne |,ulitl<nl «'am(t. It >hn I'lliti" 1 suites wcie nut nt friake. it t-iniiil ul flitiHt Im wlslli'd tbf»t liiljttu-h Moitb' >', in in (inter I hilt (I'e f.umtrv mliili' )»• 4-.Hl.'« il !•> the do^: JiKi'T (It it ni'iil' H'tllMS (in t -'*• »\'tnl> . fur tUii. S, JlWtiOH til in' Wtilird in tills* ^lalf.lll Ur. Urakt^ It^ft (otiuy J"t - <"iii- til aUvinl the iiiiiuuti s.'i,v,-n t»f lh«> Atitrricun 1'ttUlu Wi'ivut- iitttioll. Which !•» lii-lltit; att<Mi>i«l 'i^ ne«lth offttHTM tit t' i :!i«-iiiiii<t»n, ' .1. U Llli'll IH BOY WAS BADLY INJURED. l.nn,!n.'(! lit, (tit, ;;s .\Vu\in, on>•! tli" ^' -j t-.ii -nhi twin *ion» uf »'(iii i-ni Co*-, ni inii|it<iin,. vvaiHifii-ii iui< tin- it!uii>i-> «\iii|.il y ( H'lh iit-if and \s.t- iiiii <.v.-r bv ,111;li;*' Aij any .HIM While id the Vonvj nlv» < Oraki- ttili omtnujt 'with il iii'uHti iiuthui •IIJ'lM -"."> C«!I ;' <Jf llJlX «'ili''v 'Vlii- IH-iult 44U<M«M1 If*' ItcttiJK nil i)l fc -*'shirf HtnmK~n tt~r.n cr in' tin- r< Tlt«'% will I..- ;i(.f« i- !•• in.- . • •( L KIL.UED RESULT OF FALL ' i-U.ta-. 11! . i »• i .'.- ff.Iu 1,1 i I K'ln H v\ ,t- ).!<>,( vv hi u 1:« - d )i 11 «-ttt Modern i, 1 ,") 1 ".I>»' iiif- H .HI :.i-,ti.i'i Miiui* iir. i_"muri'i. "A .\oi:ti«; i'»iiT*noTv"T'triir i •-lilit "|'\',(th }.<»''( "ll'i .lliifuliK^ \\llCl. he !!' . • ! .Urn,' 1, .v.. n - I, ',. . i ,T i , in u tin iut'(i>.l !'('•.• i<!<'n <IT jiiirx'-i'i.niil insnt'isi t.' Hit- ctiliu.n lie j'iM minesi to a- rel ' •wi ultf, with fjsi r| siotrtl !j'i;b<n(M vv'if '»>• .iilild 1 AH*'"! MK> i'fil min>'i> .1' \\ I!!•.>•:- J : ,inc l',i . (•« i>, ti''»«T M X niie r(.ul't !•')>• | «H'S t>{ «'"1 Uii'xivei 1 i|' f.nt lil'lltif H tl'Jt'J.l) t.f'H. 1111"' 'liM'iiuh'o i Hie 'ti'iiuiU utnl brt'.-ulth I't i in I 'in! 4|i- >j T"|I •** bi-lllK M'-'t"! <** "lie JUKI- i.i MH*' !ti"';i'juii4 With ;IH ;.| pl«";ill'l)l \S'llN«lli'& tliiHM-' ill UlC nut ibxiit-t'lloi H •>!'• • I bveve's \vii>, if"" innn Hi l)*i- e»"iu»tl> '('in' (,H i ih that niiin> turi' riU'iul- nf ittHii .if' 1 i iiitikuK* (< 7 ••u^p.-cr -tha f M," ,"»i! <>(: <i'i. «4«.'--li,''ii',iye I? i »-»M if l< k th it's it i- K>iln«; !'• do mole tn('iii HI;MI niu-il I" I it;nl ' II »*• «'b j .i.U»'i I!i<t I!M- iiiil^ ni.rn' it i,in t.u-b'J ' I i I dinni,-, .i>ni tli<-\ i'>ii>.tit'ilc i • i < » j>! fi H .- i ill-.- j\ t llH'i" . .{ I (-{ V! {-* I ( t Is 1 U ( I- ill 1' . ) I I I !. HI- ! .IM.'O ! f , , i ;-, . , • t i i' i i li • n •» v. ill lu «}i!< \n ! s ' " j-*''.;.'. ,{• ll'!' 1 ' ••••'!• .1 L "si. ^".\; I i! .!«. tMl' I.II"I ('»'• (("»<{ lilt t"l .11' r.T,T( { ju-tl '.« %'ii/T^~sTr~T>r~TI".>-Tt.T t tTnrT! b'H <'«i.ibli> iivit f *«rv H W l!-l« i'i' li.VHif! !l'-i "!.! >iii| )',i*"-»"!ir,rr I (!•• t li\ .i l,nv • • . ii-iui-.-. I I- 'I,. ! ,t\t fixing thf» hour« of work. llmitlnB them to I6-bfturs a rfny; th 'A'jhununn ''HI hn» «*«tabli»hpd thi>.prln tl)>l<' of Uxlnsr the amount of pay. .M thai r^miUnp, nocordinff to tiie'n«llwrt> innnngerM,' l« for fotiiirpHH to Jlx tU' WH«I»B ftir uli ernploycH not in tho Hro tlii-rhnnfts. iind thrn to prohibit itrlkes am! «<»rvli-.p for, common carriers com jiulfiury, /'riilor «ticli a provision, rull wiiy aiu!/ < <tt i an)bo, r it employe* would. Irs e!T«-ct. t^ilifit. just 11:1 tlu-y'<io. no\v h tin- army '<»nd navy, iiml thnt 1« u) ond devoutly by ihe railway mnn Kor». Alt of thlf* ncr\en to roc-all th< fa«'t that WiKxlrow \S'ilston wa« the bitter enemy ol" oi.j{«i)izod labor—excep on tho ove of ai .nrit tonal election, SUNiD^YSERWcES St. Paul'* Lutheran Church • 'atcthotlcal and Oerman InHtnic- U«.»ns every SHtnrday afternoon at T P.