Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia on June 11, 1870 · 3
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Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia · 3

Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1870
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Republican County Convention. At a meeting of ihe Republican. of Jefferson County, held .1 the CourtHouse of said County: on the 4th day " Ju". 1870. SAMUEL KIOENOUU; wan called io the Chair, and James W. Gbiuk. whs appointed Secretary. The object ol the meeting hating boen , stated by the Chair, vit : to rppoint delegates to attend a Republican Convention, io he helJ at Parkersburg, on the 22nd instant, lor the purpoie of nominating , State officers. On motion, it was resolved. thai a committee ol five be appointed by the Chair, for the purpose of ?electing delegates to the above named Convention.and by a subsequent motion, said committee was enlarged by the appointment of five colored men. In conformity with the above resolution the following named gentlemen were appointed, to wit : Chas. U. 1 raynot, I. Tho*. Chapline. J. V. Underdonk, Geo. Koonce, N C. Urackelt, Thomas Johneon, Daniel llardtn, George Green, and J. W. Broon>?ick. It was fuither resolved, that the delegates eppointed bv the above mentioned committee, be authorned to represent the County, in the nomination ol a Congressional Candidate, for the 2nd Congressional Dietrict, -whenever a Convention shall be held foi that purpose. I he Committee having retired selected a:ul reported the following persons, as delegates io the ivate Convention : liolivar Township. ? Daniel Ames, Woi. Clemmer, Harrison Robinson, Jas. W. Grubb, Wo. It. Chambers, George Koonce, N. C. Brackett, and Hrzekiah Roderick. Grunt Township ? Samuel Ridenour, Allied Wilson, Thomaa Dotson, Henry llouke, Edward Grimes, Allied O' Bann on. Averill Township ? John F. Smith, Ssmuel Roman, Harrison Edwards, Thomas M Shaull, Jeremiah Peterson, Ja*. W. Bioomsick, and 11. M. Bushey, Chapline Township ? Thomas Licklider. Ehud Turner, John E. Schley, Geo. W. Cha*e, W . G. Butler, C. H. T/aynor, Wm. R Turner, Jairett BowOfiin, and V\ dson Bunkins. Shepherd Township ? C. E. Stubhs, J. V. Underdonk, M. T. Indies. John Metz, Wm, Johnson. Daniel Harden, I. T. Chapline, and John L). Staley The report of ihe Committee was then unanimously approved. On motion, it was resolved, that a new Executive Committee, for the County, he appointed, al->o, that a Committee ot five (one from each township) be appointed by the Chair, for the purpose of selecting persons to constitute said Committee, whereupon the Chair appointed the following : Bolivar, Wm. 11. Chambers ; Grant. Allred Wilson ; Averill. II. M. Bushey ; Shepherd, J. V. Under* donk ; Chapline, Ehud Turner. Said Committee reported ihe following Dimes: Thomas M Shaull, Henry Houke, INC. Brackett, W. S. P. Higgons, and J. V. Underdonk. The report of the committee was then unanimously approved* li further resolved, that the Executive Committee he increased by the addition of one from ea<-h township. The following named gentlemen wer? then nominated and said nominations ?ere confirmed, constituting the resi de of the County Executive Committee, %iz: J W. Broomsick, Alfred O'Bannon. Thomas Johnson, Ause McCann, and Daniel Harden. It was fur her resolved, that the proceedings of this meeiing, be published in the Shepherislown H(?isler Bad the Berkeley L uion. On motion, the meeting tSen adjourned. SAMUEL RIDENOUR, Pres'i. James W. Gmbb. Secretary. Tlie following is a li-t of effl- ers of Bethesda Royal Arch Chapter, No. 10, of Smitl field, in this County, elected on ihe evening of the 7th instant : M. B., ALEX. M EVANS? H. P. GEO. W. NELSON ? K. W. L. HER RIM* I'ON S. JOS. L- MING II IN I ? C. ol II. II. M. BILLINGS? P. S. J. WM. ROBE R I S? R A C. T. W. KE\RN?? 3d M. ol V. J. G. UNSELD? 2nd M. of V. il. W. Mcl.NTIKE? 1st M. of V. 8 L MlNGlllNl? I'. JOHN F. SMI I'll ? S. J. G. MYERS? C. GEO. MUIU'HY? G. For the last lew years the propiielora ol the celebrated Plantation B. iters have been experimenting in the growing <> Calisya Bark on the Island of Jamaica, and have found, from actual tests, and by no means a mean experiment, that t.ns valuable bark can be grown with success only upon mountains from 1 .51 0 to 2.000 feet high. Tin re the forest- a.e often bedewed Willi the early mist, and fhis tree arrives at its lull perfection. Ow ing to the largely increasing deinan 1 for ihe bark required for the manufacture o? outnine, and ?l#o for Ihe use in the preparaiion of Plantation Hitters, the; procuring of it has been a souioe of great anxiety tc the proprietor*, and seeing, atin y did, that the S ?uth American supply would soon gt?e out. took the above taily precaution to fully supply l',c ( - inand, and. assisted and encouraged as they ate by the English government, at Jamaica, we have not the least doubt hut tiny will succeed. l\-r a cheap, dcliciou-, end healthful table de?crt, there is nothing half so