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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • 20

Sacramento, California
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THE-SACRAMENTO BEE SATURDAY MARCH 1 1917 20 I1KATIIN) Air Line Starts New DKATHS -MTnTtT-ad 2 iron Jhioai oi II rry A Nauman wVi Tw'dUV tfniVh aira1 lnlc1 Odd falloA'a Jivtll Allis-Chalmers Union Leader Testifies Denies Communism Calm Settles OverjRuss Economic Picketed Navy lag Is Blamed In This elty Msn-h 1 197 Kmsrval Aumlimin twluviiii hulmnl n( Krm lfi Aunlimim of Norili '-rmnlo son Nl Auilln'n o( thl Ollv hrulhr Klnlr anil Hisilnl AUHtlllMiin ol Nnrth HiirrKinellln Uiulr ol NvmI rnirt Muni Aiulinaon A nullvt of liriHllann Mi'infMU anil 40 4 montlia fV flavi lrlati'la mav cull at th Klumiip ('liapal "I Klwrr Hvk Blrwt until o'clork MniwlrtV sftarrKnin and sre In vltpil lo altotxl Ilia funfrat St 3 I'll thr Hfthal luthrran Churrh Norih Hrtcramnilo Knlumlimanl Ktl liwn Stauailtim- dhMnd'or nr m- -I ivinu lllirr ol Mr Kyalin I nn- nindfailiT of Joan Buffalo Official Seeks Parley To Half School Strike BUFFALO Y) March Th presidr-nt of the city board of riiirnf ion railed tridav for an Im i'iv nnn anr II WASHINGTON March 1 Robert Buse a leader of the 10 offlrlals In their testimony had avoided discussing the issues The hut of aaiTau'liln llndlay hrnlhar ol Jot willmina Holiarii and Mra Cllrtaiina Flights To Bay City Southwest Airways today started new schedules Intended to provide additional service between the lower Sacramento Valley and San Francisco The principal changes Include the addition of two flights between San Francisco and Marysville Yuba County and a later departure time for the afternoon San Francisco-Sacramento flight Air line officials said the later and Marysville union leaders srld the worker ol Callloinia Knberla 'a iniiia I William month old Allls-Chalmers strike testified today that he signed 1 Ammunition BaseOn Coal Industry were "forced out on strike" be Aiiauala Kllsora ol ua Communist nominating petition In cause: thu city rfhruarv 27 Wisconsin lost year hut denied he is or was a Communist MOSCOW March 1 The Russian council of nifnisters (cabi 1 The company "refused to apply certain recommendations" of the War Labor Board "to raise substandard wages" Buse president of Loral 248 of PORT CHICAGO (Calif March lriA Saturday holiday calm lay over the Port Chicago Naval Ammunition Depot today and only- the Congress of industrial urfjanr net) blaming a lag In coal produc 2 It refused to pat Into effect a Hon for delaying the nation's whole mediate conference of officials or ation's United Auto Workers at the the oitv school depnrtment andl Allis-Chalmers works at West Allis the Buffalo Teachers Federation In i Wis told the house labor romrnit- War Labor iioard recommendation I three pickets were on hand to rep-for continuation a maintenance'reient a union protest against the departure time is Intended to glv economic development loday called 8 of membership ciaus- which had navy's use of civil service employes for lfi pet (Prlt Increase In coal tional time In San Francisco while an effort to reach a settlement nfiiee ne siKneti a pennon amng wun haan in i a tnrt a 't rrirn I'u in in ii nninMivi i nn mm siniiv "everybody else on the picket line' the six day old strike of 2400 output as it set goals for 1047 under' the addition of two flights to the