--m. PartKshUil--whool'. lto«»o for Ul chiliiriMi. ' ' • | Sttndny, Oct. t'SMli. Sunday whoo lU.1t) «u m.. l*nxu;h|tnr 'wrvicPM . uj i It*13" !\. m. | l{<-\'. B. Rcyer. Pastor. First Baptist Church . Ilalph W. . Hfnkle.. Piwtor , Hunday school at 9:80, Morning' wornhip at 10MS.' ren"H setmoH. "Mcndel«nohn and Oreat Olifan." . KoKtilai' sermon—"Th«> Challenge 01 | the Five Year Program." B. Y, P. U, at 6:30. Kvfrilng sen'lco at 7:30.; Thursday ovenlns at.7:3w tho regular midrwcek pniyer service*, Thc>r« will IK a men'tt banquet in tho rhurrh n^-xt l*Yiday evpnliiK 6:30 sharp. At this time ft men'* hruihorhond will bp organ<2^d. W« ur« exjH-ctlnif a crowd. Come. There will be a nominal, vhurgo of twenty- llvo contH a plate. BRYAM INJPRINGFIELl) T*n Thousand People Cherrwl His Doctrine of Oemooracy. (fly United I*ri»»».i BprlngflfitJ, 111., Oct. 28.—Ten thousand people jammed and pushed sHvc-K Into tho m.Hto aronci today to hear William Jennings Uryun his doctrine of domocnu'y in centra] IlIiiuiiH. Hryan's „ a peech whlcli was thu culmination of the Wilson Day obMervnnce, wrount'*! tho tlioliBftrulB in to frenzied enthusiasm. VjllA CUT OFF TOWN Surround* SanU Rosalia and Cut» Th» Railroad Line*. (By United Pre«»-) Kl fuso, Tex. Oct 28.—Tho im* r»w-tant .railnjad town of Haflta Ko, about 80 mile* south of Chihhu- cation with tii«- south.--Wl>He 4he main bandit army • was approaching trnin th« m*rt)t a detaishment of l.stUH clri-led tho covvn and cut th« railroad linen to the Douth, burning the briilwH and leurinjf ui» thw ruil- ruad * PREVENTED ROBBERY , ExplosJon of Bottle of Formaldehyde In Building. Iliy I'nltcd I'U-KU.) ItunvlM.., ill.. <>t-t. 28.- l-'onnahle l',\'di« pi use. I nr» iiiuiisalilied sui,-re*'.« vt beti je«Ks*.bl|.w tla* natt f IH the Mf ler htirdwitte «un'f at Itm-kvlllf, Jhd . ;ii-evi-otl!iK- them from it et tint? any ',<>iu-t, Ttif >>vpli«<to(i bttr»t a iioltU f tin- di»inf»vtant "iinil li dmv« o r f An Original Club. *•• fr' ~ Thm» exist* inruno of oor great westerij cities u unique secret club-— culled by {l\o mewbtfs (let-Out ftntl tiet-()o cluU, U was organized,")! yt'ttrs ago by JO ambitious wen \vl\a looked upou Uu'mselvea us not yot having won suc<'t>»s. Menjbershij) for 12 years lias been, limited to GO. The rules-wre what makes tills vlub ctjt. Nt* tttrtiihiT ^ttfty c-aH success tiatil tlt« club votes lilm oaf, and when the club voie* utJy a stu' he in expelled^ ami 'Jiis is tilled l«y auotbej". Hut befw a sucivs-* IK cxiH'lltHi u diuuer i.< given in his honor btul to welcome the ucW member. At this dinner tho success must ivuil a paper oxpluiniiig to Jii8 fellow-} fiovv «n<l why lie 'vuilt. These BUtttV — • ( . Tl • 1 **•**««*«**»**•»*•*»*»**»* : POULTRY POINTERS j ******»•*»•*******«•»***»* of trying In rnf*^ four r>r or vnrS^tle* of fwtilfrt. This Is ft swrlons'mistake «* very few expert< s ?K-M pouUry men, let nlonfr a begin- nt-r, can msfe* 5 it pnfress of ihof* tfinn cm*>'ihrei»f!.i, "On«> breed bred right" f* better than two bred wrong. I* « mighty chenp way ?rwL In many cn*<»<t c-iftn prwttre egsss from birds thnt cooldn't t» bought fit all. In many rnse. a sinslp bird raised from thnt are set during hot weather ; be given n rensonnbly cool and , comfortable f»law. If they are set! where Jt Is hot dnrtnjr the day «f night I they nre likely to overheat tb«- «»*#» j end •emeilmw bw»me W tmeomfort- nblf that they leave the. nest. Fowls and chicles that--are k^pt