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Charlotte, North Carolina
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loP4 J--l- ---r 3 THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER Monday November 5 1984 5A i Campaign Buttons Can Be Popular Even If The Candidates Aren't 1 of 110 Hat ifs) leete Look For Our Free Recipes 8c Meal Ideas Using This Week's Sale Items Button-wearing members of the Charlotte chapter of National Organization of Women say it: "A Woman Voting for Jesse Helms is Like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders!" Whether pro or not so Helms's Senate buttons will be best sellers said Barbara Balcerak a Charlotte button dealer who displayed 5000 buttons at a flea market over the weekend "Election buttons are good because you put your money on your candidate then the value comes in later" she said "Any button is good conversation especially if it's funny or different" Campaign '84 has had a store of that Some buttons tout kooky candidates for president: Curly of "The Three Stooges" and Theodore Cleaver of "Leave It To Beaver" Rock singer Boy George and Charlotte radio personalities John Boy and Billy would groove in the Oval Office or so campaign buttons suggest But the serious and issue-oriented buttons which increase in value most are most popular In this year's stock are "Social Workers for Mon-dale" "I'm Pro-Choice and I Organize" and "Women Were Not Born Democrats Republicans or yesterday" "It stirred questions about the environmental issues in this campaign" said Brad Bush a Charlotte Sierra Club member of his "Environmentalists for Hunt" button Hanson the Dump Jesse button-seller said her future in buttons hinges on a Helms win "If he's dumped" she said "I suspect the market for my button will come to a grinding halt" Continued From Page IA will grace showcases nationwide For instance buttons bearing defeated Democratic gubernatorial candidate Eddie Knox who Jumped ship to become cochairman of Democrats for Reagan may be a favorite nationally "DG" the button of 9th District congressional candidate DG Martin is a collectible because initials-only buttons are unusual Also on collectors' must-have lists are buttons from the race between Democratic senatorial candidate Jim Hunt and Republican Jesse Helms "Jim Hunt will be popular because that race is so historic" said War lick who sold Hunt buttons Wednesday in Philadelphia Baltimore and New York "Helms also but there's very little Helms stuff out there" The Helms camp preferred stickers this year said Karol Goebel cochairman of the Mecklenburg Helms campaign Buttons that say Helms in many cases say anti-Helms Eileen Hanson a 43-year-old Charlotte political activist has sold 1000 "Dump Jesse Helms" buttons Most recently she began promoting "Helms a small-volume button from Asheville that is sure to make the collector circuit "Feelings are so strong about Helms that they Want to say something public about him" said Hanson who also sold a collectible "Jesse Jackson Ht for President" button "They say 'I've got to have one They're buying because they want to make a statement" Buttons Favored In Informal Poll More Than 70 Lean "All Size Pkgs" DA Choice Whole "Untrimmed Beef Round 8-12 Lb Avg Weight "fJ 39 Tip Lb Limit 1 Per Customer Please! USDA Choice Quality Trimmed Beef Round Tip Roast Lb $199 Holly Farms Limit 3 Pkgs Per Customer Please t' I I a lowsHimmin do ipi 1 Pill: Niirmyyr -Id 'N 4 1110160 op 1 4 4111110" 47e0rS rni A i 4) -tm41176170 4 jtiboo00pipdra44 ores x94'e-e forlarog elf A 4 oller0" sti Trirdr- -4 1- -11846-o- k00oi 6N 04141 116 frr i a -erpw i 4 io 110116 qpq 11ki ser 0 t' doPholk71441bV: olgh 046' I' tt MiVell 0 4 0 