Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 6
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GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS. VAUDETTE TONIGHT—3 NEW VAUDEVILLE . ACTS. Af«K> " tcfc D* Bar ftros., § Our rtrgulirr show see, The Yellow Menace" Start rt tftrtight *ftd **« the big thrH!«rv* Also W**My, Quebec bridge Mi*. 2 sho*t, 7 smd 9, Utuaf prices. Tomorrow, matm*« and night, vaudeville and Jerry comedy. AMUSEMENTS. MOUSfe OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY Geraldine Faitar in "Maria Rosa" Also^Brly Cartoons I SATURDAY Viola Dance in The Flower of no Man's Land Alto comedy TODAY IM ILLrNOlS fin <>ct 2T, f«s;. hv Trwuy r-f &t If ml* th* K r«t>f1 !,f>C*0 fhr OAStY WEATHER REPORT. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, .'<i"»y !* n* folios. oider in <-x!rr-rn«- : F.Ur n<>r!h to- X\ ' Jhy u> in Jill I'jrjfct ^F O»« I M, tb<> :k nt E. OFFICIAL )ii bf ;t r'-^' !.- Ml it.v-iKt .'f h !-*ridny" rv !!;•-' fhlHi h, BOARD. t"'?!"' m l-V-tirth St. ROCK FALLS TONIGHT .Featuring Grace Cunmrd and Frapcti Ford in "Peg of the Ring" Madnees" People's Forum 7:30 P. M, SUNDAY Calvary Baptist Church Corner Fifth Str«*t and Fifth Av*flu« AT THE TRINITY CHURCH. Tbf r«'vtv;\l -i-rvu-f'- will U<- foHi? PTPIlinp 3T ?-.•$!> rvrtork n=: ii«»ril nt TrTinK" tTiiirrTv TTf'V. " T>': : u(?«iTif, pa*!.-ir win firf'jich, cftc DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From ' 8 to 10 P. M. For private lessons call) H. H. KELLEY, Bell phone 430R ( NEWS ) "Dare to Do Right, Dare to Stand Alone" Capt Jacob Hoofstitler HEAR HIM. ft 10:00 A. M.— Bible School. 11:00 A. M,— Worship. Sermon. Aft«r this tervfc* there wilt be an important meeting, to which all the members of the church are urged to be prewnt. STEWARD STORE ROBBED. The'J. B. Yf'ttcr. iteneral merchan- di»0 More nt Steward. wns rnhhed nt «n early hour Thursday morning and the thieves escapwl with 35 pnlrs of Wtefl'B »hoej». about n down shirt* and A number of roatx. the tntnl valuation of which l« wktlmated «t $126, Kntrnnce wad made through H r*>nr window. Two 0fflo*r« with bloodhoundrt wore culled from Aurora. Deputy Sheriff Frank Hchoenholt* of Dixon went to steward, Th« thieve* were tracked from the store to the Burlington tracks where the dag* lout the truck. This wan donw'i tlm^» and thf> animal* always to the'place' of sf«rll»V|r. !t I* therefore' prenum«'d that the burglarM boarded a freight train and made their escape. SHOOTS HAND OFF. 'Paul URKett, of Preeport. 30 years old* an Illinoln Central mKineer. «hot nlR left hand nlmont to nhml* Thuraday While demonstrating; to friends how a jton»a.tlc shutRiin Ho hait ju»t i*«purchased W«B operated. • Dr. 'Grant, who took' thn 'injured man to St. FrancU ItOHpitnl. mild it wan al- tno«t certain that the hand would hnvr> to D< amputated. . The* accident took WHO BOUGHT THE TUB? A man bought n small mctnl bath tub" nt the auction mile nf the bankrupt utock nf OUK Hreldlnf? Knt- urd»>vand'walked away with It without taking the trouble to pay for it. Home people mlKht call this H "dirty" trick, but the receiver nays personally he ad- rnlppw the man for his deperate dpairf fur ck»«nlimwi and that he IN willing to donate n bar of toilet nojtp to go with the tub, providing the gentleman aforesaid has not yet be«n-able to get one hirnsf'lf. It IH timial In mich caned to wtntp that the police arc aware of th* 1 party who committal the d«H»d. but In be Trunk, the police vehemently 'deny that they know any one In Hterlinsr or vicinity low or "dirty" enough to per- j»uch a trick. H"RS- stoves and rnnsp*, nt Woodn,* T, Tally, of iJlxon, (•«!!