good as Blanc Mange Pudding, Custards, &c., . made from Sea Moss IaBINE. iy it an<! convince yourself Jllj* For sale by Henry M- Billing"* SLepherdstown. iHarriagcs. On the 7th inst., in the Episcopal church, by the llev. Mr. Hanson, Mr. Benjamin 'fabler to Miss Mary Han kin, of Lltrkeley county. At the M. E. Church, in Martinsburg, on the 31st ull.. by Kn?. S. V. Leech, Mr. John W. A/cMakin, of llanapihire county, VV. Va.t to Mine Mary V. Mitchell, of Berkeley county. On the 1st inst., at Trinity Church, i Washington city, by He*. Tho?. (?. Addison, Captain Thomas It Johnson and Marcellina S. Gullaher, both of that city. Ill AGELEY'S Grain Crad'es' with '? VValJron's English Scythe, for sale j ky Mc Curdy Duke, j'Jne 'I Ctmlesio *n. i No one can appreciate the value of reliable (Jaiden Seeds better tlnn those who have bt* ?n once disappointed. The j country in ft >oded with worthless trash, and too much care c.tnnoi be exercised in selecting your teed*. If jou have noi yet found a good brand, we invite you to try those grown by liobert Buist, the^ are sold at liilling's Drug Store, and are warranted fresh and genuine. A single trial will convince every one, that thev are the roost reliable (iarden Seeds in the market. feb 5 ? tl Koskoo.? This medicinc is rapidly gaining ? the continence of the people, ami the numeious testimonials of its virtues, given by practitioners of medicine, leaves no doubt that it | is a safe and reliable remedy for impurity of THE BI.OOD, ! IVER DISEASE, SiC. The last Mti'ical Junrtnl contains an article from I'rof. It. S. Newton, M 1)., President of the K. Medical College , city of New York, that speaks til high terms of its curativc properties, and gives a special recommendation of Koskoo : to the practitioners of medicinc. ThU is, we ; believe, the first instance where such medicines ; have been officially endorsed by the Faculty of } any of the medical colleges, and reflects gieat credit upon the skill of Dr. Lawrence, its com- 1 pounder, and also puts "Koskoo" in the van of all other medicines of the present day. ? .Vor- | fv Ik Journal, Dtc 11, 18G9. The Living; Machine. Injure the main spring of a watch and every ! portion of the works becomes disordered. The human stomach is to the human system whkt that elastic piece of metal is to a chronometer. It influences ihc action of the other organs, and controls, to a certain extent, the whole living machine. The comparison may be carlied further; for as the weakne?s or other imperfections of the main spring is indicated on the face of the time -piece, so also is the weakness or other disorder of the stomach betrayed ?y the face of the invalid. The complexion is sallow or faded, the eyes are deficient in lustie and intelligence, and there is a wont, anxious expression in the whole countenance which tell as plainly as written words could do, that the great nourishing organ whose oflire it is to , miniiter to the w ants of the body, and to sus, tain and renew all its parts, is not penorming its duty. It requires renovating and regulating and to accomplish this end llostetter's Stomach Bitters may be truly said to be the one ' thing needful. The broken main spring of a watch may be replaced by a new one, but the stomach can only be repaired and strengthen- ; ed, and this is one of the objects of the famous vegetable restorative which for eighteen years has been waging a successful contest with dyspepsia in all climates. As a specific for in- 1 digestion it stands alone. When the resources . of the pharmacopoeia have been exhausted, without, at best, doing more than mitigating the complaint, a course of this wholesome and palatable, yet powerful, stomachic effects a perfect and permanent cure. In all cases of ' dyspepsia the liver is more or less disordered, and upon this important pland, as well as upon the stomach and bowels, the Bitters act with singular distil etne-s, regulating and reinvigorating every secretive and assimilating organ on which bouily and mental health depend. NOTICE. THOSE indebted lo the late firm of Knott & Pendleton sre hereby re quested to aiake immediate payment to Mr. Lloyd Licklider who hus the pupers and accounts in hi* possession for setdement, by ho doing tho parties indebted will confer a favor upon rue. SAMUEL M. KNOTT. June 1 1 . t870. 3t HARVEST SUPPLIES! A jX OTHER ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS! 