to rfomlnate Communist candidate 194b (Such a clause means that CiUl employes work a 40 IU1 rlfr till iinui la niiru 111 Kit Anna (llmiHiha lovlns tirotti-r of Nick llianopnlls of Mndralo Calif coliali nf tAiuii (llannirfilta uf Mnilalu ami (Irorita I'olna ol Kan Dlruo A mrtnlHf Ahrpa 11 A nailvs of Ureter hkM AS vrari monlha 12 naya Krlfiula ara rmpfi't lullv Invllnl In atlrnil iht lunarnl Tinmlav of ir-niHin ut 'ln o'rlork from Ilia Clppa Nlcolftll Vunaral Honia fnrnar of Twitnty Kishlh ami Hlrai'H thanr In tha irak Ortrilo Churi'h HI rtt whara arviraa la halil at 2 n'rlmk Inlarmfnl tul Ijln Lovtlock NVv paitrra plaaaa ropy I IKMIIIVUN Kntrrnt Into rem March 1 11147 Kihn Uooilwm huatmnil of lh lata tula liiKlwln miliar of Mra Jaiin-IIS Ivln of North HniTiunantn Itrothrr of Klmrr Oorwtwln Mra Anna Mall II Mra turn llnnon Mia Albina Herrv of HafrHmrnto Mra Allia I'hillnie of North Ha'Tamanto naiiva I the five year plan uniun iiirniuris iiuni iciimJii UUI" hoilX WtH'k an tranclsco-Marysvllle run Is the result of heavy traffic over the route teachers Board President Charles Mc-ronouch sent Identical letters to for governor of Wisconsin Believe In Democracy The announcement said ot Li ft nnr nf inn martncfi on a ine company suinnorniy re- "-'T i kjhin kj He made the statement In re Mavnr Bernard Dowd City Coun-i Ti ij i i ti uriti fused to grau 1HW cent wage nase were rw cur increase last Spring leaves were canceled earlier In Inejby consequences of the war crop sponse to questions of committee Cll iresineni iwiermnn vvuni-a and federation President Raymond United Slates Department of Ag-griculture researchers are using radioactive material siiinlleri hv 4 The company "now seeks to week when Local 10 of the l'r'-ifuro and "backwardness of imil eliminate from the contract certain national Longsho emens and arp- hranchei of the neonle'i provisions with respect to griev- housemens Union announced itldual brannes or the people! 8the Manhattan district to study the It added: ono nrrioorln- onH Ih hmnlr WOUlft DlCKCl the ClCllOl eCOOOniJ killing chemicals members and added: "I did it only because I believe In this American Democracy every man has a risht to run for an office I supported only his right to run for office" Representative McConnell Republican of Pennsylvania retorted that ol rlR'-rnmanto asnl 7fl yara Frifmla oVrair a uvrnF California yara Frlanila ara invllrd In (uiarni Monday al 1 Msr tha 1'Mlm Clminl of Jan" Twantllh and )' Hlraala Uravaal a arrv iraa unlar Ilia sull'- ii S-lni No K7 lOUK Inlaimant Odd nnvi st ill" Kntarad into t1 In Rln Vlaia na Junior h-loyad hunlmnd ol Maiy klUabalh Harpa lovlnn lalhtr of Ka h-ln-n Jounn- Harpa ana ol Mahal Hirpa brolhnr of Mia ty Turhlarbar A nallya of Km Mais akd yaara monlha 14 dva HMna will hald at Ml churrh Km Viaia on Monday CH7 al ill A Koaary will rwllad at lha Mltwsrl Funwal Honia mi Munlay Mnrrh 2nd al HI 1 Imarmrnl Ut Joaaph'i Cameiary Kin ritlHnC- In thia rltv fahniarv 2 Kmma 8ima Thlalle wifa "I Ilia 'i' Halliard Thlallf dnunlllrr of lh Ucr Itav Jnalnh and M'iry Hlma a'aiar Mra Harold Kirklirida of mn fraiirla and Ilia lata Mra Mua Boyd snil Mra WaaKouar A natlva of rnulind aad SO yi-ara ara rapr I lulu invil'd to atiand lha arnyaaila funnai aarvlraa loninrrow iSnlunltivl niomtoi al II o'rlork al tha I' "a Oroya Onia trrv at Mauds city Krianda ara war iima at lh homa of Clark Hnoln Vardlav 