Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1895
Page 2
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A New Discover^ tie Shakers yormore than n hundred years the Mount l*banon Shaker* biiv DtmllPd the eultmtlon ot -.'•' «i«llc»l ulnntH mill sought to extract from them '. their neMIn,? essence*. Tlielr lalor has not been ipent In vain. Tli-y have made u. ulscovprj ihat •- will prow> a uleo'lnino mankind. It consists or ft • cordial thiiteau.'J'S Immediate relief In CHS** ot .•' iBHlBeMlon THO Importance ol this discovery will be apparent whwi w« reuto that nrarly nine '•'• tontoH of all ourt siiHorlw,':) are caused by <ljs •• pepsin or induction. S«wly uverr person you . • meet had tblnulBemlve trouble In sonin of iw Tsrlod forms-sick li«ad«cli«. ulstrcf.s atterwitlnjs -pain and Jullnnsa In Ills chest niter e'ltlni;, palpl- tntlonof thulieiirt, eic.,»re but cymptorns of In- 'dtowtlon. To t«llc.ve tliw« mfferlngn lias own the study of the dhaltec-, and th«y have succeed ' ed. Ih» Kwon the Shaker DlK^tlvo Cordial IIHH ••' «ucb an Iminedlatw arid (uilutary effect In ihut It •'•• mown the food eaten to bo dlKf.ste<l, writ 1« the '•ndlBMtedloort that cauaw distress. The cordial •' eauses th« rood to be dteestfid oerora tliwe Is time for It to torment and .Hour on tna stomach When tb« food Is HO 4lteuei It give* »trength and ttoor to the feebl« b«dy. makes one feel bright «ii4 cheerful, and makes one gain In «»»h. The Dkentlve Cordial Is co prumpt In lu action that the very (lest dose will hare a porccptlblr favorable result. It gives Immediate Teller, In order to provn this statement, smoll trial bottles placed in thedrtiKKlsW hands can be obtained lor ten cents each. This trial bottle will ' June a 'decided benvttelai effect and will satisfy «B» one that tae Cordial is aduptad to his case After ft trial Klve praise to the Shakers «f Mouni , N. Y. THE MARKETS. <ir»ln, I'rovlklonn, Kt.u. CHJCAOO, May M FLOWB— Infttlrroquost and llrm. Quotublo M follows: Wlntor-JPtttonts. Ji.90rtf3.SO; •trftlKhu. $2.75.^3 00; clears, *.'.35'*atiO; soc- ond«, jaW»a'i-J5: low Kradu», Jl.75iai.90. bprluK — Wtonw, }3.40£t3.00: sualKhts. *::.75''(t3.l6; takers'. tl.85^a>; low frrudCM, *l.75ai.80; Keid Doe, *i.ts>t*i.75; Ity«. Si75it3.si WHEAT— Unsutclod und hl«hor, fall' trndmg. Mo, 2 oiibli, 03Uu.04c; Miiy, KJuaWo; July, . CORN— Oponod llrm, but now easier. l\o. J, 60watiU»c: No. - Yellow, WWiaMMc; May, W»so-)jo; July, COXSMiUu; Soptotnber, 5l(£j O*'r«— Moderately active and caslor. No. t, STXa^Mo: -May. IffKI&X'/lo; Jun". SS'i^SKo: July ffltwasio. Samplos aro easy. No. 3, aw; No. 3 White, Sl'&KW, N'o. 2. 28Waa)Mc; No. 3 ' White. 3JWW'J-?4<;. Br K— Steady for cash and nour futures. No. tin storo, «3c; siimplo lots, CXBO-lu; May do- Uvory. O-'o, New crop rye, dull and easy. Sop.. tember otturod atttiKc. JJARLKY— Offorlnifs .small .»nO doroana also • 'itahL No. 4, 4WS1C; No. 3, -WgiUKc for fair to choice, and No. 2, 51465'Jc, acroonlnca, ilttOO AI& 50 pur ton. Mias I J OHK— Trading rather light and prices blither. Quotations ranged at ,11.M©IZ.OD for cash regular: »l!i KMQU 17« for July, and W^l-M (or Soptumbur. iiD-Qului and steady. Quotations ranged •tlttftiK&tl'Jo 'or cash; K).75aa77H for July, •nil «(J.904te.W/» 'or September. LivuFOULTiiY— For pound: Turkeys, JQfra: Cblckens, 8V4®»c; Ducks, 8a»o; Geoso, per dozen. *3.0036.CO. , BUTTKH — Creamery, &ai8o: dairy, 7O15oi Pmoklnif Stook. Si47o. LIQUOIIH— Whisky quoted steady at 11.24 per gallon for hl«l>wlue=i, NBW YORK. May IS Ftocn— Slate and wostorn Quiet, firm. WHEAT— No. 2 red, moderately nottTa, •teaoy. Mav.«75i<a«8«o-. July,C83-16<a«8 15-10o; August, MKMflOo; September, 08«(a60Xc; December. 