Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 4
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. ILUNOIS^RIDAY. OCTOBER 27, Nft DAILY GAZETTE STANDARD -SECOND v£AR O.nify Except Cum?-?, /. ORANDON A SONS. Editors rtrtrl Pybii-'vi-r Offfc*. 111 W<-3! !": = '>.; .'iirr.:-!. f »...,.. r»'-, i.-i-Ti an-1 rt-> pr>»JYil***« ;... rr. ..I,, i :j *K . .-, •. t ), r* !'•>}•>» ij-ft" i » !>•„•>•« '["},< T (.• • nr'th'tii.' !r, i'. i -.» - rm thr- h". f- I lit Pe«4dfuse, S**-»itng. h u as Second Clr»ss r /'1,r*ttjr, "" T "TEIRMS""O? SUBSCRIPTION: By Mill, Outside -6f Sterling *r I Falls, Anywhere >n *»-*> Unit- 1 ' $f*t«M fir ' ill, iitl^aJi • . , .i^- .. fWx tnontlw In m'- in'. than «?lx. rnoi 'i -. j •• ' H i 1 i r 9f C»rH*r }i» SterfTng »r Reck Fells,. er by Mail at this Sterling or Rock Fulls Pestoffk*. 0»< ye&r In «<1vn!;-'"^ .... f"• '•>'» f. Chit month in ndvnnc' 1 '3 J the wwrtt, pfl.vafijf to.j.Ur; i/.TU'Sh'f . . 'i" ' I! ' -'!%> t SOCIAL AFFAIRS YEARS I!. I- the , BELOtUW ANO GREECE. HoWmer llHt"! v may • •ci»nl.>mii for dfi'lnrliift Wsii attain?! nhd InYadlnu it "ill In- i onvldt-r-. mn<1Hted by Hi" matin* r >n n'Mi", Knt«»jiif« powers* nn\c tifatfM Tin* HllU'd V'lV'Mx want <'••'.! to help tiffbt On 1 Ontt'al pow-i T Of TfiOfS*'. thfit nils ttir'ir ))!(•(•<>- j RIHlJvp on tlio print Iple that the ntoi-f-j K*lp yon 1mv«« In doing n thine tiio l>ct- ii» chnni'i-ji of H« l>(-iriK dom;. .-\Ji.J j • fef ft tltno It lookfd ;»« K titcci-f f.'.'i.MJ Mr, and Mrs. Hefley Celebrate Fifty-Eighth Wedding Anniversary. <«V /^•^•^ M WR M. » M ^•ff r DEFT STOREO Come to This Fur Sale The entire new stock marked for quick sale PT. STORE tfrt*. lirn-Hplttcf bthlticl- the Kin|t <.'«;nntiin- t. «IKM K-I) rt>«!(lt>!rt!» of Bl inrti rfi-'l fifty-i-fKlit yfjir«t riK" IriRt Tn«'s<lrty. Altlhtiiuti no tit rHitk'crni'tiis \v<'[*' in.ulc fnr n- <,'•!' lirotion ?* few In to ti«n- . Ar< V of ft.." rnontH or two In <5r«Tc<» w;ts with c- Mio- ta->. ..--^ or two Indicate . thatj f.\ tfeWf IB (« Inrge fnction In tin- roimtiv dubtowl "rt*.valIstH"--«'ho an 1 Indignant ftt Ih«» migKcstlmi Oi/it Sliced! fight 'without Ktiarantct'N of additional -truth J«. the Kntrnlf "1ittV*inh<lp mi n«rpp«Tn«nt tliHt Italy' Is to fWWjuJn* fonqucriHJ tr-rrltory J?> tlip i»n|»i'.v rftiirfis of tti*» tiny. .The out of town relatives who popiit 11»- dtt.i—nit ii—rhnrr—wrrt*-Mr«,-- liUthft 1 IJ|ic, n wlster-ifi-ldvv. and daughter, MIM. \V«dfe, of Ortind Inland. Nod., ami .Mr.". Ilpnry Happcnliurtf tmd dnneli- ti-r i>llvi» of tjixun. a slsti-r of Mr*, flefley. Mr. and Mrs. H of ley horn in AlontKoim-ry county, III., and moved north forty yearn a»ro, and for thirty years have been rewidenti* of Sterling. To this, liappy onion four children horll, otte ItrtVlnK |ia«K<'d to t l)f beyond. They have fourtenn •en and llvp i -htiilrrn. .Mr. H^Oey In a merrthrr of tile (1. A. It's the Talk of Will;.biuya NON-LEAK, SELF FILLING FOUNTAIN PEN \ , A real Self Fillinsr Fountain Pen for One Dollar is^what you have been looking for. Seeing is Believing Conie in and let us show you. Gait's Book Store «? «.»