Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 26, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 8
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IS EIGHT AMUSEMENTS. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE THURSDAY, OCT. 2S, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. MOUSE OF FEATURES < It f A f T¥\i^ V • V i^K. 1 GMAND VAUiiiii itii TODAY r S6LIO PRESENTS Williams IN ie Valiants of Virginia Alto Travel P»etur*t GtRALDINE FARPtAR, VAUOETTEI I big «p«cisl«—Mohd«>. William aitt In **Th« Man From Bitter •nwuAy, k«ihlyn William* in 1h* H«*vi»«d t "Adv«nlur«i of Kathlyn" r-fttf** tsemplete. M«tin« and * Utual ftrica* i , 1 HbAl ivi^_ ) ' TONIOMT ID* Cun«rd and r"r«nci« Ford in * feature picture, N 5Phe Princely Bandit" utrotig «Tid IntereBtiriK plity. Al»o ft comedy, "With tht 8j»irilt Help" TONIGHT-VAtJDEVILLE THREE F!NE ACTS ,\t<i-> Cr«n« Wilbur In "for H*r Qsod Name", And e»tr». R**l Lifa.Film Ma^Siine. Two »h«v»«. U*uSf pr tt*j». T"TT?<'iTdW, «*;iun' nr-w v.-iudPvHN'; 3 >'ri-nt arts Also "Th»- Yellow M«>rm<-«*." IS" Kr*»af , t>i-n't mi*«! it. Ant! W*»»»Vly, shows wu*»l:>f'>: tiririee disaster. Two *how.« V ;in<i 9. 1'xnal rh'Cfl. DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HAtL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For prfvmp •irnftoni will H. H. KELLEV, 8*11 phen« 430R ,t lui*!>.'in<l. llvt t'HI for n i-!i!irB''it dfs'Tthin, it Jwinu over two >«-jn> *itif*' lr«> «fnt In-r imrrif. Ttif <lc- IT< •• w;i* K ranted with'mt rttty troutil The Biggest Suit Sale in Years ins at 9:00 O'Clock Tomorrow at Chester's Offering our entire Une of Suits at Lower Prices t han ever known before so early in the season WORKMEN GET MONEY. Fidelity f "( «nn» 5WS IN BRIEF j 'MINNIE PALMER FREED. Minnie I'almvr. wt» Jiulmf. wn» tAtflvorw from IHT hustwmt Wil dmer, yeaterdny liy JmlK»» liamn Circuit court. N. t!. Vrm Ha it 1 l»efor«» ih«> court n« COIHIM* I'alme'j-. MlHs Jnrl>««> former In Sterling-. Nhi» and her par K ,, M ovpd ti» Newport. W«»h, a tfv, f§ ago,and during Uitlr rwidt-nt-f ir fieUy the Kirl, Minnie, married Wil < 3umer. .Afti-r living (whether u nd anil wife for thrw months-tli huktmiul aflki>d II!M wife If tth wnnt n trip t<» Ht»*HliiK am «,.) to we* ln»r pnrcniM. who hiu hero a nhort time hefow, Hh< Md that in the IIIKI of th«> tnin aa far aa nh<* la concerntnl. ax IsYonr llomach Well £ -i. ^ If s the Secret of Good Health [OSTETTER'S teroach Bilters tember you can Watch or Diamond making a. small lent down and lance on WEEKLY PAYMENTS " D • letter make your purchase now for iristmas, tier .;. Optician Miny, th* °<indncivc ( 'ornimn.v for lh>- plHririK of n sum i>t nn'i!i-y In lirif iif (h>- bunks of Kt'T- Ihitt with whh'h to nay off I IIP bnlanw fif th«- workmi'ii whu hnv»> not recelvwi ttu-ir lmt;k pay frurn'thr paving firm, and th« |myrntts5«'f of the bonding 1'ittnjirtiiy jtaiil Ui«» m*-ti as they cnme In th<« office of J. (}. \\*et».f«l thl« fore- rii«in. Tht» pay included Ilio payment of tin' citeckM which wen- Intely* coti« tf«tpd liy (he Korcil I 'ark hniik and re- ttmti'il to the Hli-riinK Iwnkft ns hnv- liiK nni MufTlrient funds depoHited for them. The. men were very anxluiis n* tlii>y tluuitflu they would not receive anything for their lout two wee.ks work. 'M umi rtinKen. nt Woods.* on wile for II. -IS, Ktllen Itngn, ftt l!«i>»' sl and Peter-' Mrf. Iilii West, of 1'YeejHirt, \Vednexitiiy Ijeft*. Kelei't o t VMt«»|}* -in ' htilk. Tlty Men! Market.