Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 26, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
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ADVERTISING *y if* *«d put» th*m tr» thty ought ta_b*., |py**^ *mr Tr*]^ Y^* Tir^k "A TI f "W T* ^^ ll/xvJLJ IN Cjr L/A1JLY v. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 99. AND DAILY STANDARD ' STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCT. 26. 1916. ADVERTISING thfogt ?H>m wherf they srt »nd putt them wb<?r« they euffht t<* b*; PRICE TWO CENTS,, FINE MEETING COL. ROOSEVELT Forty-First Annual Convention Of W. F. M. S. Of the DixoffJMstriGt. Addresses and Very Inter- es!ing Reports At the Local Meeting. 41st annual convention of thp ; i.n'» Fofpfftt Missionary JSortHy- » Dison district o|*»n«»d with over! ont of town. rtelpRatP* j>rp«<*>rit. |r*. it ( v . Page «>r TW-Kftl", prf>sldlnR. : KYotlonal services' by (lev. W. 1, \ ollins followed by roll call of ' M1«A Ida nimdli'Jt brmjfrbt I «h»> Missionary union of Ilot'k Fall*. "Mr*. Nellie De«'ker cli of l7itor», i-^tiim^rt mi,««lonnrr t'hlna, gavw a short nddreox. rx>rothy Jonen of i'h'ungklng. ., who In mpported by the Hison •(•trlct, gavw a short addrenn. I'lnn* made to wnd a bt»it to her Main w<w»t China, the box to bp next May at the nub-district cHund »*nt In .time to reach lt,« ntlnatlon by Chrlntman, 8lf«. A. T. Webb, the conference cretary, gave a report of «<>rk In i. conference which showed a dn- ,*d gain above the apportionment n«-w rmfnbw*, nubucrilM'rs to man- fftm and money. . The Klnfn Heralds of 4th Htre*-t IhUrch then gave a drISI on the blue Dolt and also iravo a'demon«tratlon p conducting a meeting. a!l of which gr«at credit to their leader. evening -program openwl ni With .prayer .by Jley, Collins, no to , Evelyti Mrtr*h nfiiT th«> «»venUm by Minn Dorothy Jonerf on her In went China, Holo by Elmer Said a Few Words To the As sembled Populace At Station This Morning, Told Crowd They Were Rea Americans and Said He Is Not To Proud To Fight. i .<& ROOSEVELT PLEASED. : The Gazette received * telephone message from J. T, Williamt in Chicago shortly before 3:00 o'clock this afternoort, he* having been a*kftd by Col. Roosevelt to convey to the people of Sterling through The Gazette the former president's appreciation of the big crowd that turned out .here this morning to great him, Ht w»t pBrttettFarly pleased with the dismissing of the- ecfvooli. Col. Roosevelt considered the crowd ji«re one of the be»t along the North We«tern, with th« possible exception of at DeKalb, where he had • noon ttop. ' "If I had received your teleoram personally, I would have delivered a ten minute talk in Sterling, even if U knocked out the whole North Western schedule," Col. Roosevelt told Mr. William* whan h* boarded the train at Clinton. Practically every station from Denver to Chicago hid wired th* Colonel)' asking him to atop for short talks. ' He had left instructions with hit secretary to aritwer them in general,and the reply to Mr. Williams' newilon, With devotional nt>rvk-OM !»y Mr»> of Ch'kalb. 8ecretary'« tvi'o'rt In. F"!!* 1 . <-of. »*cretary'n report Jrotuur«ir'» r«'i>ort by had been sent by the sec- before Col. Roosevelt saw Mr, Williams' t«fegr»m. Mr. Wit- liimi/w«s well acquainted with Mr. Roosevelt's former secretary, Mr. McOrath, but the new secretary with the Colonel now did not know Mr. WilHsms arid Sfr answsrsd his telegram as he did tha others without referring the matter to Mr. Roosevelt as See. McOrath would Sec. of llU'ratur* ren<irt by fr*. John McNeil. Secretary of fthlnf in rvBi»on«e to greeting* by Mrt ; H»n4»n»oo-<if r -ttic society. I Hound table ' for Auxiliary offlccrs (>nfluct*d by Mr*, A, T. Wefcb. Offievr* EI*etM Ptm, Mm. E. C. I'aite. DekaUv Vlc« Frwi., Mr», M. \V. Howe. 8«cond Vic* Prc».. Mrs. II. K. Cu»ht»* Mt. Morrlii, ; Phitfl Vice Prps., .Mr». 