•' i^ People from miles around have bought as never before. The greatest store in the city has been turned into a mountain of bargains. Fut urc'and present needs can now be bought at astonishingly low prices. The full importance of the otterings can only be realized by coming tomorrow. .We have divided our suit stock into two separate lots Lot one^ntata^'ttesiriPbfer suits in splendid materials^-not a suit marked under $20. Bankrupt sale price, choice ..... .,.> Lot two contains the cream of the entire stock. One can choose a^beautiful sui most unbelievable price. Suits show regular marking up to $25. Bankrupt sale price Jt. atid has alwayw tal«Mi an active} part In the in«H'tliiK», . i GRAY HAIR BECOMES ' HARVEST PARTY | DARK AND BEAUTIFUL Which Was Given In the Olubu k y6a p S y OUn g er rTrV Grand- Rooms Was Largely j ma's recipe bf Sage and Sul. Attended. . -. i phurandnebody will know. o ,if t'ttf- !*;HI(BI(, lii'oUii'r of k th» WOK- HvHy 1 and lu i»rii?hl«'r worltli*. mul '"' 'Tin? Hl'<» anntml harvest i^arty wax hi tin- Klk'w ••I.. at»0 hnld Tlmrstliiy hotrn*. H -•«•«!« many out of lown t'rH,. H WJJM for ii and <hc-lr lattice, , w<'r«» t»r«.-«- AlmuHt i-vwyone knows that Pap- f THE PYTHIAN SISTERS. f wt- h.nXr him In tho a« h«- mtfr«, i 'l'h(« I.'ythlan Histc-ru will hold thfirlthc imitiiu; in<-Hwu:»» of 'eternal truth, j i r*"Kiilar mi'i'ttitK tonlKhl. All iiH-in- j " ; Tln i y wore Hv.-ly'and i>l«Mmiiit in tl j IM.T» are unftt-d to lx> prewnt. t U,..-ui.'M <a.-Ji art, r<-i.roved dull df- llvi>!t - i "" 1 '" tn " lr <! "" U) « lh«'y —vj_—,.^.,,,..,__- __ . ., i j av . . •• .. .. 'divided • MASQUERADE PARTY. i '* - ( M|H* Dorothy Woodyatt .< 4 nti>rt;iin«'d 1- li«r wJiool iiiii'li'H at u iManiUHTttilc Jlal-i lowp'i'n Jiarty IIIKI « v y«'ninK at Jn>r-huino j -HPWI* XUni'rul fcipringN, Tlii'.~«Vt'nlnft;!""'A mori' K^tdnl nfiitin* n«-vcr utf*. ; WHH H|icnt In K«HTII>« atid reJ/icHhtnt'iHH! p«'ar»"«l among IIH. VVt» nre r^niintk'd i w*»tv wrvod ahd all i»r»'K t >irt report a I of Jninctt lliunllion. who.««« "S^fe in t ] liiu-tinu. 1 , .