Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 8
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WMSB STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 1916. AMUStMENT8, VAUDETTE ThrM High C!a*« Ae*». EXTRA! "The Grip of Evil", N |l«Mti-inl" A>- |w»*. ......... • . __ .TOMORROW, Vr»u.>UI!f nr.rf lbur »n "For M*r Good Nam*. tf3^ LYRIC Jbf ICTI JUH J* ^_. BOCK FALLS TONIGHT ke Call of the Past" AKiiM--. Vrni"n tit«l Writ f ' lf (» «?'»»' NEWS1NBRIEFJ (Tilt OLD STERLING PASSENGER »„ Wurd found (in old picture..of Rl *rllnB pa-«'n««'f in hlx barn and brought It to the roul office ..f hi* H»f on Avenue A. tbut the old tiiueis »* It. Thf picture w«« takt'ii 1891, Just as It W:IH «tartltiK nway the Hlerllius ulatlon. The rngtui- III thoxe dayx w:i« Jow. with a «. Mack n\e feet hl«h. It IH * cur- M looking afTiiir, coinpttted with tin- AMUSEMENTS. HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY WM. H. THOMPSON »N "The Eye of the Night' T..I. bpt ,,f Alto <-(tuH'i|v. 'Poor Papa TOMORROW Kathlyn Williams IN "The Valiants of Virginia" T"ii will enjoy uptime K'ntblyn \VIIlining nRftitt. EXTRA! Burton Helmet' Tmv«l Piclur«» ATTEND THE MATINEES. Friday, QERALDINE FARRAR. Great Fur Exhibit and Sale If,,,,- ,« a--h< I'.iitK. •!,".. fit y ,\1. i' A I >r:>ui.i!>i- n-n«l'-r. •' - in •*-'< . it,f« i ; ' 'iti'ifiiT.t-1 -;, $1 S'«!<-i-t nv^i«-ij« iti bulk ''ifv M<"i! One Day Only Tomorrow ,,^. ),.^tt,.n-< in 4 riu'lii Unti-atiit tat tint; V"tv TFiiil* : iT:i> \'n al fi>r !•( illa S'li-.p, !'••-". \V Third 8t • ,. trnlnn. 8w*rfui hailllliu It WIIM eonsideifd a rtt the time. l,:iny . .,, U «l the throitlc while \MM Al- - thi- fireman ntundH down on ittluir.-." tuif of the I.....I. kiu.wn tictorn on thr N..tlb W*.«t*-rn i Home yearn In- lived In Vterluu ('conductor oil HUM 11 iitn. Ml. IIIIH all of tlM 1 «oo«l Joh« uJlident or any biK pel HOIUH •rth«» North Western rout". Mr, Me- uduy % und dc- If tin- Ill given the job of safely tnk- I " K—irtiin—(bl'OilMh. 't 1 be |iii'lttTT* "it* n+ iriiiii (lltereHl to thi« old llinei'«-i eall rnny vlfW-H,- BIQ REALT6STATE DEA real entatf trauHfer Involving eon- ..tton of mor«« than |l(>iuwi> WUH iinoune«d .veMmiay afternoon. when it a« loarncd that Kred Hlmw, 7«m K«»r. kV*nue, "f r»lxoii. hinl purcluiM'd ftfft ncreH of l«nd i' 1 f"uMter county. The liinil wu« formerly the f Ffd <'lnrk, Mlnneanolln. for the» mo*! part of Ufld, with mime portion* Umt may for dry fwrriiliiK. Mr- th* property for ranehlntf «nd II Hioek the wimo with eiittle, „ U id that th»- eomdd«nttlon w«« not ea«h, but Ihui the iii-w OWIUT tnul- •<• o for UH< oti«« of > thu tlnn». I»«IHK «nu- uumi'.l In POULTRY FARM SOLD. ('. K. Trump, th*- I'ulo poultry mini flits (H«i>oHpr| nf Ii4s fnirn to flmrl*'« \Vi-.i Vf-r. :t well kti'iwn r*-ni<1ffit of o«|i "ountv. The f (1 n»1i!t'mUoi! WIIH III. 