Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 26, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 7
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inF, ssvfiir. Warm Clothes arc what everybody is thinl^- ing about now. We are prepared to show yon anything in Fine Suits or Overcoats, in the belted backs, loose fitting or form fitting models. They are certainly snapp) in appearance . and reasonable in price-— $12.50 to $25.00 You will need some warm clothing—may we suggest a Sweater, Underwear, Flannel Shirts Gloves, Mittens or Caps. Shoes for the Whole Family. W. J. BELL & SONS COMPANY " * 5 Per Cent. Rebate Checks, •« -~\\•<-:.o.,.,>v,,. • -, . t? ftA<S?» <WV p »sv > . «,Vis.iv.&v\,v %s S,\^,x-\ , $. :-.i I-.-' ' ' vx ' ' LOCAL RETAJL MARKET, i^'tT'.r^ f'f, • c ff % c»v} D« try— Whs '«*«!«, 1 1 -v hv:i<rr ............. •x\-' Nsw He. !<<•? r«*7ui '.-.••.. ir4- I Of!*»t f , C*ii!f., r.«""" .... s:«' Winter Potatoes .70 Per Bu. FROM LOFTi: HURTi THEN WELl How a Man Who Landed 0- Wood Pile And Was Sore From Head to Foot Found Put in'your winter-supply before price advance. Sold by weight. Delivered any place in Twin Cities. • .,• • ••': ' -I, '• ' • •-"-'_'.!.. .-..- " . • - • - • ; KING CHARLES FLOUR makes good bread at a reasonable price. Miite and Yellow Corn Meal, $ye Flour, Wheat Graham, Buckwheat Flour and Bran for domestic use. JHereJfor Grinding bun- upon :' tinn- Kilwin 1'uinan who Iiv»"- in" tin- i|iii«-t. ptvtty. lianiUu < ' Wi-nilrl input. M.t!«j«., cliniltfnl' uj>-lnt«- ji Itifi t«t K<-t bii.itu' SiuHiling niiiti'i'ia: si?! insiTiy iinnUit-r iuuii llvinc in th ('niiiiuv «u)>t uri'.M <!u. . Su»liirn!y hr slipin-.l am! fi-ll. T<-u f'^t below wa.«.: |iil«» »( \V(nxl. knn(t<-ij ttinl unnrU'tl. I win* u nu'sty tuinhli 1 , J.inl Mr. ruttuin \\.IN injurvil piiirrfiillv. in ihi- hack, hf wa.-s oov«-rr>l with driilxrH. utul w;i« aori fin ln-ad to foot. Th*> ji«"Xt ilay h<> nought n liotth* .of ojirt's Liniii'H'iH whlfh Had h«»«>n rf- immviuU'd (•• him.' Wttlun u v»i*y few jhonrx th<> MtirtMicus h.-ul vanlnhP«l- !V»iU jthc lnm«'tu-«H, tutd diwipjiciirc*!. He was Ian nfUvo man onru mi>re. .I*intmt«nt cnn l»t» itlitntnod at tin™* 2IU'. SOn and IT.OO. W. F. FLOCK ..''', - • " * '•, ' —The Flour, Fce4-aj»d^SeecLStore A FINE MEETING (Continucil from Pn'«o One.) . rkt, in <«invftttlo» aswini'U-J J»f 4t!i Mtr«>et M. K. churt'h. WliTluiK. h«'t"«>i>y ciiYi'r tho fnllow!ii|r ri'Mohition: Tluu wo dwlk'iit^ oursctv* 4 ** uni-w to .tlu» -work i>( i.xif uM»in Hurlptv horiiuso of il vlfion wh'lc!V'*"bn»t «»mi' i I'roni our vonri'ivncp c'«rri'M|W)iulinK j Ni'f-ri-tary. MTK. A. T a . W»-l»li. our ill*"I irict mUcUutary. MihH I), JanrH. an.' i our fonncr ilistrji-t uiisHiunury, Mii».". IVHu'r Ut^i± • Rheumatism Oat WU 111 It »ftcr Hflloted , aw) A »U«4f U»*l CU! * It tu* anV*r «wher *b «vo« UvtiiUiai'a » «ar« la every CMO. r«> wuip , *No, ssc .. Byracu»«, >f. Y. That «e o.\im\H» our hearty ihani..-. to our' orlti-erx for their devotion and untiring hibo'r throughout Hie ilistrit-t. W« heu'in wish to iickn<i\v)«KlRi« Use lino roiu ','•«>• und himpltnlt'ty nhown UH hy i he. luiiic'U of UiiB .chureM. nlfio Jhtit of th'f lumtur n nd li'ls wife. We recognise an well the kindness of the truHttje.s of the clivirch and thone who fuiniHlu'tl spc-ciitl. ntiiKie, . \V'e nlBo d«**lre 10 express our appt'e- (lation lo The f>torltnsf Daily Gutotu- nnd- fr-'tujuiard .for the space- -riven to rvports of otjr prot't-tMlingB, Tho f.tet thdt wt» wt'rr able Ui rend at th» Hti! 1 - pi-r table a lui» account, of ih« day's pr»'Ki'atn' IK worthy of all. ' W. H. 'uljen, Mr<*. J, "S. Davit*, ..Mrs. J; M. I J ht-lps, In addition to vluvVleciioit of and • ,u}op«ioij iif r«MHiUunKl Hie fu!lowing priigram was i-\*rric-d' out: Devotions— U«v. A. Simistfr, n«'«'K . U ork-— Ml'sr; — James Stone. . &;.-. Hints frnin BraiH'IMe<.tlii« n»'lin«" Van ','!•'«•». Extension Work in ()ur Aoi^jibj} AJrw. S. Al. !lendi-r»*o|i. l l*rai«it Hervift- led by Mir \V«dit». of National •*> Making Real Progress your earning, with- your savings is not LOCAL BOWLERS WON Defeated Dixon team With 1 Pins On the Totals For the Three Games. - !H>.<m howlirsir f.';im W^dn^ful.-iy «>v» i n- :njr l>v ftft<-»-n pin« on the nllr-ys nt ni.v- .-.«. Th? *'-im« ha.i their first mitc)i j;amp «-f th*» w»*on. It is tho i J»:«i-k and forth all wtm*°T. The j»* .^cft^dulf^l tt'T ti*"xt v« : '*'k on th« v Ht**r- tmc aH«*yft of which .1. V, Hose is inan Th*> ffanu-s 'tily ptay«<i » in kw*3 trim, Th^ ti'tnl«< wtii!f» I>i.\«.!i iviis much <-tith,)5safin b< l tw<*« s n tin- 'lowlt-ni ,ifnl the rntAch Kainr-fj bctwct'ii 5 UP >v.o cJtU'i* v«ll \rv Watched wish « ^rr-at .«!«'.•»! yf intt'tt^t, ThP • ' f(.'U».'W$n»; aw the Ind!vi'liu»; »o«)r»><« for la-^t niKht wr-rp vory «>v rt<J ;>H «.<f tlio r Hlrrllng 'wr*' "!!>2 ip 4n with' 2479. Tlu-r* ••:i!it>tl M,,,H«: Hysut . s-'alt' . _ ..... ; . , ,' ....... 