* I« C. Thome went to t"hlcaK» on Hltif-Hs Wednesdiiy. K. M. Hohuits 1 , Hpettt the dny in Cliii- ion, la. .'on liii-shii'SM! linnd dunce hi \Vuodm»in Hall, llock nllK, Siitnrtiwy, Uetoher 2h(l»-*' Samuel Mc-Hride. of i'rophctntown. spent Y\'edne«dny here. , rf Wiinted— Xew ear corn at Plock*« Vt-vA Otore.* ' ' t L, H, Whlffen In upending R few days iti i l«l« Tt« 8 •'!.! O« If you are at all familiar with current prices and styles you will be frankly astonished and extremely pleased with this extensive collection of suits being offered at the following greatly reduced prices. There are so many styles that you are certain to find many that will appeal to you and suit your particular style and type. Our exclusive models outshine anything of the sort that we have ever before offered, for they are all individualistic as well a^ decidedly distinctive and elegant Never was a handsomer collection of suits offered women of this vicinity and never were such reduced prices attached to such unusual values as those asked for our entire line of suits that go on sale beginning tomorrow at 9:00 A. M, III! tl» I, BlMk O.. Select uyMpni In bulk. City Moat Market.* •» Mii|» I^olft lUnk callfnl on 'friend* in Ixori Tut-nda" eyi-nlng. T. B. Hubinwon in ttpendlng u few dn>-» In OiiicfiK" on huMinPNM. Women's two tune boot* at fB.OO and 16.00. Klllon A I'ptera.* Mllo i'ittman. of MIlledKPvllle, «p«>nt \V*»'dm»»<day h»ri" tin limdriwMi, Dnnc-o tunlght. Wnodmnn hall. Public invited.* Minn Kthel Hcr-hlt IH ttpnndlns a f«w d»y» with fri«ndH in Chlcano/ Helvct oysters In bulk. City Meat Market,* K. A, Hogan, ,wf Dixon, called on friends h«>rt* Wcdn»<*day nl|{htv lIallowt>Vri diini-e, Tu«viday. Oct. 31, Woodman hall. -Htfrllnic. III., Hull's orchestra. Public Invited.* Charles Anderson, of € \V'edn«»ndtty here on buKlncss.' • Unnd dttiu-o in" \Voocmnn Hall, Rock iiljs, BjUurda'y^Oijtiihpr L'Kth.* E. H*Ma. oflilnon, attended the danw n the.Woodman hall Tuesday t-ven- Our entire made to Our entire made to Our entire made to Our entire made to THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY OF YEARS-NOWIS THE TIME TO GRASP IT. '_ , ^i._ »_...*•»*•* .*MM*. . •' " " ' " ^*"^ * line of Women's and Misses' Suits, sell at $15.00, on sale at . . . . . .$9.95 line of Women's and Misses' Suits, sell at $18.00, on sale at . . . . . ,$11.50 line of Women's and Misses' Suits, sell at $22.00, on sale at ..... .$14.50 line of Women's and Misses' Suits, sell at $25.00, on sale at . ____ . $16.75 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $28.00, on sale at ...!. $18.75 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $30.00, on sale at $19.65 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $32.00, on sale at $21.85 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' Suits, made to sell at $35.00, on sale at $23.75 Our entire line of Women's and Misses' made to sell at $38.00, on sale at.'..l' Our entire line of Women's and Misses' made to sell at $42.00, on sale at Our entire^ line of Women's and Misses^ made to sell at $45.00, on sale at... Suits, $27.50 Suits, $29.75 -Suits, $33.50 . , . , ...................... . __ ._ _ ._ _ _ __ ,_ H. J. liaumijach, of Chicago, wan sint'HM caller here \V«!ne*duy. Dancinir fln«* frc«n 8 to 9. Social dance m»m S> <o 12. Wooilman -Hall Saturday night. Public Invited.* A. J. (ilnsHlnirn. «f Tamplco, tnuiH- acted uUHineMM here Wedne«dny, Af'adumy Bowling Alleys open for bu*ine*H day and night. Alley* have b*en remodeled.