Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 2
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fWO to Get Heavier Underwear of heavier wear too lon»- or Jm-k trill rntrh you wtfm' for hi." annual "drive. wnut to show i<> I r mon; Hiiit«. Thr\ make an I itaeesifttible appeal t<> "Mi-n who know," by virtue of their fut, (it and quality. 'fheti wo liavo other kinds, .both in two piece nnd union I; 'Styles in wool and wool and !> eottou. 'You'll find your $iz>> weight ftttiong*tiieni, too. to Id.OO per Suit CHAS. A. CLARK Superior Underwear Agent ILLINOIS 1916. LODGE HELDMEETfNG Knights of Keraisan May Establish a Morrison Ledge. r !....!«.• No 77 h< i.I -1 .- i. I'f-t !"i £ ' U ^V* <i H* *-i' l V i *. • " ' r w»if .' mmi'-fi -f nvvi'oi-'" 'f uni'ik''ti itrdf r '<f Knivhi 1 - 'f ,IH j.jfvini an,! .'•' If •!' ' -1 t!- •with thf r>Mf( t i!) 'M'-tt "f I'tf.UlnR on •f 1 rr-r---r in .nr-.l p—haf"- "C-'i an «>r<'< r f<>r t):i* r:tv ""••*?• _ ^ . „ ,. FIRM SELLSJUSINESS Stan*, A McLau<jh!in Digpote of Machinery BusmM.s, L -Th« ilim lit Stone & Mcl^itis'tlip. dealer*) in furnt ,m.irlilncr\ and irn- ; piemen ts of nil km*H in thli «-ily lor many yr-ars. .««Id tht'Ir pTaf<» <>f l>u«l- <fHjo«Tf>n Wednewlny to Ht-nry T:c« nnd Henry Newndyfce, relirwl fnrm*»r!< 10- Wdlng In tl)I«< t'ltj'. The ww flrm will tnk»' po*Mes!«l«it( on MOV. 1. Xf-Hht-r •me-mlif'r*! of the f»ld firm hf>« n« yet d««- Cifled in what liJK' <»f bu«fne««H IIP will now engage. They hiivr- b»'«-n in tm<«i- nes 1 ? in this city for over «ixti-f-n yt-ai*. ENTERTAINWTHE CLUB Mrs. Elmer Richardson Wat Hotte«s to Country Club. Mr*. Kltner Klchardnon dellKhtfully entertained the members "f the rV,un- try rlUb ftt her home » mile nnd n half north of this olty. The afternoon wnx pleanantly npent with needlework Hn«l (1 delicious lunch wa» Prr«-d by tHr- I'T BE IIUOUS, HEADACHY, SICK OR CONSTIPATED ENJOY LiFE! LIVEN YOUR LIVER AND BOWELS TONIGHT AND FEEL GREAT. tip with head cioar, stomach sweet, breath rij/M, cold gene. f» ** f*i /.> Li, Ej*e Glass* Chains or Reels, no cts. We Can Save You Money on Duplicate Lenses OftK WHILE YOU SLEEP ITSON DAILY GAZETTE MOEEISON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 37, 1916. . . WILL PARADE »n W«men Will Show Thuir Ofitllud* For Ballot. cltlzermhlp parade will Wpnday tiluht and the rnasn _ar everybody will be held at Jtorlum followlriR the parnde. will lead the parade "balrtotlc ulr«. Following the nnrt-mV-of worn ____ Jnlnjr desire In thin way to give 'Ufl expreanlon to their ftrr the vote, the »»e«l of clU *•»*'*' ' - ilrit»r««t In being shown in the -JMmy women belns raser to " Wfty their patrlotlam and in uhlp. Several women _.,„ old expert to march. "ot'mticW will Tie «H fcittowit: Audltorltim nouth on ,„ to Main, WMI on Main to counter *«ftfcrch wist on. Main to th«n went on Main to Q>nenec Btt'<3*nesce to the" Aud.tor- «yar» and HtripeM wilt be Jciftl banner. Large flas» * J IH be placet* of honor. Every march- i a flaK Is asked to brin# It. Jte'.'wiU break rank* nt the and the* maun meeting will the alnglng of "America" led by-Mm, E, A. of the venlnp. Miss Mcfedwcll, will bo introduced U Qboney, pastor of church. I, bead of tho Uhlver- BetUernent. la d<r*erib- df gracious personality ,nner. a speaker power, who nt one* taken her audience Into her