The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on July 26, 1988 · 18
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 18

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1988
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02 The Sacramento Bee Final Tuesday July 26 1988 For 24-hour - Forecast information call: 4434949 10 SO so w ' 6litutz) elaVidirligx 40h t42FD 7 olli—inistxril oite f ArnwitivietalviLit 0 IFLvhrd Tp 044alk edwz70 m D 1 ves-lovalre 0 rrrnt 90 1 cS1111111 rilleirri 1 00 cm) T S 0 A M 4 Fronts dikmdli gr-Nr qv 114111-4 Warm Cold Stationary I 90 SOUM8 Accu-Weattw Inc Sacramento forecast Variable cloudiness with a slight chance of thunderstorms Variable winds 5 to 15 mph except to 20 mph in the Delta Mostly sunny Wednesday and slightly cooler near the Delta Sacramento high 98 low 65 Pollution Standard Index 83 — Moderate Sacramento data Monday's high at Executive Airport was 102 the low Monday morning was 66 Temperature extremes on record for July 25 since 1877: Highest 109 in 1975 lowest 52 in 1919 Relative humidity (at Execu' tive Airport) at 5 pm Monday was 28 percent Rainfall for 24 hours ending at 5 pm Monday: none Total for this month: none Since July 1: none which is 05 inches below the seasonal norm Monday's Pollution Standard Index 50 — Moderate - Extended outlook or NOrtnem Coigne Thursda) through Saturday — Low clouds and log along the l coast from Cape Mendocino southward and patchy night inc morning tog on north coast A chance of afternoon and everwg thunderstorms over the Sierra Nevada and norm-eastern mountains Fat elsewhere Intenor valley highs u0- per 80s to 105 lows upper 50s to lower 70s Coastal Nos 60s to we 705 lows mid-40s to we 50s Coastal valley vs 70s to rnA1-90s lows upper 40s to lower 60s Mouritam highs 80s to nvd-90s lows mid-40s to lower 60s Sun and moon Sunnse today 602 am sunset 8 22 p m moonrise 6 53 p m moose! 2 50 a m Other forecasts MOTHER 100E — Partly cloudy with a chance ot thunderstorms Southwestedy winds 10 to 15 mph Mostty SUnny Wednesday Highs m the upper 80s to near 100 lows 53 to 63 SIERRA NEVADA — Scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms through Wednesday otherwise fair Lake Tahoe rogh 87 low 46 SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY — Mostly sunny and hot with CI California Associated Press Hi' Bakersfield 104 Barstow 109 Blue Canyon BlYthe Catalina Eureka l-cesno !Ft Bragg Long Beach Los Angeles - Marysville Monterey Mt Shasta Needles - Oakland Pakn Scongs Red Bluff Redwood City Sacramento Salinas San Bernardino : San Dego San Francisco San Jose Santa Barbara Santa Cruz San Luis Obispo Stockton Tahoe Valley Ukiah - Yosemite Vly National Associated Press AlbanyNY iw Albuquerque Amanllo 4: Anchorage I Asheville Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore BIbngs Birmingham Bismarck Boise ' Boston Brownsville Buffalo ' BurlingtonVt Casper CharlestonS CharlestonW Va CharlotteN C Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland ColumbraSC TEMPERATURES ELSEWHERE 4 Hi 104 109 98 80 113 71 66 104 59 89 81 99 71 96 113 77 111 104 83 102 74 106 77 76 59 90 64 75 62 68 59 79 60 95 68 86 - 107 62 93 63 Lo Prep 75 78 60 69 85 63 53 76 52 66 66 73 59 60 90 60 82 80 64 66 60 72 69 Hi lo Prc Otik 85 64 cir 9664 cdy 93 63 dr 65 50 cdy 84 59 cdy 90 67 cdy 84 69 cdy 98 73 cdy 91 67 cdy 96 63 dr 90 64 cdy 99 56 dr 98 58 dr 79 63 01 cdy 94 75 edy 83 62 dr 80 64 dr 96 52 cdy 83 76 cdy 88 61 cdy 89 73 cdy 86 54 05 cdy 86 66 10 Gdy 87 62 dr 82 64 y d y d d y d y dy Water storage Courtesy of the State Department of Water Resources and the US Bureau of Reclamation Sacramento River SHASTA — Capacity 4552100 acre feet elevation 966 44 feet: inflow 1217 cfs outflow 8875 cis storage 2161083 acre feet storage year ago this date 2734100 acre feet KESWICK — Capacity 23800 acre feet: elevation 58477 feet: inflow 14017 cfs: outflow 14417 cfs storage 22365 acre feet: storage year ago this date — Feather River OROVILLE DAM — Capacity 3538300 acre feet: elevation 77717 feet inflow 805 cis outflow 725 cfs storage 1944765 acre feet storage year ago this date 2370925 acre feet American River FOLSOM DAM — Capacity 1010000 acre feet elevation 39021 feet inflow 957 cis outflow 3654 cfs storage 329130 acre feet storage year ago this date 611800 acre feet NIMBUS DAM — Capacity 8800 acre feet elevation 12500 feel inflow 3362 cfs outflow 3361 cfs storage 