Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 14, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUQATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1944 Poggobon^i-Arezzo Surrounded By Allied Troops Italy, July M—(UP)— Tn Italy the AlllCM have surrounded Pop- nibonsl and Avor/.o—the lust bit, transport centers before florence Tho French are closing a pincers on Pogglbonsl, which is just 22 rnlir.M below Hitler* Gothic line Ami the British arc closing In . J'i-oni all .directions on Arezxo . in thr center of tho peninsula. On the American front, our troops arr threatening to outflank TVrricciolJL live miles above American-held -Lnjatico. Capture •• of the city would enable tho Americans to strike westward towards Uvorno, squeezing the Gorman* from their stubborn defenses oelow tho seaport. Supported by a Japanese-American regiment, the Americans also tool: .Pastlna near the west, coast after n bitter street light. The Nazis had converted Past inn Into tin important strong point on a good secondary road. National Income for the first three months of 1M-I tolalod $35.- 2fiS mililon, an Incrutisc of B.O per coil a.* compared with the same three months in 19-13. v Sets:'Itfe w Record^ - An ;>c« fighter pilot of the Kth' V. S. Air I'orci! lii'linjfluml, C:ii>t. f'"rcd J.'.'iiseti (above), \V»- Icrtown, MII.SS.. i.i'l a m;\v reuord U'lll'll hr Hliot down six rimiiiy plniii-H In :i HliiRlc mission on •Inly 7. lie has a total of twi-nly. (ivo ciiriny planes'to '"is civillt. Signal Corps KadlO|>hoto. (International) Funerals PIERPONT'S ].'.!> JIA.NK ,Iosi>ph O'Meara ) The funeral ol' Joseph O'Moara, who was found .dead Wednesday nt tho homo of his nephew, Robert Irving, .111 Spring street, will be held Saturday at 0:15 a. m. from thi> Fitzgerald funeral homo. 320 North Main street, to St. Mary's church at 10 a. in., whore a requiem- Mass will be celebrated. Interment will bo in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home today from 3 to D p. m. William A. Fulnior Buckrniller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Tho funeral of William A. Ful- mur, 01, of 101 Meadow street, who died Tuesday .it the Waterbury hospital, will be held today in Williamsport, Pa., with burial in Wildwood cemetery,' Williamsport. rP. . Private Gomes Home With Adopted Son . Ecioit, Wis. (UP)—It's hardly news any more when a soldier returns home utter 19 months overseas, but when Pvt, Anthony Belken returned to Belolt recently, his arrival made a front-page story. Red Army Now Ready For 100 fie Push On Brest-Litovsk (By United Prcus) The Germans say they have abandoned Pinsk. n vital bastion on the Russian front. Pinsk, which Is in that part of Poland takeij by -the Russians in 1030, commands all -the. northwestern part <ir! tho.'Pripot" marBhen.1 The city's reported fall"indicates the Russinns have completed ,the conquest ol' the Pripet swumpland. The Soviet forces, arc .now, .ready for a push .100 mica' due 'west against Brcst-Litovsk on the road to Wursawi and Berlin. . ; .- , -Two other Russian columns arc reported already closing- against Brosl-Litovslc from areas to the northeast and southeast of Pinsk. And in the north, Berlin reports that the Red army hus stormed into Grodno, the vital defense point on .tho .approaches -to Eust Prussia. Grodno is only '15- tulles from pro-win 1 Germany. Tho £^a/.i Transoccan news agency ' speaks of strong. Tlussian infantry attacks north of Grodno. . A Berlin radio commentator says the Russians arc exerting extreme pressure against German detaching movement near. Grodno —a hint that the loss of tho strong- holld is expected, A German report of fighting east and north of Grod. no suggests that the Red army is massing before East Prussia for a plnugc into tho rich Inud of tho Junker barons. German admission of such crave reverses on the eastern front indicate that tho defenses of central Poland and the Baltic are falling apart. Latest • Moscow dispatches are well behind NaiU accounts of the great battle, jii the cast, Tho most recent Ru.ssian report says tlint Soviet forces were 18 miles northeast and 27 miles southeast of Grodno. The Moscow account placed the Soviet vangunrd some , _Waterbury«s J A Year Ago July 14; 1443 ' .