7QX®7Mo. CORN— Quiet, ilrmor. July, B5SO55KO: Sop- tombor, SoJiaSiiko; No, 3, M«Q55Jio! stoamer Sijce. . OATS— No. t, dull, firmer. July. S-'fto; stale, JT(24C'/iu; western, S-X&tQfte. BUKr— Qulol and -iloudy. Extra moss, 18.50 •9.00; family, ill. 004*13.00. POKK-Qx\lot. llrm. Mess, MUSSES 7S. LARD— Qu lot. llrm. Steam-rendered, J«.»fc UDTiElt-Qulet, easy. Western dairy, 7Ql-°! do. creamery, now, UO17c: do., old, 8ja>13o; do. factory,' 7u>IOtfo; Elglns, 17o: Imltiitloa erenmory. SViiiJlSc. CH*itai£— Firmer; fair demand, \\ostorn. LIT* Stock. CHICAGO, H008 — Market opened slow with prices » shade lower, but later became active. B»les ranged at $a40O4.6& for pies: M.«Q4.7fl for light; M.2S®4.40 for rough packing; H40® •475 for mlxea, ana J4.«3«,80 for heavy pick- Ing »nd shipping lota. CATTUt-Supply liberal »nd demand very fair. Peeling weaker; prices lOo lower. Quotations "ranged »t |8.CSa&10 for choice to extra •nipping Steers; »5.11«»5.e& for good to oholo. do.i KeoaS-fflfor fair to good; $4.0004.80 for eoounoatomedluoidft: taooa^SS for Butoh- •n 1 Steers; *ioO®aOO for Stackers; I3.75O 4* lor Feeders; I1.75Q&80 for Cows; IS 603 4»OJor Heifers, »3.00®i 40 for Bulls; »tt>oa&00 for Texas Steers, »nd |iOOia4.7S for Veal Troop* to L»»Te Chin*. . YORK, May 13.—A special dls patch to tho Herald from Tokio, Japon l •i»ys: Tho news that tho ratifications of the treaty with China have been ex changed at Cheo Foo reached here Saturday. Japanese officials say that all tho indications now point in the direction of peace. No indemnity will be paid to Japan for yielding 1 \»p tho possession of Manchuria. Tho troops composing the army of occupation will begin to retire next week. It l»r Do «" M«e* t°* Io «Mr. Fred Miller of Irving, Illinois. write* that ha had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with severe palm In hi} back and also that W» bladder wa* affected. He tried man; •O-oalled kidney cures but without any good re»ull- About a year apo he " bejfan use ol Electric BUters and found Tellef at once. Electric Bitten i» wpecUlly adapted to cure of all kid •ey and Hver troubles . and often gives almost Instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50o for large buttle, at B F. Keesllng'a drug store. SUFFER UNTOLD —JUKdM. THOUSANDS OF WflMEH BRADFIELD'S Female Regulator, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC tftoring to Health? Acttoa til bw Ofgitt. IT NEVER FAILS TO RE6ULATE. 3V •«T»««>»»»»«» «»!i'JL?™S'"»!l t . otl ?ftS!^,ffi5 ?S: -JUMTKLD BECTCUTOtf CO., JWUST*, 81. SEAMEN DBOWNED. Eleven of Crew of Maritana Go to the Bottom with the Ship. Result of Collision with Steamer Esmeralda—Lake Boats in Desperate Trouble. JJrtEST, May 13.—The steamer Esmn- ralda came into collision 10 miles from Armen lighthouse at 2 o'clock Monday morning with the steamer Maritana, iast reported as having- arrived at Huelva April 37 for Barcelona. The Maritana, which was laden with iron ore, sank immediately. The Esmeralda saved eight of the Maritana's crew, including the captain, and brought them here, but eleven others are missing and presumably drowned. The Esmeralda reached here in the afternoon leaking badly. Schooner Go«« Albert*. ALFBNA, Mich., May 13.—The schooner J. B. Kitchen went ashore Monday forenoon in the blinding- snowstorm, on Middle island. She is loaded with limestone for Chicago. A heavy southeast gale prevails, and unless it moderates soon it will pound her to pieces. The crew were taken off safely by the Middle island life savers. The Kitchen is owned by Anson Titus, of Arrow Laku, 0., rates A 2 and is valued at»b,000. She was built in Cleveland in 1873. Capilzni ID * O»le. RACWE, "Wis., May 13.—A three- masted schooner capsized 3 miles north of! here, 3 miles from shore, in the lake at noon Monday, during a heavy gale. Three men were in the rigging. The tug Gilleu, with a life-saving crew, has gone to the assistance of the craw. The name of the schooner cannot be discerned. IJoni'a Crew In I'erll, SiiEBOYOAN, Ws., May 13.—The schooner It. I'. Mason went ashore here early Morning and is in a bad position. The life-saving crew is unable to reach her. The crow are reported climbing the rigging- Broad on the W»ter». SATJLT STE. MAIUE, Mich,, May 13.