8761 acre feet stooge year ago this date Trinity River TRINITY DAM — Capacity 2500000 acre feet elevation 232854 feet inflow 224 cfs outflow 3629 cfs storage 1956383 acre feet storage year ago this date 2155300 acre feet WEATHER ColumbusOhlo 86 62 ConcordN H BO 61 Dallas-Ft Worth 102 74 Dayton 86 64 Denver 92 60 Des Moines 86 67 Detroit 79 66 Duluth 81 52 El Paso 100 74 Evansville 86 64 Fairbanks 74 48 Fargo 89 56 Flagstaff 84 54 Grand Rapids 82 64 Great Falls 95 53 Greensboro N C 89 69 Hartford 85 65 Helena 97 58 Honolulu 87 70 Houston 98 78 Indianapolis 81 64 JacksonMiss 92 68 Jacksonville 94 71 Juneau 57 53 Kansas City 94 72 Las Vegas 109 80 Little Rock 89 72 Louisville 86 65 Lubbock 95 70 Memphis 83 66 Miami Beach 86 73 Midland-Odessa 91 69 Milwaukee 79 67 Mpls-St Paul 85 61 Nashville 87 69 New Orleans 93 74 New York City 89 68 NorlolkVa 89 72 Nor1h Platte 83 59 Oklahoma City 97 71 Omaha 84 64 Orlando 89 72 Philadelphia 91 68 Phoenix 111 88 Pittsburgh 88 61 PortlandMaine 76 65 PortlandOre 100 59 Providence 79 65 Raleigh 90 66 Rapid City 91 58 Reno 97 67 Richmond 91 67 St Louis 91 69 Salt Lake City 98 73 San Antonio 74 San JuanP R 89 75 St Ste Mane 77 62 Seattle 94 59 Shreveport 100 73 Sioux Falls 89 54 Spokane 97 59 Syracuse 85 64 Tampa-St Pirsbg 90 75 Topeka 93 71 Tucson 105 75 Tulsa 100 74 northwesterly winds to 20 mph in and near the Della Lighter Inds elsewhere Sunny and hot Stockton high 100 low 68 BAY AREA — Morntng low clouds and patchy tog clear wig to neal trve ocean beaches CI midday Night and morning to clouds and patchy log Wednesday otherwise In San Francisco NIP 13 low 58 NORTHWESTERN — Coastal cloudiness and log with pow afternoon clearing Partly cloudy inland with a slight chance ot Munderstoms Northwesterly wind 10 to 20 mph Coastal cloudiness and log Wednesday with partial atter noon clearing Sunny elsewhere Highs 60 to 10 at the coast an 75 to 100 mland lows 45 to 60 MOUNT SHASTASISKIYOU — Variable cloudiness with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms Northerty winds 5 to 15 mph A slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms Wednesday Highs 90 to 100 tiers In the 50s and 605 NORTHEASTERN — Variable cloudiness with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms Light winds Mostly sunny Wednesday with a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms over the hope( terrain Highs in the 90s lows 55 to 65 Los ANGELES — Night and early morning low clouds through Wednesday with sunny &lemons Highs NI the mediters lows in the mid-60s NEVADA — North Widely scattered thunderstorms mainly dunng the afternoon and evening Gusty winds rear thunderstorms Mostly sunny Wednesday except isolated afternoon thunderstorms Peso high 95 low 58 South WOW) scattered thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon and evening Gusty winds near thunderstorms Widely scattered thunderstorms Wednesday mainly in the afternoon and evening Las Vegas high 108 kfyi 80 River stages Courtesy Slate Department ot Water resources and U S Bureau ol Reclamation and National Weather Service Heights and times ot high and low waters tor the Sacramento River Monday s stage al I Street at 4 p m 4 30 feet Al I Street Bridge 56 Niel at 4 45 am 42 feel at 330 p in 5 I feet at a 30 pm Tuesday 4 2 leet at 12 15 a rn At Roo Vista 7 6 teet al 1 15 a m 2 4 feet at 9 45pm 61 teetat430pm48teetat8 l5pm Tuesday 7 Peet al 2 15 a m River reports Courtesy ol the state Department at Water Resources and the tederal Water and Power Resources Service Station Bend Bodge Vina Bodge Ord Ferry Colusa Wilkins Slough Fremont VVeir Verona Santo I St 86 62 30 BO 61 39 102 74 86 64 92 60 86 67 79 66 11 81 52 100 74 86 64 2 05 74 48 89 56 84 54 82 64 32 95 53 89 69 25 85 65 97 58 87 70 98 78 81 64 07 92 68 39 94 71 57 53 - 94 72 109 80 89 72 05 86 65 22 95 70 83 66 77 86 73 04 91 69 02 79 67 14 85 61 87 69 93 74 89 68 89 72 83 59 97 71 84 64 89 72 91 68 111 88 88 61 76 65 1043 59 79 65 90 66 91 58 97 67 91 67 91 69 98 73 74 89 75 77 62 94 59 too 73 89 54 97 59 85 64 Stg Cis Change SACRAMENTO RIVER 21 24 14 360 1080 107 32 11 598 894 98 43 9347 147 44 67 8 921 585 31 22 7834 -312 16 70 0 — 14 68 15459 163 30 dr WashingtonD C 91 68 39 cdy Wta 100 70 cdy Wilkes-Barre 84 60 dr WilmingtonDel 89 67 cir clr 13 Foreign 11 cdy Associated Press clr Hi dr Amsterdam I 05 dr Athens 1 cdy Auduarkd dr Bangkok rn Barbados 32 cdy Being 1 cir Belgrade 25 cdy Berlin cdy Bermuda — cdy Bogota dr Brussels 7! cdy Budapest 9 07 dr B Aires 8 39 cdY Cairo 9 cdY Calgary 81 — cdY Caracas 8: clr Copenhagen cdY Dublin 6E 05 cdy Frankfurt 7! 