In yards must have a good supply of tender, fresh green food every morning. Fresh cttt ybunfc clover, fed -while the detf 1s on, is good for this purpose. Separate the growing cockerels from the pallets, and Rive the former nn ex- frit allowance of food, especially if you are growing the* for warfcet. Great »lze of an flbdorolnal poncb In a goo*« indicates grwtt age, a fact thnt is useful in purchasing breeding Nerertry 4*Mt*ep a hen nfter *he wants to wean them for If you do, *he U likely to injure them and perhaps kill aotne. A few guinea* on ctery farm will eat a Jot of bad bug* and grow into semi game for dome epicure's table. They bring good prices. There la no better way to aid the enemy than by aHowIng fllth to abound. A. lousy hen eventually becomes a di- sen Bed one. No green food la better enjoyed than fresh lawn dippings, which are a treat to b(jth old and young stock. Dog Hero of the Trenches. "We hnd a French soldier brought In frightfully wounded," «ay» Dr. Mniry Crawford, R Cornell graduate, who nerved in a French hospital. In tho rorneli. Women's Hevlew. "Ono leg hnd to be amputated, nnd, besides thnf, lie hnd a -half-down.-other wounds. His • dog .cfune with him. ft hunting dog of nemo kind. Tbla dog hnd saved his master's life. They were In the trenches together when n shell burst In-mich a way as to collapse the whqlo trench. Every man in it was killed or burled in the collapse, and this dog dug until he got his .master's face fret* so Jhnt he could breathe, and then be sat by him until some re-enforcements came and dug them all out. Everyone was dead .but this roan. Isn't that a beautiful little story? We have both dog and man with us. The dog has n little house all .to himself In the court, and he has blankets und food ancj lots of petting," and every, day be IB allowed to be with his 'master for a little white." Carload of Unicorn Dairy Feed To nrrjx'f the. fir-* nf ilu- w<'<>k Special price by the ton from the car ])(> itof xvnit to lay in yonr winh.-r snpplv of tlnirv food UK if i< fidvnnehiy <>v<>rv dnv. Carload of Coltoit Feed To arrive tlio first of tl>e week Don't forget we sell potatoes FOE GRINDING W. F. FLOCK The Floor, Feed and Seed Man High Egg Production High egg production unfailingly re- mils from mating two and three-year- old hen* of proven high egg-producing fvowera to .males which are known to acteristlcs to their offispri&g. Breed only the most vigorous birds. Both male anil female transmit high fecundity. . High egg-producing hens produce higher egg-producing daughter*, regardless of the moles with, whom they are mated. The late tnolter ia the late layer. The early molter is the early iayvr. The early layer is the profitable layer. The early layer shows vigor, ofcamlna and-JahBriU-'d powers without which no pullet can be useful for egg production. A pullet of recognized high egg-laying Btrnin 'which does not lay in seven to eight months will never pay for its upkeep. • Leghorns should lay at seven to fight month):! and heavier breeds u month, or six weeks later. ft Hi tiny DUhclothi. thick. <sjwnpy gourd of the luffa plant, grmvq euHlI.v and requires but HMlt* attention, mnkes the bpstJctBtl of tllfthclothK nnd bath unonftes. An Ohio woman is making n pood living raining them. Lnsi year *be sold over one thousand, to our Ktirnge company alone for in the washing of a kind of Inre* .widely ttmi by milliner*, and it H nl^o admirably adapted j t<» the making of (lower baskets. Deserved. "Blacksmiths seem to hnve a tntlon for honesty," "Deserved i.v so, but due portly, perhaps, to the nature of thu busluw4«. Nobody encumbers « blacksmith with trust funds, There is nothing to •wluUonito in bis line. Compared with HOIIH* of ««, a bluekHtnlth has few temptations to resist."