017 Hiraal uulll dm thia i Friday I avamtiE WIIITNKV ailt'rad into rat In thnrna Nav hVPruary ''H 11147 ttlliard Itav Whllnav A natlva ol California anad II vara Ixiyini falhr of Paana Ma Whltnrv of Han franni-i Sn ol Mra Klin Whltnav of llnwlhorna Nav Hrolhar of Mra Ma'ial Bonnav of San Kranclaro liaoifa Whlloav ol San nan-flao Mra Mary of Maria villa' Mta Baairir Ih'ward Mra yihrr Sh'r Mra avahn Coy all Marraman'o and Ilia ma Wai'iy Wlii'-nay Kunaral arranaaniatita alll ba an-noinrad laiar by lha Norm Maffsmamn tinaral Huma tern" Navy Captain John Taylor de-l "The council of ministers draws arr rranai'trnlly Invltad In atiand Iha In Ast Meanwhile the city's 24fX striking teachers stood pat on their demand for an Immediate salary Increase In the fare of the state administration's "back to work" call The city's 08 public schools have been closed and 71000 children are Vital Statistics The union officials declared the pet commandant said the helmeted nc allegation of Communist Influ- marines with bayoneted rifles republics to the fact that the narat Monnav ai a ih irom flmiial ol Hurry A Nauman a Hon 2021 Twenty Kishlh Strvat Intarmant Clly ence In ihe strike is no more or side arms will "be stationed there less related to these Issues than Is until this sort of thing has "if I were against certain principles stopped" and thought they would harm theUhe fact that important officials of have on an eniorcea noiiimy country I wouldn sign such a petl-fine Allis-Chalmers Company country I wouldn't sign such a petl-fine Allis-Chalmers Company Settlement of the strike the lion occupied leading positions In the largest teachers' walkout in United! A statement distributed under the America First Committee" States history apparently hingesi names or Buse and Harold ChrlMof-on extension of Buffalo's taxingifel honorary president of the local power for Mayor Bernard Dowd sald the -ommlttee could end the Marine guards escorted civil service employes to work In buses and maintained a jeep patrol yesterday The union rate for unloading ammunition is $10 an hour the civil service rate $1S Alameda Cleaning Plants Face Strike has said he will "go the limit" to aml rrv (II SSI KK -tn rair flaka Tahmarv SS Olaat-ka a nnllva of Hnrtfort Conn asad 7H yaara Hlovrd huiliaii't of llrrlriida Ulaai'ka of Kair Oaka A mmtr of tba lya! Ordar ol Mfwiaa of Hrrramanto (r-mifal aarvlrea will ba hald Monday afti-rnnon at 1 at tha fair Oaka Coin mttmty Churrh Hunal Kair Oaka Cama-larv i IjiiTinrt Kunaral Huma i Kl hrl- ntarad linn rai in thia my Kaliruary 2 1IM7 (laorcr Uf)'rl Km" kl hrliv1 hiKbanrt ol Hnrl K'n r-I brotbar ol Kmma and Hill Kunkal a natlva of Alamaila Calif aitad T7 yaara Trlrnda ara walcoma at Ilia Mia-aion Chapal of Andraaa a (Irilhh and ara Invllad to at 1 1 tha funaral Monday al 1 0 ri A Kntnmbmtnl aaa( la IjirOHlll S-Knlarad Inln real In thia city Kfhruary is I47 Iloaa IjiKorsla na lovad wit of Loula LjlKnrKla lovlna Rail Brotherhoods Plan To Renew Rules Demands meet pi'V demands if additional jstriKe wnnin it nours oy recommending either arbitration or fact finding It derlared the committee has such power and prestige the levies were pel miiitru company would feel compelled to ac- Plan Skyscrapers MOSCOW March 1 on Checulin Moscow's chief architect disclosed today that Prime Minister Stalin has proposed the erection of a number of skyscrapers in the Russian capital