Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 5
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rim t Uf tasy Cod tiver Oil Or Woll \vhiHt'7 '(Jron-y rod Liver Oil or MM- AHiv<- eih- <-,*'.< Wl l.t\r>r OH. ]<•-- fi:.- :;r.-;iv,-. In N\.-!!^ f ni<- \<'t grf>H^' in tl-<- iinltji'. .\ i'Vnc ionic. 1mi!«i live nml hm-/ r»' ••<"!•"!•, KvfiU'Mt form ftfl'I hli-i|>!»'llf <'u!l-!UHp,|ofl. < vc;ll«'s nj'i ! jMM'vt's. attd !tui!tJ> 5 Mil iip-lim*. T. J. WYLIfi *re8£i*ipiion Druggist Rock , , ^.^....^-.....j,..- £^ ._^^_^^—^^^_^^^ J ^^^^ M » J _ J .^ MM ^ MM ^,^^M^«^^^^^^MttM«lii^lliMiMMtMI ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^D^^B^B^^^^^^Il^HH3HMHBBHIHBiHHHHHHHMHRMHHRiwHi LOCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE "WOMAN'S CLUB MEETING jWiM Be H*id Saturday At "CH'itd"* Wetfsre Diy." ROCK FALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OGTOSEE 27, 191C. HOME WEDDING |«8 Hazel Wakcraan afsd W. E. lurray United Jn Marriage Tuesday. Us* Hazel <'i-ii Wiilfemnn and >V)U- EVIHI Murray, both of thin Hty. Mton ill i.<"> o'clock i'.l 'lie li*-;ui!i- i"Ji'.Jnr'. "T '''.!' ..I'!.!!.'!.'JIL"'-'*.'"'" E. .U'. Murray, of Hclvlilfn-. of tho proom and forniff pallor ftr> Conjji«'}intlotifil cluir* h, perform - thc ciTi'moriy, the ring «fivt<" IN-MM-d. The brld«' and Krootn were >nded by Mlna Huby iJiidh-y and t McKtrule, relatives of the bride. f*jlltty-llve jt«e*lK wefe I'i;n«em. be ivwl by the bride nnd groom. !• Grace rirnrtley played sweetly rln -we.ddlns mnreh .t<« the youim .,..., took their plao 1 beneath nil It of Iknvci'H. The In Id- W;IP beau- Hy Bowm*d ''i 11 «ire«" of liKbt feri^'ii and carried a bomiui't of while The brUlenmtibl. Mi»n llu!<y U'lia ftovvned m a -ftlfni'b'^dtf.-sM white. : ho tw»rt!itlful home wa,« t5ecorat»*d h rhrycanthemnn!* and utitnmn v „ tbiv ccrcnto.ny :i:i i-lnbi«-:M» COUI'WS llJIU'bOon NV-IK M-rvcii, TI:'' •ing ladle« doing th»- .nervln« were Oriice Hiadlcy, Jtuby l)udle>, .ft IMUlley and Hvlen Wakeman, thlB nfferiioon Ah, nnd Mrs. >,'- After -November llrst they u- Kiuit Third 'Sireel, bl'ido IH tln> eldeHt dailgli'i of fOOOR LIFE^MAKES FAT OIL OF "KOREIN TO KEEP *i WIIQHT DOWN, OR TO REDUCE SUPERFLUOUS FAT. [Jjpeople who are confined within doors pjld who are ttepriveil of fre«n, in- oir and oxerelne must lake Hit (on to Ruarda«:ain«tover-«tiiUt- fat acquired by Indoor life IH ami a. danger I'.' "^''e vital I of the body. l,ack of exerclfie fro«ii air la. Mild to weaken the I carrylriK power of the. blood, t-lt Is unable to produce Wong and vitality und the formation lightly and unhealthy fat is tlui are 15 or 20 pouiidf above, nor- you art' dally dra.wlntf on : ]ftMH)r%'o utri'iiRth ami ar** 1 con- ly JoweriiiR your vitality by carry- hlH excp«M burden. Any pemons are *atl»oed in their own nilnd ^t-they are too wtout are advlmnl to [to.-a Rood druKKift and get a box ' |11[ of koreln captmlen, aiut Juke one T each" meaPand one "just 'lieTor'e pvena fow/lays treatment Imtt been ortod to Hi low a' noticeable rcduc- Jn w«iRht, improved dlKCKtion and fc;Teturn of the old energy; footHtepB ' $pjne lighter and the xkln le?« llabby appearunce nw tiupcrtluoUK fat din- irs, t>t koreln IB Incxpennive, cannot jure, and he)p» tho dlKeHtlon. Any on who wants to reduce 15 «ir 20 ids i« ndvlscd to give this trenu SHOES FOR MEN AND havt * I»r09 »tock of shoee m*n and boy» in «u th» lat« *nd modol*. Come in and convinced that wo have just ,wh*t y»w want, $3, |3 f 50, $4, , $5, $5,50, $6, $7 AVE., ROCK FALLS ! .Mr :m:d Mrs. K«i \V:ilipni!Ui. of i.iul ici« in.-i.Jc ni-r h'.nif thr- grpntPf S;iH of hi-r lift* v. itli her Knnilparcnts, Mr j'lnd Mrs N". L. MoKpnzfp. She has !><•< M f ;t:i-lii>i'(< for n nurnl'Pr of years ::i tlip Intel st.'ttp Ti Ipph'in.-' oflice. nnd •Ii'' i-omi'iuiy rf'trrciH tin.