confidence and makes them feel her Interest In them. •', Her Hiibject will be "Women tjinfl the Community." The Auditorium will be tnxtHl (o ltd limit to Beat the people who' want to lirar thin Kre*L cltlwn of lllltidlH and the nation who la giving her life to the tank of making the city ATTENDINGNSTITUTE Mor-riMn flehpol* DismiM«d Thursday For Dlxon Mcvtirtg. The Morrison schools 'cloned this week'* work on Thiirsdny In nrder that the teachern could attend' the Institute at Dlxon on Friday. An unusually gwid program has, been arranged for thl« meeting and nearly- all* the grade knd high *»chool teachers of this city are in attendance. PINE LIGHTING FIXTURES. H. M. Ladd Is at present putting 'in some fln« Indirect lighting flsturen In hln jewelry utore in tht» city. The »8xt> power nltfwgen, ga.t filled bulbs will be Used, «hnded by flfltepn inch old Ivory globes, which will be suspended from the ceiling by three brushed brat* and the nation more homelike. I chains, fhw'storp will h«lighted by For this on*-tvenlnir-1*1 tin foritel IJUtwn Mich fixtures and one larger our phrtlcM and our candidate and re- lone nt th? wurnncp the glob* of which member only that w* are cltt*enit of thlt United HtatPB both men and women, nnd rapcvi&liy on thin occasion should women forget partiuannhlp and j-prntelber only to rejoice that the fran- chise'haw beta extended to them." Oth- ter mitre* mttj- exult Wlhum -or Hughtia or Benson or; Hanly, but th« rally Monday night l« not held In Itie lnt*r*«t of nnyontr of tH» four or of any candidate tor any party. Every on* regardless of party it, Urged to attend. ' Till* Jollification, if we may 'pall it , wn» Htartcd by the Women's League,, but Is by no means confined to the eugue. It IN a. patriotic demon»trallon n.which it in,hoped all Morrison and surrounding country will participate. All Women voter* who wish to march, >leai»« meot.nt the Auditorium at seven will jnwwure twenty inched. It will not only be an advantage on account of the much better' light which will be received; but will aUo be* a fine improvement to"th<< appearance of/the interior of the place. i UNDERWENT AN~OPERATION. lton*on. who rwrtdew on tho or ; {wo Cnsrnretw tonlpht nnd enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel rlennMne you f-vc-r experienced. WitkP up feclins irrand. your hend will be clear, your tongue clean, 'breath iweef, ntomnch r*»Kiilnted s nncl your liver nnd thirty feet ..f lu'nvelw active, - <let a box «l any dntpr xtore h<»w nnd get ft t rntph I en e«;l » p. .by .nu six. I tic.... Stop the. hwjliH>h*j i»HI<n«Mtwtf?." bnrt mid* nn{t bad dny.< F«'-«'l ni nhrt rei'iiTy for : work or play, rnararots do not gripe. Hicken or Inconvenience you the next day like salts, pills-or calomel. They're fine! - » Mothers should Kive; rt whole Oancaret anytime to crws. nick, blllou* or fever- l*h children berauftp It will not thoroughly and own not Injure. an operation In AiiRUMtnim hospital. 11. A. NorrlMh returned Wednesday evening from " Mrs. hicngo." Smith and Miss Hazel to'clock.. The parade will Mart ftt 7:30 •NorrUh farm about five mile* north of town returned from ChJcajio Thursday evening where he went, with his wife, the first of 'the week. Mrs, Ben'non underwent an operation in Augustaim i Hospital. Hhe Is getting along UH well *« poftHlhta under the clixnunntanccw. having Htoinl tho operation well ami it Is hoped that a rapid recovery In in store for her. • ' , Kmlth. of (!n!l, vlolted at the Joe Delp home In ihls city Wednesday. J. , P. K*'lUiiK. «f ChlcaKO. 