Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 3
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STERilfm, !K FALLS DAILY GAZETTE F ALLS,'tttlHOIS, SATTJEBAY, OCT. 28, 101 ff. USELESS TEST MESSAGE l w ^r t T\, l :. ftr ; i ;Th I , n mVr7inc < 'Vor'"« R«f*y M*f*«3« Sent Last; Mm <'hn.« I'r.-w arrived home In Evening. j r "- "finfi' «f"'r :• 1< w <t:iys vf«h inOi 8t to ail r«mat*nr<« hist fvf-ninsr f-t 'clock from n T)riv*'Ttp<.r! v. ire}e«?» n. The mewnpo «w"n? by ITV'.M- WilKnn follows': '! neither «f"fc *-vfnfn nor fear UK- rtlspu-astirs* of r -How mnJl nlipn element nnr>r>e?t u«> j ,„ frtif* loyality IK n ff.rHKTi [mw- tH>ff>r<* loyal Hy to thf> t'nirod " Sevfrnl ajrnfltetirR in tbl.s f-tty the"" ""'" " "" T,oui« KrlrUt A'.H'i-ra tt<i« in -W TyrK' v.. (jfruif T,.T?l(li«, fin fiit l:Vvt fv'-nhiit ii\ Mrs. f*tropi, who submit;<••<-? \r, a *t' (on* operation at the Sterling hospital, TM'Tfnii'fovTnTr'fS'F'ttlTy'."" LADIES' AIDJSOCIETY Th* Chrittian Church Met Friday Afternoon. H> txidie*' Aid Society, of...the j*tian church held an Interesting stinK veftte'rday nfternonii'. nt the Of'Mrs*. I* H Shlffer.. Thm» ten ladle* present and tiff 11 after- waa spent In fifing comforfors.- INQRCGATIO^AL CHURCH H. A. Hole in Cham* of Morning O*rv'e*. Sunday Brhool, 9:45. Mornlnc ser 19:4&. There will be no ev< * on'Account of the vesper to be Riven by the- choir fit GERMAN LUTHERAN /III Not Hold Service* At Church Thit Sunday, „„ German Lutheran church will n hold their regular uervlcei, tliis ttttdfty n* Itev. Krebbs will nave K* of the service* at Yorktown. ,,™ reformation festival with com- IIunion will be held nt Yorktown. Sunday reformation will be held her*. ' Ifrnnon the tallies' Aid will hold n Ctlng In the- church LADIES'IjF BAZAAR* /** Held PHday And Saturday With Good Rt«ult». 'The Aid Hoclcly «f thr- Methodist iurch hfl« lK-»«n holdlnjt «i bsizimr In eetn building for tin- l>n»t two Th« Indies report that th^lr nr- hayp Bold well, brln«inK KW« nits. • ' ' METHODIST^CHURCH At Th» Uiual Houri—Good Attendance U Detired. Imlwtcr. pnMtor. Hundity «oho«»l. ornlnR wrvicp, I0:t:.. Kvonlng 7:30. I* VlSITINfli SISTER HERE. Mr«. H. Kalwr, «>r fhi«'UK«i, Mm. v Mrs. McCarthy nnrt Mr«. M lifiyera. of nvriwrt. ri-tunifil home la mornlnit feftor a ylHll hero with f, and Mrs. \Vlllinm Kloc-Ut'. Hr. The Bra ar* KtM^rF of Mm. Klm-k««. REDECORATING' BANK. The Flrat Nuiionnl bank Is being ^?, -Anotlwr- room has been alided and tho paper- Ins end varnishing storied today. . HERE TO SPEND WINTER.- Mf. and Mrs. Ralph Lands nnd family from Los Anglic*. < nllf.. «**• SvM her* Friday and will spend the 'Motor with Mra. JAndU' parents. Mr. and Mrs, J. «. Wilson. ROCK ^ALLS BRIEFS ^'Band dance In Woodman hall, Rock ~ " Saturday evening Oft. 28. t jrtane.<Mn Woodman hall, Rock Saturday evening, Oct. 1!8. ram Howler «uid IJollln Woods went ' Chicago yesterday morning nnd iv» out a- new ear. arid Mrs. Gowey. of Newklrk. norna, are hero to attend tho wed-. m of Howard Geyer nnd Miss Utah '}>• MtesW Florence and Ha*el Stephen*on and Pearl Rmmons wont to <-Union today to attend tho carnival. V Charlea W. Ywurer ha* resigned i>«« position aa foreman of the foundry at "toe Sterling Manufacturing «'<>• '-- Mi»8 Eleanor A«kcn went to Bclolt 'till* mornins? for an ovw Hunday vinit. " W, H. Kel«ey has piirohawHl the four ^family fiat at 'the earner