- U>M« of suih • ,t oHinpftriit "[>fTji(i«r. Tl'.n gnidin. Is the only sun of .UPV. i: \V Murrny. and l« employed as In- «;(K.tor at slip. Internal linia.l Harvpstpr i i 'oiui-nhy. The Ifl'rge' circle of friends . o( ihe cituple nnitp in extending tlvm it»> h^Ht wishes on this happy oc<?a* ?it(.» T.hf out tit town gtif»t8 were Mr, and Mrv, Clnulf" iflhtiH. of t.Spona .Innctlon, v'vj?.:" Mr. and Mrn.'TYI*. I>udley ancl .Uuightfr, Mrirgnret: Mr. nnd Mrs, V. \,. Dudley and Mm. Harah Uine, of i Prophf !-«to«i»; l!r»rt MfKpn/.ie. of Kck- Hey. ('nlo., nnd «!eor*te I'ltrti.", of Ho! (JlfllP. PRESIDEI^TAL RELAY • To Be Sent By WirelM* Thi» Evening At Ton O'clock. A prcHldpnttnl relay will bo sent to- I'nlght fn-m t>avpni«'H by \vlrvleHH, i fit;«rfiriK at ten o'clock, to nil amateur i «-ii.«|(»Kfl opcraturs. '• Thifl i'ii flip firm tlmp that amateur operator* have had a chance to dem* I ouBtrnio to the public -Hint they can be 1 idkd upon to hflM the governmtmt. ! The- purpose for whlrA this In being : di''no in to nhow the government that ! imiilcur o|.i -rat«»r» would "he valuable : to tht-ni in cn«t> of war. U In estimated I that soo.niii) AmateurM will receive the . nit'H?tam>. The three reasons that this Is htlng pent \H to give •these arnji^ciiri Tir'|T('ifccT~tTiplr~«firnons; t'fio •ittift they ca u also be -able IQ checK ui» rcct'lvlns ouiatj; nnd »o that ..the sjovenunent crui jmt in totirh with a nvimber of good rerelvitjc station*. All amateur wlrele«» optt'Htor* In tht« vicinity Intend 'to taku 'the mea- W.C.T.U. HOLD -MEETING Mi»s Sawyer, Of Chicago, C*v» Inter- etting Talk. The '.V. <", T. u. hart an Interesting McxHloti >c«tprday afternoon at the home of Mr*. J, L. Nowton. Mlwi Hawyer. of Chicago, guve a' very Imprew- tsive. und Inspiring talk, Khe told of the great work and good the. W. <*. T. I', in doing in that city, having a gain of 'd.i.iHW lust y-ar. She Himke of Mre. I>r. (Jrccnp Himm«-r««on, of Nt>w York, going to I'hicago and eHtabll«hlng the \Voiniui'« fhi-lter, which in the Hr«t year g«\e <,1»>o irifals 40 the poor. Ml«n kfiv.yiii'. brought out -'many excellenl lM>ltttKi which wiiH'afoly hundk'd in, the (.pirltctl dlmMiwIon. After the rnop-tliiK dainty rpfre«hmpntH were served In cafeteria niylc. A nodal time w.a« ccr- lUlnly enjoyinl by all. A upeclal meet- IIIR will l-e held Ht the home of Mr*. A. U Henner Kriduy, Oct. ^7th. All members and frlenrta of thin «iu»e are reoueMiHl to attend. ' Minn Hawyer, a, tk-bl worker, will be pwwnt, - - - ' WILU LEAVE FOR HOME. Mitt. r. II. Kmback. of Heloll. Win., who IIOH been vlxltlng her parent*. Mr. and Mrs. George \V. CheHeman, of K. Thitil strci-t for the past flviju.weekn, will leave fur h;>r home Halurday. Hhc IH accompanied by her 'young BOH, UUB- Mcll. and her nix montlm old baby, Mr. Ktulwck Irt operator for the railroad running through hi* town, and intended to vlBlt_thl« city, hut w/» called back on butdiipfs matters on tho eve of Htaiilng. _ - > Pumps With the Doming of the dancing season,, we- are especially well prepared to, fill your wants in Priced From Gold Silver White Kid Dull Kid aiid i-.*. Patent .$4 to $6 Thompson's 1st Ave, %ek Falls Another Shipment of jCRQCHET JCOTTON 100 feoxes just arrived of Dolly Madison, Ross and Martha Washington -Orochet Cotton, at the ft bull, ia'white thf Ylfigated. A handsome crochet book with all the , new designs given with u ball of thi^ popular crochet W. J. SOWLES U. G. CO., Rock Falls },, \ f <. , . -. j .-.! :'.,;- >: .t< <'•;< \ It i< <-:tr - r rr--r!T ,--.-.., - r .-;. r - T i fl-r:! -? ; ! «Vt'! !i" ' f i •h«-i! • t ,.-t« !)•, :' .;>!« . •-• tt>c i-'i -•inr?,'?' in'' 1 -'- ••'••',' ',-. iH'lW'.i!' !-r,i'> : : '*i :'• ' ' !i, t !im<'. > !•.-« |v t,i!l--.v>.« ' h\ 'hf- |-!»CT">fti. v. hi- 't wiii }>f. .•?; fnlli'W"' \',., -I „.)!•• Mi--; \"i -rn.-. :-< .-'r i \,!,i,,..^ "i 'jf i/.