Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 4
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S " RAKING POWDER Sixty rears ih® Sfmnttartl No Alum — No Phosphate A QUIET WEDDING Miss Sstellft Welsar Became the Bride Of Dr, Charles Daingerfield. Tt.e Household ing teeema. Clnh at tram- ta b#t*l tMtf meet- l3*t.fhor»dftya.t Mr*, Ireter aecwmt or. rh* bad roaflg/~so MUCH WORK TO DO nwd Fr >m One ) In 1 « f. ! M 1 ! DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD r, e i lif'ir •'.M t h fir'" 8IXTV-8ECONO YEAR, Pobli*H*d Daily Except Sunday. Alt' O, W. 6RANDON A SONS, Editor* and Publishers. Offie*, 111 West Third Street. entire lif'- « of Mr, , 1st i:. NH- Fl< Cntered nt Pesfoffiee, Sterling, Illinois, ut Second Class Matter. T6RM8~0~F~ 8UBSCmP?10 N~. j Mali, Outside of Sterling and Rock i Falls, Anywhere in the United. > States or Canada. ' 'One year In mfvam-e,>......, I:'*••'/ |J , SIX months In ndvnnre.. I i six month 1 *, P<T month. it Mt. I > * I [-1 lrt<" ! I" H :ill"«: tip t? fir ipf ur n<> if 01 I . 1 » •if *m ih "h !>( f t ! It ! i 'f r of . Ill pi' it t Mr II i>f I ' ihfo b. i i r •I'uit tll.t f.l I to 1 It H '1 is I'M Mni By HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL By Carrier in Sterling or Rock Fall*, 'f or by Wail at the Sterling or u Rock Falls Pestoffice. * One year In advance $,-,.tv. i. Six months In advance ?.:,» K Thre« month* In advance, !.;.>:, !T . One month In advance ,. ,15 L' U} 1 th«< week, payableju the carrier . H» t.( SOCIAL AFFAIRS ] L A CHURCfWEODING In the Basement Of St. John's Church Was a Very Pleas- i ant Affair. <l»*litilu/ul eiittr" h In I'.ltie i l.'i^.ti «nrr''l !h<" ; UTJ able ( ji!c;i w:»s <out. Tht- Hiss Mildred Modlcr and Armin Zanger Were Married Today. st Baptist chtm h In «Yn . trnl I'nrk wax (he wene of » in>iiun__ ftjl autumn wedding thin aftei'nooSi When In the presence of 3o« frlendx Hmkle d)H>ke the which united tlu? Kllutbeth Mtuller and AnriJn Henry Zander. Promptly ut 4;oo o'i'loi-k. to tin ' BtlTUim tlf 1.3oh»j»KI li'i'ff VM'.Miiit: II;;UT!I play<xt by -Miwx Mable !'lilli|i,«, the bml Al party Centered -tlu 1 church and t<«»h tholr plncm. before' an altar made beautiful \Vith fcrno, palmy, ami <-|n>>- II.i!l«>wi->n ftifirtl Vivf-n !ri«! in th»- liapfint'ltl of Ht. .lohn'C ii • Inif-h. \va."- ('i)i' "f ()H> most ji!K.iiil events ...lipld. In the re' i>n! rncnl h«t rtnd th«« True ( »f )-<illtlK tT)»')i, \vhn K|ion- trT:iil. )!rti'.fil thill th«"y w*T'' ntcr tnin*'ts. The Hallowe'en -nri-iij(l out In dftall tliroitKh* «> the bjisetnent .the furn«c<* room, «!;t"ie KhoHtH neie utritiolied In lend tin 1 way f»vrr tln> "Khosl \valk." In (lie liafti'tneril y.ellow mid black drco- rittloiiH inude the Kceiu- n very nttrnc- tiv'e oni>. Fortune tellers held >uvay tit i;;i|ly ileioralt'd Imotlifi and vnrloun ! Hallowe'en miine.«! und eontPBtB rnr- rii-d nut the idea, l.aier In UIP even- itisi IlKht refreshnirntu were served, • Ht-r n tuindretl \OIIIIK people enjoyed On- ;i(T,ih •: T(he )i|-rM <•('•«!