2u< ..... . . ....... t4t» ...... -,..,.15" Oixon. , ..... K-H ,...-. .»7J» ,»*»!» S-I3 171 ITT. 126 137 125 )77 Ife 173 -IftA 16f ISy cnm* Stt-rling s a!i<V .'I ti. HSU, H«'«-i>fnI \un. 7(J7. Tliln) :amt». SJc-rUfJs. -Hw*. and Dixon. S30, Tin niti(U*> K;ini« v w.i s si i «v*»rwht'lmini?ly it, ' svur n-f J^t^rlini; that l«onl Ixiwit-rw won s; tutal t>ins by 15. Liniment ,1 *, r;,.n 311 .,r U>»> t'!»ftii»n Inw- pro!<1<>« fiVf~tht» tiU'tding of i>r«'rln<.'ts iut'j !?uk:ts, .':...., T!.»» «ii!>r«'it)f> «>UTt »f our Plate W!i.« Ill tilO -WI.W Of I'WIJlll* . VH i 2-i?> 111., r>t">3 and eonjstnJfd •his tirt-uiinfT «H>nrtisln:i. It 1 settled tin a'iffctKTt by d*'Hdlnr that th« •vas'that 'for th<*'{>i'tfH»*o .of town 'Urn* only, th* «*ntir<* "town, as to the nmliOeattons. <-f the voters, is con- 'fldcrvtl m«< v-'-uri? «l:,«irk't, and that a ''OUT whft had r<«si«1ed tn thi> ttnvn for hirty dttys n«-xt |*r««»wdJris the .town n and who had ttnsVtfci'r qtiall- nn. cot'td votii nt s-uch town *U»Ctk>n at iht" Jwllinp j>1a'o«» in-^fti" ^lection district dn which he actually resided MI tho «iay «»f vlectiuii, ri'Kard- j£»« ojf th* lt*msih cif time he had prc- *t«msly r«*Ri<l«Hl In thai i»3rii<Hilar <jl«H i;: Uon district, U» other word*, one :'«uld mov«* from th*- country in tho •*'«<t«»TO t»urt of • f?u*rlhif? township t» ^ho lirst wan! in SlerHnp, «no'dny be•''WJ-P nKn-iittn day and v*»J«» In tin? tlrst VX,N- '.; Announcement r. The body Is bieecr Skillful designing has ! TU'-.jc-r into .one of high nrty increase in si?.e tlc- <r p< «cr at 2?(X) r. p. m. i:;'; roved by the n?c of .:::«,! ;hc tuc of laigcr tires. r, better and more refilled is the new model 34— Qaktatiil .^'risible Six. The wheelba (•' !' and more conifurt A refined the vah '-;;:• f speed type, \vlii> h \\ .il Vflops full fort', -i !!:' Riding quality ;-. •„•; ; lung, scit)i*clHptiv ;,-. •; Power and beauty roominess are a titled in genermis measure, yrt ihe new StHsitir Six weighs but little mure limn its prcUer«'- ••!'.' Refinement-? have conserved ami en.pha: its lightnc?? w ith great strength—its furl and tire ecdnoni}'—its more than sensible operating cost. And the price of the new Oakland Six, $845, is also sensible —doublyv TO when measured'against: the i betterments and 'improvements which add tremendously to the comfort, convenience, and \alue of the car, . OtiUiJnJ f.iqht flffr 5 — F'^ '1to?r vh'i tv,<:it a Ms; f-c\ et!-pa<nrn- prrcar, Oakland hi^hi '-; : rr, the \itinj.