8. M. Heml- . , Vice Pre*,. Mr«. J. Hajwctt. Sue.. Mt*. Frank C. MttO, Dekalb. . ording Bee,,- Urn. 3VL-L. Pickle. , Mri- B, C. File, Iloclieite. Ol»e Yoimg P«opl«>ji* NVork. Mm. tonp, Malta. Chlld|r*n'»i Work. \Mr«. Carrie ._ \\\ J, Me- 0y,~ Thompson. L L4tcmture, Mm, John McNeil, Fall*, Tithing, Mr». James Davis. ^Auditor, Mrs. N,' Q, Van Bnnt, Stfr- R«*olutiont Adopted The following ienolutionn wen- lmous vote: , th» wom«?n of tho Dixon dliit- Ijcontlnoed on Pug« Seven) DIED FROM SHOCK Told of Ftthtr's D««th H« Died In » V«ry Short Tlmt. D. John received word ye«of the death of hid nephew, Oeo John, of Shamokin. Pa,' Th« fu- occurred th» same day tho news 4 StfrllnK.^ The deceasctl wan only «on of Or. J. J.. John, a couwin tne Sterllnu John'H, and wt/ll known «riln0 P«opln, where he formerly and wa» widely known. The de_d hjrd been til and wan s^nt to £i Spring* for treatment.' Three Ago the father died arid not hi UK to -the uon at the time of hli- an it wan thought he wax to to hear the »ftd Wewii. However, hit: wan told, the ehock wssi t«>Q for" htwf to fcear and he died, « John wa» 4t yeam old. while II!H was 88 yearn old;ADY INJURED lr*| Katherint Allen, of Tampico, Fell ?«-.**. r Fnm Whi«l Chair. -Katharine Alien,—*rf—Tampico. yjetlm of_U; very painful accl- to' town " in her wheel. chair ugh being thrown out by th« ttlng off the walk on one tilde, due "ie durknewH and thickly »tr«wn • on the walk. * • had been crippled with "rheti- W for nmny yearn and'her limbs . «o stiffened at the Un«et< that her ( *lfht cftUMBd the munoU-8 and llga- to be torn loose, aa «lu> wuti »-n- elpjctjn to break her fall in any y,- Dhe In buffering gr*«t' imln and fft r*«t only by the tine of opiate*, her advanced agt< retards hfr rt>- "I never MW such a mob as greeted Col. Roosevelt in Chicago today," Mid Mr. Williams. "I —thought thwmeb that greeted him in 1912 wat a big one, but it wat not_at big JM the crowd today. Vou couldn't {feT'wtiHlrjri block of • the station. Street cart, fire os- capet and every available -place was filled with people anxious to see Roosevelt and traffic wat completely tied up." . . MADE A SHORT TALK. Colonel Theodore Uoo»«vWt stopped in Sterling this forenoon on the 11: or, train ,Ju*t o;ie minute and while thr tlniCM'*an very short, yet he managed to KJI> a few* worilx to the gathered populace. The Colonel wan In pooj^ voice and hlH hoarsoness prevented h| from being heard by throw outside of a close radius* of the' car. The Colonel raid: "Friends: U nlve» tn«» preM pleffHurc to be back in the Kood old »tati> of Illlnoln, th«» state w4»lch gaye_to__tlu' worbl a Lincoln, 1 feel proutl of., the Tin r t~lI)7iT'T "find" wTnuiriy true Amerl- can« amonjr you. and nll'ovcr thi« land. By Amerlcanx. 1 mean not Irlnh-Amcri- canK.not Oerman-Americans, not-8wed- !uh-Amcrlcann,"not KnjellHli-Amc'rictu no hyphenated American* ai all,-but Amerlc'ntiH. for 1 know that every one of you >are the Renuhio true; type of AmerfcariH. The United StatOB iloe« not (Continued on Pago Six) DEATH OF MRS. JENKINS Former Sterling Woman Ol«« Sudden Iy in California. > E. K. Jenklnn recen'ea a messag thin morning from hla son,' Prof. Al frod JenkinH, of Rodnndo Beach, Cal.. conveying the sad Intelligence of the death of his wife, which occurred Tuea day evening'at 7:16 ; o'clock. The dl« patch a!*o mild that Mra/JenkinH wan taken ill «i»ven weekB^^ago with _a_n atrfirravated attack of heart trouble She seemed to be» bettor four week* ago when he last wrote, but was taken worse later <tnd died as Httited In the telegram, It la evident that the burial will be in Kodondo Beach. Fannie \\v*A wan born forty-two years ago In Sterling, She lived In Sterling all her life up to eight yeare ago, when »h» nnd. her famUy moved wont. -She waa a graduate of the Stcr- ling hfgh uottool, being a cla»»mate of her husband, For a number of years Prof. Jenltlno taught in the county and in thp Sterling high nrhool. illn health proving bad, he'went with hin family to Araby, Colo., and stayed three yearn, H» -Improved in health and the fani- ily moved to California, where they hay** bc'tm"'- living" glnce. J^'or" he lu»» been principal of the school at Hodotulo Heuch, the Htriu'tun- ' Reed anrt Alfred Jenkins were married In June. 1900. Threy have one child to«blear tbts union, being a' aon, Kendall, agwl tlfteen years, Prof, and Mrs. Jenkins and thsdf. son upent the monthij of the present year In Sterling at tho home of his father, 14. K. Jenkinn The Uei'i'ttBed