Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 26, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 2
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jfots. THURSDAY; QCT. zs, it i e. pahniMm.iiOiiMiii-ajiiiiin'.iti.iiiiiiii'.'p^ < "•'«!• laimmiLAmiV »• L i-^*** > t»-«,t ; MN, s Dry Store I'' ' ,.< ,' >!' •' ~ * i' • - i ! , i '•'••> u i •' , 11111' -. ',) \\ " '",• ' >' -• '« 'j I . j "Ml t , S, K •''';' ! <••'.'», • I . I . , I i i _ , n i r •• ,-• . f - t M * i.''. ' ;.f >' f ,• t •• ,; •' Hi _ V < '( > \<.' K'ttJi«» Duplex TWO] Most Popular Ran All America By THIS. WEEK AlCAZAfflhfoman Demonstrator COME IK and let her show you the most simple and perfect in Oner Same oven is used for either fuel or both can be used at the same time, without remorinff or replacing a tingle part Simply, "Pull or PttjA a Liver" and. oven is ready for use. C&n't be beat for Comfort, Convenience and Economy, All the Year *$ound. \ A'Duplex Alcazar is the Range for your Home. A Useful Souvenir FREE for the Ladies attending. The Roy G. Woods Furniture Store .-A SIX-THIRTY DINNER DsligNtful Aff«<f Held at ChaHet Bent H«m« Tuesday. Mt .'n. ' Mi- f'!--,r . ^ It. • • .. rrnrt .Mr* ' *•• •»•>!<•« I'. • t '* . -,-,-,- ( t I'jlt* ViVf E'!«••"• '" '.» ~:i ''.t>!\ ('inn-i (• tfi*' Jn-m*- i>» I." ' )•• fl «»»r T-'*-* ' > '•,'•• -f S • *)•,'.,' UNDERGOES OPERATION, Frank .Xr»TTi«h '.f thl« Htt -tni n t»ijf'ra*io",i for «^f">i'tli< iti- 'tj:n-tn lli'*}jit.-il in ''hi-i»jf-» "t ni<'*>!v Hi« ittttih^t-, Mf. It A. )! wpii' t" ''hi«3»ui> TIM---! i > ni"!:i- CIRCUIT COURT ORDERS Randall v«. Iloyft 6f rvldent-f an<l flndliuts lilcil ar.d l>*r r»»* v of imrtition, ' of State i.f HHnnK it... ,.. on motion of « < *-midaln»nt <> used In ( staid complainant'* hill w nntlow atirt without t«»nd. aiKnin«t f>laiii!iff for font*' . MORmSOJTBRIEFS M»s. Alvlna Pnyder Kp«>ut \Wdw-dnx vj-jth friend* in tVlnton. ',^fs/I'tui! r,irl«i.n. of Kri*. ntrived W«iln««(tav for .-t vj«jt at tti« home of her brother. Hoy Olson, ifttd Ira Null. Mr». M. Ile-rnstein wua...violtor in V7i|iU>n W#dnei«lay. "A morriape llr«'r»w WH,« ,,.. niiKlay to H, Crover Brown nnd Ml»i<. Carrie MahH ^rhwittf-r^, both nf 4iw»i«> McLennan nnd \*nwuw *^nt <„ Htwrtinp V whjre they vi.«H(>d .Mr*. Karl «T In th»* Sterlinit Hospital. Ml*« Irf>tt|» (inrwf.-k, who ,, it ~ , visiting for »«oinp time nt *t)ic j ' 'et-hom*- in thin city wpnt to u.-v,,, t Wednenday wh»«r« «he will visit friends. tn Agltr>U \DIES* (OATS pJii-n, fur tnnmif.f. i>ri.-«> $2. r s.OO. $10.00 to $23.00. MISSES* AM) JUNIOR COATS fur thf yountr- i --, }»);i'u <>r to $10.00. Children's Coats i- a ruro a^ortmont / -I>1;!