'ton Th<> <1f(*l w«s rl.isfil it Oiiy or two ago •ml the ti"w owner, will not f«ki» )nt.«- • .•«(ili.ri of th<> • -property until Nov. 1 Thi' fnrin t* known HM the "Polo 1,<'K horn Knr-in," ami i« r«'init«'<1 tt» »»' on nf thr- fhn'«t, hf-Ht «tnrk»Hl 'fltnl most •omplt'tp poultry furinK In north W<-«!»M n illlnoiH, niul if i|pvot«-«l f-ntlrcly to Whit« l-<»Khorn chit-kerlH nnd «•««» . m» of «uch H <iiinli!y t fin i u of th»* output of tli«> fttrni IM r H i'itMtrn«'tt»«l for by «i-v»'ri»l '««:ullHK Chlcnito hotfls tit t»'ii fl<-i7.«>n nl'ovc tin* inarftct price. ••ortluictM hiivc lii'cn flowil for yen rt«. . «hi»rr of tin 'ntu n Thi-tn i'venil • r^ YOUNG MAN INJURED. (ieoii:e Ulppell, of l-'reeport, hnM been In Sterling for a few day« on biiMine><*. mutters. The Kentlt-mnn WHS bom in Steriinjf. •niul hi.n fuUier w/i*« formerly ^lierlfi' of Wbilexide county, when flu county was. In ItM Infancy. Mr. Ulp- pell HiiyN-blH i»ld«*Ht Hon. J^iwrence. re- eelvi'd Meyer«" iiiJurloH two- weekM .'u;(' in u runaway. The hugKy In which In w!i.-« rldliuf run iiRairiHt the heel* of "•be IIOI'HP iind the nnlm.'il kicked and ! n HO ilnlni: Htrui'k the yn .'.:r.:,';8"eAR.c.M FOR MURDERER. .The |)ixon u'monK the Myaclcnn lalmrern eaut .of "that city for XCIUIB fi«)u»al««sr~ir Alexi- ciin, wanted In Mcndotn for tl»> minder of a f«>ll»w countryman. The murder occurred on the ulKbt of Sept. 30. The Alcndota authorities notified iJlxon officerN that they had rwixun to believe tin 1 man may come that way, but a thorough --w-nrch on the part of the Oixon police proved the man wax not there. .. CARSON'sTlEAVE.TOWN. Mr. and Mrs. O. ('. Canton,-who have been making Hurling Uu-lr home for some tlmiv Imvo moved Jo Arwn, a plai-r near t'hieagn, where-they are ill tllirt McrUllll i. ranch. Th« Jradi -that ban itjon of the cuujitry In i land. JIM xtatHl, IH I'for gtuclng. 1'he .tranufpr, make* t 4 an,ncr»i : , 1 PIN 08 STOLE N CAR. .Uiiriff l»hllHl»H, of W county, re. Thc mn , , fr , e , M , H of r^uix itV*d A me«M>K« from tin- authorltleH ,„ ,,„ I ,|,, nB ,. ( j t u hear that he wax U, conJIrmlnK "H^re- (bruughL home, Sunday.iilKht.from the tumpltat In Chicago, where Uie haa been fur the pant five mnnthK, alnce he underwent an operation for into liUHliiftM. _JUr. CarMoh wi-nt luHt nnd th«- KiwtlH ftillwwMi--'.4'lwH««ly- tinil Aft**.-< s arMon left thin morn- IIIK on the HUTllng paneiiKcr. Mr. nhd i'«rnon' Imvo m«d«« ninny friend* In HtfrlinK wlw rt-Kfftt th^ir' movin.