Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1895
Page 3
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Bemarknble Sui-cess \ot a .Foreigner.— Tlie History of Teno's Wonderful Remedies.—Make Him n Mil- lUnalre in }>eveii Years. Tney »re> Prewcrlbml by HondrrdN of 1'hrilclunMlu till* C'tuuiry. Hud Iterum mended from ttie Pulpll. Since V-rioc,iinft to ihlHCOiinlry»ora« two ;m4 a half ywir.H HUG. til* r«iuwllf i* h;wt* found 14 hoiuo at every Iltwde. Th« f;i.:t, nloim. Uiuc they Imve been a'lcpted o? humlruiix of i>hy.sict>m« la their every Uiiy iir.iflc*. l.. porti'ip* me itrmtiart ituar- antw us 10 tt>t»lr m-frc Mini} r--vertfncl KOnc 6- menlirtVBc-ornrn-nded lii«lily from tlio pulplc. notably:uoo(ii{ thHiu bulii); ttie K«T. ««>. J-Tln- leai). of th« M. E rlmrcti, XfuiH, 0 , »nd 'hnRev. A. P, HcNutc. Bradn.r, O., rtlso u JItituodlDt clercymnn. Bsfow Veno left Uiirooe, a.syndlciiM of wealthy Kflntlnmeii, setting tilt) Kraut possibility* lit these remedies, made him an utl«r of $500.000.00 for Din entire business Tne Veno ftemedlett nr« * -Id by 5).000:drngglsW In the CnlCBdSr.vtti. wltli full Hsiru;tluna for bo nenseas follows: VEN'0'3CtnUTIFK3YRnp(.W^;LlX>!l.ltO, is a poiltlvit cliff r or JMIK *to:n ith. d.MiioiijiM, ltv«r. Kidney, blood mid ur.irtry y otibl -n, sleHplwisnwis. ooorapp'itlwii'idB-vieir.il WB;I|<I\'HS. mid when owdwiin VKSO'.s Hli 1 : Tltit: Kl,t!lU(5i>J a t><* tie) will curt) tii" w " '!"• iiid inost d-apHnitu forms otrheamir.i.irn suliitl-a, l-nnt>u!'i. i.;inil>ms. stiff joints, iiHurulKl'i'i •'' 'i'I null-Kami piling. TKXO'S l,ll>f; T\Mi; (51; ;i l»"Ju', « quick and pormnncnr cur-10-tlir.i'tiiii'i HI-IK lrouu!e.i aathtnu, bruii 'hlcls, hmi s«m-s.i, UNO COIIUDS uuu cMds. S.) (I l.y .lolr-tnon, Kw-dllni! nni! B*n Klslmr, DrujwI-M -Mid KiTdnteeu 19 euro ov money re- Jun'Jv:, Every bottle of this great effervescent 'temperance beverage is a sparkling, bubbling fountain of health—a source of pleasure, the means of making you feel better and do better. You make it yourself right at home. Get the genuine. C KiUon.1 co*t but 25 coDtu. UK ciu.i. r.. amis co., vhr.»!t!phu. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MOKN1NG. MAY 14.- Girl wanted at 224 ivol RUcr MoKeon'B su»im inuat!i-y—jjood work Don't fall t" aoe M«y Smltb liobblr.s as Little Trixie tonight ut the opera house A meeting- of Tirzuh court, Tribe of Ben Hur wna held last night. A number of new members wero initiated. John Conrad was placed lo jail Sun •day night. John wna slated as drunk He had a black eye, and was unable to appear yesterday for trial. The Noble Order of Rod Men of the local tribe listened lo a sermon at the Unlver*allBt church Sunday, Tatnlna'a day. b? the Rev. T. S. Guthrle. When so many people are taking and deriving benefit from Hood's Sar- anparllla, why doa't you try It yourself? It Is highly recommended.. f A social will bo given tonight at the homo of Miss Besslo Stouffer of Fourth and High streets, by the Junior En* deavorora of tho Christian church. The opening day of the Boston pain less dentists,'ill Broadway, over Bso Hivo, must have been very gratifying to them aa their recaption rooms wore crowded all day. Iniuranco Loans—All kinds of ia- eurance written; life, fire, cyclone, accident, plate glass, steam users and Indemnifying bonds,—S. M. CloBson, 319 Pearl street. A Logansport lady, Miss Mary Welch of East Broadway, has been appointed the official stenographer of the C. T. A- U. convention to be held June 2Sth, at Torre Haute. The association of Indiana of the Christian church convenes today at Frankfort and will remain in session until Thursday. Logansport is represented at the meeting. The P. J'*. lately organized under the name of tha "Purdues." Sunday defeated the "Dirty Dozen" ball team o! the South Side by a soore of 10 to 6. In six inning* the South Siders failed toioore. The ministerial association has decided to begin the annual union eer- ylcea'at the