•! nf Hie B'lchil will K" | !o\v;tr«?M Hie "iititiunl < li»«« pledge for th»- support of UPV. lUrkey aiy pastor of the church. In India WEDDING A SECRET H' \l I.I'M tin « h! ire li . ' I' I'U ' 'Hid 11 i m*m K » liil'Tnitt IU o! t h>- 'ntif.Trci it'- (Iioxo i.lrlr-j i) lit ind ^tcs l)iiti if th'ir lionet nu*o '^nti \) <'i'if«rnln •re! for .mil of City and Mi§» Were Married, that has bwji kept a eVeral dtiy« IH that of KarJ SlerlliiB.. ;ipd .\tlnif UaZld- Tho bride was aU^nded by.' her nis- »r, StlSR Mabel Modler, while Ho> of Nelson, brother of tht« nerved as bent mini. 1'sbery "WW* Me*8rp. Clyde Younjte and .Wllr- (-ereinony .\iiM. of t he ^ bride, *; huln (if MorriHoit, whlt'h oeeurred Sat- ut,il«iy nftt-rntKin, ,'»<•!. H, The an- u4uni-ement rotne« as a urent «urprl«e to ti!<»ir many friendx, Tiie eeiH'inony xv:>H performed by Hey. 'Al W. Otln. p;i*tor of the Klrnt Me'thodUt ehurrh in the pref>en«:o of a few witneiiHey. The bride IM I he dutiKhter of Mr. anil .\|r«. Hurry -Irwin. of Slorrlwin. The yoiinit i'tmpl«» have many friends who will eonjrrHttUnte them. They are MASQUERADE PARTY Wa* Given Latt Evening by Mit Pauline Hax. Mlfs Pntdlne Hax entertained nbnu fifteen friends at a mitsntiernde part) «t the Home of her father, Mr.-jaeoi Hax, SOI Sixteenth n venire. The was nriiflllcally decorated in jack o'tanterns find Hallowe'en decorations The • costumes worn' were funny, hti still beautiful. The evening wn« «pen in playing cards.. fsnttiex and music after \vbiHi tlerhf refreshments w«»r» nerved; At a lute hour the gnents departed; all reporting fine time. Those present v^ere as follows: Ml*i>e* l-idythe .Monfray, Ablertn Kelxer. Marimretl«« 1'lgg. Naomi fiinlth Kdna Welker, Irene Blackburn an< Hernlre Dryi'an, and McAftrx. Mart WharHeld, Clyde Hoehm, Hud Carl Irving .iJ'tnu, 'IJnwwwft- Smith, I^ero) Davis, John David, and Retil Lntho. EIGHTY-EIGHTYEARS OLD Prominent Sterling Citizen Passed Hit Eighty-Eighth Year. John Harpham. of Sterling, celebrated in a quiet.manner Friday hid elghty- eighlh year at hi« home on »ivemn\ Mr. Mar'pham had jiround him that day at dinner family.'arul a few otherw. Mr. Harpham waa born in Madison county. New York «tate, coming to IIIInolM at Sterling In 1855, and lie ha« been a rcHldent of th«' • •Ity ever Mince, For the Kreater whare of hi* life, while In Sterling, he operated a harnexH nhoa of large proportion)*, later wholexalinK to a large trade in the *iit'rotim!tng-territory. For a few years back he ha* been taking life eauy an he ha* retired; from active iife.• MIH:- It.