« a wny. . , "' '"-'-•- • . . ' . . HOME FROM HOSPITAL. i't&tt two inch hiiil hi'i'ii urr««i»t«Ht I and w*r« Uelim.hi'hl on the stolen tht« iiutoniohllf Mlohnel Conroy of UH«: cotmty. Phillip* IK'puty Htuwart N««ttx on Ihr t'urly train yonUTduy for outliirn city for the purpose of ling th« men buck to Dlxon where will bw Rlvon a trial. Whether or Mr. Conroy will have the . ht buck or will h«ve th« uuth- iti«« there of It for him, we 7ii»mt»l« to learn. The youtur men Ited gave tln>lr^nainex ax .1. tr. hMJil and Hubert Coxtter. They to have purchaHod the car in to whisre they paid 1260 for It. i»y Ntatvd that th«-y would return to Without extradition papers. fMLING JNTBNN8YI.VANIA. October number of the I'enn- Journal, nnn«nr» "Oi»l Ilu«inwi» • Bductttltm?" an ad- given thl» HummtT tit the lilnh 9l, by W, W. pavlM. It was print"** th» time in TJu* Uitaette. The i l« iiubllnhwl by Ur, J, I'. Mc, 'Who imjiiys the unlfjne tllHtlne- ot -having ueon principal of the ticmiter Hlith ncsho'of for Hfty yearn »y&« Jaw n bimln»«Mi' nu i n In the .city im Affectionately im "Jack," . for ,'" Mackinaw Goats, ^ $5,oo,$ro.oo 'Sweater Coats, •-•' 50c t( $9.DO i -Overcoats, i,v$32.50 Suits, $7.50 ,.$25.00 "Suits and Overcoats 4- to order/ $13.50 ,,,$40 Toop'er Union Suits, ;oo ,„ $5.00 * ' - . s Mallcny Hats, $3.00 fttll'Rrmd Boots, $3.50 nkin graftlns. Ho IM reported to be galntt ftiMt in Htrength and will ' he alile to be out. ATTENDED A FUNERAL. Ml MM Mary Scan Ian went to .yvntt*rdiiyi wher* attended thfe fu. neral of Henator A. J; Ol«en, Mr». Jlh'h» ard McNelHw, of Chlcgn. who ban been her* visiting her mother. Mru. Patrick iBcai}lan returned to C'hlcago yenterda-y to attend Mr. OJwm'n funeral. ARE MOVING TO KANjSAB. Mm. Holier! 'Hurak and nix' ehlldren will leave WedneHday for Oakley. Kn».. where they .w(ll niuke their future home. During the xlioit t Inn* Mr. and Mr». Uurak have llvwl in thin city they made many friend* who regret to .»uc them leave. *^ CRUSHED HI8 FINGER. ThiJman Wwtver wan Injured Monday afternoon Whlt<»--Unl*»ttrilng 'goodH from a truck, in nome manner he cauiiht the middle tlii«er of bin right hand and badly it. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. •On ,Oct; as, 1674, Kathflr Maniueito left Oruen Hay to go un ml«Mloiiar/ to the llllnolN IndlanN. — Hugs, stoves- iind- rttng««, ; at -Wood».* t!5. It. Love. of. Tainpico, *pent Tiu«w- tlii.y heri'-.uu-UMttint'tfH, -- _ -— Ul« H'llucUdii <tn ull two tone liuoltt tit Thi Perannal 'attention given every- Thuruduy at"i*r*»eiHa Wanted. -New year corn at KlocfcV HVed Store.* -• . \ 751 f«, -M, HtoWt'lTi'Tjf ; TnT»T'UeiHioWii, pi-lit Tuesday her** with fricndN. ' MurrlH tloodinan. of lndiaiiii|/ollM. find., n|ieiii Tuenduy hern un IUINIIH-HH. J, It, llardcn |H conllneil to bl« lionn- on account of illneriH. i.- : Helcct ojHicr« In bulk. <-lty Meat Markut.* Hear .Mm. lla>d<ell loniijbt. if: 15. at V. M, t'. A. . l>nuiiaUi' reader, tlrnt Jninnbfi' In Star Coium-. 8eaHon (Ick- jelH. three nuiuherti. fl.oo.* | Atr»r ftiary .lerklns, ofdan', IM repoif- |f<l to be very Hick.- I-tun't full to K4H» the fleiiiiiiiHti iiiion iof the Duplex Alca/.ur rttngi-H at- the WoodM Ktpie.