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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
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f*fc«* t^fftff* from ir» *nd puts they cujjhi I* b* cnri?"D T o 1 JCylvJu r\ A 1 1 v r^ A vi? r JLI/TLlJLjL \jrx\./Ji/ 1 SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 100, _ AND DAILY^TANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY. OCT. 28, 1916. ADVEEflSIHS take* thing* frem th«y ars and putt th«w where (hey ought to fe»» PRICE TWO CENTS, Miss Miner Prohibition Candidate For Trustee^Gave Acl* :r dresinit Y. ¥. C. A. Like Suffrage She Says the Old Parties Will Have To Give Prohibition, on the Y M. ( »-r N a beeri ft A, the 1'f it'ny c-venin?;. Mt« kiu-wn snftraee lead vrry nttivp in the PICTURE HOUSE Will Erected" By Wlger Brothers On First Avene On Old Garage Site. It Will Be Of Modern Design With a Seating Capacity Of Over Six Hundred. Hilver Mroth t.-t-is f.-r th" II th;- site- o) ••r anil w»rki r for pro- hthitlnrt f'»r many years and expwt* to c*mll»»ne in the work, although she s;ivs there is little bcpe of any of the »«r,- didntrs-til-inn? elected this fH!! on that ticket with the exception »>f several of the candidates for the.lecislaturf-. Af»- *«r a prayer. lU-v. .1. W, llohbln«. pastor of the rhrlstlan e-hurch lntr«H',uc*--d tho Liquor Traffic. "Kvery Institution ooicht to jtt.ind or fall on its own merit?!, nnd on that basis I purpose dfsrusixitu; tb* 1 lm*mr traffic-. Has It merits" t* H a pnyism proposition for the pt«op!«-, o\«-r its bad ~ I« It of .vnJue? !•« it a moiiti If It Is elth'-r or nil'of these, we oituht to stand up and dff«>nU it for I believe it h;v and of value. Lic*n«* Thi«v«ry? '""" "Yet it Is here by law. a been licensed for. years. If It 1.1 i wrong,' then we have no ritiht to u<-<>ns» It. Stealins Is known to be ujonc. >« do the liquor traffic why should \»e no tttlPVes,' *<ft ~vtP T*nnt>t te^nnw* who lit KT» Injs tt> steal from U.H. So we itmia r<-K ulate It you know, for we do not wan any ste«ilni£ from us on j*unda>'« %%hili we are away to church. Neither d« •we want any thievery one mi!«\ fn»m n sdiool house where the children are n» It mlKht corrupt them'in some man ner. Then aKain we'do'not want «n; tme to tfteal from us on holidays while ue art? lit- the midst of feitivuu^. "Th* 1WUUC, way, WUli riiuiilei'vrs. Tor know they are KoinK to steal and murder any way. «» why not n'ltulate thb evil the samt* a* w«- do the ll«|iior traffic. He«J whttt a Kreat amount of mon ey <vni|d 'b»» deriveil fn»m it. I say ii wo regulate nnd license the bqtior traffic w« ouKtit to the others e^U just mentioned. "AH biislnvsH K!W« some Instliu: value received with the exception of the liquor traffic. No bunlne** enterprise wants a man who Kets drunk to work for'tt. The doors are all closed to him If It i» known. "Moat of thn eompalKii *t*e»keni are draxKlnK forth thn tariff <jut--i|on this fall. Why does it boh up just at campaign time #very f«nir j-ears? Wlv In It not nettled once and for nil. 1 in of letting it wine Khosttike ev- el«»ctloii time? r5 h"»vf ulvrn out tfi'-ir 14T-W pi'-iure b«u««'' th«-y i r-rc»'t on First avniif !?)•• K-'mps'ter Rarrttje. ir<> w;i>< torn down, nnd . b«- bl«jh r-nonch in the ?f bnv«- twi-nty-one feet TM* will be simp!" ff>r f pfople es|»e«'ted in the **f anV on*" time. room for the pirhire show tfhni low first, Thi» was tlr«t put on online the itavernnlent wanted money, and liquor wan thus nerved b»« c«um> It WIVM' thouftht l*e«t to net li from luxuries Then mine trw Harper bllf of high Jiecniw, Hnwsv««r. noni« of iContinuea on Ftv«i REGIsRATONBOARDS Send in Your Nam* to Boned If Your N«m* It Not R*fi«t*r*d. It is a v««ry ww«* plun'«'tH~>*»\>k tiv0i - the reijiHtrJition btxtk nnd MH> if jour name 1st in "it. If not S«H« to it at »inct' thai JL l» there and this may be done by phoning to any nvmtirr «>f the imtWfKMl thlw afld T«i»*wlay and will aw to It that yotir imm<> is t<>rt?d and thi>» wilt «avt> you « trip to the pollinK i>l»fe Tui'Kilay, «>r which is woriw, Hwoarlnt; in your vot«« «>o elec tion day, Novpinber 7. While there hn tliVy Ihe rejtiHtrnlion in many of th»- t»f-tlM* «tat*>. >-*H -«44l— nKfv j»lirU,lM'tter to 'rx-sister and tu>t hatv nwwar In tin* vi»te election day fiir tn in taken tip tlm«» and bothers tl(<- t».»;»nt ^ gr«»at extent, Thprf »r«» »lx voting pm-l township of HrerUnjr. and the the inombor* of the bo»nls in *> clnct "»i*> b»low. ^f a voter \tv* Fl«.t precinct t*«» or rt»*» whouu t** n on*f* of, the members t»f tl* in that |>r<Mnrt and it will b» on tho roll. If living in the prpelnet phone u mr-mber fn>tn that precinct, and wt on, I'hont* to, «H.