«! on friends hf j tf ln«t evening. Mrs. ftt>l|(i Hulls is « Rurct at thr> K. K. Stabler home. Ppwi.'il sa!0 on millinery Saturday, on, 2s. Mildred'Ij»trirtt. Hook Faila, 1 W. F, Stednwri went t<> Savanna Thursday moaning fur R visit, *,1O<'» silk top rain c<nUK for SlO.&O. I IT. Dillon went to fMxon Thursday morning nn a s»hort visit. l.fot drink* of nil kinds at Illinois randy Klt»«hrn.* * M. l>. .Inbti fp^nt Thursdny in Ha- Mr«. A. W, lyivn, of Tampico, upcnt Thursday here on husine**. Hoys' shops on Halo for 41.48. Klllon ;iod I'frtcr*.* .?. B. Richmond, of F was'here". Thursday on business. Klrst •• Haptlst home cooking, milf. Gaulrapp'K Orocefy. Hnturday.* Mr. and Mr». Harry Hrnt. of 8a- v« n na. a re here visiting frte'nd«._ ""~Wrii. ISTftoRah. who haw been nick In , In HarrlB' mwtt market. th« Rtrn to nfveral of hln THE TOWNSHIP PAVING. Kelli-y Bnithrrx. who have tho contract for pnvinir east of HlprHnK, have bwn. hindprcd thl» W' by tht- wt>l wcMthpr. They have yot Helect oysters In bulk. City Meat Market.* Wanted—Men to work In factory. In- «|ulr<> oft I cr> National MfK, «'«».* W.llllnni H.-utn.M arrivwl home Thursday morning fi-om H«ichest»»r, &llnn, Mrs. William. Tuller, of Morrison, ent Thursday•here whopping, J. M. Dlllon.X>r Aubut-n, N. V,, was a bu«lne*« caller here ThufMday. T. A. Oonhoy haw returned honuVfrum a buwlne** trip to Milwaukee: Miuid dnrice In Woodman Hall, Iloi-k Falls, Hatiinlay, October, 2Sth *M, O. hove, of Tamplco, wax a busl- ne«s« caller here Thursday. - W. K. - Long wa* a bu«lne«» caller in ".Chicago Thurmlay. t2.5« »eal plush roats for $20.00, at . Mra. J. T, William* *pcnt Thurmlny with friends in Chlmgo, .Mrs. o. A. Baneki-K is .upending n few day* with friend* in Chicago. Mr. and Mra. George Olmtttead were caMeni in Chicago Thursday. neveral dayn William Burieigh 'ipifritThursday In Chicago on bunlnnpti. Our New Selling Plan of one low price the year around is meting with marked favor. Clearance sales never were fair to the buyer—it put a preimum pn waiting until the end of the season, while the early purchaser should be the one to get special prices, r Hart Schaffner & Marx young men's suits and overcoats are priced on this low basis. You'll like them, more than ever, fine all wool fabrics splendidly tailored, perfectly styled. This extra quality at these low prices will .attract you. •50 WM^W $2f $23.50 $26 Underwear o-o?* S - wiss Union § uit s and Cooper's two-piece garments, in an unusual assortment of fabrics, stvles and sizes are waiting- for you. 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2, $3, $5, $6 -Boynton do. Co. .. tni» hnlf mile Is not ready. It is the lowest part of> the. system and there is being hauled n amount, of dirt to <W*nd», put a In th« and with -hhi left bund over the mux- '*!