Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia on July 4, 1857 · 2
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Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia · 2

Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1857
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SATURDAY JULY 4, 1857.! Independence Day. To-day, the 4th of July, 1857, is tlie 81st Anniversary of the birth-day of A- 1 merican Independence. On the 4ih of July, 1770, the greatest event, but one, j recorded in the world's history, took j ^lace, and we cannot recur to it without! our heart being filled from its deepest recesses to its utmost and overflowing capacity, with the greatest emotions of gratitude and grateful acknowledgements, and why should not every American man ifest the deepest desiic to see this Anni-j versary pay its annual visits, to adinouish us that another Anniversary of pur Independence Day has arrived. Eighty-one years ago, the Fathers of the Republic, in council, assembled, after due deliberation, made the wise decision that the American "colonies were, and of right ought to be, free and independent State?." On that day our country embraced within its limits thirteen States, extending along the sca-coast and the vast domain of the W est where the controlling power in the country is settling itself, was then an unexplored wildderness. The contrast is indeed most favorable to the iudoinita1 le energj of the American nation, and affords a striking argument as to the better adaptation t<> a Republican form ol government, lo the promotion of a people's improvement, to all that constitutes their greatness and glory. The irain of thought into which the mind of the American is most naturally led, upon the recurrence of this National S.ibbath, carries him back to its origin, and the condition of our country then, as contrasted with its present high position, among the nations of the earth. I he present high character we enjoy among the nations of the earth, the great degree, of eminence we have attained in all the arts and refinement? of civilized lilc, in ; all the elements which consiitute a nation j great, pronounce the experiment of the capacity of man for its 'self-government, successful beyond all dispute. As descendents of such noble ancestors, and as heirs of such a dearly purchased legacy, it becomes us, in memory of their many virtues, to observe the 4ihj of July, a day which they have rendered immortal by their action, and around which cluster so many sacred associa-, lions, as a National Sabbath, on which ; day, all, of whatever party or sect, should; lay aside his parttzan prejudices and sec* ( tanan views, and unite in celebrating the day on which our Independence was de- j clared. May the recurrence of anothd 4th ol July find us still in our career ol glory and prosperity, the various Slates of our Confederacy still in the bonds of Union, and the discordant elements which have endangered, and still endangers, our existance as a Nation, scatter in the winds. Accident. Whilst Mr. Georoe Beckham, of Harper's Ferry, and Mr. B. B. Washington, of Winchester, were proceeding from this place, on Wednesday evening, the 1st inst., in a two-horse vehicle, and when about one mile beyond lvrrneysville, one of ike wheels came ofl", frightening the horses and ran down an embankment, throwing out the inmates and severely fracturing 3n arm ot Mr. Beckham. Mr. Washington was dragged several hundred yards before he became disentangled Irom the vehicle, and miraculously without sustaining any injury. The vehicle was demolished. They returned to this place when Mr. B. had his wound satisfactorily treated. This was certainly a remarkable escape from serious if not fatal injury- injury- juryWager House. Mr J. P. A. Entler has become proprietor of the Old U. S. Hotel, Harper s Ferry, situated on the Baltimore & Ohio Kail Road, and having renovated the whole concern, it may well be classed as one of the best eating houses on the road, as e\idenced by the universal expression of the passengers on the cars. Much prejudice has heretofore existed against the Hotel, but from the improvements made in the whole interior ol ihe house, together with the indefatigable exertions of the host and his assistants, the "Wager House" will gain a reputation equal to any of the best Rati Road Eating Honnes. Mr. Entler gives his entire attention to ilie wants and comforts of his guests. Passenger? from Baltimore, the Baltimore an?l P?okei>buig railroad, now Itsai h ?