* •- , ftlrh John Urviion, of ('onm, who Nub| milled lo a HeriutiM' opxiatlon Halui 1 ' j Mm. .Juiuie Hlut levant nnd Mm. Mamie Wlui'ii'Vanl. s of l'ioph<^*iliMva, '*ipent TuemUiy here. » ' Oirin Hui'iUibuloi), uf i;revc|. !H lu-i't ,for ;iu ixli-iuliit y|«it with Chi la An- . The It.iuse that burns coal, wood und K.I-V ileuuiUMti'dtlon Ihlw week nt I tlu« \Voodii Htore.* x s> i Mi.-i, llnii> \\';t.-ilil)iu n*.-, of Ti'ii'e 1 if'inte, hid., IH in Sterling, IIm K>)e.s.i i If Me line yoill HiiM' in two tune,-,, jin| iMIl tii't U bTtlgrftll lluW ill I The IKn.teiij ' - .^ i Si led ujntelH ill bulk Ciiy Meat Miu.Rel.» ' - ' tonight, 8 10. at niinHn'r li< Star couia*- fcS«M»»on tick- .|,j-,. i tin •• numb"! -, >l "'• * ' Afi s Aiuheu < Vi i .HliViil li««lili' nil tl'lH" -i.lS . , lit- I '1 V>«l'l,'". '. i H III I'eo . I u .tj L .„ t ^____ . „ __. „ In ill I ' llh -ill ii it Tin \iiiiiu. "ii "t Mi -i/i'l Ml.t <.bi'. Mtli'bell -lllilliillt ,1 1-, ,t ».ll, ill i.|u'l-l rtrmi -rr (;nol) A dnufchM'r wn« burn. Mon- diiv m<iiiiit>fct t<> Mr and Mrw. Hd tJood A FEW SMILES Not i Dry Speech. Mrs. Ftttbiish—You say the dinner wii8 given In thr> open «lr? Mr. FlatbUHli—Ye*. It was. "Go off nil fight T "Well, It rninrd." "Henily*/ It tnu« have flpotled PT- crything." , "No; It prevented the speakers from being dry." A TrlU Ob«rv«tlon. "You henr so tiuiny peoplfl «ny: This war JH a horrible thing,' that the expression bBComt'S tuimutotuni*." "80 It doeM. I H«W H deaf-and-dumb tnnti meet aunt her denf-nnd-dtiiub nln on the Htreet «ln> other d»y uiitl 1 won dered If that was whut liu was liaylul on hlH lltigem." DIvlilon. IH a wlfo called her hUMbriud'M better half. dndT Cnib»*haw—I mipjKMie. lt'» heoatwe HUI; jxn't *atlMed with splitting bit* »al' ury flfty-llfty. GenlUt R«buff«d. "during term In which "If you'll cut ww)d I'll give you your bw»k- fitHt." "Madam," replied the tnttcred wanderer, tny la«t B prison dhalt bo I WBB a Intnutiuru! i>oet. .I'll .wj-iitt you a ronnet for my breakfast." ' "No, you won't oltbcr.' I might b«? _JlM e ^ »tart_»_Jr« with your ; sonnet, "but It wouldn't keep a fire golug." The Direct Method, VVlmt is a Btrlkebrettk«rr Mrir. Dtibwalte, who waa glancing over the morning paper. "A Ntrikebruakpr, my dear," "an- »wered Mr, Dubwatte, "is a husky individual who helps to settle economic with his data." Incomt and Outgo. "How mucb do you nuppose U costs Qadspur to Hve't" "What'ii ht« .Income J" "An Oud»pur i« the average typ* of \vt'll-to-do cltlKeii, I tthouid «ay It costa him bt-twoeu fT.WK) nnd $10,000 a year to live." , Ke*rtle»s Man. "Henry, Mra. F l,a t s o tu o "there's flu "."agent ftt the dour a Uevlciy to children from full log dowu«ttt{rii," "WeliV" i'i Mri J-'latHtone, wuntH to it II, "I'm you'll borrow b u b y hall." HfrHimm