The Topeka Tribune from Topeka, Kansas on December 15, 1860 · Page 3
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The Topeka Tribune from Topeka, Kansas · Page 3

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1860
Page 3
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TOPEKA, KANSAS, Dec. 13, tSOi). (Entourage Dome Knhstrj. LOCAL jNIATTERS. Sam Fletcher, advertises a large lot of Boots, Shoes, Clothing, &c, which he is selling at very cheap rate-;. See advertisement, and then go and buy something to keep you warm. The "Ladies Episcopal Society," will meet on next Wednesday afternoon at the residence of Jno. W. Farnsworth, Esq., on Van Buren street. Charles Harrison, a saloon keeper in Denver City, shot a man by the name of James Hill, on the 2d hist., death resulting in a few hours. Hill was intoxicat-ed, and used indecent language towards Harrison. Tax-payers Attention. G. W. Safp, Esq., ihe efficient Clerk of this County, proposes to pay taxes for nonresidents, and also transact such other business as may be put in his hands. See his advertisement. Holloway's Tills and Oistm ext. Exercise your Judgment A newer and better philosophy. To pull dowu all absurd and antiquated notions of dieaie and its cures and to ectablLL a rational ey.-tem on tne ruins, has been the chief endeavor of Dr. Holloway through life, henc's the origin of his celebrated Pills and Ointment jeme-dies in keeping with common sense because subservient to nature rather than at variance with her laws like those in general use. To the stomach we tnieadyp?pia, headache and general debility to the liver, bile, jaundice and yellow fever, to thn bowels, diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation piles and fistula; to the lung-i, consumption, ic, to the blood, scrofula, (scurvy and all cutaneous eruptions. By kesping these organs and the vi-t il tlaid pure and healthy, we may safly defy the attacks of disensi and no medicine yet prepared for this purpose can equal the" action of these Pills and Ointment, a they dive to the seat of the disorder and by extirpating; its cause destroy its effect. Immense Sale. Of this class, Sloan's prepara tions can be ranked with safety, for we have heard of no instance where his medicines have been triad, but that the fullest t-atisfaction has been given, and their immense sale will fully at test their popularity. ireenort Journal, ill. Sea Sloan's advertiseiumt ia another column. Htarhtts, iftt IIIRAM RICH. Fort Leavenworth. A. S. FARKER, Atchison. Topeka Trices Ceirrcnl. 0:30 CORRECTED.' WEEKLY; ' Flour superfine, .. $:.50:Salt V saik 2.7.r " exrra SU.KSIMolassks X. O. Y gal 660 Sugar N. O. bfuwn... Sc'Syrup Golden . . . .$1.00 crushed.. . . 13j j A xks Collins SI .00a 1 ,20 Cokfek ;. I8a30c, Nails 4s and up. . . .50 Teas imperial . . .50al .00 Hides Green, 40 " black. .... 50nH5rt " Drv, He Rottkr V tt 20 Burning Flcid. . . .1.S5 Whkat bu Wood cord . . . .$3.06 Rick V lb ... . . . .8a 1:Coal stone V bu . . . .200 Board t wk. .$3.00 o4 Mo Glass V 50 fr. $2.7.ia.25 orn average 7 5c j Lumber Y 1001) ft 20a3c Cons Mkal . .90cl pine.... 40.i6c Bekf lb. ...... 46ciShi5glk8 pine. . . .SG.Oo Bacon 10 a lie " wuhiut. .. 5.Uc Tai.low, 9all Cows .18 a 45 LEA V EN WORTH MARKET. A. S. PARKER & CO., RECEIVING k FORWARDING MERCHANTS ATCHISON, K. T. Offer their services to the Merchants and business men of TopeKa. Having two of the largest Warehouses in the city they are prepared to store any amount of goods safely and cheaply. Jno Tams, at Leavenworth City, has one of the largest and best stocks of queensware and chinaware, lamps, &c, West of St. Louis. Buyers will find this lo be the place to replenish their stocks. See advertisement. Juvenile Singing School. L. W. Ilorne proposes to open a school for the instruction of children in the science of vocal music ; and will organize a class and give the first lesson this (Saturday) afternoon, -at 2 o'clock, in Museum