Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 2
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it two. STERLING. ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, OCT. 28. 1916, Electric Heating Pads Imlispt-ivsable 'in every •electrically-. lighted home- hut particularly in humps \vlu>re there sire children, invalids of n£t>i] folks — nn Electric Hcniinft Pad. Combines nil the advantages and none of the disadvantages of the hot wntrr bottle. Clean, plinble, ttlways refitly— nothing to fill ' — nothing to spill, Style Pictured Sent shipping charge* fcdt- feet ondtatisfflction $uar- anteed ttpon receipt of « . j EIectri6 Pad will otulast many hot water bottles. Instantaneous $*fvks in just on* tnterfctocy •mty b« worth many time* its low first cost. Equipped with 3-h«wt switch, cord «nd plufs. State voltage of your hcrtise-lifchtinjv circuit when ordering and address your order to N. 'Dtfrartmtttt 102 ELECTRIC SHOP 72 West Adams Street CHICAGO ^ THE H. I CLUB MET Pieatant Tm> H !. r.t- .»r»dsy With Mr*. G '!:.''• . !" Ifif- ttif-tr roc'.ii^f !;i!-K at U'O iu sin \Vf «" P.irk !'r-r" ;ti'-y en.! inc •'' i f ! i H.("o'vVf V-TI n, th<* f,-. ;tnd 'rt «U;-!v *ir!; *.va« i>f';;un Mr? \V. O. l>s - rt hnvirsF, *p"n? rofttrt.Mf 1 t ; ' r; i n e [QRRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 1916. A FINE POSITION !tu*l Knox Will Be Orgflnirer For Co. Operative Ca. KMOX, son of Mr. anil Mm. of ihis.cily.. who hn» been for ftirn* 1 time by tho I'ar- <'ornpany of Mail\VI«., ha*« Ju«l received a lino r-ro- n, HP lia# been spleotcd u« one two men to organlsto Hhipplnw imsoi"- for thlH cumimny thrntiKhout Irrrtiory of tins Hlat^Js heitili t1wn«> «o .tl».nt r tl»o fnr- of \\w <H>tn- im tiHxiin-il uf »lil|i» trlnul Intn. 'Itu* man \vti» ig manager of 'tho differem Hhi|<- »oclatliJii« i« th« reprem'tttntivo tn partU'lUivr vcrrHory aiitl dikes ptif all th<* llve^lftck which In uiulrr * * THo <*»- Fjtrmci»* v« I'nckini? AMmteiutiun in *«ttpitultnH] ut $?ri(>,ooo, uml HUT troxlmtttfly 0*000 stockholders pi*«cnt tinm. BAAZAf? SUCCESSFUL Bazaar Being Hicld By Royal Neighbors Draws Good Crowds. The indoor biuutar which Is bdntt held by-thp- K^yal NVlRhborR m the Morrison armory- opened la»t evening with u. Inriffe number In attendance/ Tho Interior of the building, ns usiuil on nuch nc'-aslons. presents a guy ap- |>«u-anco' with Hn various booths and coxmtcfB ilccnrattMl with bright colored crepo paper and buntlitg,_and showinir a fine array of nil s'ortk of pretty and artluleii. On tho w'esi side of ].•!« :i?;i!)'t ar;J firofttrt VISIT RELATIVES Mrs. Rouftds and Mi*s Trauger Entertaining S»*t«r« And Brotli«r. .Mr« ttla <"". tiavitt. nml hrofhr-r. I,fttv- rr-nrr Traitor, of Ornni) .Itinrtlmi. < '0! . ami thfir «ist«>r. Mr*. «' <>, Pcv-k. of 'Vdnr KnpfflJt, it re visiting fhr-ir .«I*trr* In <hi«? ''i!y, Mr« Artrdft Hound* am! Mi«?<5 Mary Tratigi-r. .Mr?. I'*ck •" M) vl«!lt h*>rr ffr two w?<>k* ftin! «»-|P t!»cn for lie r winter horn* 1 In l^imonrj, Sound! THE LADIES PARADE. TllC> Unites (»f till* fits i»H|!«»«<!- fd not to f >f ffK thnt rhp VVonmn's '"it- Jz«*h*hip imrsidp will hf hold on next Monrtnj* «>vpniri»r RI T :.'!'