•irpliatn-dirri-a few i ! Wat -Ml Mn. liner, a friend 1 -You Truly." f ,-Thf bride AViia attired in her travel- linir'coiitiime of brown chiffon hn>ad- , Cloth, trimmed, with niartyn. Her hnt brown and old rose with fur triiu- The bridesmaid wore blue broadcloth trimmed with beaver and r her hat was a white feather turban. r -pT'lnoHowlnHr the ceremony, a course 'flJntiW was served to the 'relative* ai 'thf) home of the bride's parents. The :Modler homo wan tastefully decorated ! ' HALLOWE'EN DANCE. and whlu>, the. bride'H colom i Air and Mrs. 1C. Powell will Rive a flower* being used in the Jiving Hallowe'en datuIn*,' party Ttipwlay «ve- [fclid dlnlnK, rbom«. j ning. October ;il, in tho Woodman hall. , The couple made their escape on the Mutdft. will be- furntahed by. Hull's or-' I .o'clock train bound on an eaftertv ehe»ti'«i. THE MYISOTIS CLUB Entertained Thursday b/ Peter Kohl. s. Peter Kohl delightfully enter•I tho niemberH cif tho MylKotiH Thut-Mdiiy afternoon. The iimi< upent iii crocheting, after which refre.shmentii were served. will buy a NON-LEAK, SELF FILLING FOUNTAIN PEN A real Self Filling Fountain Pen for One Dollar . is what you have been looking for. Seeing is Believing : Come in and let us show you. Gait's Book Storq -a~ lU'o, He ban three children, MJHH Daisy, who, re,«ldeH at home and Mrn, A. .1. Plait, of HterlliiK. wife of Mayor Platt, and .John. ,lr,, now residing In California. ,' • • »:B.'SNAVJLY,HOST To the Members of His Sunday School Class. !„ 11. Suavely entertained -ton -young lm>« metnbert* of bin Sunday school cl«K« at the Fourth Street M. 10. church at bin home, hint evening, A three- course dinner, wax nerved'at «ix o'clock, the dining room betm; appropriately deconited, in '-keeping with Hollowe'en. Following the dinner tlie evening wa.t hpent In playing gamcx. CELEBRATESJIRTHDA.Y Miss Dorothy Whiffen W*s Eleven Years Old Today, MTH. L. H.• Whlffm entertained twenty children thin afternoon in Ironor of her da u Kbter, Dorothy's llth birthday. The children were taken to the Grand theater to KI>O the- picture*' and later were taken to Fargo'n where rvfreyh- mentH were* served. The table* were beautifully dtcohtted ft>r-lhe-o«-stjilonr All yre.sent report u-jolly time. FOR MISS"HA2EL LATHE - Miss Margaret Linjham Entertained a F«w Friends. MIsH Margaret' Linghnm entertained a few friends at her home, H03 Fourth avenue, last, evening In honor of Miss Hassel Lathe, of Oregon, whoifb mar-* rlage of Albert hunilHtroni'wIII occur soon. The uvenbiK wa« spent In playing gamoM, aftt-r which dainty refresh- mentB were nerved. fr tf>pu f ' plrif I ujf « < r \ OT o * f t \r i* ".f t( k!< fi n >u<» t r t [in of !i •< i ,n ti i«}' * > nt ih t i r i'f < i Mt H • <i in !']" i! » t t ) « • f f M , ,< ! Ti tv. < ri tfc i7 i T uifT t>ni|t(l to *'ih"tit I'*" t'libli' f,«r IDVT fnfTtTiTif" T»< i-» f' i itnoties -ind {t jMi'-iri'i' in n!! f.titi l« violation wii r< if ml t'i tint! % nn i I'm |1"> '! hi v I' i v f i!i ]{<• uut ti» \'iojm»nf «.f o\n i in vine; ?rftde on Hit m* ui<? bv nhiih the nation may be Iw.ii'i'V togrrthrj materially ftnd cpirlt- tiilh, b\ « network of fc«ml rmd^ «j»- on v hit h bojh'iornmodlttes »>n<l «vm- pit'ufs maj move fretly fr<im < orn munltv to community. They have put thi» f.itmer upon « footlng'of perfect e'luallty with btiainess men and mr-n of all other callings in respect of Ivla ru'CPB* to commerelnl credit; ij^v'w placed n. greaKlituenu of thft .