« of gun, allowing the Mtock of it to •'drop to the floor, The gun discharged r tJi* moment It strui-H the floor and f -, con t oil 18 of the exploded .' nhell tore through the engineer'* hand. BERT D.QROFF HERE. -Mr, and Mrn, Bert DeOroff. of New City, are in Sterling, the guest* nla.parentii. Mr,-nml Mr*, J. A. De- Ojroff, for two week*. Th* visiting y«ntleman tauglit school in this HOC- jlon when a young man and later was endent of'««veral of'the larger [« of thl* part of the Htate. t lie jwcured an excellent jMixitlon in , fill in to Ynake the proper grade. The dirt being used for this purpose IK be- Ins rarried from the sdde of the pavement already in which. "WHS taken out .to lower the hills, and thin Is loose and very *Ucky nnd win not be hnndl<«d very well- after ruins. The contractor* say the worst part of the contract Is •yet to bo done, nlthouKh only a half mile of It. CAN NOT VOTE THIS YEAR, George Livingstone, who \\nnJllyeA most of hln life In this section, "sys he will be unable to vote for president at the election -on- Nov.- 7. In fnct he says ' City and in tiikitiK now hiit an, Vacation, IIU many frtenda will L pleased to «e* him and his wife Ifeack to tn«lr- former horn*. . • LANDED IN JAIL. . John Brooks, of Polo, was arrested Amboy Wedne»«dn>- J>eln«r night chargwl _ while on th« of the I. C. roud. He wa« « e * r »ng before 4 uetlceHelnst pt Amboy, plead jrullty itnd wa« bound «iy«r to the next grand Jury, Deputy J|n«rW Charlea Standard and John P, •Brtcton. I. C. officer tit Amboy, brought t,th« prisoner to the rounty Jail, where :«• will bu k*pt In Jail to awuit the ac- lloii of the Jwry, been unable to vote nt any place for- over six years. He hits been moving around- from- 'place to place nnd thus lost- his vote when election time rolled around. He reached Sterling from California -Hteuit spring, and not knowing he was fo return so-«oon he registered hi«» name as a voter in that far off western state and thus he losses ills vote ASTHMA SUFFERER today. free of _. of a simplfi home treatment for tuna whk'ir cured me after physi- " "»nd change of climate failed. 1.1. .^ „- t«fttr-forTny preiani good :n««(th, after yettm of HUffering. that 1 ' tveryono to know of thiB won- treatment. Mrn, Nellie i D«M Molnt-N, Iowa. 5 for , .Mackinaw Coats, $5.00,$10.00 Sweater Coits, 50e to $9.00 _ Overcoats, $5.00 ,.$32.50 _ Suits, $7.50,$25.00 SMALL FIRE THURSDAY. The Sterling flre department waa ealli«d to -Weal-Third street and C avenue Thumhiy by aumall flro in the Mr*. William Miller house, now occupied by Mr*, Lowry aa n boarding place. The fire was caused by a xmall oU heater. -The inmitten worked hard nnd ducceeded In extingulnhTng 'the flre to a large extent before the-arrival of the department, and there was but lit- tie for it to do when it arrived.: and the run<3was a wpeedy one, too. There was Considerable damage dom» t« the eon- tents of the room. VISITED SISTERS. W. 8. Burger, of CJary, Ind., who him been viiilting hin winter*, Mrs. 13. A. Covert, of ^Dixon.. Mm. Samuel Me- of this city, for the pa«t. two ^'weeka. leaven today for hl«. home, HP will stop in Chicago to «pend the day with hiK brother-in-law. K. A. Covert, who