«> «»r thi meinl»««ru in th« - wuid in vthich -T'.' "T)o It nowT • foUowinjg is'thu H>t of tlw> ti«»ard In th»' U It K. U. and Uncoln Uttle. Hecond Treclncl—1. U %Vtaver. , Slocoklft itiul .Adum IJ.-in-n. l*liird prwlncl—Jonfts. Ilaor. H. J JJmwder and Julm M,- M^iiee. Fourth Pr«'liu:t'=-J i !*rt-ifc»m>u, 'Thwi, Trout h «nd Itenry AlurUrr. Fifth Prwi'llict—J. ti. Wetsfl. Jesj»t> W. .ItiimwfO) and W. Ii. <Jlf.»soM iSUtli I'ret'lnct—II. J. rVrsusun. CENTRE RALLY HCUM Filled Ardtnt , Hum* Politician*. Ci'fHfe «cbiu»i buu»t* wa tw the dt<<y« Fridijy «>v«>ntiic Hnpublic^n fully heh( , in (lull, lluntv tutor* «v« very warm tbctr |«oMtk*Ml views, ua'd thvy came out to t-kprvKii their lnu-r»>»t at thw full of vim. ;uut n i> *trengthi>ni-d the v•»«•«;» »>f th<> The sjM-akvre. were ilt* Kan- nle Worthlniftou »bu uu\i> h<T vu«v>*. in n twi-my• llv«« miuutf t.,tSk st;tte*e Attniney ,1. J. 4.ui!ct > ,> then ttiade a ItllliMll- !Mtdr»*S-" Jl» VVUs- {^iivlfloa in zs MUUii-H, »H by iu by Judtf U. c I-; H h a \\\ K .- Ttn» . like tlw". old the party, wo* jfivsuly *,ir<'««tt»ciu't» by Ib4'«« lulkM. iU'ar%.-»> \lur}»b>», t cuinmtttee «n.»n of l»r«*)«le<l at the meeting MRS, QNG Dt P FRIDAY Th ,-Hii"li' x .i!< v <' r»or in li)'- c!t-ar. thf« initn!i< r < r'< M -tn Tb. will l»< nin*'tv-nvi» f^rt lone by forty- eitJtt fr-t ! wide, It will seat somethlnc i>v r «iv hundred pr-rmle. Heats for thl« Jljimnirj: hgvg._b.e<-n ay. 'derrd ftnd wilt he. ijf-rc w!>«-n the rw»m Is' ready for them. They are of late denl^ri. There will be n fVvr-.foot )|;e lit front of the picture r«tt,-iin fV*r vaudeville acts. Tliere %vi!i \>f a ventilntitiu py,«teni in the rear to dt"iw out the stale «lr, ;ind pbUT-w for the, entrance of frr-nh ^ir from the front. Th*^n. will be K'H>d ntyi^l «-lectrie fans plnced about the room. \Vhlle some of Oi*- dftrtlls of t n'. yet th«^e are minor p"Inti< to b rared for later. Th«« front of the structure will verv pr*'tiv red brick. Tbe*-orn'*r trn« laid y«^terday by Mr. Mey««rn. Th 'fir-.t thltt'v fert of Th*- bulldlnu ft the fmn! t>n f-'irst avenu«« %\ili !>«> Ibir tv-««-\rn f«-et hich. helm; enoiieh fo Advertising Is 1 Jke Fattening Hjogs It takes HO much feed for a'hog to live on. If you \vant the hoy; to fntleu you have to feed ^enoy^h more So bring 1 ' the <1esire?l results. In nd- yertisiniri if takes so much to innintnin your bnsj- TH'ss nuil enough more ,«honhl be used to ineronse it. Unless you feed enough flip hog will/not fat- feu. Unless you advertise enough 'your business will nol grow—thf advertising will merely keep whaf business von have. Think if over. HNE ATTENDANCE Nearly 1.500 Teachers Were Present innstituteTHeld In Dixon. tielnt, «o made to miiki* K IM 'd ««ffice The front door.* will be ;*et in Ov (f* t from the street line, The entir frtwt will be »o nrranKed with door thnt there \viU Jie nev»nteen ft>ot esl in r«««* «tf fire. There will alto be «tx f(w>t c-ttt* in the re.-ir on the alley, , Th«* front door." Will open Into a lob b> rtvef iwenty-flv«» feet lonn nnd th width of the building. This 1* belnt, m»«H* ««» hteB^-^«* r orrift' in hold the pro pie who are oldlK'*d lo wait until th f nd of the »hr>ws to >;••! in, Tlir-re wil Vw sins* h«>twet'ii the two roomx, alii doors m» that they may 5»e easily open ed for exit. Hteer Hrothers intend to make «r up-tu-date movinK picture hon«o. nn< ttiev h?tvc been to nevernl of tJie l«re i»r cities lo lof»k OV<T plans nnd settle* upon a ile^inn that tlsi>y think will I* ibr best. They are i^utttnc consider able money Into the enterprise. It car not b<> told how IttiiR It will take ti complete the job, but the work 1« be R hurric^l through as fast a« POH«I