Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING. IUJNOIS, -. .WEDNESDAY. OCT. 25, 1916, 60ARD OF TRAT Open High Low Clows PA«E SEVEH. a new for a cigarette to do It's nothing (or a cigarette to juRt lasfe food- -"i-tols of cigarettes may do that. But Chesterfields do more— -f hey satisfy 1 Just like a thick,. -juicy st^akr^attsft'.s when you're hungry. Yet, with all that, Chesterfields are MILD f No other cigarette can give you this new rnjoyrne-nt (satisfy, -yet mild}, for the good reason thai no cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend- an entirely new combination of tobaccos and the most important develop* mcnt in cigarette blending in 20 years. "it. . ,.-; ].f TVI I >«••«.-. ...13..'7 J«n. .... .-H.s;. H ,ijO 1460 iS.vf, - 14.00 11.17 14.26 "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SA TlSFY"l - ,.. -H.3:. 14, -17 CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. 'KH open ""• lower. Lf-ft ovtr 7407 •- ta.SOrij: 10.4(1 •• $s».3o&io.4o IP 10,35 Hough $9.40/ii 9.75 Cfitj|i» 10 to Hi rents lower, in cents i'.vvor. GARETTE 2O£,rlO* slow fit early 32,000. CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Wheat--- No. 2 red. $1.8Krt.83 1-2; Xo. 3 red. 11.74*1 1.77 ,..;; ,\o. 4 hnrd winter, |1.S7A*1.S7 1-2; Xo. 3 hard -.vintpr.'.t i-L'fiij.M; Xo. 4 hard *-fiiti>r r fJ.&<KH,70: Xo. 3 new upritiK, II.S3 1-2; Xo. S hard winter, old, fl.Sl. Corn—No. 2 yullow, ti.QTu 1.0!*; Xo 3 yellow. JI.0,Hf$l.QG 1-2. Xo. 6 yellow. 11.03; No. 2 White, $1.0fii?i I 07; ' Xo 3 white, ILOSfil.OS; No. 2 mixed, $1.07 white. 11,03; Xo. 6 while. 11.04; Xo 6 '</I,0!»; Xo. 3 mixed, $1,03'jj 101 1-L" Xo. 4 mixed, fl.00Wl.Ofi Xo. fi Jl.OS; No. 6 mixed. 1.03; nampl<< Oata —Xo. 2 mixed, 62 1-g; Xo. 2 -.vhltfl, 55j Xo. 3 white, CatiM 1»2; Xo •t white, 6J 8-4; utarubml, &4 .U2W&&; tunf 4e grade, S3. Hurley-—Cash, Su_ul.22. Hyi—No. 2, 11.38; No. 3. $1.3C«jrl.37. SIERLINu cm MARKETS i Corrected Oanr.) Men of Wealth !' wealth \i,iH ;j!.v.-;iv- fr-H •.-,"! that it }'»u \vi-h in ].•)>•,.•••• a hull..'.- < _j- ^H-sfi'-- vr>ur o\vi). \Vis*>n inn ;.»•(). us.' tin> !i;ii'it v. il! lo'.ik hack with n?nv .we IVLMVI- that 'tul ti«i{ rnak*' the --!;irt MIUJMT. .'••!»•!) \vi.i» Mr-- :.rH!itm ri«'h '-on.?..''..!'!'. '' " 'T r ;! •-!<(<' ;| f>\-f>.) {>i>vti.t|) nj' ih-'it' .!!!''" '',' ' '?';- H.i'V ...'JtfHltcii IVLHJ irtj I V ill - : •< (-art mt'lit. Try u-nrkiijg itlony; this line am] %V>u I"? more than plcas^l with the rvsuiK CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WOED | FOR SALE—-MISCELLANEOUS I •'< >.( £ H A U; - A C O ft T IF, A M i I'll A KT- ,.-olj,.. V••> v «(»«! • t-r>ttiilttiiri Xfi tifffT" j n f.K-.'.J. I'll...... W.ihl Mff, Co »,r i W. l\ I.I,,!, <.:,», W. >(S* ^ELP^W^NTBD-^^LE^ \VAXTl-:i>-r-CCWN T'ICKKR. I'AY I!V WAXTI.