Broadway rink the first Sunday in July. The Kav. H. J. Nor- rl« preached at the meeting yesterday morning. The Fannie Davenport company with which Harry Cba»e is connected passed ihrouga tha city Sunday on the way from Cincinnati to Chicago. A number o( Mr. Chaie'i relative! and frlendi greeted him at the lUtSon. Waller Cox la Flae» I» Jail «• » Chance of Bnrclary. ' Since last February special detective J. B. Sollett of Peru, for the Wabaih railway company, has been working on the case arising from the burglary of the Wabash depot at New Waverly. Yesterday he caused the arrest of Walter Cor, son of a well-to. do farmer near New Waverly, and tbak young man, who is only 21 years Old, and who has, it is said, been away from home since about the time the robbery occurred, is now in jail, under $300 band which he was yesterday unable to furnish. He claims he is Innocent of the charge of burglary. Hls.preHminary examination, will be held today, when it is expected his father will be present. The roobery of the Wabash station at New Waverly was reported at the time. The thioves secured only a small sum by breaking 'open a trunk stored in the station, and by tapping the office till. Cor, it Is s»ld, was suspected at the time. Datectlve Sollett learned Sunday that young Cox had returned to his hotnp near New Waverly, 'and yester. day he placet! the matter in the hands of tho authorities here, 'Squire Fen* der Issued the warrant, and it was served by Detective SlUs Morgan yesterday afternoon. A CHARGE OF SHOT Itwceratei the Lute ornorl, Shirley o: Jacknon Townshlp-An -Accident Kexnlllnz From Squirrel Mhoot- Mort Shirley, a farmer residing on W. M. Patterson's farm in Jackson township, is at present laid up with a charge of shot in his leg just above Ihe knee, and there is a probability that he will bo helpless .for some weeks, though the wound is not con- slderod dangerous. The painful aod serious wound was the result of an unfortunate accident Sunday. Delmer White, a man employed by Shirley, held the shot gun when it discharged the load intended for a ECjuirrel. Into the leg of Shirley, who had gone to the woods to see the fun. White had juet shot at a (squirrel and while reloading the gun.under- look to show to his employer the location of the squirrel. The gun wan by mistake discharged. Dr. Neff of Walton was summoned and found Shirley at his home, where he had been carried by hi$ neighbors. He was said to be resting comparatively well yesterday. WORK OF THE COMMISSION The Chlckumaiisa Battle Field lo be Attorned IVltn Monument* of liuli- anu Stone. Judge Dyer B, McDonnell has returned from the Chicfcamauga battle field where he has been as a member of the commission lately appointed to locate the positions held during the bloody battle by the Hoosler soldiers, The positions have all been finally decided, and the monuments will be provided aa soon aa possible. Judge McConnell and Gen. Carna. ham were appointed to make a request of the U. S. commissioners that Indiana's monuments might be hewn from Indiana stone. The request • was at. once granted, and that matter has so been decided. The appropriation of $40,000 that is available for the work of the commission will probably prove fully adequate. Each Indiana monument, will be deoorated with a State ioal one foot in diameter, done in bronze. The commissioner's next meeting will bo held May 21st, at Indianapolis, and at that time the survivors of certain regiments will be requested to attend and have a word as to the locating of the several monuments. Ohio already has her granite monuments up. Xot Even Th*nY Well if not, why not? You know that Wednesday night Duncan Clark's female mlnstreli will be at the opera house and a royal entertainment is la store for all the men in town. This entertainment will make the old grow young and the young grow gay. The company la composed of some of the best burleeque and farce comedy people traveling. ___ Lioshter