-;! in FpcuJ, piiilir/K power .";!ul luturioUS ridiliK C«'!V1! ••;. It lu<s thai Ivok i<{ -tyli- and di;tinctiori—and its Ji^h.uics and! tliiciracy make it, maintenance unusually ectmcmje'a! for a car so larfc and iuxurioue. John Hoppler & Son 404 Locust St. M^P v -^^Ss l£ K/LLS STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwi-ll t>na Qulnlevnn Member H«>ard of Trade. <'|II«»KO, ui., Oct. -Op*n Htjjh— Wheat Mny July Corn l.M» May .*» July -v Data May Pork Oct. Jan. 1.83'+ 147, .RK .89% ..14'.. "J«i '.ill 1 . ', .' 1.7S 1.77% 2R3f> Jan. r>"7 Rib» • «*•(. 1 '•'' ii i, H.i'i HI.' " i" :• J-IS'J CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. », It!. not. :!6. S.J.M Light , s:. in ii in ;»t |i, s!« ;!<l'.. " . £5.mirt Cnuif .. . . ••• ^•""" lo«.»> !<»( 1'iW'l lli.lll .U'.sNT- .-!) .' , . UT.imrt CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET, \Vll..»t N" - Mil, *1 * '1 .'•« 1 *'• 111,,,, Xij J haul HHitu, *l S3-1 I Ii'i. No 3"Kanl -unt»>r, 11 . T J - »"u I •>". S.Diu.l,- .•! .,U\'| .1 <» . fitiii X" - v<'H"". S.1 !V '" I '••' !-- Savings to yQur earning pouwr prove it. itself Ask us to |! ii». \>. .' nhii,. J ) ''7 ! .if 5-" \" : \iiiiti i( >M Nu J iii.^«'»l 4l"71 J-i I UH 1 • -. Nn > int\< 'I. > I " ' ' l% %<| " . inivi-i). 41 "'). h'.imt'U' sji.i't . tl «'i Xi *v i ,n n ,\'ti ! wli-iv, j-!)"' N" i t M'II,'. '.I •' ^i' : i.J'iU, *I'i v « I M i itt '! i XL ' «. t- liiu > No saixt >!, *l"i'«il"l, \ • : miv«'tl 4>-I-" /; „' l-/. Ni> '• iiii i-i ',, S.ui,; «• Kl.ul », \, l::ti-. !• »>.»)«. X.. . HI.» ' ' "'" ft-.'- " "*"" „' v\)ut • *' ! 1 4'i«"it<-< Ni> '• A!MU- 5 i--,i*.. r _• ^ N.' i uiuic. >i ' •-1-Mil , "•-' ! -' i '•'•'> I*-' l« uii \ i ',»,>!* *>'. •» 1 - ! • ':"• < \ . .ii", $TERUN(j CITt MARKETS :a l/artf.),, DiUon comt»ny.) Sterling Illinois N« \v \ > t ; \, it-«vk > "i " Nil. \,i I vi 1\ VV • • I U \\ i i' •' • 11 -' \\\, . 'rl ' H\4> . . .. .t. lUl !• . Uive Stock. H.vt Strcts l •ft-* v l (, • .. 85c , ^lU _ . __ . For town "fi(-c5T«hs ohly^lWeTTo whip rf Strrlintt. fi>r insinnctv * s ''*** iard«nl as one district. For fttntt! and county tdWtfons. as on next Xoveniuer 7th. the Township of Sterling: is .re " »5«rded as one pwmrt. bnt IB divided Into six disurit-ts. i«o'that tho decision of thf stipreme court above cjuoled make* it plain, tog-ether "Wlltr lh» era! elation tliat the voter'nnnd la___thje__£lecUon.- district thirty days, etc., in order to be a U*xal voter. jtrEOAL^mmo^ LEGAL KOTICE. of Illinois, V.