— The flour which the steamer Nicholas threw overboard at Caribou island is still floating around Lake Superior. The Athabasca, dowu bound, passed through several hundred barrels of it 15 miles south by west of that island. INSURGENTS HOPEFUL. Incrc»»ecl Activity Shown by Cuban Sym- pathiser!—-Gomez Victorious. KKY WEST, Fla., May 13.—An excited movement has been noticed among the prominent Cubans in this city. It was reported by Cuban leaders here that upward of 100 carrier pigeons will be used by filibustering expeditions. TAiil'A, Fla., May 13.—Private advices received hero from the Cuban revolutionary leaders say a big battle was fought at Boryey, province of Puerto Principe, between Gomez, the Cuban leader, and Sulcedo, the Spanish commander. Gomez •was victorious, annihilating the Spanish troops, killing and capturing more than 1,000 men and great quantities of ammunition and army stores. The battle lusted four hours, aud was hard fought. Gomez continued his march through Cnmaguey. Men from the plantations are joining the insurgents hourly. Fifty from the sugar plantations around Consolation del Sur, wull armed with rifles, joined the revolutionists Monday. HAVANA, May 13. — Gen. Suarez Valdes, commanding the government troops in the north coast provinces, reports from llolquin that his forces ha 70 had an engagement with the insurgents at San Lorenzo Moscones and also at Cabaran, in both of which fights the rebels were dispersed. The government lost one officer killed. The rebel loss is unknown. EX-PRESIDENT SEELYt DEAD. Former Head of Amhant Collet* f M»et Awkjr After » Loot 8lctu»»M. AsiiiERST.'M'ass., May ]3.—Ex-President Julius H. Seelye, of Amherst college, died Sunday night. He had been ill for some time. ' 'Julius Hawley Seolye was born In Bethel, Conn., September 14, 18;M. Ho studied In Amherst thoologlcol seminary and then studied !n Europe In ItX-sS. He was ordained August 10, IBM. Dr. Seelye ww » member of the Forty• fourth oongresi from 1874 to 1877. While In eon- gross he opposed un electoral oommlaiilon and the declaration of the election of Rutherford B. Hayes, thoueh he generally voted the re- nublican tloliet. Union college contorted upon him tbo decree of i>. B. in 1862 and that ol Lf-D. was received from Columols in 187& ] BOMBS IN ST. LOUIS. Two Houir. Wrecked by »n Explosion lint >"o Lire* Lou. Si. Louis, May 13.—A dynamite bomb was thrown by unknown parties in East St. Louis at 3 o'clock Monday iiiorning and two houses occupied by union and non-union workers are badly shattered by tho explosive, but no one was injured. The houses damaged are operated as boarding houses by Henry Vieths and William Garvey, and the boarders arc men employed at the Tad or iron works. The damage amounts to about §1,000. A State Senator Shot. ST. Louis, May 13.—State Senator Peter K. Morrissey was murdered while asloep in bed about 3 o'clock Monday morning by Maud Lewis at her home 2719 AVasbfag-ton street The woman sent a SS-euliber bullet crashing through Morrissey's brain, placing the muzzle of the pistol against the sleep- ing man's left eye before pulling the trigger. She also shot him in the mouth. . '..' Broke the Record. PARIS, May 13.—The international bicycle road" race from Bordeaux to Paris,'a. distance of 592 kilometres, which becau Saturday, was won by Gorger, an Austrian amateur, wnocov- ered-the distance in 21 hours and 12 minutes, beating the record made by Lesna, in ISO-i by .53 minutes and 57 seconds. ' BASEBALL. t>tautllnc of tl» Vnrlou* League Clohi tor the Week Knded M»y 11. The following tables show the standing of the clubs in the leading baseball organizations for vhe. season of '05, up to the close of the frames on Saturday last. The National league clubs stand as follows: CLC1)S . icon. LOIL Ttr cent. PiLisburgh 12 J Boston 9 Cincinnati 11 Cleveland J Baltimore " Philadelphia