blc. RALLIES IN ERIE Much Interest is Being Shown In the Political Circles In Erie. Political riillleM are in voihie In Krle il |ire>t>nt. Monday nlRht Walter H Itennett, «f Quincy. pave an nddrvsH ti the Wtlsmn I>emocratic club and voters n the Auditorium. Thursday evening i Republican rally was held in Bur chill's hall, with a «ood attendance ol men nnd women voter*. A quarUM lUiy Jte»«e, Robeil Adams, l-Vank Hesse and J. O. Adams rendered excellent music. The upeak- >r of the evenlnit was o. P. Berry from ;2arthaj.;e,. who #HV« a niuslnu addrc«H to the enthusiactic crowd. Monday evenintr there will be a :n*»«-tinjj for women in Hurchell's ball, when a woman >>peaker from the Wom»n*» Republican headtiuarterti in Chl- , will be present. There will be two tm-vtiUKX held Sunday In the In- fh nf tin Probrbillojj party, Miner of <*l>ampalun. will Klvt he addresses at the mee,tingit. the fir»l if which will be «t the Hapiist church »t 2'3rt p, in. and the'necond in the ev- ut the ciiriKiiaii churclu Older Child's Arm Hold Quilt Over Littie Boy's Head. While hlfeplnj! with two otbfr chil- iivn HI «n up static room Thursday i»»:bt. the two-year-old MIH of Mr. :irul Mr>. Aifrt-d f^iniih, rrnidiiiK »lv i of The pr*wnc«' of extra lK*lp in the >im(l\ m,udc tin 1 Hlcepiim urrunitemen in- lh>i niKlit diffvq^iH, «nd the baby plac*-.! in tin? bed with the two TTuIdlen. J-ate in th« night the iw>ih»»r heard the child cry and went t» I he room whtjre K|II« found tlu» little ell<»w't* he«u ctiverwl with a heavy 4Ui!«.- a«-niKH which lay one of the oth- r chiblren'n arms, tier 4i*>k the child fi^in the and it wiw th«'« she discovered it apjfcm-mlj uiKx>|jscij»u«, A pby- •.jci:*ti was 4«uminon(sl, but before he ar- ive.4 the In He form was cold in death. •i\»rnner *5tephnn, of A«»iton, wu« .iiuunonet) t<i the Smith home yester- l»y afUTiioon, where he conducted an over the remain>! from the l»te home cortect* to leave the . ilfTtiiitl will be in END LOPjAUTO TRIP Fr«nk Walter ^nd Wif« Reach Los Angeles in 23 Days, . u .lv>i ji it \Vc"*« I t'-c«-ivi-d H- di»| ,it< h '»* uioininK Srom !"r»»nK \V Walw-i in it-I .iu I*!,**, Aiisclcsi Cut, unnouncint; lit «•.«!«• <>| hilitio'lt and wife In *M» i «> a(l*?i ilrnius thfoM«h in their Thf will be afterii<M<». ..M- m 2 «»'t the To Re -arrest O'Brien. w.ia atimmncfd Knduy uftenu>ni| Vorusxi Some Excellent Addresses Were Heard Throughout Sessions Yesterday. STERLING MERCHANTS Vote To Put On Another Co operative Early Christmas Buying Campaign. .3* At the Northern Illinois teach.- «r»" meeting «t Oixon this morning the selection of the place for the institute n«xt ye»r w«» left to the president end tho chairman of the -executive committee. It ^ill** be held »t one of th« followmq titieei Freeport, Rockford ana Qelvidpre. The officer* which were elected for the ensuing year arej PretU H. H. Haaen, of Dixon; Trea»., C. H. Andemon, *f Palo; • R. C. Jones, 'of Rockferd, chairman of the executive committee. Many more teachers from rltlew •i" nrrivd T* TII\.HI yi in Str-rlliiK ntrTchflntx voted ijjls tnorn- c. at a meotlttfr held In the city hrfH, I to put on iinoUwr .co-operative early it'hrlstmas buying rampalRtt. 1-Yank j W. Murphy, chairman of the BterllriR [ men h;itit«' division of the A*m»ctatlon .of t'omfne'n-e, arid quite a number of > mi-n Intnts were prfscnt. • j All present favored Ihc iden of put- jtlnir on another atronij campalKti to ; Btiinulfitt' early bttyinjf. and if -wan decided to plaee -the detalln of the ert- jtlre wfr.-iir in the hands of an executive iiotnmittee of flve who nre to Imye en- jtire « barge. Chairman Murphy ap- i pointed a committee 'conKistliiK of him."elf. S. M. Bradley. C. J, Ktahl, H. M. Halt, nnd Herbert Bell to have executive chaw, nnd thin committee In to i meet nest Monday morning at nine o'clock In the new office of the AMHO- ciatlon of Commerce In Gait House block, wlu-n plans will be discussed appointed. and rilay for th«* second and blgtewt day of the w"wlon. of the northwest «e«— lion, of the Northern Illinois Teacher*' the Tlu' At ;> o'clock" a spin- intt the Hockfurd and n .itiom» arrived, bringing three In four hundred additional pedHKo^ues