underwent an operation for goiter Tueaday morning «t Lincoln 1'urk hospital. HOME. Ferris are home in Mr. nnd Mrs. A. U Over entertaiiu>d nt dinner Hunday, Mr. and Mrs. B«rt DC Oroff, of lowa. Mrs, J. M. MtM»re,. who submitted to a serious operation » few weeks BKU IK Improving rcpidly. IU»y Arnould, of Dlxon. attended the dance In this city bun evening. Mr«. Ruth Dillon Is confined to her home -by Illness. Bert Button, of KprlnKfleld. transacted business here today. B. Carrnlkcl, of Aurora, a husi» ness called here today. Mrs. Clnude Kniskern. of g^ind Station, spent the day here wliopplngr. Irvln O'Malley, of Dixon, called on frtenas. t here last evening 1 . Miss Irene Cramer, of Walnut, Is spending a few days here with friend*. Mlsn Anna Leaney went to Chicago today on business. H. L? Wllef»x, of Itockfortl, spent the day here on business. Miss Mae Johnson, of OeKalb, 1» hero for an over Sunday yVisit with relatives.' ,. '° j^- The Sacred Heart churrh choir will meet tonight njLlrJOLo'clock for-rehearsal. .-•'... . ! Mrs, A, M. Clapp nnd children, of Dlxon. spent the day here with relit-j '' ' A FRIENDLY FEELING I "WionWaph Grves Fire Aim hnll. Stprllng. liL. Hull's or- .-htwlra. Public invited.* Mia« Klta Loudo. of Morrison. *<iib- 1 milled to n >erluui* operation Thursday j ™~— A flre nlnrrn, oppnrfltuA that calli " r »r-,:;,r t^rr 1 ,,,,, l * *w«** T°™* ^ P. •«. ! sr^sairA: sr-rc i A " By Japan Declares Judge j torjr.of Smith, Jones & Co, la In flames 1 BIRTHS HKSKK. A baby girl wfta Twi'ftd:iy «<v<Mi)iiK t«> Mr. and Mr* »fk. i>f iHxon. at the hospital. A. C - Grocery, .Saturday,* J. A. Kosuler, tif (Milcnito,'Is here vir<- at the home of his HMIV Dr. \V. Elbert H; Qaty. i and to plenw rt»lt the flw brigade Im- Hot.drinkn of ull kinds at Candy Kttchpii.* Mm. Cecil t mediately Is .the proposal of an En«< itv fnlted !>rr») ! J l8h ln , v «' nlor - i A phonograph, with Ha Louis. Mo., oct. l'7.~ There i« noli " orn close to t " c m «uthploce of a The <3azetic ciassinea Ad»= for bis returns with little money. Martin wmt to ; now and uwd not «nei • b« any it- ^ '• « an oj. Harmon Thursday mominK for uvi«,.;ble be, w^n Jtt,,an and the United M5wt Martha f»rlow«kl win i Suites worth goine to war rtlniut, T EllK-rt H. fury., chairman of the the week end at the •hom« of her par-|of dlrectom of the U. 8, ateel corponV- ent* in aiorrison. • jtion, who linn juwt returned from a tour Mr. and Mr*. joaeph-Kidd nfe upend* '"' ~ ' " ' " ing a few dayti.with friends in Morri-'i Mra. Vinton *p«mung a few and friendii. , ,. • . 'derided to provide «n uddltlonni war , Mh-lp some omv in- the %'ther ' countr phone, Is fitted with a record the flr« warning. The phonograph •tarts when an electro moKnot placed near it draws down 1 the rclenslnjf lever. Th« circuit of which tlu-uingnet t» a here today. | ^ , g c , osod by Rowley, of Moline. • in , ship some r oniv in tho Either country j U»e CO«L a (%.•%.»».««* - i wn « c « " Joela by a cord. A fire here with r»latlve»' !w» been prompt fn charging, thai it {mtwnt prepHcatioii for war.. 1 told the U _- ,- -. •---- 1 '.- 1 -»-,».»v--- •••*«• 11 •* •*.••&*•»« V**V • 4v r Spencer, of Brockton. M«s»., I pc«iple of Japan tlmt the American spent Wednesday, In this city on busi-j ixw n< ^?