J New York 7 Brooklyn J St Louis ' Washington 5 Louisville 6 Western league: CLUBS. "<" Minneapolis 8 Indianapolis " Grand Rapids „• 6 St. Puul j Detroit ; Milwaukee J Kansas City | Toledo 3 Western association: CLUBS. Won Lincoln j Dos Molnes ° SU Joseph 4 Qulncy \ Omaha J Kockford •> Peoria | Jacksonville « 9 13 11 11 .706 .631 .000 ,579 .563 .538 .500 .407 .400 .350 .333 .313 Lott, Per cent. 1 .788 9 .700 b .645 5 .444 5 .444 6 .533 6 .333 t .333 Lett. Per cent. I .871 1 .714 4 .500 5 .444 4 .429 5 .375 5 ,875 5 .189 THE SILVER QUESTION. Senator Mitchell Surprised at the Growth of Free Colnace Sentiment. WA8nixGTOJf,May 13.—Senator Mitchell, of Wisconsin, who has justreturned from a visit to his state, says he is compelled to confess there is a greater free silver sentiment there than he supposed. A recent financial publication presented the arguments in favor of thfi free coinage of silver was being read, he said, on all sides, and was having a wonderful influence over the people. Men he had hitherto thought sound arc now advocating the doctrine expounded in that book. Still, he believed both parties would do the right thing by the time the elections came around and that sound money would prevail in the land. Senator Mitchell said his impression was that the national democratic convention would support a free silver plank in its platform, while it was probable that the republicans would content themselves with a statement emphasizing their friendliness for silver and its coinage at a ratio, to be established by international agreement. _^__^_ WhooplBK Cough. There is no danger from this disease when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy IB freely given. Il liqueflea the tough mucous and aids Ha expectoration. It also lessens the severity and frequency of paroxysms of coughing, and insures a speedy recovery. There is not the least danger in giving the remedy \o children or babies, as it contains no injurious substance. For sale by B, F. Keesllng, druggtot. BnYr Will C»«e~B«ttled. CINCINNATI, May 13.—The United States circuit court of appeals Monday rendered a final decision in the celebrated Barr will case. The present tenants are given undisputed possession and the claims of the complainants and cross-complaints are ruled out. The case has been in litigation over a score of years. . Million* of log* Huog Up. HOUGHTON, Mich., May 13.—Kecent rains have helped lumbermen somewhat, but the condition remains very bad.' The Diamond Match company alone has 100,000,000 feet of loga hung up in various streams. Some streams are jammed for 10 miles. At least 300,000,000 feet of last winter's cut are hung up. and do it too in a way that he will like. Every man that wears collars and cuffs should know about the " CELLULOID " Interlined. A linen.collar or cuff covered with waterproof "CELLULOID." They ara the only Interlined Collars and Cnfis made. They arc^the top notch of corn tort, neatness and economy. They will go ftrongh the day with yon in good shape, no matter how hot or how busy you get. Yon can clean one yourself in a minnte, without dependence on busywives, unskillful hired girls or nn- ccrtain and distant laundries. Simply •wipe them off. Every piece is marked as follows: Yon must insist npon goods so marked and take nothing else if you expect satisfaction. If TOOT dealer should not have them, •we will Bend yon a sample postpaid on receipt of price. Collars 250. each. Cufls Sec. pair. Give size, and specify stand- np or turned-down collar as wanted. THE CELLULOID COMPANY. 497-29 Br««Jw»T, HBW YORK. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses tbe system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tbe only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL LOUISVIil£. Kf. NEW KW/r, H.Y. COMMERCE AT THE "SOO." Mncl- Greater Than That rnsitlnR ThroOEh the Suez CiLiinl. During the past eif/bt years 2.000,000 tons more of registered tonnage has paesed through Sanlt Ste. Marie canal than has passed through the Suez canal. This brief statement in the Minneapolis Journal contains a world of suggestion. Throuffh the Suez canal in 1808 there passed 3,341 vessels of 7,050,000 tons. Last year the traffic was about the same. The important steam- tonnage of the world goes through that waterway, but in the ton years ending in 1892 the tonnage on the Sault Ste. Marie canal had increased frbm 3,042,250 to 10,047,203 tons. And when the vast extent of territory yet to bo settled up in the northwest and tho certain future for mining in Minnesota alone is considered, the volume of business tributary to the Sault St-e. Marie is seen to bo enormous in the near future. The business has been increased by great leaps and it is sustained. Present and future business, the latter . assured, present the strong arguments for the definite amplifica- tion'of all plans for giving the northwest a waterway to the sea. It is no wonder that the northern waterway, rapidly becoming inadequate to accommodate traffic, has been instrumental largely in the reduction of freights on ton mileage of seven trunk lines between the north Atlantic coast and the Mississippi from 2.9 cents to 0.30 mills between 1805 and 169S . In view of these facts it seems remarkable that all that New York proposes to do to retain the big grain traffic which comes to her through the lakes is to deepen the Erie and Champluin canals by only two feet! For the Empire state to have shown a curious indifference to her own business interests seems Incredible indeed. New York business men seem to think that the traffic will come that way perpetually, no matter if the Erie canal is not improved. But it won't. There is a great empire west of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior which must have an adequate outlet, and if it cannot get it through New York state it will get it down tho St. Lawrence. In a few years there will be fifty minion tons of freight pouring through the great lakes, and the urgent necessity brought about by such conditions will compel abrupt attention to the construction of an adequate outlet to the sea. Tho present is the time, however, to agitate tbe subject. How'* Tbia! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward lor any case of Catarrh tftat cannot be cured by Hall'* Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY » CO., Prop!".. Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cnener for the last 15 juars, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by thtlrflrm. _ , . ~ WIST 4 Tmux, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O WAUHXQ, KE<SA« * Hums, Wholesale Drug (tit Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is taken Internally, acting directly npon the blood and mucons surfaces of Uiei.y«i*m. Price 7Sc jwr bottle. Sold by nil druggists. Testimonials fie*. She S»w the H»trte of Waterloo. There has just died in Wnitechapel a Mrs. Todd, who was present at the battle of Waterloo. She was then only ten years old, but -vividly remembered to her dying day many of tbe scenes of carnage. Her "mother was a woman employed to work for the army. Her father was a British soldier and be was Wiled near the tent in which the gu-1 and her mother were. While in Stockton, Cal , sometime afcO. Thomag F, Lankan, of LOB Banoe. that State, was taken very severely with crampo and diarrtoea. He chanced to meet Mr. C M. Carter, who was rimilarty afflicted. "He eajB: "1 told him of .ChamberIain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrbcea Remedy, and we went to this Holden druR store and procured a bottle of U. J* K»^e Mr. Carter prompt relief »nd I can vouch for ita having cured me." For tale by B F. , Drugglit A KURDISH ARISTOCRAT. Supported by the Depredation* of BJ» follower*. A very fine specimen of the Kurdish •brigand named Khallo, of the Belcktseo or Belckce tribe, has a family