* Charles Brainerd. of Milwaukee. Wis., «pent Wwlnesday here on business. Miss Viola WhiBtler, of MorrlHon, wan a nhopper )n thin city Wpdnmluy. broken '^izea in womun'a- Hiioes on »ale for J| 98. Killen * I'et«r«,« Wm. Kurnn and Wultcr Smith, of jcon. spent Tuewiay evening here. HiUlowA'en danoInK party in the Woodman 'hull of Btrrlini; Monday, O0tobre. 39*... Public invited.* For'Snlfc—Two. full dretw' coats anil vents in Rood .condition"" anil of i^rei vailing Htyle; fllx» about a 42 or 43, A >ar«raln for any one thej*- will Jit. J, fYank.* Mr». Carrie King, of Morrluon, l)ending a few day» here with friendit Mrs. R. L. (Jrlittn and Mrs, J. l,ee. of jvSalUv are here vuntinjr friends. BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE HOMES I« the kind Fornter,* AmH furniture nake. ForNter & Bonn outfit.-* art» »o llt«.»rent so wwh njore «ubHtantlal han the ordinary kind, beaideu so many i>le prefer to trade with Forster & « IKH-UIIHC evt-rythiiiK they well in tacked with Mielf-fifi-years reputation. That's why so many yountf people have \»m*sr & «oni» furnlah their home, •very thing in no feliahle. Come 1« ntl let u» furnish your home. The Hl« Btore, 113-113 W«6t Thlnt Ht «lf^ Jhls ;, DJ(8trlbutor8 , of ^»« *!*»»«» Wilton Hu«8. Vr«t> delivery any Where within m miles.* Chester's Coat Week Affords you on-taiusual'opportunity to make your ,st i lection of n stylish and btH-oin'mg coat for your particular iH'eds, . A givator variety oC-jmttonis and fabrics than wo have ovor premujtod before. Bolk-d models, witb <-bin- eUin- (•bllnra' antl'largc* culTK; N'port- and motor coats with" voluminous sleeves and ample lengtb; dressy A i» O^fHtk> HU TW I. MM* Oi _ing^attbe hem; many of them with handsome fur trim "Wings rn skunk,- Hudson "sea I orHBeliver, : ~ Brown, blues,-greens, grays, taupe, burgundy, phim and black are .here for the woman who seeks smartness in color a,s well as design. More than that,, a Wooltex or Paliiier label in many of ^he garments insures it to8 toy "good looking—an important.factor in these days of dye and fabric scarcity. It will be to your advantage to make your selections now while assortments are full, Prices range from $10.00 to $65.00 III* T«.. !l llwk Of, LENTIFULTHIi YEAR [jjwaukee Solvay _ >mbined toil" its fm sale in the furin Citit§. tf will pSy you to tie to the one who cwi deliver the good*, We Blankets & Comfortables Now is the time to repleuish your bedding sup- pli^s. NPW shipments from the best muk<»rs of blui)T{('t.s uiui ooinl'ortablpH just unpacked. Fine all Wool^ BlankelK in, white,-gray and, plaidH; Indian Blankets, Coueh Tlirows, Batk Kobe BlankotK, anji-C^lIt- BJanMs iii-tlainty bhien~ and pinks. Fine t-hallis and silkoline C'om- fortobieH, protly (Comfortables in plain bordei-H and figured centers, and Jaequard Comfortables. These eo.1<l weather neeessities will appeal to yoii." Cotton Blankets, priced from ..,.]. .$1.00 to $2.50 Wool Nap Cotton Blankets, pricea from*. 7.77.7.. ^...".".... r$8,'5d to $3.50 ~7ine Wool BBSfeta, priced from. .$ $10.00 OomlortabTes, priced from ....... .$1.48 to $4.25 Complete Stocks of Winter Knit Underwear For Women, Misses and Juniors • . . t _ _ Are Now Ready Hundreds of women look, to this store for all their needs in Knit Underwear because they have learned that they can secure, not only the most, satisfactory underwear, but also the l»est values -here.- '- —"- ~ — ~-~ AVe especially^ recommend Munsijigwear to our patrons, bei'juise in Mnnsingwenr garments all the objectable features of ordinary knit underwear arc overcome. .... The ISrst purchase of Alunsingwear always makes a life-long customer. PULL EANQE 02 STYLES, SIZES, PEIOHS NOW READY .Women's Union Suits, priced frora^, .50c to $3.00 " Children 'a Unioif Suits, priced from r 750c to $150 Women!