'b re^ The undersigned has jusl ceiveda large and extensile supply 01 SIMM Kit GOODS of every description, suitable for everybody. A large STOCK OF GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES, also fn hand. Tall and examine stock and prices. Ternii Cash or Country Producc. DAVID BILLMYER. June II, 1870. tf SELLIBG OFF At Cost ! rnilE subscriber having on hand at his Old _L Stand, next door to Billings' Ding Store, a LARGE STOCK OF TIN AND SHEET Hi OS 11' A HE, and will supply tho community and Farmers lor llay Making and Harvest at the very lowest prices for ("ash or Produce as he is determined to sell CHEAPER THAN EVER, lie ha^ a No. 1 woikman and is prepared to make everything in hi* line that the community may want at the shortest notice, ana will do all kinds of mending promptly, ile will pay particular attention to TIN ROOFING AND SPOUTING. lie has on hand at all times a good supply of SPOUTING of the best material which he will put up for 12 1-2 cents per loot, and put on Jin Hoofing for $12 per square. lie has also r n hand the old llagi rstown Cook Stove, iniprovt d, from to $3j, and all kinds of Mealing Stove* down as low as jjG. OLD CASTING taken in trade and lh? highest price given, or Cash will also he paid for Casting, lie has also trie CUCUMBER PUMP for sale, the very best and cheapest now in use. iLj-' Call and see anil you will be sure to buy. Thankful for past favors he hopes a continuance of the public patronage will be granted him, and he will try to please all. lie will sell the whole Fstablishment to ' any person u ho wishes to buy for a less sum ! than they can start a new establishment. A. A. COOK. Shephcrdslown, Juue 11, lb?:>. tf VALLEY CHIEF ! Self-Raking Reaper AND M O W C R ! IS bu'lt expressly to take tip lodged Grain and Grass. i his the only Two wheeled Reaper thai the driver, u i bout stopping the team, can cause it to rut ilnre inches beneath ti e surface or fifteen inches above it. it is the lightest, has less machinery, anj is the only Ueap r the Cutting Bar adapts itself to unequal surface*, independent of the main carriage. The grain table being supported on castor ?fie?ls, it can be turned as easy as 8 spring wagon. The plan of its construction allows it to pa-s over longher land than any other in the United States. Extra pieces and whole machines olways on hand. It is offered on trial with any other Machine in the world ? the farmer to use both and keep the one he likes best. All .Machines warranted lo give satisfaction. Lastly, finally anil conclusively ? ve guarantee the Machine in every particular, and sell it CUE A PER than any other Machine in the County. We mean ail we sav* JOHN T. BILLMYER. Agent, Shepherdstown, W. Vs. June 11. 1870. 3w 1 00 l^OZEN Fruit Cans of our own J_UU manufacture, with Patent Tops, lor sale in lots to suit purchasers. A liberal discount tllowed to merchants. Ale Curdy <$? Duke, jjne 11 Cltarlestown. Posts and Kails FOR SALE. I OFFER for sale at low pricM, 10.000 CUES' I SUT HAILS, alsotfhrai. nut find Locust POSTS, lo be delivered on Hank of Canal at the Manganese Mines, opposite Virginia Ore Bank. Ap. pl> to E. P. BAKER, Harper's Ferry, Or to John Howard, Foreman, a? Manganese Miner. Juno 1 1 , 1870. 3w j ~~ Mc"CORllGE'S "" Advance ! ! Prize MOWER ! ! 11 E L 1 A li L E ! ! ! ONE OR TWO WHEELED, Single and Double-Barred, S\ow ov L^asV Motion, COMBINED <$? SEPARATE*^ Harvesters. RADICAL IMPROVEMENTS FOR 187ft, Insuring Simply-Constructed, Light- Draft, Accurate-Raking, Grain-Cleaning, Kapid-Kunning and Clean-Cult iug .Machines. Offered on Trial with any Other. OF these Mabhines have been sold in Jefferson County the [>a9t three seasons. We keep a full stock of Extra Castings for every machine we sell, so that Farmers purchasing McCormick's will avoid the delay and extra expense of sending to a distance for them. We are prepared to offer farmers the Best Terms. To insure prompt delivery, orders should be sent in early. McCIJRDY & DUKE, Agents for Jefferson County. Charlestowd, June 11, 1671). 4t Public Sale. rpHE undersigned will fell at Public L Sale, ai the residence o| Joseph Melvin, near Unionvi'le, On Tuesday, *2 1st of June, inst., the following pirsonal property to wit: Three Hogs, Also Beds, Bedsteads and Bedding, Bursitis, Tables, Chairs, Stoves, Carpeting, Looking Glasses, Stand*-, Glassware, Euthen w are, Buckets, Tubs, Pots, and many other articles. TERMS ? The hogs will be sold for Cash, on the balance a credit of Three I Months will be given on all sum'' of ?5 1 and upwards, the purchasers giving notes and approved security ; sums under $5 cash. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. ELIZABETH J. BANK. (I. I) McGlmcy, Auctioneer. | Juno 11,1 870. 2?v h 7.t A KM ERS in want of Castings, <fcc., A to repair Raspers and other Machines should send their nrdfr-1 early to Mc Curdy 4* Duke, jnno I 1 CharleBtown. H()VV to rook Potatoes, Apple?, Ejjgs and FUli four hundred different ways. This information can be had bound in sulF covrs st 50 cts ; paper cover at HO cts, by eallmj/ at june 1 1 J. aiick's Book Store, ??MOW to Amuse an Evening Patty." 11 Jn<t what you want to make time pass pleasandv, nicely bound, price 50 ; cis, at Lauck's Hook Store. I1VERY Farmer and business nwi i should have Brisbane's Golden Reckoner, il saves a world o! trouble in making calculations, price 50 cts, at june 1 1 Lauck's Hook Store. 4,OUSlE," by the celebrated Brick O Pomeroy, bound in cloth, price $1 25 ft?r s .It; at Pauck's Book Store. 1 I, TOR SA I.E.