Hall. We predict that this step will be cordially approved of by the Mamas and Papas of our village. Fsllow-townsrnen, John Fletcher, Esq., left our city on Monday evening last, destined for the State of Indiana. We believe it is his intention to return to Topeka in the course of a few weeks. TAXES! TAXES!! Q. -W. SAPP, COUNTY CLERK, of Shawnee county, Notary Public, Legal Conveyancer, and General Business Agent, Topkeka Kansas, Will attend to all business entrusted to him. Collections made and promptly returned, Taxes paid fornon-re;ideuts; all letters addressed to him will meet with prompt attention. Office in the Kitchey Block, up stairs. declo Topeka RailRo ad CERTAIN ! And so is the undersigned, by saying that he has the LA R GES T A ND BES T A SS OR T-MENT OF BOOTS & SHOES, ever offered in this market, which he offers for sale verr cheap for cash. S. II. FLETCHER. Flour, $3,003,50 !t sack. , Bacon, S.V13. Butter, 1015 lb. Eggs, 10 15. Corn, 4050c$) bu. Oats, 40 43. Meal,SOcSl,00$)cwt. Driedap- pies, SI, 50 peaches, S4.00 bu. Su gar S8J.c-crushed,12c Coffee, 17 Crackers, S-l.OOpbbl. Whiskey, 22c 4c. Tobacco, 1S60. Cigars, 4,50 OM. Lumber, clear white pine, sed, S25,00S50,00. Shingle, cu JTerosene Oil at ""ard Oil at Qastor Oil at yinseed Oil at gweet Oil at fy urpentine at lastile Soap at "yhite Lead at Concentrated Lye at Kellam Bro's. All to be found at the City Drug Store, KELLAM BRO'S., Prop. Kellam XSro's. Kellam Bro'a. Kellaui Ero's. Ketlatu Bro'h Kellam Uro's- Kellam Ilro's. Kellam Bro's. Kellam Bro's. Wood is being sold in our streets, at from two to three and a half dollars per cord ; coal, fifteen to twenty cents per bushel. We will take either wood or coal, at this office, on subscription. The City Council, at their meeting on the 4th inst., authorized the Street Commissioner to contract for the grading of .Sixth Street, at the culvert. At their meeting, on the 6th inst., G.G.Gage was elected City Assessor. An ordinance, recently passed by the City Council, renders it necessary that nil bodies interred in the old city bury- inT o-round must be removed prior to - 0 . the 15th of February next. Those hav ingfn'ends bunied there should give this matter timely attention, and not allow the work of removal to pass into the hand of the authorities. Mr., Trask, who has charge of the new Cemetery, is ready at any time to remove bodies to that place, when employed. A delightful rain visited this vicinity on Sunday last., the 9th inst. It effected much good , by way of replenishing wellsf cisterns, furnishing standing water, and reviving up the grass and "browse" for .stock, and last but by no means least, by- imparting new life and hope to the sinking spirits of our citizens. We believe there is "a good time coming," and that the corresponding reaction of next sea son will prove an equal extreme of pros perity lo that of want and failure during the past, and place us again upon an equal footing with or in advance of sections of country which have this last season left us far behind. Hope on; hope ever. There is a glorious future in store for the people of Kansas. ILeturnig. -We understand that Dr. Fletcher, ap old resident of Tipeka, who has been in the States for several months collecting donations for the relief of Kansas, is now on his return to Topeka, and will be here in a few days. The Doctor has received over fifteen hundred dollars in money, a part of which ras sent to Gen'l Pomeroy, but the most of which, Dr. will bring with him to Topeka. Topeka rmc Institute. The meetings of this literary institution, the present season, promise to be both rich and instructing. The lovers of high-toned literature should attend these meetings. The regular anniversery meeting will be held early in January, the programme of which will appear next week in the city papers. v e do hope that all the old rnerr,bers, and every one who wishes to become a member, will be present at theopening