>t. houfs in *4^ hums1. New Rail Road Arrangements. | The completion and recent opening of the Parkersburg, Marietta and Cincinnati, and the Ohio and Mississippi roads to St. Louis, connecting with various other rail- 1 ways throughout the Western country, liave rendered it necessary for tbe^ manaijers of the Baltimore and Ohio Compa-: ny to issue a new and more perfect ? diedU e* r I i e Expiess Train now leaves Baltimore daily at 5 o'clock and 5 minutes, l\ M., arriving at Harper's Ferry at 8 o - clock and 25 minutes, where time is gtv-| en for supper. The Accommodation Train West leaves Baltimore at 7 o'clock in the morning, passing llarper s Ferij j at 1 1 o'clock and 10 minutes. The Mail Train leaves Baltimore at Si o'clock in the morning, arriving; at Harper's terry at 12 o'clock and 38 minutes. The Mail Train from the West leave? Wheeling in the morning at halt past 8 o'clock, passing Harpe.'s Ferry same night 22 minutes after 11 o clock. The Express Train from the West leaves Wheeling at 50 minutes alter 3 o'clock 'in the afternoon and passes llarpei s Ferry next morning at 5 o'clock. The Accommodation I rain Irom Cumberland leaves at 9 ??Vock in the morning, . arriving at Harper's Fe'hy at 17 minutes after 1 o'cloc k, P. M., allowing 15 mm- J utes for Passengers to dine. These changes took t fit cl on the 1 5th of June. Sale of a Faun. We understand that Mr. George C. Emert disposed of his fartn, at private sale, a few days ago, lying about two | miles west of this place, containing 250 jcres, improved, to Mr. William McL^c ilk in , for $75 per acre. Editorial E?e\ it ies. The President has re-appointed An-j Irew J. Panuell, to be Surveyor of the Justoms at \N heeling, \ a. John Raudolph^Tucker, Esq., the latev elected Attorney General, qualified on he 13th nit., and has entered on the discharge of his duties. ; A hail storm occurred in Buchanan , ounty, Missouti, on Saturday last, de- ( troy ing the crops, killing the cattle in the , ields, and injuring several men. One, tegro u as killed. The hailstones are rep- , esented as having been as large as goose 'ggs. ]' A hurricane on Saturday blew down, hirty-three buildings at Pana, 111. 0ne| ?I ihi was killed and seven persons badly , wounded. Upwards of *70,000 m prop- 1 ?rty was destroyed. On the 17th alt., the village of Ithaca,! N Y . was visited by a terrible ?ausin^ all the streams to overflow, and ; wee ping off houses, mills, barns, etc. Gen. John DeBarth Walbach, the old- 1 est officer in the United States aimy, died at his residence in Baltimore on Wednesday night, in the 93d year of his age. Col. Ii. M. Nimmo, of Richmond, has been appointed by Governor Wise as general agent of the Virginia Penitentiary. The Corn crops along the Rappahannock River between Fredericksburg and i Port Royal are in a flourishing state and give promise of a luxuriant yield. Liquor license to sell spirituous Liquors, was granted by the County Court, ol Jefferson, on the 1 5th ult., to several merchants of the County. A Large Depositor. ? One of the "solid men of Boston,'* has no less than, $450,000 on deposit, without interest, in three of the banks of that city. He is a depositor worth having. ! Mas Killed. ? A man named Thomas iConway was killed at Welling Tunnel on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on Mon? 1 day evening by the falling of a large rock. Ik* waS a laborer and an Irishman. On Wednesday morning, William Franklin, a brakesman upon one of the tonnage trains running to Martinsburg, accidentally fell from the train ;>t Plane N.?. 4, on t'te Baltimoie and Ohio Hailroad, and was instantly killed, the wtiole train passing over hiin. He w*s a young man and unmarried, and resided in Baltimore, where his remains were taken. The Postmaster General has appointed i Mrs. Eliza Beard, postmaster at Boonsboro\Md.,to till the vacancy occasioned by (he decease of her husband, Michael Beard, Sr. i Appointment by the Governor.? Nathaniel M. Brady, to be a Notary Public, to reside at Williamsport, Md. Fair. ? The ladies of the Presbyterian Congregation, Charlestown, Va., the Free Press states, realized by a Fair, a few weeks ago, six hundred dollars, above and beyond all expenses, the object to pay a church debt. i The