> o't-,i*H-k with a mnps nifHIng rtlrcrtJy afterwnrd nt th«> nmHturtiim, fomm^nr-inR nt «»lBht o'c-lwh. Miss M« Dowcll. hffld of flif nf thP "Worncn «inrt woman In this vicinity who <f«n l>!y do fn . nhoulf] ttikp jtait in th* MARRIAGE LICENSE. A day to Kllwood Wenfo.ri. <»f IVratonlrn, 111., and MlM t'arrli*-4J. Hughs, of Fi-n- ton. 111. . . •- • BIRTHS UlUTlNti -A Imby fcon vraiS'boMi Thnts- ilay to .Mr, and Mrs. .1ohr» - who reside In AH. I'lca&unt. MORRISON BRIEFS Twombly returned ' inurninic from «, few ilnys vl»lt with friend*" in CM In ton. Mrs. Harry Noble, of Fulton, We are forturuik' in hnving renders in every State in the Union, ancf, in fact, in every part of every State, and a few weeks 'ago, we called upon these friends to a<?l lis reporters or special correspondent?; arid tell us how local feeling is running for and :?'.!!;}inst the presidential candidates. The two questions we risked our readers were: "Which was the most popular candidate in your neighborhood in 1912," and "Which is the most popular in 1916?" fn Till-; LITERARY DIGF.ST for October 28th, the feature-article gives an analysis of the replies received, ' . • This "straw vote" is unique in that while it does not necessarily register the individual Vote of those who responded, it is inclined mtyre to/reflect local feeling in the community ( in which the correspondent resides. Other news articles ot very £re:U .interest in .this number are: r . ; ' V Why Greece is Being Coerced. • A Comprehensive Explanation of Inn Crisis in Greece From Different Angles Friday nt the home of h<«r Mi.* for frs, Catherlno HoKurtli nntl filter, CatlH'Hno^Hogartli, wont to ifrtUay whore they w tsk end with friendH. ADVERTISEMENT.) '.Ki'-f^t ~«*' f-f -f c *, *?&*' •,&<$ '* >\ ; 'T> .<*' '"-& fEfl 1 CARTER •ire Candidate for jreaentativeiiithe jral Assembly ty and Honesty r nithful Public SirVice to'makv * ttma| and efftci- ___ •cohstrtiftcd -whlcli will bo Unfit thicfancy \\nrk and. needlework display. Various «>ihcr anU'l(\s of tme to the. liotisewlfe ; -Tnny. n'lno lx» found here. Next to this may be found the usual "country- store," which In 'always present ,at ny fairs und bazaars. ' On the other nldo of tin? luilldlrig 1 u counter of .pantry ffl"ivs will be found, next, to which Is a quick lunch counter,-' whf : i<' all kinds of delicious •Vats" and "drinks" will be prcjiart'd for the hungry and thrlsty. Dancing furnishes tho ornusement each everih/K, tho Hodge coneort orchestra furnishing nuinh; from eight to twelve. An unusually largo crowd Is expected totilpiu. '• •' WILL. LECTimjE HERE Mis». Katherine Sawyer, W. C. T. U, Worker, To Speak Here Sunday; Miss Kaihryn Bawyer, of Chlcwo, Arthur Knox, in Uil» city. 8, M> Urniiley. of mrrltnR. was In Morriflon on bustm-aa Thurnday, .Mrs. H«»rt Finch arrived today from Attiboy for a taw day» visit at tin' F. (5. Wohnkn home. Mrs. B. 17, 1'drker, of FulUm, ifiwnl I-Viday n.t tho homo of IIM- |>art'nls«. Mm. K_8.. U'l" flute* worker lor tho \V, C. T. U.. will uddres.H tin* Morilnon public at' tho Presbyterian church 4iext Sunday af- ternoon/nf threw o'clock. The. Biibjeot of her uddicHH ,wlll bo "The Modern •Seventy." Kveryono Is invited arid \v* arts positive that' the k-miro will well worth hearing. Mr,. city. . Mrs. llobprt Watt and daughter*. MnrKurc-t nml . l^ulla. und mm, Jamc*. WPIIL to (iiilt I'Yiilay, «ill«xl th«»rn by thp norlotiH Hlnt'ias of Mrs. Watt's moilH-r, Mrs. t'tttbr-riiio Jurkcim. MrK. Kmnui Tttttl* nn<J Mr«. Krwl Jamison, wont to B Friday for a short vinll with llVi'fl. H; Ijuelo ami two ROHM Bpt>nl Fvidiv> In Ktorlinff. M|«H