on next Wednesday evening. The institution possesses some valuable property in the city which should be secured ; and also a library of considerable value that should be in a public place that it may be used by the members of the Institute. Philomatiiic Institute. The first regular meeting, of the season, of the Topeka Philo.nathic Institute, will be held in Museum Hall, on Wednesday evening, the I9;h inst. Question for debate: "Resolved, That California, Oregon,. Washington, Utah, New Mexi- Blackwoocl's Magazine AND THE BRITISH, REVIEWS. Great Inducements to Subscribe! oOo PREMIUMS and REDUCTIONS. L. SCOTT k CO.. New York, continue to publish the following leading British .Periodicals, viz : THE LONDON QUARTERLY (Conservative) THE EDINBURGH KEVIEW (Whig.) THE .NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Free Church.) THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal.) BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE (Tory.) COUNTY SCRIP. Cash .paid for County Scrip, at Dauthit, Greer and Dudley's Office. Also money to loan. Groceries, choice and good, at reduced prices, at BARTLET'S ST. LOUIS MARKET. Wheat, 81,00. Flour, 82,75. Corn, 4Sc. Oats, 33ic. Whiskey, -lSc. Dry 1 ides, 14c. Dried apples, SI ,2o ; Beans, 7oc(381,00. Peaches, 83,40. Coffee, 12tfcl3Jc. Sugar, 77fc. Mess Pork, 818,00. Ham, lOjc. Butter, 8al2cpb. Eggs, 10c. Hemp, 8H0115. Clover, seed 84,75. Hungarian, 70c. Flax 81-15 Potatoes, 50a75c. Onions, 81.10 JOHN TAM! Wholesale & Retail Dealer in CHINA NEW DISCOVERIES!! TU T P A MT A Tfl AT JL-L-L-LJ VxAxtX -L XJLJL VJl J For the Presidential Election Of 1360 has now Irrevocably Opened ! ! ! J. M. IlamiUon & Co., Have just received their New Stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, I FROM THE EAST. Staple Dry Goods, very low for pay in hand, at BARTLET'S. jst.w.cox, MANUFACTURER ANT) DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF Chamber, Parlor, Office & Kitchcii FURNITURE, " MATTRESSES, PILLOWS, C. A large assortment of WOOD COFFINS Sc METALIC CASES Constantly on Hand. Also a Large Assortment of WALL PAPER Cor. Sixtli-st., Sc Kansas Ave., TOPEKA, K, T. N. B. PlE Lu 31 BE It FFK SALE. Tin Mark THE TB4K OF THE WHt HOLLOWAF'S Provisions, choice and fresh, at BAKTLET'S GLASS 4- QUEENSWARE. Burning Fluid, Lnrd Oil, Chandeliers, Lamps, Plated Ware, Britanni i Ware, Gas Fixtures and House rtiriiishisig Goads, &C, &C, &C. IV o. SIShawXee street. Between Third & Fourth North side, Leavenworth, Kansas. Bavins: been engaged in the mercliantile bus iness in this city for about three years, Messrs. Hamilton & Co. are willing to leave it to their patrons .to decide whether their way of doing buriness has been such as to give universal sati. faction and secure to this Firm a larger circle of customers than any other in the place. OUR STOCK OF GOOIS Is very larjre nnj has been selected with great care. It. embraces Drv Uoocs, Clothinfr, Queensware, &c. AVe invite buyers tn pive us a call and examine lor themselves, as we will sell Goods as Cheap for Cash as A3 ANY TOWN OR CITY IN THE WEST. Boots and Shoes, at prices to suit the times, at BARTLE TS. BAD LEGS, BAl9 heaven w ANl'rJs and 1 AH description of sores ai rlo VS C and dcligent use of tWl J . To attempt to cure bad leesSOVferiE the wound togethe- is 6fq rpi. , unite a cK!;j', diseased con' " ' to break out with ten ful.l f from ' only rationul and successul! j nature, is to reduce the; lnniUIlli cc wound and to soothe theiflf Vp in )lentj of .he Ointmeit.tt3 . DIPTIIERIA, Vllun - mi liensioi THROAT, AND fr ER QEi Can Anv of tbo above diseases fV car, binjj the Oiiitmetit three'tiit, thnmt and neck of the nutjeuhe Li and itive iiumeiiiiite relief. ' ar.A tnntirh mlKf: r.nerwti llliaw.u A , rr- .- ... Ty . fluence can lie felt in anvloioveri nieut wiil no ita wor: ,clnanrpf ,, ecunt in tlie above mnniu?r iuCcIU A well selected stock of Goods, at BARTLET'S. Topeka, K. T. April 21, 1860. 