'was In MorriRon on tiuslneas Wednesday. Miss Mftrjrarft Mowrer, of Hock Fulls, IM ttpendlng a few days with friends In thin city. f • Mm- Clarence Turnpy, of l-V-nton, IK vlHitlng for n n-w daj'jfjil the hrmie of her pftreuto, Sir. and MTM. A. J. Me- Torfc! Shur-On to ' on Al. W. Chapin went biiMSiifHK Thnrwlay, — -• ,.... M|MM i)llve Aldritt returned to her hfitni« in (Jnlt ThurNday after 11 few duy»' visit at th* home. 'of Mrs. Soren Hiinson. Mr*. Jam** went to Hterllnc; « of Aviiwt/JiuB cljpija^ed the size (ho price, ,*Bithep uictvns in- HAVE MOVED TO DENVER. p--.--,— — Mrs. llildlng F*almer left Thursday p. m, flluurp, '**JM"» meetmir at.8 p. m,Lr or Denver, Col., where she will Join |tn .will bfc.ifaerved .in the Auditor- her husband and they will reside in the urn for the marchers, . I future. Mr, 1'almer left Morrison for the went some, time ago on' acount of ill- health^ Jie IH now located In Denver whern he lit employed, in a drug store and MB many friends will be glad to hear that ho IH much Improved und Is gctttnff along _fii}?iL, ."." f MOVED PROM QARDENPLAIN. > Le«Jle Parker moved hi* family and household KoiidH to this city from Gar- denplaln on Wednesday. .They will on- teupy .the new houne of South St. re" by Tom FlMcnrr.—Mrr As .,thlM 1*', a- community a/fair *v- ryone wilt wish an opportunity to help :>oar the- expenses and a collection will at ihe clone of the meeting. T«H your neigh* Thur«day fur « nhort visit with friends In that city. Mr«. C. K. llubor nnd Mr«. A. T. Crundell spent Tliursdny .with friends !•«, Jf"*!(«*. • .....» '- 1 ne BuntingsareGeniain^Shyr—on Guaranteed Best-Gold Filled on and off ; wili 6ne hand. -•The Lenses are Sluine De^p cSro Tone,, giving a large range of vision, and the deep cuhve preventing the eye-lashes from touching the glass Each eve is exammed.separately by an Expert and? the'llnses gFoiSd to or- cfei. This is an exceptional value. Special for Friday and Saturday DR. GOLILDING. Optician r Formerly manager of Sei-el Cooper & Co.'s optical .lopnrtment in Chicago. ; a \i First Avenue and East Third St, Sterling, 111. Over Obermiller'B Store PT MEAT IF YOUR while there ho• purchaix-d fifty head'of i cat tic. Aunt. Jane Johnson Hp'ent weeks at tlu> home (»f her'son, several Mr. and in Clinton. C PROPHETSTOWN NEWS Barker Is'a member of the firm "and RmnaRer of the Whltesldo Auto Company, i CHURCHJERVICES v PRESBYTERIAN, Munday school at 10 a. m.. Mrs. R W. Payne, $upt, main dep«rtmentn, fqlly srradcd in the church. Men's Bible vlftBs taught by the pastor in the reading room of the Morrison club. Morning worship at U a. m. Sermon "The Imminent intuca Before the Presbyterian Church." Christian Kndeav- or at 8 p, m. Leader, Walter Watson. Evening worship at 7 p. m. Bermon, "The Ministry of Mercy,'." All are cordially invited to these services. — W. R. Cremeans, Minister. BAPTIST. Bible HCltQol at 10 a, m. Come. Worship* at 11 a, rn. Subject for the mom- Jnir, "Church Hally jpay," W« would tike tu 80o you presoht. U, y. r. u. fl o'clock. EvealiiR worship at 1 p. m. Subject for, tho evening, "Force Not a Field."' ,\Ve would like to Stw every Baptist present at all these A\\ will be- made.wjfleome.