„_ *"~ Jstu County,*} In the Cir-nm Court, October tenn V. D. 1916. , . . ; AlU-v A. Raiul«iJ v* O*orK« W. Iloy- •r, Effte .V, Koyei; • Brandt un«l \.' Ko>er, In Cbuluwy l*«rtuU*i l*ttblic nt'iic* in h«»rdi>y given n pursuant of « d«:r«»«» Of eaUl court niweij un the 26th, day of Octoln-i V. D ISIS. Ui th^ above entUUd cauao, !u> ut!tler,«.itjn««d- >,tas.tcr-iu.('liaiicfr.\ vlll *?\l at putiljr v^ndxia ttMtso litfils- •st bifli1»-r, en the' 25th day of Nnvt-m- »«r. A. D, l&H, at tw«> o'clock in Uu ifu»rn<Km at th»> xo.utb 4oor of tfaf CIt\ Hall i-» lli» City ,«f Sterling, jn «ati' thf followtns Tttlrrv of IJ«K:dWB> in ttu> C'iti of st«-rli»K. County •" \VhiH-fUli* and HtuU» of HUiiMiH. T«fr*n* of *y»U-: Tt»t» |>*r et-nt of Uh |irice due untl iMiyablu on du> d.,twl^j*e# «lw»n HaUl *nU> J* i«y th^ Ovurt, when AwA whull . ae, N«IV. i, a, in «-a f<>? tin- Northern t>tri< t »f liln»«u)» \\Vsiwn I»V\HM>>> In itu- tu.tH«r ..f I *,ut. Hti-idintt, at 4." You «ue hetfby «»lUsod l" '"' !1 tiJlcU (h.U an tn III the I>l»tl*il <"i'UH »>t the t'lilUc Slut* ;-' <-f Altxiit'.t I«U P list* XitiljHMit l»i>uiK'* «'l Uliiu'i-. \\"«.-iein. l>tv»^i'ii which i'i iui««si v.i^- ltlt«! !•* Suiunii' ,s ti,tt,l*ru|it an I V\ »!!!'!! -Ul H(U:ivl S. ;iv<n ti« f > Y»U. titt tU>Uli>t Mill! U the » • <ul Shrit itntiii- !' » t'V in.bii»Mtidn. Ui«*itf<>i> -.n I *«>!•« lSi«-l«hiiji. unit .*,'' < t« -to-i .u«' lit rt by n«li>U>' - lft."ii t !•» lir«,ll l.ii d .H«t t i tti;<.i«»tvinntuiti .in ^-ui-i h n'H tt, iu« 1'iu -i I'M < !»•! t. Illuu i ' 't si,*- ii'J, »l.iv -f -V«)vt nst't i, 1J'1»!. •<> s.; • t» * I •> k A >l ,*-r>i Hit- ^,^l^^ *',u> ,;i> '!: , j ,^i -»K }M Sau l •» i- 'i i> ' <• >i .-. i >» i *>\ t,' tittt*! t" .tj't't n in .•'•iii! ii>-Sii, >'. u l't)4*' ( •>« *".*•' «' ' ttH-k A >i lltid ' ! . • ji i« t,« «i>. >cf_ iij ii>.'i llL 1ii ^H i~~i T~" T ".^~7nr""~ ; T"r^~jr!" ;: ' r .' > YT7r ; i"~ > 'i'»' * i , .1 - -'. ,',,'! si '. 1,1 "i u's' I aJut i !' . V !-,!!> u ". - tK- H- -v :< K«» . ,\\ M , "- i »r j - t » • 'I l»,i-> 5"iH- i 1 ' |V CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD HELlT WANTBD^-MALB MISCELLANEOUS Fourth .Sts. 1'PHOLBTERIXp l-trtK- icornor L««?ust and SITUATION WANTED l.itii.<>> tn r:ii - «' fur inv.ilirt. cur'i.' r; a wit*-. 15«x "S" t'9-100' FOE SALE-r-EEAL ESTATE AVANTKD Ufirk mi SK'VKRAU "1'V 1 <>rt UKN'T— AV'.- SltJ. ."is 13 ON i u.-ii r.: , ;i'»7 \V«--i Thin! Hs., hi i I'.trtly utwdisru, ^u. tilS. 7fixl25. rail Hell 174-4. -!»7-',K.' t<> ciMik, man t»i.H>ut)i>t ( an<l «tn «<•!!