of Oth btreta ' ' 4th avenue. . . . William Hard and daughter. Teromia, of New iu«dford, uro vinttinff friend* and relative*. I>re*. Lelloy J'owell, l*aul , and Robert Puisxard «i>ent na»y afternoon In Harmon. Harold Downey went to t'litwup to— where rte w(H «pend Hunday. N Seyer, who haw hwn visiting itlven here, returned to hln homo in went t» afternoon for a-n ov*r Sunday ' UB RHEUMATISM OR RE, ACHING JOINTS tub Pain right out with sman r . trial boftle of oldest. P; Jacob's OH." Rheumatism i» "pain only," Not i* ca«e in fifty >*qulr«» internal Stop drugging, Buh aootlj- penBirAUng "St. Jacobs Oil" right your »ore, stiff, aching Joints and muscle*, and relief cornea instantly. #Bt Jacobs OH" is ft harmleaii rheu- '- 0ure which nev»r diaappointa not burn the akin. * Jdmoef «pt QM {t compliUning! -Get li wnall trial bottle ol old, hone«t |%t Jacob* O»" At any drugstore, and _ jinomen you'U be free rro.n r tl«UBWtie pain, «or«new>, *tiffne»»and Nor^ng. IXm't suffer! H»He« «walt« rSm. "W. Jw»b» OH" »»«» «»rea mll- 'ftoiw or rheumtttism sufferers in the half century, and t» Ju*i »* « 01 "1 , tteumlgla, lumbago, buck- ATTENTION SONS, T) 1f*r Txulc^. Nti. 11. H^T>s f>f -T'f 11 Kstlb. Tt'n-k Fulls. Will have nr» oyster snjiper next Monday evenlnc. "ct. 30. 1!*IS. «t 8 p. m. All wmbrrc, candl- 'JAt<>j» and vlsitlnpf nn-mbTS cnr>llally invited. i.'ommSttrr.* f Mit.LE00EVILie NEWS J AT DAUMBMAN HOME- Mr and Mrs. Oscar OonUpr, Mr. nn«l Mrs. Hnrry Tlopner, Mr. and Mrft >Tot- ^^llf!^ find M(WN O'll Hrpnrr, Grncc Oonker find Kth»l Z'wk, nil of I,«nark, Mr nnd Mrs, Will WnRRott of Coiptn. nnrt Wnllace tJvffiiRood and fnmlly of Mllli>d|tpvll|p. -w>rr ontcrtninpd nt the t!r>nry Dnumbman, Jr., horn* nt Hock Creek. "___ SIX d«CLOCK DINNER. Mljin Corn Deterlle entertained at nix irotocK "iiinohemr- OTI Bnnd»y eveniHK, M lanes Anna Mundt, Olllvo Klllhart. I tin lentils, nnd Me*«r«. Normnn Ktew- nrt. Roy Illfe, Jnhn Warren, Dave Pilgrim nnd Joe Schmidt. CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY. MMp» Bnthor l^nnelly, Ora Clmffi- liers, KBther Senneff. Ituth J'uterb.iu/lt, Hnby f)e<nn. Lydla Unwklnw, Hazel 411 d Kthol I'ittmnn were pntertnined at hix o'clock dinner nit Monday evening nt the Hnzel Meyers home. The 'affair wn« In honor of the yotiriR lady's birthday. _ , • FOR MRS. OILMORE. The following lndlcn were t>ntvrtnln- vt\ nt dinner Friday evenlni? try- Mrn. N, K. CIouKh: M)-s. Emma Wolfe, Mrs. J. V. Oreenawalt, Mr«. Hum Todd, Mrs. W. P. .HundWlttnd,. .ami... Minn -Leah Kolley. The dinner was given at the Cloujsh home in honor of Mrs. II. L. Gilmore, of Honvcr Dam, Wh». "500" PARTY GIV.EN. Mra. O. A. Mondenhall nnd Mr». Frank Wetwl entertnlned a IiirKc' number of friends at ft five hundred party lit th%#Vet?.eJ home, near C-oletn, Wed- nlnht. The evenlnir wan de. IlKhtfulIy unent and the ho»tes«e» wore voted royal entertainers by ""..i"^"! ent. whuaBBHI REPUBLICAN" .RALLY. A'Rf-puhllrftn nilly will be held nt the town hall "Tueiiffny eVenTntf. lion. H II. Waitc of Whlteslde i-ounty, and Attorney F. K. Btrnnnky of Savanna, 'will deliver the uneech. The M Wedge miiHlc. Everybody Invited. PARCEL POST SALE. e parcel post mile held at the Brethren church parlors. was a decided BUwess. A neat sum of money was realfzed "ftnd nil from the i>arc«lrt Bold. Everybody report* a Jolly Rood time. Tho Lutheran Ladles' Aid realized a neat «um of money from their pastry sale.. which woa hold Saturday at the music utorc. MILLEOQEVILLi BRIEFS. Mr. 