so upset about M U« wrote u »ioi',v In whk-h'thw n •Tin* urtlHt who Illustrated Jt the cave uu^n n shaggy t-oat of hair and then finished him off with curtifuii ly muulc'urud uail«." I Colleges ol Turew pretittli-ntH of tbe United Htuteii have been Hurvurd - iiieu, th« AduniHeM und 'Muiwi'Vi'H. Two huv« bet'U I'rim.'ulon.uu'a, Mutfluou unil WH- aon, Jle)Ter»un. Mourtiw uttd John Tyler wero from William uutl M«»'y. 1'olk wus gruduuted from th« Ifuiyeralty of North <'urotln«, % l'iereo,froiu Uowdoln, Huchunuu jfnuu Dickinson, Hayes froiu Keuyon, Oiirtteld from WIUUif'u|. Arthur from Union, Heujuiulu Ilacrl»ou from Mlutul and Tuft f«>iu Vale. Al- tboufh tbero h»vn bwuu a duaseu »ol» diers t'lectwt to the ]»rft»IU«ucy t of their lulllttiVy^uchreveuieuW. U tue ouly We«t Volut * 1 if \ *' i w . M On tomorrpw we iviM have with us Mr. S. M. Lampke, who represents the largest manufacturer of High Grade furs in America. We highly recommend this immense line, and the same broad guarantee as to Style, Quality, Workmanship and Value, which covers our own stock, will be Riven with any garment or DTeceTvhieh may be selected. For-largest selection from the newest and most fashionable-Furs-at exceptionally advantageous prices, this exhibit and sale presents the season's best opportunity, fy . .You Are Most Cordially Invited to Attend . . 'PLEASE NOTE—Special attention given to estimates on alterations, repairing, and remodeling all kinds of fur pieces.^ ONLY AMERICANS TONIGHT Kr",U mo uluiwii . ai Hughes .Spurns the Aid of. Those j CIVILIZATION picture which' will IM» nhfiuri> at -the Aovbimy of Mu»U-~.thl<* uft4!i noun and t'Vc-mntr Its diluted by-critb'H t,« b-' tin) final if not Kirprrlor of "The- Hirth of a Nation," In fact It is reeoKni'/e.l , . _ ( lt « one oi tin greatest lllniM ever] ~ .., "ft ..eriia^iben.o.Honuent^r-lDeclaration Was Made In An! gume'hi cA'ei—prVWiilt-d In favor, of world'peace, Ttie horrors'of war anil contnuuinu *<-«»ues of 'peace, hiive W.-en with, (jr«*fli e(t'<it and aw- ih'iall, -\Vbohi- IOWMH u're Secondary. Address Last Night In Hueensboroiigh, N. Y. Indianapolis By-Product Coke *9r . . ' ' .„..„ on in ml and HIHV have been reproduced with tllm milidtn... K(u*!l.v th«» mo»; Impcesslvo group of Bcene* IB that of the linking of the " whip uy a HUbmarlne, par-, alieillng the torpedoing of th»» Lmd- tanla. Thp <l«tall work I* line and the hornirn of such an occurrence In por- more realistically than could done by th« written word. It IB-by far th« mo«t jhrtlllnK Hcene ever shown iipoh-ii-8cve«n. An idea of tho tremendous proportions of thin drama can tw» gained, when U l« rt'aibeed that about 4t),«0ii •OHM wert* imwl at var|ouu limen, as many ax MOO appearing In one HC«ne. The effect of tdjrnesw is well wuBtiilnccI by uuperior camera work, the photography being: of Uie. highest order. There Is great depth to inasn fa and the panorama. IIM well an the "eloseup" being marked by un- umial clarity. -_.,...