- Five celebrated Clipper ; Buggy Horse Bakes, at less than lor; mer prices, by ,/. S. Mtlvin. j^OB SALE ? One p^ir No. 1 Fair- J . banks' Platlorm Scales, and one White's Patent Self- l.ock ing Money i Drawer, by J. Melvin. \?IOR SALE ? Vcnitian and Bag CarX pet, Matting and Oil Cloth, by ./. ?S' Mel v in. 1.TOR SALE. ? Mackercl and Herring ; Bjcon and Lard, by J. S. Mtlvm. 3ft OR BENT? A Dwelling House which A. will be completed in about two weeks hy ,/. S AJelvin. &IOR RENT ? A Sadler Shop, posses- J A sion given immediately. J. S. Mclvin. Elk Branch, May 28 tf WALDRON'S Grain & Gran Scythes, Snathes, Whet Siones, Rifles, and | Bakes, for sale by Mc Curdy <$" Duke, june 4 Charlestown. Merchants and others win find a large stock of harvest Tinware, at Mc Curdy <$? Duke's, june 4 Chatlestown. AN additional supply of Builders Hardware just received and for sale by Mc Curdy <$? Duke, june 4 Charlestown. HORSE Jlay Fork*, for s?l? by Mc Curdy ?$? Duke, jone 4 Charlestown. , GO <o Oak Hall for a Cheap suit of Clothes. If you don't believe it call ! in and examine prices. june 4 Lloyd Licklider. WRITING Sand 10 cts per paper, at spril 16 Lauck's Book Store. ! New ^bwcrtif-nncnts. FANNING'S PATENT kid Finns . SKELETON J CORSET.! This Corset is constructed on an entirety new principle, brine open. and thereby allow, ing the Ireest circulation possible, besides giv- 1 i ing perfect ease and comfort to ibe wearer, and at the same time possessing ail the advantages of the common Cursels in giving support to the body. S For Health, (trace and Comfort, they ur^ onrivalled in th* market. They are particularly , recommended for summer wear, and warm cli- ' ! mate-, although equally well adapted to all reasons of the year. They are highly recommend d by medical and scientific men. For sale by all Gmt-class dealers. For circulars t prices, etc., address the WORCESTER SKIRT (JO., Worcester, Mais. ( ESTABLISHED 1830. ) WELCH Sc. GRIFFITHS, SAW'S ! AXES ! SAHS! SAWS of all dese iptions Axes, Uniting' and Mill Furnishings. Circular Saws wilh Solid Teeth, or with Patent Adjustable Points, superior tj a 1 Inher ed Teeth Saws. Prices Peduccd. Send lor Puce List and Circulars. WELCH Ac GRIFFITHS, Hi stun, Mass., or Detroit, Mich. PATENTS. Inventors who wish to take out Letters Pal* ent are advised to counsel with MWNN ?k Co. , editors of the "Scientific American," who have prosecuted cla- ins before tho Patent Ollice for over Tw nty Year*. 'I'heir American nnd Eurojfan Patent Agency is tbe most extensive in the world. Charges less than any other relia- ? I blc agency. A pamphlet containing lull in dtruc'.ions to invenUirs is ient gratis. MLNN | & CO , 37 Park Riw, New York. A MODEL HOUSE" Being a cripple, I h ive made h< use planning n special study . One built last season has ! proved a model of couve ience beauty, and . iconomy. Descriptive circulars of Plans, Views, etc., with general information of value to all, sent free. Address (with stamp or script ? il coin enieiit.) (?UO. J. COLBY, Arcbitec , | j Waterbury, Vermont. SALESMEN WANTED in a piying bust. j O il ess. S. Klmmkut, 4 13 Che?iriut Street, j Philadelphia. r'r-HS I i I'M \ N M \CHINE.? New Hook. JL Free for Stamp. Tarrant &sCo.,N. York. Kidder's PastHles. A sure relief lor Asthma. Price 10 cents, I bv mail. SI'OWELL <St Co , Cbarlestown, Mass. "* J> K 1 1 ) IJ and Bridegroom ? Essays t. r Young ] ) Men, tree, in pealed envelopes. HOW AKD 1 ! ASSOC I \110N, Boi P, Philadelphia, Pa. MOUSTACHES forced to grow in six week*. Recipe >.ent f>r SO cent-*. Address II. Richards, llox 39?C,New V> ik, P O. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. All women know that it is beauty, rather lhan genius, wtich all generations of men have wot shipped in tho sex. Can it ho wondered at, then, that so much of woman's time und attention should be directed to the means ol developing and preservog that beauiy ! V\ omen know, too, that wh n men spei k of the intellect of women, they speak critically , tamely, coolly; but when they come to speak ol the ch irms of a beautiful women, their language and their eyes kindle with an enthusiasm which shows them to be profoundly, if not, indeed, ridiculously in earnest. It is part of the natural sugncity ol women ta perceive all this, und therefore employ every allowable art to become the goddess ol that udoralioii. Preach to the contrary, as we may, against ihe arts employed by women for enhancing tt.cir beautv, there ?Mill stands the eternal tact, that the world does not preler the si ciety of an ugly woman of genius to that ol a ?