-ii-.Jiip Ifi H;o < •!!(!,?> \v-it-f.i" • l';cv n -i! A-hn.-i -rh. i,r s>s-- •Hiit rr- "HALLOW£EN PARTY To B* Given By The Anti-Knoek«r Cla*» Of The M. E. Church. Invitations have rt! !>r-f-n issnpd fur .'! H.'ill«i-vj--'rn f;>rij- to bf «ivfn"<"U Hullowovit itiwlit l>y Hi*' Anti-Knock- t'r<*. n «1:iss <if llic ^^Pt'M > ^-'.!"" Sunday ' . will tnkr t'l.i<-o :a tfif- ronntry nr II. H FifKl. Thf It-vltntionfa nro -very '\\tM-r nnd cnichy. hr-tnit urittc-n In symbols t«... r«"tir«>«cnt *'hio«'.*i« > . About forty tnipfts havf hfr-n Invlt'-d. find a K«"d !im*» le in store for nil who have brrn favurfd h y an Invitation-. R. N. CROCHET CLUB Was EnteHnirtid Thur*d»y AfUrnoon At Mr». Lowry'». Hoynl N^lKhbor t'rochol f'luh Ptitfrlalned Thurfdny nfli»rn(>< l ii nt .h(inifj of ,Mif. Jpnnlf *"*?$' in . Mr* Ixiwry wns nnxlsti-d hy Mr*. Ella KIclmrdK. Tlifrc wpro thlrty-tlvp ladlc« prosMit n«d thn afternoon %vn« spant M»M liilly, iliiinB fancy fcork and ciTK-hfilnK l>«»ll<:l<>us r^frcshinentF wore Borvi'd, MASQUERADE DANCE Given By The Junior Clau Of High School tact Evening. . Junior c-ln(i« of thf» Hl>rh wlmol i rn»iM»i«'ifr«do dnnclnR imrty la«t tnonlng In M.'Nf'll'n hull. Thm* wcrp ahotit tlfty t«r»wnt to *njoy the affnlr. A nrixt- wns nwnrdfd to tho brut- mnitkfd ttrrfiiHi. Uoyrt Bloher'.iwHVlnir It, ho hotng <1r»-F«od to r»»prpi"'nt »n nld Jew jwddlor. HuUnnrds orchcstrn fur* nlshwl UK* inn»!c. '»">• •* SURPR^FPARTY M»-H. J. A. Kirk nt ZZf Mm! nvc-nuo was |i|«-nnnntly nurj»rlH«l lust *v«»nlnR In honor of ht»r birthday. Thn evonlnff wjtH »j»om nocialiy and FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Sunday Hchonl'ht »:45 a. ni. rr* 4 ach- InK KPrvlc*Mit 10:45 u. IH., utihjcft, "ThP New Mlrih." ICiidcnvor at *5:3« p. in. Rvfiiintr rt-'rvlcti nt 7:30 t>. tn.. mibjwt. •••VlKlnn» Hoforp Work." Kvorybody Invited. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr and Mr«. Clarence HrcUmnn c-n- tortniiicd nt 61" o'«-lr»ck dlivnrr.lost •»\«-nlrtr MiK* i.nitv Adnmw, l<«'« Klnck, and Mr, und Mr«. Stanley Uruhatn. VESPERSJRVICES To Be Qiv»n By Conflrc&ational Choir 8und»y Afternoon. -The rhoir "f thi' .CoimrrgiiUonHl ohun-h will sive a vi.«jH-r wrvlc** Wnn- duy nftcmortn at 4:30 o'clock. Kvery- one l« invited to hear thin beautiful nuiMlr. The following progrnuf will b«« rendered: Voluntary, Ho LettdPth Me, l"«ra- phrnso, Huller— Mln« Huth Uinorlck. Anthem. A Dmim of Paradise, «niy- 'woprano HO!O— Mlsa Mndcllne Atkins, choir. ~- Solor H*»ymtd the Dawn.-Sanderson^ Mr«. f:iar«« Mean. Quartette. Tho Ljord I* My Hheplicrtl, Kimehat — Mli>w.» Hmith «nd ER-an, Me-xurn, Jobnuton and Wright. Herlpture rpftdlng M\A prayer, ' Holo, N f ot n Sparrow l*\illeth, Abt— Mr. Jamr« C'ledon. . Authorti, Lead Kindly Wghl, f AH- KlnK — Hoiirnno BO!O, MiBH Madeline Smith; tenor HO|O, Mr," Fioyd^ Fry, choir, Duct, In Heavenly Love. Abldlne, PontluB— -Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond IVttSt Anilipm. Watchman Tell Un The BU'nwrd'KitJur. Whit.-- -C'holr. Solo, That Beautiful Land, Ulount— Mr. Floyd Fry. Tnmt In The Lord, Wilson— Male auorlette. . — ^Nlien Thr-ltay fir-JSTrrtwh~nBTttptt---- MI»s> Hazel Hean. Violin obllgalo, Mr, Howard t'ruse. . Hcwiird Crune. 'i I Will Jjiy Mo Down^ Stone—Hopra- no Holo, Mr». ivttlt; choir.. rtiet. Hold Thou My Hand, BrlRR«- MI«*e»'-;MadrUna Atkina and . Th« Uwy i« Oontly Sinking To A Close, Immuring — Tenor solo, .Mr. Anthony TerJiwi; choir. ^BIRTHS HOWA r |lU=A-,awiL.wajt.Jiar«.t« Mr, and Mr*. Jottoph ' Howard , Thtwadjiy ' morning. ROCK FAILS BRIEFS . irfmd dunce In Wotidmaii hall, Hock Ka?I«. Haturday <<v«niiiff Oct. 2S. f Af)'«n ftarhara Orant spent last «vt" nln;,' in Dlxnn with t'riendH. R. H. ,Mr«'Kn«h'. of Tatttpleo. tipi'iit Thuj-Kduv in this fliy. . Hfifflnt-twlf «n iTjHIiiH'ry Saturday Oct SH. Mildri'rl Uirrett Itot-k rails,' Mr». 