* Sepamte-Garments, — priced from 25c to $1.5*0 Children's Separate Garments, priced from 25c to 60c ims That Are Great Money Savers Friday and Saturday Only. One lot Colored Outing Flannels, 27 inch, short lentrths, regular 12!'dc values, Friday and Saturday only, at ... .To Due lot Colored Onliiiu; Flannels, 5 <o 10 yiird lengths, . ami Saturday only, at . . , lOc re ,.slightly soiled, present value H5c; Friday and .Saturday only, at ... ...... ____ , . ,19c One lot Fleeced Pants, slightly soiled, present value ,1f>c; Friday aiul Stiturduy only, at ............ ....'..-. .17o t r )()x70 Gray Cotton Blankets; Friday and Saturday only, at: ...... , ....... ..', ...89c Full sixe Comfortables, good value; Friday and Saturday _ j^Jy? nt . ;. . _. ... ..... . .$1,48 21x42 inch Bath Towels, pink and blue striped, regular 20c va lue ; Friday and Saturday - only, at ..-.. ---- ..!.,.. . ,24o (H inch Austrian ^Bleached' Damask; Friday and Saturday only» per yard ______ . , ,39c 18 inch Bleached Union Crash, regular I'J 1 -!^? value, Friday and Saturday only, at . . .lie One lot Wojnen'H Waists, all — late . *tyl«Vr-regnlar, $2.50 values; Frfday.and Saturday only, at ..>.._.' ........ $1.98 One. lot Black and Colored Saline Petticoats, Into shipment, regular $1.25 values"; Friday and Saturday oply, at ......... - ....... ,...98o One lot .Infants' *\Vool Knit Hoods, white and red, rt»#u- Saturday only, at 48c -One lot-WarriFrV-itns Corst'ts, ^_ Intent . modal f sixes, regular $,1.(X) value,; Friday and Saturday only, -at ..."..$t70 rBie,Weefe Coal Ca , A. T. Svovill uiul tarn- , Mrrund Mrs. W, E D-muiu-y, .»f J.SH Mr. und Mrs.- J. G. \\Vui-li wi<nt to Air. und Chlet "'- ' * l " visit. 3Vlrt». (*l;iurlt«» (5Uhlinjj» h:u4 tviurncd •* '•»''"• * «it, Widni-sd.iy for mi «.. »*.M »Min. ->. %j. i.w«»-n «VM» *w i «u. «nu «m, /». \. CM.-UVIII uiui lain-, anvund airs. \v, K Doiuuivy, ofl.sii- Alr^ t' \v n,it ^hleujso Wfdn^day murnititf for a «hurt h\y made a trip to Lyndon and Proph- dun *pent Tuesduj lien, with fri.-udh h,,m,."f t ,.«>i l : .."i wtu-io s »u- w, m i,, \i, <-, , . VW| - ' 'wuown In tUnr inmor car «und»v. ! .Mi*. K. M Smn-n win u, .s\ Ml Fmn-' n,.-1 l>, i tu. >,d Mil F H i', Jr ., ti'i7nd h ' Mr. and Mt«. Kminttt Und»rhill. " *'- '" ' '••••- • '- »' ' - - '' •"' ' HKIIUI, iV.,,, W i- l if.! nl !'V." '""' IVU11 "" 11 iSttilnig t<. vt'sit her parvitU, Mr. and ; tin- Mis M M. tiott» wi-itt to Howard* Mi»,- MUIKUM-I l^i <'H>, Micji., \Vt'dnvMlu> fur j Vinit with »ntercd tlu> llit;!Ki.-i , tu] U'!,UUHIlt A It Mcli^irt* ttvnt to ^udjr lu.. Wtniiii'stlay on a fhoit ut M nufutulf filt » j«tt< '" Wtlh.uii I'nir.Mi. df and , ftiviu!« ht-iv Wtdtif.Mla ; Mrs Wtl|,i.un.,KoutHt liv r* li.itn ilainn,' nun n. ii ; r -MI " lji\ ( ,n Wi'di><-Mi.i> hi iv v> ulr it u iid*>. vi-it with fiu-i'tis Alt*- li.u vi'\ ,\iiiitin and Mi Mrllrn<i\ .uiii .Mt.s ( J l'tiiti<'iti m VVfiiiiftvtt.ii IKK- ,d On- iionu- <>r Hulji)> Ti-onui-., .it!*- (h< i<-( NTnlii'U .it (hr i'.tiint, l. talivd "is >u - X| t : < )u " 1 f > , _.. Suu*i, H« r Ml u 4 Mi (Mil .Iti.j H . Philip R Ward ATTORNEY AT 411-434 Uwrcncc Bldg. DR. F, W, BROOERICK PrucUce .Umlted % to RYi, IAR. NOSE «nd THROAT BRAIf^ 9MRQERY . 'Hours, t to U' a. m.; 2 to 4:80 p. m Fifth Floor Lwwi'«mc« " i, III, _*ta_

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