Abington Virginian states that there is a man by the name of Jesse, living in Kussell county, Ya., who is now 1 15 years old. It is said that on the dav he was 100 vears old he made 100 rails. Awful Calamity. ? The steamer Montreal wa? burned near Quebec, on the 27th nit. Th**re were upwards of five bundled pessengers on board, chiefly Scotch emigrants, three hm dred of whom were burnt and drowned. The Champlain Valley Agricultural Society, (Vermont) offers a premium of a , beaiitilul silk d'ess ? the color and quality to I e optional w ith the fair recipient ? to the maker of the best loaf of Bread ? the competi'oi* to be unmarried ladies, and tlie committee of judues to consist of , bach*4ur? and wiitowers. For the Register. Examination of Mr. John S. Pierce s School. Mr. Editor.? The sixth scholastic year and twelfth session of this Institute has( just closed, and its termination has con(erred additional honors upon those which the Principal has won in preceding years. As a Southern establishment of instruc- J tion, we point to it with pride, as a suitable place ? having all the essential facilities for the intellectual training of our fair Southern girls, and chivalrous sons oi the soil. On Thursday the 25th nit., the examination commenced and was taken up entirely in examining the pupils in the various studies, among which we perceive some new studies introduced by Mr. Pierce, viz : Zoology, Geology, Physical Geography, Philology, and Constitution of the IT ni ted Stales, for the oldei scholars. We were not present then, but understand from one who was, that the achulars acquitted themselves honorably and the examination gave entire satisfaction to those present. On Friday we had the priviledge and; pleasure ol being "on hand," and it. alfords lis infinite pleasure to state that we were much pleased w ith the exercises ? it was a rich, rare treat that we enjoyed, and Relieve we echo the opinions ol all present when we say every one was highly^ gratified. The day was occupied exclusively wiih the reading of compositions and declamation. The compositions were on divers subjects, well written, and speaks abundantly for their authors. They weie all, ftitbout exception, good ; but there are a few that claim and deserve special notice. Foremost among them is one written by Mi^s Alice Lambright. Having no particular subject to treat upon her "Thoughts" ? the very best theme she could possible have chosen ? were beautifully and comprehensively portrayed. It was her first ellort, and the innocent, child-like style and diction was really charming, which, lake it all in all, was decidedly the best composition produced, and it was received wall great | applause and approbation. The next which pleased us much and tjave universal satisfaction, was Miss1 Cieme McEndrke's "Visit to remarkable places." Her tin me was treated in a sprightly w,iv, while she essayed* to elevate (he remarkable places ol our own jountrv with iho-e of classic Home. In J he choice of her subject she displayed commendable .Republican taste. It was eceived with marked applause. Miss Anna Parkan's "Natuie" was a jeauiiful essay, and nicely conceived. It; was tieatid with great care and skill, and somewhat poetical. She* displayed powers of fine imagination, and a talent for writitig. Her essay was rather lengthy, i but she will be readily excused, because i every one knows theie is an abundance j of lood for imagination, and a i tch fund of intellectual speculation in looking up from "Nature unto Nature's God." It was received with demonstiations of approval. There are others w hose compositions claim otir observance, but we must be excused lor want of time and space. x\lter the reading of the compositions, (which was done by Mr. Pierce, but ve think should have been done by the writer's themselves) the oratorical part ol the exercises by the boys, came off. This part of the exl ibiiion was ecrtainly, as much as the rest, a credit to the scholars and their teacher. It has never been our pleasure to li>ten to better declamations from persons so young. Especially gratifying were the speeches of A. R. Boteler, Jr., E. I. Lke, Jr., S. M. Hamtramck and C. T. Boteler. A better or more graceful dt livery than that of these young gentlemen, we never saw. Mr. Lee, Jr., displays much talent as a debator and speaker ; and A. K. Boteler, Jr., proves himself to