The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on April 1, 1972 · 32
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 32

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1972
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“ s-c THE MIAMI HERALD TODAY S TELEVISION CD WPIT-PIS OWTVJ-CBS OWCKT-NBC ©WPLG-TVABC O WCIX-TV © WLTV UHF 0 WPTV-NBC (Palm Beach) ffi WEAT-TV ABC (Palm Beach) 0 WKID UHF I MIH tilB O Sunrise Semester 1:00 a 6irten(tel) Q Ajriculture CD Arthur Cempiny ) CD Navy fir Piiei 7:10 Q Casper Friends 0 UneliAl CD Astre 8eyX 7:45 Q Agricultural (H 1:30) 1:00 O Buga Bunny 00 DrDeeliHle ©0 Jerry Liwii 1:30 Seeihy Du - Q Retieious Niwi ’ O Deputy Bawg 0 Whii Kid CD Deing-Being (fi 0:30) (D Retd Runner 9:00 O Glebatretier 0 Juvenile Jury ‘ O World if Law 0 Woidy Waedpeekir 0 Funky Phinlom 9:30 O Hair Our Bunch O Gespil Show ' j 00 Pink Panther O0 Jackson 5 10:00 -Q Pihh!tlimm limm I 0 Capt Noth' -' ' Q0 Jifions ' f 0 Ivinkoi ' 0 Bewitched 10:30 O Archie Q Movie (to 1 2) “Arrowhead” (1953) — ' ‘ Charlton Heston Jack Palance Brian Keith The Indians and the US Cavalry are at it again Nothing new O0 Barrier Roof - 00 Lidivitlo 11:00 O Sabrina O0 Giant Step (IH) 00 Curiosity Shop ' (to 12) 11:30 O Jesia Pussycats USE mr juUeL 12:00 Menkes D Movie (to 2) I “That Certain Feeling” (1956) — Bob Hope Eva Marie " Saint George Sanders Artist is hired to ghost a comic strip Amusing 0 Jr Collog 0 Mr Wizard 0 Midday Scon 0 Johnny Quoat 12:30 Q Children's The-air (to 2) REPEAT “Hand in Hand” is a British film about a Catholic boy and a Jewish girl who try to ignore adult prejudices cast includes Philip Needs Loretta Parry Finlay Currie : John Gregson and Derek Sydney 0 U-M Roundtabio 0 Bugalees 0 Elegant Cooking Theme: ���Viennese Dishes for Dinner” 0 Lancelot Link O Perspective 0 Wroitling (to 2) Sat April 11972 Key Fair Good Best Bet AO programs in color unless otherwise indicated 0 Inkilbill (til) SPECIAL The 1972 East-West Col-lege All-Star Game from the University of Dayton sports arena 0 Bandstand (to 2) 1:30 O Camera 7 0 Luchi Libra (to 2:30) 2:00 O Baskothall (to 4) SPECIAL ABA Playoff Game: Miami Floridians vs Virginia Squires Q Celebrity Bowling O Saint (to 3)-X 0 Mavio (to 3: 3 0 ) -X “Red Hot and Blue” (1949) — Betty Hutton Victor Mature Girl tries to crash show business Not much 0 Safari (to 3) 0 Cartoons 2:30 0 Outdoor ED Soccer (to 4:30) 0 Freddy tho Clown 3:00 ffi Broward Report Q Fishing Hoi 0 Mavio (to 4:30)-X “The Looters” (1955) — Rory Calhoun Julia Adams Survivors of a plane crash try to cope with greedy would-be rescuers No treasure here 0 Death Valley Days 0 Jim-Jessa 0 Movia (to 5)X “Neanderthal Man” (1953) — Robert Shayne Doris Merrick Scientist tries to turn a man into a Neanderthal creature A hodge-podge 3:30 (3) Satami St (la 4:30) Q Wrestling (to 4:30) 0 Addomt Family! 00 Bowling (to 5) Pro-Bowlers Tour: The $125000 Firestone Tournament of Champions from Akron 4:00 O Colt (to 5) SPECIAL The $200000 Greater Greensboro Open Tournament 0 Physicians Mutual 4:15 0 Fox and Crow 4:30 CD Zoom This program is created by and for youngsters in the seven-to-12 age group Q Movi (to 7)-X "14 Hours" (1950) — Paul 'Douglas Richard Basehart Barbara Bel Geddes Agnes Moore-head Policeman tries to save a would-be suicide Excellent O Stir Trek (to 5:30) 0 Bon Caioy (to 5:30) 0 Mr Mystic (to 5:30) 5:00 S) Electric Co Wild Wild West (to 8) REPEAT Foreign diplomat tries to implicate the United States in an international conspiracy Harvey Kor-man Robert Conrad Ross Martin The Best On Radio AW WLTO (1200) WWOK (1260) WGMA-MBS 0320) WKAT-CBS (1360) Will (14301 WOCN 14501 WMBM (1490 WRIZ-ABC (1330) WEXY cno) FM WMYO (963 WAIA (973) WEDR (99 WLYF (1013) WCKO (1027) WYOP (1051) WAXY (106) WOAM Uob) WIOO-NSC (110) WGBSAiC (710) WFUN (790) WINZ (940) WFAO (990) WVCO (1080) WQSA (1140) WHMS (921 ) WMCU ($97) WVUM (905) WBUS (932 WOCN (949) WTMI (931) 11:15 AM — Golf WGM A — Progress reports on the Greater Greensboro Open periodically through 6:15 PM 12 Noon — Your Environment WKAT — Guest: Paul Leach former Dade County pollution control director 12:05 PM — Concert Matinee WTMI-FM — Verdi’s “Falstaff” sung by Renata Tibaldi Roberta Peters and Tito Gobbi 5 PM — Horse Racing IVIOD & WGBS — Hialeah’s $50000 Everglades 6:55 PM — Exhibition Baseball WGBS — Baltimore Orioles vs Atlanta Braves 11 PM — Radio Nederland Presents WTMI-FM — Mozart’s Quartet in G min 12 AM (Sun) — China Valles WGBS — Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass” 00 World of Sports (to 6:30) Events: The NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships from West Point NY and the World Ice Dance Figure Skating Championships from Calgary Alta Canada ' 0 To Bo Announced (to 6) 5:30 2) Cultural Cuban O Latsia 0 Against Ail 0dd 0 La Santa Misa im 1:00 CD Forsyte Saga (to 7) Q Nows Weekend O Big News 0 Datolino 0 Cultura Cubana-X 0 Country Plae O Perry Mason (to 7:30)-X REPEAT Mason tries to cope with “The Case of the Terrified Typist" 0 Nam of Garni-(to 8) REPEAT Farrell believes an aging criminal is implicated in a million dollar robbery Robert Stack Barry Nelson Arthur O’Connell Shelly Novack 0 NBC Nows 0 News-Bob Hughes 0 Saturday Report 0 Reporter 23 0 Buck Owont CD Thtaftr (to 9) “Last of the Mohicans” (Part 1) British-made production of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel about the French and Indian War (1754-1763) cast includes Kenneth Ives as Hawkeye and Philip Madoc as Magus the Mohican 0 Movi (to 9) “Let’s Make Love” (1960) — Marilyn Monroe Yves Montand Tony Randall Frankie Vaughan Wealthy man tries to pass himself off as a struggling actor Foolish but fun 0 Nashville Music 0 Weekend News 0 Sports Illustrated 0 Sabados Alegre 6:30 7:00 QJ RON FOR THE SUN Richard Widmark 0 Movia (to 9) “Run for the Sun” (1956) — Richard Widmark Jane Greer Trevor Howard Young couple in Mexico are terrorized by escaped Nazi war criminals Some suspense? 7:30 Primus Primus tries to help a man trapped in the wreckage of a sunken ship Robert Brown 0 Adam 12 0 Miami Magazini (to 1:31) Topics to be announced 0 Golf lor Swingers 0 Cosar Costa-X 1:00 0 All in Family REPEAT Gloria is asked to pose for an artist Sally Struthers Car-roll O’Connor Jean Stapleton Rob Reiner O0 Movia (toll) REPEAT "Cast a Giant Shadow” (1966) — Kirk Douglas Senta Berger Story of the American World War II officer who helped the Israeli army in its struggle with the Arabs (cameo roles are played by Frank Sinatra John Wayne and Yul Brynner) Good action drama 0 Bewitched 0 Cine (to ID)-X 8:30 O Mary Tyler Moor REPEAT Mary has problems with the instructor of a high school TV journalism class Michael Tolan 00 ABC Movi (to 10) 1 J5S5Z1 REPEAT “If Tomorrow Comes” is a sincere attempt to look at one of America’s shames: the interment of loyal Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor Unfortunately the script gets so bogged down in parallels to Romeo and Juliet which Shakespeare did better that it never really hits the target Patty Duke Frank Liu James Whitemore Pat Hingle and Anne Baxter head the cast 9:00 (D David Susskind (to 10:45) Dick Van Dyko 0 Amcnidades G) ACT OF LOVE Kirk Douglas Idv 0 Movi (to M)-X “Act of Love” (1954) — Kirk Douglas Dany Robin American serviceman falls in love with destitute French girl Poignant drama 9:30 O Ami REPEAT Arnie decides to hire a maid Herschel Bernardi Sue Ane Lang-don Reta Shaw Q Profoior Alda (to II) 10:00 Mission: Impossible (toll) REPEAT Kevin McCarthy is the quarry tonight Seems earthquakes cripple the Distant Early Warning system and McCarthy is the egocentric Defense Department advisor who has murdered and has concealed important information about where DEW is inoperative 00 Sixth Sense (toll) Dr Rhodes life is at stake when he investigates reports of a ghost 0 