- ' ! IJarnost" wan on,«-M ixtpulai* • In our i ' ." • ;• - i .Ii .;'••- s l^iiulutt ••»« notU'wi on th«-wulli* ofl HALLOWE'EN SOCIAL. j tfM * Scotch I'reMbyu'rlcm cJutrch «. Tin- Tnif- Hluo ClifHKof thi' Kt. Jolm^ lub j'' 1 w '"< IhiH inscription;. i Lutheran fhnn-h will jrive a Hnllowt'Vn lu n>t-!iiory ot James HuiniHon.D. || Tea S tonight at th»» c-hnrch. All yuuntr _ . tf back the ntUuruT'wlor unTl,] be ilu* liiHtr»» to the hair when faded, _ ItV playTng" ' D.". admired him nx ri. H.tUli ami unitino. They *-on.slrti«»t1 ' of onk branfht'H, nuiii|»kiwt, jack o'lnnipi I»M aiul corn, uiul iln-y; wen- iUKpluycd ht-unti- ftllly, T!u' <liiilnK room w;is« «»N|)tH-ial- |y novel unil vv*-lnl, for thcrt> \vi-rt' 'i' i w jtrny. Year* ago tho only, way to i Urt't lhi.s mixture was .to mako it at j T , . ... ,...,, ,.,, -• ty Ujomo,. which is uiiinay und .trouble.^ I-.., ^-S M"?'*. L_««njLl_4 l -U!^-.y-i»y_J.»Jj.'i, ]«.vrhJ*\...thou.8l!L_J>L:JVMr_n!_ The Contrary Day. an 11 num. This was Theodore t.'ro'wl. it liiu trionds ^vlll rf-meinher him, not-i « 'scholar'or dlvint 1 , out a« ti man j I rJ«lin«f lir<>«m *»o<-k*. U»r» tlmt WCM« h'lat'U. ami . all f H «i-tilin think that Jlnllowi-Vn wan Homo. for ; at and Jill' '!limil« OIM| for Tthi' stiti," the j'^ u! '"*'*« Konw itnd'we w<ndd fain lay HJI.V ! .-lotlti.s cum.* crcopln 1 'found tlio skies,'! u . !uVUi « "i-'-alh on Ms iiistant sravo. phur Comiiound." You will get a large l<otU<» iif this old-.time reclpei Improved l»y tin* addition tit other Mucii j fi«r ahout fiO cents. Kvprynody use« hand, It IH at by many Unit thi- [, i o'liow Jiving room Furniture conilHiiiuj? Beauty ami ufqrt W uovei' Jiefore, should provu of special inter- to autlftur buyers. LUXURIOUSLY COMFORTABLE OVER* STUFFED PIECES, * •* . ' doubly NyolfOiiu* later on wlicn the cold winter »-veniu«8 ^_i oniplulKiylt! their eoxinoHs. l r plu»lstt*rt'd iu restful tai»e.S" [j trkw'in rieh, subdned colorings, Juuulstuiie velours and ( )I Hjninish loatlu'rs. LL.^ Dim set, ^onniiitin^ 4»i' a I'uumy ilavuiijiurt, rut'lver. anil, U chair'witb lounging-.stwo) is tnivered in,a beaittirul iiiul- I* berry velour with stripes, of JineM Duality. The t'vuines inubo^nny. Jf you do not luid alape.stryur velour ly t«> your Jikiug, you may order piet-e.^ u|»lio"lstered. -s and elmir's upholstered in Jeatjier. are (iriet«tl from $8.00 to $40.00. See our <fh\yhiy of eleetrie laiuj»s; Iht-y are iiuiiMtal. artistic, useful and inojJjirjUuj^M'ieed. Piaiuriloor lamp-*, iwo Ifght JKliu'e with eboiee <»ff_siru «!uuh«s, at $14.50. r To nuwly wetl.s: Heft»re buying your outfit, a vinl to [i this ntom \vili uwuviju-e you t bat tlie real pla*-e i> FORSTER&SONS ' JIORE , dancltiK hull uml tho <llnliui : room novrr looked j>tviUi-r. Thu* Hour of ilu» hall \va« In t-xt-fl- lent coniliiloii iinO it wan kfpt full most at th»- i-M'iiinK, 'I'ltuM- who i'uic(i not for thi* play wen- c-onu-nti'tl to or billliirdH, «n<l this t<»ok iinniii'.')' of tin' II ami i k \\an n!r« |y th'l« prepariition'-nnw, becnuKti no ono (•an poHslhly tell that you tiafkoned your hair, as it doe« ii HO naturally and evenly, You. damjH'n a Hnwigi- or noft wnil tim n«-n« wan u-ry oruto, uiul many arlh'hsH «f <H<'t whh-h r«'inhnh-i! «m> of tho »lon for \vhl> h tht< «caM>n was Tl»' urniMKCinontB (or th«"|iarty wi-rt.