The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on January 19, 1946 · 17
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 17

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1946
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JSA THE BEE'S SUPERIOR CALIFORNIA NEWS Yob Warehouse Head Faces Trial In Shortage Case WOODLAND (Yo lo Co) Jan 19 Ilarry Sattazahn 33 former manager or the Itolmes WarehOUse Iii Winters and agent there lily the Do Martini Company of San Francisco was held to answer to the superior court On fivt counts Of misappr0 print on of company funds and one count Of grand theft at his prelim-Mary hearing before Justice of the' Peace James L Ilare The five counts charity I azahn misappropriated approximately $t- 737us of funds paid to him as agent for the DeMartini Company and the other count is that he wrote a rlielk for $900 making it payable to It Lopez and then deposited stino It to his own perSO011 hank ae-1 count keeping $250 in cash Sattazahn has been free OR $2- 500 hail since his arrest last November I9111 Probe Is Started In Death Of Napa Nurse AUBURN tPlarer Co) Jan 19— Leina tiregaite 37 Napa nurse Vas found dead in a cabin in an auto eourt on the Bowman 'lioad two u miles from here early this morn itre eonducting an in-1 VeAil4Ittifm Sheriff E J Kenison said Navy (MeClatchy Newspapers Service) Pictured are J C Hicks of Loomis Placer County and his five sons who 8aw service during the war They are left to right: Rear row J C Tiny TV and Leffel N Hicks front Alvin IL the father and Virgil F Hicks All except J C Jr who is undergoing treatment for wounds have been discharged Winters Sergeant Takes Iranian Bride THE SACRAMENTO BEE SATURDAY JANUARY 19 1946 Increase In Tire Mining Ho Production Is Seen Congres WASHINGTON Jan 19--(11P)-- The Civilian Production Administra tion estimated today 15000000 pas- urveys Losses A he ee n gp er ro c car al cr p and ncduring l m o t o r g ec I of i rt is rt e sq uwairl 1 S V ter of 1946 This would be 30 per cent more G Id Properties th fourth quarter of 1945 than the 11250000 tire output for e The CPA production estimate for truck and bus tires in the current WASHINGTON San 19—Repre- q uarter is 3500000 tires compared 3000 sentative Claire Engle said today with 115 last quarter the American Mining Congress is The agency expects about 13500- preparing a report on damage OW inner tubes for passenger car and motorcycle tires and 3150000 claimed to have been done to the nation's gold mines as a result of I truck and bus tubes to be produced the government closing properties this quarter during the war 1Jailed Promoter Is Engle who represents Sacra- mento Valley and Mot her Lode counties comprising t he second Looking To Bride To California congressional dist net has legislation pending before a Furnish His Bonds subcommittee of the war claims committee which would reimburse BEVERLY HILLS Jan 19---(UP) old mine operators for them main Albert Deverich '28 year old pro- gr tenance costs during the closing motor waited in his Jail cell today period and grant them funds to for his 18 V ear old heiress bride restore their properties Production to hail him out on grand theft and losses would not be reimbursed bogus check charges Report Mil Re Presented Deverich surrendered at the Bev- Engle said the mining congress erlY Hills police station yesterday survey which will be presented to and was booked on the grand theft the subcommittee upon its resump charge brought by Mrs Lois Hen-lion of hearings about February dricks 1st will show losses suffered at Mrs Hendricks also 28 said Deveach property lerich borrowed 84000 from her on Ithe understanding they would be The representative said one of u s sconmuon Sheriff E Kenison said Navy CINCS Before congress recessed n De-1day Petty Officer Bert Iledlev reported nvites college cember O'Donnell told the commit- "Deverich th he found th woniun dead at 5 A 511 WINTERS (l'olo Co) Jan 19 tfe the closing order "broke the bailed out rig when he awakened The navy man The announcement has been made company financially" 'no one has iild hit and I he woman had Men o he f t wedding of Miss Jasmen Money Was Borrowed ( money" Polic living together in I he cabin since' 'llarutunian of Tehran Iran and Ile explained that when the order 'Anderson said to Wednesday NI in rfultPc 'Sergeant Clanton W Blaylockofiwas issued in ()etcher 1942 filet The promot living together in me Ca Din sinct ! trittrutuntan of fenran Iran lat Wednesday !Sergeant Clanton W Blaylock of Was issued in Octoher 1942 the1 The promoter son of a Holly- Th me shoruf said Ilediev told him' W i n ter s Thelcompany had a reserve of $560000!wood actors' Agent eloped to Yuma he et 1110 woman to the Bartell ceremony w a s! By June 1944 O'Donnell declared tAriz with Miss Garland and was Cl URN ub in Napa Wednesday evening AUI3 tPlacer Co) Jan 11— -tt' '7"'tttt- 'held in Tehrantthe reserve was dissipated in main-tarrested in 'Fort Worth Tex on the and they came to Auburn that College ski performers from Call-t St:liki'-'211' t in the home of l Mining the property and the corn' grand theft charge night 'fornia and Nevada have been in syi- i' - '0 the bride 's par- panv had to borrow money Fort Worth authorities released mer West he Cot Francis said hadtvited to participate in the invita-t p4 At ent s O'Donnell estimated it would cost him and he returned here Ile sur- onieted an autopsy perfm mid M 1 ional ski tournament of the Au- t ! 'r The bride an additional $500000 to retimber rendered after a seditret rendezvous Dr C C Miner :burn Ski Club February 10th at ti 'f III' ' Iranian is the and do other work in order to re- with Miss Garland tkoroffling to word received from 'Cisco i daughter of Mrdopen the Idaho-Maryland lie de-I Nttith Mt 't "ritgthurt ti tityttre"1 Invitations have boon sent to the' Oji t 'til and Mrs Auedistelared timbers were affected by hal h°''11 e i r t i t t i t d I n I he Vititthy : It mversi t v of Nevada t he 1 tniverd 'i 't kir liarutunian Shehdry rot due to lack of ventilationITruman Is Planning To thetPittil Ittt'ytt 3S 3 " gt''31 "IsSe it of California Stanford Univer-t ''''I'L 1 speaks Englisht I fl! 1 Others Su s ffered Losse 1" S''"' 1 Yatm tut quit tt I tw° sity College of the Pacific San t"- sst uently and is O 'Donnell informed thommittMerge Surplus Property mpth n !1w Sistp Colloge placer College Ett4: - a uh i y et' st Vitee other mine n:tanagers have told w A 4 R ri Ar Ctet C riAr C Economic War Is Held Alternative To British Loan Groves said he feels the critical'rope atomic decisions should be handled' Bishop Qxnam made the state-by a committee rather than onelments in an interview when told man 'three prominent churchmen had The atom project commander