\««! I'm the }\\\\i> man or ;nlv. in ('iiim^hlilia. I'aby iiiiili. \Vldiir or llroadclolli. $3.00 to $6.00. BLANKETS Nice and warm for tli<"«»' cool niirlit*;. Fancy plaid JBlankf'K wool tiii\<'cl. priced at $2.50 and $3.00. OtluT lUankt'ts, lan?<'»t sizf- and lioiivy. Pri.-i'd at $1.00, $J.25, $1,50, $2.00, $2.50. CR WBL ANKETS Plain white or, fancy. Priced from 50c to 75c. :« f.. f \ ". L V&l iON DAILY GAZETTE nxmois/ THtmspAY. DOT. 26, LEG BROKBI/TWICE DOING |ulwn\K popular In n \vhli* friend* in tW* city. &h? \» a nu-m- jb«T and active worker in tin- M. 'K. Car) Sw«n«en Victim of AccW«ntC«M»- I «d by Cirtlww DHwinfl. ' bile accident!* which has ever taken plae* in thUi vicinity occurred tn thin rirc i t jcity i«n TuttMlay evtnJnri Cart Swan* or von. u moul<l«T at the Summit Btoye " it*' Ampaeh and ; Tttday. jGrund of the Hriiritah l^idjjp In' city and !«-Uy. * Tim uowm i« th«- i«on of Mr. tuidi",^V- H i.. werojMfv. H. \V. Montaitiif, of I-Vnton, and) 1 .'* " H " .... . . at 12:SO U« st.v«»ry oaimltl** and c-Htlmal>l«f J'OUHK e'» parems. : Mr. Jnfln. On th«»lr rffurn thi> young oou- '-.wHI make ihflr hnmt- on thp Mun , <»{ West Malh a'(|iil<>t and slm- Barnnum. of th«> th«« c«r«»nii>n>' ly thi« tmmfdiat*" jfrl«n andr groom. Ei4- near .PVnton. Hie srroom'H to a recently i»ureha«- who rfulrtvn at 901 W<«iii Morri« St.. in th«" company with a.noth<T »ian W»H whwtlng a V«ul of apples in n whf»'ll»HjT4)W xvt>ht on the south skle : Tht> mrn had tak*n Houth H|ilt> of the «ttre«t KO that would h<< atiio to meet or let anyone ihAt would tie drivlmc on. that . wh«-r«» »h»» win %-ih-it until Humlay with ttttnO*. Mr. and Mr«. Henry Heath went to Rock Inland Wedni-hdny. wlif-n . f-- «>% tifi **v«rat <lay» nt «hf hmtjc of ««rf,.H*ath'» br«rthpr. Nflwirj Dickey Mrs, Harry Kinir w«»nt to "S t ^ !u K <ta , y 5 her * " he W|IJ vi * !t ,1. 0. Klock home. Sheriff H. T. Berry w*>nt, to !>!*• on Mi\ and Mrs. I'pt^r Huugh r«*ttirno«| to th*.Jr homf hi Clinton \WUn*mlHv after n v|«it wit*. friends In this oily WITH THE CAM- . iuu. , 8amu»l u t »mj.or» nt Wilson? T!i<«y nat .Tbey are no -more cono oy#r tnAt Umn they art- conrt>rni-d aiiv-Oofnfws^ uuppoyr of <arratuB|,;' - -.' - ' Mr. Oornp«r» t*U» us he SWEATERS FOR LADIES " , Huavr, all.wool S\v«>at»'fs <'oloTs i-ar- clmo.1, jrivy and \vhit«\ JH-'UMM! t'wm $4.00 to $6,00. CHILDREN'S SWEATERS Heavy, nil wool Svvi-iitors. al! chutCi* riootl aJ $1.00, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00. 10(J East Third 8tm>t Hodges Home Store *g£ ) "Hoiuenilu'r Uu- nuij^uuntuioun Ktret't. but when they were almost in front of th** r»»*idenoe of Mrs. FWIowu *t ' t a wedding dinnor Id Mrs, MontRKUp train un a nhort only dauBht»>r of • ' diy aiuf MB/ . in J'rairle Center. 