-:i>- MAX TO HUSK COKX. j by bushel, day or month. James' Tvne, Fanner's phone. y2-!<S*i WAXT'ED— LI;AKN HAKHKH TRAIU* Hlg paying trade. Kasy to Utirn by s our «yitt»>m» \Vrit« for catalog, 2ul i IGth St., Mollm-, 111. Trl-Clty Itiith.-r, FOR SALi: <i.VK':<Hi|>(;AS tsvriily AfK uii'i licn«. Ihti 1 ' 1 Shi -|j;iri1'i st|-;iiTi. .1, A ('tuitfii ISiuailWiiS. |!i-H |>h>iiii' 7(1-4 7«!> (•linn •'(•, HELP WANTED—FEMALE LOOK AT THE MAP , If Clio farmor n-ndor« of thl* |iui)cr hiivu linully Ix-fii ron\ inc.-d l Inn il will |»iy thfin to juU'iTtiNi' their uix'UoriH in Tho Pally Oa- .zi-H»« to atH'Mct Jin- rliy furnii'r nnd eliy initn in'i«*r«:««t«'<l in fiirnilnt,'. lit* t>Uoitld l'>i'K at his tuiip and Bi-ehow ihw land !(«:•« outHfrit> of 7" ~ ~ ~ — JH Sterling, I'oloniii. Muntmori-Tic'K, Hahna. .lui-dmi-Jl!i)\i;iiiiiil|i-.,tii._thtt—itufth of Sterling. If tht« farmer fall.i IO.IIHI» The (!ae«ttt> he -simply wlpen them* rich towtifhti-'M itff tin- iimp. . Then we hiive Hum*', Hopkins, O»>n«>8«e, three more rle}i town- uhlpM, \vhi>(;c Tlu'- <Jnx«Hl(< IH luktMv. by most of the fannerw, and \vlu-re nn. nt her eoiinly '\uiiifr han any t'iretilatlon of moment.' Il t|i'' farmer who huw an. aut-t.lot) d<u<H nut ust? Tlit*. 1,'ally (,!ai'.eHi- ihi'm- three townshlpM :»ri' -lont to him HH'prospective i.iid»l<?r« ami luiye'rn at I'l;' sale. Then turn to I.ei- county. Ui-ic The na'/.otte has a (>\K <ir<'Ui;i- lion In the fom s I.Ve i-onnty townnht|iM to the-ciiMt, 1'nlm.vra, Nt'l- Hon, Harmon aiuj Hiimilton. Any fanner irlhutary to thin territory to simply wlplrtR these four rloh tov,n«hlps off liu- map, so far aa_j"imttuJla_aj'ii_c.otiji:L'rimd..>vho iloes not advertim* liiH auction In Tl'f Dally OaxeUt*. ' ' . Any farmer. In any of these town«hii« -simply wipoK off ttie map the adjoining townships In \Vhltet4lde, ./ordun, Sioriliur. t'.'olorna, Montinori-iu'y "and Halinaman, and fall to get ail they Khtnild out of their anrtion w»l« unlfKH they advertlBe in The Gazette, In iither • wordM there are four town.shlps , in j,tH. county, atu| H«'Ven in WhiteMide, or eleven, rich towimhtpK in all, that the farmer who holdH.nn auction anywhere in fifteen rotten of Sterling nimply wlpep-oHf tho mai| nnle«M he iiMt»« T-he Dally Gazette UN well us his other advoril»liiK. , . An ttturtion 1 -liiMS 1>ti( a day. There Is 'only one way to get re* BiiltH and that in to (,-et a crowd. There- is only on« way fo net a crowd and that Is by tliorougli wdvertlMiUK. Thu' cheapetit wuy to n»ai % h tli<- moHt' fu.rm*r» i« through the advertising coluninH of• Tno pally anx«>t(«. Tht'Me facts* «<n }<<•• ilcmonHtriUefl anyiMwl every day in tfic week to any intc'lllgent farmer who desires to ho. sliown. i."fn. thoii:c.h The /':ina>lian : well indeed " . i o, 'ell. yen; i The Canadian •and the "chap iiuitp