Accordingly he said the Soviet council of ministers decided to construct the foBowing: A 32 story bnilding on the Lenin Mills in the center of the great curve of the Moscow River It will include a hotel and apartments Two 26 story buildings one on the Icnincrart Highway the other near the Kremlin Several 16 story buildings near the city's center All the buildings will contain living quarters one of the capital's greatest needs cent The strikers demand an Immediate $1025 rise a $2400 minimum for beginners and a S50O cost of living bonus They now receive an overall scale of $1873 to $2975 CLEVELAND March nik-t ANn March 1 (UP) One The Allls-Chalmers Company told BIK1H KlillKIIH IIMI Ml SHI1-To Mr nrl Mra Ksyrniind I Hharp of Hout 'J Koarvlllt I'lsrar County (abruary 22 111) a rtnuKliter M'RIKH-To Mr anrl Mra Thrman I Kiroik of soji Killy Ninth lrat Kab ruary 21 1SH7 ton LA MB- To Mr and Mrl llanrv Mar- aJull ljimh of Kmta 1 HS2 Kalr Chiln rlairomanlo County al)rury 2 lIMr a ann STU-ANK K- To Mr and Mra Wwaril Hlriutnirk ol Koula 1 K'rtn Klorm Bvrtmmt1 County Kcbruary 24 1H47 A dauKhiar HI Ta Mr and Mra Mrnard Huerla ol Sllaat 'tbru- lv -24 llllf a an HKlM KSN To Mr and Mra Vuhn f- ChnaUnatn 'f 12IK lll Stleal Kfhrunry 23 1U47 daunhlfr (IDHir To Mr and Mra Arlnur Holt t- Oorn of u'on Kilty Kuhth Hirit Krbruarjr 3S 1U47 a son Mr and Mr llmK H'onur of 2KI1 Hfty Strond tri( Kabruary 11)47 a son JK To Mr and Mra AlWrt Ut of ('at OffiL-a Mux I' HtialiLa l-fhrnarv 21 1917 a laminar Ki I Ktt -To Mr and Mia I'lah Sr cravra of Brleruk Volo t'ounly Kfiriiary 2n 1H47 a a'n IHiliM IK To Mr and Mra (Inward omana of Hity Kourlli atrtal Krlirunry 2 I'H7 a daushltr Hlllt To Mr and Mra llanrv Wild President Alexander Whitney of hundred and seventy five cleaning the Brotherhood of 'iailroad Train- an( dyeing establishments in Ala-men said today jr the Trainman m(da County and the City of Rich-News that the BR" with four other mond will be closed by their owners I IKII UK TIMNKa mothar ol Mra Hut Marino Krank lAhorala and tha lata Maria l-nl'oii'a Wa want to aiurraa our alio ara l- ra lallon In our many fnanda for lha andmothar ol rrank Wnna Itonafd arannmotnar arana iuta niioaroio railroad labor organizations is pt'p-jtonicht unie wage dispute he- the committee every officer of Local 248 Is "a member of the Communist Party or a consistent party liner" Buse said that charge "is entirely false" Hits Reuther Charge McConnell cited a newspaper story quoting Walter Reuther UAW president as saving the local's Ta and Havariv Jaan Marino and Hna iiinitnaaa and asmi-athv attan-lad III al Mary IjlKorala a natlva of Italy aytdiiim iialh of our bainved ttiihand and Hfi yaara Krlnda ara Invtlad to allftid fathar Alan nur iWjal Ihitnka for lha paring to renew ovmanas tor ruielwn management and the Amer-changes (Bn Federation of Labor Cleaners The moratorium imposed by livers Local 23 is settled Proprietors of the plants which ma iimarai ionnay at a in a ai rrom taolirul lioral trifo'ra it9 I'alm Chtn nf Jurnrn ft (rli( MRS MAHIllS IIAS'lrtS Wlf leadership was Communistic andl" RnllKIlT 1 IHNIKM civhk 1 1 a i i MAIKiAKKT I'AMriS MAHIUN KHAN'rks DANIKIJI ih and Why Tlri foa JK Buse replied: 1hnr to 81 nrv'i Chtirrh nnd jitTft-m where will nul lor tht rii of hr hjI romni'tiinK 0 A Knomhmnl Hi Mry Mnunnleum Prtvitt Th rntmrv ttl will be serveq on thp carriers' con 'That may be true