* <i *"'"' {exc Mr and Mrs. John from « two months' trip in northwestern Missouri; where they have H £<lg farm; They went in their auto, but *«t Htniled in the mud at Mediopolis. Iowa, aud were forced t« come the rest of Ihg^way by train, jettying tt^lr there. -?r«ey ualfl there was three In Ml** Anna lx»ahey- hn» reaignexi her position at Mttfnographcr at the Sterling Mfg. Co. I'rof. J. W, Johnwton left today for a week's vi«dt in Davenport," lowa, and fMommouth. Ml.sweH Zelma and Kntherlne Wlnkler will leave this afternoon for an extended vUlt through tlto west, . Belect oysters in bulk. City Meat Market.* . . „ Alnw. Fre<l Van t>e Mark and daughter. Mary, of Tampico, were shoppers in lhi» 'city TiieKday. MiHMcjj })eLyle Ktephen^on and Ix>r- raine IJrackoit are aH«jHtljiu.Jn tlie£tar> tine"Dcpartmcht Store. 8)>eclnl »al^ on millinery Saturday, Oct. 28. M mired Uirrotl. Uock Ptalls.* Mr«, Charleft Reed, who waa operat- cd on tout week «t the hoHpital was reported not HO well yeiiterday. did not want to submit to war „ , _ . , xcept in «elf defense. The contn>lllng .Band danco In \Vooam«n Hall, Rock J men in Jipan, Judging hy their atate- Falw, Saturday, October 28th,» me, are imxloutt to keep on Special for Haiwrrtaj's tilling: $22,5« friendly term* with the United States, wool velour coat JlA.f.rt. Heckmnns* } They »|H»ak of the United fcitateu an a Mra, George Hill haa gone to Oregon i model government, \vhone friendly in. j uu—' ; -j^sg for a whart visit with relatives and j uwt» they court, They realise that]* „ ... - ' ' their geographical location makes them Ufhitt Thl> HAI*f Al* prai-tieaily like the United States; IfllOl NIC 11(11,101 thotiRh acting.irittei>end«ntly." Not for Fishernian Author*. A new nnglorV mtipi7.lnt> anys It will nrjnt no fiction. Thtis shutting off nil real fishermen from Its Hut of contributors. .ONE DOS;E WI LI. CON V IN C £" Gall Btonem Canew and Ulcers of th* Stomach and Intestine*. Auto-lntoxtea- tlon. Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis ai»4 other, fatal ailments renult from Stotn. ach Trouble. Thousand* of 8tom»ffe Sufferern owe their complete r^xivrry to Siayr's Wonderful.Kemedy. UnHkc an,y other for Stomach aliments. F«r, •al* by SterHnff Pharmacy Co, and- A«;gdi-my business day and night, been r<«» 'Alleys open for Alleys have Mrs, Roy Long and two I'hUrtren, of Oreejy, -<?ol., are-vlMltlng here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. "Keif. $S.5(t skirts J-|.S9 - Women'? two tone boots at 15.00 and J6.00, Klllen « Pctera,» _ turned horn* fivim a trip to St. Lxnits, linprovjHl-rSf stay*. Km inn r.\ Sntivoly, €12 <Jth flell phone 7un-3.» -• • • U*l«cl oy«tera in bulk. City Meat Market.* to order,' $13,5.0 - to $40 ;€ooper Union Suite, $1,00 . to $5.00 '-. che« of snow at Burlington and other! where they were vutitiiiR frlrndM, southern points of Iowa laint Friday. K '" " A NEW BOOK "ON THE EYE Ha» Just .bf*n published hy m« containing some very interesting information In regard m the ey« and its care, together with a full . and complete set of ti«»t chartu for home tine, etc. The»w bnokH «tn »ie hart at my ottlce free or will be mailwl to .any address upon request. T>R. nnuLDINQ, Optician. 