22 cir Geneva 81 dr Harare 7! 17 cdy Havana 04 rn Helsinki 7 02 dr Hong Kong 14 cdy Istanbul cll Jerusalem cdY Joburg Cdy Kiev cdy lima 6 rn Lisbon 7 cir London 6 01 cdy Madrid dr Manila rn Mexico City 1 cdY Montreal 8 cdY Moscow 7 cdy Nairobi 6 09 cdy Nassau 9 cdY New Delhi 9 cdy Nicosia cdy Oslo 6 cdY Pans dr Rio 7 rn Home 1 80 dr San Juan cdy Santiago cdy Sao Paulo 10 cdy Seoul 16 rn Singapore cdy Stockholm 7 cdy Sydney cdy Taipei clr Tel Aviv clr Tokyo cdy Toronto 7 clr Vancouver 01 cdy Vienna cdy Warsaw Hi Lo W1hr 64 54cdy 95 73cdy 61 48 ck 93 79 dr 87 78 dr 86 72cdy 93 72 dr 73 59 dr — 80cdy 63 48cdy 75 57cdy 97 70 dr 88 57 dr 99 77 dr 86 46cdy 82 68cdy 61 70 dr 68 75 88 75 77 90 90 90 68 82 61 77 66 91 90 77 86 75 68 91 90 104 66 73 78 99 89 64 60 77 86 72 cdY cir cdy cdy 61 rn 54 cdy 63 cdy 46 cdy 77 cdy 61 cir 82 dr 72 ck 68 ck 43 dr 63 dr 54 cdy 61 dr 57 cdy 66 dr 77 cir 55 dr 72 cdy 55 cdy 54 cdy 71 cdy 82 cdy 66 ck 57 cdy 55 dr 59 cdy 66 dr 78 cdy 34 dr 57 cdy 68 cdy 75 cdy 64 rn 70 52 dr 99 82 clr 90 75 dr 72 64 cdy 79 61 rn 77 57cdy 97 66 dr 90 63 clr NOAA satellite 2:15 pm via AP Much of California is cloudy Monday Cash can't buy memories of father By Lorena Natt Bee Staff Writer Jacquelyn Sweet never knew her father Iler mother a hardworking bitter woman almost never spoke of the man who deserted them six months before Sweet was born While Sweet was growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania and wondering what her dad was like hundreds of people in Sacramento were greeting him every day with a 'good morning' as they bought the day's news They knew him as eternally friendly Charlie Scheel a man who loved baseball never took a day off and made a passel of friends selling newspapers and Racing Forms to the morning crowd from his newsstand at 10th and K streets "Even though I never had any memories of him it makes me feel good to know he made a lot of other people happy" said Sweet 30 in a telephone interview from her home in V° lant Pa It wasn't until Scheel died last spring that friends in Sacramento realized how little they knew They saw him every day but didn't even know his last name They also didn't know that he had stashed away $67000 in cash in an old McDonald's carry-out bag a cache that Sweet will inherit as his closest living relative The money will help Sweet the mother of three and her husband Jay a correctional officer buy a new house It will help her get in touch with some of her father's 22 cousins who turned up as authorities searched for heirs to Scheel's humbly wrapped riches But it won't buy her the chance to know why her father disappeared and was never heard from again she said Coddington Continued from page B1 The four were directed toward a makeshift room within a room that was to become their cell for the next three days "I saw 'Mark' ram into Dottie" the younger girl said "Ile threw Mabs and Dottie into the room Ile started hitting them in the arms and chest" Ile also struck the older girl "He ran over to me and hit me" she said "It was a black object He hit me in the jaw" The older girl testified that the chaperones pleaded not to be killed and that he not harm the models The girls were tied up and articles of clothing were placed over their heads to prevent them from seeing all that was done to the older women After being beaten the chaperones were tied up with plastic devices that cinched tight against their neck Later both girls testified that they heard what they assumed was the sound of bodies being dragged across the floor Then they heard the rustle of plastic The two women were found strangled in plastic bags by police after the FBI rescued the girls The girls testified that they saw Coddington clean the carpet of a reddish liquid that he said was spilled Kool-Aid At various times the girls either were peeking through their blindfolds or were allowed to go without blindfolds When they asked Coddington if he was going to kill them his answer was to show them a 45-caliber gun equipped with a silencer the girls said What followed was three days in which they were sexually assaulted or afraid for their lives they said And there were mundane times when they watched soap operas as their captor decided what to do next