Leads « Sew Ch»rm To beauty when it discloses a pretty set of teeth. Whiteness, when nature supplied this element of loveliness, may be retained through life by using the fragrant SOZODONT. Albert Feraell Provided for. Albert Fernell, the dementei bar- ender, will be cared for by a brother, a farmer In Pulaskl county. He has been taken from the county j*ll. ^ A PROMINENT DITINE INVOKES GOD'S BLESSINGS OS THE EMINENT PROFESSOR. He Declare* the BemedlcB «r« Worth Their Weight IB Gold. Rev. W. E Andrews, of Westfield, Mass., writes: ••I wish to .add my testimony in favor of Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Remedies to the maeJ that has already been published. I have used the Cold Cure, Dyipepiia Cure, Nerve Cure and Headache Cure in my family with perfect satisfaction These remedies are worth their weight in gold. In my family they have cured'the worst oases of cold in one day, and dyspepsia of seven years' standing was cured with three vials of the Dyspepsia Cure. I have had vary severe headaches, which were driven away in half an hour by the Headache Cure. My wife suffered grentl/ from sleeplessness, and one vial of Nerve Cure gave her perfect relief. I sincerely pray God's blessing upon the proprietors of euoh valuable remedies." Munyon's Stomach and Dyspepflal Cure cures all forms of indigestion and stomach troubles such a« const!- pat'on, rising of food, dietreg'J after tfatlag, bloating of the etomach, palpi tation of the heart caused by indlges tlon. It soothea, heals and invigorate stomaohs that have been weakened b; over eating, or where the lining o the etomaoh has been itrpaired b. physic and Injurious medicines Price 25 cents. Munyon'a HonaceopBthlc Home Remedy Company of Philadelphia, pu up npecluce for nearly every disease which are sold by all druggists,mostlj lor 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to thi nature of their disease'should addreai Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street Philadelphia, giving full symptoms o their disease. Professor Munfon wil carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolutely free of charge. The remedies will be aent to any address on receipt of retal price. THE COMING WHEEL A arew Invention in Bicycle Improve meat* MakeH Its Appearance. "A new appliance for the bicycle pas seen on the streets last evening, and slnca it is the only one of its patent in existence, is worth more than passing notice, says the Marion Morning News. The contrivance In itself Is enough to attract attention, and'from its appearance it will bring in big profits to the patentee and owners of the patent." After describing: the contrivance the News continues: "W. C. (Single) Dunn of Logans port, is the patentee of the new improvement, and Messrs. Overman, Houck and Butler, of tbla city, are half owners of the patent They pro. pose to build a factory at Dunkirk for the manufacture of the attachment, which can be fttted to any bicycle, and turn out the new appliance by the thousands. " "T. W. Overman brought the onlj wheel In existence with the Improvement, up from Logansport last, evening, and it was tried on the streets by different wheelmen, who had BO trouble in manipulating it. Mr. Overman says the wheel ie a sure win nor, and can be made go so fast as to take away the rider's breath," She li tli* Among remedies for complaint! peou- iar to women, nothing equali Zoa- 'hora. Sold fey B. F. Keeallnf and Ben Fliher. A Battle Scwi-ed Veteran. Nearly every one in Medina Co-, Ohio, knows Stephen Rolpb, .of River Styx, the one legged veteran, who lost his leg at Winchester, Va., March 23, 1862. In all probability the exposure and privations of army service, the effects of which are felt as they grow older by nearly all old soldiers, were the cause of the serious nervous prostration and sleeplessness of which Comrade Rolph complained. He says: "People hereabouts know me pretty well, but you can tell others that I was down for about six months with nervous prosrtation and sleeplessness for which I tried various doctors and medicines, but Dr. Wheeler's Nsrve Viializer has done me more good than all the doctoring I had done. The first bottle gave me such relief that I have used several and feel almost restored to my former good health." Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzor can be relied upon by any one who are suffering from nervous troubles, sleeplessness, etc. If all tired out and run down, you need a reliable nerve and system tonic and health restorer 33 this remedy 'is. Sold in Logansport by Ben Fisher, druggist, and by all dealers everywhere. Maxlntcneltee Cottcce for Sale. Eleven room cottage. 100 feet lake front; will five a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BCBFOED, Indianapollj. A 10COSIOTITE EXPLODES. Pan Handle engine ol2 hauling freight train No. 85 exploded shortly before S -o'clock yesterday afternoon between Star City and Winamac while the train was in motion. From some unaccountable cause the crown sheet gave way. the boiler emitting a flood of hot water propelled by a heavy steam pressure into the fire box just ai the fireman PeterElmner jr. was in the act of feeding the fire. Through the open furnace door the volume of •team and water found a vent and the fireman and John Long, bead brakeman, who wa§ riding in the cab were instantly enveloped. Eoglneer A.. W. Knill, owing to his high perch escaped uninjured but with bis companions it was otherwise. Brakeman Long was fearfully scalded from the breast down while Fireman Klmner's injuries are chiefly confined to the right foot. The former's injuries are by far the worst Engineer Van Hajes who was close by with a train and te received tele, graphic instructions to leave bis train and bring the injured men in with at much haste as he could, which he did, arriving here about 3:30 o'clock. In the meantime an express wagon WSB converted into a temporary ambulance and when the train arrived Brakeman Long who was too badly Injured to walk was loaded into it wrapped in quilts and blankets and taken to his home. Fireman Klmner was taken home in a buggy. Although Long's Injuries are extremely palnlu they are not thought to be dangerous The railroad company will 6ee that ba has the best of caro and that he is made as comfortable as possible, T an acquaintance Engineer Knill statei lastevenlng that the blowing out o the crown sheet was cot caused by lack of water In the boiler. A few minutes before the explosion be testet the water gauges and found them full An official investigation will be heli but it is possible that the cause wll never be rightly determined. '^ : :.;';:-X:"C:;.a^^*^ In this way. When you see how Pearline ^ has helped you, tell others and let it help^ them. Where a woman is trying to do : ; ? housework in the old, hard-working,.'"^ rubbing way, it's actual charity to :..$. tell her about Pearline." Perhaps^ she uses if for scrubbing, washing .^ dishes, etc., but can't believe that io.,;^ washinsr clothes it can save so much work and 5 • i" J 'i wear without doing harm. f Your personal experience might convince :;^ her. That would help Pearline, to be sure -| —but think how much more it would help;*? her, by saving time and strength and real, ? money. ,^ Peddlers and some unscrupulous pro-. '';;' ccrs will tell you "this is as pood as" '.' _^_^ w w or "the snme as Pearline," IT'S '•'..• FALSE^PearlTne is never peddled '. if your grocer sends you nn imi- '••^,: tauon, be honest— send i: I*:*. 446 JAMES PYLE, New Vortt ' :•_< Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings. Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, WABA.6H SUED FOR $25,000. Peter Whitman, of Ashley, brough suit Saturday ngainst the Wabash railroad for $25 000 damageB. Whit man was engineer of the freight train in the disastrous Kiogsbury, Ind. wreck in which fourteen persona were killed. Whitman Is a physical wreck The cose will be bitterly contested and will establish a precedent for other litigation now penrUn?. The Pan Handle yoy car will arrive here next Friday. Superintendent Walton returned from Fort Wayne yesterday.. Foreman J. J. Hannon of the Pan Handle car shops, e pent Sunday in Columbus. The wreck crew was called to Anoka Sunday, where the journal of a freight car had burnt out. Seven car loads of emigrants paesec through the city over the Pan Handle yesterday going north on No. 3. W. L. Loree, engineer of maintenance of way of the Indianapolis dl vlsioQ of the Pan Handle spent Sunday In. this city. Owing to late connections on one o: the eastern divisions, Pan Handle pass senger train No. 21 was three hours late Sunday. Chas. Shelton of this city, is super Intending the work of stringing new wires for the L. E. & AT., from Peru to Michigan City. Jesse Gallahan who last year ran a street car, left yesterday afternoon for Kansas City where he has secured a situation as assistant baggagemaBter at the union station. Ex-Supervisor Matt Maasena has returned from the Delphi baths having experienced a slight improvement. 3e will shortly go to Indianapolis where he will again take treatment for us eyes. Sunday morning as engineer Link Glpe, hauling passenger train No. 3, 'Ot off hi; engine at Kokomo to oil around ' he was eurprised to find the carcass of a horse on the pilot. He loea not know where he struck It, but as the body was cold, the animal had probably been dead for some time. Passenger men predict that the ex» mralon buslneai ot the present season will be the iargent In the history of he railway*. They base their con- ilusions on. the extensive Inquiry as regards rates, etc. more especially to he meetings to be hold in Boston, aa ?ew England ts seldom selected for hese large gatherings, and many leople have a desire co visit the Massachusetts metropolis. It is expected hat lereral thousand persons Irom til parti of the United States will attend he Boston conventions. the character- Sarsaparilla. It cores even after other preparations fciL Get Hood 1 ! and ONLY HOOO'8. R EAL MERIT istic of Hood'* THE TAILOR: 310 lUlOAIMVAY, ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market St. NO MORE DREAD OF THE DENTAL CHAIR. The Boston Painless Dentists of Chicago Uavc Opened a Branch Ollice in Logansport, 411 IIKOADWAY OVEIt TIIE «EE II1VE-T1IEY £XTK\CT AXD TKETH POSITIVELY WITHOUT PA1.V. Tlier Come Prepared to do an JmmejiKe Bagmen* •nil Have a Thoroughly Equipped Offlctf With All tho t»tcm and Kewenl Appll- uncfM in U«e fjr Modern Denial Work. You need not wear those bungle some plates any longer. Get one of the Boston painless dentists 1 eel without plates. We guarantee a fit and keep all our work in repair free of charge. The Boston painless dentists warrant all filling for five years. Special Inducements until June first only to introduce our painless methods. Teeth extracted free from 8 and 1 to 2 daily. to 9 f/oeandport, IS; Elwood, O. The following IB a complete and oorrect acoreof the Sunday game of ball between the team from a town, in Madison county known ae El wood, and the ball players of this city. The Elwood boys do not play as well as they once did. THE SCORE LOGANST'OUT, R H P A E EI/WOOD. Little ss 2. 2111 Coxenrr..... KHPAE ,,22001 Slay'lb"."""'...! 110 6 0 Hartraan 3b...I 1101 Yonn«ker ct...l 0000 Cornwell 2b....O 1 ° " " Steiulerrf. .-2 1 0 0 0 Shepp»rdcI....O 1 e You Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? <• , Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold 1)7 II K\ PIS (IE a. .Druggist. CniCAOO, March 7,1894. .,' • Dn BintmrAN, CIIICAOO. J • Jfv DKAH SIK—My attention was first called tO'v\ SAjWAK. last ye.ir m tlie emo of Captain J. M, ; Broslus. ot Terre Hauw, Ind., wlio was attdcke* •. In Oils City witli iio.nte nephrltlit and cjrtltla (In- "»i Uaminailon ol the bladder and kldneyH). After - •; prescribing the usual remedies wltliout avail San-; •:-( jak was sxi^Kwitod. and Ui» Itnprovemcnc wa« W,"- : marked alter th«tlr8C dose, and acompletn cow•:-? followed HO Kneedllj, Unit r at once commenced SO-:.,. InvBstlKiitlon ot Its merits and have since .DM-VO' scribed it in almost every known form oj kldiwr ••;; bladder, uretbral. vaginal and caiarrhal trouble*,. 