—rT. Un. Pastor. 7 GOT A LARGE AMOUNT. .A collwtion rfeently taken In the M. B. and the CTqntfregatlona! churcheH by order of a rcWuIutlon imsflad'by <he con- gre»» of the United States fur the relief of ttM- Armenia nmrwho-nrirlrr dire Ols-^ tre«« and arc stnrvJHg resulted In a " large collection amounting to $37 fur 4he Congregational and t^o for llie M K. Now Jf all the churohex did i» well aa the Prophetntown "" ~ Take tafilespoonful of Salts if Back hurts or Bladder bothers—Drink lots of water.. We ar<» a nutlun uf meat eaters and our blond I* tilled with uric acid, says ...I,..A i liiwu. She- nlHo visited relatives In 'Innm and other towns in the wen tern .state. Miss Mary Krttft, the* nurse, who haw i bwn raring fcir Mr. petra, of Mnlvvrn, •luriiiK hi" recent lllncw, linn returned to her home In Coleta. Mr. Detra hav- i-known who In proportion ohurchen to the they * a Mur- UNIVER6ALIST. Utindny school will be held at 10 a. in. Morning wortthlp and ncrmon at 11 a. tn. Subject of Herman. '"Uovo nnd Klrtv" (TJjere.wlll bo reception or meinberw, A cjar41*nnvi»titlon lit extended to the li; Cheney, PROPHET8TOWN BRIEF. IJ. J. IxMJin!.-. who hn« been in-I'm- phetHinwn for Beveral day« paai returned home WedhdWlfy. "morninA to Texan, He will stop on the. way in Kentucky to vluit his daUMliter and hi*c mother, who IH vialtlng thero fmm Pro- phetntown. Hurt U Ifolnsr well in Texas and consequently like* the Htati-. MUw, Ida BHgham wn« a Chleajjo I)a»«enKer WedncBday moroing for a short »to,y in tho city. s Mrs. H. E. JMiniiiKH, of Auhton, III.. Is In town the -guest of hor dnughfer, airw. Harold Stevens and huHbund. Mian Blanche Paneonicr W«H H pus- .wniiar to Clinton. Jowa. Tuesday nlirht where nlie will Kpehd -iwveral dnv» with her sister und husband, Mr. and Mm Lee Bevler. Oeorge H,- Bfydia still contlnueH to receive new /furniture fur his blllurd and pool hail and by. this time bus It flxed up in «ood «hape. I* red Btewart, who recently left pro. phPt«town-lor the town of Ohio HI .has returnad to J'mphetstoyvn and wHJ probably op»>n up ajmin in town In the cobleru bUMinens. Mr. Stewart' mid the tfft'Kr.f ' n ...°W° woul " ««» warrant in the r M*-li>._w\fo»«tfttitly..OH «uard UK kldn#y Tins kidneW do their- tiltuoHt to free tho blood of Thin Irritating acid, but become weak from the overwork; they Bet ulnjigiHli; tho! ellmhia'tlvo-.-thjgties 'the blood to polMon the entire t-ystem. when Vour kldneyn ache' nnd feel llko I urn * >s of lead, .and you have Ing pains lu ihc..-bu-ck—or-tho cloudy, full of sediment, or the bladder Is irritable, obliging you to relief during thw nlgiitt whwi you novero lieailuclH'N, nervonn and dUzy spells. wlccjili'KsneMs, acid «tOmach or rheumatism In bad weather, get from your pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take it tableopoonful in a Blass pf water b<;foro* droakfUKt each moriiinj? and in a few day* your kidneys will act line. This famous «alt» 1« mndo from the ncld'-of srapea and l#mon Juice, combined with Jithla, and ha« been u»»«l for Kcm-rntloiiH to flush and «timuiato clogged kldney«, to neutralize the ncicls In urine so it i« no longer a nourc« of irritiitlon, thus einling urinary and bladder disorders, .lad Salj.H is Ine.xpeiiMivct and cannot injure; makcN a delightful efforvcacent Mr. .'iniT Mm Willard Humphrev, of MaiTiHnn. accompanlfil by Mr. and'Mrn Sam Thoinax and M!KH C'lura Tllorne motored to th<- Mnrloti Thomn.s* home Sunday, whero- they .spent the aft.