'and Mr*. Ch J.-l^rtH left Wed- nemlay for their homu In Fresno. Cal., after upend IUK some time here visiting friends. . _ '.•"'„ Mrs. Ida Beard. Anna nnd hally. Fikc and Silas Flk« upent Sirndfly at the Walter Urown home noar. Dlxon. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd 'Ucllows of I'olq, spent the week .end at Jhe A\, M. palmer home. . Charlea Dlohl spent several days thiH.week In Chicago, Mr. and Mra. Fay Wolfe and* Mr. and Mr», M. II. BernhelBol motored to Freeport Thursday cvenlns to attend a Musonlc Imnnuet. Sam LlvonBood • returned Thurndny from Iowa and South Dakota, where ho hoa been for some time looking after his farm interests. . Mr, and Mrs. Henry Shrovo. who have been vlsllinif for several days. In Clinton, returned to their homo on Mrs. Oeorgft Dlehl of near Uinark spent Sunday at th« CharleH Diohl home. • ' . I, N. . »H0n( a mating of the state board of equalization 1 at Springfield this week. Mrs, David Ruhondall, who came fiere-to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs, Emanuel Barber, returned to.hpr home In Dows, Iowa. Ralph and Fred Overholsor and tholr fiunlUes and Howard, Q«Qrge and ISthe Hayne.B, «pent Sunday at the Will D«»etirHI)omo. • • Will Ueer8 of WheaUm spent a few days laat weok with his sister, Mrs.' Ooorgo Hanna. • M rs^ Nsney Grlswold accompan led heF'Ifet^r. Mrs. Mary Crom. to hor home In Shannon, Mr». Ortewold.wJJl visit there for some time. , _ '"Miss Tfirvfl r znffiaTr»pent~T«esdttr between trains at Ghadwtck, with her and Mrs. C. A. Mendenhall and Htm Donald and Mr, and Mrs, Frank Wetzel and G«ne took dinner Sunday at the Roy Buntley home. . L Mr. and Mm, Arthur McClaln were vailed to Joneup. Iowa, Uy the nfcrioua illness of Mr. McClaln'a mother. Mrs. Will WOlber, who haa been taking treatments for some time, la reported considerable better, Dr. RuiincjH In having**!, new garage ere«t«sd. lis dimensions uro 18xl«. H is being made of tile. „, „ The many friends of Henry Chaff e will foe 'grieved to hear that he is not improving' very rapld!>> in Denver, wiiem .lie went a few weeks ago for the benefit of his heaTOv The teachers of this school ar« at- tendlUK the Northern Illinois Teach- «r»' institute at IMxim this week. Mr! and Mrs. Herman Wallers and family tmterutimul at diniu'r Kuiiday, Mlsm>s Olive J5iilhi»rdt ami Ida Landis itnd Mwsrs. «<»y Ittfu' and John VVuiv ' ' ' Coal That Burns Clean ELDORADO Lump, Egg and Nut are i\w i'LMA-N Buruiug eual;> . . ~ telephone us your order, Johnson LumftfiiHEC t~f- SmAWK" Mr;"?ifH? MrB.*"?TVftk"M«itk7~'M|i WoridrT! find Kd.vfh T^'t^rn v "j nt ttsc Henry Woli>r-r lic>mr MrE.'i*mma Pfh<H of PoK Mrn. fJchr-)l of fHxrm, rh.itlft* nnd I.vdln Sch«"l! find T,-*m:i, Hurt v,-r-rf entprtiilrj*--! fii Thnrft'lny nt the Thom;tjs S< Jsrl! 1 J: ..Trt.i HAHNAMAN 9RIEFS, Itf-rt Vri«> wi'-nt fii Kfii-k l-"al!« '-nr Mi!;*- ,Wi'<..»tili'e from «'fdar H;iT'ii'l». t''n.v;i. (•« h'-rr- <.i.'U!)rHT H'itui,irn-in Thf Sf. Vinrmt r<r- I'mil 8r-t«. !ne <"sr- < \( mrt with JMrs. Thr'Uins (N^iti^y. Jr. 1,-ist week. The Indif-s wrf> t-ikc-n «u! to The fnrm from Tamplco by nuti'* rtnd a very plc-a^ant ilay w;m j"per>t, hi*^'!'!*.'. 