(Jovet'n- rnent at bis service in Feekirif? and finding his best market*, have, protected him by the entfibllghment of detlnlle standards In tho sale of his produce, and have ("it the. knowloflgo of the world "fit"-1l1i by prnctlciil demotiRtrntion at the expense of the Government upon the farms themselves. They hayo emancipated Hie Inbdrera of the country from the unjustified restraints which the- courts had put upon'them by mistaken applications of old law to new circumntancoH and conditions. They, have released thf children of tho eoun- ry In laree part from hurtful lalwir; i!iv«! Hfiitghf to nafeguard the lives and the health of ottr labours tti.danger- OUB oceupiitlons; nnd have, put itRrn- clefl of the (iovernment .H»elf at tlie nervier of thouc wbo seek fcmployment. And most of thepe things have been flono within ih«» brief limits of a Bin- Klo administration. i' Importartt Wdrk To Do. "Th« -firoRramme 'remaining Is a«*- sri'iiL an t t)m projgnutime nccotnpllched. rim jbroewJuro of onr rourtcMn antl- itiatbtl «nd a hindrance, not an aid, in the JtiHt tulmlnlHtrntlon of the law. We must simplify and reform it n« )ther enlightened nations have done, and make courts of ^ustlco out'of our ourtu of law. We- must peek nnd Und ho mean« of brlngiiiK <?apltal and tn- bor to a clear nmlerstandlnR of their common IntereHt.f, which arc no other ban tho 'Interests "of the nation itaeif IB a community. We must release our sreat undelevoppd r\i tural • i Tfce OAKLAND Sensible Six It now on <W floor for your inspection. Price 5865.00 delivered, JOHN HOPPLER & SON 404 Locuitt St. Hnzel Plelnmey< r, Oreentvood; 2nd. Sophia Hnrmeldtei"; Mt. Catinel; 3rd. Ivy Hewwlfk. West Clyde. itall-thrott ing for Oirln tender 11 — 1st, Ij-'inra SclinmArher. West Clyde; 2nd, Kcltut Svv,jin«on, Center Clyde; 3rd, Hose Muni, Greenwood. I'ennut Hcrarnble for Children s nnd t'ndcr— 1*1, Uh-n I5nkfi\ North Clyde; t'.rwi Ijirkey, Greenwood; "n.l, (,'lrir- nco Howe, Franklin; 3rd, Alice Kahler, C(.|itrr Clyde. Ulrrctor«* Hace— -2 ft, Hiinutel Xook. KrnnlUIn; "ml, Hurry .-^Uttaher, North (Clyde; 3rd, Walter I'leree. Or'eemvood. Hack Itaeo for Any '.Man Present — 1st, H.»nry Hick, West Clyde;. 2nd. fr- vln Hiefkin. Center (.''lyde; Srd, John 1'oCoi k. l-Yanklln. KR«-» — IK!. M|PB ' Curry.' Mini* IU-jwlck. Franklin; nn, AldHH. Exhibit*. KnrH Yellow Corn — Iftt, Franklin; .2nd. Howard James; :>rd, Hazrl Stelnmey- er, On*enwciod. Hest Five Kr«r« While Corn — Int. Freda K<R'IWK. Center Clyde; Und, Cornelius WiebefiKu, Franklin; '3rd, Kdna Svvaiifon. Center Clyde. tent I'lve Kui'H Itetl Corn-— 1st. *''or- -T CHICKENE SUPPER Waa Enjoyed By Seventy-five People At Th* Gebhardt Homo. *.Mr»*. i'J. .1. t'ot'hrnn'M division t/t tln» Ladles Aid Hofiety ,o,f tho <'ongrega- tiona! churt'h wits royalty entertained liutt eveniiiK ut the homo of Air. and Mr«. T. 11. Gebhardt on tho Htindhorn furtn. .MHUK nevunty-livo people \vent to the- c'liitutry lioiiie' In. nuloniobik-K