The first day he gave them a light meal and copies of Playboy Readers Digest and Newsweek The girls had the presence of mind to peel an address label from a Newsweek that had Coddington's name on it and secret it in their luggage They also got a pad and pen from Walsh's purse and started to write down the story of their kidnapping The girls testified that on the second day he let them watch television and then ordered them to exercise with the Jane Fonda workout tape He then put them back in the room and blindfolded them He said that "friends" had kidnapped a young boy and that they wanted a video of the boy and the girls in bed What followed was Coddington acting the part of the boy Shooting Continued from page B1 The story Miller and Robker have told is of three women whom Childress dominated and abused physically and emotionally White said both Miller and the third woman who is 21 have lived with Childress for years and have children by him Robker apparently joined the household a couple of months ago Last Friday Robker and Childress went to Angels Camp where he had a construction job to pick up his paycheck But their truck broke down there and Childress blamed the breakdown on Robker White said "He beat the hell out of her then put the 38 to her head and threatened to kill her" said White "Then he said he wasn't going to kill her but she would have to pay for the truck repair by selling her body until it was paid for" The pair returned to Grizzly Flat about 20 miles southeast of Placerville and the next day said White Chil Russians Continued from page B1 group Barabasheva is the only member of the delegation who speaks English although many Soviet children are required to take English classes The delegation toured UCD and the city of Davis on Monday On the UCD tour the Soviets wanted to know how much tuition costs how long it takes to get a graduate degree and whether students are placed in a job Ski Continued from page B1 these trees are cut it's too late" Bartlett told the supervisors adding that federal money might be available to buy the land Following the vote Bartlett said that the ski company should at least be required to repair damage it created on the south fork of Squaw Creek before it is allowed to build a ski lift and do further environmental oil It became apparent that Charlie Scheel didn't want to be found when coroner's Investigators turned up his worldly belongings in his $150-amonth furnished room in the Golden Hotel where he died of heart disease last May The news vendor left behind some photos a penknife — and the bag full of cash mostly $50 and $100 bills Ile left no will no identification and very little to help investigators track down any relatives In fact he left behind a phony age which made the search even harder It was a Sacramento missing-heirs investigative firm that broke the months of dead-end leads and false claims to Scheel's estate that followed death One of the investigators John March Jr heard from one of Scheel's customers that the friendly newsman may have been from Pennsylvania A check through Pennsylvania records revealed that Scheel had been arrested at the Pittsburgh airport in March 1957 — for deserting his pregnant wife He was not convicted Pennsylvania marriage records indicated that Charles Scheel married Sweet's mother Mary Agnes Scheel in December 1956 Scheel was a 29- Year-old bus driver from Sharon Pa and his bride a 40year-old divorcee struggling to raise three children Sweet has their wedding photos her only mementoes of her father besides his penknife "They only dated a few months before they were married and he left a few months after that" said Sweet who learned that bit of information from her great-aunt and uncle "But they said he would've done anything for my mom" His devotion it seems wasn't enough for his wife "My mother wasn't the easiest person to get "Is that a squirrel?" Barabasheva asked in the university arboretum When told that the animal she pointed to was indeed a squirrel she nodded and said "It differs from ours" The group will visit Sacramento Wednesday morning before a Davis press conference and the City Council meeting They will spend the day in San Francisco before leaving for home Saturday night damage on the north fork of the creek in Shirley Canyon The Shirley Canyon area was placed in a wildernesslike "conservation preserve" under a 1983 Squaw Valley general