Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1968
Page 10
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IN FULL ttllETOittCAL FLIGHT, the vSetiatc's master of mellifluence presided at a Washington luncheon honor* ing The World Almanac. Sen, Everett Dirkscn hosted the Capitol affair for members of Congress and the press marking the centennial celebration of the world-famed reference work, Byrd to Help Pay Tribute to Lincoln By SID HURLBURT> Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - At least one Southern Democrat in the Senate will join Republicans today in honoring the birthday anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, GOP patron saint and Civil War president. Amid preparations for "Lincoln Day" observances around the nation, traditional occasion tor speech-making and campaign fund-raising efforts by Republican politicians, Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr., D-Va. ( said of Lincoln: "He was one of our great presidents." Byrd said Northerners shouldn't be surprised that a Southerner such as himself thinks highly of Lincoln, born 159 years ago. He noted Lincoln's declaration of "malice toward none and charity toward all." "Had he lived," said the senator In an Interview, "the plight of the South would have been much less severe." ,. a,,.,./ Visitors to his Senate office find a portrait of Lincoln In a •prominent position on Byrd's desk, emblazoned on the front of his leather-covered appointment book. "I'm a great admirer of Lincoln," he said. "When 1 see one like this in a stationery store, I buy it." One of Byrd's hobbles Is history, and much of his reading has been concerned with Lincoln and his time, the senator said. "What was perhaps our most tragic era—tragic because of this war which was a fight within the family, so to speak— produced two of the greatest leaders we have had: Lincoln and Rober E. Lee." Byrd, a newspaper publisher and former editor, said he ad« mires Lincoln not only as a strong and compassionate leader but also as a literary flgure. "His ability to write with such conciseness impressed me greatly," he said. "So many of his remarks had such common sense to them." Byrd, whose family has roots deep In Virginia history, said he finds no embarrassment in being an admirer of the Civil War president. Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, much of the state was ravaged by the war and the final surrender of Southern forces was at Appomattox Court House, Va. But, Byrd noted, Lincoln also had roots in Virginia. His father was' from the ShenandoaH Valley, not far from Byrd's home. A trademark is registered for 20 years and may be renewed for periods of 20 years. Beat Profession^ Actors Invade High Schools: Equity league has approved experimental project in Santa Barbara, Calif. Combines pro-talent with students and community amateur actors. A first for high schools. Program so far has been limited to college campuses. Students raised all production money themselves (a must as school authorities insisted program could not be budgeted). The "net" is estimated at $7,000 plus a $5,000 bond with equity. Expenses to be met from box office receipts. Eight performances are scheduled in late January. Good concept if the actors can and will really work at their leadership-tutorship roles. Pig Wheels: Though some new stars prefer to rent '«' ride Vat/ier than own their own autos, one long-time javorite has a car to end all. It's Elvis Presley's "Gold Car." A splendiferous creation painted with 40 coats of translucent diamond dust paint, two telephones, a r e c o r d player, portable television and a stereo tape machine. The Gold Car does more than look like something out of a car crofter's imagination. It goes on t o u r for sweet charity. Already it has toured