MfitM»l~l.tttr<*~wa*--i-»U«Ml lo ht«r homn In Fulton 1-Vidny by the dwttb of her father, who i>un»od a\vay that niornhiR. Mr. and Mrs. rtmrli^ Horman «p«nt Friday, with frliMVik* hv KlurllnK- " Mrs. Simon, Curtis went to ("hlt l uK(« Friday for a ftnv tlayn visit wUU n-I- atlvos. j- i H.. V, Nighisc'^ returned homo Fi J- dny evening, froln a two weokS vi^li with relativoj* at Toulon. III. Mrs. who •iiccumptthlcd him. will ' How England Answers' the Mail- Seizure Question * Japan Blocking China's Open Doorway Germany's 'Harassed Chancellor China's National Comedy A Submarine Mime-Layer- How Electricity Travels Through the Body Shakespeare, A Source of Artistic Inspiration ..,/-.. The Menace of the Boarding-House What the Record Price of Cotton Means Russian Prison Atrocities , French-Canadians Not Slacking The Long-Lived First-Born At Last, a Safe and Sane Fourth of July Detoxication When Noyes Reads Poetry at Princeton Numerous Half-tone Illustrations and Laughable Cartoons The "Digest" a Boon to Busy Men and Women return Sunday.' Mm. <J«orgo R Johnwm-fe+irrnPiT to her homo in Ohlcairo Friday aftir <i visit of »«»vf»nU da.y« at the- homo o! her 8pn«, Ha-y and Earl Brown. BRING GOOD PRICES ,,., This is the age'of speed. Everything hns to he accomplished at high-pressure. \VV tU> about life and business with thv* tliroltle wide operj: As a consequence ivc hive hardly :i moment to spare for keeping abreast of what is happening in the wqrUJL The ideal- rjewi^mti4tizme^^ in which "he that runs may read." It must be terse yet comprehensive, interesting yet absolutely reliable, giving dll view-points yet advocating none. Such a news-magazine is THE LITERARY DIGEST. Ttvo hours' reading a week will enable you to master its contents and, that done, you will |>e absolutely up to the minute on politics, the war, art, literature, science, injyentiQnr^^ endeavor. Artd you may be sure that what you read is recorded faithfully, without bias or partiality. For the busy man or woman there is no magazine to equal it, ; _ '. '"October 28th Number on Sale To-Day—All News-dealers—10 Cent TAMPICO NEWS Sows Sold At Sale Of John Hammer Averaged J7&76, Thi> cows wold at- the stock walo of of John Hammer, hold, nt the Wilson feed shedH In thin city TliOraduy after- SOCIETY MUCH AWAKE. Halloween will Jie observed thin yont UK unutil hy *ome ,of the of noon. hroMght jirk'o,s, 17176. tht> -Hlg-liOHt Ht-llInK for SJU.Gfl. Thirty COWK wtro wild ut ilie nul<». SUPPEt AMD PAMCE WJ1LB«L_H eliL At Mo*ri«>n-CJu»»-f»ext Thuridav Evening. The Movrlstm flub hu« lss«ucd Invi- f;it!(,iiH to n picnic »ui»|tor und dance ;<> bo' l»'ld at the i-luh roomn on next «ve»lnjj. Nov. 2'ul. "'The top C'DIKUTt, Will 1'lHillHh the tow;n, The R. N. A. will Rive an oyatev supper- ami purty In Woodman Iiiill on the. thirtieth and one of their quilts will alno he «okl. One the thlrly- llr»t the H. Y. r. It. t-iety of the. .llaptlat church yt\\\ hold a Hucla) ut the home of AlrB. Jeunlt< McOfinitftil. Surely the pleasure luv- inn iiulillc will Imve a fine time at either of both ..plaice*.' ............. * 'Tisa Mark Distinction to Be a Reader of Tli* Dtg«*t FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publishers of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary), NEW YORK ;:T »« a tytUlsturo hy t Cwtor at tbo November 7th Is Your Stomach Well It's me Secret of Good Health TRY HOSTETTEK'S Stomach Bitters National SUPPER ELECTION NIGHT, • On ulfli'.tion ni^ht thera will he supper in I hi' iMttiiRU'iit .of the .M. K. church Blv«<n .hy. the Hurmnny club, alw» a. lunch -will bf ee.rvpd nt th* hom» i»f Mrs.. Ann West, ni»ur the dc'pot,. This* Vlll contlnno all the even- .Inff und In under the auspices of .the Womnn'8 SWlrt CoruH. Mru, \V«st h»» •opened ht>r h»nl<» un <"lwii«»n night for sovrral yean und u good time Is nl- wuj'H the rt>Huli n» tho hidioM and «t'a- tlcmfin awnlt ilia retuwa-Qf-tha »'l**r.