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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
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»ro *n<f put* te b*. _, V ~mm***i^ «JL «BK» JHL .juiiBm, «<f JML AND DAILY STANDARD thins* tr&fn they ire *ftd put* tb*?"- Ought te> b«. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 100, STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1916. PRICE TWO CENTSL FEELS CONCERN County Supt. Price Not Certain __ Of the Effect Of the Court Decision, Supreme Court Holds That High School Tuition Act Is Unconstitutional. concern H being rnfeftnSn' v r| J>y .local.School f»ffK"l»!« JIK Vde prof,rUilr ' effect of the recent declnlon bunded down by the Illinois tmpreme court. declaring the high schm>l tuition nit. ps(med by tlw legislature In l?ir>, un- ron*tltutlnnal. 1 rThn decisdin WHS rendered Ifi a cafe brought up from Verrollllon covinly, and. It \vj|| cntisp dome citmpllcatlon When the tuition of the stiidenta c<;m«'K t"/» rn? pHirt fiext »f>rinir. "\ do no< yet know the effect the decision wHj have." declare^ County Supt. Pi'lco'this morning. "I have been imylftff thn tuition otit of the contingent ,funrt in the past year. 1 have not rend over thn decision, but I nm *f»—hot** -rtHrt—Om-potirt fTw»*)*» It—«</> nwpcplng |hnt tho next legislature will b« ferce<l to pans an act definitely defining UIB matter when they meet again." It tnny be that th*> tuition of pupils will have to be paid by their pnrentw. !in<f they may result in a, docrcnw In j»tt*ndnncp In the county high schools. "II III not thought that money pnId for /Bullion of students now In techno) will b« affected bj? the decision. As tin* , ti«j{t payment will not be due until ««t spring, It la thought by educators In this city that the question may be nettled b^forfl that time, Tha act which wan held unconstitutional provided for the payment by county nupertntcndents out of the, state iichool fund for the 11111(05) of pupils — for whom no high wchnoi facilities are BIG INSTITUTE Teachers ^From Ail Parts Of .Northern. Illinois.Are: In _. Session At Dixon. State Supt, Of Pennsylvania, Tells Of the Work Accomplished In Schools, l>i\Hn was the Mr^-m for hunflreds iff teru-hf r« in northern Illinois yesterday and they jmnri-il into that city on i-very tiriiv nnd. from every direction, ii-ndy for r>f>f-i\i>iK of tho jvest Section of the Northern Illinois* Tf-nctn-rs' As^oclntlnn fnst ovenlrtg. The enrty niorninir trains bwuttht Intnc deleptitions from tlie ni-iirby towns ami vllln«{»'«i, ntid a» the day Wore tin the tenohers from more distant phtcps fommr'nrwf r<> nrrlvc. . Many m(?rr> are- expected to arrive on th«> early trnitis this mnrning, the llockford and 'Freeport Instructors T»f»- ing among this number. The teachers from thnt city come by a special train. whifh is expected to bring from three JUj-Xuiu-.Jiu«jltr!d ----- Ml. tulil Are You Doing Your Part? The advertising of focal merchants is responsible for most of the trade that comes to Sterling. Are you, Mr, Merchant, doing your part to bring this business to Sterling—and your store? Why not be one of the live ones—and advertise? will b«* here, throngc<l In their home township. Hupt Price >aId this morning thai la*t year ho paid to the yarlouw high of the county th« num of $7.- t>d that -nearly 2.« Tlin Incoming irt«t the hoteln nnd many commercial travelers who came In on Into nlgtit trains found that It wa* a c.i«r> of- doubling up If they wanted to i»|f>r»|i, th*» cnt»;iclfy nf tho focfil hotels being sadly taxed, v;»u»d School*. Many of the. teachers who nrrlvcd i-arly-xpcnt the time profitably visiting the lo'tal schiMtls, and many could not |)hits« too highly the efficient an«l up- to-rtftte manner In which thn Dixon At 7:30 l«!»t night the spsxion of the association wn» olllcldlly opened nt the Methodist church, Mr. Nathan Kchncf- fer. Harrisbnrff, Pn., and Htnte Hup't. of .!>uhUc. .Instruction in Pemmylvanla. TO EXTEND TRAIL STPMG MERCHANTS indications Are Indian Head Trail Will Be Continued To St. Paul. vi • i>< i i n 11 m > > i Han This Would Be the Shortest !™mi«i«n. Htro nK c«mp«ikns MEET TOMORROW TO ACT ON EARLYjtUYING PLAN c-hnlrman !