11, \V. |)FntiiiH>n returned. »« Iwi home in Ttunpiwt last evening' al'tet n few ilt»y« M»*H here, ; : J. W. 1'arkH, of Peoria, was in this city today on Inihln* SH. JllsHC'H Itutir U'l'Vver and Krwneii Amhurs, uf I>lxon, Bpi-nt lust evenini: 'nei-o'vvHth' rrlFHrtsr" ~ H|»iviiil CM In «>n millinery Hamrdny del, US. Milnivd Karri'tl. H«n-k Full* • ,\li>. Kurl Hmith is u-portwl ti> b»; .Morriti .Mitwivr \\i-m !•> t>jx*'ii U'd.o tu HtU'iHl' tin* i'i»utl)iill Kame. .Ifjlin Th«-ini'» i «n arrival homo fiom <"Jucu«u lu^t e\*uuitf ul'tw a short Kruiik Sliiur U*H ,'1'hvrsday r In* liuiiu' in iH'iruit utmr a vt«M i Wootln wi-nt tn ChU'aKO thi>- 1'iH- u t-liort vtsU. i Hi.iH-l'il ,--;il»> on nuilinnv Huniulu)'. l 2*. M.lltlnsl U-iifi'H, 1 ll.K-k i'tillii* \\ Illih -liniclunHii n-tiii'iu'd «o iiir Kni- In ClilruK" tills itU'tninK «»Uer n Mil lioic niili iiis |i.m-nl,s~ lianii tliiiii'*- ill \<"ii(Ml»iii4U h.-dt. HuiK Fail*., H.iti.uiuj ftviilliK. *'»'l ~ l%> \\'j», iSrojui ^nul K.til Ttii'it-i' \\n\l lu I'MHW MaV-hnnu. \vlui \»'H' vt iih IHriiiif \ViiiUt tlifii* IK- aiU'tii !i M ''''•;'>• v\ hu h !u- it tt,'< lu f h" h.ld t<vi of The Dixon merchants hnre been \m sind ftenerottB in rltisinit their during thi> It is . said that J\ f PIT t u re will tx« an nnto trtiek o'n which .'i is to. bo ]>lnc>-'f! nnd Frank tlorham, pianist, IB to form a la calliope. SOME CRUCIAL TESTS Vale, Harvard and"* Princeton Meet Worthy Foes — Three • -- Intersectional TOMORROW'S FOOtBALL f-'AHT Vnlp vs, Washington, nnd at New Haven. : HnrvnrJ v<«. C'ornPll nt rnrnbrldgp. Princeton -NS, Dartmotith at l*rlnc»- ton, ..... -...-.- ....... . . '...., ...... Army vn. VHIanova at Went Point, Nnvy vs. Opoful* at Annaptjlin. Alhricht v«. ttooreotown at Washington, I). C. Itrown VK. Itutger? at Providcncp, Columbia vi«. Williams nt New Yor!:. l-'riuiKiln n-id ?tnrsliftll MI. Dlckin- non at Ijincanter. * Penn Htate vn. ClPttyihurg at State College. Uhf«1e leland vs. Connetictit Aggies at KitwHn. Springfield Y. M, f. A. v*. Colgate nt SpringiSe d. Hwarthmore vs Uritiiui* at Hwarthniorc: , 1 Ittsl'urg vs. I'en»ylvanU at Pjtta- burg, _______ _ ..... .__ ........ . ..... .WEST... ..... ... ....• ...... Michigan v*. Syracu«e at Ann Arbor. ...-MlehlRnn -Aggies vn, Oregon Aggie* fit ICaxt Lannlng ------ « Indnana vs. Tuftu nt Indianapolis. Notre Dame vs. W abash at South Bend. • . WlsconKin vs. Chicago at Madison. Mlnupwota v*. Iowa at Minneapolis. Northwestern v«.* Druko ut Kvans- ton, Purdue vj», Illllnols at Ijifnyetto. Kansas vn. Kansas Agyi<;» at rencp. • Nebrn!»ka vn, NphraBka We at Llneoln. Oelghlon vs. Denver at Omahn, California v». Occidental at Berkeley. elpy. ' Cincinnati vx Kentucky nt Cincinnati. Nevada v«, Utah Aggies at Ueno. f»klalwma s.". MlsHOUrt 1 at Norman, Wyoming v«. Coloradp at Liviimle, ACID TEST TOUiOItaOW. • Hy JI. O. Uumllton (Unlttll^Prpiw Staff Correspondent.) New York, not. -STi— Yale, Harvard and PrlnwtoiL the "big threw" of the eastern football .triangle, will go into the crucial points of their 1918 careers totmorrow. Yale I* clue 10 show Jt» fttrength- to ttw strong Wellington and Jeffer«on team: Man-ard muat tacJtto Corn6lU -and. Princeton will be willing to call U a real dny'» .work if the, Tigertt are ablo to take a fall out of .Dartmouth. Inter-^ectlomil battled of fnore or leiMi importance are found on the day's calendar, with Indiana meeting Tuft*, "that surprising bunch of veteran eastern warrior*. In IndlanapeHtt. It will be tho second big meeting between pastern and western elevens, Colgate bavin? already lowered tho colors of the Illinois hucklea. Illinois IB con* Hidcred stronger than Indiana, so TuftK should -have, little trouble in downing Indiana. / . The Oregon Aggies antn Michigan Aggies will be at it in East Lonaing at the mime time Michigan is playing her big battlfiT of tho_yearj_tho con- Te» ' STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwell Til ember . Open Whot Pec. 1.82 »fay l.S'J JdJy 1.47 Corn Deo. .