nmli»blt> rivalry.. thrower howled very he BLAMES CROP SHORT AG£ bowled jolly well, •ri) batted .weH, too, with the odd looking played n ripping same an klcket j keeper. ; ...... ' The Americans played bull until the ! i third .Inning, After that they never! eliaiiciNATirt~n f,Tdtn£ wun J tHtt«t , .,ie HUW the (Saskatoon, farmer** '*tlll running hog-wild <w ths? p.uhH while *'undry Amerlcaim threw t.he '•nil nil ovor'thfl park. • . — . Thev went Into the third with the knotted, one and one. Hula nil*, New No. 3 yallow corn .......... Wj> .Vew No. 4 yellow corn ........ ... ,77c White ontl ,;... ................. 4Sc "Xo -3 mixed oal.M ..... .... ____ ____ 45F ' No. S. .-... ......... ,..,..$!. GO WANTRO- Appiy ni Co. SALKKLADYH AT "(Tiec. F. V,'. \Vuot\Mirlh ! HA P.I) _-• i .'tit A'V.-. _ DISTRIBUTORS WANTED^ 1,'AHX $"..00 A DAY ni-MTUIHPTINtJ "l«if-ii-ry to ruHtornclrtt, \VAXTUtJ r-IIAMltKUMAllJ AT Till-: i Itfinrtolph Hotel. (IK-!»SI ....... ...... ........ 80c Live Stock. ' brtw. ' tt Coe.) ,. l».00.a> 10.25 ..... J6.0007.00 18.00 «? 10.00 • I5.0U® 6.0u Chicago Expert Says Specula, tion Is Not- To Blame For Wheat Prices. - »(>|I!!I>I'H' V.hort worked n"-t;tiHH • f the 1>t)y« from the m-m-hes ylpped ••<on»< with a vowil Jjanr'aKe. Ax the "»'o dl ( "l awav the Amei'lcanfl' nuntty a.N ceen HticakiiiK acroiiH the Ilelil and , it of the |:arl* titrongh Hu« Tho heliotrope uhlrt woun<{ up with •i ; Hlpr He'n moverneni, convulHet) n.nd ihot the ball, to first just a» RolaiidH off for spcond. ••it flint with a Pay of Our Employees. Mor»' tluitr 30,(KK) govcrrinu'i etnplojWs tin*'jmicj-losis thiin . (POLITICAL .ADVKUTISK.MKN'C.) A» it is Played and Written by the • ** ~, '.,*•: Englieh. By J. \V. .I (Unittul 4'r*«»8 Stuff JUmdnn. .. Oft. 2t,..."f li-iirn, wrotr ERNEST CARTER DoK*Jb, ill. Pro<re»»ive C»adid»tc for Representativeiuthe General Aiiembly 3Stt» Dtitctct , and Honesty litlp to make « lining and cilict- t«|i*iature by eicctiag Carter at the i breeii>' ISnglluh upon.'-writer, "that the Canadian 7 ^ldit?fs ! baseball nit)» <Jt>frilled -.the -Limclon American oHib b.v 'Uj.'^''"'^.* to ono in a match laat ««t- uiduy iu yuei'iiB' club," In tiu> King's KnuliBh. (hat's.about tint tlu»-Kullon bat had to "rusih to catch bin Monday HporlltiK extra wo IMS- .sioiy \s,t.s kind of brief. lh- missed'o few dt tall* Mich as Uu< Americnt » itcher'.s hliull wort, in (blowing, ti •H«-<oiul vsith .( runner on iblnl dm none out. lie also overlooked Tl'ie f-u-l that a K« nl in :i hetiotrnp«i whin pit* b- eil bl>:;ue ball fut the htnr-.4|i.lilKleo lr«u|.