1st Ave. and 3d »t,. over ohmhlller'a store. • WAHL VIBRATING COMPANY. The -Wahl Vibratini; Company, which h«« been hx-qtcd in.thc room of lh« IlKhtnliiK rod rtintpany. on Wall street for thu pa«t few month*, hat* rented thrw gf«»d Mlwd rm>niH over the Thorn• 'i* l^ijflo fruit »tor«. on Third 8t. and has moved all «>f f frifend»; Dancing- clans from « to 9. gwjiU dance from 9 to 12. Woodman Hull Saturday nigjht. Public invltetL* Mhtiiea-Dftfa and Emma Stabler have returned from neveral days' vi«it in Chicago. ' Mm Walter White, of Dlxon, »p*nt Wednesday evening with frienda in thin city. , Mrs. C. N. Tlmmlnti went to Ced« Rapids, la., Thursday for a short vlnl with friends. Mr, and ^rs. I3arl Powell are to glv a Hallowe'en danc® at Woodman hal Tueaday, Oct, 3l t _ .' • _ ^r*. Nellie W. Pafta and Minn La vina I»arta went to Fresno. Cal., Thum day for an extended visit with tlvea and friends. Uroken fisea In . womwn'a Biioes on «skle for |1 98, Klllen ,* Pc-tera.' Mr. and Mm. J. B. Donlchy have returned home from a weeR'a visit wltl friends In North wood and Mason cjty lowa, and Albert Use, Minn. Special sate un millinery tSatunlay OcU 2S. Mildred 1-»rw>u, Hock r^illMv' Shusart Thackaberry hiw return«-< home from driving W. M. Dillon and party through the east in the new Dil, Ion auto.. had for some ban "thej time und i NOW TO KEEP YOUR GAR tOOKING^HEW Preserve the Fine Finish With This Secret Shop Formula, A bright, well-kept far always conv mauds the ujtnnst admiratinn. When it comes lo a sale, the welt-kept car commands by far the best price— other thing* being equal, ' Strong soapj, harsh _at Heckmaiis,* Hallowe'en dancing party In the Woodman, hall _-ut -Huu-itiic Monday. October 30. Public Invited.* Suitable Hallowe'en ices and cleane " and 1 Cttt^tneTrcrjrtife^ournf a car's Mallory Hats, $3.00 Bam Coats, . 0Qu $20.00 Ball /Band Rubber 13.50 , varnished! surface. They may tne-work of manufacturing vibrator*("clean up" lor the time being—but will be j;ii'«ny mcr«.H«cd. iom the fine finish is gone-*nd once that happens, all the rubbing in the vvorlil won't restore it. , NatttraHy a demand has come »"nr at polish that would clean and brighten and yet be absolutely safe, to use, The answer to that demand is Tobry Polish—the same secret shop- formula used by The Tobcy Furniture .Company (New Yqrk and Chicago). Tobcy Polish cleans as well as beautifies the costly finish. Takes off all dirt, greas*. "fog/' statns. and small Easy to use—no hard rub- 8A8H STORE RENTED. Christ AtiKiHurt, owner of. the < lion fthop repairing f'slahitkhiiH-nt. IUIH enu«i| the wt'»t room of th/> new Baah Jor«- on Kaht Third wtmtt. Mr. An»'l"» formerly -occupied the wjmt> location tu UM- building whlc.h wan torn down tti iHiilif w«y for th* tt \v;»s tbttnigh >hw H'puhiiis iniin that *'uiMtr»rt«'d. w om«. the efforts of the H dew butld- HOME FROM SUMMER'S ramjhw. hand j-alnled jiluco cards and beautiful decorations at XiU'a Confectionery.* Mr», Km ma Cameron, orHpenrer, In who has been HpendltiK u wc*-k wltlu her uncle. Ken Bill* and family, and |««r foiiHin. A. 1>. Btaneiy, north of Hterline k'fl today for ht'r Imnw, Albert W, laise, of Chic-aui". the ad- verMntnir a«ent for ftago & Uown'tt JtiHt Bight Cornet Maker. 