und enjoyed .the chicken pin .supper which was w»rveU. Tho remainder of iho evening WHH «peni in i>l«yinK gitn\efi, and all ftijojed tho hoxpitality of Mr, ttii'l Mrs. dcbhordt, Thw hoino w*» decoruled beautifully in ipon .some i«cni*ible plan of iwc and conservation. Wo must recruit^ the otea of forward-looking men by "the •otes of women »o .that we may have i fre»<u insight in all mat torn of vocial efnrm and more, .certainly a n d nioro promptly in the solution of the n«n>> new problems of society with vltfi-h tho law must lu»nceforth deal. SV- must unite tho Americas. North nil Hnuth, in a new sympathy and cooperation. Wo must Meek jtiHtiro "nnd bd right 4hrt>(ikh every channel Hhnt flfrrs; and we mu*t put America In IlNjts force, in all KH wealth, ullke of ihyAical r-otver and spiritual enthup-" ajtnr, «t the service of the other nn- IOIVH of the world when peace corner n /he other «ido of tho wea8, to nliike \\tlt. neac'o permanently by establish- «r It on the *v<-rlaatmK foundation* 4Trl£ht, cnapomUon, banality and ju«- F'e. Tl'cso tWiijjH vvn inukt do and Welw that may servo mankind. J ^yrm-^»ic.. mfcttu must be 'Cooperation,' |b«j_unipn. ,not"tht». hoRllle rivalry, of 'the force"H"of society within the nation and within 1 tho family of notions. The interests! of mankind can never aK«ln bn nerved by agKreniilon: the Interest of no nation or group of -nation* can ever ngnln be nerved by ThA'eontPKtH of jealousy Jiittm:..juid-aj4. dan gerou#-«»W-t ln» contents of arm*. The world muMt henceforth seek the meant! of aecomo- tlatkm. Jlot_Ul5 means' of arresting, iluartelH merely. Tli« nation we love and *«?rve . must be among 1 the first rind foremast of thone that rise to the new ideals with spirit and wdi-dlrecj- t»d force. Our own reform** our own actions In the intercut'of justice and humanity must be tho earnest of our spirit and purpose in tho affairs of tho world outside our own bordera." Clyde -;. .-.'ml. Srd. Minn IT I Jest l'*ive ^ VViebenKM, l-'runkUtf; Jnil, n, Center Clyde; 3rd, .Matthew HvvatiHun. Center ('lyde. , MoHt. Nearly Herfeet Ear . of,. Corn — l«t, , Hurry Howe, Frntikfln; 2nd, ard Mother, Nurth C'lyde; 3rd, Stelnmeyer, (Jrwnwood. ) I ^ m Rest ICnr of Corn •— < 1st. Harry j Howe. Frunklin; 2nd, Km 1 1 Olson, Al- ! drill; '3rd. John Miindt. Franklin. ; Tullest Stalk of Com — 3 »t. Alfred i 1 labben. I'Vnnktin r 2ndr Cynthia Habben. Franklin; 3rd, Oeorgw FrederiC'kH, Greenwood. HeHt l^lvn ICafH Unrtto Pop Corn — Jxt, Lo\t\i» Millie*. Aldritt; 2nd. .Alfred Habben, Ftanklltu 3rd. John .MeCulloh, Wi-Ht Clyde, Heat Five>« Sirtall Pop ('orn -Jht, Fred Arianx, North Clyde: 2nd, Joe Kennedy, AhuiU; Srd, Kdtw Arians, North Clyde. r'««»it Five I'Mfst Sweet Corn — 1»K l.i'onurd Mo»ht'r, North Clyde; 2nd. John, Al mult, FranUUn. One Quart llent Wheat— l$t, ICilsta- beth 5£ook. Franklin; i'nd.. Oliver OI- Hon, <iri>enwuod; 3rd. Mabel Mtittson, CJrcenwood. Ono Quart HCHI Hye— IMI, Loran An- <ter*wn, Aldrttt, 2nd, Kntlo Dragt. Aldritt. Uno