Communist the unimi refund to submit the Mra Mirlla Hubbard and family task of fulfilling and overfulfilling wage dispute to emit ration ference committees not later than May 26th for the reopening of negotiations "The Brotherhood of Railroad Tho imior iKiiincr fhat pninlov- 'he five year plan requires radical in noma rv r4arrKrnrnto rab- ers lift wages of all emploves paid improvement in leadership in Indus-less than $1 an hour to level ry production planning' nnrv 1 114 7 a daushlar KIMKM To Mr and Vlra JarnaaTh r4-ii't a( lh rlin Chfiiwl tomorrow no 4svpri trt mnny fri-n thir Mnn-Uv hfarKcit thank fnr nf nm- IA KK Knt-r1 into rMt In th fitv iNfhv tn lil thm diirirt thfir pc-Kimry JH 197 Anna hUv4 tnt Wrvrinfnt wif nf Jumn lavi'ks mothtr nf th Atiph and tyrk ot Wg Wlh fPr nur inrr thBp Mri tiinn Jhnnn rmiiw nf lo nir manv tntftMi irTnnv Mm1 i nrg Kritn-U rwho wr hin1 ua rjunn nur r-InviiH (n ttnrl tht fuiri M-n-Ja rtnt hPrrvtmfn trtr tfu-t 2 it frnm th Palm i'htil tt i i i aa triaiooi Ol n4 lmbard Courl or ve IK' nrr cent ses wh cn- 'ltM" 7 I'aan llaiuhla fc-Kut 'a in' Trainmen In cooperation with the other transportaiioi organizations will milltantly pros'-rute a rules program to Improve working con ever Is greater The employers havel tne council noien mat me rMh d41l offered a straight 10 cent an PlnKra nan riot neen iui- er excuse me I mean congressman The explanation Is that sometimes In the politics of the UAW there are loose charges made I think If you would ask Walter Reuther today he wouldn't have much to about it" 'That's rather a thin answer" McConnell told Buse citing a passage from Allls-Chalmers testimony saying Louis Burienz former editon of the Communist organ The Daily Worker has said he personally knew the leadership of the local to HllfKHI HI -To Mr and Mra William 11 Kharhurn o( Houia II 212 Kab rua-v -Jit HI47 A aim TARrlKi To Mr and Mra Clauda ditions and correct Inequities forlboost fatliar ii-i nun mm ('I uuui luiti la lirninil demand In electrical and agricultural marhinerv sheet steel for tipth rf Str't inttrment cMfl nrpiay ol Routt 2 2112 Klk Mil a vt mhs hicmrinsoN Mil AMI Mlt-i Mm "IT'lS' Mil ash Mim jack skavft nunnnens of thousands of operating nnSlXrlLBay Area Unions Join Blllnmnhiloa rail Iraln u-hoola ainrf Pahruary 27 lfl7 dtushlar 1 Vri I-'l II To Mr and Mra Juno building materials Paul Mlcbalaltl of Thirl' Rnrf gan their campaign for rule changes Trt CtLi Ani I nLn 11:11 The council estimated 31BiKtnnn workers will be needed this vear in July lfH5 with the BRT and IIMUKI rnlarad Into rail In Ihia rlly Kabruary 2a I OaT lohn If lun-darvllla bainvad brother ol MriL Klua-hslh Klni Mra A II' llnnlar liaorar and v(altar l-lmdar villa A nallva of Minora Minn aaad 72 laara KTtanda ara wau-oma at tba Mivaion Chail or Andrawa A (irallit-h and ara tnvltad to altand lha funaral Monday at 1 Slraat February 27 (147 a aon NI4K-To Mr and Mra Clarama Nowak of Tun Slraat Tahruary 27 107 a dauichlar IN MIMHHIIM In loviria roain-Ty ol lo Haanpy who raaard aaav" Manh 2 1HI tn Honolulu Tou ara rot foiotian darlliiA n-r hall you avar ta Mi IT UK It AND SISTrR SAN FRANCISCO March 1 be Communists and that they will draw 280(sm()iiO the Brotherhood of Locomotive Kn-gineers finally calling the paralyz (UP) San Francisco Ray area vw rii 'Th nffir-iaT "If he said that he's a lair" Buse SRKI AIir IK KNKS Prep Students Plan To Continue Protest