sent a cablegram f r o m Geneva voiced his alarm at the lack of LSwitzerland taking exception to the atomic research policy after alAmerican delegation's report which Max Is Here But His Past Is Mystery By MYRTLE FRANK Sacramento has a new canine citizen And what a citizen it is too The intriguing part of the whole thing is that all we know about this wonder dog is that his t ems wouin De OU per cent more Gold Properties than the 11250000 tire output for CLEVELAND Jan 19-4Fe— name is Max The By LOUELLA O PARSONS fourth quarter of 1945 s t a te department's international It all started December 19th 4Motion Plidoro Editor Intentattooal when Mrs Anita Green received a The CPA production estimate for trade expert said today rejection of iews the Strvice) truck and bus tires in the current the pending $3750000000 loan to cable from her young officer son 11 HOLLYWOOD Jan 19— cannot WASHINGTON San 19—Repre- (I Britain would touch off a worldwide quarter is 3500000 tires compared Roy Jr from Le Havre France think of any child star who has entative Claire Engle said today with 3115000 last quarter economic war which would cost saying that he was shipping her bridged adolescence on the screen he American Mining Congress is The agency expects about 13500- this country billions of dollars christmas present by express and more successfully than Roddy Mc- " srepartng a report on damage OW inner tubes for passenger car If there should be an economicthat its name was Max Not an- Dowell The Jackies Cooper and Jaime(' to have been done to the and motorcycle tires and 3150000 war we - doubtless could win it" other word and it so happens that Coogan and lotion's gold mines as a result of truck and bus tubes to be produced Clair Wilcox director of the de- ' 1 f h h be s mail from en as been so uncer- Freddy Barthol- ss: s r'V ew a om 11 had luring the war he government closing properties I this quarter partment's international trade poll- tain that not letters have been re- ises' is- - to take time out 1 fo ey office said in a speech prepared ceived since that time Naturally : r Cleveland's City Club "Bet it the rest of the family was all agog "' s But Roddy Is 16 Engle who represents Sacra-Jailed Promoter Is would be a sorry victory waiting and wondering about Max - i and has not snento Valley and Mot her Lode ease se''''' 1r missed a single enintiea comprising t he second I Looking To Bride To "The division of the world Into Max Arrives i -" S movie beat Now s contending economic blocs would be ' :-'alifornia congressional dial rict1 The waiting ended Wednesday ' he is getting has legislation pending before a r e rurnish His Bonds a tragedy not only for Britain but afternoon when Mrs Green received se Nee ready to go for us and for every other nation subcommittee of the war claims an urgent and almost frantic call assw ssese" through his first committee which would reimburse BEVERLY HILLS Jan 19--(UP) on earth" from the local express office to the : ' es " gold mine operators for their main- Albert Deverich '28 year old pro- Would Raise Tariffs effect that Max had arrived and agonizing puppy love a f f a i r in tenance costs during the closing motor waited in his jail cell today Wilcox contended that failure to would she please come and get s - sss''' rho Green Grass period and grant them funds to for his 18 vear old heiress bridemake the loan would drive Britain same Naturally the express man ' ' D I W y o m i n g restore their properties Production to hail him out on grand theft and into raising her tariffs against this was questioned as to just what and the juvenile losses woulrl not be reimbursed bogus check charges country widen the margins of im- Max was and his interesting reply I 't recipient of his Report Will Re Presented Deverich surrendered at the Bev- perial preference end cause her to was to the effect that he wasn't 1 affections is the subcommittee upon its resump- charge brought by Mrs Lois Hen- Engle said the mining congress erlY Hills police station yesterday enter into separate deals with other sure just what it was but that the Jane Powell survey which will be presented to and was booked on the grand theft countries 'This in tttrn he added' "package" weighed 3 0 0 nounds L a s s t m e borrowed f r o m MGM lion of hearings about F would force e ni e February dricks Id f the U A d States to In due time Mrs Green collected The Groan 1st will show losses suffered at regiment its import and export e roved to be a do but Mrs Hendricks also 28 said Dev- trade i d "dr Max P g Ronald Colman Grass Of wyos each property lerich borrowed $4 000 from her on d an prive our domestic one the like of which none of them The representative said one of the understanding they would be industry of a large measure" of itshad ever seen before The 300 ming was written by Mary O'Hara I who yvrote those two previous hits the principal witnesses when hear-married Instead he eloped lastfreedom l i Pounds was correct hut that in- of the 20th My Friend Flicka and ings are renewed will 'le Robert lweek with pretty Marilyn Garland Wilcox termed Britain "a goo&cluded the crate so that helped a Son Of Flick& Rita Johnson and Searles San Francisco mining at-118 heiress to a $2600000 real es- risk" and asking himself whetherllittle Anyway there was Max in Preston Foster are the "grownups" torney Neil O'Donnell general tsite fortune the loan would be repaid repliedlall his glory ready and willing to in the latest film manager of the Idaho-Maryland Ills hail was set at $2500 Another that "all that she needs is a chance'accept his new family Mines Corporation of Gress Valley!$1000 hail was added on charges to come back" He added: Word spread around that Max Ronald Colman's visits to the Nevada County also will come to that Deverich cashed several 'The real question on the repay- had arrived so friends and neigh- Warner lot fooled a lot of people Washington to give additional tes-lworthless checks in Big Bear ment of this loan and other foreign hors flocked to look him over but last week The rumor was all over timony Calif i lie will be arraigned Mon- loans is whether the world is going his ancestry y was still a mystery — f town he was quietly testing or Before congress recessed in De-1day to be prosperous and foreign tradeiThe next morning Mrs Green Life Wi I isn't th Father t true cember O'Donnell told the commit- "Deverich thinks he's going to bellarge called upon the writer to interview Ronnie is going to star in C S tee the closing order "broke the bailed out right away but so far ''If our hopes for the expansion ofiMax and see what Could be found!Forrester's tall adventure tale Capcolopany financially" ino one has shown up with any world trade and employment arel out and that