«?% May . .89 'J July .f.4% .5S Qulnleraa Hoard of Trade, Chicago, 111., Oct. £7. High Low Close 1.82 .4-86'.' 1.84 1.47 1.49. M .00% May Pork Oct. lH;c. Ian. Urd Pec Jan. • Ribi Oct, Jan; .57 t'7.37 i!ti.7G 15.IU 10.25 15,05 16.45 LOGA1S MEET DIXDN Merchants Close Scores ar.d a Big Parade Will Be a Fca- tyre Before Game. •••jiint ttt <',»i!«* M! nil the |»ucon «ih«ii.i-: v, !i! >;•;- Sff>r!JJU' f(i»>!l-T!| prime :lf I iuit'jiff ,-»n«t intr-ffftlnK pnr-idf will f..»-!T! :it 'J:.'M o-cto."R7"-n t-J-nTpK-K'T «f}rfwi!«i. ;in<i th" f-nftn'sln^m "•'" hich. in Hur>«!it!j£ the 'JU^C-n -Uisll Sch'j j-\K,t|*nil team. All !hf>*» A 1 ho pnj'UcJrinte Sn tfte f>;i ride ore to be rfinfRert and rofttumf... and some funny and frantic nniicr may be. expectf-d. The pit rude I* t< be led by the Chamber tit Commerce bnnd,'and thin orHktii«a«!nn vlll ptil extrn "ttep" in f'ixon players by tlifir cafch.v music. 14.17 U.t»l 14,50 14.1? CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Chicago, 1H-, <»*•{. •"-.. !()«« open ;<• ftarcr. Uood .... J3.TOW TRrTHISFOBA -IT'S FINE! •tape's Cold Compound" ends seyere colds or grippe in few hours. Y,,u i ,ui end urijjpe and bivak up > M'vi'iv cold cuht-V in lifud. chest, torty 'f-v limtis, tty ;tnktTiK' n done t»f '1'ape's Cold Compound' u-vt'ry. I'vvu loinn until three dosttja uri' taki'Ji, ril*» ami «iit i«»?-j«M»;e>» Incite head, stops it;i!<i> di>i*lmr)te or no>>t> I'luiniitK. r*- i*>.ol IM'Ulil ^ «'!*•' Ill (In- tt<ni«l 14PW*. mil pit'inpi lohcf '•> - "i'nj***'" C».»l«l Ciuuiiiifiii"! " whu'ii iii>M'i I'ljlv -'"> > 1'iit^ SlUV • (il U4 K|,»ri- It ,'H'(S Ultll'lUt CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD ^HELP_WANTED rr MALE \V.\ N*TKl>- MA N' T' i f'l' 'K i - i >HN fl.iv ,,r I,!*>•»»! T',K-> ,| ,n-'s.-ii Auction Advertising Costs Nothing MAN U'ANTCI* MAX ANI» WITK. \V«'\r - JHI In <•«',. K. rilltli Id :t*.-:|-:! i'lt.! tfii t;»-!i r-r;!! Ji(.;!ui--A-i>i h, Sfrruly tvork {:,; rmli! (-"Uji!*-. »:,»'it tt-.-ififvi. Thont. r.; Wtili'. I'i!«,i' t'lVrrmc. Til'* SVhit'-- TKt> ..... -l.r.AKTC TTSTIHK!', TH A 1 if; Bh: paylsiK tr«'.l«». K;t"?y to !»nrn I'v OTjr nypifm. WHt* 1 fur ffrfnlop. 201 16fh St., Mollnp, Itl. Trl-f'lfy J'ia WAXTTHt* — MAN OVKIl 8ft YKARP okl to' frrtvH for us irtnklriK JJfixon, Frofjmrf. .<*linton, . l*c>rn, Hig rnonc-y, fflrn*.. Itochwtor,' N. Y. CO Mt NO SOON TO MI PLEDGE VltLE —car of choice.Mftrylnnd winter a r>l<»»." Telpphonp orders to John Getty Aiimftn A Harrison. . 94if *mTHBASTKK.V INDIAN' A • bRrK«1h---Thlrt plftcp in npleiulldly lo- ^-atf-d In « rich farming community hp mnrkrt town of Toppkn in - rt oT fjo'»(r call sugar lonm, 140 ncron In rultl- vntlon and 20 ncrps In tlmhir ntul paslurp, on f?rn%'C'l road ^4 of a tniln from (tchool. 2'^ ml!p« from Mrn- nonlt* 1 Church, 3 rnilp« from eluir<-h«»»« of • vAriniiK »l«-nowlu«tlon»t. Tin- im* pruvptnt>ntx' con»lK( of n KOOI! two- story 8*rtM»m frame houm> with fur- nan*, bntsk b«rn WsHO, wl»B nttnc-h ^d 12x41, iluublo corn crib, smok hou*e, woot! house, poultry housp, wind pump, WOVPR wire ?»nd rail fpncps. Thorp in n nice orchard of 125 vnrlous klnilx of fruit trpp«. Thlk IH n splendid InvrBtmont nt our price of t!25 ppr acrp. Wrltp for ..furthpr •particulnrjf and ask for tlip lifffi Hpd Book, thp mo«t romplptp nnd most r^llnble Farm Uuypr'B . <iuld<v.- -,'lt. will Ktvp you .full information in rpunrd to Btrnurf' Quality Fnnn« In the* bp«t *«'tlmi* of Indlnna/ Ohio, Illinois, "HoiMhwn OuUtrlo, MlnnoHota nnd North tJakotn. ThP Btrnus Urothem Company, Home Office, Liftonlcr, Indiana. 100 SMALL, MISSOURI FARM, flO CASH «nd J5 monthly; no tntercnt or taxw: highly productive land; clonu to 3 big tnarki«ts.