waa a daughter of the lu,te Mr, and Mrs, Isaac Heed, She was beioved by everyone who knew her. Her Hplciulkl UlMpoH,ltlon WOK for her hoMiw of friendK. Him lias been a true and loving wife, n futthfjM mot Hot and a loving daughter. long Distance Bidders T~~tM" zettj! bus whown that nu other pupcr thun The Ouxette han -any n>ttl circulation In the township* nt Jordan. HteilliiK, CoUmw, Montmorency, iluhnurnuti, fiuiue,- l|opkinH, Qeiuvasve, in Whiteslde county, nnd that The Gtueiti- sentis buudreds into I'alnivia. Ni'lf-on, Hurtnoii, and Hamilton townHhitm in Lee county, Now «c desire to call attention tu. other seeiimis T.imjiico. Prophetwtowj), byndon, Mt. P|eu««nt, all have lOi-al ;iewspaiiei« of exeelleirf qtelily, -'¥t-t The Ouzel te semis, lulu these four townships something like liJOO copies every day. Kvi-ry fanner holtllng mi "»,U'<'tton , in- these townships should use their Im-ul paper, -This i« a free ady«Vti*e>iieiit. for !He*e papers, but The CJ«aett«J« honesdy trying to help the farmers get the best teitull* for their* um'tlittu*. At the'Bume time^no farmer living' In the •tourHMhlps'tminVd ''uu uffbul to hold an auction without also ijsing The .< layette These the days of _the aiito. Thf. main mail* tue nitoily huui iu;ulM. r litT» io7jTe"lhmiriTnitn^^-'oTth'liieinH'^"~'iriiS^"aTe"""oTIivr In the eleven (tnvntihipM ta White«uie and counties. which are EXCLUSIVELY covered l>y The OaKctte. .who will want" to buy w-hat in offered, *• * •< The furiuwi' in T<tutpt>o, Propbetstown, Lyndon, Ml, Pleasant ur Clyde, or any j,»thei_'_»>p«>t |u Uie_, ctninty for that ut.titt'j^ jvlto ItoUls nply~u ; iTu-s~^Tt"TriiK : ^ full lu usie TUe .Oazctte. No fuimer »Ho hotHfs t»» y.^1 Hie most wut sale can alfonl to- tukt- Suvh .local papers and th<> lo>'ally i((sti>l>»t«'.J bills bUwjj. the " although Th,e U«jr<sejte helps even a.t Unit But it is thv lo bul, wlii> iiiiikt-ti Hie suH- a hitf »3iu'i-t'j,.4 . The (i:uejt<< him and bruise 'him in -•.- Truisms in Advertising \ 'i The merchant who tk^es not advertise is like the fellow who throws a kiss to his sweetheart in the dark—he knows what he is doing, but no one else does, not even the girl!~~~-The Advertising World. EXPLAINS LAWS Local Attorney Clears Up the Conflict Regarding Words District and Precinct. Holds Voter Must Reside In District 30 Days To Cast Vote On Nov. 7. THE LASJ SESSION Of Lutheran Ladies Was Held This Afternoon At St. John's. Rev. and Mrs. Hams Were Remembered At Wednesday Evening Session. BLEW UP BRIDGE Roumanian Troops Blew Up Bridge At Cernavoda Greatest In Europe, Part Of the Russo - Roumanian Forces In Dobrudja Escaped Over the Bridge. (H;- r,»!" ! <l Pfr-jts.) f,oniln», i-lns;., ( >• t. Ji> • H >nm;inlan (ri i I><4 lilt, w iij, ih" < t-i n:v\ injii (jti4s«*. th*> ^tt'.-iM'jit in Ki.rr-|ie, fi'ltowtii; ilie «. vaciatlon of ih».> oity. jt;ti<I u l!onn» dispatch Ifwlaj.- <|UotlnK H Mti-'l-tarw. i!ixj>flSrh v.f"' i c(ved there. 'The t>rnavt.i(in bridR" was huitt In ISiit, a( n ( oM of Het-ctnl irnll.''i dol- Inr*, and (<< the only hrliluc HI rofs the iJaisuL*-, In th aria's of which 'i"*t 'iR liniiiKHnbin .lull. It ««j>i»nx ;h« *'Hrnt)»e •n;d thf I'.dja-eiit m«r»tie>- am! i« fr>.ir- !<et> ii.ih'p I'U!R. Thf ' '<> utan: .a- HOW ITS THE HIGH COST OF PATRIOTISM FOR THE PRICE OF FLAGS GO UP i Hy f«r I1;uj<« t''t> i>*-r hunting? rt it i.j*-r cent. is. tun nl tin- at>t>ar«nt i-oufu»lon i The convention ut Ht .lohn'« church <ind conilictn over Hi- el. .-tlon lawn, a j, , f ,, W n,lneml«y mwlon nt tti'l known HterllriK attorney ha* KM!,- j „!,„ „.,,, R , , fln imp , |anm , n \ >t ,J 0 rnltti-l .to «J.i*»lli. n-mem th,, follow - , wlth ,„,. <1|lVfl ,,, imll Km ., w , , w , ,, y M rs l "*j, ( '""' 1 "." > t , , £ | ££'',j r mnd ' Swellwr. followed- by the minutes «ifid November 7. ami not reside in the "precinct" thlfty liny*, nnd i He a» their authority thnt In. town Hi't'tloiiH Hiich IM the c-««i». At luwii election*, nnd by I* meant the election on ut which town clerk, collector, justices and coiiHtablcfl. are elected, the jaw (Her, <*>.">. 