- while hiK .so-calb-d KUpiiorteu (iniavelleil 'ill IMI|\ 11-^j-rtnlle "The m.iii ii," j-.iyjs tbi> liltini? a« - ciunil, "\wii- i«-|i|iS|« with excilbu; HI- and (r.umlii (luoiiKbiuii There wan a man and uniform but ho didn't »fctn to belong to tho club. \nvway lift wan too proud to stop the throw and the piltgamboled under the "luh house 8t«*p8, ItolandH took wc- nnd and the CHiiadianH bc^aa a c;un- nuitrh of friMiinfnlni«SM. The next 'lumped one in front of the plate and was safe while Js'wirsrard, the chap with 'tin. odd nuiifk, foiidk'd the bull. A ^oiyiber DtimiHi Doyh* fanned. A "itched ball went throuRh Neareani. !iid Holunili* »«-ired. Other battert* •ame ui> and got on throuKb deyloun iioans, thi.mj.fh no on« got a hit. Even h«> official Hcori'r lost.heart and hope 'n tht» onsiiinK moment H, Kveryonc ',»ut ih*» runn«r« took a hand -In--throw* tiall and ovoryone booted it. Thro<< runs went In before* It vvas over (By United Pros*.) Chicago. 111., Oct. '2S,— '-'.Not apocula- hut an actuul crop rihoptOKe thp .world ovor" i« the rcunon for Ot« high prici- of wheat," B; W. Bnow, i:rop i»x- pt»rt hore, naltl today. ' "What can be ox ported to retuni to normal. pru:«»H next yenr on an average crop," he sflfd, and added that th« con- Niimiition wan nut outHiripplnt; the pro- .diicUon normally. ,,•'• "Tho production lia«- morfi than kept pace with the demand cUirlnir the pttMt 15 years atid during the last three yearn there havir'b»M»n enormous nurpluNcs. Thin yoar, however, there IM BO 8ur[.ht» in any wheat growing count l*y: Iff the United StatcH th«re wa» not oCAC RETAIL MARKET iSterhnK Dent. Store.) . Dairy— Retail, •airy butter ...... . ......... .'.;.. .S4c iansford creamery -butter ,. . . . , 40c Dafry— Wholwd*. •airy butter .,.;,.. .... ........... 30c •'re«h eggs ................ ........ 32c New VegetablM. i lend lettuce, per head ... ..... . .12V4c . i ....^.,^.fic. . ...... .. . . . ,10c . . .... ....... 6fc . . . . .45c ., ......... . . Sc ,...'.,...,.. ,6C ............. lOc ...... ....;.. DC : ...... 8S060C .......... . .860 Sc J'' rtilr>r - v < ' 1 ''' 1 ''- °' .Nn-<-town Htntluu, 1'hilo, J'a. _ <»«•«• J*. 21. 2/1; 2». Ttw—ttttt net. Oooil rience -not r«ijnlr*Kl. dt—Mtrt voici-M, ' expe- Iminlre today. 'door Vandettf Tlieutrr- ur Unii- dolph Hotel. (!rl(T Gordon. 'jS-'J.f* \VAXTKD—UI8HWAHHKit AT <»XCK ' at the'Jefferson Cafo. !C-'.i8 APPLES C().MIX(J SV)OX TO MJLLKDOEVILLB .-• rnr (i/ I'hoici? .Muryliiiul winter np- , Ti'l<-|)hi<ni! or.dtis (o Jolm (Jetty. Cucumbers, each ' sow. potatoe*, pk. . . *af lettti'^, bunch ' MISCELLANEOUS t'AULKV'S pltftl, • i'*ouiHi UPHOLSTERINf. conu<r • WANTED ami \VANflib—ALL IOXDK OF fiiK'T wurk In iiocli l-'alls nr Mill. • if HCAV- rMnK. j>ob-' SALE — S1X-HOOM COTTA(!K..J 1'arlly modern, nt B13 Avenue 0. Lot! 70x125. Call Bell 17-4-4. 87-y,«' WANTED—SECOND-HAND AUTO moblli-H, will pay the hUrhcat Alao «ell all kinds of repairs. Mlk* th« $i& Tailor. Both phonei. f«ti HKATINO 8TOVK. OOOD an new. I DOS Second" A VP. il }>UK.SKMAKIX« 'JT-t'Si AV«', <;.ian.iite_<.l — AT 1SOS lit. 