4-13-ly S. G. D1SBHOW. T'ne piesnt Ci iti.-al state of Eurnpean affairs "ill render tln'se publ cntions imusuiil y interratiug duriiiR the for. hconiiiiff year. Tln- will occupy a middle iriound between the hastily written news-item, crude speculations, and flying i umoi s ol the lai!y Journal and me pouuvrous lunie 01 ineiuTure niMurnui, n in ten the nvniir interest ami excitement t tile crea poiliicil events it the time shall have p issed away. It l ti these pi Ti'iuicuis thai readers ivusc loOK lor tne only really iiitel'ii.'ille and reliable Ins ory or curren events, and as surh, in hddiiu to their wel'-estahlish ed literal y scientific, ami theoiocical character. ure thtui upon the coiisidorutiou ot the reading puu He. The receipt of advanck siikkts from the Britisl publishers gives ud'ii ional value to these Reprints, ill asmuch as they can now be placed in the hands of sub scitbeis about us soon as tlie original editions. TEIJItl. (Tvegular Prices.) Per nun. For any one of the fi.ur Reviews S3 0D For any two of Ihe four Reviews. 5 00 For any three of the four Reviews 7 "0 For all four of the Reviews 8 00 For Blackwood's Magazine 3 00 For Blackwood and one Review. ....... 5 00 For Blackwood and two Reviews 7 60 For Blackwood and three Reviews . . . 9 00 For B::ick ood and the fur Reviews. . , , 10 00 Money current in the iatate where issued will be receiv ed a! par. POSTAGE. The Posta(5K to any part of the United States will be but, Tu'Vllt) fourC'eiltii a year for -Hlai kwood,' and but Ifo.ariec.jl 4JtlltS. a year for each of the Reviews. At 'lie above prices the Periodicals will be furuisHed for Ibtil. AM) AS A Premium to 'cw Subscribers . the Xns of the same periodicals for 1M9 wiil be furnished complete, without additional charge. Unlike the more ephemeral .wag izines ciliea iy. these Period ca!s lose little foy age. Hence, a foil year of the Nos for 1S59, m:iy be regarded nearly as valuable as lor I SoT. Subscribers wishing also the Nos. for 1860, will be supplied at the following ultkkmby low raiks. o SPLENDID OFFERS FOR 1S59,?G0 ani'61 Together. DEALER IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, &C. Tccumsclt, Kansas. THE TOPEKA Tit IBUX E. Prepare for t!ie Great Political Cam- n-iio-n if T INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS. NOW IS TSIE TIJIE TO Sl'ESCRlBE. Kor B!ackwood's Magazine. . . .the three years $5 00 For any one Review " " 5 00 Fcr any two Reviews. ...... " " 8 00 Kor Blackwood and one Review " " S 00 For Blackwood and two Reviews " " 12 0 For three Reviews " 11 uu For Blackwood and three Reviews ' " 15 00 For the Reviews " " 13 00 For Blackwood and the four Reviews " " 17 00 Any of the above works will also be furnished to Nbw Slbscbibkrs for the year IS56-7 and , At one-Iialf tlie lingular Subscription Prices. Thus a Nkw Scescriber may obtain the Repiints of the lour Reviews and Blackwood Six Consecutive Years for $32 ! ! ! Which is about the price of the original works lor one 'as we shall never ng:iin be likely to offer such inducements as those here presented, SOW is th3 Tims to SUBSCRIBE! Remittances must, in all cases, bo mide direct to the Publishers, for at these prices no commission can be allowed to agems. A "dress, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Gold Street, New York. Publication William E. Crum vs. Henry J. Clark Geo. W. Champlin Beza Kezer and Daniel J. Kezer, Territory of Kansas, Franklin County. The Tribune now more than five years old. and having a large circulation boih in Missouri and Kan s;is will continue in essence what it ever has been the earnest champion of Linerly and Progress, and the uncompromising enemy to every species of Legislaiion, torui ot tioverninent, or policy oi rnnj which viii conduce to impair our Coiutitunona Rights and Natural Liberties, or cause us to forfeit the claims and perogatives which we as a people possess. If is Democratic in its pi iivciples believing