1 ? n )nrpe nnmhrr of K.imient" n-"rf"e fixf-'T yirf Tr>r" tti* 1 rrrptrnnw tsi vt-tume. interest the ladle* are l,ibr>r- fnc. NJi-s*. .ioiui .Moshrr returned ii»m*' frmn it vi.iit ,wtth her danRhter for a Itnd weuiht-r jtiit 7» *tt«p tu corn huHkln^' nnd all other work for a few .tohn Drew, ,Tr., «ns an over Kunda\ visi'tor'at trie home t»f his . parent K t»t Trtrnplro. He is working on tli<» hard road near Ctilrta «nrt Rays the roada up there ai-t* in Tia«t fttiftpr? and nrrd the hard roads finite badly. Jerry Keefo was a caller In StcrlinK Sunday. . Mr*«. Jake Heln was a business caller in Sterlltifc Saturday. twirls Nelson finished busking corn thin week. , Mr, nnd Mrs. Johnson, »>f Sterling, visited friends In this vicinity Bun- The teachers of-Hahnaman expe« t to attend the teachers" Institute to beheld at Dixon this week. f LYNDON NEWS J POSTPONED. Tho Lyndon Corn t'nrnlvnl hnn been Wtponwt *o Nov. 1HU ---t*tJiinty Hupt. JI. U. 1'rlco made the clianKc owlns m another confllctlnft dn.te. HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL. • Tlie teachet-H and pupllH of the-Lyndon school will hold ft Hallowe'en H..- clul nt the f»cliMo!houn<» on Friday niKiit. Many mysterious prei»»ratlon« tire under headway and It JH going to b<> good. PARCEL POST. The Parcel i'ont which, was to have been Riven by the teacher and primary pitplla wa» postponed la«t Wednesday owing to the inclemency of the weather. The date was postponed to Wednesday, Oct. 25th. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE. . The Lyndon Household Science club held their October meeting on Friday country. The following waa the program: Roll Call—"Hice." „ I'uper. "History and Growth of Hice -Mrw. Wlnget. Demonntratioh—Mr*. lx»la Austin and WORK~D1ELAYED. OwinK to tho -recent wtprmy woath- vi- conditions work has been very Tmicir~dc;Tny«?n~tin"Ttt>tr-Tiewr-trrwt*-ami Masonic ball bulldlnK. Yet. In spite of Rhcst) dlBcouragemehts, Contractor 1). il. Miller hopes to have the building completed within the spelled time. HON. JOHN C. MoKENZIE. Hon, • John ,C. McKenzlo wan here viHitiNB friends Tuesday. Mr. McKen- stle had been to 1'rophetstown and was enroute to -Hterllng; LYNDON BRIEFS. Mr«. Kva Yates, of Ht. IxitiiH, Mo.. l» visiting at the.. C. C. Hhultz home. Mrs. J. A, Hhultz visited last week at the home of Mrs." Pearl Bchrader and Mrs. Harvey Becker at Bterllng. Mrs. A, W. Orel-nice was a Sterling visitor Tuesday. '-./'• Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hill, of I'ro- phctHtown were Lyndon callers Bun- Mrs. M. A. McKerg and Mrs. ,T. H. , rowell were dinner KUUHt8_TJlurmlay Sit the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. .N. 1 Anto HOKS,Winnie Glvens. Hal IMx- l>y. Oludys. Walllngford. Kvelyn Bhullsi Itnd Fred Hlxby were Morrison fallen* jSunday. " ; . „ Mr. Mathls expects to move his family to the A. 1C, i'armenter house. The MatlnV faimly has been living in Tampico. Mrs, I5va Fadden Nelson, of Morrison.' ha* bwn visiting at the home of Miss Kittle Morris. Mrs. U, 8. Funk wan a Sterling visitor Tuesday. Mr: and Mrs, H. F. Fillson returned Saturday from Chicago. While In tho city, Mr, Flllson called to. see Ixwnard WIIKina whom ho found Improving at \VtBley hospital, Mr. and Mrs, K. W, • I'aUner and daughter. Helen, and Mr. and Mra. Harold Palmer motored from Sterling to Lyndon where they were guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. \V, Orcenlee, Mr, and Mrs, 'Arthur