Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 26, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 4
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:ITEAUJt6. . THURSDAY, OCT. .26, 1918, m m mm* m mm * iH ! 'i!^:ni'l!l!i!lll W!1I!!I(!I!!|!JI!H To insure satisfactory service fw*p an overcoat, three things are indispensable: First —Ail all-wool fabric without the slightest adiilter* atiottbf cotton." Second— The highest standard of materials—canvas, linings, iriterlinings, even down to" such details as the thread and buttons. Third—Good tailoring—and by that we ?mean a spirit of genuineness, of intelligence, of right intention, the scores of minute operations which every garment represents* All these the Kirschbaum label signifies andrguarantees. $15, $20, $25 and up. ULL1VAN !iy|ltl!l!lllill BOMB KILLED TWO MEN (IJy United New York,- N. Y.,' Oct. 2G.— Two pernons were kllh'O and in whi'eh WBR exploded in the subway at Lennox Avenue and 110th street thin nVornlng, barely missing a' crowded train by lens than t wo- rn I nil tea. Ptso- plw Hcantlly clad rutthcd into the street ('(Mowing the . Tho Hdewalk the vicinity damaged by = a bomb UHH hlom» en anl tra'tlc blocked. An Aristocrat of Footwear We respectfully -submit this design to, your judgment, ... r '__fiLatdly_a.n.y. shpe we have ever presented -b-a-s—b-e-e- B—S-O- higbly appr^ci- ated by the best informed^connoisseurs of style. i» The Patricienne / Upx)t»i'8 m the ric'lit'st of brown kan^iroo Inu-k with •the jifwout iield brown kid vuinps or tipper!* in dainty grey kangaroo buck with iiuu bUjclc gluzod jiid 'vamps. ^ 's STERU! MQ DAli:r::GAZETIE AND DAILY STANDARD SIXTY-SECOND YEAR% Publlihod Daily Exojpt 'Sundiiy. D. W. iORANDON 4 Editor* and Publiahar*. Offica, 11 1 Wt»t Third . , Ent«r«d lit Poatoftlo*, 8t*rline, «« 8»cond Class Mattar, .TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION- By Mail, Outside of Sterling and Rock Falls, Anywhere in the United* . .Stilt** or Canada. .-,, -trraovnni Six month* In advance ..... ...... 1.25 than alx months, per month* « --%*5 $y- Carf!er~in HSteriing- or- Rook F«ll«, or by Mail Starling OP Rook Fall* Postofflee, One year in advance. ... ......... ,$5,00 Six months in advance 1 . .,.<....., 2.50 Throo munthx in advance. ,,..., ,1, 1,86 Onp month in advfence, „,,,,;*,,;:'• .41 IBy th» .week, payable to the carrier .10 NO -LCTHMMN-TH E WAflr the hopcH of mlllkins of neu- tralit, ojul poaBibly ultfo of beiltgerents, the 'terrible war in j&urupa probably will continue for at leawt Tlu- Urltluh have gtuted for the thwt ,th«-y do not want (n?au» Ju*t yet, gle, evidently IB too busy to do much talking. •-. And from the Central Powr CI-H comea Intelligence that extraordinary preparations are, being made to inish.itiie war forward, wljh vigor and efficiency, Th« fast,that #sarly.l00..0.Qfl men are engaged in turning out guns and, nhellH in the Essen district, and the admitted intention to tighten up submarine .warfare, bodes ill for the friends of iHso.ce and their hopes. In the n0.u(raf countries there is evident a tendency to do lc«« forecasting about the war. Bo many prophets have failed to make good thai 'the average person has lost faith in them. The fuctjbs, no v or.e knows what will (••Y> fcjii -liinc thTn how (<•> thf* t'it" f-f i ! *<- Ti-.i' '•'II'N m<>-.i i-f'f'i- !..'. r ' l;i a ''i' •, ' s^ifp ' ';- I "r-Ji't, I > r<""t-' ! <'." T.v ri'< In *-:itumrr it wax F-h.itks. .-!•'? ;' v. .-;•* n pnhrrinrint- .•:• af-. X"! - !:':-' hri' Vill.i }(.-.f n \<e, \.«,'. •-,, "..RII- ;-tf-«tlc«"', nrnl the ]a.'.''ff nb:ihiV !<•* Mt'^sf imfnrtil P.?. Vlu'-v •TiV-'sr tsVivf n. qn*'f>r 'kind of nn i'siiv iinv on «uhm,'u infs, Thrv in TO YOUNG VOTER Hughes Gives Five Reasons Why Youth Should Support Republican Ticket. Wants County Respected and Prepared For Every Poss- . ible Emergency. New York. (let. 2h.