meeting merely added'tain Hornblower I hope it gives Money Was Borrowed money Police Chief Clinton II realized the service on this loanianother admirer to Max's stringlhim a chance to be amusing as well Ile explained that when the order lAnderson said will be manageable If they are not My guess is that he is a mastiff al-' as his usual dashing romantic self was issued in Octoher 1942 the The promoter son of a Holly- and if there is another great de- though the color differs somewhat company had a reserve of $560000iwood actors' agent eloped to Yuma pressiore much greater values will from the official standard He isl ' The very pretty Constance Moore By June 1944 O'Donnell declared ittriz with Miss Garland and was he lost than the repayments on what we call here a light red all is doing all right at Republic She the reserve was dissipated in main-arrested in Fort Worth Tex on the this loan" over and the standard allows an has just made a new deal to star taming the property and the corn- grand theft charge Not For Socialization apricot color but the mask must pane had to borrow money Fort Worth authorities released c in Golden Tide by Vingie Roe a ODonnell stimated it would cost him and he returned here Ile sur- Wilcox said Britain could not use be black which Max's decidedly is -- story of early California and the ' e sox sA s s sssss the money to socialize her Indus- notThentoohis tailitas a spt 7- gold rush IIIMIE W1 III 'MU UE I 11V LU ilivi krt t cAl at- Ylk t-3 " III t" nem in wnicn o vv ecisions tii artect tile delegation wh lti ich surveyed relieL pLatU waltur ing bl V Lug g us- t! ncy Loyd F Hewitt the ot her attorney 1 hours T hp mill will work from 7MondaY afternoon at 3 o'clock in world for decades I feel I should 'needs in Europe Sal cd today d ed millions of refugees from s ously had pi the eas tos counts wry dismissed Ile Pre-i Neeman said the eouple will Itvef a 4 " — a up k The change 1 Hamilton & Rilev's with burial in he relieved of that responsibility 'group's report had been "unfortu- east of the Oder Czechoslovakia ctided not guilty to i n a home he i s buildin g at Sun -'''"" 1' ' ( Rti evEsn Nj " 1 is due to Winter conditions ' morial Park u Rev Mar ice De-Ift's a question how long one man natelv misunderstood and misquot- and the Danubian countries" enuntS ninghill a mountain resort he 0P-i In the six days ending Januaries of the Congregational ChurchIcan carry such a load and stilLed" and it did not advichurches se chu The cable cited "especially cruel i c i ' i l ryiV v li i Austris of Sacramento Tahoe t It T hino lily ng a truck OIA ned (Tates between Reno and Lake 12th the l Growers Suppl Compan produced Groves said he feels the critical ocal branch of the Fruit will officiate y y ' make the right decisions" Irtze against sending food to Eu conditions for children" in Europe t aS reurning 26 soldiers to CampI and said the 1530 calories of food a Hod Beale from the Layton Knaggs hipped (41 carloads box J St's 156 888 In H hway atomic decisions should be handled' Bishop Oxnam made the state- supplied in the occupation zone by ig ranch In Woodland when the truck Y t ll oo Tax Coectors Wll i s s carhonk the most it ever di od Tiler I by a committee rather than one y 1ments in an interview when told the United States Arm were "not shook went to Southern CaliforniaContracts Are Awarded I man 'three prominent churchmen had sufficient for many hundreds of collided with one driven by Floyd' - cffidifliso of Sacramento ImNot Seek Reelection I — The atom project commandersent a cablegram from Geneva thousands living in leaking un and said the 1530 calories of food supplied in the occupation zone by the United States Army were "not sufficient for many hundreds of thousands living in leaking unheated ruins and cellars" Roddy MiDowall Will Make Love In Next Movie Pare 17 wilt ne manageame Jr they are not My guess is that he is a mastiff alas his usual dashing romantic self " and if there is another great de- though the color differs somewhat pression much greater values will from the official standard He is The very pretty Constance Moore he lost than the repayments on what we call here a light red all is doing all right at Republic She this loan" over and the standard allows an has just made a new deal to star Not For Socialization apricot color but the mask must Wilcox said Britain could not use be black which Max's decidedly -- story of early California and the the money to socialize her Indus- not Then too his tail has a slight in Golden Tide by Vingie Roe a le gold rush tries Maintaining that mines or the railroads or the util- "if the coal brush to it whereas the mastiff's ities are to be socialized their own- is slick to the end However those Joan Crawford who never ap large breeds from the European pears in public in careless attire ors will he paid in pounds not in continent differ from our stand- looked particularly glamorous at dollars or more likely simply by ards many trading public bonds for private mean that times but that does notLouis B Mayer's dinner Every they have not been pure thi n g 1 seems to be coming Joan's shares" strains for many generations Weiv thn davg Just her the silt IS SLICK 10 tne enu nowever ulnae Joan Crawford who never enlarge breeds from the European pears in public in careless attire continent differ from our stand- looked particularly glamorous at ards many times but that does not L B Mayer's dinner Every- mean that they have not been purer thing ouis strains for many generations Weia SWIM to be coming Joan's these days Just heard the Silt- have so few of the large working " more Theater has been leased for a breeds here that we are not really qualified to judge them month for a revival of Noel Cow- ard's Design For Living and Joan Perfect Gentleman has been asked to play the girl Max is truly a wonderful dog Clifton Webb who was on the New He is a perfect gentleman in every York stage and Rex Harrison who way perfectly housebroken and is played it in London are the two what von would rightly gall a can- actors chosen I or soiseoe yeats eke olue ie' r 11 il) 1-01Wg0 Of Ult Pacific San nu -7 k: 102 tiseiiitiai -iiiia 1 si milirti loll outitfu 1c kulillint- war Assets I i shares" strains tor many generauuns vs el way these days Just heard the Bilt- ose molt iiii ego il State College Placer College Vie'e eiewe a u n i v e r s 1 t Y tee other mine manegers have told have so few of the large working more Theater has been leased for a Sh LI f 14 St vfv(1 by her rentner Sacramento College Yuba Colleeee ktite' ilb graduate him of similar Conditions in their " ssets Boards breeds here that we are not really I e i T h a benedictpropert ies WASHINGTON Jan 19— LT —Army ' Navy Are Asked month for a revival