tlie U.S. and is now in Australia. The money goes to the National Benevolent Society. Junior Miss Competition Moving Along: Winners being chosen now, Seventy thousand entered in 1,200 communities. Finalists will share in pot of $350,000, mainly scholarships. Eleventh year of pageant. Finals in Mobile, Ala., March 7-15, VIET CONG DRAFTS 13 YEAR OLDS: U. S. General identifies segment of main force fighter in Mekong Delta area as 13- 14-year-old boys, Brig. Gen. W. R. Desobry feels this is a sign of weakening opposition. Talks in terms of "one to two years the allies will gain upper hand" in the delta. The timetable has a familiar sound. Comes the Pawn; In U>s Angeles a small, courageous group of teens meet twice weekly under the guidance of two University High School teachers. Topic? Similar to A.A.—only the devil is drugs. These teens share their unfortunate experiences with drugs in a gutsy soul-baring way. The purpose is to help themselves and each other. The only rules are to attend meetings and to stay clean. There are now more applicants than they have room fpr—PAWN is self-help, pure and simple. Parents are not part P( the program. The initials stand/ for, by the way. Developing Adolescents Without Narcotics. Ninety Thousand Accidents l^ast Year involved stolen Cars; Eighty per pent of ears stpjen (over 500,000) were left unlocked, fprty per cent of these b§4 keys in ignition. Priver ecjucstipn cpwrses m high school* neecj tfi stress security to greater extent- St§te exanwitions to* j*nv- ers' licenses shouj4 aJJ m- cliide more "distress" q«£S- UQ.D.S on geji^rsl iwtpmpMe ownership prpJiJjBjns. Etho }, thi Btst Stems HwDtath By VERN BAUOLANB NOfC (Mn) STMt rfiJltii If Offilt 1SS6-* mty (frep feaefc t6 eartn - the frlfttisft fefttgUfiee af th§ thin ttffidspfiers t& tftg site!* slid life's stirfase^afid* to fhesolftf WASRtNGfOK (AP) * ECho !* tfte U»9, satellite that long h&s ranked fis lh£ brightest and most easily observed spacecraft of bftiftg the earth, appears to be about to diet fhe Coddftrd Spaee Plight Center,* Grsenbelt, Md», con* firms reports by amateur sky* watchers that the balloofUtke Echo— observed by millions of people In virtually every couft- try since Its launching Aug. 12, A aoddard spokesman the North American C CoffiKiaftd h«s fefee&st, 5ft basis 6f eonifnitsr studies d satellite's reaeftt, bfbtts, tftat it may fall fnto the earth's sffflos- phere ateut March 31, 6ui Eehd f Is a large, very light spfierfeal afejeet and there* fore somewhat unpredictable*" The world's first passive com* ffluileatiofis satellite could dls* appear a week or two earlier than the computed date, or, if the solar pressure that has been driving It earthward eases slightly, the sphere could remain aloft well into April. Scientists attribute recurrent changes In its orbit to air drag wind, a product of the sun's eft ergy, On most spacecraft these ef* feels are negligible, but Echo's light welp and great mass make it jftajse&tible (o the slight pressures, Fashldfiedf 6f mylar polyester coated with aluminum, the huge spaee ball, tall as a lottery building, glowed like a headlight at sight, sparkling in the stm* shine that bathed its course, Echo T excited such interest that the National Aeronautics and spaee Administration pub* lished weekly local forecasts of the periods at which It could be seen* of printed the orbital schedules dally until iftteres! waned *ith the advent of more satellites that dotild te seen-tnotft not so brightly with the naked eye, Oflgirifllly the spaeeftft wts estimated to have t lifeflms of perhaps a fear, fft 1961 the Sfitff&softiift Iflstltatleft's Astro* physical Laboratory estimated Echo I would be destroyed el« ther in April 1962, My 1963, of May 1964, Goddard officials used the sparkling sky»rider as- a Cradle miffer" to bounce hundreds of twe«wa> voice conversatlon§ and for relay of other types of hlgh*quality communications across the United States, and between -this country and Eu* rope, Pays Visit te Gibraltar CADIZ, Spain git Ffeit'pd'hisMffcf ~m Wsit {0 the tf.ft«$tfltiR K&vfii Base flt GlbMKflf StfiCe M Sfftftfsfr complained atotff a visit by shl&s cf the fleet to Gibraltar, without ifi^fttfontflg the tow* filatot. Vice Adffi, witlWHi ?