—AVrito"for"photograph» and full Information. Munger A-172, N. T Life Mag., Knnmia City, Mo. 7V-IOZ« WILL TRADE MY 160-ACRE LEE county farm for a farm of 200 acre* or 240 acroa, Must be a good fnttn and may put difference in caan. Write *'V "V *~s »• MM»>A f i«»«.*»*« n*r^ti«* . Y. 2." car« Oawtte. 87-112* place to cure for Invalid, Box "8" care Oazette. 00-100 HOME GROWN NURSERY" MY HOLLAND HULHH CAM JO LATE this year—they" are here now, and are A No. 1 muck. Tulips. hyaelnthH, daffodlln, crocuM, hardly lIHen, pconien, Uenman iris, all In large <|u;uiUtcs and many varictleti. Have now my own grown nursery Ntock of all'kinds, large Htock, Including hardy privet, burberry, Hiritahle for i'M; can furnltih in hn'ge (iiuintl- nt very low jirlceu. All kind* nhn'de and fruit treen. flo.wt'ring fthrubx, cllmtiing roues, hu«h roses, peronnlel phtntx. Entimates for lawn work and planting free. All "ureter* and rccim>HiH for etitimnUM given prompt attention. Can »hlp hy par* eel po«t anywhere in thin »octlon. Otto" Matxtnger, I^andMcapo Cardner & Nuraery^iiiin, 111 10th Ave.. Bter- ling. Uel) phone 4GOW, 100 Hough ...,..., Cattle, steady. Bhoep. jttrong; li'c. Cattle ,. .-I ..,,.......,,.'.... 3.000 Sheep' ---- . . . .............. 14,000 }log« close He higher; top, $1<H<>. Eatimatcd ., ..... ...,,..,.. IK.OOO CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chicago, JIU Oct. 27. Wheat— No. 2 red. II.S1 a-.4 red, $l.f.5«rl.74; No, S hard winter, *l.- WI,8tt3-4; No. 3 hard winter. fl.Kl; No. 4 hanl.wijttcir, Jl,(if>. Cont-^-No. 2 yellow, fl.o.H; No. 3 yellow, Jl.O'J; No, 6 yellow. $1,07; No. 2 white. *1.084t<1.09; No. \ white, H.071-3; No. a mixed, |1.06sjl.09; No; mixed, $l,07*» '•1.08J»2; No. 4 mixed, |1,07; No. & mixml; Jl.oi; Kiunple grade, $l.o:t. New Carti— No. 3 white. $l.«l; No. 4 white, »Sl-l'; No. 4 mlxwl, BOW 1.00; No, & mixed, 0&; Kamplo grade, JJ.OO. Data— No. '.'„ mixed, BlfrflU: No. n white, ,52 l-l!Sf53 a-4; No. 4 mixc<l, 51 1-8; No. 4.rnlxwl, 51 l-'JWSS; Htd,, 53 ~ Duriey—- Ca»)t. X&ifl.M. liye— No, 3, STERLING MARKETS (Corrected , (Moaes Dillon Company.) New No, 3 yellow corn , ......... fCt New No. 4 yellow corn ,..,,.,.,... 77c White oatH ., ---- '. ............... 48c No- 2 mixed oatn .> .......... ......46C Wheat, No. i! ...... .-nrr— ~rrr.?l'.'6u Rye ..,/..... ........ ........ , . ,.95( Barley ........ ,,...,. ......... ,. 90f Liv* Stock. {Plppert .Bros. 4 Coe.) Pat eteera ........... .T.-.f 9,00 (9 10,86 Jows ...... , .............. .$6.00117.00 C*lvls .,.,...,. ........... |8.00©10.0« aheap ............. ........ ,|5,00?86.0c Qunbs - , . , ,;.". r: ........... .*7;r>n® LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. . (Sterling Dept, Store.) Dairy— R«UH. ~ Dairy butter ......... • , . .......... 3*«* Hansfurd *'r«*m«ry buttec ..... . 40c D*iry-<-Whol»i«j«, Dairy butter ... ......... .... ...... SQ< i-'rfsh eggs ........... r ...... '.;... S;'t- -Ntw V*B«t«bl»». lettuce per head Celery, Cucumbers, each Paraley .. -'- Xew potatoes, pk. ., U."»f,. Ifttuitv. bum h Utrtls, Green Now cabbage, Ib Friilt, Orongen. Calif., dozen .Be 4ftc ir.'.'.'.&c Sc -. -A- p-ueipt* # lu<l VMlll hM'tOIVi* -.doll Jj!lUsH4"» I't'iUl i of tin- ItoiuuJ Tnlilr"- In titttn, whtU* un ••hlcilv •mtftff rirt. .-tf» f .'t. -> - - thr <*,p.-n.«<- .if flip ndvertI*<i.'ig-">Mid t'n- -idvprti'loc HAS ACTUALLY CQST NOTHING. That i* "aifThf rhantc tho farmer i.-ike*. •which is simply no chance w-h.-.f-vpr. Hut \ rn{K : t Bdv-prtisInK in Thr (MKPttc will bring 2."». ">". I» n nnd !! has brought nevernl hundrptl f'ljmrno wales'. The Onr.cttr rp. : u'h- »•» *t. fp.r r»nd wide people ••* tnf t=;»Jp who np^er hrar<l "f the bill? Th*>y do not go lone diM;ri <-M unicj'* th^re Is somethlnK «d> vprtl«cd tfK-y think they * :\».- T : •,- • ,- , Thp Oajsotte «;ik<^ to an auvtion «nle .often bid f<-i*v <ir.v > ',}•-•• <>••*? of the advertluinp. In other words ndvcnl-'iir..