of Noel Cow- M e t lson an emplo rant hni(ei C ( ) 11 and Mo Mt it ele flichai ye ee G 'reil -i s qualified to judge them ard's Design For Living and Joan th of e Voi(iiiions H me d Turn o iesto or Col ' lege s th son ° Engle declared testimony given 'President Truman disclosed plans rl : e iii if el lisir7indMrefilbelore the committee to date shows ito consolidate the surplus propertylIo Help Identify Two Perfect Gentleman has been asked to play the gi l "The college men may turn out Max is truly a wonderful dog Clifton Webb who was on the New e g ! is Shell Discovers New It't - I" til°st "Pahle Pertmit!IPtai f Gror Blalock ith closin order did not result in vey administration vvith the War As miners transferring to copper i sets Corporation iDegnan Case Clues P Y On skis in t he pestvii of Winters igoid i s serving i nimines The War Produetion Board i Truman in a letter way perfectly and is played It In London are the tw ar per toil and to W Stuarti He is a erfect gentlhousebroken eman in ever York stage and Rex Harr o ison who iseys President Rollie Rome of the - Blaylock Iran The coupleilued the order to obtain addi-ssleSvmington whom he nominated to l CIIICAGO Jan 19— (UP) —The what you would rightly call a sen- actors chosen i Auburn Ski Club who extended the Mrs piton to live in Rio' nod laber for copper production ibe as ' sistant secretary of vvar for'Por i ice checked with the war and sible dog He is not a young puppy Gas Field In Yolo invtLition4 l The grounds of the Auburn chilli th(i o l ove Ien receive s hs ow e lted States vvhen Scrg eant d' 'barge 1 i 'vitally needed in war production air said he concurred in Syming- nave departments in Washington which is a break for Mrs Green Judy Garland has rented Fannie 4 c om in an effort to identify the because if he were In the rollick- Brice's house at the beach while w r1:rts 0 in co) Jan 19re 1a tieing ac pled In shape for the i lie h m as Obtained eployment with ton's suggestion the consolidation today oners of two handkerchiefs found ing and playful stage he would in carpenters build a nursery for her The S rti titill I til ColianV an nounced 916 rer li '1kti or pe in tition ian airline co- 1 111""I'Ve 1 irport Don he effected w 1 hii iii iii tii v Cr 3 now flatital g115 JUMpIng Will take place on the pifirly iscuss i Symington' plus property administrator the s resignation as surie in the neighborhood where 6 year deed be a problem As it is he has expected baby Robert Coote lunch- old Suzanne Degnan was kidnaped great dignity and understanding ing with Lee and Herbert Marshall 1 f ld in ie the Winters area '25 5o meter hill both in the A and li f Mrs G r o v e r !: t't--‘ will be et and slain which is brought out in a big way greeted old friends Hes been with it s w nill T w ha eitertivisions Exeellent cnurses for Blaylock re- i :b-: 1 1White House disclosed -h i e ei c one No l le both lalom nod d sownhill are avail - i e e n hico 1 3Ist fecithivee Januar A laundry mark on one of the by his tolerance and gentleness the Royal Canadian Air Force five ke e th y handkerchiefs indicated it veasi h the very small grandson in and a half years and will soon be OWned by a serviceman and the witi ceived a brace ei te ere-hoe et the rate nfiable and the five mile ernes coun-ilet as a gift from :se i tame president said that since the the family back in pictures 4 Arthur Rank roleiti0010 relit- feet ner day on tests try raCP VW he run over hills and their royal mai CHICO (Butte Coe Jun 19—EWar Assets Corpnration is con- quarters of both services for aid Plice called upon Washington ' h de as ington ea - Fortunately he prefers the house is bidding for Bloomer Girl for a rylioe at ottaryisis of 5209 and 529 down steep declines to test the skilll esttes King Rem 4'ito nr- ' T Williamson secretary-manager fronted with the job of disposing o - est tens of billions of dollars worth and that is a break because a Picture Rita Hayworth is in the feet 01 the c ontestants in fundamentals eP a h I e v i and - e "ee e daughter of an Office P fence to hold in a dog of his size desert getting some rest rho Winters iscory l baud ho eo a of the Chico Chamber of Commerce merchandise it seemed to him ri- dsee ocem n s N o f nts over abbr Queen e- essiziya :- 4 e innounceci invitations have beenithat "MaximeM efficiency and min-I of Priee Administration official and strength would have to be of no not h of let e e the Kity gas v Wed v our se an expe s e c ted to at - of lien T h e I vitti ha leas kidnapped from her bed J a structure strong anu- ' r - u sent to city anti county officialsimum delas' required consolidationlee e enougt to hold TL field drilled in by the Shell cOnl- tract mane entries bracelet is of ' 7th Most f b h d f - - i it s o her o y In our ree Yolo Communities - and chamber of commerces iniof policy making and operations in a horse Of course when he lies i Last seek Pe) students from white and yellow e- parts was discovered the same day Pane lest Yeer ' Marysville Yuba County: Reddingione agency down o the living room rug you VII J oin Sacramento Th fi1 ! on the McCune taneh Piece College and Placer Priem gold on it i3 : in sevvers within a block of her lhastvi County: Red Muff Teharnal just have n room to walk around the I home The ditilIng ee was done by I h it Tracs - ' High "iiiis S' ll'H'I "'"C taken to the dah rard 111"m- I County and Chico and Oroville 1 edges Hooker wine compeny ef for inSt rwlional purposes hy Earl blem of Iran re (i The handkerchiefs were found in edges In Red Cross Drive — 0 Butte County to attend a discus IS F Gets Proposal For s fie id diti AdOnal W elk Will Inrson and I A Edmiston coaches The white goli ) I an alley about two blocks from the Feeding A Problem '7 '' ' sion here of Municipal airpart prob- be gunk to determine the piodueof Winter sports resemhtes f i n e pt- " 4" Degnan home One was twisted Feeding Max is going to be a The Bryte Broderick and West 4- 4 '1 J - 30th Market Street Subway I placer College skiers will use thisla" L 6 ::‘ ems on anuars about a strand of picture vvire be- serious problem until they get or Sacramento communities in Yolo ar l Oliver Johnson west coast reIbil SAN FRANCISCO Jan 19 —tee -- lieved to have — -been used to strangle ganized The first night was a lit County will be included in the Sac- itournament to get thermielves intoi 'rtle bride and e o tot n for the winter catnroohroteeroom sent 414Aid resentative of the Civil AeronauticsiCity planners seeking a solution toolthe child Nearby were a few strands tie confusing but the problem was ramento Red Cross 1946 Fund drive Placerville Legion Will 'nr" Ski and Ski T ( urnament of the Ilni a n d Pain e d I :o- h q i Authority vell conduct the sessioniSan ci Fransco's long