>eauty of less inte'lcctual acquitments. Tho woild has yet allowed no hiulier mission to " omen than to le beautiful, and it would seem that the lad cs of the present age are carrying thin idea ol" the world to greater extremes than ner, for all women now to whom naturihas denied the talismai ic power of beauty, supply Ihe deficiency by the use ot a most delightlul toilet article, known as the ?Bloom of You ih," which has been lately in rodu?ed into th s country by George W . Laird, a delicate beautiful, which smooths out all indentations, furrows, scars removing tan, freckles, and decolorations .rorn the skin, leaving the complexion char, bril.iant, and beautiful, the skin soft and smooth. Willi the assistance ot this new American trick of a Lady 's toilet, female beau y is destined to play a larger patt in the admiration of men ard the a nbition of worn' n than all the arts employed bincc her creation. Prof. C. F. Chandler, Chemist to the Metropoli an Hoard of Health, has recently prepared a che .iicat analysis of this delightful toilet preparation, and reported that tho "Bloom of Youth" was harmless, containing nothing injurious to ihe health. Ladies need have no fear of usu.g this invaluable toilet ncqui.-ilion. Hold by every druggist and fan- y goods dealer in the United States. Depot, 5 (JuLl Street, Sew York. TREMENDOUS EXCITEMENT! BALTIMORE MOVED ! Il*S I" received ti e largest assortment of Dry Goods, fancy Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Sc , \c , ever exhibited in this County. Opening of New, Choice arid Desirable Dress Goods, such as Lenos, Figured Brilliants, Marseilles, Detains, Lawns, Mozanbiques, Alpacas, Poplins, iic., at prices that det'y competition. DOMESTICS.? 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 and 10-4 Bleach and Brown Sheeting, very cheap. 10,000 yards ol Calico at 7, 8, 9, 1 0 arid i2 cents Cing- | hams, Tickings, Hickory, and many other Do- J mestics, cheaper than ever before. Special attention is called to my well selected stock of Casnneres, Hats, Boots and Shoes. I have on hand a fine stock of White Goods, such as Marseilles Cwi,$ Barred Muslins, ? Cambrics, Nansooks, Slc. .Mr stoc? of Fancy Goods is complete in every respect. My stock of GROCERIES are unsurpassed and 1 tike pleasure in announcing to the Farming Population that now is the time to prepare for Harvesting, and 1 have completely outdone the doer in trying to accommodate them in everything required on such occasions. ; Come, sec, and look at my pi ices and goods. I A pleasure to show goods. Terms ? Cash and Country Produce. W'M. A. CHAPLIN E. 1 June 4, 1870. tf , TTTATEK Coolers, Refrigerators and IT Wire IJjbketa, for Bale by McCurdy Duke, j?;ne 4 Charleetown, I The Great Medical ftMnnrr/l Dr WAiiKEivs calif o .:::i.v VINEGAR BITTEI S: |.? jj Hundreds of TlionsnnSs 1 * Bear teslii..ony t-> lb r ?<> ' t ;! * |j2 Curative i:j.vU WHAT ATIZ t;:zv? r ! c ? a ?? ? - ? g ? TIIEY ARE NOT A VILE ""if FANCY O R ! fS K , f ; Made of Poor Rum. Whiskey. Proof Spirit*. and Refuse JLiquors, ..urn. u*i, and sweetened to D.easeliie tast>\ ca'led ??Tomes'* " Appetrwew, " ?? Kwiwri," ft - , th it 1-a t tho tippler on to drunk ?nn.a* a:?dm?n, buCaveatruo M^lieine, mala tr^m tl.o N.itii} Hoot* and Itert? of Caliliinji i, freo from all Alcoholia 8timulants. Th?-yar-< i ???GHFATBr.OOD PURIFIER ?n 1 LLFB GIVING PRINCIPLE, a pcrfect an 1 Inventor ot th" Bvst^ra, carrying off nil pv*nr.otiA matter, and restoring tbo liood to a healthy con iition. No |'"f?uii ?n tako these li.u- n, accvidir,; to i>irpetirra*, and remain lo:i(? unwell. $ 1 00 will bo (riven for an incurable ease, pro\idtn* the bones are n<>t destroyed by mineral poisons or other mean*, r.nd t'.o villi o:0'aiLS wasted bevnnd the point of repair. For and Cbronio Rheumatism, and Gout. Dyspepsia, or IndiKC<tion. Bilious, Remittent, and Intermittent Fovors, Dis-Jftsesof tho Blood, Liver. Kidneys, and Bladder, th r Bittors have been most Bncee-?tul. 8uch Diseases are causcd by Vitiated Blood, ? hi- h in (t'-nT illy rr<)JiieeJ by derau-jeiueut of tbo Digestive Organs. 'i'uey invigorate the etomsrh.anl otim'ila'o the torpi 1 liver and bowel*, which fi lr them of u'H??|u.'ilI?d etfic ?<*y in c!i*an<inz tin li'.oolof a'.l impurities, an I imparting no-.r life and vigor to 'he whole system. )")yspepsid or IndiRestion, TTeaJ.icbe, V.iin in the HimuhW*, Coughs Tuhtne** of tlie t'liest, Dizziness, Smr Stomach, Taste la th.- Mouth, Pi.lio'ia Atta-k*, 1' dpit ition of tl.e Heart, Copious Di'ifiarires of Urine, Pain in th>> regionsof the KMneys, nn I a huu In 1 other piinful symptoms which are th ? oilsprin m of Dyspepsia, ?io i-up 1 !?>" th"?o T'ltti r i. I'ieanso the ? ! ? I w'u ?ncv.Ty.v.j find lt< inpDritlM burst in : throu -h tbo skin 1 1 IVnples, Eruptions, or .Sirv; cii'ansolt, vWnitH foul, and yourfeelituM will tell yon when. K <*t? the blood pure und the health of the system will follow. TIN*, TArR, and other WOHMS, b rUlntr in the system of so many thousands, are etfoetually destroyed an I removed. For full directions, read carefully the circular ?round each bottle, print.*! in four language*? English, Oermwn, Ficncli, and Sjuini>li. J. AVAI.ICKIt.32 A <t Comm'TPC Ktrect, N. Y. propi i ?..r. It. H. M. noNAI.I) & ?.