46,_Kle.cUon Law) In thin state om» year. In the county in<l In thn election tftn~*~ Iteport of president, Chicago -Conference, Northern Conference itnrt Houthern Conference,^ Corresponding necretnry anil treasurer, —MpportK r.<f" different department sec- rvl 7i''« Vretarie*. uf the i ft'e!K«>. MlHMion I'eo- Band and Work and Annunlty. Hoport of Hock Itlver election thcri'ln. etc.. Hhall bo entitled to voto nt Hiit-h election." Section 1' receding WlgK ° f ™*^»»~*r*- »• & Summer SOME TROOPS ESCAPED. <-By rmti'd i'r*-«s.) Iicrlln, (Jpi^. My \virHeftii To yHj-vllle, U I., Oct... ifi — Pnrt« of the HUNUO- Kouma'hlan forcf In Dobrudja Into " oftl Hotimanla by flpelng acroiiM the L'crnavorJft bridge before was captured by <fen. Mackftixcn, the military critic of the Heml-ofllclnl agency reported today. By tin 1 capture of JVrnaVdda Meld Mackcntien'ft army completely turned the military .xluintlon In l>obrudja In our- favor." he inserted. and the Uouman- |iitn two i>aft*. JOINS NEW PARTY Villa Will Act As CommantJer- In-Chief Of Legalista Forces in the Field. His Emissaries Have Conferred With Junta Of Party Recently In El Paso. Kl , city Vnitcd Tress) Paso, Tex.. Oct, 2C.-~Kmlwwuies f the ach town Hhall !> law .provide* that "In irKiuilKntlon, I ' election A very impressive memorial service won conducted by Mm. H. K. Zimmerman, of Mt. Morris. Three liullpn wordn 'llMtrlct mid precinct con- ftmluh. . Tins general »?lectlon law re- jiilreM tluil no person «h»ll be permitted to vote except In the dtmrict In which ho fesiden. As we arc under Lownfhip orlranlxaUon the county Ixiard tlxna the polling placeM, and a« the law statZB "The county, board- in every eafto' Mtuill llx and MtahllHh the placed for election ln>'ita nt»peetlv& cou'n- iy, anrt"all general n-nd-iipccial t-lectlon, ,«wn mwUiiff clwtloim or town eluc* li>» hold at the places >»o - - i and the from tho Tho IcelHliiturc for twenty years nnd •norif ha« been trying to make the two awn Ht. Into each other, HO that no •liilin could be made that tho' »amo placo Hhould not ho. lined for nil Tlu-ro wai* no Intention by ho liwcrtlon t>t these words In thn K<*neral law, to add .any voting qunll- IcatioiiH, but Mm ply to make clear tht« act that 14) clectleins, IncludlnK* town nei'tlnif oi«ct-ioiiN -or"town ulcctlonu" xhould )» hi>id at-thn Miin»« place. The words "dlutrlct" and "prcc.lnct" /»» In tbo election lawx Hlncc thu 11 coiiMtltutlon wiui adopted haw tot nlwayH been u«ed with the Hfttnc nounlng. 8ometlmt'« -tho word "precinct" 'meant a larger territory than ho word "district," a dlntrlct bein«r » Ntibdlvifdiin of a precinct. HoimHImi'H hey have bf>en u Heel. BO that tho word 'precinct" covered a smaller territory ban HIP word ."dbftrlct." and nonie- ImeH they arc lined Intcirchangcably, (t'ontlnupd to page C.) WOQDBURN LOS^ SUIT ohn R. Ruitell Wins Commiction Gate ' Bvfoe* th* Circuit Court. Tho jury in th*» Circuit court y««* Jay brouBht In a. verdict in favor of ho (U'fuiuiant in th« ca»t» of C. VV. Vopdburn y«r»u« John U. Huasell. Tlui tried TnT~OTltt"OiP?- all of the day. the Jury retlr- ng about 5 o'clock. The verdict wa« greed to and Healed and \V«dn«»mlny norniiiK at U:30 o'clock when court pt»m»d tht> verdict waH read. J. J. Uden« WUH attorney for thf . »d Van. Hunt & . Ifotwe f/ir llu^ di ( '' "' ' ' iniiiiMi liroUKlii for thti-Bum"V»f $171, ir. -._-.._. UUIIHH| for thi< defendant admitted the laim, but wi«ht'd. to offset ths claim iy another of Mr. 4tUHm>lf iiwiiinxl Mr. Voodburn for tli«.«mounf.of"fl89, tnowt it bejng for iHrnunlsHlon. WUH hunl futight, but the verdict watt n favor of Mr. HUHMI>H uKulnHt Mr. for tht* entire about of J1SU. ROBERTKUMURuR!ED 'ho Funeral Wat Held at Tampico On ' ...... •: ............ W«dn»»d»y. *.. -. The remains of the lato Robert Kum- ej - were brought to Tampico Tuewday and taken to the home of Kred V. Smith, where' they rej»o*vd.. „ until ^t ; iTiie«day HI JO: 30 when privute Bt>rv- •e« were held and Interment made In tje Tampico cemetery. He WHH a nu- iv0 of. .Nllniu'sutii umi for a number of ears lli'e^jii __ Ok^X*!l un LL .P' 1 !'!! _ w 'L!i wife and .one woir, who iitlll mfrvTvc.. leu. Kutitler will he belter remember <1 aw Mi«« .ISnuna'i'ackhuin und 'in u of Mm, Frt>d W, Smith tind Mr. 