-r- luinii. . ' an e *! Wcslker has 'returned f»»rn xtended visit with his paront.s.ut wwiwi t H, 1). — _ ™ __ • (Ithia-wuter drink, and nobody can make a mistake by taking u little* occasionally to keejt tho Kidneys clean and active. ERIE NEWS ? imvt> J»pitlu»r fiilvuuctni (!u« |m«'(», det'reasoii the size of nor loHvSt'iuHl thu tjuulity of tlris gplonclid bnrlu ftHuf. :,_! it- foiiiiiins tho full iiuUiwHit <»f thoso stuixiy nuJiuJiwg jlu'ir invaltiuble uiiuoral ulouients, so for umintuH^iU't* of strong bodies,; steady nerves <;aimbte brains. ^ • . j^*— a liousehold word * for Hourly a si-ore of \ears— (Jrapo Nut»s easily t»lantU >/ftt iljo bead of all prepared cereals fiir dc*liuiuu,< and re'wifotwyr — -^ JBverj table should hjve its . daily ration pf Grape-Nutg Sold by Grocers ovt'rySvher*?. ' of Harvey -v», Kricbel. Report of CQJM- filed and apijroved. Decree • * -. v«. eallhumilier, Motion by defendant for rule Incomplalmint to telve security fer custu. Motion con- tliiwed. \ PtillUpi) VM. I'liUUpa. Motion by corn* plalmmt for the allowance of uolicitor't* tew and temporary alimony. Motion heard and complainant It* allowed tu month and I3G solioitor'H feey. - , VM, J)ul«ongr, llcarlitjf and vs. llullo,wwi!jl. All defend* anta not annweriug called and default- cd. H. M. McCalmout appointed KUard- lan ad litom for minor defendant, —Scott y*. - Weoth - H*arinK-iU)d - decree. . Walrath v». Seliwab, Cauno heard, Judgmwit In attachment ln-~f«vor >of 'plUliuiff and HBHiiiMt iU'f»'iui«)>l for $151.25. Kpeoiul execution orderttl -for jaale «»f property attaciitd. Lwivuiui _r s"a. Voxel. - 1'laintin* has loavo to {Hi; un additional or amwjili'it count. }J«f(>ndant u^ciiptii umundin^nt to declai'tlon rtlwl, l j lea of awneral i»- hemtofopo 1H«>U IH ordortMl. to stand tu" UIM iinunnltnl <im j t«i'Hiion. v«. T«han.' Motion by liiatntiit for li^uve tu am<<nd dvrlartiun und al,l(iwi'Ct Amoiulincnt' m.ulc v-MOBRISOJTBRIEFS CHAUTAUQUA ASSOCIATION. The Kri«» Chautauqtii AHsoi'iiulun. whfcli was organised at the clone of tl»> *-a*H»u met recently and elected the following officera; President-- George Potter. Vice ITpsideut—Frank tfchalble, , 8ew«t«ry— K P. Tlmraeiman. Treiiaurer— .fwhn Pace. The lumnciaiion is Jn »rond ^ Jni-n <if Krfi'. havisiif i-UKaui'il lif, the IIgrocery fur mi>i<- thairiifiwn I >«U-H. and his fric-nds ri'uri't hin d«*ci- Ijistoii tu rctiru. «• - and Mpcnt Tuesday ' in ]>eorin, whopping. A. :J.,nnd K, \V. Hullenbcck received .carjt..ut frcdera from th<« i«iin«aH i Ity market l.iwt week. "^ Mr«. M. C. 8tlt;u-i and daURhter, .Ma- 1»««1, welt- vlsltlnjf old friends ut t'lin- iim, la., Saturday and Sunday of last SAVE YOUR HAIR! 25 CENT BOTTLE STOPS DANDRUFF EVERY BIT OF DANDRUFF APPEARS AND HAIR STOPS COMING OUT, Try this! Your h»ir appears glossy, Abundant, wavy and beautiful. "" Tliiij, brittle, colorless and scraggy fciir IH mnto evidence of a nej;Irctc4 Mcalp; tif dandruff—that awful »curf. Tluro lu nothinK so destructive to ilio hah- as dandruff. It robs tl^e hnlr -'M V A Hull,- l»r,nderin« tlnio—will surely of who friondK in J-iie-rliiiK at'pr.