1» «pendini{ a few day* her« with ht« mother, Mrs. Kathryn Lutse on eleventh Ave, and at the home of Mrs. William Tfo/»nuts. HIT WWlHNIFE Margaret McGradyj^ryeTmplcoVi Was the Victim Of Terrible j Accident. WILL REPLY TO GREY (Serman Ohancellor Will Inform Allies That Germany Can Not Be Destroyed. Kidney* Must be Right [to Injure Health. / ' Few people realize to what extent j their health depends upon the condition of the kidneys, The physician in nearly all raseg of serious iftnesK. makes a rhetnlrfel; analysis of the patient's urine. Ho hnowif that' unl<>s.i the kidneys are do- JACOB CANTLIN LAWYE.« 5% farm' loana.* Prepayment priviUge BELL 439 ROCK FALLS,- ILL, My Carl W. Ackerman. (Staff Correspondent of United r»"«>»s.) Berlin, <Jer., Oct. i'7.~- ChHiicellor Von Ur>thman-llnllwcK JH oxpecied to reply In the rt'ichMiug today to th.e staicment mnde by Visoount (!rey, Britinh For» eigu Hecretary, last MnndHy, arrusing nerinany of responHibiiity in Blurting the war. At the «ame tlnTf* the rliancellor Is expevled to point to the -now victory in itouniuniu as ing their work properly, the other or- Brans cannot readily b» brought back to health arid strcnRth, \Vffen th«> kidiu'js are negrlectcd or in ai^v-way, serious reovlta ar& follow, ^crordhtfe to health, to f .ti<%. Brlehfa Disease, which l» liermany'w power and u« offering proof to her eiH-niU-a that Germany »"»m not b» dentroytHl, Jnforc« p«ar«> ho.i»e that the chancel* or will di»cUH»; thlH feature of Orey'ii Hpewh^ _ BOAT REPORTED AFIRE * Rumor That The French Liner Chicago U Bwrnjng I* Not Confirmed. (By I'nited PrcwsJ Now York, N. Y.! Oct. t'7, *•• ft Ull tifker ««»rvic«»»t thin afternoon •arriiHi the rumor tbtit the Ft*»nt«ti i^tner «*bk>a«o. with 3n« pasNCitrii-rs on »ur« *tatlK. really- an advanced form of fcktnoy trouble, rnuswl nejiriy ton thousand deathb in une-year in the State of N'ew York alone. _ Therefore, it is particularly ner*#4ary !*' r«y more attention to the' heat Mr of these irnparUint or- REAL ESTATE LOANS First Mortgage Investments -_ Carefully selected Farm Mort- Knees represent the highest type of security. Th« income Is greater than that of any other investment, uffertug alnrotn t *" safety. Interest and principal collet-ted without charge. JOHN M. STAGER . Law Office Stager A Stager .- Mwrd, Is aliro at sea and endeavoring :o make |M>rt In tl» Azores. The FVench liners of tire bus ho in- 'ormnttlon regarding he murtitf exchuuge '«*ivi'd n<i report. runinr, and hn« r«>- tjy Margaret McOrody. the live » , i ». ''^"KhtBr of Mr., und Mra . Ralph MKirady, WH» thu victim of a I tenthle- atvidcnt Thmsduy afit>rn«H>n 1 *'" *•-"—'' ' driven Into *" Mr. _ forenoon from returncU i»«.-t . wher« n\-v lU , hut. been spending 'the with . atoy «t Moiine, where *ht« paid u vi»it lu rt'tativvss. Kn» T*»: F J% 8BEJOINC STOCK SOLD. •WrTfc*r33ir£i_ -fiife. bing— ^ou can make your car look new in a few minutes with it Leavrs the surface dry — no gumming or sticking— does not veneer— nothing to catch dust. "i Tohey . Polish also nourishes and rcnrwg the varnished. fmUh-— Keeps it yard with a load of straw, «nd a Imy Knife wuei laying-tin top of UM» sfraw. The Utilo gjrl O h seeing h»r fatluT ran into the house u«d got mine them out tu him. ' Just iotTRsjidf the wa^oti the f*-» «« of ih* l>i>rt» »««UI .