'ho*. Haekhuni »f TtinipU'u. _DIEJP TUESDAY IN DENVER ri. Peter Boyle, Aged 88, Former fro- pheittown Resident. Mr* l't«u-r Mo>|e, of Denvei, t'olo,, led Tuesday. Oolober 2^. IStltS, at the OHM- oj her ti.uichtor. Mrs. Lillian o>!u i'ltufy \vuh vi lioin win- inmlt' li»'i ouic fur a iiuinhcr of >t<u*. Mri ,ll< VSUS fcli Jeilli of UK' 1 "( III' 1 UllH'! f fi<»r death and lejvi-t* a of beautiful cut On the llr»t was of. th« departed 1 the home Held, on the ttecond the of dopurtt-d members from the foreign field. In .this center WKS placed a wreath of chrysanthemums, which Was a symbol of love uniting the two. Mrs, Zimmerman in a fi»w well C!IOH- wn words took as her te*t the-flowers which portrayed all throe .'of which were of the lovely characters of m«mberH, ; »n. of;, Mt, Cnrroii. U)e:,B'ar," very beau- Afternoon Session. ' Tho afternoon session opened with a (Continued to page 5,) THE FUJESTSEBVICES Of Mrs. Chaplin .Will Be Held On Friday Afternoon At Late Home. At her home at 40fi Broadway, occurred Tuesday evening at eight thirty-live the demlrte of Mrs. M. U Chaplin. With her huabund and together who ttitl ivut n'imUn «ui the liattlefleld or were captured and tboNO svho mtvvd thetnst-lven by. illght over, the Danube bridge at tVrnavotla or thfotigh north- er-n • IHibruUja. "After tho capture of (..VrnavoJa, thlB famous Dnnobc britlgi*. tlir> large«t in wan dominated by Gfn, MiCnKi" cannoim. After the fall «tf "the rnavoda line, tninsiMirla- t Ion" 1 from lluwiua mu«t' now be conducted on two* minor and lews ellleient railway Hiu>« in Moldavia or via- the Da'tiube portu of Oallt'x and llrallau, which cannot be compared with Con- TJtHTliut. ~ ~" ~ ."The Roumanian military «H'intton during the la»t two days haw !<voonie more critical, especially cim-e the Ocr- maiiK .and AunirlnnH have partly von- quered the Carpathian •|>as»e»»." ATTACKS GROW WEAKER. (By Unite-1 Pr"n».) UUHHla, Oct., 2fi,--ifc»n. attack* the J{UH- so-Hounianlnt»* In Dobrudja have grown somewhat weaker, it \v;ui ofll- daily nnnoirnc«»d t'»day. . On the Auntro-GiTman front ••mall forces utuit-kejl ...lU'ur.. Xlochof ...but were repulsed. .In the wooded Carpathian)! t wo' enemy t-tiinpunlen attacktHl west of Mti. KiipiII were lirrerftt'd by' Russian lilt. 1'arln, from Pnncho Villa have been in thlc <clty in cmtferenre with member* of the Junta of the now Mexican revolutionary party .of h'Ktili«i:», .according to. report*. of tin- I*. H, department ftRf'iitH here. Al least urn 1 Villlwtn I* known to have tHirnft overland on horseback, ths' Illo Grande river below At/this mpptiriK the U. R authorities nn iiKrecmftit Iinx t>ppn per;is SAW FORT TAKEN Ittaff Correspondent Witnessed French Offensive Against Douamont, Occupied An Observation Post In One Of the Verdun Forts During Battle, Ry Hpnry Wood. (Kinff CoTr^spondPnt of United Press.) Venlnn, Vrnnv. Via Ohantllly. Oct. 26.~-B«ttllns In rain mists and clomta «>f nrriok" the. I-'ri»nch reoapturwl Fort tJotiamont in Ions thnn three hours in (hi> lirillinnt offensive thnt swept thn I'rown : i'rlnf«> Imck from Ve.nlun. The entire operatlo.n wns witne!«s«><1 by Oen. Joffrr. rommander-ln-chlef of Krfltirp's afrny. From HII abjM>rvntlor* post In one of the Verdun for.f.8 th« correspondent watched the French Infantry launch tha attwok at Ji!40 Tti«>*day rnornlnK. after three days of .unprecedented artillery preparation. Thf rain, the fog and the i fonntanl explosion of «hell« hid tha men from siicht but it was poKnible to fected for the bandit leader to act commander- hi -chief of UH« n>ld force'* under the direction of the junta of the new movement. Several of the l*;-44, secret fcervlee men have already reported that such nn agreement in now in effect. In return th to furnlfth money In order thnt •/my. ran b*» paid in (diver. are the revolutionary party in it* official newspaper the Kl avow* thnt thp object of its formntt»n IH to ac.cnmpllHh the downfall of Oar- follow the French advance by the mhlft- in« of the barrage fire«. especially that of the Herman*, which^fimt came from Rraide Terre and tficn -was forced to *horlen. upon Thlatnont and then-- !