-H- flit, the Kuest of Air. nnd Mrs-. J. it Stltzt'l. Joiin.KrhmiU and I'liillijw Hn»H. Khlp* pod tteveraj earn fat wh^t-p to iho Chl- capsro rnarkt't AVwl n«>«da >\ Mrn Oliver Shwi. of Chicajj . the t?ue«t. of her has Mrs. II' ' . . . A. OrtgUwen and family the past wi«i-k' ; rMr ', utul - >'r«. Jan. Miller entertained Mr«. Conrad, of Clinton, Iowa rfcent- • IjoKular .rmeptln'ir «.f tlio Nelson K«»X c ai Circlt) will ho held at W,e home of of BASKET BALL GAME, Miff KrJe iriglt Hduwtl nnrt MorriMiu" amH will play basket bull l-'ridav ev- liiR in UiA Assembly hall of the ICrie •school bnildliiK. An admlKMloti fee will be cluirgcd ut thi> door. free from debt and tn working ordi-r for next season. 80UO GROCERY STORE. CI, A. Hvmlmis has scild hi* tri-orcr*. bu»iH6K« to AHwt Miller, who will conduct It in th<» ranui building tnkln« next -month. Mr. Mwodcrus c HOPKINS NEWS Mrs. I'harh-K Hlll}»r,. of Clydt-, rtluriH-d fnmi a recent viwit with rola- tivos in Mi»xi*uri and luw.t, Mr. and ,Mr«. Wulti-r lialrjinplo JIM- rcjuiciiiK »i\«'r_ tlw 'jirHvtil 'of u ninx Htir piiunil liaby buy. which fume to their htiinu early Haturduv le people iveed cear compexons H you find yourself "left uu, " because uf A jKHit^skin, and want wt-nl t*« t'lin- tou Thuixdiix for »* few ilu.\s' vinit ai tln> hojii*'' Jjf JiJrs. Jlutlh- liulw. Mr«i. Hairy J-"l.Hh«r wt*«t to Kl<«rlinj; ThureUuy jtur-o. ahort visit with fru-aUs. Miact Mubi-l Mhriner urrivvd from ^Chicago Thiirwlay lor a vUu at UK- l»m»t« of JVlri*. Hjty HfyuolUti. Jr. ' riJ. Kd. Hu»h went irt'i* v »i|t«>u'Tlnui»- fur -or viHrt- 'Vfti \t ~ rv 1« t h-t-a. - .s'.'U'. ('ii.jjit' uiul Aiia.s H.iunt fJH-itdh'Sn t'linu.n TJUH.-.- s.. of t> Thursday vis-itirsK t Ni'irifch \\n\l tf **,*>, a', leas' tinccty* day \vas>lt_lh('f'- vujjliiy wiih ,i(w«inu, crt-juuj 1 l.tiin-r <•{ », then rinse thc'f.tce witli plrnt, \>\ told H,IUL._. ' •-" -< Uut uficu take many d,tv>. care wuti lui t .ii t ift-itiy pure UiC \vhd s Airs. I). Arkmnun, of Malvorn. will in UK*, lu-ur t'HturV for Kit,aanUn«u», uhert* she will apfnd tiip ivin- ut ilu« )mnu> >if her -MHI, Air, ami Mrs. Donald McKav. -MiHH-AtHe llalMf-r l.-fl " U'eilm'.sday »'\VIUIIK l"»r J}uti«-l>n. Minn., wlu-re »hi' will tn;ikt> hi'i- ttonii' with H'iu«ivt'.-i ilu- '•(•nun.*; year. Alllf's' l'n.'H(t« h«'i.* H-- Ki'i't In **»«• hc'r Irnvi', |,ni k v*. is-h I'oi IK»I siH'fc.sK in Hi'i ucv\ Inniih', All?.;-, )iiick,«|,tand. <if Cliutuii, ;-|n-iit Saturday iiujt .Muailuv with Mi» | <t 'h- « aid. Mi.-,.-, t'lua Thoipc. uf A!«iui'i. Jnw.u- who .sjn'iit .st-v«.ial w,>i kt, vit-itnit; .u the U'iliar.l Htini|>ltH'.v Imuu' in Mor- lt.^»li, \Vfllt ti. rlHl'U^u Moiul.IV III SJl,-)i,| ll'WK'U Vllll IVij !!'.<>!, .4111! tllfJld.s K<f ROBBERS VISITED POLO Home of Sam ' Brenner Robbed Clothes and Silverware. It ivu.i dUmvered last Sunday murn- n« tliiit Ham Brenner's honu». of i>U>, uul la-en I'iKvred by robbers or tweak thl«»ves. Mk.Jirmijec.wa8 preparing i" KU to church,.and upon KOIIIK to a I'in.set for |»ii! suit, he discovered that it was nut-,- Uu«iy=. It WH« -wt <lr«i thouKht tliiit U jfiad 1-evn-m.iRlaid, but a Hr-arrh 'of Iho house it wa.