Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1968
Page 9
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typfitt NOPt (MR) STM* PfpHi If IfftlT CrlppUd ChlMran't Clinic If Itold on "this feint, the fted insist the d^feeffients are •KU^ (^bt fjKtilJ^Utt 'A tsfci f f Art tif rt ana mr longer appilcaDle. Olap said in referring to tne Viet Cong strikes in the south! "these brilliant victories marked a new antf very iwpor Hanoi's willingness to use ttit is*** A** Geneva r&ct as t basis far the jragc une * beS&t Confer en se si - - * voted to "fight on until we have they had not consulted ten final flelofy," '"- "* - - - frinh's pease proposal-' whfcft said the l§S4 Geneva ar« mlslice agreements could te the subject 6f tte talks-* was made in an intenllw »!te * French news ageief correspondent m Hanoi, ' ; , State Department officials to Washington immediately began studying Trmh's statement! The Initial reaction was that there was no fundamental shift In po« sition* Trlnh went a step further than he had In his previous two declarations when he said that the "relevant problems" to be discussed were "questions re« lated to a settlement of the VI* etnam problem on the basis of the 1954 Geneva agreements on Vietnam; there are .also • other questions which could be raised by either side." ' Though he Insisted that Ha* nol's long-standing four-point and the Viet Cong's five-point conditions for settling the war still stand, he said their "spirit" was a U.S. troop withdrawal from Vietnam. He added that the points "conform to the fun* damental principles and the main clauses" of the 1954 Gene- from Page One abuse, t&reaii to tarftlsn sila* ries or to repossess ftirnlshlttp often is the aelftatdr. tttft Jf IWV ..._..,. 13 'fce^We tfif m some of tnelr money featl* B|t why should itt individual wafit t* m nls WHs tfrttt he l&fi ffe released from theffi^ Obtloos^ s, of offers nem is that many bankruptcies jndividaal obtains r _„ may be tanecessary. ; __ from efed i( 0 rs and assistancllft prorating bills, he Cannot •'Studies conducted by.onlter sitles hate determined equity ift properly whereas Be Kf1f e ]«,»] r^^lirff..^! 6 -!^"? could have paid tftelr debts out ™* , Mff3 , fjS . te' t *nitisx our peopte's resistance tplnst the UA Imperialists for nation* S-ffiSV"! IK '£ffi •* M. •* w-rtr •**very fevorabte for our people and unfavorable for the U.S. ag* gressors. These resounding vie* lories are vigorously stimulating the entire Vietnamese peo* . fe « 4^»- ^,» he can be released ffdm burdeB* tftelr debts out sotM Contracts, he ; retains £a u much better credit record, -* No Candida!*^ Jutt WrlU.lfit - CAUStY, M.BT'(AP) - -Hf filing deadline for the March;? This places much of the blame on legal advisers them* selves, some of whom are unfamiliar with alternatives to e Teefioff"of municipal offleeiS Die ffom the Sotifh fo tto Nntth slraI 8 ht bankruptcy, and on has passed and no one threw|.i pie from the South to the North buS | nM8l? en, who generally are hat In the ring. Village Cierle felt to have a responsibility to ^ O uj e p a f n6 u said an electidl educate their customers. w m ^ ne t(j anyway to give vot* In Twinem's view, many peo^ e rs a chance to write in namei. pie overloaded with bills would . . -be better off seeking relief in Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Act, This enables a person to avoid bankruptcy by paying debts out of earnings over a three-year period. to charge forward with still greater valor and determination