to-Hwell the atiemlance. Other curly mronlnc trains broiiKht teachers by the score Police Will Not Tolerate Themjby_ Youngster*. police* nttthorltipM of' Klerllng train'' carry- l*ny they ;ire not ^olnw to tolerat'e'tlal- Fn-eport dele-jlowe'en pranks this year. It- will -be - - - - rememhcied that laat year three boys from the oa*t end of WterlitiK were haled Itefore the 'court and made to pay seven dollars for their work Hal v o tdiowthe evirn aiuTTPnTptirtloiih that »eHet-iheni in the formative period of (f«J. Dr. Hohen'H address, Dr. W. JKbyrock, a mited educator, from he Koi'ithcrn piirt of the Htute, dollv- •refl an addrens on "Katuro'and Alln- stry in Fiction." Mist* Ann.le Carroll Moore closed the norning hi-wion with an interesting ad- n Children'^ I^Mikn and Love of w.u.s Sectional Meeting*. During the afternoon the se ho Union hi^h scbmtl building -liiuj' *r«j«ldciH Helancr umuujiteed the com- niiltce^for tin- c.oinlnK year. The wtutc i consists of legislative, i-Jli- «aheth llaVvey, of Hclvidcre; HfMoln- i, H. <J. JoneK, Jiockford; Appro- loilH, (Contlnui'd to, Q.j O'BRIEN INDICTED Man Caught In Lee County After Shooting Girl Faces Attempted Murder, The. Kendall . county ^rand jury huraday ret hi nod fotic indlctinents z'ainut tSuy u'BiIeii, ils<> yo'unK Lisbon (inner who last AUKiist shot his for- :i«r nwrt'ilnvrt. Misa Ada Torkelson,_ US cart, oldf^iifiijl ft«*d In bit> nutoinobjle. nd wan later caught in l>eo county. Iin« TorkclKon iw a pr«-fty blond*' «irl, ho »hfHKlitci- of Mi!., Jtcrtlm Torkel^ «>«, ti widow of wealth who h'U'.s near whether follow or not, **- and late InHt ni«ht J«din T. HlRht, of jlowe'en night, ,\n example of othcrw Kockford treasurer of the association | will be made thin year If any depreciated that 1174 teachers had renter- datlons are committed. Friday, night ed with him and that there were many Jan out bouse- west 'of the Wallace more who hnd not registered, ami quite cshotd bouse wan lipped over, codling a number who hnd reRNtered at Mollneia few. dollars to repair the damage.und and other points tn tho slate where .-to set it back In place again. It is sectional moethipH had been held, so I really known who the boya are who that the total number Is approximate- did the deed, and It h»« not been de- ly 1.500. ... ? h }?^ yt>Ki whether prosocutions will L..'" Rockford Lead*, Itockford leads the list with tbc eatfst number of teachers, nccordlRK to President J* A. Hoisner, " of Bel- vldere. who states tlu;t there are almost 3<W from there. Many of them tiowever. are teachers In other cities iti WlnnebaKo county, and the t-i number from the city of Hockford itself cannot he computed. Belvldere H representation of GO teachers, S>*ri>eport has 72, and there are ' . from Sterling. Oregon, Dc- i\aUi, Savanna. Marenjro, Kochelle, Oa ena, Molliic and many.smaller towns »nd cltfe*. The second .day's msssion opened ut he Methodist church at K:4.'i in the mornirif? and the builditiK was tilled o capacity. The t'nion High School .ll«»e club under the leadership of Mrs. Muriel Phelps, of StorlinK, sanp a lumber of plentdm. selections and then M-. ^kllen Ilnben. of Chicago, an In- Htructor in the University, of Chlca- o, nddref»*ed tho gathering on "Why Boys and Uirls go Wrong." The ad- dealt with the Bociologicul aspect of hoylUMtd and girlhood titid coutain- iLjmjijnx_jn]MitratlonM taken from life MACHINE IS LOCATED Automobile Which Wm,, Stolen Last August Has Been Recovered. Ijconnrd Arnett of Kritv whone auto mii» htolen from tho fair grounds lant AiiKiiHt. h!U» iMjen notiticd that the mlnning machine linx be«n local Ml and IH now In HI. i'airl. Minncttota, and thn auto thieves have been captured. Mr. Arnett will noon make arrangements to regain poflweatdon of fho ear. ASSASSIN FAILED An Attempt Was Made On the An .Attempt Was Made Today On Life Of Prime Minister (By United Press) Melbourne, Australia. Oct. 28. — An CAMPAIGN FUNDS Republican Contributions Tot* $1,667,575.29 and Democratic '$1,006,283'. This Year the Contributions Have Come From Thousands In Small Amounts. my fiiit.-.i rrr'.-.>- > Now Yolk. N, . V,, (h t 2V~<v,ntil- butions fo the t«-|itiMjf"fiTi campaign fund IO|HI II.fif.7.