- ;tn ••:. ''i •-•>)"« In Thp (5iispttP I •''«''* nn EXPENSE. It is a i•<..nti.M- INVESTMENT. A PAYING INVESTMENT. . .. H1L? WANTED—fBMA FOR RENT WANTKD -DIlKSSMAKlNtT^AT ««M . fn|t HKNT SIX-UOOM 18th Ave.- Mrs. HaHey Taylor, , hous^ nt r.ofi Klfih Ave. J. K. Phillip. 100-102'i 100-101 MISCELLANEOUS PAfLKVH 1'1'HOLSTERINO HO8- pltal, basement corner Locust nnd * _ . . , i\ I* « »»A FOIt ItHNT--<5(M>n out bulldlnpH. fi'4 Hock l'all,«. l AVP. AC11KS. WITH- Mouthwfat of "2 ElPVtwth 09_ WHKN (TrvNx A DINNEH. Oil parly rpmpmber The Enterprise. 31"' Flr«t avenue, have a full HUP of dinhPA and plain etched or cut glnss for tent. Oct. 24-27. FOH UKNT — MOUKUN HBVKN- N room hou^p. HOI Third AVP,, Bee Henry Hreiding. corner 4th anil I^o- cust Bt • 99t _ f NKW r- room house- and 3 lot*. Five blocks from cnr line. Apply 307 Fourteenth, Ave. Bell phone 518-W. lOn-KKi* •OH HKNT—HOUHB ON WOOOIIUHN Ave, HO. Call Bell S33-2. i'fl-100 WANTED WANTKD—TWO QU .THUKB FUH- niHlw-d room», for light housekPppinK. fpntrally located. Mnn .and wife. Write "L" care Gazette. 100-101* WANTKD-ALL KINDS OF 'W?AV enger work In Uock Falls or 8t«rllnif. ('nil Bell phone 326-2. F. H. l>ob- non. ' 9-» WANTBP—SECOND-HAND AOTO mobiles, will pay th» hlghcwt pric* Atiro Mil -alt kinds -otrrepalnt—Aiik« tho $15 Tailor. Both phone*: SCtl DRK8BMAKINO WANTEfj-—AT 1302 Fir«t Ave. Guaranteed good fit. " te-ioo* FOH HKNT-ft-HOO.M HOtJHK, Thirteenth Ht. Tnll or phone Martin Bros., off Ice 'or reHldencc. 99-100 FOR HKNT— 3 OH 4 UNFimNISHBD room at 1202 Fourth Ave. Interstnto fifill. ,, P9-100 HKNT Ft'HNIHHICD HOOM. All modern «-onvenlpncp«. Hell phonn 475W. " 99-100 FOH HKNT---I MW. CALL AT 1007 FOH HKNT— 8- HOOM TAHTLY MOD- ern housp with furnace and, bath, Hard and -i»oft water. Fine cellar. H05 Third Ht. FOR HKNT-JfOFKIC13 HlHTIv. JOHN Harphnm IJlock.- Hell phone ,776-1. 93-118* l-'ttRNISHKD ROOM l-'OR RENT —« Modern conveniences. Bell phone. FOB^SAL^fflSOELLANEOUS FOU 8ALK-r,.FAfc!SKNGEn OVHH-j Innd car, In «r»od workinB order. 307 j Foutteenth Ave. Bell phone 516-VV, j FOU HALE—ONK PAIU OF MULBS.j hiirnttHM, blanketx. A barRain if tak-l j>n at once. Harry Fouldn, 010 Wallace St. 99-100 FOR RENT-^MODRKN FI^AT. WEST Third St, Inquire A. !•. Ucckman. FOH' HALI'l-OVKRLAND HOAD- uter, 'II hiodel, Call Ut'll 6»W. loo-IOl* FOH SALK--U. H. MAIL HH new, nlno bicycle. Call Interstate phone &71M. , . 99-100* FOH SALI2—HARD COAL BUHNKH. Call Bell 229-*. • 99-100 FOH SALE—CHICKEN HOUSE, 8X12, in giHMl tdnipe. Bell phono !»40-H. 1202 HlxtfrAve. -' 39-100* FOH BALK—76 SHOATa FHANK Hwartz, mile west of Harmyn. Teli'- phone 203. Harmon. ; 99-HM)* FOH SALE—GOOD HARD, COAL stove. Cheap if taken at once. 1210 FirKt Av«. ' 98-160 "OR SALE ~ MOTORCYCLE A N D «|do oar complete. Cheap if taken at once. Inquire of Harry Ford. 97-102* FOH SALE—HOHSB, WAGON AND harw'HH, $200 if taken at once, Phone Hell 478 ring 1. •.1,1*0-101 FOR- SALB—TWELVE I'lGH SIX weelsw old. D. W. Good, Hell phont 232H14. . 100-10) EDWARD R. ME8T, AUCTIONEER, Chadwick. 111. Hales made anywhere. Farm and stock «alo» my HpeoiaHy. Experience has been my teacher, Speak both EnRllsh and German. _ Jtoth thn reul cxtate belonging tu <*>* ThomitH Hudson entate, sltuulPd; fit KewtiJii townnhlp, »und advertised to be sold Friday^ Oct. 20th, wiv« po«t- poni'd on account of ttiM, rain to :.Thursday,' N»V. 2, IBloAsale will "taker place at farm at 2 p. m, TcrniH: "Samti an flrett advortiaed, ClJ-do O, HuriiH, Erie, 111., Auct, O^orge^Hud- mm, Admlniutrator. ' 101 LEOAL NOTICE KRY NOT : 1 . jy fnH,'--^-. i I •' CHANCERY NOTICE. of lllii Cqunty City of Bterllng, In the City Court, to the term, A. D. IftlB. . -John IX Hartman, J'aullne Hay, Rm- na Turner, Jamea A, Turner and llar« •Jet Hartman VH, Hob«?rt Thompson find Kihol To the above* named liobert. Thomp .