Quart BCNI Oain — 1st, Cltira er, ,Gitsimviujd;_ 2nd. L-iianufd North 'Clyde; 3rd, Arthur Ken- AT FRANKLIN SCHOOL Taking Things for Granted nothing for granted, — The «wp of failure i» waiting for the man who is always 'taking things for granted. ' He trusts everyone but himself. Few things' juet '''turn up," but are brtfught about by the ingenuity and cleverness of someone. ; c •" Take nothing for granted, a bunk account wilt riot "turn up," you mint give it a start arid then back it up. • .'.',..' M, E. EPWORTH LEAGUE Have Hallowe'en Special: AH Savings maae before Nov, 10th will draw interest from Nov, 1st, and inter* estwill be added to principal Bee. 31st ' ' " ' ..... : -" ..... '"•':-.- For A Social.. The l>';>wurth l.cuifiie memberfl of thu First MelhddlMr, church have planned fur a Hallowe'en wichtl to Iw given .Monduy evening ut the church, All young peojiH* are iuvJtfHl and a KIHX! time IN proiui.icil all who attend. MASTER MAURICE JOHN Was Hoste** To Hi* Schoolmates At A HalloWo'en Party. .Manter i\luurh:i» John enteXameil eight Illtln whoi»lin;ilejj^.il a HulluvveVii purty !hln afternoon at (lu< hom« of hi* liiUi'iiiH. .Mr. und Airs. M. 1>. John. ^rhe_llnu > WHM_sj[-ent HI jil.tyiii games, mun- "\vlifi 'h eFfgiiiH meiit» A Large Crowd Attended tho Clyde O.orn Caruiyal Wednesday- Tho Clyde Corn f'nrnlvnl waa held at the 1'Vankllh si'hool, Wednesday. (let. U.'ith, and, althoUKh Uit» weather wan inthcr unfavorubie, a largo crowd attended. • J l''ollovving IK a report of t'lio carnival. . Athletic*. ' 50-yd. DaKli for Hoys 13 nnd Over— Int. Maurice FJynn, Mt. Carroll; anil, nedy, J-^lye liest Iwtte J'otntnes — 1st,- Ixirnn And.prMon. AjdrlH: 2nd, H«yard'Amli>r- Aldritt; ;inl. l-nint Hubben, Aldritt; ENTERTAlcARD CLUB Mr». Thomai R*gan Wai Hostess Thursday Afternoon. • Alrw, ThomuM iie(.'ttn, i>f l)<ipKina. en- terialnwf the Curd club sii h»ir IKUIU* ThUiHtl.ty ut (ei noon, Twelve dldlett wen- prehi-nl iind the uflt'l'lioon WUM ,«pent m pluyiiiK piome««ive euchru. At the < lone i'f the uttciiioun. t|u* liunt- i'K,s served. <klii'iou6> rofrc«hnicnt3. TvaM «51son, ATdrltt. nQ-yd. n«j*h for Hoya 11 and 12~lst, Mattljow Hwanson. <Vnter Clyde; 8ml. Irvln Wells, Malvern; 3rd, Oliver Ol' mm,. Ureen wood. f.O-yd. lJa»)i for Boyn 8, !> and 10~lel. Darrlll McNItt, Franklin; 2nd, Hayard Anilet-Mon. Aldritt; 3rd, lloywood Aldritt, Aldritt. ' f-fi-yd, l>a»h for BOJ-H Undty* 8—1st, Lurcu Anderson. Aidrltt; 2ml, Floyd Worley, West Clydu; 3rd, 1'Yank Kuhi fer. Center Clyde. yd, iMsh for (ilrlK 1U and Over—• ciuni Hteinmeyer, Orwnwood; Marlon Flynn, Mt. Carmul; 3rd, ieNUlcK, \S'i»St Clyde, •yd. Ua«h for <Jlrli< 11 und n--lht Htelnmcver CJreenw»iod; 2nd "SHi'kin, Center Clydf'; Urd, Klwii f.o-yd. Push for (JirlK s. 9 and K»- )Ht, 5o INI, iiul. I\y A A I FAREWELL DINNER PARTY, lit (l 1*1,i> t' loiiay the armu.ti State ofSterling •JM. (.',. VAN' HAN'T. J'u-t. !•' U".Fl.tKI'tlCHH. Cast Ur .u.d Mi*. S \\' l»,"i% It.. ' Ailt of 1 'III, .IK" " l( \V( il I Illl'l i U'll .'