standing trans-I of blonde hair similar to the vic- solved by giving him a roast of which starts Marceit 1st Honor New Veterans Iver sity of N da a PVa week niter the r ° s I Aunty n tournament to p e r vase Or- 13101110CPc linti answer questions regarding 1 from Iran as presents to Blaylock ' scat airport problems 10- portation problems today have a tim's 0 iiamb and he was still hungry -°r proposal from the consulting en-I One of the handkerchiefs bore We are all anxiously waiting f This siias announced today by Hilliard E Welch chairman of the PLACERVILLE (El Donut-) Co LI — !patents here The meeting will be held in the gineer of the Public utilities corn the marking "316S----S Sherman" some additional word from Roy I oiSacramento apter o Ch f the Red jag 19 —Thp El Dorado Post No i Municipal Building mission for a Market Street sub corresponding to the army system Jr because there must be some in C s t a te cl the three 111 Arrie Legio t :ran n Is m aking Husband And W ! Veterans Organize ife Of A VFW lof laundry symbols The other wasiteresting story connected with I Cross who !branches of the Red Cross have OlVo Oa OM Aft E - a TI 1- - 1 mu rtenri Alr-" nnil TT99 is 0A 1-vo I Its- 1 marked W-55 and 11-22 used by Max He is no ordinary dog and toilltitliCa VL um auszu 1 koo x“ g 16146c1114 t 1114 v i re in for a dinner hollering t he I I iTraffic To California The engineer Leonard V Nevidoni men nit this wunty e iii sti‘ i I -I n' T ruckee Skt School hecause of his age not one that the Sacramento area :Loomis join Legion ing and planning committee hel you would be likely to see in a pet been transferred from the Yolo to the vreed i4ervicei dm ing the Wilt TRucKEE INeyada Ca) J1IM 191 i Declined In December told the board of supervisors' build-Ismall hand laundries T se seiirior post cemmandereGeeree eoliiih veteran of the armyekenits TRUCKEE (eada Co Jan I would ha the subay plan remise n Roseville ve w shNve lelefor the commission W ithin six Price India Will Pay trigued op window and become in Anyway Sacramento has its own eistiondocuhuatlyre sail Invite-lions will he sent to Set and Frank I Ten fermerly in thei I ROSEVILLE (Placer Co) Jan 19 !Traffic into California over U Semonths For U S Surplus Goods maEri Lei tl)hleeand Means of WforooYd men y Ito Wrnt out of i h is county navy have joined fortes to organ quota was $33 000 The 1945 The qu Frnest 'Warren commander of the Highway 40 showed a sharp decline t "If the monev is made available" equivalent to the famous Blaze a m i b r ur sk ha eet et ne d t o Deli 1 en Ise n s ki sc hool her e and are c)n- Alen B Butler Post of th e Ameri for December The state depart Neton said a suba could be -i -Iw 'wy I r ID and the writer wishes he were sit- stated fe47046 was raised there In ling on her front room rug He itie enmnatete tees) iiete teg-iducting classes at Long 11111' '”' can Leelon announced today a hus-i ment of agrictiltete whi ch keeps alconstructed in two years after plans 's ou iect Of Parley quota probably will be isteleil threueli the oiunty draft mile smith of Truckee tchhealT916n said he has been informed smaller band and wife had joined the local at the border quarantine sta- are completed and accepted: 1 NEW DELHI Jan 19--ele-Sec-Iis a honey! in it bon Ni Ni el during the war I Zorich is a veterun of the 10th 'veterans' organization itions reports that during the month The supervisors last night recomsiretary of War Robert P Patterson' The branch chairmen Yo Mailer satil legion IlittreS of Wtn Id Moletain Infantry and saw action F Ell of i The couple are Mr an of Loomis d Mrs Lesion's 11676 cars exclusive of locallmended the appointment of a corn on a globe circling survey of Amer-Counfy Firemen Wilt County are Mrs tel iott Wiir 1 isle a as e at hosts and srve in Italy Austrie and in the Aleu- vehicles trucks and bu lean military passed of city officials to recruit the lea military establishments saidi Bryte head of the Bryte-Elkhorn the seterens of the last war at pans 'fetus a MAN' V flier once was!land Rasmussen t into California through Truckee asIbest engineering talent available to at a press conference today that i!lristall At Dinner branch and Joe Enos head of the the dinner at tilt) P :M January a menther of the Dniyersity of Ne-i Resmussen served as a sergnan compared with 23321 during Sep-Isolye the city's traffic problems every effort is being made to speed West Sacramento branch They th in the Placerville Shakespeare Neide ski team iloth were elassi-iin the United States Army Mrs lie ryitwr I The utilities commission which up a decision on the price the In e George Requa of the Arcade Fire serve under W D Alexander chair Cl'0htel'iei Metein Ash(' of Saciaefied as experts here prior to theiriRasmussen the former Nlarger y Five hundred and sixty three had announced an increase in street- (lien Government will pay foriDepartment will be installed as man of branches for the Sacramento sixth district corernandereentry into the armed forees ZonehPreston of Roseville itas a seaman Ibuses with 12872 passengers passedicar fare to raise funds for modern- American surpluses in the India-president of the Sacramento Coun- mento chapter hes twee aeied to speak at one time skied with the Sacra- first class in the WAVES ithrough the station during De-lizatiote will hear an Office of Price Burma theater ty Fireman's Association at its an The dide also will mark the an- epode college team ' Mrs Effie Geach president of the emehet i Administration protest against thel Patterson said Major General nual instalistron dinner dance to- 11"1"t)' et tile fl'ittele'n "r C"nl'i 'rho gchooL will have its head- Legion Auxiliary announced 13 new The drop in passenger travel over ifare boost 'Monday The increase Donald H Connolly who negotiated night at 6:30 o'clock in the Florida Yolo Man Is Sentenced Pine 1) et ttle nation el eutittiquarhes at the Truckee Wintermembers have joined and eimong this route was attributed to the re-lordered is from 7 tent to 8'e cents the sale of the property is confer- Inn on Auburn Boulevard V rn ee:1 and SP011''d In 941 hY S'plrts Par n k iust south Of tow the m was Mrs G er trude INIeNultycent heavy snow storms whichifor regular riders and 10 cents for ring with tndian officials on the The other officers to be installed For Rape Lewd Conduct ft id Nt nf II Iezion Vet- NN here feeitities are avsuititite who was honored as a Gold State caused some delays during theicasual riders but it has not gone price The volume of the surpluses are: George Payne of the Fair f!im of the old company Si o 'tie - Mother of World War II Superior Court Judge Raymond I !month into effect has not been announced but their Oaks Fire Department first vice T C i hlin today sentenced Walter