'J6-100" !reo.n , pepper*,' dovje.n x «» w uahbage^lb. ...... •'..•'.:," ' : ' Fruit.' Calif., docen CJOZUII ....... Ib . raised for domestic coimumptltir; but u carry over from'lawt year orecM a nur- plus of 100,000,000 'btiHheiM above thi- domestic, rtrquirementw, "Wheat prleeH are baawl absolutely on tho prle«t of caKh . grain, whiolv Js »vy what exporters and mHIerB nre forced to pay the Kmi»V The. rest of the game wns like that f-)f--.oour*ip some innings .wore different beefiuxt> r thf VunkN wf-re worso in iiom<> spots than' In other«. And all tlte whllt i human fringe of klu»ki and blue. Gaiiadian soldk'fB waitlntr fur Hie front a nit ihm»t» iwovnrinK from vvoundh flr - /jpeculutlon interest IH nhown and upec- ulntlVe holdinga ftre sum Her than in Corn is h|gh*r,than ever before thlr season. Tim mlvahco h« thinks IH flu« >«rtiy to the short prop and partly ti ' Jorney sweet potatoeu, 6 Ibs. ....... 25c riU Scruple*. "Hn tvylr.^' to raise de prlco'of a • Iclcot to Topi-ka," said the monsly men- 'llcitni. "Can't you help me a litHe. and—" "No!" replied old Fe*Uis I'ester. "» 'invc» no'grud^o ugiilnst the people o( and thureforo cnunot couaist in sending them n irinu with it nock BO •KuHtHl (lint II ,'looko llkt, a Kt*c.'tlon uf corUuroy'lroufl; at»l whOHt- tiri'utli'lH like? unto the:it'eklnji« of u 'i,oj,'Ker,v."™Kun«us City Star. T Atn-OK'~M tt 1-KS., harnodti. blankotH.. A barsain if tiilt- «n at once. Harry Koulds, Sio Wallace 81. •• ' .- ' S7-U8 KOH SALI-i— SHOIlTIiOHN Hi;i,L.S, 1 yearling roland-Calnii boar, one mile west Agnew, south road. Alex Mat- IJUWH, Sterling. 111.' !t."i-y<,i' "•on """SALK— NKW PLU^H " and uingk* harnt»«s. 'M2 \\' onth St. ' ytJ-ys* 'OH HALE — MOTORCYCLK A N D Bide car complete; Chenp If tfils*t_ at once. Inquire of Harry Ford. >~ Tu Buy. A LAIUiK SEC- •omi-iinkul Cannon whop <|tilre ilarmon & Alyer't. .. Kh "l'- 87-98 Si-v l.'.MURKLLA. U, F. Moon-. Return t« Lmimlry. Howard. 96-8* OEKBNT QUICK RELIHF FROM ' CONSTIPATION Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets '1 Jut is the joyful cry of (housands i.'uv Ih, Lihu»nl» produced Olive TaU- U-t-», the substitute for calomel. Ur.^ KdwanN, a practicing physician tur 17 years, and calomel's old-time en-- cmy,\cud the formula for Ulive Tajlt-t., wliilx: inaling patients^ for cljronu 1 fonitipaliun and torptil livers. Dr. Kdwurdb (Jliu- Tablets $# not I coutu:;i c-ilom-jf, but a healing, sooth- i iit& \ij'it^!le laxative. ; -%'u Knphij,'" i-, the "keynote" of tlicw- , liiiU- Mii»»rxoati,l, o!i\e-onlored tablets, j-lliiy, cau>f tlie lu\vel.