. li-ai i- (-a t!u n , Mr tuid Mr», \V. -•(e. .Hid John W. H-.ilh alMi ,i t'.il .e m ojiji v\ ti! h<> i^hi'iue 111 Flot It . r- PRAIRieviLLE .1 i.ii in imcttfK •> i,«l < n i !>• J «(j CIRCLE. "' ih" 1'i.ifiK l i 1 Un i- Hdliii HwittiHon, <"et\ttr Clyde, r.o->4l Dash for tiirls I'ndw h--lMt> U-ona Hchrcliier. I'Vauklin; 2ml, Alic* Kahier. Center civile; «rd, Alic-o Hieii.'-. in, i. North C!>de. „ Huniktng firuad Jump t'"i- HOJSJ 13 und IK*-! 1 -- 1st, Fn»nH JaiU Kilwxnl o|(,t.n, Aldritt; U-v, .Nojth Clyde iUiiiiung IHiMd Jum 12-Js<t. Harry' H'»w«i, jr'vin V^'ells, Malvi'in; »»on. iirycn\v XH)'. Kiiniiuig Urca-l Jump f ,nii| I' 1 Hi, IC.iU Johrihon, tla^oll McXut, Fjanklin. Uut-h. Jamc«. Ituiuiin b lltn;h JIIUIP Tor UlJ>^ I i HIT itt, Frank J,imt-». LeUin \Vi«St\. West Clyde: j.ini olM»a .Vldiitt. '' iinntitnu High .lump I<T 1!;.;,'. II I.' )>•',. ll.'iuv HIMM Center Clyde Five n<%t Karly Potatoes— 1st, Hoy Blftlcma, North Clyde; 2nd, Virgil HII- ler, West Clyde; Srd, Karl Hush, James, , . Threo I*»rj!est Aprlt-a — 1st, Thomaa neswlck, Jamen; 2nd, Kdlth Olson, Grc»nw<M>d; -:ird. Hertha I'Yanklin. l^argeKt onion — Int. Uly ^ •Malyern; 2nd, Mabel CasseuK,' James Srd, Karl Johnson, AldrltC JIeav)f»t Mqiiiinh— Iwt, l'Y«nk JtuneH,; 2nd, I ley wood Aldritt, 3rd. Klixabcili, 24ook, Franklin. lleavtetit Pumpkin —, I.CWJM Hvh- rnedcr, West Clyde: 2nd, John Frederick, Greenwood; 3rd, Itiibsi-ll .Jrlon, \\Vsl Clytie, Baking. Ltt'Ml Pumpkin Pl»~l*i(, .Mary Arlan.s, Nurth. nyile; 2nd.- Kllmbetlt riooK, Franklin;"- 3rd, Virgil .HllU-r, West Clyd.i. l$est Corn llrcttd — lt*t, Mai'Hiiret Habbejj. )<'iVinktln; 2r,d. Ivy HovvleK, We»t Clyde; Urd, VlrnH UUU'f,- West i'lyde. Best I^mf (,'ake by 1'uptl t'nder 11 — 1st, -Klnora Howe. Franklin; 2nd, I'M* na-&wftiis<*« f — Ciente-r- 4^yxlii; 3r4l,- JCIK zubeth '/Miik, Franklin. Sewing. .Hem 1-4 Yiird Plain. Tuliins — Int. Mary Kdnu, Mci'ulloh, We«t Clyde; 2nd, Ivy olwon, •FrunKlln; 'Jid, Hll/.u- beih Zook, 1'Yanklln. Ww»t 1-4 Vard < 'rocheled Ktlgo— lat, Mabel .MattHon, tirei'invood; -2nd. Ivy Hetm'lek, Went Clyde; 3rd, Kdna Htnith, Aldriit. l&vl 1-2 Down Huttoti HoJi*r~lHt. Violu Nun. (ireenwuoii; 2nd, Uly W«l« | l<rd, Jierthu Shoes That Please Them All To be always PAIR we use unusual CARE in both the fitting and featuring of shoes for women, men, girls and boys; all ages receive all attention here; no detail is neglected because no detail is too small to be overlooked; This is a store of true service —a family service I whose w^th has been J tried, tested arid trust* I ed for over twenty I years. No novelty is j too=new for us to show I in our women's shoes; no smartness too "smart" in our shoes for men; no foot-form lines too correcting in shoes for girls and boys. . Grebner's Shoe Mart Aldriit; 2nd. Viola Xutt, Oreenwood; 3rd. Ivy Itejswick, West Clyde, , Heht Drawing of Kt«lk of Coin,-Pupil of 4th,- .'.th. and tith <trade* -Kt, Virgil (Scrdes. Franklin- ^'iiil, Sanntct .latncs, JJUJH.