*.;r».:.V>. ii w;<fj iin noilnced (winy ,'tt republican nntlnna headquarter;*. Titf «<U»!r«rnrtH from the democratic n:i(!t»t);il committee l«f»t nlKht announced <fuit Ilif- rontr!- hiiaionw lo the demwrittl'' ctlini't nitiountcd to lJ.wifi.xS3 The i.-jtpendl- tures to eU-'ct Hushes toinl IJ.fiTS. ,?S. The ratnpalKH fund this year has come from ;!«.»2X.rortirilnitot-!», the re publican headquarter* stated. Pour years apo there were unly fi little more than .sjj'.ui.names on the ctmirL- bulion li.*t Tor the entire campaign. ' =~ An averafin i»f about 600 check. 1 * for fl<> r>ncl) havr> been received 'daily, Thfl high mnrk occurred v «>n October i:i when 13,<iiifi checks for $1" was re- reived. ' Th« democratic Hlatoment tdutwed Hint <l.«iS2 contribution* have been received, : Congrettjonni Funds. (My ftffte-Y T*ri>n*. I Washington. 1), <',, Oft. L'S. -Cuti- trlhntit+Hs to the republican coiiKres- sioniil committee's cainpalKtt fund to- ftl $3lfi,{i,?0.1l. u'Tnrdttip lo the «t.ate- inont (lied with the clerk of the house by fiittmr Senator, N B, Scott, treasurer of the committee, The contrl- hntloiiH were from ^,<»73 person*, nn uvt:roKG of 1152.S7 ho saiCt-. "It is very KratlfylUK to note that the common people, represent inu KO largo a ma«s of voter* , were «-illinK ft> Hid In the campaign. Nothing could bo more KlunKtennt of si republican victory than thVfio figures. Tho average contributions were small but tho number wns very Inrgo 'nnd vero Kcnltoreti over nenrJy « i v«»ry f*tnte," » — 'rh** <}«• rtingrr*ff{r>nrtl rnm* t»iti7ti. committee re|iorted to tlieclcr; of dm housf* ext>endltirrrj< and dhll tionM of |4l.3>> and eontributitiru of lfr«.(5lfi.l^. The U'oodrow \S'ilson Indepenilen Ix-aRiio r< ported eMieltdituri-ti' of $31 t»3«»J. AtnoTfj? the contrlbutoi'H | thin fnnrj wns tin- tttitlotml coinrnltti with $7.971, COMPLAINT IS FILED Mother "Of Murdered Girl De cided To Ask Warrant For Soldier'^ Arrest. Hiutidnalo 1'rlme Miniuter Hughes at his home In Kew, Victoria, but thirat- Icmpt fjilcd. fc A man forced a window hr the HuKhcK home and tired a revolver at IIUKthes hut the shots mltrocd. The man leaped to the ground and fled. t \. referendum vote on tho question of conscription is being- hl-ld In AUH- trali,. uiday. Premier Hughes by hi* advocacy of romu-ripUon drew bitter fire from tho Australian Jabor plirly, f, which he himself i» a member and osalUUi- that tIu^would-be-a«B»«- clonva to that bitter parly, Jl« has favored unrelentinir war on Germany and it IK possible that the attempt on hi* life wjtu made by u Tou- touic'sympatliizcr. yf. « it is VILLA HAS 4, This la the Eeport Made By Government Agents TO the War Department. flly Tnitod Presxl Kl P,IK<»,, i let. i'K,- Front every available, source l ! , S. Kovt'rlnncnt tKftnts ure Katlii-rinK lnf«»rmatloh bear- ng on the niimbff of nit»n Htid arniii- ne-nt ticnv under Hit- coinmund of Pun;ho Villa. , - ith ru-t! I*, churucd in tlu< u,-:, iut( with latent is The jury v«iit-i,l iitdictmentH to commit the ihdicl- . Totkebtiin. Hhe told tb« <AV the way riduiji wuh lutr utolher vln-n oitrien drove up .in hi» automo- snd Miot Hi-r when hhe rcfuKed to out ct b«-r C'iiii,igt> and "get into force at nearly 4,000 men,, »plil into ne\enil luuid.s with about three-fourths! of them well armed since the rout of Ueiii < >siuiH at 'TaUmws and the cap- tui*' uf hi* Kiipply train." Villa also haj< M-veral .11111 c hinc KUIIK. The iiivivstiKutlpu wan inadu upon order* from the war Uepiirtnu-nt at Washington, H is uildetntood. * The tv- >r( vv.iss tr.-uismtttcd to the war de- U todtty. (Hy United rn:a»> Chicago. II!.. Oct. 38.—Ohaimfnn«.he.r original resolve.not to appear agitlntit Oeorge Arndt, wh« i» nit id to have confessed the murder of her daughter FranceH Hloom, on July 4, . 