« tlon. Anyone who wishe« may i-onio and the returns will ho i;ivcn out un the blarltboard «» f«»t »» reec-ivctl. ^CREAMBRY UNDER REPAIRS. -- Whll» hinkinir roimlrn to the boilcr roum <if. the Ootlgw creamery It wan found Dial the hiR bolter WUH in l»a<h NliiHio fnun runt und^ai'itlH .und tltut tho brick fire walla worn also in bud Hhajio, MuiiBKor Nicola), iminodlHt^ly ordered a new ho I In- and engaged u traction tngina to furnish «te«in fur the work of tho plaint while the noy ; ; Mother 'Made, Quick \ I ; > Acting Cough Syrup -; ; Hh»ul<l be Kfjit iUnar la Kvery -Ka«ll)r f*r»p«rr C(Mt» Little. Making Real Progress YN CREASING your earnings, with- _:r^^Ml InsrsAmng your savings is not making progress* Pur Depositors WeeWy "Savings Club win adjust itself to your earning power. Asfa us to prove it. .-.. are Diiiainu until, >ou,Kiu.k« up mis-iu ^xpi.-nkiivi', (jtilck-actiaif couuli syru|) and try it. CUtldrea l«vt» its pU'»i**nt taste and nothing oltw Mill juost'it u couun or chest fold and lu'iil the inlliuui-d or swollen throut nu-uibruui^ v\it)> uui'h and . prouiptiu^a. It's riiually u« for LTOWll-UlItt AA fqf cllilllrfU, Thin Hpii'tidiil finish «vrup ia iimdi« by pouruiir a*if ouuwa of Vines (50 esnts worth), into M pint bottta ttn " "'""K the bottle with plain tfrtumlatt'4 syrup. Tui» Kivt-s you a full fsniily wuiipl.v-^-of tuutli bettor remedy iUua you wmld buy ri>udy-m*da (or $2.50-7-* clear jwvjujr of $2. The monu'iit it told-consoHt,t>4 nioiubranoa that Hue tba ihroflt jmd air pttaktiji<'£ .the. Ueftlfng HH>- jm ar pttaktiji<'£ .. the pltlt'Km -looatHs, soreness Ivavos, cough «i»aaum let«*«u and noon iluppear ulXogotluT, thus eudinsr * "pu«U quicker Utaa you ever thought aoakiblu. JloarsonfAS and ordlu*ry ;ou2lx.a are conquered bv it In 24 Jiourn ir leas. KxcvUcnt (or broi)cbiti«, whoop- jih, KpaHiaodie croup, bronchial op wi|it«>r «*uui{Ua. is a hij{iilv coiu'*'titrat<»<l «'«m- L ta-juuijuc ^ixcaa. ..pi of her Hletrr', Mrs. K. W. Moredith. r«u«lM. one half mile north of the rail- ilra. \V. ,1. .McCitHidy 1« enjoyiiiR a rn.ul Htution. vlwlt thi« \vt)«-l{ from her wlsu-r; .Mi«K! Hlm-c her Mtm wbu b«"i>n vlBftlng' hl» Bister, Aim* Warren! HixttiMi, umA»ther-«rfirtlve»i in thl« vi- einity for a few days, have returned to their homo in Wichita, Ka«. Mr. find Mrs, Mumis J^yon are the Iwrt>n(H of u dnuKhter horn last vvc-i-k has Iwn a; -t4tv l"^- cnt % . Ml, a' to the iBstn :---Jtfjv-. Clutlt't! Qll the yotinKest dutiKhti'r, who Is u. stfnojrniplu'r by \ oration, t«iok » KIIU.SC tin is ln-liu '!*•' rhv nit! U»S !n vmns „ ..... Vrt*tW—Tivrr- -fur -Us ,-n*4'ct <m the of for - DEtEGATE TO .M (5. Alll> 1 K !)!- Hi. I {{<>>.«! NttuhlHii- I'ni.H 1 - (it'l.-^iu- in l!.i- |; % vvhu Ii wa.-» hr'u . tV.i-iitj -i.,.di), i 1 ' H.'.i !.,.(,! IM!- ,l'..v Wli« 'i fli- ai'' 11-1. ,S , tin t).«i tut fi>s i nniiiiu i ui j i ,uw. i' i i H , \^,.!^ \ •»»£.' t } t' !;..