Strike MT CLEMENS (Mich) March 1 Mt Clemens High School pupils reversed their previous decision to call off a protest strike today and announced they will seek to continue It at a Monday mass meeting of the student body of 1400 A committee of 12 strike leaders aid they will urge continuation of the strike which began Friday in protest over the school hoard's refusal to rehire Monte McFarlane principal for 15 years The committee said It will demand that the strike continue until the board either meett with the students or setg a date for a meeting Earlier McFarlane had conferred with six members of the committee and obtained an agreement from them to lead the strikers back to classrooms Spokesmen said however the six weie dissuaded from carrying out this proposal In a subsequent conference of the full committee Painter Asks $21550 Damage For Injuries Everett Murphy Sacramento painter today sued the Pacific Gas and Electric Company the Austin Company and others for $2155064 damages as a result of Injuries he says he suffered when he came In contact with a and power line HU complaint filed In the superior court asserts was burned ing ran siring last spring labor unions have welded their ef-iralf 53 rubles to the dollar the explained lIIVUMHIT Knifil Charla joa tniarmant initi rallowa lawn I i -nK nJ -1 1 mtin anU rie 1 12 t7 77 FLOKISTS Im :14 rl Kir Oaka Calif and Sarah I In thia city Kabruary 21 11117 whether knew the" BRJ- thejun Kmma I Umdon alatar of Krank Al Will Call Student 'a1a unwall Ill ol Sarramaolo TlllllO rsi HKI La-tar Hru-t Tbrn 21 rnmmnnif ahn inH of Locomotive iremeni One hundred representatives of lan ol Craaa Vallay aunl of Mra aral 'THK MASTKI1S TOI't'll" The council said lOtio(XS) persons la Ohv ol Klk Urova Mra Kihal Kolun Mndarna Kbwar hoop 11 2tl lu'h 3 A 141 no norma una taubal is both of iiir" minima ii if u-i i iiijii r- win lie uiiit'ii nun iHiinrv rrnii ann tint aon and Mra Maa Havaa Ilfatooc Iriand! or Mra af-toda I tl'wd ol tola el'v In answer to other questions 2' a of Industrial Organiza- railway schools and 790000 of them 'IK Pk Uriw Buse aid he does not intend to Amer-tion Railroad Brotherhoods andhouId- hc graduated WZK 111 natlva ol ilraaa Vallay attad 7tl '(MA RMIKa Kkirlal Tha tlat Kor 22211 I Hirwt lual 4 2i )n 0 RliSKl KiilHIHTS niiitncitya rtaa'itiia it: mn St s4t yaara 4 monlha daya funeral no-lira haraaltar iClonrea I- Klumnn 1 further Interests of the Communist'" cL unioni met in tnei fnr n(rPH(t producVoi Mjwrii- Mxiho Burton Yun both UIA In Ihia city Kabruary 17 4T t'arty in the united states that neh hYr rllnH rgics nn tion or if) Items ranging from 19 up! car-mil KUUilSTs Opaa (III 111 I Mai SA1T Atig'ln Mailaa a nallva of liraaca aa1 H4 yaara Krianda ara inyita1 to al Charlaa does not favor overthrow of the constitutional government of this lesignated the week of March 14th- t'hAiar 41 of Haharaliald level It said the armed forcesi a Calll andl of flarra- land lha funaral Mnotav altarnivin at A A VI KT riortat r-o-r: wiai Parolee Dislikes Outside Jina Kniola Wnsnt 32 joia idm 11 i'jiii haa aoosr! should be supplied with "the mosti oianio nation and would keep the government as It Is I rinra rrrm lha iaoraa I- Klumpp Chatl of Klowara SOS (1 Slraat tbaor-to tha liraak (Irthmln churrh R-'n Slraal whara aarvlraa will haid modern military equipment' 21st as Antl Labor Legislation Protest Week The unions