be a worthy son ol a noble sire. Id the evening ilic Soiree or musical portion of ilie exercises came ofl* under ihe care and direction of Miss Boylan, Mr. P erceV learned and dccomplishtd assistant. This pait of ihe examination was magnificent and pleasing ? llie young | ladies having acquitted themselves nobly, winning ihe admiration and applause ol all present. The songs were exquisitely .sunn, and the music well executed. Bei ? /? ? t I ing peculiarly fond of music we feel constrained to particularize a little in thiq department of the Institution. It is not our intention to flatter, Mr. Editor, or to give prai>e where it is not meiited, and we feel confident that we speak the sentiments of every one of that audience when we say thai Miss Genie McEndrbk's voice and execution were exquisite and beautiful beyond expression. In "Robert Le Diable" and "Ernani Involaini," the tone and sweetness were, now, like the full echo of a deep toned bell, and then, like the gentle, plaintive note of a harp string. Whilst the pure, gushing melody filled the room, "not a sound was heard" but that of the sweet song bv the sweet-looking singer ; j even the little children present were charmed into silence. Miss McEndree sings with much taste, force and skill, evincing a thorough knowledge of the beautiful science of music, i here were no prizes awarded for excellence in this departmenu but if there had been we are sure Miss McE. would have received the highest premium, for truly she was the cantatrict of the evening. Miss Ellie Harper also sang some sweet songs in a very fascinating man-! ner. "Maggie by my side" was creditably sung, and received witn demonstrations of delight. Miss Harper sang with great precision and taste ; the tones ofher voice were as sweet and gentle as the breeze in early summer. ! Alits Mary Line warbled a melody as sweetly am! softly as to impress one with the idea that her voice was all made up of love tones. We speak of her "Native Land" son g, which was sung with feeling and spirit, and produced the most charming sensations. We admire Miss Line's style of singing very much ; and her songs were listened to with delight and received with demonstrations of plea- j sure. Miss M. Chaplain sang a sweet song with ease and unaffectedness ; and her ( performance appeared to give a vast deal of pleasure. There are others who merit our notice, but the lateness of the hour when we ar- ! rived at the gay and festive scene prevents us from speaking of them as we desire much to do. Every song and piece of music performed elicited the highest encomiums of praise and applause from an appreciative audience. Truly, M iss Boylan may feel a just pride in the proficiency of some of her pupils. An occasion of this kind is always fraught wiili interest to the community in which it is located ; and teachers, parents and pupils look to it with joy and anticipation ; and we can safely assert that Air. Pierce's last examination gave entire satisfaction to all concerned, which reflect immense credit upon him and his assistant. Mr. P. is not an old fogy that sticks to old rules and text books, but he keeps pace with the age and every new j discovery on science and teaming he seeks after and adopts in his school, so that his scholars may have the benefits of the latest discoveiy. A pnir of corporals and a file of soldiers from '.he Light-Infantry honored and adorned the occasion by their appearance in unifoim. REPORTER. Don't Give, the New Cent to the Baby. ? A line little girl, the daughter of James Cragies of the Seventh ward, 3wallowed one of the new cents on Monday, to the great dismay of the parents. Suitable temedies facilitated the passage of the i dirty little coin, which saw day-light just I fourteen hours afterwards. The same physician who put this eagle through has a child under his care in Williamsburg , who swallowed one of the new cents a- ; bout a week since. All emetics and purnatives have thus far proved useless. The] patient sutlers immensely from giddiness and nervous irritability. The new cent is a bad plaything for children. ? N. i ork Times. Decided against Governm<nt.? 