composed of fifty-seven persons, who live in the lap of luxury and feed on the fat of the land: and, as they are too dignified to do any work, they keep twenty domestic servants. They have no corn fields, says the London Telegraph, no agriculture, no anything but thirty Arab steeds of their own. The Armenians must provide the rest. In spring Khallo summonshis dependents and dispatches them on a series of predatory expeditions. They risk their lives, drive off herds of Armenian sheep, oxen, horses, seize upon carpets and money, violate women and girls, and return home always laden with booty a id sometimes reduced in numbers. It is not long since Turkish soldiers came, and, under compulsion of the central government, forced one of the Hassnantsy chieftains to restore 8,000 sheepi after which he remained a very wealthy man, as before, and is now flourishing. If an Armenian were ill-advised enough to refuse anything to a Kurd, be would be taught a lesson the recollection of which would hinder him from ever repeating the blunder; his corn would perish in the flames, his cattle would be raided, his sheep driven away,. and very probably he himself would be wipe* 1 out of existence. The examples Illustrative of this method of procedure which I have noted down with names and dates would fill a volume. Any one who has ever had an attack of inflammatory rheumatism will re jotce with Mr. J. A. Stutnm, 220 8oy!e Heights, Los Anjzelea. over his fortun ale escape from a siege ot that dla tresslng ailment. Mr. Stumm is foreman of Merrlam's confectionery establishment. Some months ego, on leaving the heated work room TO run across tbe street on an errand be was caught out in ibe rain. Tbe result was that when ready to go borne thai night he was unable to walk, owing to inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken hutno, and on arrival was placed In front of a good fire and thoroughly rubbed with Chamberlain's Pain Balm During tbe evening and nJgbt he was repeatedly bathed with this liniment, and by morning was relieved of all rheumatic pains. He now takes especial pleasure in praising Chamber. Iain's Pain Balm, and always keeps a bottle of it In the house. For sale by B. F Keesllng, Druggist. Ho Had Illn SntplcloDi. A correspondent says that the late Ismail Pasha was petulantly suspicious of everybody with whom lie had dealings. On one occasion when he had been advised by Jules Ferry, then the French premier, to visit London in order 19 enlist the support of the British government in his scheme to oust his son, Tewflk, at Cairo, he showed a new high hat to a friend with the remark: "Ferry says I should not go to London in a fez, it's too oriental. Ho recommended me to his hatter, and the pig has charged me forty francs for this thing. I suspect Ferry has a commission on it-" Chamberlain'* Xr» *n& Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt- Rheum. Scald Head. Soie Nipples, Chapped Hands. Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bite* Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. Tor sale by druggists at 25 cents per box. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cody's Condition Powder*. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, corred kidney disorders and destroy worms, givint oew Ufe to an old or over-worked horse. 21 lent* per package. For tale by druggist*. Fowl! In Franc*. It is stated that there are in France 45,000,000 of hens, which, at an average price of 3 francs 60 centimes per head, represent a value of 113,000,000 and 5,000 francs. One-fifth of the stock -is annually consumed as food, and is sold for about 22,500,000 francs. Two million Of cocks, worth 5,000,000 of francs, are sold as food. The number of laying hens is put down at 86,000,000, and -the annual value of their eggs is 183,000,600 francs. A million francs equals $200,000. When on the Hlftt 8e«a. On the rail. )n, a steamboat, abroad, a smack, or jachtlni? on the coast. Hosteller's Stomach Bitter*, will be found a reliable means of averting and relieving allmenti to which travelers, mariners and emigdant* are pecnllarly subject. Sea. captain*, sWp doctors vojagersor sojoiirners In tbe tropics, snd all about to encouneter uDaccHmaied, an< nnatcus- tomeil or dangerous climate, should not neglect to av»ll themselves of this mafegoard of *e!l ascertained and Jong-tried merit. Constipation, bil- 10Q8n««s. malarial fever. indisestloa,.tUeumatIsm, and affections of the bladOtr and kidneys, are &mong the ailments wW.