« found" that two suits 4 of clothiiiK be- li'iiKiuK to Mr. Ilrenner,'and one-hulf down silver knives and forks were missiiiK. It was thouKht at llrwt that some of Mrs. JJretmer's clothes had nl»io been taken, but these were later found in another closet. Mr- nnd Mrs. JUrennor had -been a way 'from their reHjilence. most of the time for the past two wnokn and um cjot.MinK and ullverwaru wore not of its lustre, lt« BtwnKth and Its very life; eventually producing a feverishness mid ItchlnK of the scalp, •which If not remedied causes the 'hair roots to shrink, loosen nnd- die—then the hair falls out fast, tonight—now--=ai)y suvo your hair, <!<'t a 25-ci-nt bottlit of Kiiowlton'H Daifderitie from any druri store or toilet counter, and after the Ilrst. appllcntion your hair wl.ll ti^ko on that life, lustre' and luxuriance which Is «o beautiful. It will become* wavy and fluffy .and have the appearance of abundance, an Incomparable gloss and softness;, but what will please you most will be after Just a few Week's' iisc, whyi you will actually see. a lot of line, downy hair new hair—(trowing attover the scalp. Is to the nalnrhat~fr< > s'Ii— of. rain nnd sunshine un> vo«ftauon. It K<>e« rlKhl to tho n.i,,,., inviKoratPH ami HirciiKtlu'iiH them. Itn 'xhltaratlntr and llfe-prodiu-Jns proper'. il«-M «'nu«o tint hair to grow IUIIK, slroitft ailtl beutitifiil. tnh..Ni<! t.nlil Hnnibiy nutrniii!;.. Tiu-v h.ivi- un! an jet din<'<<v««r(Kl any uih,'V \<>*x. lm< it in |Hi*xilfl> thm W) fh«« uiher vulnaliloM may huvu bcwi tukcit. Thc« houh»« VVH.S rnit-rvil KuiMeUmi? during tli>' tw» W<>IU<K timt the lireiuu'rs Wfi'c uvvay from homo, iln(^ Ih»-r4* >\m no .-lues UH t,, w|,,,- uj,? ijj^vta y*;,whfii they entered the house. to Mora tight Needed, •Lecturer , (In small town) — "Of course you nil know what HJU Jnslila of n corpusrlo is'like?" ( Met'tlug (InU'i-i-tipUng)—"Most of u» {Jo, but yo botior t'xpiiiln it for of iliLMu an linvo never tiilts."—Puck. Metropolis Mothers flake They Find "External" Applications Better Than Internal Medicines For Colds — Particularly For Children's Colds. . ta»t, winter, When Vick'a V«p-O-Rub was. beinp introduced In Illinois, druggists throughout the state pre sented complimentary jar* to a selected number of their customers, on be resulta reported. Reports 1t$m Me tropolis are given below. itii 'Henry d>. Humtua, of i '•olSs.'la'st winter presentod Mrs. Laura 'n- Uttrrett aud Mrs. Heater Mitchuli i. v i it i with trial jars of Uu> Southern treat- mem fur cold iruublvsi-" Vap-O-Kitb lly Kind j'tu'inisisiou. we give Uu-ir u> U' thaii uuo way. For colds U- can not lu 1 1'iit J used u ier 'i._,!u'» HI f. lu>:iil void-! and wijrfiit, ' #wrw Uirya wijrfiit,v :; » • / for them all, It Ifl easy to apply anil* better than iatin-jial mealclnos."* . . Mr». Mitchell reports: "I Vlck's Vap-O-Uub to be U»e best remedy for croup I have ever used. When % warm flannel cloth, and it gave the best of tcsults."- VaprO-Rub comee in salve form and when api'lk'd over the throat «')<! chest for cold trouble* the body heat u> least's th« ingredlenta lu the I'oiw oi vapors, Ttiejse vapors, »iuU»Ujd with. each breuth all iiljBht lon^, loosen tha l>hlcgm -anti -ojieu the air, lu aihiitlou. •X'a{»t7-TStub is Tj,rD«3rh---;ioif "y.tmnilures'"rhi' iti« the \aijois inhaled to rcii< ThiK iK'tictraMvii *iou» aitii a'iuu for i a» burns, i;ni.,<'iil4r btuitva. I

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