-Y«nK \V. Murphy hn» called a meeting of Siorllng merchants ' LINES INTACT Petrograd Though Admits Re tirement Northward a Distance Of 30 Miles. Berlin, Claims Enemy Is Evacuating Practically All Of Dobrudja, Saturday, niorniht at nine o'clock take up the consideration, of putting >>n A " f) *hcr cnrfy rHy fiHfcd PrcsK* 1'ptrnprnrt, HtiKRirr, or t, 27; ntubl-<om re^lslrnce to (Jen. Marken- sfn's adViince, ttir Hu^Ho-Hoii In Dobriiiljn lire retiring "northward toward tiit> Hitrftfivn llnr, (.10 n)()r>« mirth of the Con5rtan*a-('ernavoda railway), it WHN officially annotince.d todny. ffif nii,tpo-nr>urnarif(in are* everywhere Intact. EVACUATING DOBRUDJA. (My ITnited Press) Hcrlln, Oei , Oct. i7. - Fleeing ItriTimHTrtirn forces nrpwvHnmtlng pnir- tleally nil of Uobriidjn, RsiM nn off fclnl Route From Chicago To the Twin Cities. . . <l(»|(v«.'red thn 375.00. Ho had -plenty of money for distribution aaldtt from that amount, ~~ ~tmy-mfttt**r wilt ltav*> to be wttlPd In Many Of - Prot««t. The iodiciitioiiM flit' now thnt the In• Iliui H'-ad Tfall, which was recently MtaVted with n view to running only froni Ktetibig to H.*ivannn. will continued on north an far as the great twin .cities of Ht, j'niil nnd -Minneapolis. This iilt'U WHS strongly advocated by (inlena at a bltf Indian Head The, bulldlntt wmt well (Hied, many In addition to the teacher* taking advantage of thf> opportunity to hear Or, Bchaeffer. Muxle by the - otf-c -euro;- teit M n; aturlcl PhetpM, preluded the meeting, •0m»,mannfr in the near future, ajicl H«v. 15. c*. LUmnden Invoked tho blens- wa» of tha imprewiion that, the decision would b» brought up bffopf the tench en' meetlnjf In Dixon before lt« close. and some action taken in the way of recommendation. He «ay», the act l» very defective aa pan'nett by tho leuii*- laturo and l« no-v In hopen that It Will 'be chnnited *o AH to convey the %am« mennltiK rejpirdlnK lli« payment of tuition by thn people by general taxation a* tlw prtwnt enactment. ITTONlLACEICLOSED Circuit Judge Granted a Temporary Injunction Against Local Man. * , A;iartf9 number of men from 8ter- Jln» nnrt vicinity, who went to the «ofi drink parlor of L«o Button Thursday wer* disappointed to flnd that the doom were doted. Judge B&ume In the Cir- ttvon the l*---Ar &^ iwcary Injunction reiitrnlninB him ?,; t from continuing his place of- business. ;* , At the meeting 1 of the last grand Jury |« which wa» on the flr»t Monday in this r s ! month nineteen IndlctmentM were found ; ; , amiinat Mr. Hutton for HelllnB" liquor 1^. 'in anti-saloon territory,.and being ill J at the tlnje the case was set for hear- V ing and an.ho pleaded not guilty, the *'. ca*e wan continued until the next term, '<t which will be In January. . ' Air, Hulton continued, to operate hlw I" itoft drink parlor as soon as he.recov- ':" cred from hi* (linens, and the state's , attorney and most of the city council -' . filgned an applicatiun for tho tetup'or: : ary injunction askinif that he bn re- «tralned from oporatitm a ntilHiuice, The court granted the temporary Injunc- :, .TnB place In tljerefiire closed until v the January term* of Circuit court, or until indictments againat Mr. Hutton ^ have been disposed of. i^ ^* THc dry people of the townwliiiv-arc ]'. very much wrought up and declare that • everyon* who uolla anythlni; that sav- ora of Intoxicating liquors will be prose-i. pute«, ..-'.' : ~~ FUNERAL SERVIGE . rfefff This Aftornoo'n Over the Remaiini \ of Mrt,.|.tF«vr«. Mm, Iwnac l«eFevm fielvldere delivered the -address of welcome to tho teacherH and outlined the plans and policies of the association, nnd Introduced f»r. ' Kclmeffcr -with a fevV 'well chosen remarks. . • I>r, Hchaeffer, who Is'one of the leinU Ing educators of the ensl. delivered a strong address upon the subject of "Work and Way In Education." He said In brief; . We Must Work, "Thn character of the «o called civll- ixed man In.mtch thnt he must work nnd that lie finds pleasure in .Working. He is never (jiilte wit Uf led unless he Is working. Fi'tr example," during a strike or a panic, men ta.ken from 4 heir work. become dissatisfied .and often, through- peacefully inclined, 'report to violence. "Children have the right to be happy in school," declared tho speaker, "h.ut how «*n they b«» happy If tho teacher (B not happy in her work? How can the. teacher be happy If »Jie* IA "overworked, ill 'paid or prepared for her worlf or perptually annoyed by report* and-' examinations?" ln<iulred l>r. 8ch- Trail meeting nnd banquet held Thursday evcninc ul This meeting was held to consider the matter of extending the trail north from Havanna. Delegates were present from n proposed scenic route run- •ning- north-through-. Hanover- tv-Ualenn. Thwie deli-gates promised if the trail was sent north over their route that they would see that the road was put In good shape and kept that way all the way to iTale'hiu ...... Treviously dele- gatlons from along another proposed route had been at Havanna asking rhat the route bf l<.