plan The ski corporation filed suit charging that its property rights had been abrogated That litigation is on hold pending outcome of rezoning and the kidnapper "I said 'Are you going to rape us?' " the older girl testified "Ile said no and that 'if the boy hurts you I will hurt him'" In a little boy's voice while he disrobed and sexually abused the girls twice within an hour Coddington said "I'm sorry I don't want to do this either I hope they don't kill us" Then he would try to trick the girls that the boy was the person sexually assaulting them the prosecution contends Ile would lean back while keeping one foot on the bed to simulate the presence of the boy and give commands in his regular voice The girls testified that they repeatedly told him to stop what he was doing to them They said they were getting sick in an effort to prevent Coddington from assaulting them further After awhile he did stop and he then allowed them to watch television On the third day he allowed the girls to make a tape recording to send to their parents but the younger girl could not finish it because she could not stop crying Ile had noticed that day when he driving around South Lake Tahoe that unmarked police cars were following him He took most of the girls clothes and began to wash them to remove fingerprints the girls said The police were closing in and he knew it When the FBI kicked in the door that night the older girl was still not sure if they were going to be safe "I thought Herb's friends were pretending to be the FBI" she said She thought they would pretend to rescue them and then kill them Superior Court Judge Terrence Finney said at the start of the day that the press could not publish or air any of the testimony until the second girl had finished The Bee the Reno-Evening Gazette-Journal the Associated Press and a Reno television station protested calling the judge's action a gag order The issue was moot when the girls both finished Monday The defense has entered pleas of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity Coddington's lawyers Rick Meyer and Steve Tapson have told the jury that Coddington committed the sex offenses against the girls and that he killed the chaperones but the defense team will try to prove that he was insane at the time dress woke up angry because Robker wasn't out working Then he asked Miller for something to eat and when she told him there was nothing in the house except hot dogs and water he became even more enraged "Rachel le said he came after Bridget with the 38 and she could tell it was either him or them" said White Robker told investigators she grabbed the rifle and fired several times at Childress lie dropped the handgun which Miller then picked up and fired at Childress until the chambers were empty In the meantime Robker got the shotgun and fired several more shots at her attacker White said Miller was the mother of one of the three children in the home said White None of the children was harmed Saturday and White said Miller's child was being cared for by the third woman who is the mother of the other two There's a 'There' in Oakland now Associated Press OAKLAND — A sculpture titled "There" has been placed in Oakland's City Square an attempt to discount author Gertrude Stein's famous remark after returning to her hometown "There's no there there" The 17-foot tall swirl of metal slats that look like twisted 2-by-4 pieces of lumber was lowered by helicopter Saturday morning on the plaza at 13th Street and Broadway Officials of the city which has long been treated like it was San Francisco's ugly stepsister hope the $95000 artwork instills civic pride It adds to the city's image but it's not going to solve the problem That can't be done with a sculpture" said Glenn Jones owner of The Candy Man a new store in the heart of the city's redevelopment efforts Stein who was born in Oakland left in 1891 at the age of 17 Visiting the city 44 years later she noted that it had changed beyond recognition Less a put-down of the city her famous phrase really was more of a turn of the equally famous phrase from Thomas Wolfe "You can't go home again" along with" Sweet said "I kind of understand why he left She was very hard on all of us" Her mother worked at a Westinghouse electrical plant to support Sweet and her half-sisters and brother and often came home tired and short-tempered Sweet said tempered sweet said — When she