<>., Druggists and Ouneral Atrentj^ Sun Fr:?n>-i-rn, California, and 32 C>>m> nifi-e Mr ""t, N. A'. ks-poi.ij by all rr.raoisTd and UE.1LKK8. For sale by II. M. nilline?,Shpp^rdetnnn. June 4 ? Gm FOR SALE ! The "Morgan Spring" FARM, containing about 1 (> 0 A c v e s , located within one m;le of Shepheid;town, i he ('ouni\ Spal of JetTerion. For partirnl trs address W. A. MORfiAN, Sbepherdstown, Jefferson County, \Ve?i Virginia. May 21, 1870. tf SHOO FLY! SHOO FLY! jr ^ As "8II00 I I. V" is the order of ? ^ the tiay, I have determined to make a slight addition to it, and have therefore made a l;i rge addition to my stock of BOOTS i? t??l SHOES, ami 1 desire to make SliUO'S FLY i bv at'llicg tin in at the .'uwest figures for j CJSII. Full stock of all kinds of Goods for Ladies, Gents and Children. Call and get a supply for your family, and llien you may say ''Shoo Fly, i don't bodder mea J.S. FLEMING. May 7, 1H7U. tf VALUABLE Jefferson County FA KM ? F OK 8 A L K . ' /7TI1 E subscriber intending to rfmrvc A South, ofl"ert< lu? fd t in ni-nr Shepherdstown, t'ie County -Seat of J < lF? r?on county, W. Va , fur s-ile. I" l? i - far-o Ins 'inc i mile North of Shepher !s? t >w n, on the Potomac rivrr, and contains ab >at 330 A eves, i . and is very susceptible ol iliwi-imi, a* there arp two comfort ible Jjll KI.LlSCt HO USE v. ?nd all necessary Outbuild ings on different portions of the farm, W illi each plenty of v?attr and sufficient Timber for all necessary purpose-1. The : farm will he mid entire or divided to suit purchasers I'here is an abundance of good Fruit o'i the plnce, ?nd annul 5 A r res of young thrifty Chestnut suitable for rails. The land is of good qudity of Limestone anil very productn#, 'i'herp are also about FIFT J ?1CUKS of tir;-l qusliiy of Uivpr Hott >m belonging to the tra'-t, and by recent explorations a! undance ?if good Iron Ore has been discovered on the land making it well worthy the attention of capitalists. Persons desirous of purchasing are requested io call on the subscriber on the premises, who w ill t ike pleasure in showing 1 1. e fame 1 and from whom ti.e terms can bp known. IV A! OKN DOUFF. N. B. ? Should the above described Land not be sold privately before the 25 III OF JUN E, next. it will on that I day be off' red at Public Sale, in front of the Court House in Sh?pher Istown, at 2 o'clock, when the terms will bp made know n. W. O. April 9. !R70. 12-v It J BEING much annoyed by persons tre*passing upon my premises by hunting. throwing down fences, rutting trees, &c., I hereby notify all persons not to hunt, ride through or olherw^e trespass on my I am determined to put a slop to it and will prosecute all peieons so offending. may 28 JOHN E SCHLEY. AMMSTMTOR'S" NOTICE. THE undesigned having administer! upon the Estate of JOHN F. BANE, dtcea?ed, hereby teque?l all persons indebted to the e?tste to m*ke payment to me immediately, and those persons having claims against the esute w:ll present them properlv authenticated for sett'ement. ' WM. M. SNYDER. Administrator. May 28. 1870. 4w OUR S oclc of Dry Goods is very complete. and wre are constantly receiving new Goods. Call and examine before purchasing, for we are offering bargains. Richard 4* ff'elshant. ! . F. GANNON, WuWAev n\u\ liiimWr \)ea\er, harpers FEB u V. t TTF.Kl'S coastantiy oo IjsmI ill kinds of Lumj JV ber such as Sa*h, Poors, Blind*, Iraroes, Mouldings, Or s??d Flooring and Wcalberboarding; Cypress, Vine Oak Shingles, Shingling Faths and Fencing, Plas'.eriug Laths, Hair, Lime awl Cement, Brick and all other Building Material, always on hand. Bill Timber furti-hed at the shortest n< tice and lowest | Caih prices. All persons in netd of anything in the above li^e will consult their own interest by g'Vihg me a'c'.Ul before purchasing elsewhere. (TvnJoUs al?avs un haud. .Motto, "Uuick sales and s-inall profit^." i F. GANNON, Harper's Kerry, W. \ a. | April 2."?, 1870. . ! ? Nf ?f ">e ^pealiwdOhkSilro^^ ! THE CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILROAD 1 Is completed arid running from Richmond, V*. to the celebrated White Sitriu n Springs in West Va? "JOT mile?. It is being rapidly e\tended to the Ohio River, 2>)<j miles fuither, i making in all 427. In its progress Westward, it penetrates :.nd opeps np to market (lie Vo?.D?.aFc i. Coal Deposits or me Kanawha Km ion in \\ est \ iri.ixiA. A lid thus brings the superior and abundant Coal* of that section into communication with the Ik m Ores of Virginia and Ohio, and the Western, Soi'TH Westerjj avo Kisiern MARKETS, Whun completed it ? ill connect the scrrnca HARBOR FACILITIES Ol TllE ClIESAPA ASt Mat witii reliable natiffttiorf oti tbe Ohio Hiver, and thus w ith the entire -istem of Railroad and Water transportation oi tiik gri ai West ASP Sct*THWE?T. It will make a shout. easy, cur.Ar am> i a\ or tin f. RffTF. from t lie West to the sea. and w ill conimai.d a large share of the enormoci frughts sot-king transportation to the coa?t. It will thus become one of the most important, ano profitable East and Wt>r I iicnk Lines ii Kaii roads hi the country, and comluaitd a trade of immense value. i The completed portion of the Koad is doing a PROFITABLE AND INCREASING BlSINESS, and is lully tipial i.i value to the whole amount of the mortgage upon tho entire line ? (f 15,000,j UUiK The loan of the Chesapeake and Ohio Hailroad Company, being a First Mortgage i ron THE ENTIRE LlNE, PROPERTY AND F.