i I 4-A t 1 FIIld a get together at the s- " - Out of town guests at the initia-I book value has been estimated at president David Rogers of the of Route 1 Box 1870 oug 411 of the dinner t )(We're t '''t Horace Dodge lion ceremonies ineluded: Mrs Maei more than S500000000 Hagginwood Fire Department Count to San Quentin Prison see- Stoug h 36 — Receives 1Will T e d Reno Man Nato past president Mrs RuhyHoward Huse Former Atomic Bomb Chief Patterson was scheduled to leave nnd vice p y resident and Jerry Wul- Hoye president of the Auburn aux- es 1 for Cairo today aboard his speciaElert of the Del Paso-Rottla Fire for the terms prescribed by law on Yolo y SAN FRANCISCO Jan 19-I4eiliary and Mrs Maxine Voyiatzeser atermoan Is Dead Wishes To Resign plane and to fly to Frankfort Tuese Department Stough wa secretary-treasurer Prison Sentence In Yuba leirs Muriel SISnIFin Dodge Conklirpwife of the commander of the Rich-I lef Reno Nev announced todayiand W Townsend Post No 84 inl OROVILLE (Butte Ce) jail 19 SAN FRANCISCO Jan 19-(UP) day H rioted by an all ma le gh e then well return to Wash- Ernest George is the outgoing pres- I Word has been received here of theiMator General Leslie R Groves ington ident charges f ra e and liwd and Sacramentan escisious°conduPct s con- la st jury yrnA CITY (Sutter Co ) Jan 19 she will he married at 4:15 seelockeAuburn death in Stockton January 16th of commander of the army's atom January 4th rifles Trehino etil Near old Sacra-:this afternoon to Robinson Nee-1 Howard Huse 66 a former resident bomb project said today he wants Under the state laws Stough Is menan Yves sentenced to from one:Man L Reno real estate hroker in Is hop Says European Food liable to terms of from one to 50 to It seen in San Quentin Prison:a quiet ceremony in the Hotel Mark iassen Fruit Supply of Palermo and well known here to quit because American atomic as a pioneer in the olive processing research is "disintegrating" business He Groves said that the project he Mi was horn in 1897 in! years on ter the menslatightel deaths of six Hopkin the rape charge and one to s 15 years for lewd conduct Judge (eie B n eet an rn soldiers in autoo-1 The former wife of Horace E 'Firm Employes Will Shasta County organized and supervised in war- eport Was sunderstood Cooehlin said the terms which will bile eieitt nr late oiteher riodee Jr member of the DetrtoitieeeOr k 48 H ours W eekly Huse is survived be a daughter time secrecy is drifting No policy he fixed by the California Adult eeitiet ler Judge At time Coals automobile family said the cere-I YV tMrs J G Ilorr of ellenburn andihas been adopted Key workers are Authority shall run consecutively 4rn i r d n d I rc ft ieieolth)s aPphoillion mony will he perforMod hy Munici-I SUSANVITLE (Lassen Co) JayeTtwo step som L B Frishole of Losileaving The orgenization is disin- NEW YORK Jan 19-(4e-Meth- The chief problem in Germany" Judge Coughlin also denied I'm probritioll Trehino pleaded pal Judge George B Harris of in i19-The Fruit Growers SUpplyiAngeles and C E Frisholz of Oak-iteerating orlist Bishop G Bromley Oxnamsaid the cablegram is the dis- Stough's motion for a new trial guilty to One l'Olint Of the informa-i Francisco She will be given awnyicomnany this week went on a 0 lane I "I carry a load of responsibilityof New York head of an Amerieani placed wandering starving Stough filed notice of appeal He 1 iifil and on motion of District Are hi Stephen White assistant districti ho teiney teed E Hewitt the otheriattorney ur wee k in dire the former feP Funeral services will he heldrin which decisions vvill affect the delegation which d lf I t of L wic surveye reie dis- acted as his own attorney in the -' ' ' Yolo Man Is Sentenced For Rape Lewd Conduct Superior Court Judge Raymond T Coughlin today sentenced Walter Stough 36 of Route 1 Box 1870 Yolo County to San Quentin Prison for the terms prescribed by law on charges of rape and lewd and lascivious conduct Stough was convicted by an all male jury last January 4th Under the state laws Stough is liable to terms of from one to 50 years on the rape charge and one to 15 years for lewd conduct Judge Coughlin said the terms which will be fixed by the California Adult Authority shall run consecutively Judge Coughlin also denied Stough's motion for a new trial Stough filed notice of appeal He acted as his own attorney in the case Stough was accused of an attack upon Mrs Ella Mae Williams 42 of Dallas Tex last November 5th Card Party Is Planned — The Daughters of Veterans of the Civil War Wi 11 give a public card party at 924 Ninth Street veterans' hall at 2 P M Thursday Eva Gilter and Ethel Pierce are cochairmen addition to the six soldiers killed1 WOODLAND (Yolo Co) Jan 19 C II Purcell state director ofIvoiced his alarm at the lack orSwitzerland taking exception to the heated ruins and cellars" and Ethel Pierce are cochairmen re 15 we in lilted Trebino w ho! R w Woods Yolo County k tax co :Hit And Run Driving public w o r k s has awarded con- atomic! research policy after alAmerican delegation's report which -- --- tracts for four highway projects speech at the Commonweal! h Club ' — tg lott the scene 1111Betilit1 Hy follow-Jertor announced yesterday he w"i'Ii Is P al Os pone d ' costing a total of $3156 888 ester !yda y He arned that America w it quoted as saying churches need !not send food to Europe He ex- THE SACRAMENTO BEE in g thp crash ultimately y:as not seek reelection in the June r ! The awards are as follows: 'faces disaster unless it maintains charged with six counts of mant!! primary 1 ROSEVILLE (Placer Co) Jan 191 Sonoma and Marin n Couties— 'Wielent ' - ' ' continued technological investiga- it ned: 'olai What the report dd say was mccLATetili NEWSPAPERS Owner and Publisher slaughter and one of hit and run! Wood s a native of Broderick he- States Highway 101 suth or p g rag A G Raisch Company illit Harms tint) and Issued Every McClatchy ewspa Evening Except Sunday drl ving gan his puhlie career as dopoty Judge Al B Broyer postponed the!ti1Sn't71 progress that churches and individuals All rights of republication of Npers service dispatched twine aisle and sheriff deputy Brothers Srsco $1 A 5 on0 tax collector trial of Miss Ruby K Brown 21 an Eranc 1 Las countw — lir ling And surfacing — Relatives Find Body Of 'under the e sam Montgomer S y 'on January I 1901 Ile has held acramento waitress charged witl t ygate hit and run driving in a complaint rUtah i' 3 '' tw 1 we''n I3Jrd rint "diPilOtt purchase food for persons in the ess Planes Will to contribute food or mony toi Frn: s(417rucl ion CilimpanV San P would have no need or opportunitylare reserve: lat iiel wed Pre I gR er OCIA PRES rhe As esciusiv(T1" ASSOCIATED dispatches credited to it or not otheYrwentitled