McKenzie and family «/ Sterling, were Lyndon visitors. Hunday, C.,'K. M6ofe, of 1'rophetstown, was in Lyndun on business Wednesday. » r ERIE NEWS DEATH OF MRS. CRANDAt-U. Newti of the death of Mm. George 7randa!l at her home in Dakota, ban been receivotl in Krie. Mra. Crtrtidall wan a, former reaident of Krlo, but with her family moved norfh ueverul yearn ago. Bhe had been in III health for Home, time, and laat itummer came to Krle, then later wfent to a hoMpital for treatment, Hhe. wa» a aiBler of Mrs. Wilson Curtright. who alHu was a former resident of Krle but i» now living at Tumpico. FRIENDL.Y "CIRCLE CUA88. A special meeting of tho Friendly cla«» of the M. M. Sunday ttrhool iJeUrdB worth Wednesday e vetting, when the following officer* were elect-^ Presideiu- Mrs.' Harry He,'ml«.worth. Vice prestdwn—Mrs. Jay IJelllnser. 1 Mru. OH'ii HuAvyer, • Mrs. Frank " MISS WEBSTER VERY ILL- Isabel Webster, who bus been very ill. I» reported to be failinit fast, and her death is expected at uny hour. Hw- cousin. Mr, Uullean, aiyived Thuraday from Albert I.t»u, Minn, to ln»r, SOCIALS IN KMI&, uuulu'r at sucial 'uJIalts- ai«' Idan- nt«d fur HaiU'WvVn niKtit. Among the r vUll In- a Hailov-e'eii and t>ul> v social at the ChiiMttuu cluuvh, llic uuhpn-f^of H*t* jAi.vaf Woin- IUH.S of thv StuitJiiy m hi>i»i, to which tl»» put-In 1 )» united The Jie- IH will- bold »* S'H-Uil in Odd Fel- JiaH on the wurte e\t'it»ti«.- The puldi- 1 attend Furniture Suggestions The furniture ilhHtrnird hfrc i> hut. .a snjrg»' i .-.ti<m of- "wluit ..}'i>u .will.. liml ftt tln^ «ti>r*». A study of the articles slunrn will >ho\v \TMJ thai lliero ore sonic piwos that vou nniy nci'd. (\mift in and see ttn- t'limititrc -itself nnd 'you will like it even het- "•tcr than tlie illustration. We wotdd iiladiy show you without any trhligntlon (o buy-. '•**'. You will find our assortment t'oinpl'-ie for any room you wish to furnish, We allow §% Discount for Cash Auto T^uck Delivery Service Counts Undertakers and Funeral Directors Miss Beatrice Guy of Delavnn, III., is tint Kiif'Mt this-week of her grandparents, Mr, nnd Mrs. Wm. ""Smith, having accompanied Mrs. Hrnlth home on her return from Di'cattir, where she at»enrU'<I 'tho' Pythian 8litie,rs' lodge. C. D._ Ho n non_ wj II to t o Da venjiort SatunTay nlKTTi to "Join his""wlf«* who went Thursday, an over Sunday visit to Ilu>ir3iron Robert-avid family, and daughter Miss Khhl. C North 8t«r; nnd Mi»* Lehwakt, Mc- Mr«. Krrte.Mt Stern enter- N. W. Pnddock were all pniwenfcers to <*ltnton Wednesday'eveHInu where, they spent several days with friends and Mr, and tulncd for dinner at their homo Hun- relative*, day, Mr. and Mrp. Kd Ileirti'pr*, of Mi«<» I-»lth Burr was a imuBPiifrer to Union' Grove, . Thompson, III,, Wednesday evening for I a fow rinya Btny with hi-r mother and i "Ui'-r_ relative*!. "STrs. "rVPT'TSiraiVn was "nh" JSTrfvaT In from vlnit PROPHETSTOWN NEWSj HOPKINS NEWS A VERY PLEASANT TIME. —.Tha-tnettibcrji-. o£_tlm -1 of tho town hi'l-1 a tnw'thiK In the t'on- Krt'KatlJtnal ehtiroK .