<U IPMENTS, mouth when completed at lea-t jpU, 000,000, is therefore one of the most substantial, cons, rvativc, end reliable Railroad l.oans ever offered in the market, and is peculiarly adapted ? to the wants of Investors and Capitalists, Who de-ire to make their investments ? it h the most s jiislartory assurance of tokitive and i nDOl'BTED SeCIRITT The lionds are in donomiiial ions of $1000, $.300 anil $100, and in) be had COL'l'ON or RE(ilSTEREl). Interest Six per cent, per annum, payable I MAY 1st and NOVEMBER 1st. Principal and Interest payable in GOLD in the City ot New York. l'rice 90 and accrued interest in Currency, , at which price they pay nearly Seven per cent, in gold on their co*t. Ail government Bonds and other Securities dealt in at the Stock Usdtaugc, received in e*i change, at their full market value, and Bonds sent to all parti of the country, free of Hxpre?s ! charges. They can be obtained by ordering direct fiom us or through any responsible Hank or Banker in any part of the country. FISX & HATCH, n.iXKictts. , Maps, Tampli'tts aud I ill information fnrn? ibhid nji-.n application in pei bull 01 by uiait. May 7, 1670. lOw MhWLi r LITTLE FARM FOR SALE. [will oflvr at Private J^ile, my House and Lot situate in Jefferson County, Wfji V?.. adj ming the Istids of Snyder fttid Link, i of a mile north of Duffield'a Depot, Baltimore and Ohio Xa Irond, and within a few hundied yard* of the contemplated Shcn?nd<>ah Valley Ka'lrond. This Lot containi :><) ACHES of first rate Limestone Land, wt-ll improved; the improvements coh?isi of a first-raie Two-Story Brick House, with Wing attached, art extra Cellar un? der the main Building, a large Cistern with pon>p? complete ai the dcor, under ruof of Ming Building ; also a never failing Well of Water wnh pum;* complete. The Out buildings consist of good Stabling. sufficient for six hors??s, an elegant . Corn House with Wagon Shed, Carriage (louse and Hen House all under fame ? roof ; good Snoke House, Wood House, Hake Oven and House, all under good roof. Also a Young Orchard of the choicest of Fruit, now in full bearing, from which I picked 75 bushels of winter apples last Fall. 'I heie is alio Mtuated on the main road, on said Lot, a f rstrate Blacksmith Shop, large enough for both Blacksmithing and W heel-wngl.ting. This properly is considered one of the ben locations to the County for any kind of Mechanic, more particular a good Blacksmith. Persona desiring aoch property will apply to the undersigned near IJufFi> Id's Depot, who ?ill tike pleasure in ?how- i ing the same. ' EDWARD S. Kl'SE. April 23. 1870. tf I SAY NEIGHBOR, TELL me Where I can get the cheapest School Book', Slates, Fens, Pencils, Ac. i lam happy to be able to answer such a question if jou want the best and cheapest Books, St?iK>a> ery, .Notions of ail kinds, Fancy Good-, Toys, Wail Paper, Window Shades, both linen and paper; Blank Books, Copy Books, States, Pens, Ink and Pencil*, or anjuung in that line, go to LALCK'S BOOK STOKE, and I know U?at after you are supplied you will return your grateful thanks for asking me such a question. April 23, 1670. tf i I ??ql'.ll.ITAS A'OiV <iV.1STl.1ST." DH. LAWRENCE'S Highly ConcentraUd Fluid Extract of K o s k o ? ! THE GKEAT HEALTH RESTORER ! , * ? .Vo Quack Medicine ? Formula ,'lrtmnd the Mottle. PR I TARED SOLELY RT Dr. J. J. Lawrence, Organic Chemist. NORFOLK, V A . , * __ ' ?.v K O S K o o ; Strikes ?t the rorftof Dl-e*i*c by rurif) injj tho Blood. re?torlr>>: the l.iver ?hd Kidneys to a ileal by V' tmn, and mvi^ontirg th? Neifotis Sy?Um. This it tie of lt? *(>N DISHFUL SUCin CL'ltINU Scrofula, JSyjihillis, Dyspepsia, I.ircr (\ ::>f taint, Utxtm e Hheamatism, Neuralgia, Nerwus J, Agcetun.*, Kiuptionsof the Skin, Hutuor*, 1.0** of Vijjor, Disease* of Kidueysaiid llladder, and all 1'iMras-es cuti>cd b) a B.ll) STATE OF THE BLOOD . Or a l>i?e:i<eJ Condition of Uio LIVER, KIDNEYS, NKRVOlS SYSTEM, \c. It thoroughly ERADICATES every kiu.l ot Humor and Had Taint, and restores the ?itlire system to a healthy condition. rtioutaixli have been^ed by the u?e of this Medicine from weak, sickly, M.(1rr.n< creatures, to itfoug, liculitiy ai<d hupp}' <uri> and women. No Medicine his attained ?u<*b n GRIAT REP I" r.\ HON as this ju,t!) ('U.K1IKA1 M> ! Compound. Jjijiroved by the Highttl Medical Authority. K O S K o o ! Endorsed and recommended by the President ol the Facalty of the K. Medical College ol the City of Naw Vork. 1'roskssor R. NKWTOX, M. I)., Professor and President of the Faculty, lata "Profe**or Theory and Practice" of Medicine, Cincinnati, &e. One of the moM eminent medical men of this age? wtll known ??? the author uf the follow imM %np*ho mrdi al works' Nation's "I'mc ti< e of Medicine^' "I>i?? u?ii of Children.', | "Newion"- Mirgery,** \c , in I), ecru Iter number ot American Medical Review ? P-ige 'Jiii, ?uys '"Among the more recent efforts to intra - i dli<"i' ( opularly, suine of the new remedies nn notice i new piepaiatKn compounded by J. J. I , I w ie ! cr, M. I>., Ol Not folk. \ ?.. tttlM'h i, furnished to tho profexsinn ai>d Ihe public in auy de-ned quantity. VW tecenlly examined hi> Laboratory , audi licatne fully tailzied that all his work is done hi the hot maimer, hy the OHKt approved proce?!?i-?, and from Ihe t? ?t umtw i.iN. giving as a ie?ult a tncoiciiie Mt:t v ? inu tl.u conti.lence ol the 1'hysicians und (ho ' Public.