planned parades city-wide mass meetings a publicity WAI (111 Waiigh IB and I'hyiltt Annua Cola both ol I'l'NrRAI DIHK KlltS Kap Company Testimony I oa'-roa'iTti -i 1 joca miarmant (wn rallowa liwn World Is Back Prison Ernest Roberts 5fi was bark In Kolsom Prison today apparently Asnnrwa gruU' Ii iSecond Child Is Born n'lt 'V I01 rTri Tf'- 0RR In ihia city Kbrur 2 07 Kd iaTh Ha campaign and distribution of leaf-in Antnc Uhnr and nilVili- at Ik both ol Harraruantn atiWiJ I kl nrl- 1 lU iiui ni in iaia wary I'rr falhar nl Mra Jaaaia Krh kaon li'HtMlJtt Oforia flailnrd A and lwH 3n' anltol Avanu II To Actress Hedy Lamarr In a joint statement prepared for the committee the unionists said the company's testimony before the house and senate labor groups that Local 248 is under "Communistic leadership" was a on bills the unions oppose RKMI MSRHISliK ll(KVKH lira of Sacramanlo Mra Marioria hmnh Bha n11 frm Vol A siepring corTmiinee v-niin wiiij I It IILi W(7( IIJ March -( INS) I MIKIIi KVArt In Rano Nav Kabru l- 'iT" SJ' i 'meet toaay appoinien to a seven pound ounce baby bov 11147 i Ry niwiiay tj aW dWo? nu'4n kiJLM" tA mnto Mr llrmn (irmfr of Taonia I IAHlKTf KUVrMAl ItoMK Wanh th tat I ihhv (r firar Hiim MTt' K-Mhahi (jai 3 nT5 10 both of auin rroiuuiy inn irr iriiiiiE! rtlla it lha nrnnram I tv' -H ci ararraiia nnab 1 smoke screen to hide the man smoae screen- 10 nine me ra-nam Cuiir reen star HedV: IIARiiKN iimi TT-tn Rano Mav rah- man-iir Vera fnr onrl laar-ivlnua I agemenfi "arrogant arbitrary and i Tt l0t 1 a and Named to It were Jerry feingold: iospita today to intransigent attitude" in the strike iTiective si-iire v-i-r 'AKL orkrr: Janj lie was Ueiertive I fliiiUIre it' edr vers: Hvchsrd loh named Anthonv in iiihard iiardan arrimn tr Jtanna PAKIMI-ln Ihia rity Marrh I 917 11 vl71l W'-fimilt la Itrodartrl rlir The union statement today said1 Lr'V: '7 Avnn international reprTnta- Both the mother and baby were IRSnl Hut ir In Rami Nav rat I "wnnrtorfnl" Inhitl Praalla IS AllloI-rl Iribor -j r- SnorC ITiail Sh 0 RTF- I rf tinr tCH the -r rap nrt Hen's Place KV7 a i' 1 11 t'ii ann Doria llnull 24 boll) ol Sarr actress actor husband mmt ain to work mmediatelv if the oli" JJa nousemen iminn iinuy a rr return oil rri 1 1 ni iiiiiriia inii Hinpu fir -ima r- La aarat would agree to have the: tr Ul me nenv company ery was made by means of -'1 Nv P'hmarv 2i 11147 to Harry Hall 29 Rano snute decided hv an arb trat on v'' 'siewanis kc n- caesarenn operation n-riu- ani Krada Jiaih 21 Rarra mantn Calif board or Invesligated by a preal- RXru was hi The bov I the second child born dential fact finding hoard i (' erl rtIi "n' ftl the couple their first a Hrl Kianaa Parma twlnvwt of Iyranrn HA RUT A NAl'MAN SON larliio loviri( mothar ol Mra Mary JMI "aih Hlraat )i SntlS Hradna lananua iNilrhl I'arino and' Mra Markrat Carr-dl lovi 1 Cf'UIS ri'NKI'At MOMR Mra Analia Rarino and Ham la llraa '22 -1 I'l( rj ol thia rily and Joaaph lj Rraaral UKriHiIE I KItAII'P of Paly randmthar ol iita1 a i Chan1 Of roai" Haiinl a'd Kraal arannmotnar ol An SnS Rtraal til lTniy loinail Ralnol A nallva ol Ilalv aad! 74 yaara in monlha 14 dava Friatula CiTIKVS MnfTCPV a' raaoartfiilly mvtad lo land thai Rnbart Tllua Puniil funaral Tuanay mornm at 0 In n'rlo jmi mra1 u'lV from lha lljia and Nirolatu Knn-mr Hi ma crnar 'Sih and S'raata tbaoa! 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