-Milt- l 1 il.tlilW l th.1.1 ;t!l WHut w >• w.m ul tfu- tl» i-'-uUni;, St< I'll 114 »'k hu,^ |ii fil i'l' ltu v . |>ut>U<> f " — '»- ." if »,«». , ». « .I.^*,^.^,, . • . . ft 4 ,1 f B~-n^ft , «4w*h"~^4f e«-ffam • a^tclrtflf, '-ftv or peeling. Try it on your car and ,$ee the bi|( ditlercace. Sold at ali the bvttrr Stores, Quart jugs, ft Bottle*!, '^c ats<l 5(lc, und 'took tth ' sh»; buy k'ntfe hit her on ^ Ji _ i ^.^ ._,..-.„ t-arrU-a into" Ui«> hou»e r uiHl I»l\ Wi WM» called, it WHS a fiuga t -ui «!,*> -blved profusely bffun. tb*- d*i t'liuid sui there. TJ»» dswtor with her all nighs and she wa» jovt-n Uw bw wf nu'dicnj ittu-hti.ui, [ it u aut- ing th* injfht *hi? bs-raiiH- i<uraly«f<i on sid«-. Early Una to Mo«t every woman wants a nice, clear co*tf-' olcjion. and can have it ui n ,,,..^^ —^,. Con.mpatjon it\ women is increasing to . an *U»imi(i8 extent, and' this cucubuon which account*, foi ycfbw, muddy, pimply coinpiexionH which io many -women arc trying to overcome, Dr, Edwards' OBv« TftWets iff the oa« dependable iwnedy* for l»ad cojnplciions. They act ou the J-ver and ooweUUkecAlomclyct havcnodcngctou* aHcr-e0ect.TheyflMJ»t n»tur« to throw off the impUTitie«th*tBclinto the bioo<J. They will tureljr clear up. even the moat diattccf. in|i condition quickly ftnd tone up the cotue "" — An had remarkable success at* a 'kidney remedy ht Dr. Kilmer'a Hwamp-tU»ot. fhe Breat ki(tne>', liver and bladder remedy. The' mild and healing Influence of (his preparation, in moat caao«', l» R(> oti realized; according to swofn statements and verified testimony of those who have used tht» remedy, When your kidneya requlrv attention. gt«t Hwaiup-iioot a«t onco from any pltiinnacy. H in gold by every druggist in bottles of two 0l;ea~ -SOv. and 11.00. However, If /you wiah first to teat thin great pie^arajiion send ten rents to I>r. KHtiiiT & «'<»., Uinuhamton, N, Y., for a Ktmple bottb',% When writing be suro utid niftitlou tlio Sterling H, T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONOS , Net 4 to 6 per cent ' Exempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE W-w . N.G. VANS ANT Attorney at Law State Bank Building For Sale Gu* Br«<dina's motor boat. Speedy, comfort»bl», wfa. In- ?lud«* pne-half inter»it in targe m*t«i boat". hou«« and all equipment. Send tealed bids to ' ».-^ !ff Frank Haskell, Eeceiver, 508 Lawrence Bldg.. b»for« Wednesday. Nov. -1. Th« right to reject any and all bidi reserved.. T«rm» cash, MABTHA FEY, The Sterling Chlrep»di»t, ' MRS, EMWA GKAY, I' n irst Class Chiropodist with WUs Pry, 110 W. 4th 6t. 6.11 Phon» B37-R C.C.& J.W.Johnson ATTQRNEeS AT UAW Practice in all eaurt* Philip He Ward AITQRNEYATtAW 411 414 Uwr.nce Bid,. take ' *nd c«rr«a c*>R«ipj»Uon. They act quick. Y' Ic ;** n ** ! 'V^ p««fy~-'w»d muke yo« tee i fine. Start't leatmcnt now.' Cct « box i any MONEY TO LOAN -- . for unlimited amount! of Money for < « «st, prepayment privilege*, and quick confidential action. " We A, BLODGE1T, Morrison, 111,

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