-hlt eradicate*, uidlt may be resorted to not only with confidence In its remedial efficacy, but also In lis perfect freedom fr-m e-rerr objectionable' Ingredient, slnoelfls derived from tse purest and most salutary sources. It coBDtieracts the effects ot uawhole some food «E* water. NOW! THE TIME TO MAKE MONEY. La«t month I cleared, art* r ps>Jng nllexpfBMS *~S 39- ™£- moi th before «186 SB and have at tbe same time attended to my r«alar bnrineiw. Ibe- llcye anvoni>. anjwhere. :ancoa*»ell.as I hare n«a particularly cood location and not ; nioefi. «. Wbeny.-nhavean anlcle taut 'CTery It Is very ea.y selling It It leenis good. cne*D di»h wather wa« n-w befonpbiwd on the market. With tto Fertec- Uon which tells for $5, you can irosh and dry th« dishes tor a family to ttsomtaut»s, 1 »l""»* r P°'- UDEtnebandsmwaMr. lusoona* u» people £* t&e washer work, tbtywnt .one and. &rl .Is why *o mocn money am bemad* » (jniewy. for fall partial air address The Perfection Mfg. Co sSUOTOTr^hSmod.™. I J**l .f"*^ jjj* any lady or gem)«m«n. In any location, cao mtt fc to *10 1 dmy! M erery family will very won Tired Women Should stop »nd consider the danger* which threaten them becanao ot their weakness, languor and lack c5 ambition. Thousands of women find their strength unequal to the demandi ol duty. And y»t there is no escape from the Incewant round of care and toil. They rnugt l»«vo strength. How shall it be given? By- building up their ayutemi through purified, enriched and vitalized blood. Hood's Swaaparill* will give them strength because it will make their blood pure and enable Jt to J«ed the nerves upon, proper nourishment. It will create am appetite, tone the stomach and invigorat* «very organ. It iiwhst tired women need. Hood'sSarsaparilla Is the Only True Blood Purifier Prominently in the public cyo today. It toed» the nerves on pure blood. i rfii- nrt Imrmon'.onnly with S PlllS Itood'iSiwaimriuV »o. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully on j«y all of IW delights If you tako 0110 of Uio LAKE MICHIGAN ANB LAKE SUPERIOR: TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Selling, between Chlcjpo wid Mackl UUnd every week day (TEunday crapt Tho now steel steamship "KmnltoB" ts Br floating palace. Travels 'twlxt CWc««o,. nucklnic Isluid, Harbor Sprint*. PetMtoy.. Cturlevolx, etc. Write for our readable: reading matter, free, or ask yonr nearest ueont. Address Jos. Berolzbclm, LAKE MICH. A"" t *** : SUPEKIOH TRANS. CO. RuihlndN. Water SL Chicago.. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal pOMPLEXlOU (I POWDER. II Combines every element of I beauty and purity. It is beautifying, soothing, healine, healthful, ai"l narmless, and when lightly used is invisible. A most J, delicate and desirable protection 1 1» the face in this climate. Xniiit upon h*viag th* jr IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. XoKjiB. MAkVDOR MFC. D cb°* Uinwwt*?."^ \tXJL CUPIDINE Cuw>s Ixxft Manhood Seiv- vous" TjfbUltr. prMMture- DM* dlwbarKe varlcocfcle- ».fl(-cUi oT wirly indlflcre- tlon or fierffe* of alir r vwirs- *1 a box: 6 for $5. For rate 19 B K Druggist. ame Si* *• done *» , pertenwf or ihe benefit of otiwn- Children Cry for Pitcher 1 ! <sy t*wla. Children Cry for Pucher'sCattorfa. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca»tor"*

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