asked about her father the only thing her mother said was that she wished she could locate him in California so she could get child support from him They never divorced Sweet often wanted to look for her father but said loyalty to her mother postponed that dream "I have always believed you should honor your parents" Sweet said "Because of that I was there for her and I stuck by her" Mary Agnes Scheel died of cancer in Pennsylvania last April but Sweet didn't even have time to start looking for her father — he died two weeks later A Sacramento Superior Court Judge declared Sweet his rightful legal heir on May 9 She will receive a check for his estate minus $2011 for his funeral $1100 for his burial small debts to three local newspapers attorney's fees and a finder's fee paid to March's firm said Ramona Nunes a county administrator's caseworker Sweet is planning to come to Sacramento next spring and visit her father's old stamping grounds with her children — Terry 14 Heather 11 and Angela 8 She wants to talk to his friends and learn more about Charlie Scheel whose name she heard for the first time less than a year ago when March's firm contacted her "I wanted him to see for himself how I turned out" she said "I think if we would've had the chance to meet we would've gotten along really well" Baby left in camp toilet suffocated Bee Metro Staff A baby who died Saturday in a 1000-gallon underground waste tank after being dropped into a Sierra campground toilet died of suffocation associated with drowning according to preliminary autopsy findings Additional toxicology tests will be conducted before authorities decide whether to file charges against the baby's 16-year-old Sacramento County mother the Placer County Sheriff's Department said Monday The 6-pound I5-ounce infant was born full-term and alive to the teenager in the privy Saturday morning at the North Fork Campground The mother admitted to investigators Saturday that she had initially intended to dispose of the baby but said she changed her mind during the delivery process and intended to keep the infant However while she was delivering the baby by herself in the privy the baby slipped through her hands and into the waste tank below she told them Relatives were alerted to the incident after hearing a baby's cries She had apparently concealed her pregnancy from her family and friends said Placer County Sheriff's Capt Larry Newman Newman said Monday that there hasn't been a ruling whether the infant's death was accidental He said the toxicology test results and information on how the umbilical cord was severed will be turned over to the district attorney's office and the Probation Department Later this week officials will announce whether charges will be filed in the case The mother's name is being withheld because of her age Weather Continued from page B1 near Cedarville in Modoc County and contained as small spot fires Meanwhile officials said arson blazes in Calaveras County that caused more than $3 million in damages and more than $5 million to fight were expected to be under control by late Monday night The fires which were contained Saturday night by 3283 firefighters after charring 10840 acres will be allowed to burn out Terrill said "These are heavy fuels — like dry brush and trees — and we expect to have them in control soon but it may take a week before the fire is completely out" Terrill said "Once we have it under control it's like why waste 500 gallons of water to put out a burning tree that is surrounded by charred land" Prison Continued from page BI shanks removed from prison-issue work boots and sharpened against cell walls The injuries included slash wounds and bruises from blows with brooms Merchant said Jesus Cruz 29 was in stable condition at a Reno hospital Monday following surgery for a punctured lung The other inmates were being treated in the prison infirmary aecording to Merchant Inmates in the maximum security Lassen Unit are assigned to two-man cells on a selection basis that includes race Merchant said But the unit as a whole reflects the racial balance of the prison where 30 percent of the inmates are white 35 percent are black and 28 percent are Hispanic 4 if 0 — 02 The Sacramento Bee Final Tuesday July 26 1988 WEATHER Cash can't buy memories of father fV 59 emottivrreAlt I ainnlibb iqt4par mow tz4ZILS: 'D -"? 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