s TED S credlintedth the use timer DareDriut WI cnadt loani00f the oll itioecwat Drowned Duck Hunter county office ever since Mrs Helen Kotsifa 1 soled COlintV—entiVPrting to a four Test Thunder Clouds American occupied z on e of Ger- !news published herein lie was first elected tax collector!filel 11)! s until! lane divided roadway S 1 miles of -United many BrInDERICK i yolo cm) Jan 19 ' 'I!) years ago when t he late James!nex' week: 1St ate Big Mks v 401 between Midway and 1 two miles north of Idixon and constructing WASH A W INGTON Jan 19— t:Pi— Not Europe Ag hole 1 The body of Henry Leong 29 ofiW Monroe then sheriff and tax! Ile slated $20 bail upon whicn!bod Creek and McCune Pilotless airplanes will be sent into "We are not referring to Europe Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation t 0 T Clarksburg drowned with witliartilrolleattor retired from the latterlMiss Brota'n has been at liberty was:ergo( r relerickson Brother& Emervvilie the heart of dangerous thunder-las a whole—just that portion of EvNEORR pM cloINAETsC 11 T ! tiwyang 2S of Locke lanuney 'IWO job ' reduced to $50 IsimAni 2 heads to bring back vital informa- Germany" L AELA iahile duck hunting in the yolo Ply-1 ----- -- — l - tion on storms and aircraft stresses The cablegram was addressed — President of the McClatchy Newspapers a pss was recoveied last evenin !Yuba Democrats Back Announcing the tests which areDr Robin W Barstow director of Editor of the McClatchy Newspapers eight miles southwest of Clarke-1 Superior California Vital Statistics expected to get underway aboutithe Commission for World Council THE SACRAMENTO BEE STAFF burg 1 BIRTHS NA ARV — In Auburn Placer County Kenny For Governor March lst from army and navylService a Protestant Church group GERR20yERDsIG:Et DEAN Managing Editor The both was brought ht to the aignse—to Ili-ovine Butte Count ' isno- Januirv 17 1946 miiisno NitVareZ MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co) Jan bases in Florida the navy said its interested in relief of war torn Associate Editor against Ali N Suit 19 The y slit V face by relatives ho had con -1 ii-s 1 id 1 ta 94S to r and Ms G nge na avares fil ed u a ra uy h Count y Democrat it new radio controlled F6F Ghost countries who remarked he was Associate Editor tinned to di the hYpa area after cruelty Ni 1 AyeaKo NW TT 1 : BDOENp E w li tro45 a daugher Eag ss ' 11 11‘0111ES — In 1Cdisci& Yolo County:OLIVER—In Auburn Placer ()minty Jmn- Central Commit tee has gone onlItelleats lain be used 1"surprised to hear that any church ditor Superior California Department -1 the official search was obandoned1 tanuarv fa 1946 Ici Mr and Mrs I wiry 17 1940 Eileene Oliver Against record as supporting Attorney Gen- The purpose of the project which men still misunderstood the report City Editor oi p wATLs Bustmart Maneger Deputy Sheriff Ralph Bonetti to 'sill F Knoa le of n Pl Willows A son r county Jan-I B ll B Oliver Final decree eral Robert Kenny as a candidate is under supervision of the weatherlat this time because we have heenim A TANCOCK Advertising day resumed dragging in the hope ist 194K in ' $4r and we chir Manager gtat'sfaa—iti Auburace ' i 1 leB utte County -0 r governor at th 1946 election n m Jan- vy! l' 13 -1 11111na“) 11-1 a ora vry 17 1940 Lavern Wilcox Rzat t e hureau is to discoer the safest busily explaining it to everone ii P WILLETT Circulation Manager of recovering Owyang's body i ence Ree‘en a 11011 I ReUlith WIIC011 Suit filed cruelty A resolution adopted by the corn- flight levels at which planes can concerned for the last two weeks! Relatives of the drowned men! mlittglattiE 111PNSEs misrihtiI—in coiusrl enluAt Connty mittee urges Kenny to seek the operate in a thunderhead and tot The government allows us tolagcmaMENTu oneteE Bee Building 911-913 Seventh Street Zono 4 Otile41 In 135 posted reisardS of $1'25 for the re-:Nu-0E11'1i RAMmi— in Colusa Cools January 1 14 1946 Phyllis M Wottsk ill I nartys nomination for the office analyze the stresses to which pilotslsend both food and clothing to itAkg:WPI1no41171P? Cc114f11a)rrrauait o managers zzo madlson AVPIltle New cover P 1 both y of each body Ciunly to Ernest Aul Nicoictti 31 i NgaMAt James C W)Ifilull Sint filed i rhe document was signed by flax and planes are subject in violent !other countrie r s of Europe and wei York in North Michigan A verrnouestet'liteinalb: 040 New Center Bidg Detroit use Building 1 SANeE a c3 1en4 Itomos 24 or coins cruellY --- iparpiei-us ism' — In oroviile Butte BEATH'S lold J Sperbeek president and storms !have been sending it right alonz elil'll A NCISC0 OFFIC O'Mar & Ormsbee (no Managers 1027 R T idlone trArdiell 4631 LOS ANGELES OFFICE O'Mara & °mines inc managers Garfield Building 403 Solons Take Note Of e lant Jarmary 16 1916 to Samuel' In at Anthony Pa ppis 21 Anil Doro a thy mit J no r 13 194 Milern r''' '''''''' '- Helen s Naes!Francis E Carlin seerctary Cop! Data will he recorded on instru-but it will not allow us to send nt”Plev 19 bot h e t ()r oyal e t O y s y 6 r 1u tas nales will he sent to Kenny and toiments carried by the ghost planes even clothing to Germany becausel srt-'nrsisESoteb itilfirtate iodating toe aaturoaj akgas loth entered comics: "' William At ez2tieLzco ialltrna Nevada and regocu here 10C Gold Discovery Date NiNia-11111!oN — la uaad voni Burlingame wife of Charles Burl inga 1 elintl - a nuary 17 1946 tn Arthur I of d-tidelenst: anativs of WISCM140111 Malone chairman otand studied after the planes haveiit has not worked out a policy con elsewhere - itg eti detrwsnvtte: tte nut" 0obri1 Wboco rynnirla nonlinta aro Prnitle tedielf trx fnrrnpr PIIPTTIV " posted rewards of $1'15 for the re-:Nu-m11v Ramiro - to emu Collisa January Ia 1946 Phyllis M Wottk(hinartya nomination for both food an tije-o'ffi a :el n altize th streses to Inch pilotsen e s w1sti d clothin g tnwns In Superior California - - th I EASTERN OFFICES O'Mara & °mane Inc Managers 27(1 Mattison Almilitie NOW covery of each body County to Ernest Paul Nivoietti 31i liaa7t James C W311'4(111 Suit tiled :- and wene ls York 20 Michi ate FRANCIS00 OFFICE O'Mara & Ormsbes Inc Manager& 1027 gusto Building : '1 North gan Avenue Chicago: 640 NPiv Center Bldg Detroit ant lens Ititnott 21 bh of Coi ll S I rttleitY I rile dOelirnent was signed by flax and planes are subject in violentiother countries of Europe --- perees-austirt - ot to firoyiiie sow DEAT1114 old J Sperbeck president and storms- have been SPYRIIBZ it right alone Televhone t'Arrield 4631 a Solons Take Note Of C linty January In 1916 to Samuel' Anthony Pappas 21 an i buruihr Ma til SLI AGA M IV - In St H melena Nna apa Ii' w rancis E se Carlin secrctary Cop! Data will be recorded on instru-!but it will not allow us to send 