1UH, h> pushing her off a diving: board at DIverMoy beach while bathing, Mrs I.lllbuv Hloom today »woro out a warrant charging'iwii'dcr. ^Offlctolsvvvili leave- immediately . for Marfn, Tex. where' Ardnt IH with tho militia to bring him here for trial. H watt tho avenger that never Blee which ciuiHt'd Arndt to become a wanderer over thu, country following the death of hit* fiancee, causing him to join the militia in the hope of forgetting hlB crimp. He wa« haunted day nnd night until liiHt night ho sought out hia captain and told hit* utory. eOLONEUirREPLY He Will Answer President's WilsonHBtty-Address—hi— • Spe'och at Brooklyn. My J, r. Voder. ' (Htaff t 'orrespondHU of United Trews,) "Kew York. N, V.. Oct. 28,— Colonel oHcvelt will anH\yer the president's \VilKon • Day mKlrp«« in Brooklyn tonight, he nniKUinced on hi* arrival here after completing bin 6,500 milt* cam- iKti -trip during which he Kpoke in 11 § wt-ntern-i«lHica for HughcK. After-foul 5 — speertwK— next week" be Will endeavor to become, merely Ifrnndfutlier »nd n ihun of " bltM again, lie will rent at OyHt'er Huy until ,W+Hliu>H»iay-niid -tliwn «tart« went for wddr*-HHen at ('U<y«l»ind and Toledo. He will return Friday and .Hpeak at a bt« meeting in Cooper Union. Nuxt Huturduy he will lire hiu liniil allot of th<> cmnpaign mi Kulii- more. Then ho will return to ,Oy«ter Hay to await the election roluriiM. . WILL SLAYER If Asaanih of Auntrian Premier it Sane He Will Be Triad. <Hy United I'res*,) Vienna, AiiHttia, Oct. 28.™ Frederick Adlcr who ' killed • I'nyuler 'Count Stueruhk, bus iK-cn placed tiorvutlon by iillcnlHiH, if be ' iliunici'ii Mine he will bn tried ' llrM tif llu» year. pr«>before PRE-NUPTIAL PARTY The Mi>Kew M^Kim* \vt>tc j'Uiit Ini. n. il .iitcittimi lar»t , I.sif.i 'and Nellie '.s.Nc.'* In u |tit--iiu|i- cvt'iiinj,',. hmi Wir*»r,f Hintt jrt t-outiiy that O'tirien. iM'W'Ki.tiik \Vhi|tiieimun. «if Ti.skilHii, under Is.tmij" btttul.-., will' bt< 'be fin ovt m m the I'-mrw of » f« w 'i' next Mon- i' - Atlouteyi \ul( t,-pi\vsfnt ,'.•• ;«Ji.i .1 pb u nf u»jt giultv "^vlil ' ti u i tbtltlv hi- «>nteted The court the ^{;tti'',H ,((ti>riit<> ' 'Mid I tRANSfCHREO/" i-. the Noun - :KAISEH NEAR DEATH Engineer on KI» Train Wan Hilled by a Bomb Recently. (Hy Fulled l'ri«H» 1 .'indnn, liiijt! , «let ?H. .A . \viri'leH.s froiy '/M ic}i htaieK thai Kit liter Wil- he'lm rcci-nily narrowly eHt'iipcd death When an aeroplane bonibii^di-.d hlM train. Tin- eiigilici-r of tlic-tratu \Vu« kiUvd. FIVE INSANE ESCAPE On* of Them i* ffiT Wft'n Who Threat cned President Wilson. ( Bv I'liited S'rf'ss> J'ittsl.uisrh, Pnt . «>ct. 2S. Tb*» drn net <•! the s»>< ret «<TV >!•••• *,«,;i« throw- out t(•"'!:!v f'-'t- Morris |>i,-!mond. fij. f fo the insane hospital ft! Mnrsh.-ilse 10 day." ;iKTt fift<«r he hnd confesse serifiifijt' threatening- If-tlers to dent Wilson. Diamond'nnd four oth^r inmates the escaped last night or earl> this morning by breaking down a do< and sawing the iron bars. MUCHWOlTODO President Wilson Says Program Remaining Is Still Most Important. Tells What Has Been Accom plished In Address On "Wilson Day" -Todays—:— i By United Press) LOIIK-Branch, tf. J., <>cl. 28.- In oh- rvlnc Wilson day today President Wilson told what his administration tas accomplished nnd of the Im'por- ant action must yet be taken • Inee .this nation has become a world lower. His address delivere<l here was end at democratic meeting* all ovet he -rmmtry today wheto Wilson, day •clebratlons were,held. Among other tBIntrs President WII- •4>M said; "This l\ called 'Wilson l)ny. •nly because for\tfix years, ilrst. us tovcmor »f New Jersey and then ns 'resident of the United Htntew, I have icon i>ermitted to lend first a great fJtfltr.'ani! ihrn a great _• national party which our people hud £0 long sought u»d so loin; been held back from by the rvantacd power of selfish IriterWts, ml because the great honor ha* fal- en to me of being chosen once rnort? pokcsmnn mid representative, of the nen who mean to hold the country to he«o ways of peace, humanity and rngress. It In of these forces thrat I hall KJttUlk ami not nf rnyaplf, \vhn ntn nerely their -servant. "What nr<» tiles* forces? Whence do they *prinK? Whai.lm*!" they acco.m- plIMicd. and what IH their programme and purpose for the future? It Is plain what, they are. They are the force* of humane, rlshtnus. and patriotic pur- |v»f»»> which have sprung up In our day in the minds of those who perceive the shurtcc.mings of the law us It hns. hartb'tied in America nnd who look for- wiii'd