\Vednwtdny ew- nlnp. tU« M. 1C, nnfi the Kwedlnh l.uth- wran li*'lrig JKUCBt»"of tho ^\_BUJLP!NQ_NEW BRIDGE. A new Htt-rl luldmt tulw is^Felng put"T It »~1]*otrtVr". ... „ . . in JUKI south of UK- Mr«. R. .). Bird- Thero was a fine' rt-prpseijtajlon of snll farm und the large bridjre north 1 aH th»« church congregations present, f the Blrdwtll n-sld«»ncft has al«o been j »nd all had the bom kind of a time. A short program was the first event of tho evening, Miss Arneda McNVill giving a humorous reading, and erioh of tlm pastors gave a short talk, all bear- Ing on the get-together spirit 'of working and fellowships. Refreshments were; served' during tho evening; and rcplnnkt'd. A clover huller outfit In passing ovor ijie bridges 'this fall badly damaged them, making Uiern unsafe for public travel. ALTA KRAFT 18 ILL. Altu. the little dutjghtpr of .Mr. arid Mrs. Will Kraft, was on the wick list this week- and u xloctor called. H was it first reported that ehe had infantile paralysis, but the doctor's diog- diB proved" her all 1 k ness to 1)0 caused !>y being hit by a ball which Hccident- y occurred one day rect'iitly witilu playing at school, HOPKINS BRIEFS. E<1 .-Kraft -attended- ..the blooded ca.\- tle siilu ItC Morrison Thursday and purchased i wo cow». . , ' — Mi»H-...M «•>•- liouk, tcachor of the "Woodslde 8«'hool, spent this week at the home »f her parents in Usllck. Mr. und Mr<». Fred I«andh«rr entertained at their home for dinner Sun- the 'following gueHts: Mr. and Mrs. Henry -Buyers and family of Cmersoii. and Mr. und Mrs. Will Schwiuors and family of Uencsco ownsliip, , Mrs, I^oti Bradley ami daughU'r of Morrison arrived WednesdHy~ifr the homo of Mr. and Mrs.- Charles Jlirti- sall and family, where they arc epend- ng a few days. • *'.-••' A new modern hog house has just >oen completed on the Jasper Heed farm occupied by I5ti Ohms. John -Apple of Malvcrn spent Sun- lay at the^homu of his sister* ^\ T -> an d Mrs. Carl tlartnmri, Mr. and Mrs. John Ur ulna are the proud parents of a ten pound ba^by hoy uorn to them Thursday. iMlss Shai- well, a .trained nurse, is caring for mother and child, who are getting ilong fine, Mra, K. W. Mitchell and Mrs. Paul Dcttman drove to Sterling Friday, where they are spending the day with relatives and frkHtds.- -t Miss Gertrude Post, one of the teach- r« of tlw KmcrHon school, spent Thumday night with Miss Ivy Kraft. rtr-thei-hottnr-of-htTr-tmrentar~ Mt^- and- Mrs. m Kraft. Mr. and Mrs, otto Mummen and two L-Siient Sunduy_jind_took dinner at the home of Mr. and firs. Tom Carpenter in Lyndon. A' large number of the farmers .in Hopkins and vicinity coinmenued to tusli and, crib their corn crop this week. The pupils of the Hopewell, North Star, Mc,U|rath und Knox' schools on- wyed a vm'atlun FriUay on account of he teachers* institute in Dixon. Mrs, Curl Hurunun. anti sister, Ml&s 3rma Apple, were entertuineft at the mine of Mr. and .Mrs. Kdtftu 1 Houao- ttii Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Julius tihuiU are now ilcely uettled in their new liuu»e which hey hud erected Ibis summer, und are iow reu'dy to entertain theJr.^ numerous friends. .at.the coni-luKion of the evening all r«>- ttirned to tlicir homes, f?lail for the meeting and that they had been 1 out. PREPARING FOR ELECJIOhL Attorney'H, II. Walte in away from town HpeiikiiiK in behalf of the nominees for president and vice 'preiUdeo^ and other candldatoH on. the ticket. M5g \Yiiito has j-ngaKonu'iitK fur every rilKMt from now until election. .Mis.". Arneda MeNelll, another i'rophets- towri IH a (no hooked to niKNik In AmlMiy and pixon, having tilled en-' gugementH In Krie find Albany. Hlu- ropretKMits tho other uidc of the rjttea- lion, PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. C'. W. l-Vnn is inakinc i-xten«»i\'*»'lin- provemeniM in his .store iniililinuf in tin- way of a steel rcllliiK and'border, uih"- rr •|m[>r«vt 1 tneiHM will he• made before thu job 1» completed. 