and fight on until we have won final victory," He made no reference to any possibility of peace talks, It was the third time since early last year that Trinh had publicly expressed Hanoi's will* Ingness to sit down with the .Americans, If the bombing of North Vietnam's cities and mill* tary targets; are halted. Store Coined $1 III o Holdup . ; . St, JQS£PH r Mo. (AP)- fcfc foiled a holdup Tuesday ^ ft SU p ermarketi Two bf the three band!ts were shot aJSel lice However, if imposes a three Vw6Unded b y police and w . x . year supervisory obligation on $3 000 scattered over th e floorof the court s bankruptcy referee, ^ stofe and {n ft pdfklng ^ whereas if he advises the peti- Wednesday after all of th*« The five largest states in tioner to file for straight bank- money wa '| gathered up, sto£e area are^Alaska, Texas, Call- ruptcy the matter -Is handled Manager rfack Meredith said"aa fornia, Montana Mexico. and New completely in a few weeks. accounting showed the sto«« Merchants naturally like Fuss Breaks Out in House Over Bill By ED SHEARER Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Sug- gestlons that a bill carrying his name was not an administration measure irked Rep. Marlon Crank of .Foreman Thursday and prompted him to term unidentified administration aides as "a bunch of liars." Crank further suggested that all Democrats who agreed to sponsor administration legislation in the special session take their names off the bill. His outburst came In the midst of virtual bedlam In the lower chamber during discussion of a bill to create an Association of Arkansas Counties. House Speaker Sterling R. Cockrlll Jr. of Little Rock in- terupted debate on the bill to say he had just learned the bill was not endorsed by the administration. "Why this doesn't make sense," Crank yelled. "I have no bills in this session. I never saw this bill until Monday when I found it on my desk and then I merely placed It In the hopper." With a state of confusion disrupting activity, Cockrlll de* elded to send an ultimatum to Gov. Wlnthrop Rockefeller demanding that he identify administration measures by the nun> — Hope Star photo These are the folks who volunteered to work in the Crippled Children's clinic held at the Hempstead County Health Center yesterday. From Howard County came Mrs.Elese Mlllerand Mrs. Effle Jones, both of Nashville. Ohters were Mrs. Max G. Kitchens, PHN, Prescott; Mrs. :Delphlne Lester, PHN, LewlsvlHe; Mrs. Bob Turner, R.N., Mrs. Arch Wylle, Mrs. Pod Rogers, Mrs.Syd McMath, Mrs. Bernlce Bain, Mrs. Martha Thompson, Mrs. Lee Still and the Rev. Walter White. Examining clinicians were Dr. Charles G. Smith, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Betty Lowe, Pediatrician and Dr. E. Oates, Dentist, all of Texarkana, and Mrs. Rubye Hinkle, Department of Public Welfare, Little Rock. Related pictures will be published in Saturday's issue of the Star. bers placed on bills In the House. Newsmen found two of Rockefeller aides, G. Thomas Elsele and Marion Burton, frantically TSCHEDULE Fage 5 SUNDAY FEBRUARY 11 5:30 6x00 6il5 6:20 6i25 6»30 7:30 8x00 8130 9:00 10x00 10x10 10:15 10:30 12x05 12x10 KATV CBS Evening News CBS (C) ARK LA News-Ooorge Moore (C) Safeway Weather-Bill Mitchell Sports Camera-Jim Landera (C) Late News Roundup (C) Gunamoke CBS (C) The Lucy Show CBS (C) The Andy Griffith Show CBS (C) Family Affair CBS (C) The Carol Burnett Show CBS (C) News - George Moore (C) AP&L Weather - Bill Mitohell(C) Sports Bye - Jim Landers (C) Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Pat and Mike"-Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Aldo Ray Late Newa Roundup Sign Off FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 6:30 Wild, Wild West 7»30 Corner Pyl'e., USHC 8:00 CBS Friday Night Movie "The Secret Invasion," S Granger, Mickey, Rooney 10; 00 News/Erwin 10?25 Weather/Griffin ' ; 10«30 The Late Movie "Rocky Mountain," Patrice Wymore 12? 