wuh- ptiriM>sn and conviction to a new ape In which government shall he Indeed 1 the servant of liberty and not of privilege. Them* are men who perceive .that American law hart not kept ...pace*., witlu American sentiment: 'that our Inw bus been holdfhg us and -immovable, untir clans has in free- .America, to, b« arrayed, class; until What wan legal has begun to piny a more important part in our ihnuKhts nnd' determinations, than what IH human and right; and until America.bus begun to lag instead.of leoi'd In reconciling what is with what ought to be. Party I § Progressive. "F\>ur -yenrn ago there were two parties in tho fitfd whoso program was conceived tin red the nfluqhco of these—t?retrt forces- of — p ra-R-.ft* 88 and . luljuatment, the democratic piwty ' and the—Progre-wdvo. party. This year there is but one, the Democratic party. In the presi- dcntiol'.election of four year** a BO gain a fifteen million votes were cast. Of these, nearly ten and a half million wcr.e oist for tho candidates of 'thi two progrotatfvp'pui'tictt, only three anc a half millions for" the candidate o tho Republican party, tho party whlcl lingered, in I ho old ways and felt nont of the n*>w impulse of a new day More than two-thirds of the voters o the United.. States favored then, un< favor now, n programme whose .ohjer Is to serve the changing needs of .humanity arid progress. The I Democratic party wan entrust- ed_wlth the task.^TheHO powerful for- M'H of i he new age were put under Its llrcction. And undc-r that directloi \\hut have they accomplished'.' The> put both the business and thp lift* of the country ii|»on a new footing rhey j Imve released the 'financial '.credit upon which commerce and production illke dc'iM-nd, from the ebntrol of sum! Bi'oiipg of < tlnuncicrtt and bankers ai tho speculative ce,nt«>|-H, .They have r«- i) .the commerce/arid' industry ol the cotijitriL./rom. th« domination "01 VISE IS_CLOSIM8 Gen. Falkenhayn Threatens! Two Towns While Macken^^j sen Clears Dobrudja. \ ^_ . i An Unconfirmed Report Sayfj Russia Has Started Off- | ensive In the East. 1 of, -Pre*».> Berlin. C«er.. Oct. a8.—P.oth Jaws the great Teutonic vise are cloning on Houmanla. ing southward with two cc umns. Field Marshal von Falkenhayi army threatens the early capturfe the Hounianian towns of Slnala _..__ Campolunff. 70 mllen northwest o^ sf. ften. Mackemwn's forces rapidly clearing the defeated Ru«SO*j Hounianian forces from the Black province of Dobrurtja. Before thi advance the Kuspo-Ro have Hbandoned the fortified line Horsova-CaaapchlcI nnd are now In rent nfurly 40 miles north of th* stan«a-t>rn«v'oda railway. Tho RUB Hounmnla are poorly equipped with lib ry and are apparently unable ^ nnke «ny utand. against tho invad- •I'M. only on the northwestern ire the HoumanlattH on the offensive*! h>re they have achieved some local? nicci'SKcw but the whole northern lto.U*,1 mOiliin army"becomes more perilous 5-n, von Kalkenbytt drives forw«r4j iK.-ilnst it« supply lines. The Herlin papers eipre:**'regret ttt3 ln« IOFS of Port Ijouatnont to lh»| •'le'neh but term It a nliKht revertsf •ompared' to the victories ovc/ th*l loumanlans. The l^>kal AnzPlgcr lares that stores of betieinw cxplodosf nd sei (Ire to the inside of th0 n the French attacked In the log,; nn necessary its.evacuation. BULGAR8 OCCUPY HERSOVA, (Hy Unitfld Presa.) Sofia. liulRarin. Oct. 27.—Bulg roopH have occtiple<l tho Danube Hcrsova. 2& miles northwest 0£ •navoda in their pursuit of ;" Houmnnlans. it wits officially on« ounced lodwy. • NORWAY GROWS ANGRY Nine Norwegian Vessels Have Been Sunk By German Submarine In 24 Hours, (By United l'ren».) London, Kiig,, Oct. 28.—Ninp'- Nor- OKlmr yetted** have been mink by ici'fuuu K.ubituirincM in Hie pw^t , 21 iout% Will ('hriKiiii-nia dispatches in rampaiKU directed aKaiitHt Norwc- iun HhippiiiK »^ « prulewl for reftiHinji lerniiiu iidmia.siou -to Norvvegiiin wut- rw. Tli« v newspMpt!rH aro urKing thu y«,r|im«n> (0 HtUlld tirilt ail'l not .to . cf:ierTl*«*-hy-tJermun threats. "The deliberate murder of.. HO niHuy YOUTH WASJCOMVICTED (Hy 1'nitcd. ri't'jjsi Charb-hlon. 111.. < >> ( I'X ,lCi-nest H«iy ^7, -i inut'iciiiii, lodwty was found guilty »f murdering Dclnuur Hill, a rn~a1 tor thu nrtecrtons U and Nciiu-im-vl. tu iit'c prlt»<»nmcut, niurdt-r i at>c in ibis u national »!.u!