-._.;__-'.— — ••A PAIR OR QUEENS." "A Pair of Queens" has hardly fln- inhed tin long run on Broadway and In Chicago, and already Manager Olm- nud of the Academy of Music announces thin big laughing tuiecwtjs any glowing- report*' bavc been re- ciilved concerning thl» newest farce •uccctw that .every theatre-goer "• this city la on edgii tO-jM;e, It . It • i« mini; lu«i-p with ji cast of remar!;- ilft excellence and with a proditealon complete in every detail. Among t he. player** appearing iVi tin* easX v( "A Fair of tlueeiuV' arts aetorH,who have made their mark on Broadway and who ore seldom ween In the eltlt-H out- JUL s)f :lbflGl'eiit Will't* 1 :NVj>y. ^V.ed.« Nov. 1st. I Hughoit last nlRbt told un audieneo that crowded., Sclu-ut/en T'ark hair hi i Qui?en*d»oroiigh that he did not. want i the support of "any one Who has any } lnt«"tejaL,aujierior to that of the United I Hta-tea, who would not Inntaritiy champion * the right and interest of America agnlnxt any country whatever, who want* Immunity for foreign! aggressions, or 'who would have the; t>ower of thin nation' held captive loj any foreign Influence, or nwerved by j alien machlniitloniU' ' I Mr. Hughe*' d(»«vclaration wan made] at the firm of three meeting* nt which he Hpotu* in New York City bint night.) The other two meHiuR* were held In Harlem and the llronx. - American Policy Only. "It Is hardly necetMwry to.way that if 1 am elected," Mr. Hughes declared, "-we Khali- have an exclusively "-American. ;i>ollc.y. ln_the.Mervlce of Amerlea n 1 have no" ki'i-ret under- no unstated any wmt niippniiew th>u in election the right and American eWienn will ed to any ulterior yu Interest- of ,lu» The best Coke on the market today—Made from Pocahontas Coal Our Coke is all under co^er. Prompt and courteous service. People's Ice & Coal Co. 3OTH PHONES 211 SECOND AVE. piirpiiHe. If t'a»«! of my int«re«t «>f \>i\ mibordinat- c or to the f any . foi - GIRLMURDERED OM«homa Girl W«» Murdered During A Stroll, Nowata, Okla.. Oct. 25.—Mi«s Eilna uHter. '.'£> yearn old,, wax Mhot and klll.t'd here ' late yrmt^rday"' by . Jolin ,H,Who then killed hinmalfi «H. about 4S ycaj's old, IH hn- lleved to bavi<"C«nu» here from Webb rilv-. Mo. from where'MiHw l''t>«tei« recently . returned, The couple_ bad lel'L iind httil KoiH'.ra""ifiort d|xtanei« when «lgn iJinvcr whatever, he is' doomed to risappolnfluent. "I'am an American, free and clear of all foreiKU enttingb-mcnts, We t>i.u-J piwe to hiive" iiii adininl«tratli>n, HIV' Anutrlctn urnilnl»lrntlon, which, while} dfaflhii with --'all-lut lions on a l»a«ls -of-{ the ntiho<*l falrneNH, will ii.iaininin un- ; abakeiily American rlft'htt* i.n bind and; Keep U. 8. Inviolate • "' 'Wi' sbiill. jHii -hderatw the (!»