>i:oted up their way. I)uhUf|iic was InvitVd to send delegates out noti" 1 ap,penred.-i It was decided executive Committee of the Indian ll'wid Tnill A«so- cititloiij to locate the routcTinorth as far aa Oaiena. going through Hanover, 'providing- tin? muds, were attended to •Hid each town .along the line paid the inn nn here last year and th« year befni-e, nnd sitnllfir cninpnlKns ha^-e been adopted in many cities all over tho country, tho Idea br«in gUj get the ftiblli; avnislntned to maklnK their hotirlny pcm-hft^cs early while the stocks are more complete anil also to wive the merchants and their clerks th i'vcc»«l\e work the J'omipr in»t day to Hive around, 13nrly buyinR i* said much better' antihfiu-tiun all A )arK»» attendance of mer- duty of IheTTStTpW? intendent to make the teachers happy In th« school room. For 4t N only under these conditions that tho pupils can do their "best work. "What is the secret of the teaeher'if ?" iisked tlte apeaker, "It In service s— dtrtnir -something uwa> Wednesday, Oct. 25, 181G, «« her -late "home on Fifteenth avenue, at the a«»> of 66 yearn, 10 months ami l day. ± __ JU.allw»ft"-l»ttb»}l« -llaymj- was -l»orn in .Wonte Xuma, Iowa, oil neceriiivor 2<- I860. Hh» was married to l«aac Lp- Pevre on November I, 18HO. at Phillip*burg, Kfine««. Hoon after tlita «*vent «h« came with her husband to • this city, H having been thlrty-ttvt' yeara in September. To tit Is happy union tw<i _ were born, . Wlnfleld Hcott, who died February 10, . 1B08, and Mrs. ilax«il Weber, of thin r-ity, who has cnrod for her mother during all her HlmtHM. The principal mourners are tho Joying husband,, ttW daughter, two grandchildren, Ibiibtllo and; I4onej Welwr, u£ -Htcrllng, two brotbwn, Frank H. Hayes of Sterling, and l<oulet 10. HHJOH nf for some, one else, • Where In the. world IB a better chanco to render such nor- vlco than in tlw schools? There. .the teacher IH in constant contact with -a ucor^'orThpre of yo.unv lives during the most plnstit! period of tlmir lives." The Matter A Teacher. "Th« greatest mg.n of ail age* was- a teacher" Dr, Bchaeffer »ald in closing. "He worked, at a carnenter'a bench. but no one ever called him a, great carpenter, Ho exrwunded tho law, buf men do not call him a great lawyer. ll« healed the lame, the sick and made the blind see, but'hn wan not considered a physician. He But and taught und down through the ages, whenever a mnn hn* mentioned. Him th«y~have called Him the Ma*ter Teacher, Je>»Uh of Naawireth. It IH by wish nnd prayer," 'concluded Dr. Hehae.:er, "that during the coming: year you. will find wipreme hnpplnesH, and walk. In flu- footsteps -of the. Orwit Toacher." Distinguished Speaker. — • Today's -program— will- start nt, •at Ihn AfcttiddlHt church, 'tho Ic/idinjr speaker to bo.DK Allan Hohcn. IT, of «*„ T>r, Shycock, f'arlMtndalo Normal,. and Minn Annie Carroll Moore, of Now imounts HHHi'HHed nKnlnst tliem. When this announcement was made the dele- ,'HUonH frnni OalciiH atid Hanover said: "See how ijulckly we **?nd .down t»ur money." It was further decided that the towns m/fth of Savanna a« far a« OuU'na sho.uld decide as to the route to b« followed north of Galena,- i>ut the understanding is that a route n<' to Hazel Green and on to La Cr«. will be selected, with tti» Idea of continuing on to Ht. 1'aul and Minneapolis. ." . '. The plan strongly advocated Thurn'- day night was to have a scenic trail »ntabllshpd from Sterling north to fit. the shortcut auto route from Chicago tojihe twin cities, the route to Hterling from the east being over th« Lincoln Highway. On this proposed route here ar*» already some fine highways nd a few places -nort hof Kavanna thBt need fixing badly. It is proponet to UM«* the duinpingH frow lead or ^li mines near Galena on a long stretcl <jf tht« ro«d in Oiat territory. With Sterling on the. leading a'uti route from Chicago to St. Paul anc Minneapolis, especially with all the <cenic attractions along, tho line, there would be. an enormus IncrenHP in auU travel through here fl If tho route chants is dr!«ire<l -j»o Hint the can bo thoroughly •disentitled. TIMELfsiGEStlONS : . ,' J. P. Overholser ^Tells Of al ThifffrTd Expedite Bush Election Day. . t frnm tfn? Dulgarinn war of^ flc(> today. "(.in 'f he wholf front the enemy In retreating pri'dpltnfely. toward Tulcrn, 70 miles norih of Coimtanrn, toward ii rat In. 70 mllr-s north of Cernavoda and toward Har«oviv 25 mllnu north- W' i st of Cernovoda. punnicd by our forces." 