—K«iu- ,s City Jourunl. tho Quolte GUuislflod Easily Made Petticoat. An evening petticoat which is dainty enough for ull occasions nud yet is hot so very Impractical is niatto of soft \vnsh satin la flesh color, it IH gored slightly to give less bulk nt ttio waistline, but made, otlienvlse, °pitrftH.'tly plain. From the hip down bands of ecru net nr« hemstitched at Intervals of two Indies. Through these n satin ribbon of delicate blue is run and tied with u bow at the side of thw skirt, each row being tied in a slightly diagonal line over the other. The ribbons can be removed before tubbing the skirt, and, if provided with ennp flis- teners Instead of being tied each time they are put back In the net casings, they will keep fresh some time. Yearn h^o tho Boston market rf« celvtMl quite n" reputation for their green Kw«i«i owing lo thw ntylo of carcass and the minuter of dressing them. The tail and wing fertthors, and n ruff around the neck wenp nllnwwl to remain. Kver since Inen g«H'*e dre«Hcd in that stylo nre torn\ti "Boston <»eWi" Dltcrlmlnatlon. All oli< AttiinlnK did was to tell 4 about how much he got fot !i«> sold, and still,caiidiilatejt, cnmpnl^i -mnnqgent,- are al« lowetl to 11 vo on. Usual Distribution. The averuee man's grouch is that while wealth !* «»iifentrat«l—umong the feu, fuiprtid bill art* dlsfrlltuted nuionK i\w mtiny,— Louisville Courier* Journal.' •?.-•.' POIi UKNT—HTKAM-.'ljUATKD OF- .Ilee room in .Aeailctny lilock. In- <iuirif <Jeo, S. OlntstPnil. , 101-10J8 C)n) , 8ln< , (1 Mlf returns KUlt- UKJft —- MODBHX SEVEN- rtioin hiai»i»<. SIJJ Third Avt»s 8?«, Henry Ureidins, corner <th ana Let- <-ij«l Kt. 1-xYu RBN'T~< ItOQMR CALL AT 1007 Ftfth Ave. 99»101* SiS.W WKKKLV AND Kutirnnteed inti lliKcnt nmn or woman to trawl nmj appoint local repre- KVntativvK.. Nhie .monthis contract. Spnr» time wotft atBo. Btesler Co., Philadelphia. 101* u.. Past Performance! Can the daily newspaper prove its worth as a national advertising message bearer by the cold figures of "past performances' 1 ? Look about and see; or, better yet, with which you are most familiar, *<• ^ Note "tin; fju't thuj/tho only brand of chtnvin^ ^uni having eoui- pltttu iiutioiiiil cU^lribution is a nowspupcr advertised Jbrund, uiid it \van built up through ncwupapevB. . . . . Sue how tlio names of tobacco pruduel.s are matlt? known. ()l),servt> thai tho two talking ^machines that lead the world are newspaper advertised. ' * - » ' 'i ' And in the iminediate present wo -see great -nutipnut .advertiser!* liititerio' wed({ed to other iiiedlTuTi^nirrmn^^nynTewsprjH iiT'f'iliiso they Hud t hex" neetl them, . , *. - • . Take the local stores that are doing the best arid biggest business and a glance- At the columns of The pVily Crazette for a week will show that they are the stores that are using the most advertising in this paper. _ .' ;; ' ...... 'Vi- .'"'.' ' ' " s Stores can get. along without advertising, of epurse. But the stores that make the big money, the stores that have the big trade are the advejrising stores in every Some big advertising stores finally go under, but nine times out of ten it was their advertising that kept them going years after*they were really do.wn and out. : I

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