—Chnrlns K. Hughe-* ln«t nlKht told an nudlenr.p in the Academy cif Mimic, Urooklyn, why, in h!H opinion, the young mt'n of the nation should support the Republican ' -ket. Five chief rfflfsons were cited in tuiKWer to the question: "What Hfirt of country docs yimntf America, vibrant with patriotism, de- id re?" "I. Ho wants a country respected throughout the world. He wnnts si country which respect* the dignity of Its citizenship. "2. Young America must desire n country that IB prepared for every 3. Young America, looking nhcnd. muni desire that when pence Is once fnorn restored we Khali contribute to ts maintenance by-doing our proper shore to necure a practicable anil effective International organization In the 'tH of' pence. ' . Young America want* government In Ilia* open, by visible conntltu- ttonitl Instruments, not l»y unofficial or Irivinlble Authority. He tlmi wants a government not M««ctiorml mt-trtrry-tnrttrnmt: "f>. YOUIIK America wants ImhiHtrlnl Lack of Preparedness. In citing hln Hecond renwon Mr, Hushes unAnlled the itdmlnlMtrntion for acking of prep«r«drieHH, referred to in lha >rK<inlzntlon. hill, declared that the Navy Department had "incapable lead- ruhip" und touched oi> a recommemla- itin by Secretary Uarrltton in June. |»M. that the regular army !»«• filled 'o IjH "full HtrenRtH." a recornmiMidii- iiirt, Mr. HuKhett Kaid. that had bwn happen in We gait only do- duce frpnj the pout ajnd mix it with our wishes 'in the matter. . There are no many" "Ifa^that^ one mun'a guess is about «* goo4 MI his neighbors. Only on6 thing IB certain— that the toll . of slaughter will be a» big next year as It haa been this year. .And that's Uo- 6noggh for anybody. ' Lfl AT GETTYSBgRO, JBfl6firl.^lLJL«efl- .agsiUx is. at the field of Qfttyaburg. After ilfty years, llio lender of the hoflta of the southern uruik'a again atands at the' old battle jcroJUnA- surveying- tba- ground that dripped "with the blood of his brave followers. Of course, the. great general Jltten.. tairo._llie war better than at any time since boginning. Bleeding France 1* imbued with an abun^unce of courage a»»4 hope. HuBsia, • though frequently the Huhject of rumorw regarding a jteparate pwu'e, seems to be intent on trying to ri'trlcvo the disoJitorM of the lw»t, Ju«t entrant in the strug- Krumbloi Durum wheat cooke over the rolling, undulating fields that once were th« lowect hell of carnage. lt*# -Robert-fir 1 IJHS'S monument at Get • tynburg that we are referring' to. And the fact that a Bluft has been ereoti&tl tq commonorata the leader of the "t<igt cause" aptly dcacribea the pre»*.nt<t)ay attitude of the nation unvurd tlie Civil VV^ar. After the memorable reunion of the blue and the gray upon .the, batU.eiitJd eome two years ago, with the' handcla&pa of brother* liiiod between' "Tanked and "Johnnie," It IB 4»uf IHUfts-'ttmt-the memorial to Qeu Lee be added to the others, honoring the jieroe* wjiq uwk part In the awful eonniet. , ° SUBSTITUTE FOR COTTON, Bou'thj'ra cotton growers are exceed- ."TTnlly nuerest^irrianme^Hod said" ib have been j>erfect*Ml in Austria, which tiHuut'h chemical treatment creates "goods like euitun" from old paper and old iag«. Th4 feature about it that, has attracted most attention is that tlw process J» cheaper than UBiug cot- twi, What riiact? * tht-iu latiiiittv Ami-n. »jyheii itk Jita.r -Ja ,u.>i'4l. t^it Hiu i « : ,t v iw t-j a,,- u.m- ui ui» tiiil to iutl.>t»'£« "1 nm informed .upon competent «u- horlty." Mr. HuKhw Kfild, "thut had her» been the addition to the regular trmy then desir«-d by Secretary <!ar- rlnon. it would not hi»v« hw>n nccen- «ary to send our National Guard to tho >ord or. "Vqunff Amer^L^wf -today wnntn a •ountry which r«('i^*ct« the dlRntty of In cltlxeiiMhlp and thuH dovvrvori and 'njoya. the «-nt«><<rn of other rmtloiiH. ie wiuitH no broKKart asHcrtion of pow- r. no .policicH_bf-jigR«iankjn; he haw to.deffln* for Btrlfo. . » Want* Flag Resptcted. "Hut he Uc.slrfH to have the American flaK -a symbol of ftrmriesft, of n ,,... m ,_jH and Indomitable Hpirit. of in Intense love of justice, of great ulrength well organized but n'e.ver m\»- used, which «ecure» protection to American citizen* in > their Ju«t rights throughout the world, "Hi4 muHt rccogntxe that there in no permanent security for a people which take« counHel of Its fearjj niUicr than nf Its prtriclplei*. : Timidity, weakneMtt ami (chatiKlnn purpoH^ iiro <fv-eble custodians either of u natIon's honor or of a nation's peace." If we do not-protect our trade. Mr. Hughes declared, it will bo. constantly menaced arid «lwckled. WILL SEEK A PAROLE Jphn J, McNamara H*» Now Served Half Of Hi* Sontenct, 1 (By United Press) Bun FYanclacp, Cal., Oct 26.—John J. McN'amaru who IH serving a 15 year sentence in San Queruln prlwoii for t|ie IXIH AiiKt-lcH TJmo» dynumlt- Iriff.