'naid the official ntnterncnt' i«- HUed nt Sofia. "Wednesday'* capture Included I ft FORMAL -ANNOUNCEMENT for President. A NAVAL t; 'in live ••-•• Citv hi* r^rrrftif«ff'7 f,-»r |tr*'«l<! n prf^f ^Irmofu'Jriiffon ' la «t niRbt which la«-tc«l until today. Wfl* df the flrf-'t chirrs ndrnirerw r r\r,t\ lantf-rns shoutinc rmnxfi." L.'«tf In .the t l»!fif*"'^-tj(ins united in n f> the pntnco where spokesmen thf-ir «upport nnd loyalty and nuked Cnrrnn^a to nnnnunce his c.'m- Ildacy. IN FIE ACCORD Roosevelt Denies Campaign Managers Are Trying To Muzzle His Remarks. Hughes^ls Touring New York WhileJryilsofUs Enroute To Summer Capital, Hy .?. P. Toiler. Staff Correspondent of I'liiti'tl Prens.) Chlcapo, 111,-;- Oct. 27,--Mnswerlnit n tib'lfshed report that he WOH to be info piiJiseyfootitiir on the (!i>r- i German ahd British Destroyers I Clashed Last Night In English Channel", Germans Lost Two Vessels, British One Destroyer and Empty Transport, _ iiini ^ • \ niv I'nMed Prr*w >, •j. London.- Erie.. Oct. 2?.- Hritish an<f rtermnn rletttoyer* clfished In a sharp rxnnl ongnpprnent in the English chan- no! i,i*t nigh!. lh*> admiralty announced this nftt>rnoon. The Oerm.'ifi fearahipn n'ttcmptcd a raid tinder flm cover of dnt-uness, Two enemy destroyers were sunk. It I* reared one of fh« Itrtttoh de* •aroyen* was hut, the admiralty added, nml another w«s disabled. letter the admiralty issued Ui6 foJ* lowing statement r "Ijiist night ten wicmy destroyers at- temptrd to raid tho cross channel t ru us port servitr. Attj empty trari»- port, the Queen, wim mink, but th« .f. P. ( »ve"rjiolM«>r something to officerH, 771 men nti'd" 1C. machine gunn." Kerdlnand dlHpatched personal appeal!* to .the. .rulc'rn of the allied natlonK to 'wive" Itntnnnnia from dln- antcr, after the fall of CoimtatisHi, according to Hudiipi'Kt dlspatche*.' The me><itageH» were »ent following a ntormy cabinet, of the lUiumanian nouinnnliin military leadere " said to hiivc been" barnhly crlt- York At 7:30 in tb« evening a second meeting IK, to bo held in the i-hurch. ..-..- f ' „.._ • Trlggs of Hf«rllng, Mr«., Mary K. k - . l.lttrtBloy of AtklllBon, Knn«aH, and Mrs. C?lara K, t'o^ of (**MHj«'l) druvo, Kan- m<M. . Tim family and the muny will mount her lows, "~ " ."Hh*~ jolmid the" Pfiiit^ .M 7~K~ eliurcTf l»i 18M titular the pastorate iff Hvv. F. ' Jj. Baldwin. HV»r nwarly a. ywfir Mr«. I'VLisvri! ha* been" a, sufferer <if cerebral hohior- r)Kigt>#, but ham only ln'on critically -III Ihp" ptfst two week*. She was u faithful rind iovlnfe luttietit, s nnd roallKed that death wan nvui. The funeral service* WHW livfd .at \wr Itttw home a I 8:80 o'clock this w'fter- noun. llftv. A. W. Oils officiated and ' Mr», IVhingle and Mra. Churle.* Whitman fla|!lr HWWlly. "Itt'autiful l.slc of Somtwhcrit," "Hoiiiw Day We'll rii<tej> aland" and "Thwre Will be no IVirk Valley When ,leKU«.Coim<»," The i*U) TO CALL AN ELECTION For the Issuance of Bonds for Township High School. In tho telegram received by Jacob f.'antUn, attorney for th« Consolidated Township High-School- ptetrlct-of-Co*. Ionia, Miimc and Montmorency, he i« Hdvised that all proceeding« on tho organization of this district us well an the proceedings for the election at board of education 'thereof, have bpftn approved by- Attorney C,. p. Chapman, acting for- the purclmaer of the bonds. This meant* that (he Chicago bond attorney bus approved all proceedings to th i» -da<*i- — A tt«r«»j< — Cawtllo— te-f «F- tht»r advised to iin.cecd limnwiiately to call jelect fort to vote upon propimi- JMII • IK-II« n iou rome n it IH profioKeil to do HIiRni advertising of .the route MO tut to Mcwuirt I,H much travel over It UN possible, and various meana of publicity arc to !« resorted to. It IH also proposed to mark the trail HO thoroughly that no traveler can IOHO bin way either dai or night. Those present from Btorllng were- W. P. Stedmiin. Robert McCosh and the wre'tary of the Association of Commerce. DEATH Mrs. Bernard Hawkins Died Suddenly - " Liisi NTjjfit. Mrn. flernard HawkiiiH, of vilfe. died very suddenly at 11:30 o'clock |a«t t< veiling. A blood clot on the. brain IN Ihn direct caimo of h*»r death and wan only critically III fur '%• half an h<»ur Imforo her death. Hhe had been in poor health for itome time. Situ Jeavea 'to mourn hur -death her huuimnd arid two miuill children. The funeral net-vice will be hold Hunday aflornoon at 2 o'clock at her late home. llev. Welch, will conduct . by Jl«v, Hnyder the aery ice-. Interment -. will be In tfcie Houth