-son' and Kthel Thompson, you arc here by.notified that the above- named com )lainaiu« have tiled in my office tbeh. >ill in Chancery agulnat you and eucl; if you, that the summons has beer thereon and dollvcifd to the Hheriif c»P wflltl C'ounty, coni'tnuniHiiK him :o Hiimmori yi>ir and • gaclrof'you"to in ind appear at the «atd City i?jnuri 01 ihe first day of the. next Novemhin erm thereof, to be holdeii In tin- ('*>»-> ^ourt rooms in the City of titerting ir mid County and Htute on ' ih Vioiiday of iVovember, IB Hi, wlr n'uy appear, demur, piif.-nl • or o said Hill of Oomplulnt u« you m«> 'W (It. and that said *sult is **till-pen.d- UK, Karl L- Hc.^s. . Clprk of-Huld Court Henry i'. Ward. Attorney for COI'D. Oct.; go. 27.ysVv. 3. '!"'» NOTICE. Kstule uf L«vlnus Kwba.tikt<. d 'Oil .KKXT-TO COl'l LK WITHOUT children, modern G-rooin hoiwo with Karaue "n Ka«t Kourth «t,. Rock Kails, »1«. Call Hell phone 62C-1. 90-101 i*OK MKST—7-llOO.M ALL MOO- ern houw at ll<>8 Sixth Ave. Hoy f». WoiidH Htoro. ATJO^OJ^aBS^ ^ r A. U COBrOwjST^BBR^ROCI? * Falln. Uavo jfaA experience in nil kinds of naleu. Hold «ale» anywhcro and everywhere. Gunruntoe absolute tiatlKfcictlon. Can r«fer you to a Ipnir . list of HatlHfled'customer*. 8e« mo for dates. Both .phones. - • .f. C. CUOM AND SON, AUCTION- eor», Colota or Mllledgevllle. Wo make a specialty of auction *alen. Conduct many *«!«*-*vary jusar. and can refer you to njnny satlailed cu»- tomor««. We KUHrnulee absolute sat(•(faction. Write or phone us for claten. > - • - . GKOROE O. FHULV. L1VK STOCK auctioneer. Dlxon. III. Have swild pure red stock in several Htntes tho paxt B«MiKon. Hatlsmsl customers my bo«t reference. All calln promptly attend' ed. I'hohe or write for dates. my expense, _ - • O.- M. FAHHNEY, AUCTIONEER, Dlxon, III. With yeara of experience . 1 nthe auction huttlnpHft will j?uaran- - tee natiwfactlon. For reference nee people for whom I have held salea. blxon Homo phone, residence, 15i; &0. AUCTIONEER. Prophotntown, 111. Will cry H«le« anywhere. Conduct 100 to 110 snlea yearly, Kef erences— Bank of Pro- pheiifUjWJi. ttltize.ns bunk, .Farmer's National bank. Ft4rmor'n phonu. both tuid .office. H. L. HAHlUNaTON, AUCTiONEER. Eight yearn successful Helling. Bat- infliction guaranteed. Office with M. E. Wllgor. Both phonos. Blurting, 111. _ --' ........... ;...... 5. W, ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, POLO, 111. Htock und farm salua a specialty. — AH-eulls promptly -attended*.- Make— yuiir dates early. 1'hone 2SOY Mu- Xual. • f • • fOHN N. GKNTRY, AUCTIONEER, Amboy, III, Farm MidTllve stock sales a howlaJi v. Former 1 !" . i Hl'MLEV, LIVE HTOCK AND mil estate uuoiloneer. Have soht inor* nalos tlmh any auctioneer In" Sterling and Rock Falls since be- vinninff'luuiineiu*. 'My long list of sati«IU»d patronn' art' vuffleTent reffr- .fii'Ji'fe-- *5y «i&S'*!lifi«' tl - Make dutex • " early. Bt-ll phone, ReVI^unce "fOOB " Tho umler«ii«:ii<Ht having' been n|>- lolutcd execuiorst of the ]UH( Will unil rVxtamcnt of Lt'vinua-Kwbatikx. lute ol he Coi,inty of W|iUe«ide and State ol llinuiH. dH't*a*ted,- hereby givos- .notice hat tlic'v will a'pi^e-ur befortj tli«' Couii- ,'ourt 'Homw in Morrison, at the !>*••glider term, on the Hfsi Moiuliri 1 in JfiC4>mber i,U«xl. al whicli titne all IHT- sonsi bavins claims UK-ttin*t *>{*id f«iiiu- u'»* (iutittt'i.1 «iul 'ivi'iuc.Htfil'io utu*nd fur lu- |na^«iit< of lusyiitg (lu-«tfiini' adjust•d. ' - ' - '""' ••-,'• •-. • Pr. H. E. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office 1 Ea«t Third Street, t'nt>r Aim tin's Heul Kwluta Office Dr, E. W, Wahl SPECIALIiINQ IN la ifJtltRUUlt fil E. 3rd St. Over Galt> Book Storf ill. to., .', lluCuail jiLSi J>:iu;-a itus y«,u Chiropractic »a« o*t*op»tb,H iu&

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