- in -the han.lH of tlu- Ortobi-r i-omrnit- tr-o tit th«» I-JIKH, and thuy worked fuiih- fnlly In oidcr thai UH> tm-tHhj,- iniKht be v«-ry I'liU'itnlnlriK. Tin- 'i-xcnt will hi- i««mi'ii)tn-ri!)l, INTERTAINED LAST EVENING. .Mr, liartholonvw. »V»'. ntid MIH, J'Ier«'«'. titxi Mr- TriH'hlond. of UiJvoii, Wftff* UUtt'rlaijji'ii ia«t tnetilnK at thr homo of (n: anil MJH, tj, H. Dillon. CornsLopsen, „ i UftRightOff Nothing Bat "GETS-IT" Will Do TWi to Coroa and Calluaei. If You've 4»ver hail corns/ you'v,» (rit-d lotB of tliinKB to Ri't rid of them that <<ai your tuo and th« i-oj-n remaining, rimuti IIIIKM that your uurnu l'uiK0 out Uku |>u{>. . hru*h -with if and draw tliin through >onr hair, takinir on»> Kmnll strund at ;i time; by morning thia itroiy hair tiis- iiIipearH, and after another application or two, your hair bfconifs beautifully dark', .thjc-k and s!ow«y and yon' look y«*nrs younger. Wyt-th's H«K» and Sulphur ("oinpound i^ a delightful tuiU-t it Is not intended for the t-nro. iniiiKation or prevt-ivtion of •II He, run! Tha gtooin cotnos In -th't»\vlntjinvs. -'the-wind flickers, Jlke lh« flr<» 'Tis as yt'ur by year .wi* hist* »t of -HlRlU in faith lo an' the house* looks <> nr« Korji-r flickers,! .inu^c • is lost and loru-. ' A I n " w «•'"«« in jKirudtM- our store, ttdow*. with-nothla'-f i nu- illn'piruCoii \\jlt fihuw th>» do- sliudow lu tho whudow bright in v[ew, I se^ Ilnrd Times a- cojuJu'— hear the Notts n-faUIn' duo! But jes' w!u?n I'm the sntldcst, uu* think my clay IK done, I fed u sun- bc'iim, an' U for tin- HUH !" "Xmv tlumU r (5oJ N HALLOWFEN SOCIAL Will be Given at the Fair-view School ' Tuesday Evening. Kvi-ryono . .Is cordially invited to of (I'lobcr til, II, il- </f UhontH. the low«'Vn, with the Not tic Rigeur, A t'li!c»},'o v\oin»ij'v\'ho n legal Nuiuiiioiis to iip|ic>ur in tv ct'rtniu court ut a oi-ri'iMti pVrloil wns imich put out Uion-hy. In .i-xidaining the matter to n friend, Khc xniil: "I hnve in 1'Jlu to cu|t'i:ttion. a certainly tli« cltntiou. but i v D t l » 11 \\ iiicti .Mr. __ M. " \Vtien ho «,!««• for nwdttil ro- ca'l canit* from In Zaiu>Hvll!<< it> nsvifH fti tin' urbanization of a etouin*; M>- fh-t\, He iintld not r"!>i*l. A n;'cri- <kv of iH'iMinal «</nifi>rt l»inunu- •« lahor of ChrlMtiui) h»vi% The frfrnds thoii lli^^t ( and thel,* ,.'!