Klkhorn cemetery. proposiiUTTT-'of IKHUHIICC of taking and careful In, all steps taken by them niid are much pleaiutd with tliia expert jopiiiion .approving uclliui. tlu»ii were Henry Hhult/., l>*rud <Htt"V- «f»8",~BSt«iw ; r~ 1 Rebhari|t; tn i rr- Thomas, ThomuB und ChurU«* 'Whitman. liHernu-iii iu ccnicti'ry. 8T6RUNO DEPT. STORE. t'*r«*d li- Mt*y«»r, general munii^e tho Male of the huifki'upt stock of 8ii'i-|iug Dcpiirtnu'iU Stort-. nays li greatly, piea««Hl with the result of first Jay of tbti big *aU-, auuU-iu- ttay. Mr. <i«yBr ha* bad n, ftiU Ad in The Htwitns- ()ny.rtii: 'und «nu># wad u« a rcwuH j Hocking to tlm hture fui f Iwvc bunk* ilif of. ladav fi| DiATH OF TAMPIQO MAN . L, C, Ruwsll Paw»d Aw*y Friday Pel. lowing a Strike, L. C. ItutUMdl, an agiul rttitldtmt of Tmnpictj, |i/in«(«(i away at hi*i lute Krlday inoiirtng at ttj« ««:« of 7f>> WISHES FOR 100 YEARS. Among the cards* rweived by W, „ DaviM on tils m>ent Mithday WIIK ono from H. K llcndrickM, who hoped. "That . you may live uiftll 1936," This recalls* * »tory, When an admirer of a iato Pope, «aw liim^in Home, and wiwhcd he -might II vi. to a century, the vi>ner- 4bit» poiillff. replied; way n-Karding the election on November 7th which might be, well for the various precinct Judges to heed, for it will prove to thoir advantage. He «ays every election hoard I* allowed an offl- of the law to tm at the itoltlng place thn entire day., Mr. Overholscfs idea J» that this officer should also be a iVhJary public, and aa tlje work of ear- |n»t trtr trouble will not occupy bin tln\e/to any great extent, ho would bo handy in COH-H of people-'requiring th«»lr vot«<« to IM> nworn In. that he makr» out the aftidavitM and have all ready without taking up tho time of the judge*, that the voting may_go on without Interruptloa. lie pointed out that the voting will lie wry heavy, and that It will make -Uio«e in charge, of the board hiuulo to let all vote In the required time. u, « Mr. Overholaer Bay» the slate did not contemplate the women voting, and made no provision for the proper number of booth«. There ar» »tx voting, plac** in Hterling. and from three_ * voter five mlnutoe In which to nWrk hl« ballot, If uo required. That m«tnn twelvw an hour, or one hundred and twenty during the election day of ten, hours. In the. »lx polling placet* In thi« city there are. in each from SOO to 1.000 .yoi«r»,,wHl be aecnahat there will bo some close llguring to allow all to vote, If they remain in tho bootha their allotted time, and an th« ballot will be very long and voters will apllt It up more or ]e«M, it will take conslil- erabjo time to mnrk a ballot. Mr. Ov- alao Huggenta that the Judges by "MfVoral of thi> were «uppttrted by the king, who declared the Itoiiinaiiliui defeat wan <lue to' the. fact that the Ru«»lann had failed to supply the artillery and munitions smvhad promised. German military nn»n expect an early demonstration by the. alli«;«, ^probably on fho . Italian ttnd Macedonian front In _. response tfi King Kcrdlnwiut'ti appeal,. tnnn IHHUCS nnd that aa n wiutt rt cold- nesM-had arisen between himself nml the power* behind the ..tiugl^ea cum- pnlKti. Colonel Roosevelt announced today that he would .make probably five 'more NpeechcN in tlw'lntfrent t»f the 'iiu jjnjsldentlal candidate. x hiH Hdltlmore speech he will upeak in New V'ork at Coopers t'nion probably next Frlday.atid nt nnd Cleveland earlier in the week, ills, Itnltlmre *p«iwh N «et for Satitrdny enemy' destroyers were mink flnd lb« rwit drlypii off, Thr» Hritlnh destroyer l-Tirl Is missing. ami *n believed to hava fiffii lost. Th* Hrltttth destroyer Nub* in ti was dl*ahl«d M nil forcr*d aground,™ Tlif naval fight was the. first nn- gagniipnt of thf, wnr In tha English channel with the cm option nf submarine nativities, and the flrnt nprloud clash between the Hrlf l*»h' and Ofrmart warships Finer. the (treat battle off Jutland on May 31. !!>!