« Maftlfi told & news coriterenee annual visits by his ships Of Ms iwSfWj ttf lIM tress fock away from &ttttBs, aM after 6th Fleet ships tfM twre last month, the Pore!«B Mlftlstty told the U.s, Enlttssf iaetr tiftft*<fflM?AteTM fflta- istry hWed flit limy <H<fa% Fleet, be closed to the «ii Birth Control Booth Not lltod tioiu Me said each visit is planned six months ahead. Martin gave no indication whether there would be ftiture visits to Gibraltar, Spain is trying to get the for* opened by Studc-nts for ft eft lie Society at the student un* ion building on the University o! Colorado eampus wis elosed after four days beeittM of liek of interest, SAFEWAY Never before at this low price! Sheffield IT* Amberstone YOUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION With Each 13 Foo* Purehu* What* freat Ideal! Amberstone by Sheffield goes from freezer—to •VM—to the table. It's casual, yet Impressive, with bold, distinctive lines. Each week one piece of Amberstono In the five-piece place setting pictured above will be featured at this special 29c price, (see •chcdulc). For each |3.00 in purchases, you may buy one piece of the featured Item at the low price of 29c,..and there's no; limit; for a $6 •orebaae, you can buy 2 pieces for 68c, with $9 In purchases, 3 pieces for fie, etc. You'll love this Amberstone... designed for versatility... perfect for entertaining.... and yet so practical, you'll,, use It for all your at-home dining. Scratch-proof and dishwasher safe, Amberstone U to distinctive ... so vibrantly colored ... you'll want the complete set! your pUce-Mttlnc today at these money-saving price*. ' ' Add Handsome Completer Pieces io Your Set... Anytime! SAVE EVERY DAY AT SAFEWAY French Fries Orange Juice Frozen Waffles Salad Dressing ^r Mr.-G " ' f<? ''"" 9~Q*. Frozen, Big Buy! Pkg. Scotcfi Treat 6-O«. Florida Frozen Tin Bel-air, just f . 5-O«. Heat N' Eat! . |-• Pkg. This tehidult will bt raptated twto , "durinf the ntxt 10 wttks 15' 10 DOUBLE PHUT WEEK SECOND WEEK THIMO WEEK FOURTH WEEK rirrn WEEK DINNER PLATE DESSERT DISH COFFEE CUP SAUCER tread a lutttr PLATE fit. 29e , "41 29c 29c 29c £3 STAMPS WEDNESDAY! French Bread 19 Peanut Graham Crackers 2-Lb.g-Oc. AA. 3 1-Lb. (| Boxes ^ I Skjrtaifc, Qlasln* Wrapped 1-Lb. ** Wheat J 1-Lb.Z-Oi. AA» am.wriaht'1.. 4 ix>»ve. 07t Bananas Golden-Ripe, Fancy Fruit. Buy Several Pounds at this Low Price Lb. ••£ Fruit Banquet Frozen Apple and Pea# Flavors. Save 4th BIG WEEK OF BONUS BINGO NEW GAMES, SUPS & PRIZES! WIN £ MOQO CASH & up 1A AAA Gok< Bond TO IVrUVV Stomps! Join in the Fun ,.. You too Can Win! T.M. Fresh, Firm Heads Crisp Cabbage Potted Azaleas Red for Your 9c Valentine I*. SAFEWAY'S YOUR BEST PLACE TO SAVE SpicN'Span«r.... 'ift. Pork Loins you SAVE 16c Lb,! "%,29<! 4 ?34d 5 it; 67(J Full Quarter Pork Loins Sliced for Chops, Save of this Low, Low Price! Lb. 59 Pork Chops Pork Sausage Meaty Rib Cuts Save 20? W>.! . Safeway Country Style. 2-kb. Roll 97c C 79 49 White Corn HA*a»0ant Tidf—for Uundry uetergent or Q\^^, eig @uy Plain Flour miispuiVoSality Peanut Butter J Folgers Coffee O 150 IKl* Tomato Sauce SSX , Z m* **»* j* _.. _ ^.•. j "I" *l & C ?§5t, Peodorant y IH'Qli QRI^ I Ollef dOap Ban. B.g Byy!...... £ Bin OvJV Grinds, lir Tin 73li Monday through Wednesdiy ft Your Safeway Store.

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