1<\ lj. Dudley IUIH mado arrnnKemonts to got the election returns* dire<!t over tha Western Union Telegraph loop. The returns will. bo thrown o-i ilie gcreeii. Mlsa JniOKene Hturtevant, of Maili- HOU, WiB., who had been in town fur Home,days, etarted on the return trip hwne TluirKtloy morninir.. Wliilo in town Bhe w»»> a MiiOKt In the' homo tif &il«8 Mildred. Porkey. Mrs. Jennie Httirtovant and her KOII. Aubrey, were, pa*8onKcrH to I'hit'ano Thursday mornintr on a business* trip. Mi«s Amanda Swanson wo» a t'hi- fa'Ko paj.wnufr Thuiwluy morniiiK, wher.e Mht> will buy goods for tho dry Koodii store of t.'harleB'Hwan«tm,-her brother. Mr«. J.' H. WilUiuKon, «»f ottumwa, la., I«,in'tuwi» u truest in-ihe home of her niece, Mm Naomi Hloeuin. Hlie _W-i|l rettlliin ff'V<'l'»l ^'nt'kM when >»h«> will aeroinpany her ~Uu«baiul., .Dv-,^J* K. WllklnHon, to the southbuid for th«* winter. This, has been their custom ror"th«~T>asE" sevora 1" year»r - —-Mia» Margaret Carney .\va« a IMS- »t>nse.r to t'HitUm where she will he a BUt'St. of 'her Rrdndmother, who Hvea there and who in ill, but we- are plea»ed to-tjay is Improving Hkiwly at • the present tim«> with hopes of recovery. . Mrn. A. Is. Swederua, Mr. .and Mr«. her t'«»«n Wednesday • evening liome in Chlcaitn, and will parent* for a Rhort time. Mm Oscar t^H^th, of Atchlwon, Ka»., a fluter of •(), \. Morrill, i« In town, a in tho family, nnd expects to're- mnln Fonw HrttP'Tlmc.'—Hhir~wtlt"nlsir vinlt In Tampiro at the home of nn- uther brother. .-\. 1», HiinUfll, of neneMeo, Bft belnir in the home of ,Mr«. Xaoml On VIRGINIA WILL GO DRY Sftloons Will November. Firet .650 Be Closed. ilU'hmond, Va.. Oct. 28.-»Virginia will join the xijiterhond of prohibition ntate» *in Nov. 1,-when th»> MHPI'I-act, prohi- bitii|g the wall' i»f ufden Mpirlts, except by bonded drtiK nt<irc<M, and throwing stringent restrictions around its nhlp- rnent, will btu-onte efTe<'tlvc*, About 650 lh|ii"i' denlerN will clowe their tloor«. "Tfiey have been preparing to clone for several weekn and stocks arc beitiK dl«- poHed .of. rapidly. l«lnuorn valued at hundred)* of ttunimindw of dollars have been purchaned by consumers und Mtnr- ed up againKt the "dry" «lay» to come. ARE WED 8Y_TELEGRAPH Full Epitcopal Ceremony For Couple 1^00 Miles Apart. Laredo, Texas. Oct. 28.—".. I 'That's th<* way M|MH Ruby Hwartx of Itutler, Mo., and Hryon J, Linbart, private in Company H,' Second Mi«- soitrl Infantry, were married. In Morse code it means*: "I 1'RONONCK YOU MAN* AND WIKK." Mins Kwartx, accompanied by her lirldesmaid, Mrs. Kdward H. Clark;' and tlie Rev. K. M. Talbot, stood in the Union office at Jtiitler—l.'.'Oli away—white Linhurt and the Rev. C. W: Cook w«*rf in 'the' telegraph office here. The full mi^rriiigo' cero- moriy of the (episcopal church was handled by the two operators, working direct wilh each other. ' FOR TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Man Offered fo Give a Ford and « Collar Button. United ,Pr«>»«) Jil^-'Oft. 'as.