that the Democratic party, in its adminislrai ion of our National affairs, approaches nearer to a perfect ami simple system of Uovkrnmhnt by thk Pkojm.f, Hum any other, and in its policy with respect to Tai itFa. Taxa'.ion, Currencies and Internal Improvements, adrocates less monopoly, less governmental machinTy and consequently less expense, and reduces nearer to the People the functions of government or civil sovereignty and power than any other political organization now in existence. THE TRIBUNE is published at the Provisional Capital of the State of Kansas, and when once the State organization is out into effect, will possess su perior advantages as a news-journal, resulting from its location, and acquire a peculiar interest not possessed by news-papers cmanat rom less favored loealities. TOPEKA is now ranidly growing in importance. nnd will soon attain a decree ot civic celebrity ana commercial influence not enjoyed by any point west ot St. Louis. The growth and development ot tne l k.l BUNE will in every respect be in a corresponding manner. And while it is now as large as the generali ty of Kansas prints, no spirit of enterprise shall be wanting, at ihetarliest warrantable day. to place it in size, original interest and ability, side bv side with the largest and best how oub.ished in the west. Tne nendinir Presidential contest with six Candi dates in the fii-ld promises to be one of unparalleled interest, which, together with the early admission of Kansas, furnishes an ever ready tneme lor specuta tion, discussion aud gossip and one of no ordinary interest to the tieople ot tlie .territory. ro one can fail. then, to see ti e necessity of being provided with a newspaper, published at some accessible point, and we respectfully urge the (not unsurpassed 1 but more j: ' 1 . .. : A I,., TbllirVI? mail OlUl IJITJ auvauiayea ruj'ijcu uj wis TERMS. One copy, one year - Sw Five copies, oue year 5S Three conies, one year 5 I Ten conies, one year, IS Twenty copies to auaress ot eacn suoscriuer. . . . Any person sending us a club of Twenty, or more, will tie entiled to an extra copy. For a club of Forty, we will send three copies of the Tribune. Subscriptions may commence at any time. Terms, always cash iu advance. .All letters to be addressed to CUMMINUS & SHEPHF.UD, Topt'ka.Kaii.viB. EDWARD FEXLON, DEALER IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC HARDWARE. Iron, Nails, Miners' Picks, Pans Shovel?, aud Outfitting Coeds, also HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. Delaware St., (between Second & Third,) Leavenworth City, Kansas. Bi sure and go to the new frame Store on 6thav and buy of I3ARTLET. nieut wiil do its work ktt any similar disorders aftecUg jJ wiu nnu iiiemseives rcnevoa. , ci.m nt PILES, FISnEA? futur The above class of coirjfilpl ng; nightly fomenting the pjirt, .. then by Persons suffering from tliese,u -.I , lose not a moment in aref? " ' it should 1 undi'rtood.tatpresei to smear the Ointment On tf v must be well rubbed in t?'tiier ( two or three times a day, thg rnV system, whence it will im;t wound as fffeetuully as thoydtlOD Therf again brend and wate;nn , bing id i f the OintmentU) luiJO " is the only sure treatment fofcUSe in the stomueh, or wher?itiar ingdown. lSll ( 9n(histo INDISCRETIOXffOI pANDiHlratio Rlothes, as also swellings j i radically cured if th Ointniy11 ov Pills can be taken iight aijrjtion in the printed instructions, i way they only dry up njl uiffiG Cll.i other; whereas tliis Ointmer-from the system and leMV3J1 " " healthy being. . It wiil rv.auiiflnd t Pills to insure a lasting '""gygjji dropsicaIt sv$:i llie SIS AND STliestal Although tlie above coJi&.