-• '<!*>: United•' In V Sicily,;.. tT. S. -troops under Gen. Patton strike for -Ciltaglrone,- while Gen. Montg-omcry'K meni reach the Catania Plain on _lhc 'clety cnst" more "limn~12.00o" prisoner,. (.Saturday morning • •• - - , . .._ honor .of .service men it,, in the" armed rorctn.'Tht" bcinfi: Given by Mr«. dello. «.".,- . oru taken ;.U. S.. troops alao .cap. tur<; Comiso and ' Ponte -Olive. . British RAF causr-rf much damage to rail canter atvAachen, .Germany, night. at July' 13": today,. Flying- Fortr,c«»eS( join RAF in .attack on German airfields- in France; -SI enemy fighters destroyed,' 45 by Fortresses -alone. '..' '.'./ RuwsiaHL troopHnfor -first time in moW/tbon u'^cek, began ^..counter-attack; recapture several villages. ' ' • •jn-- Bastille Day- nddross at Algiers. Gen. Charles de Gaulle de^ el'a'res that' the /French'- Army "'cannot be s<yparaved; from the; French .More than 80. per cent' in Waxhlnxtoo, Or«mon'"i fornia have electricity. Above Is'n view ol the new n-To|)p'Hliio.,,establishment that recently olK:ned V at"fi5 ..:.',.• '. l)iiryi;^hct fbrhicr-sltft.of•SeurK,'Ilof;l)u'cli'.', '..:.-.'• .1 . Grand utrcet, 27 milus southeast of Kaunas, the pre-war camtal of Lithuania. Meanwhile, a Finnish broadcast warns the Finns that their country might soon bo outflanked by a complete collapse of German re- Democrats Set On Convention ements Formal Opening Of By AUTHDR GUNnERSON Unltcd I'resN SUif Correspondnnt Chicago—(UP)—Delegates to the Democratic national convention are all apt • to pick up where - the Republicans left off three weeks ago —but have added plans for. an elevator to the speakers' platform.. . Hotel. accommodations are the same for the next,"wave" of, delegates and the Chicago Stadium i la approximately -the samc,.;^but "the elevator will, conni, up right, where, there is easy access -to 'the -front of the platform. •'. • Most of the .preliminary work •" 'Boasting,three complete floors of sist.nnce -on the Baltic front. The capture of Wilno, which was in Poland before l-he war. and later became the capital of Soviet Lithuania, Jias freed huge ' Soviet forces to join in Hie. drive against movcc j "" ' Prussia, In nearly a week oC for the second big convention has been under the • direction of Ambrose J, O'Connell. who has since been appointed to the court of customs and paten', appeals. O'Con- Lettuce Seen For Postwar • Crowds of. friends and well wishers including scores from Naugatuck, were on hand Thursday as Topps, Inc., opened its 'do;ors in, it's new- enlarged quarters at ."17-65 Grand street, Watcrbiiryj null has boen-succeeded by Stead- hum'Acker, manager of the Birmingham. A!a.. airport. Use Same Offices me'r'oharidlse departmentalized the most modern,.merchandising- methods,, the store is in a position to; provide the utmost convenience both for the person who wants a specific article and tho person-\vho just comes in. to shop around. Jn"the, flag bedecked building, formerly occupied by Sears-Roebuck, Herman- 'S: Halpin, general manager, explained how Topps .was conceived several years ago as a business to provide, plumbing and heating supplies direct to the public. . 1 The store was opened on Center street, Waterbury, and as the soundness- of the store's policies brought many customers and tho violent -streiii fighting., some S.OOO Germans Were killed and some i.OOO captured at Wilno. Along with his luggage and a few souvenirs E u 1 k e n brought home a IG-year-old adopted son, Michael Anthony. He adopted the. homeless kid when hu tioncd in Puerto Rico. was sta- When the Republican staff or-1 addition of other lino? ot merchan- gnnizatlon left, the Dcmcorats i disc, Mr. Halpin eventually obits caking over- the same suite of offices on the scv_ FOR LASTING CHARM AND COMFORT: Tin; simny I'rioiicllhioss ;md enduring cliann of m;iplu I'nr- m'ttin,' liiivr.! made it, i\ I'avor- ilo Uiroiiyliout t.liu ywn-s in (liscririiiiiiiUn^ liomc.s. JTurc \VL- prt;*t'iil. just. ;i t'c\v of t.liu f>iilst,jiiiiliniy items in our si.