><>unmont MH,,thf French swept all he-fort» them. Informad By Ttlephon*. rt*!o|ilioiif« cailH from the; other French form kept UN informed of the French advance. First, at 12:30, Molly ravlno wa» captured, the voice over the. telephone fmld. TJii-n the Haudremont •(iuarrie.*— the villane of Douamont. tha fom«t of Chnpitr^i Fumln. Chanoin, in quick innzn. Home* of member* known to the authorities here are wealthy former lam) owner* In the southern .republic., drivrii-o nt tif >h«» r»MirUry b\ thf new flscuted. «ind tliflr property con- i«f (he m«-mberH nre Oct. 20,— Serbian mid VYcn<"h troops scored seveinl victories in the lighting nttir Monastic. It was otflclallv announced today. The Herbs captured a height along the C'ern* river her two rs. at her bedside, the loving wife and mother slept jx«ic.e- fully away. Ml«» Callsta wa« called home on Thursday evening last by her mother's Ulnens uKaumltiK »' fatal outlook, whllo" th« siHtera, Mrs. 11. F. Mohrman and Mrs. E, J. DempHtcr of Gentiva, NVhraska, arrived yesterday morning in response to tclpgranui"tel- ling of their sister's-failing condition. .^^ ^Three, weeks tigo Mrs. Clmjrfln was taken with pneumonia from which she recovered, only to be followed by an jittuc'lj of pleurisy. From this latter thp patient o.tso rnlllod but weakness and chronic h»»art trouble made recovery impossible, .(.'arullim Knu-stine Schneider -iiv-N'i" •>•> Mr. Henry I,, t Chaplin June 25. 1805. sinco when slit. «u«' nmde her home in Sterling. -Ontt child, MiBH"-t*n1lHmr a student at J1IH»daIt' colli-Ke. survives , with |!IH husband, Mr, H. u "Chaplin. Two sisters and one brother also aur- vlve, they bein K Airs. H. R Mohrman and Mrn. H J. l>ernp«ter of Geneva. Nebraska, and Mr, t'. F. Srhneider, of Long Ueac)). California. Aids. Chaplin, besides being a beautiful character in her home wa* always a faithful -member 'of the • firxt Baptist church, doing her alum* In all tho •activities of ilie church, among whose riioinlit'is she was greatly fid- 'mired "aiui'"beUjVed.- > The funeral" services" will be held Ut the funilly resilience, 4»U iiroad* VV( t>' "ii J'Yiday iifli-nu,,,!, tlt two- thirty, wit^i Interment at lUversido. The music will i,»> uy Mr. .and Mia. 13. and the tVc-nch captured and the bridges ut Zwrrstu and the village of (joldbonla. HUGHES IS CONFIDENT Predicts His Election For First Time In Address At . Brooklyn, N. Y. v Hy Perry Arnold. (Stuff CdrreMikunUeiii of Unite;! Press.) New York, N. V., Oct. Jt!.--l<epubli- can"dvndirt||t v ~Ini«?Ues ~toi1ny~ began the final drive of his campjilKn. He Iff i at S-:l'M a. in. on the I'uurili and final stumping tour—a strenuous" eliiht day Bewelon currying him Into Connecticut, MaiMuebusetUi, Ne»v fork..Ohio, and Indiana., for thirty-four separate addresses. . The Republican nominee departed in vigorous physical shape iin.i in splen« <!id enthuxiaMn following the big dem- onBtration wtiieh iSrooklyn- gave him last niv.hi at the Academy of Music, j J'he Brooklyn siM-cch was tht firm of a mTUn of "wpvi'liill/isU" tiiliJi-fOsei) which the i'undldatft flnnn to di'Hvt-r on IKK trip starting luduy, it watt a to young Ariivrk'j, .uul ,in jt'th* ' up til» Htlll' wealthy am( art- abl«> to furnish ftnitnrtalJmckinK for tho now tnovp- pnt; -. '" . . Dopurtmont ngphln h«>ri» hnv** under Murv<*lllance an American fllibuateror. •formorly'with Villa. w!io i» MUKpectPd of having taken medical and Kitrirical HUP- pll*«« to Villa, v ' - 0 •• — — VILLA AT 8ANTA Y8ABLE. (Hy UnlttHj Press.) Bl Pa«o. Ti«x.. Oct. U.— Poncho VII•|» has ««iabllah»<l hi* head«iuarter« at Santa "Yiiabol, so mite* south west : of the capital of Chihuahua, an official bulletin from tho <'arran«a authorittra at «'hH»uahuft annouiu-iHl today. The bulletin which tvas'riv'fn out at Juar«* •iHMil«» Iha-mFon "that O ii*-nU IH short of ninminiitlon; and IK trouble getting more from Hcjcretary or War Obregon. "Trm-lno ic wMl mippllpd with ov«ry- ' fdon/i There wa« a abort pau«e and tha telephone brought word 'of the captur» of the Vaux pond, It was 3 o'clock when Fort Souvlllo telephoned that the Krench had reaoh- Pd -Fort —iJoimmofit and wlpre 'fifth' If n'cr~ about HH pntraniM!. French ofriclals wafteil with cool confidence for the next word, Tri Color Si«n Floating. "We have mi r rounded Fort 'Dotia- mo»u," came the mewiinKe, at 5 o'clock. For an hour we peered out over the a I j. , . « — l...