1 '-£ followed In o»ch Instance by die tiiipuleit raiulU. ;•.' A case of enureslsClnvoluntarr flow ol urtno) -la <,'•: myown family was very much improved by a tew- • doses, and radically cured In less than a week;;: From practical experience In n number of bad "; caces ol leucorrhoea 1 am free to say that I haf» .' found no remedy that Is equal to SAN-JAK. - ; ••' And while l have never before Riven a profer ',;•; slonal Indorsement to u proprietary remedy, I uy . ;•'« unhesltatlnRlj anil without reserve that i con- ''i elder SAN-.UK a veritable boon to hnmaulty and : '.after applying It \a tlie surest prolesttooHl UwU,-"' can8,-iywl r hcoi]8deoce, It Li better than it U ft*'-:-'. commended to be. '.;,'1 ; 1 shall continue to prescribe It In all caaes of'*i Kfenlto-url nary or catarrhal trouble*, In, prefer- •.,:>. ence to all other known remedies. . >'J >a a NKRVKTOSIC, SAN'-jAKcan b«relied. npo» fully and entirely. The delicious taste of to* ;-»', medicine Ls also In 1M favor. In prescribing It for .'•>•;, children. 1 am at present using SAN-jAKa» t»^.'.;- alterative In skin dtseasas, and In sever* case* of ,-;i cnrcnle eczema have yielded so readily to Iti ln-: r .? UHpjice that I shall continue to use It In similar ./j cases, feeling confident that It will meet all ttuf-V. IndlcaUons in euch c»«e». ...V Yours sincerely, (Signed) lino.' BEN FISHER DRUGGIST* 3rown l Vannlce c. S£iarfe2b... 501 ."..'.1 0000 Lore ss 0 0002 " !..2 211 2 1 Brown c 1 250 wfiSir-fe..! 2 soosmgyonib--.! 01102 ...2 2243 Younger s 0 0131 13112710 7 6 7 2713 IS 123456789 >ransport- -0 3250000 3-13 Elwooi. —" 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 -J- 6 Earned runs-LOKansporH. Elwood 2. Two Base Hits—Brown, Little, Stsmler. Stolen Basea-CornweU (2) May, Brown, Shnrte, itmnler. Brown. Simpson. First Base on Ba!!»—Stemler (2) Brown, Tan- First Bas« on Errors— F-iwonfl 3. Logatusnort 18. Struck Oat-Wood (2i B-'^. Lellaster, 'oiingker, Co.ien, Cocnwcll. Sh-puard, Simpson ') Youa"er (2) Double Plays—Love to Cornwall to Simpson Bebee to Sirarte to'May. Passed Balls—Brown L Din»lr>3—Johnson. Time of game—2-JJ3. Attendance 500. Bneltlen'H Arnica Salve. The best salve In the yrorld for cut* jruises, soree, ulcere, salt rheum ever sores, tetter, chapped handi, bllblaiDB, corns, and all ekln erup. long, and poiltlveljr cures pile*, .or DO pay required.. It it gjarmateed to Ire perfect Mtbfaotlon or money rounded. Price 95*c«nu per boy. For •ale byV. F. K*MUnff. MuBday Kch»ol Conrentlon • There will ba a Sunday School coar '•.•_'' veatloa held at tho Corinth U. B.\ church in Ad&ma townehip on Sunday, J May 19, 1S95 at 2 p. m. '•,; SUBJECTS. . • .' Devotional Services G. D. Wilson, Pttv-'i How to In ;n>ase the EDIdency of our Sunday School Work - — Bev.J. ILSwInart •• Practical SandayScbool Work P. W.^Egman Five minute talks on general. Sunday School. work, open to all. • • -. G. D. WJXSOK, Pre». '.' Knight* of the ( . The State Commander writei from Lincoln, Neb., as follows ••, ter trying other medicine for teemed to be a obstinate cough In our two children we tried Dr. King's New-; Dtooovery, and at the end of two d the cough, entirely left them. not be without it hereafter, a« our experience proven that It cures where"; .all other remedies fail." - Signed F.v W. Stevens. State Com. Why not; give this great medicine a trial, at it. ig guaranteed and trial bottle* are fre»" ; ai B. F. Keeellng's druff store, fago- IMX tlze 50c and $1. ,';. Andy Raj has purchaaed John COB. rad'i meat market, corner 15th Market (treeto, Md will collect aooounU.

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