'Y\w case of the United States against the City | Bank of Columbus, Ohio, involving the sum of $100,000, which it was claimed the bank sgreed to transmit from New York to New Orleans for Government, while Hon. Thomas Corwin was Secreta-i ry of the treasury, but which was alleged to have been used by the Columbus In- j surance Company, was tried in the United States Court at Cincinnati, last week, and resulted in a verdict in favor of the bank against the Government. This was the third trial of the case, the jurits on the two former trials having disagreed. East Pennsylvania Railroad. -Ground was broken on Thursday, the 18th ult., for the construction of the East Pennsylvania Railroad, about six miles east of Heading, from which place westward the I>ebanon Valley Kailroad ? which will be finished in about four months ? will give this toad connection with the Pennsylvania Central, the Northern Central ? which connects with the Sunbury and Erie Railroad and with Baltimore ? and with the Cumberland valley Kailroad, which it is proposed to connect with the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad at Martinsburg, Va. The Cumberland Coal and Iron Com-j pany recently purchased one hundred ca- 1 nal boats of the Erie Canal Company, in- 1 tended to be put on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, for the use of the Cumber-: land Coinp;tny in the transportation of coal io Alexandra. Forty-seven of these boats were brought around to Alexandria, when it was discovered that they were all too wide by three inches to pass the: lock-gates. Murderers Executed. ? St Lous, June 20. ? John Lapoint, for the murder of Robert Wheaton, Israel Shoultz for shooting John Inham, and Jacob Woesi in, for killing his wife, were executed in the jail yaid in thi9 city yesterday, and at Edwardsville, III., George W. Sharpe and John Johnson were hung for the murder of Barth. A Wholesale Business in Lost Babies. ? Sunday last being a warm and pleasant day the babies were all out sunning in New York, nearly 100 of them straved away from their mammas apron siring ana got lost. But all were oun and restored to their homes before night by the police and its telegraph, extending from station to station. Meeting.? The Virginia Republican savs that a very interesting meeting is going on in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Martinsburg, under the pastoral charge of Rev. John H. Landstreet. On Sabbath week, twenty persons connected themselves with the church on probation, and twelve received the ordinance of Babtism. The meeting is still in progress, and the altar is crowded nightly, \* ith seekers of religion, We see it is aUtcd in one of our up country exchange^Hlit there is a man in the county of Floyd. Va., who has two or three thousand bushels of Corn, and wont sell a bushel unless he can get two dollars and seventy four cents a bushel ! That man's chance for heaven is rather slim Fret Fight. ? The Irish and Germans, of New York, on Sunday, had no less than four riots amongst themselves. A l.irge number were badly wounded, some suppossd fatally.. Capt. McKenney, of the police, it is thought will die. HELMBOLD'S Genuine Preparation. HKLMBOLD'3 Genuine Preparation. HELMBOLl^S Genuine Preparation. HELMBOLD'S Genuine Preparation fs prepared according to Pharmacy and Chemistry, with the greatest accuracy and Chemical knowledge devoted to their combination. ELMBOLD's" G EXUIXE PREPARATION. For diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel, and Dropsy. DE.1D! RE~iD ! HE.1D .'?"Ye afflicted JU> read," the following Certificate of a cure of over 20 vears standing : //. T. HELMBOLD? Dear Sir.- I have been troubled with an affliction of the Bladder and Kidnejs for over iwenty years, i have tried Physicians in vain, and at last concluded to give your genuine Preparation a trial, as I ln>d : heard it highly spoken of. It afforded nie immediate relief. I have used three bottles, snd | 1 have obtained more relief from it? effects and feel much better than 1 iiave for twenty \eais , previous. I have *he greatest faith in its virtues and curative powers, and shall do all in my power to make it known to the afflicted. ! Hoping this may prove advantageous to you in assisting you to introduce the medicine. J, am truly yours, M. McCokmick. Lewislown, Pa., Jan. 28, 1 857Should any doubt .Mr. McCormick's statement, he refers to the following gentlemen : Hon. Wm. Biglcr, ex-Governor, Pennsylvania. Hon. Thos. B. Florence, Philadelphia. Hon. J. C. Knox, Judge, Tioga Co., Pa. Hon. J. S. black, Judue, Philadelphia. Hon. D. R. Porter, ex-Governor, Pennsylvania. Hon. Ellis