«. (Jcnrnnu drHtroyi'rn and fiiNt have made noveral dwring riiicln In liritish watnrn, approaching close* enough to bomlmnl ctwt const towns and darting back to their ports with the approach of lirltinh warnhlp*. They hitvc ulwo rniilcil |<7tiitllHh shipping off tho Flanders conxt, cliui'Ing whips into nnd he KpeakM.ln Brooklyn tomorrow night. To the United PrcH» today Colonel KooHPvelt made this Btatcjhetit: "ll'd rionaeiiHe. I am In absolute agreement, with the matittgerH of the cnmpuljsn. with Mr. Hert. Mra and Mr, l*erkin«. The quentloit here wan whether all I «aid should be In Ihe evening or the afternoon. The three gentlemen named nuked mto only to state my .Innermost strongly us I de«ired. convictions a* We are in en- allied armlotf luck «uf- iniinllloiiN for « great offensive oh thfMe frolitu the iittacku are pected to «hort lived and directed largely for the purpoiie of encouraging tho dlMheartciunl ItoinniinuuiH. RETREAT TWENTY MILES. (Hy United Pre»s) London, JKng... fict. 27. -Failing back under the Imnuner blown of Oen. Macken»en'« army. the. ruioso- Koumanlan force* ha\'6 Tetreatwl more than 20 miles north of the Cernavoda- Constanza railway. The war office announced that Mjickonwen ia npproftch- ing HurKovo, 25 mtlea north, north- went pf Cernavodn In their pursuit of the epemy. , An official .atatemont from • Sofia claimed that tho Runno-Roumanlan tire hnrmony and the only question to decide wn« whether I could meet the t'edri'w of the ehttirmaB of the n»fi«»i)«J committee- in Ohio nnd Hpeak In Toledo and Clevelnnd. I told Chairman Wllcox 1 would be able to do so." The Colonel'H pnrty left, this morning at 8:25 and will reach New York tomorrow morning, Hl» trtp will have included njwcb*» l» i4 Mtatea nnd 6,- ftoo mllCB of graveling. The Colonel inHlMted ho would adhere to his plan to deliver no real thoiigh Republican Ohio and Indiana rvery wlu-m In seo to It Uiat there are more booth* provided, no a» to givo nil plenty of time' to look their ballot over IIH they chotwe without hurrying, Mr. OverhblHor al«o thinkn it a good Idea for the poopio who ca-n vote al- inosit any hour of th« day to give way to those employed in factories, whose tlmo in limited. It iu not compulsory 4>ut it would «how good ta«tc tt» let them hnv6 precedence over themsclve*. They are unually al the polls the ttrul thing in the morning or during the noon hour. The women would do well to dlmervc thiH. a« well a» the m«*r|. If eveiyone. doeu his »r her Hhiirn in observing these MUggoHUonti, there -will bo no trtnijdo in_ tfottjng aij the yote» ejjt " STROKE OJFPARALYSIS Mr*, .Thoi. Ong Stricken At Horn* Of Daughter, Mr§. B«lle Crumlty. 'm>L John CuHhnian received a inim* «ago Thurmlay from hlu wift» who IK at Ulppery, la., »aying that upon her ar- rivaJ at tli« homo of her «l«t«r, Ain», Belle Crumley,' «h'w found that -her mother, Mr», Thomas Ong, had muttered a stroke* of paralytdti tho dny before and lic-8 in a very precarious condition. Thu telegram ataled Uiat there wits no io|i« liel,| out for her recovery, and iak< r d her himlntrid it* notify flir«><? other His»lt'i's in this vicinity of the condition of their mother, Mhe wild u. letter would follow giving iMtrlleularn, Mr». and daughter, Mrs. Crumley, In- starting for Hterling ycmcitlay. li-r home hatf Imcn with Mrw. <'im!iinuu or th« puKt two )i-«r*i. Inn a 'par-< of parently evacuating all of Dobrudja, Tho-RuHMlan war office admitted a further netlrement toward tho lino of Hursova, pamlleling the Con»t»n*a- Cernavoda railway, a distance' of 2& mllos. . ProgreHM of the Invasion from the "w'eit of llouriulnla i» reported^;. ~.~ I The battle north-eatit of Verdun con- tlnuea violently with Vaux an the objective of the French attaekn. Ilerl.ln reports the repulne of heavy ItUHoian attackH and agreed with the allied war officea that them are no freHh <}flvelopmentn lii Macedonia, CLOSING ON FORT VAUX. (Hy United PICHKI Oct. 37,-FVench lroop» *p«i»che« enroule managers heje and have hta pn5mi»CTi that he will make platform appearance* and shake hands with the, crowds. HI* flrat appearance of thl* nature wan scheduled «t Elkhart Utday.- < Thin in RoflKcvcU'H birthday. Today ho la &8 yearn yt age and ho is a» replete with Rooneveltian ginger a« of old. . He looks It today and he looked it 'yesterday n,-hnn V wnB given • a reception-.that, is said to have, been noltder and hiKKer than thooe recent- iy Riven to PrenlUtnt JkVllaon and iTUKhott. In the afternoon ho hit the hyphenate, hard and »poke on women auffrHfjo and Americanl«m neforo -J.OOO women. In the eveninK he made even a Htronser at lack".a'ftalhMt ."pro'fcnitioiial OermaiiN and any i-ltl/cnn who' are of Tli<> I>e«troyer l-llrt was one of th» older JJrJli*h (JcntroyerK. She wan built In 1897, dicplHced' 300 tons and had a complement of 82 men. The Destroyer Nubian had a displacement of !»**', tons, _ ..There are^ neveroJ Hritlwh nnine<l tlie Queon. ProbaMy •»r tho 4.951! ton Ix>ndon Quo«n, or ho much wmullcr Houttwropton «tcnm- T of thn wime inmc, wtui-meant. SANK BIO LINER, Illy United Prea«.) • ;.Kn«-.. Oct. 27.