• , il liHUNOwurk. Steady work for' Clill|ljt*. Oorttl WJIt**'^. l.'lM'IU' "T, -MTiu-,'__«_;n*«" ri'Tfrfnici-. The Whito- ] hjilo <t«innty R RAU5—HKATINCI .STOVK, C « m-w. H>i)2 Seoonil Avo,"* ft \V,VXTi-:i» —KKAUN- UAUr.KH TKA UK, j UiK pnyiiu; l ratio. Kasy to k'arit lr oitr f i \KH-ln. \Vrit(» fur catiih>s:, -0! St., Muline, 111. TrM'ity HELP WANTED—.FEMALE AT Apply at uffico.. F. \V. Co. - • '^'''•'^ViAVAXTKu CHAMup.iojAin-TPi' TIII; !>,-!»..: Kaiululph Hotel.' . ' > !»S-!f \\'ANTEIV-:2n"STrnr,NTS;n,> LE\l,NaVANTKU'-^rBX" GIRLS F"It 'Bl< li*Ji»K.rnph,v. I'fH'XPfUinl <»|>jK»rltiii>t,v.-J viiuilovilh* act. <f«M>d viicc--, j * .vj>.", lOsrt'll iw»w." SU'orii: ilfMtitinl. Xial.t ' ri*>nfi« not ripoiili-wl. Inmiiif l-tdnv KU'«»nK ilentitin'.. Xijjl.t Kchnol. Standard School of T*!*- graphy. over Jenning"' Jewtlry. htwre, Ijoi-w^t Stv (ititirwuy. O<"t.;;4-2t<-t'S-Sl* ~-<-t»»' of JJurylantl winter orders t» /ohn' tl.' Hwrr-i^nn. FOR SALE—PAEM LAND3 •5MAU- MISS'JUUI FAUM, $10 and $5 nwiilhly; no inUTeht ur . highly pi'diUunive Innd: cloi* S bl ' rnaik'tH, Write fur photoKraphs un< full jnfwi mutton'. Mniiser A-172, X \ Ufe Bld«., KiinMS City,, Mo. ?7-XOi' MY county farm far iv farm of ^i>o ai*rt or 24U ofi'i'H. Muht lit' a BIH il fani und timv put dlffcH'iu'u in ca«l), Writ' "X, V. K." euro Unstftte. tfT~lli' Foil HAJ.U-OXK I'Altt O.I-* Mri.l> liatiitth, hl.illkfit.' A l>,nt;,iin if l,i'i i-ii at mil-.-, jltm rt.ual^ Mh f.ii'i' St. ' '.".,!• Full SAl.t: I". H MAIL «\\i! <;u77i Sis tii-iv. .'l! 1 -'! iiU'.M'h' «'.i!| Inli'l ,t.ll i'UiU ..SAI.K—U «",ill IU-U :»:•'» '4.. 'IM: s o \l.i. «'jui % HI KUUli Ml l|if li'"J! K«»l I SAJ.K Is I nit .»- \r.t: |,,,c i'!|, I HM A v 7', SM«iA'PH i'i; \N V, < ' «! 11 >!|1|"I . TCh if!H"U " '<•>, 'in 1 <»i '«i)i H \i;p • H i a., M .t . t , 11' 4i' 1 Ai iii,. h« ii i ,•-> ii it II i" r-t ! a 1 \. I Illu -il-n.i' - I,' i! Ii'..i5 •• ',"1 u H>H S.-HJ i. -? jn.iiiin,; IV. Vl •' i V !!< rt h. u - .-!' (I- Ht -I f-.-s I < •!.< (lllf \,. , M .1 not reqiili'ed. ln«!"i' <«r Vaudotte Th*»n!r«' or Han dolph HotcL (Jriff Oort1<m. '.is-;-? 7 AUCTJONEEBS A, 1.. COl-£^TuCTKJXKKU. i:i')C'I I-'allx, llayt* Hut! exjuTH nn- in nl KiiTiI.H Of Sifiles*. H"1d Milrf -n!v\»hfj ami o\viy\vh«»ro. CJuarant'" ai>M>lut ttatUfMCtion. Can iff<-r y«>u t.i n Jon li'it of t-atisfl^il oustnnui.<. J-v<- in fi»r ilat'»,s. lUtth phonic. J. 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