00 Weather/Vespers SATURDAY FEBRUARY 10 , 6;30 Th.e Christophers ..... ..... 7:00 Pappa John- Sunday Show 8 (DO Tom & Jerry 8:30 Underdog 9:00 Hallelujah 'TraiV" ' .9:30 Farm & Home 10:00 Camera Three 10:30 Window on the World 11:00 First Methodist Church 12:00 Senator Long Report 12:15 Face The Nation 12:45 Kiplinger Changing Times 1 : 00 Hockey Game Of The Week Montreal Canadians /Chicago Black Hawks 3:30 Perry Mason 4:30 Amateur Hour 5:00 21st Century 5:30 Channel 12 News/Weather 6:00 Lassie 6:30 Gentle Ben 7:00 Ed Sullivan 8:00 The Smothers Brothers 9:00 Mission Impossible 10:00 News/Norton-Clements 10sl5 CBS News/Reasoner 10:30 Secret Agent 11:30 This Is The Life 12»00 Vespers MONDAY FEBRUARY 12 j 6T3CT 7jQO 8? 00 8; 30 9 ? 00 9 i 30 10 5 00 10; 30 U«30 12 {00 12 5 30 l?oo 1?30 l?45 ?«00 3iOP 6?oo 5? 30 6:00 6:30 7; 30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:30 Agriculture ; USA "" Pappa John Saturday Show Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles The Sptcg MQby Swperman/Aquatnan Jsnny -Qviest Th§ Ume Ranger- / The RpaOvmner QhildFfn'i FU,m .T estiva i ipt's TilH Hustc AUendalt -T&lent Time Movie 6»25 6?25 6? 55 7j05 7? 30 ,8jOO 9? 00 9 S 30 10 {00 10; 30 11? 00 111 25 ll{30 11«45 UiOO I2r30 hOO 2iOQ 2j3Q 3 i 00 3s 30 Economics (Mon-Thur) Across The Fence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS News/Bent i Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke Love Of Life CBS News/Benti Search For Tomprrow guiding Light News/Owen As^The WorW Turns : Love Is A Many Splend,prea: Thing •- Hpuse Party To Tell The Truth QBS News/Edwirds Edge Of Night Secret S^gim GiUigsn'f Navy Pay, Qprdon Mapgae CBS Bvpning NfWi enannel 12 New§/Weather J§ck|6 My Three Petticoat Channel l The Late Movie Patty Shatner <?en,ersj:!pn 6? 21 fe|30 7 s30 8 $00 8|3Q 10:25 !10;30 11:30 1?:00 Weather/Hoi The Lucy § Andy Griffith The Mpnday Night "There * § Mj»cMurF§y, Joan IfTOf ft scanning bills. *'' "We're finding that soriie changes have been matte 'In these bills by the members v)ho agreed to sponsor them, and we're Just not sure right now which ones are our bills)" Elsele said. '• • >« Rockefeller then sent "a Wttfer to the House saying tt wds r( lf*t jxissible to Immediately Identify administration measures' butftie resolved the dispute temporarily when he declared Sny unchanged bills as -administration measures. r> Burton then told the House In « committee of the whole that the bill which started the dispute was Indeed an administration measure and had Rockefeller's full support. The governor later confirmed this at a news conference. Rep. Charles Davis of Springdale, who was arguing against ,the bill when the turmoil arose, said after hearing Rockefeller's message, "As I Interpret that letter, It says absolutely nothing." Davis later said he was "shocked and astounded" that the administration would permit In the call a bill that would "allow public money to be used to lobby against county reform." Cockrlll confirmed that two legislative aides to the governor, whom he did not Identify, seemed