104b AV OV06 4 if 1b 303 of 0 i (wes 1 More Than 70 Lean "All Size Pkgs" 0 'i' 6 0 0 anr aqt oft 'Ilk tallZfo Do LI''' Limit 5 Lbs Per Customer Please '4 it tg 11 14 -1 i to el 11 41- s' (- 7--- vr4" A ItA t2 7( 2 474- 4-( I A 0-4 1 r- ollq 404 4 0 111r4- -144 jit 'iSLO" Virw-J 'N: Pqti 1- DA Choice Whole "Untnrome-d Mixed Fryer Parts Round 8-12 Lb Avg Weight tfl 39 Holly Farms Tip Lb Mixed Fryer (84 Limit 1 Per Customer Please! USDA Choice Quality Trimmed Beef Parts Lb --) Round Tip Roast Lb 199 Lima 3 Pkgs Per Customer Please I Doors Vote Be Counted 59C (because on average women earn 59 cents for every $1 men earn) No Mondale (a la "Ghostbusters" with the international red slash traffic sign) No Republicans No Reagan Mondale Ferraro Women Win Ride with Ferraro in '84 And a list of Oval Office misfits: What You Want Baby You Got It John Boy Billy for President Curly for President Elect Pe tey The Beaver for President Boy George for President Button makers and collectors this year nominate these as favorite buttons: Mondale Eats Quiche Anti-Helms buttons: HelmsBusters Dump Jesse Helms A Woman Voting for Jesse Helms is Like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders! C4 Jane Wyman was right Don't blame me I voted for the other guy Social Workers for Mondale The Issues: I'm Pro-Choice and I Organize Environmentalists for Hunt Women for Reagan I America is About Opening Lobo Pendergrast iMan Ends Fast For The Homeless to refurbish the shelter "We care more about folks on the street at this point than our lives I don't enjoy suffering but I am not going to spend another winter at the shelter in the condition it's in" he said late last week as he became progressively weaker On Sunday administration officials reversed their refusal to renovate the building which is intended to shelter up to 1000 "street people" Snyder has said it would cost $5 million to get the shelter repaired but an administration spokeswoman said no specific amount had been pledged Snyder is the unofficial leader of the Community for Creative Non-Violence a group formed in 1970 by a Roman Catholic priest to protest the Vietnam War but now championing the causes of the poor and homeless Associated Press A community activist who abandoned a business career to become an unpaid 'crusader for Washington's down-and-out ended a 51- nday fast Sunday after the Reagan administration agreed to renovate a shelter for the homeless sa- Mitch Snyder 41 was admitted to the intensive care unit of Howard University Hospital shortly President Reagan acceded to the demand and four hours before millions of television viewers were to ee him featured on CBS's "60 Minutes" program Snyder is a onetime Madison Avenue management consultant who left his job wife and two children 15 years ago to take up the cause of the destitute Before quitting his protest fast during which he consumed only water Snyder had said he was prepared to die if necessary to force the administration vb''' 1' tit MD I -t 1 10 i 1 i LACY TN The following Attorneys support and endorse Lacy Thornburg for Attorney General of North Carolina Pillsbt BE xxx Plain Self-Rising Unbleached Or Bread Pillsbury 5 Flour Lbs me rpasblototago ommumat BE I xx BE Lc I Pillsbury's Iii mix Pill 1 16 EU'Itr 'FIG Floi 1 11z 'Hour 1 Plain Self-Rising Unbleached Or Bread Pillsbury 5 No Flour Lbs '91 '0" Cottonelle White Yellow Blue BeigePeach 3- tomaartt 4i -1-- 7--- ts! 1 i-- coany 'N t-- 51 l--- 1- A i 1 4'111 neltt 1 rde re Cottonelle White Yellow Blue BeigePeach Bath Tissue 4 Pk Limit 1 With $10 00 Or More Purchase Per Customer Please c1 f3 0 I Ltr Returnable Mtn Dew Diet Pepsi Or Pepsi-Cola6 Pk $209 Plus Dep 2 Ltr Non-Returnable Pepsi