-irlnr; Many ot the worst caser orsiaoral a comparatively short sf :gr; ment is uiligently ruoueu Jiitej after every otbar means' Uu4grd( maladies the nils snoujtj oe printed directions accouvjftfiR: iai firiiprisei Both the Ointrnqitter used in theoipslai Bad Legs . , . IfV O, Bad Breasts ; 1 ' A')JfCoe . Burns ' rfrW Bunions ' : I'fcJient Bite of Moschetoes audrki -i Sand-flies '.1JS Coco-bay - ;.; laJtAnlni Chiego-foot , j s Chilblains . J - - T. 4her. ird.'rJs;: : : vrhtetv Cou.istins of fine Black Dress, Over and Business Cancers ' wrld ca coats; hue black doe-Kkln, faricjT casamere, casi- Contracted end' stiff Xomta JM nstte and tweed Bants ; black tilk velvet, pluth, Elephantiasis -. -I0flls ' cassimere, and fancy silk Vects ; fine liuin, over Fistulas ( ..JloCC and under, check and hickory shirts ; CAUTION '-None are gere re "Holloway, New VonitUin1! . as a Water-mark inevprif leor ions mound each pot or'tioxt.J, seen by holding the leaf to t reward wiil be given to. ai.V.fliniJ foi mation as may had tii1Clprri(l or parties counterfeitiitg Liie-"J the same, kuowiug thiliwfej fu Sold at the M-imifaettt lln Midden Lane. New York, and . ui-.ts aud Dealers in JI?duBCe ( iu boxes at 25 cents, 62 .cMlji!j jrj i nereis consU-CAJe i flJO 1 NEW STORE NEWG00DS S. FLETCHER, Is now opening, at their Store Room, pposita ixiccney iiiocii, a large stock ot READ Y-MADE CL 0 THING, SHIRT COLLARS LATEST STYLE. A Large Stock of BQQTSSc SHOES Mens and Boys Loots all sizes. STRA YED OR DRIVEN OFF. Two Cows One a large red and white rpotted . . r, 11 1 . t .-3 cow. about live or Six years oiu, wen mihiku horns, and likely to "couie in" during the pres- onl mnfith Till tttBT SL Small TPO ClllT. WltU some white in her free and roine white on her tor misses ; uiidi ens shoes, an varieties. flanks-has marks from having been wounded with shot on her left hip and flank; she was likely to come in during December; they were last seen ar home on Wednesday, Oct. 31. A liberal reward will be paid for thvir return, or for information where they may be found. As they were purchased of Mr. Thompson, on the Wakarusa, they may have gone down to that neighborhood. .Ldward JIooglasd, Dated, Nov. 15, 1860. Tecum set. LADIES KID-IIEELED GAITERS. Ladies kid-heeled Buskins, foxed heeled-gaiters, MAT A3VI CAPS irer Mae. .7 c N. IV Directi every disaider ar eJJLJ KzX th INSTANT -ivtlltS I'ur iiurscH of Sloan's Ins ant Relief am e 1 eunTiH ,1 Mil 'I'liis is truly a great a water, seldom fails to minu es minutes 1 u extreme cm r . IU I ... M W DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, Black Clotli, Fancy, and Plush Caps for Boys. HATS of the Latest styles. Vi,r Bruises. Strains.-pri ri: s. on Horses. Cattle, J J)Q 610 stant Relief speedily efjtetsOg nave neen asuHiisucu w vv LADIES LAMB-WOOL HOSE. Gents half -hose, Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs by the use of this wonS Get Circulars 01 Agents Sloan's Oiij f e s FOR TUB CXBE C 1? District Court Third Judicial District Attachment. Th defendants in this action are hereby noti fied that the plaintiff, William E. Crum, .on the loth nViv of .lulv. A. D. I860, did file his petition in snivl district Cnnrt. in the office of tha Clerk of said county of Franklin, wherein he prayed judg ment on a promisory note made by u en ry.. ns nrinciual. and Geore-e W. Champlin as surety, of date Aug-ust 10th. 185S, and calling for one- hundred dollars, with interest from date; said note having been made in favor of, and delivered to, C. T. Bybea, and fcy said C;.T. Bybee eudorsed 7 , . . , 11 T 1 Ti.a1 T to Beza JVezer, ana Dy ueza rvezr ww TiToTor. pndorscil to the plaintiff aforesaid for a valuable consideration. The said defendants are further notified that the requisite affidavit having by said plaintiff been filed, an attachmenUfrom said court issued against the lands and tenements, goods and chattels, rights and credits of laid (defendants. . , Tim AotanAiunts are herebv required to an v . . " - , , . , swer or demur on or before tne tnaayoi reu.u- n,l 'IV',1t,r'icia s;linnl(1 A'ith- I r ,i it . Jarvl861 oriudgment will be taken against them tlraw from the Unions J S&clfB, with costs of action. 