^ .will probably appear personally before •the stutfr primui direclors and miikn.u pcroniuil plea for a narole, He IM now eligible to parole : hartTiS" served liulf of hlH-uentenco. •U^e.The. Ouzetto CluHsllled Adst. for qjilck Bules, hi'lj) \\antod. etc. ''-> PAPE'S DIAPEPSIN FOR INDIGESTION OR BAD STOMACH RELIEVES 80URNE88, QA8, HEARTBURN, DYSPEPSIA IN i= JMVE MINUTES, Hour, BiiHuy, upaet Btomach, indigestion, heartburn, .dyspepsia;-, when the food you 1-iit feroiertta. into gases and ULiorn, lumps; your head aches uitd you feel sick and -miserable, that's when you realize the magic lir }>pe'« Dlapepalri. , .Jt.. inakea .jail jituuuuih misery vanish in (ive minutes. If 'your stomach is in a continuous -rpvwlt — if --yeu— eunH— gut - it rfgutetpdr please, fqr 'your sake, try Pape's Dla- pepsin. - It'*- HQ— needless -to— hav«- -a- liad stomach — make your next meal a Favorite food, meal, then take a little Diapopsln. There will uot be any distress — eat without fear. It's because I'apw's Diapepsln ''really does" regulate weak- out-of*order stomachs that gives It itmoilllong of ealps aimually, (jet u large fif-ty-ccnt case of Tape's Diapepsln from uny drug store. It is the quickest, surest stomach relief "and cure known. Jt acts almost like magic it Is a scientific, harmless arid plt>ux' int stomach pr«paration which truly belongs In every home. ' OUR PRICES M THE LOWEST, DEPT STOBEO Come.! Bring Your Friends To The Sterlings' Big $40,000 ANKRUPT SALE Scarcely had the doers been opened—there was a mighty rush^—the big store was packed. Enthused bargain seekers were in every section. People are taking advantage of this golden opportunity. Right now is the time to put your dollars to work. Bargains—scores of them are here—bound to make your eyes sparkle with the keenest enthusiasm. Profits have been disregarded on the entire stock. Buy them because they ar* the beet atylet—the beit leathers, •ure to give tatisfaction, and lact but belt, the extremely low- —neee in price*r—Right new every other ehoe ttore it ndv their prices—they have got to do it. The command our creditor* issued was to cut the prices on all shoes' in order to move them quickly—we want the money. Regular $2.50 Shoes, pair. Regular $3.50 Shoes, pair.. 2.00 2.80 Regular $4.00 Shoos, pair.. tegular $4.50 Shoos, pair.. 3.20 Begular $4.50 O £* A ">*, Gold Medal Golden Sun Coffee, regn- Inr .'fc"Je grade ...... ,30c White House Coffee,2 .)!>. can; 75c grade at .-'-. .69c White House. Coffee, 40o can, 1 -Mi., at .....,.35c White^House-Tea, ^ Its. package, .'»()e grade.. 22c B. F, Tea, the 48e grade, at pound .......... ,25c B, F. Tea, the We grade, at -pound . V... ,22c Banner, Matches, regular g,, this sale.. .14c Soap, 1 tiO-bnrs in box, price .. .$3.00 American Family Soap, wale price 10 burs,. ,42c Kitchen•• Klenaer, regular can, thi.s sale 4c Bluing or Ammonia, this sale bottle ;8c Crystal White Soap,, this —sale IQ-bara ........38s 1 Dirk's Flake White Soap, J.Q, bars-.^,, ',-. ^..,. ,42c [Aldiine White Soap, this salo 10 bars .42c City Soap, this 10 bars .!•.......:,38c _OoidJ)Mst f sale price tho package ...........22c Naptha Powder, sale price (he package ........ .22c Daynight Matches, regular 45c package 40c Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, ICn package .. .7c Pink Salmon, the 12 l /-jc grade, the ca'n .'..'.... .9c Calumet Baking Powder, 1 pound can —... .l,7c Our Motto Coffee, regular .'K)c grade, this sale..25c Shredded Wheaji, Regular irxvimckage .....'... ;12c Post Toasties, sale price the package ....... .,.9o Monarch* Jelly Powder, the package , .7c Oil Sardines, sale price "the can 4c Blue Berries, sale price thtrmrnrr: , ;15cT" Corn Flakes, Kellog's, -pr4co t ho~ package...., r9a Krinkle Com Flakes, the package ,.. .70 For Best Service and Equipment Call Forster&Sons FtmentiDirectors * Day Calif BcK 'No. 9 8 Niahl Call* B«ll No. §20 191 Window Shades *- „ „ _ to furnish, on short notice, window shades— ready-made or made to order. : Telephone us, we will measure your win* dows and give you an estimate of cost Do not wait until spring; shade, goods are advancing jn price. japt =..-_ ^-. — —a*,,. . -.. f*i'---- ^ - •- ft—i he sterling Pharmacy Co. 306 First Avenue

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