Light Mtn Dew Pepsi Free Diet Pepsi or $109 Pepsi-ColaBEL H-T Grade Large White mac Eggs Doz tbil 1 ka 1111 i lk It I 1 Ping 't trIC A 4 EEPSI totpstEPS1 kli ervk WMIrE Ili VON Ng" Nal 4 1110 II 11vt "vg 2 Ltr Non-Returnable Pepsi Light Mtn Dew Pepsi Free Diet Pepsi or $109 H-T Grade "A' Pepsi-Cola BtL Large White I Ltr Returnable Mtn Dew Diet Pepsi Or Eggs Doz 59 Pepsi-Cola6 Pk $2 09 Plus Dep James Crews Michael Gordon Fred Meekins Irvin Boyle Rodney A Dean John Parker Ill John Allred Graham Holding Robert King Jr Beverly Webb George Hanna Ill Charles Johnson Hal Andrew Levinson Jeffrey Davis WI Covington Jr Edgar Love Ill Raleigh A Shoemaker Deborah Moore Wayne Huckel Fincher Jarrell John Murchison Jr Sol Levine Miles Levine Paul Pawlowski James Campbell ll Janice Coulter Julia Jones Moses Luski Robert Adden Jr Robert Gilroy Spratt Ill Harry Hewson Hunter Jones David Caudle John Plumides Larry Black Elbert Foster William Eakes William Stagg Barry Storick John Whitley Arthur Goodman Jr George Laughrun Theo Nixon Michael Carr Andrew Porter James Hill Harry Grim James Monteith Dean Hamrick James A We lions Leslie Winner Kenneth Downs Calvin Murphy Linwood a Foust Charles Merryman Jr Marshall Haywood Lyle Yorko Eben Rawls Joseph Ledford Joseph Dozier Jr Douglas A Brackett Craig Miller Jr Scott Pollard Gary Murphy Thomas Tillett Richard Gordon Fritz Mercer Jr William Hobson Debra Foster Gaston Gage IF Hicks Sydnor Thompson LW Hankins Ill William Farthing Jr Sally Nan Barber 'Richard Anthony Orshon Woodard Farmer Jr William Poe Robert Thomas Jr Randolph Means Peter Gilchrist III Reid James Barry A Cook David Maloney Gentry Caudill Wm Gregory McCall Jahn Daniel Sara Pressly Terry Brown Shirley Fulton Brent McKnight James Craighill John Ingle Robert Blythe Susan Sowell Chris Parnell James Justice Edward Hinson Gary Hemric David Kern Pender McElroy Mitchell Aberman William Diehl Jr Allen A Bailey William Patterson Morris Caddell Jr Kenneth Wayne Thomas Dickinson James A Warren Jr Michael A Bailey Robert Burchette Byron Houring David Allen John Golding James Pope Marvin Gray Henry Byrum Jr Ned A Stiles Edgar Love Ill Clarence Walker Richard Stephens Stephen Rhyne Raymond Owens Lynn Wenige William Livingston William Sturges La Fontine Odom Randall Groves Richard A Biggers Jr Hugh Campbell Jr Allan Singer Holmes Eleazes Jr Fitzgerald Parnell Ill Thomas Myrick Calvin Chesson Cecil Curtis Lynwood Mallard Thomas Cummings Michael Booe David Hamilton Meg Goldstein William Potts Jr Bruce A Buckley Elizabeth Daniel Neil Robinson Harold Bender Ray Farris Keith Stroud William Elam Leslie Rawls Lelia Alexander Richard A Lucey John Fair ley Melvin Watt Thomas Stern Yvonne Mims Evans Geraldine Sumter James Ferguson II Charles Tompkins Robert Sanders Sharon Murdock George Miller Alvin A London Harold Edwards loc i al 1 ipo fu 1 0 715i i i' 7 A -----Atit 1 7-----1-11Ji114401 itijirr 40e ----z ---7S-'---- 1 L----- 4' 'I VI 3 4 11 1 I 44 1- smosoll L-- 3 i 3 '''s---- -i z------ a 11 3- I --10 4 I Golden 41 Rip' ro Bananas :4 Lbs Red Gold Stayman Or Rome" crisp 3 1117 Apples Bag ri (r'lei gtnv nlAn nr pci Mc Vemedale Ice Cream 507Nr it NAVe' VI 1 it I it1 MAIM kly'''''' 41 4 6 lif 11 IC I 11 4 foo ANoralk00 T' i' tW A 1011 -4(41111 4 8Sk -44 lc 1 1 Ho tl Shced 4 14 Enrictled RoliS e14I H-T Hot Dog Or Vemedale Hamburger 2 (T 9c Ice Half $129 Rolls 8 Ct 'IV Cream Gal Prices In This Ad Effective Through Sunday Nov 11 1984 In Mecklenburg County Harris Teeter Stores Only We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities We Gladly Redeem Federal Food Stamps Paid for by Thornburg for Attorney General Committee.

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