&;• "of M.iii ""for'Toi i cfrtiriiiirlKTrer"\Ve "Hhrtir permit threiitw .from any quarter" McKENZIE SPOKE , tContinui'd J.~roin One.) .I'n, ,\i>r\vuy, Switic^rland, and ', oilu'r 'lieutrul iiatiMtiM \ver«« ill pem-i' with "~~ xh.ould bare no authority to ftx th» ^\'5i(4e»i, lie ilinikhiK it puroly a tnattvr l)i*tween (he worker and the ompjovee, 'the must iogica.1 -ev'ep. jdeilivWt'd iu I'roph'HuUvwn- by tin>; liid ,niil want war with UN, • McKmxio t>pok«> of what was ul- nii!i<t huie-tii bnji|!eu wlien tin' war tu' Kui'olH' fiiiue lo ,.OU end, if we let 1 iliiwn tbe b.-irs of p'lSinjiMtViii antl he i-houisht' H our iluty lo act windy and Ituir. .iu.liuii J believe^ tba.L. J Jxe great was# of American people lire sincerely (vitriol ie.' "I salil long IIK<> In IIT.V speech 'of a«'» in 3 **-! hat, wbetln-r lUUive tir'jiiM- ed;. of whalever ^>ee or creed, have" a common country niul .we 0atiid---uat-UoUu:uli< n -divided .. ulk'pi- auee. ••,•-- — ,_ ..... _.__^ . -. - "I desire th Ameitcan wlu> we ^ei ^irn 1 wtrtt^ H wn?? yet .tiini- In* U inisint niiieb to __l.he .ciuiii.try__ iind. to tbe WUK>' earm.'i'S' cMpei r ia-iiy."J't infant cloHed -dooi'ii for. the factories, and low wilgc.s j'tVr I be «u^je eai ner»*:.. fie dwelt-at''length i>n this Kii.bJei-1. t'or be wild be r'eJl it iniporiaiit' that the people look ill tin- hlftory of (be etUUI- .li;y itnil ilie able lo -iiet VA"iSe.li_..UU_4'lt ..... _.__^ ........ __ . -, nuplnirl of /'Very true Ktuiulu for "my |>rinci.- hi.-t late, and I d" not Truly The huhbaud "bo for It r'- And in tbo Fullness. - ,isl. n \Miiuan lor h«T r Mtl«, -lsi'vj»-^*l4U- and-- -uult . lll tiv«« lin-iii t life BriQht for "Kiddies" . Whose Parents Follow the Advice of Luther Burbank Luther ^urbauUT the,"" famous won„„ worker umuug flowprH, frultu und vegetuble», baa not forgotten to study the rearing of children to* well. Ac- wirtllng to his advice (ht? t-hlld'a etlu- t-atloii should he largely of hls.owu working out In « htippy, -world of frogo. There JjUould he trees to climb, brooks to wade Iu, vurfou» auimuU to IH't, uud ull kind* of Httla creatures to study.. "Any child, who huu beeu deprived of thesu liUH beeu deprived of the best part of hi* «dueuUon," suys •J4r. Uurtiuuk. - - • Many mothers ogree with this Idea, ami would dlseourugw uuy uetljul book work for very youug cUHdrtfu beyond jH-rbups reutilug wuQ writliig. I.iUle •girls should be sent off to eMn ttii'd dlctwtiou, Tlu* oculiwtH tell UH that no child should reud lype Iu which the cai-lUiU arc under a Huarter of un inch- high and tiutt he hhoudi use hl» I > l*' tt ^_ w i!?^ t ever bi.-t i nic, unit I ti" nm TvTiTtti.tlK'.HMpl'ori of.any one who (ui« any. in-trivxt-Muperior to (but ot'-ilie I'llilfil Stitti H. . The.