—Tho Johnnon Rownninore. (lying the British (lag, JI.IH |I(*CM Hiiok- The Howaninore l«« one of the largest llrmrM Nimg xince thn beginning 1 •of the tVHr, It wrt« a Htft'l acrcvw, four nuusicr, dinptacing lo.auo tona and fill feet long, It WIIH built In 1800 and , wan owned by the Johniton Une Umlt- -< ed, and wan registered at Liverpool, ANOTHER LINER SUNK. (By United Prens.) . Uindort, Kng.,'l>ct. -27.—Two boat*. th» captain ami thirty-one of the crew; of the, Donalildon liner Cubotie, are n)lf,»iiiK and un»co<Mint«Ml for, ' "^ Thin IH the flm Indication of of the iflCIAilSLClNDIDATt Pwr>», have begun closing In on Fort Vaux, the lam.important patdtUm held by the Oermatut north-cant of Verdun. Further progremt wax made and the cap- lure of 100 priflonern w«tn announced. ANOTHER STATEMENT * * * * , ~™~, Secretary Baker May Explain Further His. Report On Al- . 1 legod Border Plot. tary that (Hy of .War Ilakor ioii»y litw* «oothtii i -.-«iat*nienl "!'' >> " tr "!' I,"'' 1 ' mut ''» Hcc«iuut. ing well known In both later to <l»o charge that H j'lot *fXl»t» tu prtnluce'tin armed nmtUct between Hip United WlatPB ii nil Mexico. tho roixu't !u» suJd: "The afti>ropclat<» constnent of th<« tit »tnU» Kliyuld prnvnt any nilKiuiilorHlandlng of the pur- post*- of -the titatvim*itt< '•'----. lU'ferrintr .to l^nuing'ir uta It-men I that tha (>onM|iinit«prH on tlw American sld« W«T(« M«*x|i'un*i and not, Aroer- iriMiR. Hwi'ntftiy llnknr Bald: In not tli« wliKhd'Ht pnUllcul In (tin ismieruH-o of thn ulutpmpnt." He itdinlttwi that xntnt' of tfl'i moat ini- |>ortani Infonnntlon rca«'h»d th» do- purlment only half an hotif l)««furi> the tho fifty-fifty 'allegiance variety. He wan given a great demqiiHtratlon at Oie evening meeting tho grfcnt audience be- Ing tixcfn»tvrty noiny for 85 minutes, HUGHES AT ALBANY, By Perry Arnold. (Htaff Correspondent of United i ) r.» > »>!,} Albany, N; V., Oct. 27.~H«pubilcan Nominee Hughes made his third incur- »lon Into the Empire Btato today. It waN Ills hcventh viuit to Albany. He. in Bchoduled for four addretiHeti at UUca, Auburn, fJeneva and HocheHter, the latter a night meeting. Hughe* WUH enthuiiiatitic today over hlw reception at Uostoii )it«t night wht<r«' bin crowd aa a candidate WUH MO rou«- ingly received. He announced hit* position in rcsponnd to the qucHtion, "What .would t you do u.» president? "ughe«'-promisea-HUmniftd up were: "Selection of (.he ablest, cabinet the country can afford. "A firm und courteou« liiHintcuce on the rlghtH of oitlzons an a basis for hi* foreign poUcy, "Knactment of a proper pruUvtlvt' tariff, * "Fair governmontal 'action toward all wnd parUcularly toward capital and labor. - - - — — "A wtrlct wrutiny of buMlnenti organ- hut all- business to be treated Declares 'Hay - Chamberlain Army Bill Contains a Draft- * —ing Clause, ' : (By United Pr««».) Itobart, Okta., Oct. 87.—-Allen IJvnnon, MociullHt candidute for president, waa touring Oklahoma today and will apeak here tonight, tie made public a letter from President Wllaon'ti necrelwy, Joseph Tumulty, which Mention claim* ad* mitM the charge he has made rppeat- i-dly that the Hay-Chamberlain army rt'organlzatlon law contains a. draft clauw. , . The, letter dated Anbury Park, N. X, Oct. N, 19J6. and lulilreflsed to V, P. fowler, of Hot Hpringa, Ark.yreadB aa follow«: "My Dear 8ir: in reference to your letter.of Oct. 5th. I beg to »ay that, IH linn been explained again aod again,' '.he clauHf, referred to in the BO-calleiJ Hay-Chamberlain «rmy bill, applies only jn tun> of wsr. While the blii; wan certainly ill considered in language the intention WUK not nt all what ill fairly and justly. "Have tho flag protect Itw i.'itijsen«-'Jn th«ir lawful rlgh.t». "A domestic' policy which louku to iiuiuMtriitl peace and co-operation and not -to induatrial war," WILSON OAY TOMORROW. Hy Itobert J. by^itu crltl«» to be. I will idd that the prcHldfnt feelH the Ian* wan too sweeping and hopes to* ;et it Jiinlted at the earilent opportun- ' 1 .ty, Yourw, truly, Joseph Tumulty." RT Ono Man Was Killed and 19 Burned and Injured In a •^Missouri Wreck, H»« auft'fral a *.lrokc of Ha turd a' y '»nd never .gained vprlng. lie . wife jia»H«Kl iiwiiy lu«t i«iiv<»8 the following chll dmv-io..niM_ih;h his acwih; .Maurice of ''' BOH, J <ty in Mi». Kdaa .Kr son of ,Mr», Helen • I'ojton «»<! i\lr«. l-'rtMl .luhusurt nf Taiiioldi, uu<l .Mabvl-'und Kaiherlnu-ut IMILI'V,"" . Tli» i fuiiprul arriingt'itu-iitri huvo'not yvt been i-«jinplett<d. PROHIBITION ADDRESS, ,Mi?in l.uc<-i>u.f-; hlint-r, fl,.(d «<-crt> ' rt>tiir,y ,^- ,„ Q '~~ ' ' ' . -r -g --:^=^* X ^-i _ ^^ .'. ..