'The many « ri automoidl*. rtrtv»n by f cmiy driv- •ot'tltf younx ryui»I«» unite iii •« cam* uu behind them «n tn# wronr nit them thi» b«-Ht of wlshcw on 8 "'* tMte- honpy occasion. Mr«., Stanley McKee and Mi KM Julia - Pii»ldini for a to Clinton Wednesday Kiait with frlendn. uon. knocking him down, The bl«r machine -went over the man'k Itmb«. and then .not even »topv)*<l to »«e the extent of the injuries he bad owttMd. the. driver turning the corner and continued i A cognition jof t'atranxa, as ju-wuit't.t o< Mwtlco. Pterhaps h* was, but h* oucht to be thoroughly a«hiiiB*d of it. When the employe* nf th*- street rall«:i\« electric HghUng plant objeott-il to *r), worth W- tndnfy. for a ^»«*,« WWK. <JMBWI» imued a. deer**, wn August lfW,lip year, providing that any man**bo struck, or *noour- aifAu Altttjwi^ flf*cj^B|i;aMiMjdi>d1l. nn**t- tfifl of atfiKwt^ ( o^i.i^ho joined a union wa«,. gwyiU* .-'or Qitpjrblnji the public WJ 0 *. ^fti2?f *^|iM ^'"^ by W"<t«ry "The windtiot -of ffce" labor union In the iirpi^tit tnattwjce must b« consid- *rod 4 iwj|nt|.WJMOtlc and criminal, ana con«Htwt«« yjijthout doubt an nt- ttttk wi"*tiiff*^rtiBHcf7|^ii<?^. In'view of tH* for^ml^g 1 Jiav* Uecreed the fol- cofl»: Denl4«i tha dimurhors of tl«» pui)!lo p«n£*, punlthabla by doath as •Itjf wlU alto be imbued on the follow l£jr,-_CQimuci!.t-JJn._5Hjaxico'_j!ii iliat_ihcirl|»«u-44Ml ii will IM-> i»««st*tl-^vfsh IHt!^ ilf ronffTwloriH may in»bl«< in valtu*. It,lmt«*. ' ...„.......,, „„- ,.„, Hauls to' g«»t rid of J^tiM* ;*n«l ••onppr-j Tlio rosoltitiun did not ftpk fi>r toJul n ^ "-.."...— • "" ••««•»»••• \ of DHniffIs and itox*»rnm<'nt jnbAtafnam-p i|j the home and nmd«- it "° MU " Innl '"'. «•""•","-•• •••» maniti'ucluri', of MrAdoo and It'KtU ln-|j»lain that it xvns not a prohibition, '.'tii'iuh-?, l»j- uuikiug tlu-ni lii« frjonilt,** tc-r»>st ratt'K. 'Mtov»« l»nt nn npi>i<ni for "t^mpi'mnc*-"' "V*-,." ri-plicd Sonnlor S-irtlmiu, "lidi y<>i bought a i»ii; in" u |«'k«-. Bfforo CTDl(/r- f»ai I en nr-r- ll«'»l«> to ^.vt mixed up v.illi |.y follo\r- H Klvt-si its fnillioriM VVnll *tr*»ot kno^vti' olnlfVt IvALLcU Urr. '"« 'but pniftJo**." fxa'-tly whaj U In tt'iiiiK to K«"t. '. . ______ « • • , , .___ A vote lor llMKhra is si vot«» for J Canadian Pacific Avert* Strike ' By r«» t!«» r,, tft . itt - Classified rtihimn* Giving n Raise in .Wages ' !i_.^"... ;i ." ; v.""jyjjj.. --.„'.' ,j ilSy riutf'rt !Vf«K3) ! \Y!nwpt*i?, Man,, 'let 2».—«'ir,," liar. —• TanHc nillroad ofiicinls unnti.ino'd' 8«r Public" Drinkinij. j mn lincw nt S o'clock this afternoon an' (My I'ntteil I'rviiD.) * *n-h»»d»»it« t | in tlm itiilway lirothcrluiod i flul«, M«»...Clot. 2«5.