unable to determine among themselves If It was an administration bill. When Cockrill put the suggestion before the House, Crank said, "They are certainly a bunch of liars, If that's the way they want to play, let's get -off all their bills," ,Meanwhile, Sen, Dan Spijlck of Wttle Rock asked for "a communication from the governor" as to which bills in the Senate were administration measures, -.3 Sen, Oscar Alagood of Little Rock asked U, Gov, Maurice Brltt the same question and. T Brltt replied, "gome of th§ bills $ were put there at the request A of others, not because the gpv» T ernor wants them," ^ Mormon Guide • Brings $2,800 • NEW YORK (AP) - A rare $ copy of a gisjd.e for Mormons A> who joined the California golcj T rush in the issos brought a top W price of ?2,800 at a Parke»@er* 4 net Galjeries book aijctiojj T Wednesday, f The bppfc. entitled. "Mormon WsytBUJ to the Goldmines," was published in Salt Lafce City, Utah, ta 1851 4 ind was teten<3e4 to fuide Mormon golqkseekers Jo cimping sites w4 water h.o}es In. "the Caiifornl? goldmine • • • • • * Weather/Bplton C^rpi Burnett .Sf § Hunt Weathgr/Vespers Only five of the volumes are believed in existence, The fappfc pyrcbased by Warren Hov* a San Francisco GOODS YEAR SALE ENDS SAT. NIGHTI HRSTUNE TIRES THAT COME ON MANY NEW 1968 CARS glut 11. rt*J, Ii i.w NO TRADE-IN NEEDED • Buy now and save on these brand new Power Cuihlon tires. Check your size below, Go Goodyearl • Low profile-contour shoulder for better steering control • Triple-tempered polyester cord body for durability * 4 lilt '•"• "•.Will -' 7.«»U Of 7.35x15 7.75x14 or 7.75x15 I.HX14 or S.15X15 1.55x14 or M5x IS 1.15x14 or S.ISx 15 • S.OOxU SlMk.lHTMMl •N M1.7S I2I.M 117.71 IM.M »!!.»• $37.71 131.31 In $1141 I13.SS It4.ll 11741 |!M7 133.17 134.11 WtmlUMMi •u M7.IS I3S.1I Ml. SI W4.IS I3S.M 143.41 144.1 1 If* II4.lt ttr.ii tlS.M S3). 41 S34.47 ttf.1l I3S.SS Plvirrt.ll.TU Nt Trtet-ta HAAalAai - - - wvvnii tJ.$7 14" tin tl Jl iv ii» ti.n 14" lit* |1.S» 15" •!!• tl.SS " 14" til* ii.Ot) 15* III* 12.11 "14* ill* tl.40 15" sll« M.J» 14**ll«lt.Si 15* tin M.S3 15* ill* tl.M •TMr* uliti no Induttry wld* tyittrn el «u«llty itindir4j w irUlm •« llrii. tht r«w«r Cuihlon tiro motti Coodytir'i own tint lino rl|!4 itondortfi of o,u«lltr, .'«. V "COODYUR NATION-WIPE 'NO LIMIT' GUARANTEC" N« limit on monlh*. Ho limit on milt*. No limit ti lo roid». No limit it to «pt.d, for ini *ntiri lit* o< tlw tra*d. • AIL NIW fiOOOYf A« AUTO TIRES ADC OUAKANTtCO tulntt d«l»cl» in work-. m,n,hlp ,nd m*l«ri«li «nd normtl n»it Murdt, MCOPI r»p»ir,bl« punclurd. lni, |uii<nl,« do«i nol «"l«nd to tulo tlroi u»,d en Irucki, or ncin| llrtt »nd llf,» iltmp.d 'Stcond', 'Ol.muh' or 'N*. 1 • IF A COOQYIAK TDK FAIlt UNPt» THIt CUAHANTII ony fl moro (lion 00,000 Coodytir 4ool«ri In Int Unil>« SHI., «nd Cin»d» will. 01 ouf option, oitKtr raoolr w miko-oltowonco on • Comptfibl* mw lirf boiod on irlfinol tnod d«plh r«m|inm| tnd Ooodytir, print.d "Pr.d.lt'mintd frict Iv Adiuil- cu"«n| >t lima o( o4iuitm«nl prict will flirly ropr«i«n| tno tctuol r«l»il ••Mini prk« ol |h< compor. «olf tiro dti!|n tl (Imo ot ,djg,lm«nu We Do Complete BRAKE & LINER SERVICE And INSTALL MUFFLERS-TAILPIPES AND SHOCKS NO MONEY on our Easy Pay Plan! TUNE IN WINTER OLYMPICS BROUGHT TO YOU BY GOODYEAR ON ABC TV FEBRUARY 441 Frigid Ai Shown At Oogdytpr §tryict Storti compttitivtly prietd @9odytor Dtaltr diiploying tht Gopdytor Sign- SERVICE STORE Wf§t MI f'm

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