** Koskoo Cures 9? ior?il.i in it* Wont Fm in*. l'r? m \ W. Mm ?, a prominent and well know n merchant Of Norfolk, Vi. No. II Main *f,, Norfolk, \ .1 , Sept l.'i Dr. Laurence - |>? ?r Sir: ? Your Koskoo bat worked wonders in mv family. M*Mau(h ler lii?' been a suHVirvr from 8croful.t sine* childhood. Shu toil thirty one pieces of MMus Irom her ankle, several from her urn, having uIccm in ???veral pari* of the hmlr, W hi thi> cuinliiion ?Im' commenced taking , )our Kookoo? il acted like a charm on hi-r; under il> use the uh'cis ,;i.uluilly 'iralrd, and lirr ^('iieral hi*ailh pruali) improved. Jl<ruIn Itily ^Dvi il her much Ituffei 'iig, kiid |M'iliu|>? her life. I regard K>i.?kuo a specific l>?r all sctofuloUS affi clioiis. ^ our K<i>k<M>?|t(i ruird my wife of dypepsis, from which she inflated icrea'ly. She 11 now in better h< rlih than sbo litis hero in five yea.**. With I ho highest re gtsrds( I am gratefully JOOta, Jic., A. W. MILLS. Koskoo is endowed h y ihe be?l pb| nciana every u here. Head tlie follow in? front Mr. I illery , a sucrt ssful practitioner of many year* 1 standing In the Old North State: Kocky Mount, Kdgecombe t'o., Sept. in, lhi.9 .? Dr. J. J. Lawrence ? De*i Sir:? I have u*ed your Concentrated fluid Kt tract of koskoo in m> pmetfce with tl>e happiest re. 1 ?UlU, I find it to lie a powerful Livei Invigoritor, I Wood i'urilier, and Nervous Tome. In all diseases of the l.iver, Nrrolulou* S y | h 1 1 1 1 10 and Nei vous AUtciioiiK, il is a remtdy of im. neiiMi vtluc; hi fact, in alm<>*t evi.ry vanity <>| t In oiiic Di*e->>< m it* uve is indicated. Hoping you may meet with the success * hu*h you de, serve as a manufacturer of reliable iii'diciM*, I am sir, w 1 1 it much reaped, your obtdieul ? -errant, It C J I I.f.f.K V, M. I>. Koskno Cute* I'liroulo . ltlieiiUMtl?isi. Nonroi.K, Va., Sept. 7, Inh'.l Dr J. J. La wreoeo? Dear Nir: My son has I received *0 much bmefit from jour wonderful Koskoo that I cat. not retrain Irom esprevsing my gratitude- 1 had tncd almo*l eveiylbing without hrm fit. | believe, in all siucerit) ,11* a t your Konkoo 11 ao infallible remedy lor the disease from winch he baa suffered, and so fjr a*- I can learn, hat never filled. If you only knew the immense amount of * uflurmjc 'hat ho I has undergone, then you could conceive the the value of Mich a remedy as Ko-Loo ? that surely cures. The great amount of g >od it is no# doing among us is inestimable. With ' tnuch gratitude, I arn, respectfully yours, &e., Mm M. K A. NLLrtON. Head the following from Mr. Womhle, t pron-incut Hardware Meichaul of this city: No. 13 Market Square, Norfolk, Va., October 13, lbG9. ? Dr. I.awrenct ? Dear Hir: To t'ie large number of testimonials which you offer of the great efficacy of your Ko-koo, I take pleasure in adding my own. 1 suffered greatly with Nervous Debility, Headache, Los* of Appetite, &.c. Two bottle* of Ko*koo restored me to health. Yourv truly, J. G. WOMBLE. From Upv. W. If. O.ristiar, Pastor Dmwid' die Street Methodist Church: Portsmouth. Vs., October 25, IMJ9. ? Thi* is to certify that I know Dr. Law rence well. Ilo is a gentleman of cultivation, ard worthy of the fulleit confi lence. I have u*ed his Ko?koo with advantage to myself, and have vdopsed its use in my family in cases of nervous debility aod deprtasiou.' W. !J. CHRISTIAN. t PHOM DU I.LOVD, A PHYSICIAN OP LAUGE PRACTICE. Great Bridge. Va., October H, I J J. Lawrence, M D. ? Dear Sir. ? I cheerfully endor-e your Koskoo as being a mo?t valuable preparation. I'pon elimination of the for* mule, I find each ingredieot highly extoile'd by our best and most progressive clinical investigators. I have levied 1U effects 10 my own practice, a ud have no hesitation in recommcod' ir.g it. In my opinion, it is the best compound by far all the various compounds of sarMpariL la. fc.c., ever invented. It is a decided Nerve : Tome, arid Invigorator of the animal forces, aid 1 r.g digest ion and assimilation, and thereby pr'sduciog healthy blood, wbich should be thn ' b'isis of treatment 10 all chrontc diseases. ' Hoping you m ill re.ip the reward you deterve from the public a* s benefictor, I am sir, yours j truly, CUABLES LLOYD, II. D. Afl?-r reidin^ the hi^h reommet ?Ijtion, In?a1:d? rar.nol rea*oi..ti?!y U-itht? t? gi*e (he KOSKO0 a trial. FOIt J DDI'/ IONA/, TESTIMONIALS J'r-'fii Plijiician, Eminent Ditirvti, I>ru/<i?t?, Merchant*, &c.,?ee KjOSKOO AT. liANAC for this year. Price One Dollar Per Bottle. For tale by tha Principal Drugs i?l? in tha United States, tod British A met tet. (fr For sale by II. M. BILLINGS, Druggist, Shepherdstown. April 2, 1870. If

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