Nochis Tapatias 10:38 0 Boxio 10:45 ' CD Courso el Times "Churchill and the Salvation of Britain” reviews his extraordinary leadership when England was threatened by Nazi invasion 11:00 Nows Weekend 0 Dr Billy J Hargis Q0 News-Wthr-Spts 0 Wnkind Scon 0 ABC News 11:15 0 Movie (to 2:I5)X “War of the Colossal Beast” (1958) — Sally Fraser Dean Parkin Army officer goes insane after being eixposed to atomic radiation Te dious AND “Invasion of the Saucer Men” (1957) — Steve Terrell Gloria Castillo 1 Creatures from flying saucers try to terrorize teenagers Trite 11:30 Bill Russell (lo 12:30) O Stov Alien (to I) © Tonight (to I) '0 Porsuaders (to 12:30) REPEAT Danny and Brett try to help a girl keep her inheritance Tony Curtis Roger Moore 12:30 O Movi (to 2)-X “Most Dangerous Man Alive” (1961) — Ron Randell Debra Paget Elaine Stewart Cobalt bomb explosion causes a man’s body to turn to steel Dull not dangerous 0 Movie (1o2:20)-X “Operation CIA” (1965) — Burt Reynolds John Hoyt CIA agent is murdered when he tries to deliver an important message Not Important 2:20 0 ABC Nows ‘Mini-Transmitters’ Will Help Improve Channel 6’s Picture STATION WCIX-TV (Ch 6) has had a transmission problem ever since it went on the air five years ago For technical reasons the station’s transmitter and tower antenna had to be located to the southeast of Miami rather than the northeast where the signals of the rest of the area’s stations come from ' Since most homeowners of the area have their antennas pointed northeastward many of them over the years have never gotten a really satisfactory reception of Channel 6’s programs This is particularly true of homeowners in BIKIPIlUimiWIWiWllOT'linB'NlinWffl jb Giannel Chuckles Capote Sues Over ‘Great Miami Herald-Ntwhous Wirt NEW YORK — Truman Capote says he had a feeling of “malaise” last January He says he also had high fever a severe cough and a “markedly erythematous infected throat” that kept him in bed when he should have been finishing the screen play for a remake of “The Great Gatsby” Capote missed his deadline and Paramount Pictures told him he would not get the bulk of his $135000 fee unless he agreed to revise parts of the screen play he had already turned in according to a suit filed by Capote in Manhattan State Supreme Court ' Capote wants the money $101250 and an injunction FIND YOUR INNER POWER "THE VOICE OF UNITY" SUNDAY 8:30 am RADIO WINZ 940 AM DIAL Sponsored by UNITY CENTER 411 N f 2 1 st Strtat Miami Y block East of Bucoyn $lvd Phan 174-069$ Sunday Sarvic (not broadcast) ’’THE PRINCIPLE ESTABLISHED” and Sunday School at 11 am ei3” a $ t at' - THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Bone china from line land delicate translucent ihnncr-ssare from Japan fmc crystal from West Germans i Inna from Israel wooden salad sets from the Phiili-pincs glassware from Italv decorative pieces from Hone Kong gold & stainless flatware marble cheese boards etc' etc etc All at my usual absurdly low prites Moittr Chargt BankAmeneard TIT MHfK J HO 1KDOI IK Utl MIAMI: BISCAYNE BlVD & 108th ST 754-2696 By JACK E ANDERSON Harold Radio and TV Editor the Broward-Palm Beach section THE SERVICE is improved by the installation of antennas which are rigged to pick up Channel 6’s signal from the back But WCIX is now busy installing new equipment to eliminate any hit-or-miss reception Fort Lauderdale viewers will be the chief beneficiaries of the improved signal But first an explanation of why the station’s transmitter and tower are sitated southeast instead of northeast When the Federal Communications commission authorized the use of Channel 6 in this area its technical restrictions dictated that the station’s transmitter must be separated by 160 miles from Channel 6 in Orlando to avoid interference IF WCIX had located its installation in the so-called Hallandale antenna farm to the northeast- where the other stations’ transmitters and