-lee- lion of Finn ru;i|il(j pit'ces. lilacli i.s ,'iutlii'iilic: in design and Niififrior in construction. Open Stock Groupings A BEDROOM BRIGHT WITH CHARM ... is inexpensively jiofiiovod with ;i colonial type maple suite in solid maple, skillfully lum(|-riil>bed to hi'ing'. out the mellow beauty of the \vood. Note tiie c;m.'l.'nl detailing, .'.nitique bj-n-ss . J in rtlwn n.', c;-il)i-iole leys. Bed, elicst, vjniity and dresser -u-it]] plate 1 U'liiss iniiTors. - • cnth floor o£ the Stevens Hotel, There they will" function in the same manner as did the GOP officials in setting-up their meeting. Hotc-l reservations for the press, delegates and party leaders were cleared through the same committee from Chicago's big hotels, and in many cases'the same'rooms will be available for the more than 3,000 press, radio- o.fid newsroel men and women. ; .' '" : While the Re))ubli£an convention was on, many_o£ the speeches hit' at the Denioc'rats for disorganization in office, but that didn't prevent tho Democrats from taking, a'dvuntnge of the preparatory work- that h;id boon accomplished in thr last five months. '• Cooperaiign between the two party arrangements committee has paid off to "the exteni, of about $20,000 savings for both parties. Hotel I'rolilem Based I-Jo(ul rooni.-> considered one of tho biggest problems the Republicans had, will bo cased somewhat for the Democrats' meeting because other cor.ver.tioris will not interfere. A national convention of cost accountants took almost 1,000 rooms away from tho Republicans. The tricky loud speaker .system which was "fixed" during the. 1940 Democratic session, ' and - which 'b'larod forth with "We want-Roosevelt" to stampede tho .delegates, is in good working order. again, according to Tom Garry, city .'engineer, who has been in . charge arrangements at the Stadium. both conventions. But even Garry had to adm that the Stadium blueprint di have that provision for nn uleva tor to the speakers' platform— just in case. CUSHMAN COLONIAL CREATIONS ETHAN ALLEN MAPLE RANDOLPH LODGE MAPLE FURNITURE 175 CHURCH STREET, NAUGATUCK ' , 1760 WATERTOWN AVE., (OAKVILLE) Wayside Store Open Thurs., Fri. and Sat. Eyes. Until 9 P. M. BOTH, STORES CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAYS JULY & AUGUST Fighter Plane Models Have Own Assembly Line •••':'• New York—(UP)—On a minia hire assembly line in. the plant o Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp at Downey, Gal., tiny .replicas o the plant's fighting planes.arc pu together as 'carefully as th'e rea thing, The models, produced by sevci men working in exact scale 1 mode from waste materials, are used by the plant's representatives for demonstration, training and •• tesi work, according to the August issue of Click magazine. Fatal acciclen-ts on farms' each year, exceed those in any other in-, r<ational safety surveys have proved. S SNACK and SNIFTER SET {CENTER Anniversary and Wedding Cukes A Specialty CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TEL. S078-.' taincd the 'new location with live floors and decided to dovoto thvce. floors to sales with the two others to provide ample warehouse, storage, and olllce space. As one enters the new store, to the left is a .display, of hardware which, includes tools for the skilled craftsman ns well as the amateur carpenter. Precision tools of the finest quality are iri stock. On. the .right is. one of the fullest 'lines' of repair parts and automobile accessories seen since Pearl Harbor. Everything possible has been done to give the auto repairman service ns well as the auto owner. A large section of the first floor is devoted to a sports department which includes equipment used in every sport. Fishermen in particular arc in for a treat here. Complete-bathroom and kitchen layouts, with cabinc'ts and other play of plumbing items, in which items .is included in the, huge dis- Topps has always specialized. The most modern types and stylos in, everything for the bathroom are' available. House wares and gilts and many items of particular appeal to women shoppers are included in the second floor display. Also on tho second floor isan extremely color- i'ul and artistic display in the electrical fixtures department, where hundreds of