<i I^M..!^ — -jr^r — rir- -t_^> '~ ~ — r. • - w»me time for ncwtf from the telephone. Huddeiity Mha>p gUHtn of wind lifted the miHtH and the «nuike clouda and revealed., the 'trl -rotor of France float- Ing at the Hiimmlt of Douamont. At the name moment Fort SouVllh- flashed the word thai ...Douamont had been captured. It wu* 6 o'clock. BOMBARDMENT CONTINUED. (By United Prcm.) P«-l8 .Frame, ttct. 2fi.— An artillery. bombardment, continued throughout la*t night on the Vaux Bfcto*- northeast of Verdun. but the German* mada no new counter at lacks, It was officially announced today. -. • - thlng paign," mthl the statement. for the present cam- TWENTY-SEVEN DEAD Fire Destroyed Hospital At ^Farnham, Quec. — 25 Of the ' °- • Children Injured. (Hy United Farnham, Que., (Jet. 28. — ^^At 1 o'clock thin afternoon H wa» reported that at leaat twenty-seven Were lost in the tire which destroyed tl»» lloman Caihr olio hoKpltal at Ht, Elizat)eth;H hail. Twenty were Injured by Jumjiingjrrpm ATTACK TOWM; ----'By I TII! ted 1 J I-WI8.> London. Kng., Oct. J8.— Brltlah plants Monday and Tuoitday attacked tha town of Buk on th« C<jn«tantlnoplA- faloniki railwav. doing conaiderablo damuge to tlu rolling mock. REPULSED THE FRENCH. ... _____________ <Hy_ United Pr«M.) . . . Berlin, Oer., By \Vlrele»» to Sajnrillc, I* I., Oct. 26.— Thw Crown Prince'* troop* have repuUed violent French attackH iMfainst Kfirt Vaux. northeaat of. Verdun, wild HIT olUclal itatement this afternoon, nilmlitlng the loss of l-ort Douanii.iit and the village of Douamont. .1 "I HAS A LUCKY PIECE Htitrfes; a dossen are I MX u i-w. Hughes .tud his man- iilnii;icil the Brooklyn uddiess ua nUldate!*— b.lgf-4'puiipU'--: of the campiilgn." U will be \vid«»ly .-clrvuluteJ in tho few days remnluinrf l.«'fore elec- K: ;»nd the services wjll be conduc.led by the |«istor, l!ev. iitilpli . V. Hinkle, THE SUPREME COURT Important Decisions Handed Down cf t-ocal Caset. , Tin? siuiiH-nu- court huiuled down two tli-L'tMiutiK laif Tut-S'tay afternoon which are of intcicfc! to petiple of thia locality us tlu-y au- iintli appeals from thi> couits of \Vh4tciiide county. The fli>t was ».'uht' 10*15, Hanson 'police Vt'MUJi Uj'ccn i-t Th« case v,a» cottilriued, , The other v;i»t» WUH lOfclti This is I ho Wfll knots n < .iM- of ltd .T.UI Di-iitn- ilKl' illStllll <l|iJ/fllC»- \4l'HlUi JollllStfll t'll'i-k I.eM-e it f>r;illiUJ4f tilwtrkt JIppHT.uU." Ibis iit'hiK mi uppciil fninf Th, UoyU funlb w,,, ft,,.,,,rl% ^%!^\^ n J^ *""' ^ ™ w{ [-He, of I'lophfintt'wn ;nul on Ic.uiiik >•!£> SS'flil Went tion. The jiortlvins of tl<t< tic gtvutest enthusiasm evoking among the Hiotiklyii auillence were relative to Uie protection of American lives and property atl sea and preparedneHS. For tho Hrwt time he predicted hl« euctlon. . : CAILED TO ITALY Sterling Italian Forced To Return To Old Country To Fight. ( Ali'imv." FiiiKxei, who haw been livlnv in this viiy for" die "pail"' year, was re- to Italy Tuesday ti> tight for k hie "' nutjve country in the "great' Brtrppeuu iie.cutne from liuly a year WBW, direct to Sterling where lie has -uttd— friend Br-wntKajiri iMHv been work'ing In thw wire money. One of the obli- drun. The fact that, Uie survivors were taken to homes all over town makes difficult the work of compiling the list of missing. -, When the (Ira broke out Ihtg-e «were $18 In "tho building, a majority at whom were «hlldr«n. They were saved by the heroic work ofc the firemen and citizens. . yesterday morning the firemen were called to "the. same institution by a lire whlflh broke out in the basement. The loss Is estimated at $250,000, AGAIN BETTING EVEN Hat |260,0(H) More (Hy United Press) ;_..N«w_ \(>rk, N. V.. Oct.' *?.—JSveiLinon^ ey WHS again the rulInK rate on e|ac- lion a* western Wilson inon»y pouiVil In. One man bet }2fi,- yoo pven on Wilson and Is reported u have. 1260,000 more to bet Yesfcrday $100,000 _wj)8 wagered forclngHie feven inoney betting back to 10 to 9 Hughes, J Tex lllckard did a nourishing ness in'Ohio-bets, He was the go be. tween f04- several lifts that Ohio wil go -democratic/ Ou*» was f lO.Odii- to !".