1 LIJO UIUIUUV "M , Hepatitis or Liver Complaint, DYSPEPSIA AND SICK HEADACHE. TRUNKS CARPET-SACKS AND UMBRELLAS. ALL OF WHICH AVE OFFER VERY LOW FOr CASH. Topeka, Dec. 3, 1S59. Sheriff's Sale. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Sheriff of the county of Shawnee, will by virtue of an execution issued out of the Second District Court of said county, irj fa'orof B. D. Castleman and against James M. Herrin, and to him directed, at 1 o'clock, F. M., on the 22d day of December, A. P., 1S60, at the Court House door, in the city of Topeka, in said county, offer for sale at Public Auction, the following personal property, to wit: One silver' lever Watch.'one gold Watch Chain, one gold Seal, one gold Key total valuation, 27,25. A. II. HALE, Sheriff,. By J. A. Hickey, Dep. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Topeka. K. 7',, THE COUNTRY STORE! Opposite Eldridge House, LAWRENCE, J. WHORTON. T. H. ELDRIDGE DEALS AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL IN Fine Dress Goods ! SILKS, SHAWLS,- DOMESTICS COTTONADES, CLOTHS. AND CLOTHING, READY-MADE Vt everv yuanty, BONNETS, RIBBONS, MILLINERY GOODS. HATS AND CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES & GAITERS, Hardware, Queensware, & Glassware. FAIvCV AND STAPLE GEOCEEIES, Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Oil Cloths, Transparent Curtains,and Fixtures, Damask, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Willi Cornice &-Hangings, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Double Symptoms of a Diseased Liver. 1)AIN in the right side, under the edge of the ribs, increase on pressure; sometimes the pain is in the left side; tne patient is rarely able to lie on the left side; sometimes the pain is felt under the shoulder blade, and it frequently extends to the top of the shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken for a rheumatism in the arm. The stomach is affected with loss of appetite and sickness, the bowels in general are costive, sometimes alternative with lax; the hbad is troubled with pain, accompanied with a dull, heavy sensation iu the back part. There is generally a considerable loss cf memory, accompanied with a painful sensation of having 'left undone something which ought to have beer done. A slight, dry cough is sometimes an attendant. The patient complains of weariness and debility; he is easily startled, his feet are cold or burning, and he com- plains of a prickly sensation ot the skin ; his spirits are low;, and auhougn ne is satisfied' that exercise' would be beneficial to him, vet lie can scarcely summon up fortitude 1-nou'h to try it. In fact, he distrusts evcrj For mildness. Safety, -CefcSfT S'.oan's Ointment eiwls, inf$ 10, other Ointments and IJiifhttrfu' i i ,!;., . ll' Fresh wounds, or W.qq Riiiebone. PolH-vi!, vHfIial ne j. Fistula. Foundered FttJm or Greese, Man ire Bed NrfiH.K, ... a . .fisj;"1 i lie tuuw . SAMUEL FLETCHER I composed princirall of l.e lie irtveii at all times, unit andf IU perfect safety. , lc has beeafo i to he highly useful in tttel4iV u which Horses and CatO(?,r s'.C Hide-bound. Loss of rbHftei Water, Inflaniation of f h lA't errirc; also, Kiieumatmni comi'luint. It is also a tufa mi and Single 31 at-trasses, Yankee Notions, etc., etc., etc. Extraordinary Inducements ARB 0FFKKBD TO DEALERS AND FAMILIES For Great Variety and Low Prices. THE ENTIRE STOCK IS'NEW And very complete la all its departments, ebra-pvising altogether the finest and most extensive assortment, of mercantile eoods ever ofiered in this market. These" roods were' purchased at first hands of importers and manufacturers at ex- tremely low prices, ana win oe boiu hcuoiuiuij PUPJFY THE BLOOD! JvIOFFAT'S Vegetable Life Pills, A2il PHCEXIX BITTERS, The hifrh and' envied celebrity whiuh these pi-emi-M. rt, huve acuuired fork their in' uable effi cacy in ali the disease which they profess lo cure, has rendered the usual practice of puttiug not only uuuec essary, but