(>IK trn-d, lirajiple them to thy noiil with Test Waterproofing of Tour Shells out hunting you always run a chance of getting your shells wet Haven't some shells you used failed, to chamber and* eject easily after a wetting? Before starting out this year, test the waterproofing of -,—ft BLACK SHELLS skull not jippi'iif-'-nmld not, iu fuct. [ Not' only nm 1 nyi Nochtlly n.-'iinujnted j'Kinil- fait I Id ill iiiK their i!!!Ht(«r S, J'. ciddlimH, J, K, Chehter. I|IIH, I'. .\, Wi-therlwr, I uiu- old StcrlniK intnl>t''r-<! were ,tvvatt» ill Silo bl'Ui-r latul: '. Cwr- \Vhnt \vltli~JuilijL 1 H, but tin* whole tone of Ills eoiitiininlciitioi. in MI luiposslhlc 'i'lti'.v \\ill hold a hiuikrt »oeial at the [ tJuvt 1 tiljsohtti'ly n-fu.M' to know him." IfaliUew Hehool, eiKlit inilew north-oaMl of Klciliiii; and one in lie east i»f J'en- in till' i from will ho gold Ity two fair glujstM, whilo not far o It a., vv'iteh wiil ho Ht.ttloiu'd. Jl(illovvi'«'«'n , ttoothH hai«< libi'ii p haxemont of th« Hchuol whirh randy and and Ktunls will he i»arHi*i|iat<'d in by alt. bi«fon« th«« jiroKrain, Mhich hrinw 8U|>ncr Encouragement, - - "Hid I he dfii'tor jjive yon inurh en- Utimson, Ji K>il'txy of swlnted «oul,sl. Krckmu and \Villiam«r of thw l'ivs<byterlan, ' Litas'anU Hruwn nimt and Siniih of UK: !. l)«>n- li'0(t(Jtme.- th«< wlll he fiHeu by lllp Ladies are request for two. A Miiull ailinishiiKj will in ehat'Ked to i-aeh one not brliiniiuc u ' llHsket. t'oine etirly and haVe a Kood i Mini'. Veui Finkle, teacher. i ATTEND CONVENTION ; The following Dixon Ladies Attended ' the Convention Hero Wednesday. ; Tin 1 'jfc'How Ini; ladtvH ftoui Mixou ui- tended the uiiw.Monuiy »onxention at ' St. .lidni's l.utht KMI flairrh \Vednew- j lay .M«i>, "L, (\ Jului.son^ "Mit*. ,T. "Y»»«, liiijeed," ajiswi-red Sir. DuniHon, "Jle Mtltl I would lu> uhli' to whip my ! weight in wildcats hefon- lonj;." 'JDt'iir > me! Where will you lint] lliw wiltl-[ Cflts?" WIFE T00 ILL TO WORK This test is easy, also the others that prove 10 points in which The Black Shells excel. Ask irs fbr « free booklet on how to make valuable tests of Qiiells. We arc glad to givg a'topy to I. interested shooters.. Hardware Co. SUrlina, III. - • , Jfs 7 ,;. ' ' IN BED MOST OF TIMjE , Nature Suits Neither. A white ulrl xneiuh Itil'.v !i-»«!iiiii'h i .. ••«••» .. tiino in curling \wr iinir n- a eoiored' net Health Ke»tored byJLydm Frederick A, Brewi Ir» I" OBITUARY Ji£V THEODORE GROWL. day .\liiv 1., *', .Juhn.son, .Mit*. ,1. i ,,, . , , ,, . Si-lltlel... .Mr* J. I', MlllluMtll. -MlH. MIK. ' %V lu> » \ h " '»«««M l> »»,..'"'»'" t " 11 '"': Mi-hr. ,Mi« n5Tn«-pT!U«e and d.iif,!h- .; X "^'V * "'" , , ll "i t' 1 ''"' 1 ""' '<" u| ter, .Mis. \V. K tt'uiU- and d.uiKht,-. , lwti (lit ''' •'.' ! . !IH ll ,"" !( ' J " <lir M ' s * »' Helen, .\|f».s Uloi.dlllu »}|.-ho,i. ,M|.-,-» "' k<H '"' \M,di..