-f" •7--"—— Notice to Subscribers Champaign, will ;i<jiiii-H* n m;.i«» at (he Y. 'AI.V. A, JunUfht «t c-ight i cundi- ,yvvuu'H- 'tills . iiig, Jt is not tho iutontiou of th« utunHKUiiuMit of Tho (ingpilo to ask any Kubscrihor to pay for a pavor iiiotv ilian on« tiuio, if yon rm'tnvc a no- lico that you ow<!'inoiu'V, piouso il(» not think we an* trying to havo yon pay aMain if yon hnvo already jmi<i. With tlm i'onsoluiut|ii^ of (hit two papors, (ho ti'arisft'rrin^ df (JH> jjatcs and crodits of subscriptions lias unuU* uj,i onornious amount of \v«Ji:k and mistakes HIV bound to ocelir. So If you rivoivo'a notice that yon'ro in arrours upon your xubxmptioii, which you have already paid, kindly It-t The '(Jaxotte know, so.tht* ei^ror can be eorreHed. Wu are ve'ry sorry (lie notices Koine times tret sent out when they should" not, but with jjOi tcftirtlt \V7iB~tHfnTrrrr WH.COX ATTACKS "^ fily United PresH) New Vorkr N 1 - National \ to «ot tl'uMii all right in such a^short Chairman Wilcox of the HepuMlcan iiarty threw down (Ho gauntlet to thu iioinocrati'* party In a utatcment 1«- mied to/(i*V declaring that if the war department bun "tho information Hint Aiiiprifany 'ire eu>tini«(<rlng a Villa r-ild, ] dcininid Ihcy tininc(|luU>ly pro- <-t><M| to protiecutf tlu'in for \feanon," Wilcox Hd leu leii Uaker and attacked him In violent twiiiM for his «tut(imcnt on HIP bor«Jt>r *ituallt>ii. 4 ' "This IH jimt anolhff political dritn by the liBinocrutH, which will fuil jiiht a» the other drive* l«m« faihul. In . <Slaff ('orrw«pt»iuleiit of United Prr««.> Urafton, W. Va,, Oct. 37,— I'ro«ldew Wilson w»« returning today to Khadow iJtwn to freparu for the ftnai fireworks nt the, campaign. Twniomtw IB WiUon Kt., fHy Uniietl HiiM, Mo.. Oct. K7.— McKlnJey |i|Kpt<ctoru Htartcd an invoHti- rti i ion. of tliA wreck on that road two •nllcH cunt of KdwardHVille iaat night, n which one man WUH killed and IU ijurned and injured. Tlie accident wa« due fu will ohaerve it «en«-rMl)y by reading at local meetings the name Uii_pm*i<Umt-w4 mer white house. «uai- — __. _ Vork for luhircssi-s d«blgnpd to HWing the Kt«te Into the, Tue»- cohuun. He leave* Hhadow day for Duffalu where lit- speaks, 1, und lite follti\viiiK day in New York ( ity. Uoth action. to be f, t |j ,,f of Hix-rt'lary J.,uiinini!f'«i In the iiiuiiiiiiK pii|ii>r«. Mr, Haker ls< guilty of, fit her amazing UtupUiity or by mbitvpicoentatlon " ON, PEACE MISSION. Kl 1'itMi. ')'c\ , i>ct 27.. -Andreiy Uat • cl.t, IJIHJUM lei- ttcnni'al of i onijuiH' for tin- Mexico d*- f.tcto K"\ cniiiii-iii started for Now York tct'liij: on an iifistiiH diploma- in for the First Chief. A few rrTonitt'u-iK « "«ith" T'uh'unziir i« not. concerned with MAY' PROBE FOOD COMBINE Food U Allowed To Spoil To Prevent l.owaring The Prices. (H,v I '« it cd PrewM ''hii-auo. III. t»ct, 27, As* the u-wuli tht> rc|-nrlt>il ntteinpCM id corner I.MH! JtUa«_-_^\ji-_Juy-aiiUgiiJUou _jci»' ^JUi Tiornlng revealed the fact thul more - han a Worp of Hpikfri had been n»mov- ^d from JJiiLj-ailM at f he i*i'«Mi* v of t'ho '~ _. for a New Vork cloak hoi»«e, watt 'kill, »d outright. Amtiiig the Injurwl !>. Church., of niicugo. W. l«V*, >f J>»nvii|n, IH,', and M, K. UuhenwJla. if Litcblhid, 111. . -.— grand jury probc« may follow ih»> piobe >.t'ii-iei| t.y tlie city council Conspiracy HwrgoN limy be made 1 aKuiimt the «l<'(!-fH _ one iil'lern'nn siiul lie li;uf disi«-\or.-,l th.-ii dt-iilos had bought piuiJucc and th«i; allovted i( U, 1(lf rtt t|,er than 41 «uid reduce prices. Another . alderman -said that . products had tim fannerH, but that •My the Mexican-Aiiu-iH'un int><.Uii(hni cont- '"nriBSt<rrn,«r tr rtnu's t7?«c**rn~jn*nr^-itp- t\Vi-ft»-i!iV'Ciiitc.t Sfuteu ami .Mexico,* aJul CUH-'M. Cotpmttisii.n t'»i*-t -h<> j»ricv m«>n aiv (.aid to dm ln»\ bought Mtctii«nn product*, and »uv :il- it to •jjFviry'utt "ttr»-" lU-tt will Ui,i invited tu t'yr tho SUBMARINE REPORTED (Hy l'nlt<?5l Pretut.) Ncwpitri Ni'wn, V'a., Oct. 37.— Th» cport on jlu* wiitw f.roiU here that, a itibniarfnu Intd pan^d in tho vui»esi, •oujrl not bo yt»rijii»d by^ the ihytVvvd "at~ Ciiii£ tfenry or tho"imvaf tbHi-r\iT* nt Fort. Monroe:' Tho truth if ibn icporl w'ua wiiiutcil ut Henry. NAVV HEARS RIPORT, (Hy ITnitcU \VuBhingU.n. clul Thi *t, reached tbw n»vy d«purt* thlj* ttfU'^nooij that a Onrmiui IfaJ" is 111 vcd = ut" N<Trf?tSr, V'JT" rt»fi(Ht*tl |o Uift"us,f! tlio i i'rivatu mi*i«c« Jioin Noifojfe ,—grtut thut" no nubnKii-mr--. list-ri "bt/««rt itfhti-il HI tln> hiirbor un-l U(,U ofijjfi'v- fie 4\ Cj,|'

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