-, and liver to act J' r'._i,,!h. They ut-ver fwrte tfu-m to kept up n world'* Htrles fire of Whfn-tbey wei^nU-ridingVan Nab* the Amerlcun piteh«M', they kidded Ger- tun "and biiK-l'Ipi'H of the Scots t-rts^riy inuwh- till oy«r the'phu-o, A of tlruniM ^uv*» bum* -to -the •vised nieKuyhpncs rarriwd dell- eute i'<iin|iiiinciits to American «>nn». Kt'iiu*body uaid Uie .seo|i' was iilnv tu one when it was nil over und no om i-a'red (>ni);iKh about it to Muurrel. Vui lota an uphill tight far from tin < of hl.> i'i.ulve Mioolslyn. and allowed only hi-vcii lills ut ihul. He walked a (Vw nun: viy titherw, bti 1 why not iiiu-ii'd Ht-t on on thi third siiiKe I-M-II If he dl(i Mi ike thcni Milt" litit-Hi \\,IH all .1 Juki' and if any- boil) \\HII money In* probably K<i\e i In ibc Canadian NVnundfd \\hoM- wive' .mil iliildirii i4»t the ..slate iei'ei|)lt. "Illy ^'it ti ndujire wan the Ueht Ji.tKfbalt crowd l.ontiiin h4H hint this NVOJU. """-Tl-.e snuT- i-..uuulmn'hVlt.?-U, Amri ^.•rt»«, l-O'-S Then- weie mole Amelimn i-llul; jhan lb" linul f-hou.s. The ^tmer «o ijr«-i| in ihc liiiutb inning and beyai loiintitiM tlu-411 b> tu"-- 'i'llc liattiUK i>t,dei I'liMi'.l Sl.iU'.-^ ,\cai,',ir«l. i \",u Xais i, \.iii iHnic, II, \i,u*ih, It, l.,i Cioo... -jii. c,!ac, .'J, !,,•«•. ib, tJiilini lb;''Hi, if, \\iMi.ni7iii, il, t'lilldi l».i\b'. |> l.alluUll. lb, Hull- th Jli. Hbbmnn.l, i, |;|.n K.uhler, ,'b, i»Ji< ii. if .),!< old. it, Kul.uids, ». ;r. i . , f. (itiMi-l, ,'5(j 'he InfJatlns .liiflmmce at the high prlct )f wheat and other products ' - t -hiea ifor-- IH.-- Oetr 25.— ATBcntlne orn~.|)iaoed on the free- lifit by the 'nierwowl tariff bill V- Is reachinK .I'coria In immense quantUit's, Ohl- ago received advic-eH that u consignment received yesterday, by th« Millbt Grain cumpany of Peorta Js tht>>u<l' _vancg_8hl_pm»nt of q t^al that will »ma~ze KfaTO proaucerw who atT' amr who atT' JnteresHHr Jn^thn i graliV Tnur- ket at l^-orla, tho cent«r of thii corti protHuHii jtianufactorleH. .'•'•'. I'oiitical manaBarH received word ol' th«» dumpintr of tlte AfK«ntim> corn on ~ • Perpetual Motion. ; On« of r the:;fxnHipJf_8 *'f motion mueblile.s elvi-n hj•.-Jlr. , ham-is the el«ctrlc dry pile, of w|i|ol U wlcl)i'iit<>(l K|)tH'||»iHl iiiiiiic. by Slu^ei 75 yearti »gn "line ilievu coiitliniouwl\ (Inkling It.s Unit; cjiimo ln>ll tit (OP. M'« whole of tluu long period Hiid hhovviu no si^n ut jir«»t'0t any actuul tllntiuuiiou of eucrgy," Of 4-i)tirBi\ iin tut.t known \vUitt'the life.ol. SMALL and 15 monthly; no IntercHt or highly productive land; clorfe to 8 mnrketH. Write for photographtt full information. Hunger A»172. N. Y . Llfo Btdg., KanHaa City. Mo. 77-10-" WILL TRADE MY IW-ACRK- T^I- county farm for a farm of 200 ncrtw or 240 acroH. Must be a good furir and may put difference in CUK!_. \S'iiii "X: Y, K,'f«are Gazette. 87-112' FOR HKXT-.