«!(!! ..! l Itf 'ii!l a ' '„ ',. J \s \ • I« t «i v I GIVES HrtST PARTY OF SEASON, I . 'll |M' I '••( I' ! . ' .1 ,.,') V.,,t, - I i I ' t .-• I j il > lll!< • '_ !'. ! I', r.', u < ' II ula I Si ) 'li|. I l » |.lSi i'j (Hi' ' • >'•' • • ".-I I' > t ilt luL/Jftil linn f ' !' •"> i i >ll M|' I r , , \ r. liKili'h ; » l in ' i * h> HI ti'l, 'i 1 u. ic ii Vt'u ti tn !i i i i I , • I i i • i.i.t* >., in TAMPIOO BRIEF Nt'lson in ke|it hutty lit !>!« the I'. & X. \V. Ft>. ( Mrs. Ifftny Thu-li'n. lu»( uvuk «tient - „ , , ,,. , ,„ , . -1 u mimlnT of dfiyN with u dituKhu-r wh« lltnd Mr. iiul Mru. Jnineti Tunktntiun i ,• i .. , ,, * j«f HoopM- « ro - fpoWiiR pn.ud\v"r! l!^' 8 ,, 1 " »*< i " 1 ™" n ' Unw inlloj. vwt of ;th«< birth uf u »on recently. ,, *"' " ' '*"" '""' j_ The Urn numbe'r, tif .the lerture jcinirae W»M given 014 Tnesidity. evening vafiiilnn and u Unit l>y jand KUVC the heal of eatisfucllon tw ihv for hrr (ather u^h^^^mSHBm' fSS - s "" 1 -»»" M " tr "" - s '"• (> " llih " " r lh « the ruin was vt-ry bud, matting Hie '"''"I't. 1 ' H«»m«- t<»»k a Inihint^H trip to ifduntry roixlH in u pt^ur condition, ProjihetMtimn, by untn Thnrndny, and Thp InmnJ. nf tnistees of (lie village uuum! 'il«* JJHIIIK quite arduous on ac« are putting the city hull In apple pie order (hi.s week, und when thr work ih < oinpjetctk \vllV ha\«^ one (if thn'modt uitmrUve Council rooms in the « i «unty. 1 " ~ ZL - k " • • • jj no brl<;k hulldiiiB on kilrhen «-nn«trm:ted in hiS Btrect In prep ami ion for V. W. Couk, who will noon occupy- the pluvc \yith uu up to date r ROUND GROVE NEWS, ] MA.KING fMPRQV,EMENTS* Then- ha« been a KIVUI deal of av- liviry at the County Hum prior lo tin unntitft h'»nM. fl^iiunt;. luilrii'-n., whilt Wti>.lu.'i'H und i If-lrlr lifjht nicii ha\r been busy tor ucfi.j.-, -nd jii« count >i( (ho heavy roads. The P«rcnt»Teai'hern AMHociatlun helped the irn-ul com carniv'ul alon« by jJi'J'^Jns h'.'t i'ullifi la tliuat 1 it. Miss IturiiH. v\h<> school Emersori, was 'a recent visitor at tlw Imijie nf Mrs. Allen Muthewa. In tho north part ol thu Advertiao in The Gazette. Don't hiill to .Uliil ill )n i'l( n u Ju {t : III- . n! tin-, 'wriutr; , otitsid Worry about your digestive troubles, sick headache, tired feeling or constipation. i-i) iirtri ( Tli If, U' I.' u v. ii! • :ij,i' i .i,i|) .>'.". o| ulu walis a vt m lilii.j.,- h vvtl( (tic iii'l i--f. ; <.' t . |.j iji.. u l.< (i •! (h,i( Hri'litr ;->K ,-.!«'!ll % \vi'l IHH--I l.tlfci t'tt's -i \ i.-r ni.iTic nn Hit- ROUND GROVE BRIEFS ''ijl'»^t.,ia t"ad<«.; m >t» worry is probably due to a disordered. 5 liver, anyway. Correct stomach ailments at once by promptly taking BEECHAM'S PILLS iyl | .it lie ,r \\ -r Ask _\;_, ^ _.. "\l. k« !.. • >.., Jc, a:, -ti. ^ ***0 Jrugjristlwr "«Va OUUCBS wf Piuui" with "" ! . ; '^' ' " " " : wil"'* ~ •' *11iftvt16fli and ..4un f t acwpt tEnythinj; «----»-• •>* •> i» *-~ -rp-if. IliinOlS '"*' Guarautei'd to KIVO *f)ai»luti' mtii ' ' •' - ! /• ,'' i ii U . ! ! .iiivs n • _!_ (I \Vt._t _U -7 "-Iji^ii^w- -T-'- ^^Tp7l~^t [" U I They aid digestion, the bile, gently stimulate the liver, purify the blood and clear the bowels 'of al! waste matter. Safe, sure, speedy. Acting, both as a gentle laxative and a tonic, • t^»!lu^'^ I! ! ii ! i i :-• -—rr*.*i- I'l l!i<*tioii pt 1 ui-jncy l'tu-i ' " it Right The Wrong U. «i,^» 10.

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