>rtaK«- to fiu'ni,-<h .oiMnti(iiis -on (c<.|ii*n M I la- liullil «.- <,<( ii nnd twenty Tbi- 1'inc UUHH- Itc.ois. ;uui !)!*• f,(IHH'l Mill loi'lri Tiiutsit,t\ dud of > i«>j-tin_ot t*«in « \ Si ti^illlolt (1 1 t H- MIOU t»i !-i t H t>. i,oiUiuui uadJK- ad bluud between the two "nuiion.s iid it will take ti lo,ng-4imi> for Nor- ray to forget it,',' siiiil the VordcrMgiitiKk '•a Iciidiuk Norwegian "• newspaper. The lu ttlal deeds uf "-(he tJi'rinan sub- Uovvuvt-'r, huv -not caused any hytlterlcji UHIOIIK Korwciiiau woiihlilp- ers utitjt tiadc- and eomiui-ri'c Is goiii}; on JIH usual and there. )H no iiuticutlon of in i rvi'U«iit'ji*» on ilu» tJo'ui'Sc." TO PROBE CAR^ SHORTAGE Interstate Commerce Commission A*ke Carriers..t0 Report. (Uy United 1'ress.) I), (',, Oct. i'8.~--.Thi* hi- ALLIES ON OFFENSIVE. (My United Preps.) tier,, By .Wireless To BayvIHe I.. Oct. ;»<(,—-Allied troopn resume ie. offensive on the Somme yeater fter a several day's lull, the.' war ol nioiuiccil this afternoon, "Prec-eded by stronif military pr Ions the Knplish atuicked acroiui th« ne 4>f Uiidecourt at IjiBeuffA," ic official statement, "and the i the adjacent district of 'le-evening hours. Our troops r«p« lie attacks by artillery and inaoli UIIK nnd northeast of Morvel with" nyon«'t._ The positions warp compl« inaintnlncd." CAPTURE A HEIGHT. Merlin, Oer![ By WlrelSTTo flaj ^ J.. Oct. 2».—•Oen. von Fall >rce« have captured a height soutjj ie Houmaninn town of Kronstadt,.( an official statement reporting alaa tho KUKSO-Roumanians continue flight In Dobrudja, FRENCH TAKE A QUARRY. (By United Pre«a.) - Paris, f ranee, Oct. 28.—f stormed and captured a quarry .n« east of J-'ort .ptfuamnnt In a brilllal attack on thc\ northeastorn front' Vcnlun lam night, it< is officially nounced. A br|«k urtlllcry duel tlnues Ift the region of- the tort, the Knmme front there waa only In* termlttetit cannonading. NEW RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE. (By United Press.) Ijondon. Enu., Oct. 28.—The W ( Agency BBVO out a Homo dlspi that news from German the beginning of a t ous .new Rusnlan offensive In Pi and Unllriu, ThlB report IB not firmed fr<»m any other »ource, true It IK believed So mark the srinn_lng_ oL the allied -aUcmpt to Heve the pressure upon Itoumunla. Another wtreleaii from Rome Hucharewt estimated tho Au«tro rok " Hughet Women Still Wrought up Ovi "-kllna at K«n«« t City, °- United Press) -III.. Oct. 38.—The Hu«h| uutiuon'a special train entered-III" today on their WK llllnolu drive. Tho campalKnnra had not entire): recovered their composure from Kunsan City wtop_yejit u when" nock left attempted^ to break their parade. When they went to auditorium for a night meeting building- reeked with ox-gall which] been spread through - various parts hull. Many of tho women i forced to leave after contracting ent headaches from .tb* fumes. The special tmln made its flrsf IO(H Mtop ut Quincy. where a Ii ;rowd of women met ilie'truin.- Al£ Heveral brief speeches the train hla city. PAPERS DISSATISFIED That Only Tw« German De«troy«r Wer* Sunk by th« British, * . (By United Press) London, ,,Jtitag., Oct. a8.--Papers tioinv djHsatltifHctlon that c w " _'*!_ the Qerinan__raIdiM['8_wIileh i-red the KiiKfI«rr riiunnel liKht were destroyed but declare hi» raid will have no effect on r.uiKj)i)it.ition of troop.s and o Franw. vport thiii all of ihu raideiw had Uincd iialely. de<-)m injj that lh« lUiIeiiii'itl watt m«dc,by thu idiniraliy aficr a 5i*-ppvllu had hot do.vkn, the Ut'rinan admiralty not I ut. ll*ittl»»i a] •rt . idnutttit« loss until later. Ooliborated 22 Hour* Without- ing Woman'* Fate. <Hv IJ ill ted 1'iejusrj '_ Newark. " K. J.f "f)i'i~ "2i"— After ,«nuv dcllherutlou the jury whlclt « ii judKincnt In the case of Mrs. Sf ait-! ticucinKcr, -i'bui-t;«id with tl»*I ioid«-r of Irer wealthy hubtiitid. i, in Ht'iii.-fiiger, cxprcwied its utter t.Utty tu iiijree and was dU BLACKLIST .( B .rnlltd III (hit bj th ' iu tstl

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