Lewis, Judge, Philadelphia. Hon. R. C. Grier, Judge U.S. Court. Hon. G. W. Woodward, Judge, Philadelphia. Hon. W . A. Porter, City Solicitor, Pbilade'p'iiu. Hon. John Bigler, ex Governor. California. Hon. E. Bunks, Auditor General, Washington. And many other*, if necessary. Sec advertisement headed HelmbohV 8 Genuine Preparation , , in another column. <iiii ??t :S'. A', Jj ii t'ir JJ J J On ihe 23d ult., by Rev, (\ E. Ambler, Mr John .Wen and .Miss Sal lie A. ' Oilen , boiii of Mariinaburg. On the 18th ult., by Rev. Wmi, Kopp, 1 Mr. Geo, Sheig and Miss Elizabeth,1 Miller ail of Martinsburg. I On the 18th ult.. by K< v. L. F. Wil- 5 son, Mr. Martin I". Ke checker and Miss 1 Catharine Crop, all oi I ledge? ville. ? i t JT &JJi)?LiL JL Ji Iii this place, on thej?8th nit., of Scarlet Fever, fiillium Clinton , tun of Samuel I\ and Virginia II umricktiouse, ag< d 2 years 6 months and 24 days. Little Clintv was our darling, Pride of all our hearts at home, But an angel came and murmured, Softly murmured Ciiuty route. V. In this place, on Monday, June 22ud, Helen Jimelia CYwimw, daughter of Mrs. Ann Shugert, aged 9 years, 4 months and 21 days. "Thus quickly faded, that fair flovier, To you but briefly given ; She bloomed so sweetly hereon earth, Now sweeter blooms in heaven. She's gone where joy eternal reigns ' Around her Maker's throne, t Where death nor sorrow can invade ' The world's eternal home." In this place, on Sunday morning last. f 28ih ult., Mrs. Mary Entler . wife of i Mr. Joseph Entler, aged about 57 years. 1 Near this place, on Friday, 20th ult., , Mr. Samuel Show, aged about 05 ve?irs. J On the 22d ult., Mr. // i/liutn Can- ' tiingham, Jr., after a long and protracted illness, in the 59th year of his age, of Berkeley county. 1 2-ss SH E P HERDS T OW N. For the week ending July 4, 1857. Flour per bbl $7,50 8/>0 Wheat per bush. - - ? 0.00 0,00 Corn per bush. - 75 80 Baco.v .... 12} 15 Lard, 12: 14 Butter, 12 J 12] Eggs, - -- -- -- 10 10 BALTIMORE MARKET, piour. ? To-day we have small sales of Upward si. Hour at $7 37 a 7 50. W heal ? sales of while at 185 a 190 lo 195 cis. for fair, red at 175 a 182c. Corn ? sale.* of while al 88 a 89 cenis, yellow ai 84 a 86 cents. ? Clipper , 3rd instant. LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in the post office at Shepherdstown, for the quarter ending July 1 , 1857 : John Andrews, Wm. Brashears, Rolen Boweis* James Bowers, Valentine Bearmam, Martin Chiller, Edward Connor, Anthony ('amine ? 3, Esekeit T. Chambers, George W . Caton, James Dun, Samuel M. Dnott, Gotelip Endri?,Jolin Ever-1 son, Frederick Fingston, Roinrod Grow,, Abraham P. Hill, Miss Harriet J. Harbin, Careline Johnson, Wm. Jenkins? 3, Mrs. Mary Juts, Wm. Lillieisp, Col. Ko; bert Lucas, Mrs. Mary T). Moore, ('aptJohn March, Mr. B. Ming, Mrs. Elizabeth Myers, Richard Morrts or his heirs, jMrs. Dru^illa Rogers, Mi-s Mary Jane Rouzer, George Show, Samuel Stinger, ; Willis Sands, Martin Sensenflerfer, MistHellen L. Shell. James ('. Smyih, Sjisan Turner, John W ade, J??hn (). 1'e^r. July 4 WM. MOULDER, P. M. Virginia, Jefferson County, Set lu the Count) Court, June Term, 1857. ORDERED that an election of a Justice of the Peace be held in District No. 5, of this Couutv, on Saturday the 22ud 'day of August next, to fill the v canrv oc-l casioned by the removal <;f Landon C. Heskitt from the said District. A Copy ? Te?te : T. A. MOORE, Clerk. July 4, 1857, tf FRKSH DBUGS, MEDICINES, //till' oiider-igneu has just rcrojvpd a J supply of Fresh Drop? and Medicine?, among which ar^ Calomel, Corrosive Sublimate, Blue Mas*, Sub-nitrate of 13i*inuth,. Benzoic and Citric And, SnU phate, Citrate and Carbonate of Potash, Wood Napthra, Ch'oroforiii, Fowler's Solution of Arsenf\ ? r n ? f 1 [? r *'ifr "^"ia ic, Opium, I annin, Larn-\w^^^2tiw phnr, Arsenic, Bi Carbonate TrTrran of Soda, Iodide of iron, Smpliate or Cinchona, Glvcirin, Aqua Ainonia, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Hoffman's Anodyne, Sulphuric Ether, Extract of bark, Citrate of Iron, extract of Gentian, extract of Aconite, extract Anthemid, extract Cannatis Iiidicus, extract Jalap, extract Colocinth," &c., aUo Hrandv, Whiskey, &c., for medicinal purposes only. June.27 E. C. WILLIAMS. LlFE ILLUSTRATED IS A FlR$T-CLAS3 Pictorial Weekly Journal, devoted to Entertainment, Improvement, and Progress, designated to encourage a spirit of Hope, Manliness, Self- Reliance, and Activity; to illustrate life in all its phases. A hightoned Pictorial Weekly Paper, which ought to be read by every Family. Published at *2 a year, for half year, and to clubs of Four, three months for One Dollar. Try it. Address, FOWLER & WELLS, 308 Broadway, Nrw York. Tne Panama Star *avs: "I.ii k I (.lustra* rr:i> is one of the best papers published in t*? United States. We know ot no more instfuclive ai:d interesting publication tor family reading. Young and old, parents and children, high at d low, ric-ii and pour, will lind some tiling to ?uit litem in its columns. June 27, 1857. 