-\f.llOf»M PAHTLV MOD. ern 'hou.xe with fnrimce and' hath. Hard and koft \vmer. Finfc cellar tior, Kasi.Thihrst. J.esj«li- AliHhltT. _ ^^ _ __ • __________ ^ ,_,;_; ..... • _____ •__ »8-ioi FOR Itl-;.VT--0|,-KieK HtUTK. JOHN liurphitni Block. Boll phone 776-1, ' FL'U.\I8llF.I/ROpM FOR RENT — Modern convoriJ'erictfH. Bell phona FOR REXT— MODRKf FLAT WJJHT Third St. Inquire A. L. Heckraan, . Falls. H<m> had experii-nce in ul kitidH of sales. 'Holrt sales niiywhej-r and. every wherca. "Outtrant CM- 'A1 iw-'lu 11 Atttiiifaction, Can refer you (-> » lonj list of satlisHed cuHtomvr^. Hi-o m« for datt-s. Uoili"j>fittnc«. :. tho felcctriedrj* pile tuny he. ....... lar rejuJHs cairtc* through Industrial channels. Central IlllnoU runners. past whoMe front doors the. Argent in*' coin trains wero travel i UK towanl- diHljllcrk'S, were the tiivst to «ound a warning. Inrtumution in Chicago last wan that moro than l.Ouu.OOO . ut Argent im> i-orn IIUH already vi k ache<1 the niiirkeiii of the corn belt, and that an • liiitu'ltevably larKv i|iiantity in oi> itw way. . •' • 'i'lu- slut y. is that practically all KhippinK of thft country IH bointr used to -transport i'on». irun the Ar«enlim to .New orlfiiiu.. 'where it is "Do And Never Will. ' innn • (Jut tolls tin* do .world fe u li via'.," sitld Khen. ylt put lUs Imnd in his ixickei to giuutiu 8uinpln' towurdw nquurln' dc ttct'ount," • Many UH>H ,\vho go' >o war fall iu ttnt- tie ami arc lost ; oi hers who May al homo fall in lov»- and ttre Vi-st hi the J, C. CROM AND Cole'a or SON, \tf -nf AUCTION \\'V FOU RKN'f—MODERN 410 Avenue R rtJR UKN-T—TO-COUJ'LiH WITHOUT^ I'luldrc-n, modern .J-IHHUII IIOUHO with *^ . Kfuruifp. -on KffNt Fourth St.. Rock \? . .l'.a!J«* *'?.....Call. Hell phono 626-1. ' 96-UU I- <"»R , — SIX-ROOM MODKRW at fitaj Fifth .Avu. J. K. I'hillipH, ' many can refer you to many satlMjwl OMB tornura. VV.e guuraiUeo abiiulutw «at inflection.. Write or phont! us fos ' trat!i< In corn thnt IK exptxueri a* long a« tlu- Undfrwoiul' taritf law 1« on the In.oKt. lars?' tjevatoiti }U'« beln evc Match Scmtches. i'aintei) \vooilvvork that has been by mu.tch si-ratclit-s «m in- re- uooKed Just the Same. Tlio t'cuHnti Hie old- i'litdiU.uctl looked iitider titi' bed lor a tuuii way lit! iKny h'« wH*u't llu-re. — To It-do litudo. liU»g vvltji :i.o its orlgiiiHl condition by rub und tlwa. washing with n i'jeun raj,' djpiu'i.l hi \vjttnr. A Mechanical Masseur. A buichim- liii*. biyn III! \\i loll.' for i; but U,'i."i (iiuiiiils n nil IIIIN oillj -18 !o lru\el fivt-r the littinaii buil> ni (he I>HI-(> iu ill,, in-i-k, AlU-r one iteutmeiit tit (he huinJK .irs no I'l'UUCV Economy, 1 lpku*.~~"Dot's -your' wife ever huve "\Vvll, vht-'s ulwij.vs liuH-h cnrt'^rc we ronld hut) .ill uiHvtmobUe." about how if W4' only fa tilt, Tnc Average Man. r 'Vfsrj-rfrS? ^"f ' ; Vf ?mT"« ¥i t i "' the average llsav, . Plenty of Help. 1 iMKIthHt \MtlJicjt Ul ''liOliif '"'<! nil l*. to under tin 1 dlsud- LEGAL NOTICE M*^fN^S^uf^>l»»fc^M*»^*''" 1 l**W>M***H.