™A i*f>'<i|nt)"in i , .«. Th» r.imtnj ..v.i. i RESOLUTION >ASS^D You Will Enjoy. Jnp from th«»' u«t- t»t nil t9Xjont)njr HqUorw at public blarrtt. Th«> r*>»iol«Ui(in wnn s»«-nl tiouup of IjiwhonH wh«»re It Is fx- !i*ih«ii!- Mi»i r iVi n • * ol <'" w * Bt the atrikw wu» av.'it-'j th* wcvyid>rfu! "Sunday Morning ' SiMuetH "nd in I" 1 - u ' m> »'" «^" *»"• • j! " HaUa" Soap AilvarHup in:Th« Oasette. ^*" 2W K^ f he Right Way Is the HealtWul Way CoflW UJH! isagivf \vith u ^rcaf many pt'oplo, awff^*«{ ; tlSjlrH* points ut* - tin* I'uitiulutive tlrug itf both of th«*>« 4 tj>»*vt»ni|(f«'s. , .... of work in factories, or en- t*fprliN«i dttitUMNl to the public aervic*. or whojpr*We* o^-ef meetlngK in which It' u prttpo^e4 to dJftcusB or- anprdvp «uCh _a MMt^thoM;,%"ho assist In these 5?ff*iniP. »p Uwj» whe tntipftvor' t<i CB0 «flke.fff6ctive upon 'being r*4, A^4 thQK whp by thrww* or " fltwn 75 a. Eye Glass,; Chains or Reels, "CfsT" We Can Save You Mioney on Duplicate strike is <le« Ifi; Oohipws may haVf madu a food but when it Jftoni** to ttetecting presl- aMtty of nation* nft judjrment dot-u not In owr opinion. <5ef«n-e wUch respect And the HtpUbliPan manager,* are aor»v vinc*d that the xvorkmtin of the dbun-- tJTy, will anpr«K:tat« that fact and will !**» *o mor* anilous to eutitwrt Mr. Wilneri th»n wouf DEMOCRATIC. By Oeofffe Crct-1. 4» 0ttti»'i l ly fiv^J'ttntt dnig,« or any harmful substawo. Jt IK fOitjjBitPd wit 11* a bit of whoh'MHiu* »nola*-f>, aii<1 i> p ami healthful. : ' A ha- •-of WJM'at. it "lliere's a Reason" port of Hug ho*. The nuustw*. of mil- U<?na have givott him Uie lutgi>,st mm- l'ai(tu futwt tw history. T&«L fii»une<? the Hughea AHienfo l» of toisr Bu»in«««». The . by its members — , whottt org»ni»wtkin irf ttu» Houw Morgan hft» ^ta turned wv«?r to th« ii*|iuWioAn committsf. J. p. Mor- 1,-lteeon and JVrkins, t^»tt«-rle*., 1.U- " * ' »«4 t-ven Anne Wop^ oa arw Shur-On amt Frank Van4*srlitJ. . Harriman intweetsr. Standard oil. hat*> MeAd»a and \\ llluttiis tor ^tu{tpin«r th^ir usiuru-f.. . \VaJl aret-i wants t«'«,'«mt« ha« k If ft*, wid c«uitr«l nt Hit* ' int«'r- Jt ntittouU ol Ui.«|. tt van ountrui ntdit } u \vuiit.- tht» tt>i><-tU ot-tht' Post urn. It want* il.i» »t-j>i,il ruM J.«,«. Ui.- rt f Ik*' t^.iUl Uubor Uv,- jt tilt? tho The wfountin«s are Genuine Shur—on Guaranteed Best Gold Fil^d»l. on and oft with one hand, The Lenses are Genuine Deep Curve? Torie, jpving a large range of vision, and the deep curve pre-J, DR. GOULDING, Optician ^ oj»ti.- Fir^t Avenue and East Tliird sC Over OJjeriniUer's Store n III. <iU-£, lit WMS urtsty auu t l ,i-

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