>; 3rd, Mabel James. Total points for Urccnis: North Clyde tJrcenwootl .. , a Fnmkllu ber, Malvern; Frunklln. li«-M Four Pattli pil I'mli-r U C|j,i'.*-; GrtH-ns Total Malvern James* ... Center cjy \Vcht ( Aldritt Vel|o\v» Franklin i Jla 1 .'. having p01lll«. for yellows: tin the number 1" I'l the BURfiS PROVED FAT^L. Ida'Oruvt', la., Oct. 2H.-> I'eter I fait- m j h, a-famier-JU'litff neetr btre, n«i loaf I ua the result of I.UIHK i-t<eelve,il when he tried to kindlu a Hit wall ' KNOCKED DOWN THE FARES. Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. •*,—'Two ployen of the local street car a motoiman and condtictor, were Hi 4 ^- reHted charged with Ktealing Hums.of,, inoiiev aggrcgitiln)? wvenil dollarx by BubwlittiliiiK a caah which was Ktolcn, for the regular «r»»*,.| The mime* of the men were withhold^ FEAR~SHORTAGE OF ORE.'' <IJy fulled PreMN) t i piUhbufKli. Pa., i'ct. 2S, — Ail. ,tr«l|>J ol e Hhorlage before spllng i» O.»ri by hteel men here toihty duo tp i'act that the big lake cuirlertt huvu been no busty.fielKhtlng for tho Wt'«K»j| to-week (rath*, tiny have not buett'^ ,ible to pile up a reserve. - • '•' , t "01PSY" TO WORK IN WAR ZONfef (Hy i'liited Pn<M«i) - .•:"& Purln. Oct. 2*. • <iip«y Hmith; haw evangeliaed all over Uu* will spi'iid the months from Novem Jrt'r— 4 ill Apt il- 4u - Framed doing- -tauui gellNtlc woik under the uuttnicc** «f Voung Men's chriMtntn Wvxleynit Methodist church. U«i» Hie Uuvoiut Cluaalfied rolumtui Quilt l«t, .'ml, Fritnklin. Franklin. Writing, He»i \ymmti-hy Au> and Sill Ul'adcH - IKI,. Hlwk by Pu- Schumacher, |-;dna Habben. Uni. lierthu \Viebenga, Pupil Iv'i in Tib ;irU, linns' I. :u- - for HOVK 11 and fVanklln: ' 2«u» T 3rd. Oliver ol- Cj,\,ie, lin. (JtJ) WiititiK b> Pujtll in !. Kv'el.v l IHi, r ,t!l. » 1'reilc- Mi ;>id, diner ul^.n, b> Any Ihl, Pupil M;u'> l;i-»t \ViillriK .ml, and "1.1 tiii ,.l! ' arni'-I; ,'nd, Tho J.uuch, ;;ul. Com XtitJt, Ui'unvv Drawing. Map uf Hnuth Ajuerjc.i 7Ui and «>th Uratifj* -1st. in For Best Service Equipment Call Forster Funeral Directors ^(ll^^ ^^^^f ^(^^^^B ^^^a^^^^W ^^^^^^ . ^^^ We will call for your family washing, wash it carefully and sanitarily, and return it to you promptly, with all flat work ironed and ready for use; all pieces requirini sfarch will bo ttarchcd, and the balance thoroughly dcicd and ready for ironmy. , Our method of washing is easy on the clothe* 1 all *>IK and delicate fabrics are washed by hand with 'pure Ivory Soap. -, The cost is only 6 cents a pcuod, so can y-ou really aHji-d to do your own. washing? Also consider tho disagreeable features of trying to dry clothe* m Winter—out-doors you «r« confronted with cofd. rain and snow;-—in-doors with dust a rut smoke, and either way i& full of worry and discomfort.' - - Jar _io_a hum-drum dnd service so perfect '- jik3.»* Iff tea-few to m_ar the criiencc* o'f home washing and drying wben your command at a price to r«a*onable.. so— MOORE'S Soft Water Laundry BOTH PHONfcS

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