• I'niter Slalcn inuMt tit 1 supreme. -•"And as t'» an\ w ho \vt«ubl hate an ullrgiiiiue !-• noi ulnKli* and-coin- 'Pteto, ns to sitiv «nit* wln> %\'<tnb( intl rtlsluntlv cluimplon (lie righlh and in- tl i ri/HtH of Alllell<vi :t^:illl>| !lll\ CUUIt try'whatever, aw t" .Mivoiu 1 ' who would Mi-k immunity lor inteigu aggrc»>H(oii. nation Iu Id cai'tiyt' to un\ loieijin in- Ihicnci* <>i MUfivi'd bs alleli m.u blu.i lloilV. let .(belli IK'C voti.i- fur Uie " . Hit or Miss. • Is u worker that accompli;' ! much, i Only u woman's temper l« us w ma tier. , r Mr Mi ! Ki-n,'.ii- was' fi»r 'lIuMbcx find the Kejiiiblif :ui jaru i'or olhej- and Impoi't'-iut I'I';I}*OH?I b-ii tiUif wiitilii nut periiui" bun l«i M'«.-ak oi ibeiu -."•• Tbe \ii.iiiiiHin bill c.jijne In for- its «h:llV i'i i-l itli't.->lll, I'or be M-'Irid (bat U was a iniMiohicr and it ,Jrccivid . (lie puiple -He f- lid II VS.IH eallcd .ill eijubl hi'tii l,i\i. lull that II wax iioth- iiijr ..f !!«• Mild It Was ••'Wijily Jind puii'l\ ..n IIH i.cuse in Hie vuiitex to a't ' la. v- i *'! men und M; allilllied bv Mr. TuderWixul ••!' Hie lienuiiMUIic. ;...M-, He ^a.s not in huor nl ll)c! biw" nr.ri trlt th:it tf .'\.-is nil tn Instifr in the pcuple «bu woulii be called l.|ni|i ti> ['/IN till burden i,f tbe vv,i|.'i'h III,it Ui-ut.l In ,illuVVei| alle! .l.lliu.113 I J !' 1 , , > - the CUIIHU-J-M oi' Ibi- I'liitiil JOHN A. WAEJD Attorn«y'*t Law MONEY TO LOAN On Hoal ICwtate Security FOR 411 L«wr«no« Bld|) 4 8t«Hing, III, EBAI* ESTATH LOANS | Carefully neleeted Farm Mori- pagen represent th» highest iypfi of Heciirlty. The Income i» t're.'iter than that of any other Investment ojt«rln£ abaolute •afety. Jntereat and principal n,,l.-. U-ll WltlHilU (.'lltir^D. JOHN M, STACH5B Law OHIce J*ger &, Stager i; H. T, WVESTMetiT iONOS- Net 4 to § per cent K^enipt fri»ra Income Ta» LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lnwrenoe Bldfl. Sterling, Hi J Tbe less faith other p*>op!e have It ! a man the ujote bix v\lte baa, ! A poor tuuii whoulil be jiollshcd, for f Jie j^ua*iY'u<i Juuuiv liuT'l rybjk .- . j The Uiau wlio tries to U'ugtheti hN ulghtN Is^ipt to shorten hi« day«. Hoiuo'tiu'tt who live'by their wtia . • huve to get nloug «a very .»»u»U cap Itul. of heart J» tike u_huuey<'oiub— Bells. Ku'U \\heii a leap >t-ur ttltl B l 't» tiM'tied tluwu *.1ie tuu'l helj» but udmlru _ possible ou'lurge thlujfs out iu thf opt-u, Kye-fctralU uud ef- foi't of attcmioti a urt* uource of th» tiervo duorders tuo'eoiutuou lu i'bil- ', The average KJ'"' woujjtl Tailu-r hear a' iotuig tiiuii say he l« jjciilous ofi j)«-r hiive-litni tell her s-bi 1865 me Coal! Coal! Coal! The Rush Is On As the Coal demand "increase's supply of cars decrease NO SHORTAGE OF COAL WITH US Company A Good Place to buy Uimber and i

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