towers are clusteredit would have been in technical violation The station did get an FCC Paramount Gatsby ’ Fee barring Paramount from using the already completed scenes The writer knew of the time limit he said but no one “pressured or reminded” him to meet it to the day Ali MacGraw will star in the movie if the script is ever finished SW C CABLES ZEKDILl SC 9 5 COLOR TV CALLS 11 hi Tur Hvnt I JLM I 5:30 PM W COLOR tUTEHIUS lSULl£ $59 95 FACTOR! AlfTHORIZEO SALES I SERVICE RCA ZENITH MOTOROLA A0NIRAL RELIABLE RADIO & TY 00 C'ce Mimbir Cenl Sablis u I cr run ? $ nor ® Chmbr sf Commtrcs MASTER CHiRGE — BiNHAMFRinARO Wake up! We make Sundays worth getting up for Central Baptist Church 500 NE First Avenue Miami Florida Conrad R Willard Pastor 11:00 am 5:30 pm o AMtfoaiSei- 'm I 1 NrgjtDr waiver to bring tne transmitter in a little closer to Miami by a few miles but it was finally settled on a site about 25 miles southwest near Homestead1 What the station is doing to improve its service completely is to install the first of three “translators” as they are called to be operated on unused UFH Channels 61 64 and 69 in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood area IN EFFECT a "Translator" is a small scale transmitter It consists of a transmitter proper about the size of a small box and a short antenna The first to be operated on UHF Channel 61 will be mounted atop the 300-foot high Point of the Americas Building at Port Everglades This “translator” will receive Channel 6’s VHF signal from the southeast convert it to UHF and re-transmit on Channel 61 on any UHF-equipped set — which is most of them nowadays Any viewer who hasn’t been getting Channel 6 very satisfactorily on his VHF dial can try getting it on Channel 61 on the UHF dial Ted Adams general manager of WCIX says the first installation should be in operation by mid-April and the other shortly after The first installation should provide a first class signal over Fort Lauderdale The other two installations should also improve the signal in the adja: cent territory Telethon Celebs Are Checking In THE OUT-OF-TOWN entertainment celebrities will 5 DAYS USDA BONUS SPECIAL! - ONLY 10 Lbs Grade A FRYERS 5 Lbs BACON 5 Lbs SAUSAGE §SGQftsS OTQ00c2eG)O YOUR CHOICE OF 1 2 3 THESE ARE THE CUTS AVAILABLE © HO MONEY DOWN NO INTEREST e NO CARRYING CHARGES e 4 MONTHS SAME AS CASH cub SMianyaiKjttscii would KMfimt nic FREE CUTTING 8 WRAPPING 3N ALL 0BDERSI 3 DISCOUNT a 03n3CT!?Qf!£lP Uliiif SIRLOIN STEAK! PORTEBNOUSI S' T-I0NE STEAK TIP NOON! ST! SIRLOIN TIP NST WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE VERY BEST USDA PRIME AVAIIABIE frfXFIR WEEK FOR 18 WEEKS West Miami Meats 893 SW 57th Ave (Red Road) Out-of-Town Call Collect Call today for appointment HOURS: MON THRU FRID TOD -SAT I SUN 8 TO 8 CLOSED WEB 667-2561 Arte Johnson coming for Telethon start checking into Miami and Miami Beach this week-! end in preparation for partic-i ipating in the Cerebral Palsy Telethon the weekend - of ' April 8 and 9 on Channel 6 Dennis James is coming ini to host the Telethon again! Other arrivals include Arte Johnson who used to do the' “Dirty Old Man” and Ger--man soldier routines on “ NBC’s Laugh-In Linda Cris-tal of the syndicated series I “High Chapparal” and Ei-3 Ieen Fulton a star regularon-CBS’ soap opera “As the World Turns” ' These and a host of other visiting and locally working-! entertainers will be on hand for the event to be originator from Miami’s Bayfront AudUl torium I: The Telethon will go op the air at 6 Saturday night’ April 8 and run on through the night and until 6 Sunday night april 9 Proceeds go to the United 4 Cerebral Palsy Center here at! 1411 NW 14th Ave - - ONLY CHOICE $4°° To the first 50 Customers to make an appointment k purchase 1 20 lbs of beef or more 5 Lbs HOT DOGS PER WEEK FOR 18 WEEKS tTtt'lTTHfJ ImkAmerium

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