unworthy ot tlieni. IN ALL CASKS of Asthma, Acute and Chronic KJieumatism, affections of the Bladder and Kidneys. UTi Liors Fevkks and Livkr, In the Siuth aud West, where those diseases prevail. tln-v will de found invaluable. Planters, farmers and others, who once use these Medicines, will never alter wards he, without tnem. BilliolsColic,.Skiiois. Looskxi-ss. Bilks, Costive sess, Golds and Ccl-uhs. Ciiolic, C'ouklpt Humors, Dhof-iks. Dvspepsia. No person wi.h this distressinir disease should delay usin these Mudicines iniinediately. Eruptions t.t" the skiu, Erysipelas, Flatulency. Ffvkr asd Al'K. Kor this hcourge of the Western couiitrv, these Medicines wiil be fuuud a sate, speedy nnJ c. rtjii remedy. Oilier medicines leave the sysu in re-lld" Several Ot the above SVlDPtOins I subject to a return of the aiseast", a cure vj iuee .' " . ,. - , r m, li.if.a i ripmlHIieilt. attend th; disease, but cases have occurred T . tl.,,m.r u, satisfied, and be cured. where few of them existed, yet examination VSfA-vTooVT-. GIDDINESS. a 1 I I t L . . L. (ha I .-.-a it the body,-alter aeaisi, nis muwu mi. 1 I I . . 1 . . Jn.f,n,l 1.1V ER tO 1UVC DCCIl CXlt-iisiv tiv uu!. FEVER. COUGHS AC2 It carries off all grosJumJ iflamation and fever, pnxifjs,b eanse the water, andOtren Jl. , A r. .M Wh,lrnlp.lf l ! R '- prices, by BROWN; tU&a J. 8. HOBBS If CO.NufSuA;, and bv neai lv all whir4tirl"f " St. Louis, and in EVERY T(iy Stat. W A LTEK B. M.OAf For sale by V AN LB,iJKl & UVIN, ail Ort!j,W irii; J"For si.l by DiUAfjjis OBTAlN'skCfs rr, stisH1 By reliab!, insuri AGUE AND Da. M'LaneV LivtR Pills, ir; cases oi-Ague axd Fevfr, when taken with Quinine, arc productive of the most happy results. No better cathartic can be used, preparatory to, or after taking Quinine. We would advise ail who arc afflicted with this disease to give them A FAIR. TRIAL. Address all orders to FLEMING RROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. p S' Dealers and Phv'eia!is ordering from others than l-Wnini Bros, will do well to write then-orders distinctly, ISrns.. HUsburgh, 1'a. To those wishing to eive XhmA a trial, 1U firwnr.1 per mail, post paid, to lany jpart o he United States; one box of PUU iKtae .tamps, or one vUl of-Vermifuge ft"- fonrteen SUnt "tumps. All orde. from- Canada- n.u bo ac-eotupaiiied by tweuty cents extra; GKAVfcL. Headaches of every kind. Inward Fever, Ii flamatory Kheumaiim. Impure Blood. Jaund cc, Loss of appotiu? Mkkccrial LilSEASKS Never fails to eradicate entirely all the t-nvcts of Jlercury, intiiiiiely sooutr thuu the most powerful preparation of SarsapariUa. Nioht sweArs, NkRvoiI Complaints ot all kinds, ORGANIC AFFEC'liONS. Piles. The original iiroprietor of these medicines was cured of Piles of 35 years' atauuiiig, bj the use of thi-se Life Meoicwes alone. pi in the Head, side. Back. Join's and Orpan Rhkimatism. Those aftected with this terrible di- Iw. kiirn.f relief bv these Lite Aleaicitivs. Rush of Blood to the head, scurvy salt-rheum, swel Scrofula or Kites' Evil in its worst &nns, U!cer of every description. .... Wni of ah kind are effectuallr expelled by these Medicines. Parents will do well to aumniisier them whenever their existence is suspected. Keik-f will be THE LIFE PILLS & pmzjsiJL BITTERS PURIFY THE BLOOD, And tliuV remove alldlsease from'the system, Prepan-d and sold bv DR. WILLIAM R MQFFAT, . g35 Broad corpejrrf Anthony street, New ok I14 1 V i iToti Casu Capital; 8. L. LOOMIS, Pres't - . K.rr.&II. M,MSgtt, C INC INI The Phrenix Insurane, Cpi ortranization, with a completet tabiuhed throughout tMfioti! entire time and attention to t tj. ance, beinjr free fromlr crtj the Marine business, j'JJ(f of $400,000, with larjre cnslii payment of losses wtthpnnT. Mia assist claimant in ninnm r;or adrantage to thoseeBD REHABLEciil 4G A I N ST st Applications aolfcitrd, newed, and Losses Paid at ttu- seperate Confederao

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