1(IS ANGELES OFFICE O'Mara orate inc Managers Gartleid Building 403 R”tniev 19 h f bot o Oroville 1 County Ja nue rv 13 194a rs 1uies ill he to Kenny and toiments carried by th e ghost planes1even clothing to Germany because' wererntsEietith Street G Id Di ver Date z anaad yto 11urLina wie o Chrie ngle d:phi:sit InlilltnoernftrairleZdaSTrirdClrelaTn Nehrerr:21' Ow"1flare I WIIIISM M Malone chairman of and studied after the planes havelit has not worked out a policy con- iet0 1 oscoy 4ko wal (tel ‘rr ast Crum' y - a nuary 17 144e in Arthur By carrier tier month The ninety eighth anniversary of Vilin uniire in ann W Lois ois Davi- '11:::1 L'inuel'emnarii: I eint9Inile:iri41 in's e rsvt i cle'ilsc'e'lanel rne the state democratic committee 'landed Where running accounts are cerning relief to former enemy ob 16 both or wooctiam needed wi automatic cameras ll take1rountries The state department and By mail in California Nevada and Ore tn mon advance one month $125: three the discovery that started Califon- Marri IIm Interment Wee in the St Helena Ceme- pictures of instrument readings our military government officials Months six month& S700t Yea& 111350 elsewhere $160 per month P:0 Nevada age :ages terv Stsao per year Sia1 historic gold rush of 49 was : 'Suspect Is Held -In in ionfit:NaarS1--Tri San Francisco January hue putting us the plane is being buffeted bylkeep puttin us off" called to the attention of the legis- ' censesN issideIs'ros ji4nnelj::'-blarria" In 1946 George F Jorgensen bub sanai m The Signers The Saturday Bee: By mall in California Nevada and 011110M 3100 Oaf Vain 'attire in a resolution by Senator iirrans a Walker 29 end Catherine nf Mrs Helen Jorgeneen of Orland' Reno Death Case the storm --- - ir"ttorn4eubeepetlorn' price - s - - ' The cablegram from Geneva Was 11"he $:) Per :a Foreign postage on daily S1250 S I E Dilfinger of Placerville HOOKtrAftt 27 hoth d 1 of Auburn Callaat r of Ernest and Waiter of (-Ae father ot Irene and Robert of Orland RENO (Nev) Jan 19--(UP)-n signed by J Hutchinson Cockburn the Ca extra and en aturday Be 113ea extra above Alfonso 11 tiVirdhant 26 an brotheland The senate quickly adopted the!L massy 17 both of 'Merlons:Calif itn4 Albert 13rgensen Mn s Minnie Ras- Juan Avilla 45 was arrested forlwl Herman Afebber former moderator of the Church of measure calling attention that Jan-1 Robert L Jones it Marysville Calif sett Mrs Lilly Chaim and Mrs Tilly questioning in connection with the -i Scotland and now director of the Mall subscriptions ftre payable in advance nut Bee does not tees accounts with Lien y 2Ith was the anniversary of :77"lif Barbara Dean 01 !trims of Nebraska a native t Nei W "n' 18' Made"" braska aged 39 years Funeral acryieesideath Tuesday of alter Kramer1UC Cit rus Expert Dies World Council of Churches recon any of its mail subscribers Advance notice Is sent our subscriber' or the expiration the : or! :teal tsiutLe'reigTartrilv thoef frivm won he dflarbontreg sail tlyciiirei ieadtemt:onsiems: discovery in Col 1 oma by Jame AN5111IENTS will be held in Orland January 2-1 1946!fit who died In a Reno hospital! RIVERSIDE (Calif) Jan 19-(2P"struction department in Geneva: ararrafr lye Wilson Marshell and paying re-paoroge-io :Yam Nana County Jam' llalitsEN-in Nab& Nana ColltitY Jono-lafter being beaten in the city jail Dr Herman Webber 90 directorS : C Michelfelder American reprecuOiae your renewai !moos be eeent e7mignailptly a - speet to the memory of the gold! arY 14 1146 Zrl Oil Prinli a A zinat irY 15 1114a Ovear hirtui Larsen by a fellow prisoner emeritus of John W Brooks Petition filed fraud brother nt Edward C Larsen iithert 0 t U niversity of California s entative and director of the coun -1-------s-'---""------------------"-"-------"--- - suuDberribare who Miss their moire lee night can be euetglee he taleallonitta is rush pioneers rtutta7er aanonneed the western Pt‘oeres mining council will hold an an ni-ilit:"ft---1?:SPItiZWa's Lecti4t1trvi:aannhot- cwidoptrrsr1 both or son Lake Curt Bolts Larsen or Eureka: a nal a of s'au Loke ti14 J14515:1-Pyarle F1'onte!Illtr"Watp":1orAdevilla the police said w as ger vi experimental station here and aMci l in Ceneva and Pau! N C 17 eff ar- mg a two day sentence on a dia-1outstanding authority on clinic re-iber European bishop of the Meth Dial 2s -)111e13 rly conduct charge at the timeisearch died yesterday from a heartiodists who is associated with the to 6:3a oll versary meeting in Coloma Sunday1 call Gullet Suit tiled crueity Ipterment was in the Tutocei Cemetery of Kramer's beating lattack !reconstruction Program Entered le second elan matter giareft T 1303 at the Peel Office as SitartillailtA Pliiilfaarillia Linfi 1)ln À et 0 irsn a 1 1 1 Ella iArtion both of Salt Lake Cost Kottoll Avilla the police said was sery:experimental station here and anl ii Cleneva an Paul Neff Gar-I eitit uhseribro rho Mtge thetr pavers any night ego be lumped bv tvisnhonint is trsn Itto B 1e nf Eureka: a nate sait a two day sentence on a di-!outstanding authority on citrus re-!ber European bishop of the Meth-1 e up to 6:30 Dial 2501l ray nroA vomr Vlinsvt t or-stieo - r L4LAIL Wk-PVCI El VI poirt ItCtv m RgP4 NS years Fpnetat sertweel Wtti he Jnuary la to-le tp Nap oraerty conduct charge at the time search died yester ay rom a eart:odtsts who is associated with the lattack ireconstruction program Entered le nder peeemel cites MattPt seereh T tool et the Peso bine at Saarameatek Cantor-ma ti tho At ot Congteea of March 1819 'interment was in the Tutoetty Cemetery 01 Kramer's beating I -1 -- :) rol 10 t s tw:-) 1I I '' -::' 1 i 1 :4 q i 1 (: '3i ': : ' 1 ' -o t -''' e - -'fr!'':' -1'1' i ' ' — li''k:'! - ' 47 "9 (1- ':L '''- ') 0!!" t: k ( - - 1 - c : 1 fei' ' '''':' 7'-:' ' ' '- 4 ': :t:: - '- -V !' ':'ir ?- ': - g:::: ' 'H':! ''-'4'7 :1 i:y 4 7 i: : ' :-' - - r i- 1 -4 - ': i i -x '': -' : "::: 1 '''' ' '-: e'-:i7 "- '' i ' : 7' ' - ' ' '' ''''4 !'fo' ic' ' ::!' : :i : :' I ' ' :' If ' - 1 1 ' : ' e4"'''''''' -4:: f::t f i :'12' :-:t-:: oi: :: 47'4:::: 1" 0r:i':v t it'$: : ' --:''''' ' '''' ' '''4' - :- -: e -: - i' - :- i i -- -- it - ki '4 -" :-: : -- l':'-'' '''1 pi'''' '" A4-' ( i i :- :3::: Nye ' : - ?: i t5 4 :--:-$1- ::::?:' '''"' 1 cre'''t ' : - A p c : :: -:' '4 ' - - t - t f I 1 : : 1 : IOW 4 ii ': f i'1 ' 1 i y : ! 4 I ' 4 :'": :'''"'‘ -): I' f '''' 1 t) i" ':':':1:- 4 -- ' v t'''- 1 7: - : -'7 !' ' '' " '' A " lc : '' ' 1 ' 'f '1 r '' I :: : -'"4' 1:'' I 1 z a 1:- '':i : :"::' T' '-' - -:: : : ' ' ' il-: -c : : ' ' I 4 -t f-t - i 1 : :'!:::::: -' ':t- se '' i 14 ' 1:v: :11-7: A 4:?:4F e -- k - 3- ' 1 7 4' - ' ' t4 : 1 -1- ' 't :'tk 41'-' i -i a : : 1 4:I :i:ri:'' du ' u-- ---- ' -- ------ - F

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