-A Ford and a colliy button fur 2fi:rent«. Thlif remarkable ofter IK poin^ tu «et W.'r. SlcGhee of Do Sola bounty. Kla;, into trouble, if Sheriff J. L. lilsliung of McGt'liei-'s county, ha» any- thiiiK to say «l»out It;— Piahong", who to sojourning; about the liathH ut Tulsa, Ok la., IUIH 8t>nt a it'ijulHitiun upon Governor Dunne to ttiiw city for McQehee, who js known to Iw "womuwhere in rilinuls." ni-slum^ \vuntH the requisition mall-' fii hint at Tulsu in order not to lit* BREAK A CHILD'S GOLD BY GIVING CLEANSES THE LITTLE LIVER AND BOWELS AND THEY GET WELL QUICK. When your child mifff-rn from a cold don't wait: «lve the little Ktomoch,liver '*| ing at once. When crow, peevfah, U«t- -4 less, pale, doesn't Kleep, eat or act .<J naturally: if -breath, Isjjiad, stomach -^ Hour, KlVe a tenspooi>rtrr*»f "California " ~$ Syrup of KiKM," and in a few hours all J| the closed-lip, constipated waste, sour •' bile ' and undlKcwted food will gently i move on t of t he. bowelf, and' yWi have _£ a we'll, playful child .again, ^ * **M If your child cough**, HinnTlcB and has -i caiiKht cold or In feveriiih or has a nora | throat jsive a fjood done of "California ~~s .Syrup of KlK»" to evacuate the bowel* 't. no difference wlmt other : treatment ia ^ tylven. " • j Hick children needn't he coaxed to ~i take f.hlM -harmle«H "fruit laxative." -f MIlllonK of.niothera keep it handy b^i ' v ^ CJUIMA Ux>y knww its action on the atom-- -i itch, liver and btiwclti IH prompt and ' sure. They also know a little given today uavctMi-idrk child tomorrow. AHk your driiKKl«t for a G0»cent bottle of "California #yrup'of Figs," which contairm (Hroctinnkt for. babiea, children of all agf« and for ftrown-upa plainly on the bottle. Jtewaro of cuunterfeitM wild here. Get the genuine, mado by "California Fig Ryrup Company." terrupt II!B vacation. He claims ho would lo«o coiihlderabln time coming- to BprhiKlleld. Alctiehee, accordlni? tq DlHliiint,', KfiUl collar .buttons for 25 cents, to Do. Hota county re«ldentj*. With every button WPIU a numlwred ticket," pliu-ed up»n .0,-flyinir. wheer tvml tiliol at with a 22 rl».ie. The perforated i.lcket won the automobile. McQehee eHcaped to JllinolB, according to DiHh'niK, when tho authorities got hep. LECTURE AT EMERSON Mia* Katharine Sawyer Will Deliver An- Address Minn Iviitliorjni' .Sawyer, of Cliicago, : Atill_lnctnre H( Kmornon Church next Monday evenliiK, Oc'»ber 80,. at 7:30 o'clock. Her subject will be "The Modern..Seventy". MJBB Hawyer _Js_JB, nuit(t 'worker In the temta>raiu:e cauao, and It will be n treat for the people of. Kinernon U) hear lii'r. No udmission fee will be asked but a free will Offering will bt> taken fur the henulU uf Ciuinty tempereticw work. •1 fi * = 1 1 ^ wo children. Mr, unci .Mrs. Ktler-s and Birdsali, Mrs. S. J. iJirdsull, Mrs, P. ,. liumii, .Mrs. Henry Buyers, und Mrs. ierlmrd Twben wvro Sterling Tin' follow in« teachers 4>t' Hiv •f Hppkms ami \icinlty attended the A-ailu-itf' iiiatuuii! in Dixou - Friday: \iisseis' ivy' Kraft und Gertrude -i'writ, imeraon; iUU-a iHiinmit. Hopeweil; lieaiH, Knox; Krotm Hurri»ou, Q**QQ Every For Constipation RANDHETH This is a good tipie to erect « lait- ing memorial on your cemetery lot. We h*ya the largest stock of monument* and marker* «v«r displayed in Sterlmgr — f*rte*T"arFfc right. We »0- licit your bu»ine««. Moore Monument Co, STiRMNG, Show Room, 312 East 3rd St, Shop* 2ftth A** arid^ ,4lh.._Sl».

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