appliances are installed in coiling and wall outlets. On the left side of the basement department, .is a complete line of: duPont .paint products. On the same floor arc tools and other- items for the victory gardener. Los Ancles (UP) — Transportation of lettuce from California to the nation's markets by giant airliners is -one of th.c possibilities aviation., leaders ore considering for use of the tremendous wartime production of- four-motored pin new. : So • much attention has been jfivcn to the likelihood of usinfr -postwar air cargo planes—commercial versions of the "present warplnncs — for transcontinental vegetable shipments thai the U .S. Department of Agriculture has entered tho picture. This summer U. S. Agriculture technicians are flying- across the country in Transcontinental and Western Air, -Inv.. planes to study weather conditions and their effects on th« - vegetables. • First to make such a trip was Dr. .R. W. Hooker, chief of the Bureau 'oC Agricultural'Economies' fruit and vegetable marketing- section, who studied the effects of air transportation on lettuce.- . Tho results, he disclosed, were promising. Part of the first ship- ment.was taken to Washington ;'or laboratory study. The remainder was placed on sale- in unadvertised stores to test buying appeal. The lettuce was sold about 30 per cent above normal consumer prices to represent the added expense of air transportation and it was labeled as air-flown. Because lettuce is perishable and normally requires careful packing and icing, many aviation and agricultural experts view this vegetable as a prime postwar air- cargo possibility. They foresee overnight air transportation as eliminating this cost, preserving the outside leaves, where the vitamin content is highest, and thus delivering' a much 'sought food in the most attractive beneficial con- 1 ilition." The plan assumes that postwai air cargo rates will be far below those of today—a belief in which many aircraft leaders concur. ENROLL ;.•• 1944 Summer Course vale and. individual on the Accordion. AJI personally supervised Domcnic Mecca, •ssisU expert- teachers who been trained to teach Mecca System of Accordfcj»i playing. Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY •ROSE SHOP! Keep Cool and Look In These Summer Detailed I-' •;: COTTONS! SHEER SILKS! - Jg BEMBERGS! PRINTED JERSEY^ $0.95 3 Number of hogs on Canadian farma at Ihe close of :9.|3 was 9,•173,000, an Increase of 22 per cent over thc.'iSama date in' 13-12. NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK STORE CUSTOMERS: Due to war time conditions, we are compelled to close our Xau Satuck store, CAIX US For thfi day our Route Jinn will !)c on your street. Free Telephone Service For Natigatuck CiiNtomern Call Enterprise 4700 JN>,OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT TABLE and BOUDOIR LAMPS Splendid Selection NKABY BUir-DING ' Tel. 5212 SHALETT-LUX LiiundcrorH P r s> Cleaner* 2«i'li Muli* St.',. Wnterbury Main Office & Plant, 22 Walnut St. Ext. WnUirtown — Nauputuck Mlddlclmry- -WATCH .&. REPAIRING William . Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. _ 1 .Flight Up -- Electrical Supplies Lighting ^Equipment BOMB ,'EM WITIl. BOM11S Victor — Columbia — Decca Record* SWAN' " ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEt,. 21574 We still have a large and varied stock cf "hit! 1 ! summer dresses. Be "cool as coot'can, be" in these delightful daytime super-values for summer-longv wear. Colorful dresses! Flattering dresses! Brewe* you can wear all day and still look fresh and BmartM CLEARANCE SALE Coats, SultH and DrcH»e«- -: '. Groiitly- Reiliicpd--- ',- • i , "dyne's <6f Course" That's right, Clyncla is the place to go for handsome gifts, gifts that are treasured. CLYNB GLAS& SHOP' 29 Harrison -jive.' Waterbury Before Your I>avr Oji Your Viiciitlon Ilrlrig Your Sport' 1 ClothoH ITere To Bo Dry- Cleaned'- D. LIEBERMAN . 2G CHURCH STREET UY WABUONBS AND STAMPS Great Oafc Farm OXFORD. ROAD Tel. 5049 .. MILK~-1~EGGS . Delivery To All .Parts Of ' '. Nungatuclc /\ ' %T":S~£*. < ^>« a ' •x^^sr-i 1 •'• •><•* i*v£\ kro,'-*^5»'-'i ..

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