-^a\ uMfiiloon. the <'iuile Hmlfh, ,Mi> 1-Muard iiinla-t ' '" "''* '"' "'- "'•' >""'">; ""'*' »'-h"« \lr.H. Kniina tJelslet, All*. Tobi.t.- S^.-lt- ' « •"' ^'i t ' ' Hi- li-atli Ind . h"i-n b,...-.' MIH. Sum lMU«;i«on .Mr- .hdm ,'i' 1 ' l>1 ""«*->"« >'••*'>•• ""," i ' M «« > »<oval 1 \Jif-M.I..H . ual ..Mr,-' i:.i*aM Atillei I 1 " «'«IHorni;« w,«s i«,«d,- In hope u| , .„ „ f.'u f"?toiatloti in niildi-r ell* t/fiii- '!'«" of I'.K St>>ilini< I'flriHN 0» E. S. THIMBLE CLU9 --«"-» t •' hi «.K «»-«v ,(.. n^ home u^ . hTiTurru^-. -trnn iiwvjnnrn—noilunij InTT- >"•"" bo Entrained Monday Afternpon , l( lllat ^un.nut-in.iuner 1,1 il.e larlier' ' ...... i..... .1 ,. ,.-,|,j j(;ijj) i ,K he i Mi'.ti! - V«a CM'* Arwuod 1 U* £«« t corrm cfy. Sto lT' 5 Toni« Vaaith. and I.i4»»"3 that in ' ami i. .Ms - Kd,;,u and ,\!lh. |eh H.^li \vill he Tliiur e»».\jtu-i. (i. K. K. Tl.inil'U >-lnli on • n«-\i ,M< itil,i\ utt^iooiin .ii the Mason.. j hall ..\li -Uistuhi'ia an ui^c.t t'i In! i-ii-.-i tit ' i E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Indiatuipolid, Indiana. — "ily Iiealth ' my conatitutlon st> run aiovvn that 1 cou!4 [ out work. !_wai thin, pale &nil weAU, i weighed but lO&'i pounds and was iu IjtHi niont of tho e, I l«!gen tak*, 'ing Lyilia E. PinkT:, I's.VtigOtfthltj | rqwuhtTanJ fiva months weighed Jii3 I do »11 tlu' ill and t-uu-Jv, tired na'ttie i.illtil >o (siilnl to lfn- I.Sil'j lil--"'t'. "I III" , iiie, ai'd i (MI >;i»at t'.iti tei-ed work and washing fwr eleven and ) can ] oral ftfi^< «-i ~ KloiO'0, uf v,. ii tt West Third St. , Sterling v\Ve iU«liver in !mvn anil i-nunl'i'\. wu thf < <»i n tttid tiinkr >«ur foul Tt?U f lifeoa. jiuvitifs: I'I'-tK, U'tuil'a tho UA< t \Vhviiut f/ko ; j , tff i.i'Hs t-if .-I'd )T," It on rli'M Jar ^ > .i^l• FOR MISS HAZEL LATHE ll I put )'l v, , into (rn.n Kir-,|<l« InlHe 4'Uie '"';(; -, -p-|; v !('!. t: > « r: -if- ('- | i. •• i'- '. .' • • H'* !• tail- n.UHt.tJl Quick and Reed Entsrtamcil ''i-'\U l«-i« •» , , , i,'i . i i -i " 'i 'i i' '- : ' ' >; ' ' ' " ', ,' ' ' • ' ' III'' ' . I ' ! •! I l I ' " d, .\ i!< I l i i > Ii , - ,, • ' ,-i , .. . , !i i I , I,! 1,1 l t , ' • I i I I v» I'l' .'I i t».» say , —,.. Co.TJjJOunil 'has *>».'««» a „ t to m<> for 1 would havtf been in my y,rs • 'today but for it. I wouW tell u!l wo- j nu-n suffering as I wa* ti> try your valu-, ut!t' r^mvdy." *"""• A|f&j!i"-M«-i-.'-^* j ».Nr ^*1]' S. AiMisoa'STtf^dndianaiHsliis, Indiana. There isliHTilly a »fighl>«>rhoot! hi this ' ei •!• tt'V, \\horein po>ne iiuinan liu;' iK-t •Kepubiican t . iuav i» anyt'inu; ;,' --'.l whu-U >"•'« , like ».(HH-iul utlvu'.', univ tu tiu EMBL'V' .- H^- i (l f_ I • . • i , ' l .-i; \-'.~T I » GEN- .. . •• -*• "V\

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