32? 4t* SILYERSMlTfllJVG. rmi: undersigned avails himself of this L opporii niiy of tendering his sincere thanks to the citizens nf Sliepheidstown md vicinity for the very liberal share of patronage he has received during his re?idenee in their midst, and would also say hat he intends to remain "on hand" and ivo.i'd respectfully ask for a continuance jf a liberal share of public patronage. 11 o s always ready to repair ua rem: v, ci. a c ks. 1ElVFJ.ll Fof ever v des <PCi& ^ ?ripiion, B R A C E L E T S, SPECTA['LES, FANS, and anything and everyihing in l is line of business, in Ihe most ? ubsiantiol, neat and satisfactory manner, t*nd cheaper than can be done any where else, for Cash. B. HOOVER. Shepherdstown, June 27, 1857. 3t Men, Women, aA> Children, who read ufh illustrated, pronounces it tlie hesl Family Paper now published. $2 a yea;; ?1 for ?ball a year; and, "just to iry it," onl\ 25 cenis for three months. Inclose the amount, and direct to FOWLER & WELLS, rs'tw York". The Savannah Dkmochat sa)s : '? '*'? regard it as one of ihe very best weekly papers iu the world." Tlie Alabama I'.kacon sajs : "If here is one newspaper within our knowledge ivliich we c:in safrl) rccomuiehd to '.he general cader, it is -Life III v. trait d. It has served up >veeklyan amount o? reading mailer uhieh you seldom get for the pi ice, which is neither too ighl nor too sericus, hut is at oiicc logical, lit?raiy, and life-like ; pungent, practical, and irogrefcsive. enlivening, eloquent, and onnoJii *hort. it seems to be the object of J.'je ll.irtraUil to *ptc;d stirifbine, happiness, itid useful informiuion every where. 'fry it. June 21, lb57. 3*2 ? 4l# notice. 111IC 9lli Celebration of ihe "Heller Leltres Soc'ieiy of the College of St, Fame*, Mil.." will take place on Momlay, I uly Gill, ai 3 o'clock, 1*. M. The Pubic generally are iiiviied to attend. Fdmosd C. Lauoiilin, Jar vis IJ. Luttkkloii, Clifton O. Wharton, Com. ul Invitation. June 27, 1857. 21 Virginia, Jefferson County, Set : In the County Court, June Teim, lfe57. ORDERED, ili >it in making settlements of County Levies with the Sheriffs hereafter, no Delinquents will he received and allowed, except aa are of the year next preceding that in which lite settlement is made; and that this order be published. A Copy ? Teste, T. A. MOORE, Clerk. June 27. 1857. 3t Life Illustrated is an Khaakt qnorto of eight beautiful pages? ? triflo larger than the liluttrnitd London Newt ? a perfect model of excellence .in size, thape, and sentiment, and i?, altogether, one of the most sound and sensible of live papers. !Uen like it. woman like i\ girls like it, the old folks like it, young folks like it, the children like it, and the rest of the folks enn't keep Uartxe without LIFE ILLUSTRATED. No plantation should be without it. Only a year,fcl for half year, and ou Iriai 3 months for 25 cents. Address, FOWLER 6 WELLS, 3U8 Broadway, New Y??rk". Lire 1 l H'? r ki TtD i? marked by tnste and beauly, ar.d u e have no doubt it w ill be the best p:?p* r of the kind published in New York.? CokXLk Stove, Colimecs, Ga He cau commend u to ti-e patroiivge of our friends- It is filled with excellent reading, well arranged, "ith even tiling under an appropriate head ? Aibi i:y ( Gazette. June i;7, lai7. 32- 4t* Virginia, Jefferson County, Set Jn the County Court, June Term, 1857. ORDERED, that ail persons who have been returned Delinquents for tbeir Paxes, and who desire to prevent their names from being published as Delinquent* may do so by paying their taxes to the Sheriff before (lie next (July) Term of this Court, (next mouth.) ami that this order be published. A Copr ? Teste, T. A. MOORC, Clerk. Jnue 27, 1857. 3t

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