• 000, Admirer _0iye0 It To Wilson Unti! After His Inauguration Next March. By Kobert J. Bender, (staff Correspondent of United Press.) 1'arkersburg, W. Va,, Oot. 28.—Carry- Ing a lucky piece glvan tp him by a sporting man at Philadelphia yfcster- oay.^'iTo- bo r«turneU after your nee- ond Inauguration next .March," President Wilson today paased through hero enroute to Cincinnati where a busy day awaits him. He i« down for four .4pet«cht>s there. * —«r* I nig4rt the president remained up late greeting the crowds that surged -about hia trulii whi»» bri*t stops were ~ the roster ~Tbe preatdent finds what he believes th* best evi- In on has ANNUAL HARVEST PARTY Night By o Be Given Friday Senior C Tilt' M>tt),,t . l.l.j. ni til.' t»Wtl -linoj ,iii' iHil.iiiK ui,m- loi a I tertamment At The Eik». ~ inep. The Kll.s nil! Imlil ihcii anmr«l jltuiktht !'iit\ iuniji'U jU tl.i'tr i-Hili tjt hi^li n>(.»inw 'i'lif uiv}siuu i*l' tlit 1 t'vi»inuK^ t.tlloiv t'lUt i ifiiiuiu lit \\ i,li hi; i-.tnlrt tor th"M' ''Tfl^'tjl,.,;,. ,. ll,, ,,U,' M Hull", ,.u).. , . , , will iuuu*-h lit-, .mil u i,-, !.».KM(!., l-Mtt ll.i 1.! !l t)t .., ,, uil \ tV(|v m) . m l (t .,. - O f -tKl t»' ]!(> ,< (it th*» -. gation's he "signed '\vhen leuvlijif Italy w«» that if his country should wed. h'U "services iu tight 'hi^ would ivturn. . He luts been. noHJled by the Itul.lun consul ti> ivium antl regardless t»f n!» t'eeiinga he hud u> ube.v tin.- / muud4te«t v ttml luis d lot home FUNERAJ^SERVICE Over The Remain* Of Mr§. LfFtvorg Will Be "Held Fridny, '1'he tutu «'ul services o\ei the re- nittiiiM o.f, ,M.j'» Isaac l.el'eveie "VMll be 4iekl' Kudrtj «kUfi - «o*i» ut 3- 4>u ^VkH'K ut th.^ lau« home . Ji«-v A \V" Oils JM.HIMI uf i tu- l« v n»{ Metluxllvt chsiieh. \vill ,_ijjl»'-iuit' jnteunent will l>«» In Hi\ i t~.Rli- tvnu'tet> DAILY WEATHER REPORT, tMiiutii. Kruluv juu'tlv rhnuH Max Weiltteh Formerly of Internee' Veetel Wrote » Utter (Hy United Press) sen. formerly of thw Interned Wtlle- httil udmltuul ttulay that lit- wrote th leiit,*r which wus intercepted and ma,iU public by the UriUsh, tiiat the'vesae was to -be UHi'd in uidinK "s tilt the Atlantic i»>ttfe't. DISASTER Inspection 9«rvle* . Order* Intpaetoi? To Fll* Report*. ... , (My United Prwis.) \\ashlngton, D. c. ( Oct. 2«.^A proto* into tho recent steumship dlBastera OH i he a rout Ijikes was begun by tha >ittjuij8l»lp Inspection service onlering all Jilt* immediately detailed re-poits. Acting Bupervtelnu in- ^ilot- HUivey wan Jetallca to go to Cleveland to' investigate i>ers«imlly. H« will k-uvo on October J!8th. MINE SWEEPER SUNK Of Th« brfic«r» And 73 -Of Tht Crew Are Reported Uott. (Uy United Prews., All mine ^weeper I.'enistu was torpedoeil by an eneni)" xubtuitiinu Aiondwy and, nil of. the officer* ,und tteventy-thret* men of the eivw were lost, the adintr- refused to su> wjmre hu ohtuinoU bit information, w|i(vh !»• was utteniptuii. t» bend to hi* brother In tk-rnutny. Tlu loca| ^manager nt the tuiai coiapun> tuiy* he htt«»'iiQ kiiTiwIedgi' of the Intention of the ship to run the f>>«st from n ti> New l.«'Ud»n. PREPARINFOR. WINTER Point To Pe'ruhiny aining in (ijy fitted iiM, N .Mrjk. icr «it all vilitii-r's may <•!' UK- I Ule *'Mlu',,JU' to the tleUl ba»* nit- t;iiitiutt> to the ! t*,i*m uith ^Mi'«-J i««^ri«'- -fifF -ttte — Sl«"i*j« HI • •..()!>•< 1,1 n.ti*.(nii't:(>!t Tho liiwht-^ Ule iMHfllt it • 111 li«-«,t'>-u hlKh ..llll.I.U \\h«-lc tin ba.-v !a ally annouiH'-U thin ufternoun. men were *dv«<d Twelvo SANK ENEMY SHIPS During September The Au«tro-0»r- 01 «n Sank 144 Merchantmen, (By United Press.) Berlin, Qer , By "Wlreloiii to BayVille, U i. Oct. 2fr.- jjuring the month of tn«pit'Mib»>r l.ii etieiuy merchantmen,' 11 Mi -n—ujtal- -t«H»nug«-t>f -lire-,060 "wer» »uitk by Aufitru-cjt«nnan submarine* i,*r mine*, the admiralty announced today. Thirteen captains of enemy shtttti ttfrwVaptwi'd *uul ttiree cujino'ns tuk- In ttu 39 neutral mer- of a, total tonnage- tif.T? uuo, ROBBED STATION AGENT - Hli ( v 'I 'lilted i'lX'hf ) livu!, did , t ij-( ^fi -The I. MI* *,! i uit <l }!,.;.IO' h.s« 1,1

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