**^> >^l< GUARDIAN'S 3ALE. .State of County of Whiti'tdde. I - • . •l!y virtue of a -decretal ord-*'!' of tin County t'onrt of ?mul t'»uint>, eiitere.d at ' th lit to,' on i> term n>\Hiiid Cnnr't-, A. the application of l-'rank \V VVIu-eh-r, (inaii1iiin of Paul W. Muri'nv and Virgil u.-Mui'niy, niinurs.. u> w.ll tin dcwiibcd j-n'tsl «>8:ile. bisionj; • RUctioneer, Dlxotj. III. Jiuvn Mold pun ftul Ktuck ill Hi'Verill Ntuti-H tbu part seuhdn. riatistit'il cuHtntjii i .s iny ben i-fferenop. All callw promptly ,'itt.entl ««tt, 1'hom* or write for il.iten. EDWAHD H MiQST, AU< J'riOXK1CH Chadwiek. Jli. Sales made';»iywher« Fftrm aiui stock Kftles my t JixiK-yleiK'n has* been my Spwik botli K««!isU und JJf»th phiiiies. «Cull, •write or win* it my expi'iiKo. J.)i,son, 111, With years ut e\perienV< i ntlu" auction busniejj.s will tc-e iiUlibfuctlon. For it-fen nee ht • people for whom 1 hiui; in Id j.,tl«->- l>ixon IJi^ne phoui>, rcMiitnti-, hiL' office, W.- n, i--. tenil littr - hwirtfc'it thuniw for tho NYinpliilty mid kindiu-MH of nclKiiliom fiiul mr«4ls (luring the death of, o» r Kim und bhtdier, Jiie, ami for the many Moral offerinKH. ..; _i -I. t'.jUurKOHK. . Mat- i!urKt'«8. Mr«. J'*r«*d Hoov<«r, PUBWO - -vs^*^*-*^ ^"**-',.- PUSLIC SAtf. FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER? A.' j. i « i* .. -.'.I i.. .1. .1 .. * ^i-:vK\N\% Arc 'own. 111. Will nj, un>whi!e. Comluct loi) to li'i Jeaily. lieferenceb — of plli tr-towiir, '<'iti-/i.||M b,ilik. r.U N\ui»nal bank, Kumfi'.-. phoii<. le^itlcnce and office.' l'i , lli-l 1 ', boil with 4 KOO«| b.ui'i- Teini» of Kal".; SiH^balf the plllehutie piUv o.lMi ami life ' «n time to ,-<ufi PUI-.-IIHSIT. F. R. — .82-103 ly of W'iiiti-whli-, -"Stall- of Jllinojh, wit: "..' ''"'•_ ..... A»i imdividetj t\YO.-Iliili!> ol' Lot I in. Hio'-k Xiii.c. IH tlie Citj- .,|- J lii,^ subject- !•>' the d.»vver inli uf Nellie K. Minrav, l, 01! llie HINtet-nlh it.iy of .l'i.'1'.niv I'. ,\l.. :-i •slati-. at the vvt icii it) '<*Jly i..f . 11 'Term tv "i , TIL" ib-' l-' W , Wh. ', ii-r. , «J' Jfsi r.tii't \V. .MliU-ii -iliii, \ it t:il i i. Mm c..iv. ,\.li!i'i:.i.-,, • f*'i i^, N'..'V. -i, }, II. 1- HAIUUNC.TON, JOiijh. >.-ur« h K. \Vilj_jer. B. T, fifOBBHOUSIS Optometrist Over Corner Drug OP OLA88E8 liolli phoiu s>nh M '. .Su-illn;: U U 1 . AIU.«)TT."Ar(TH).\i;j:u. 111. Stock and faim s.ib - t -p. Ml t'lli.s plomptly attei.dnl iiate.s c.illy. E. W, WahJ SFfCIAILIZINQ IN Electricity In tr»§tm«nt of -d!•**««•. . 21 E. 3rd St. Ov»r Galt'» Book Stort , SUrling, III. 11 \\! ( \ii.rv. • Lit'' .UH lli-I.Et I fab-, tb.ui ,i.i. > iin'i *'^; T*-Ptfl ~-H-**1™}f "^ ITT"—.- 'l.? ' hUMM' nl. ,M -, ),,, il |i iLtoiiH .n«> i -/r,. <;.i ins v, iji-u M ,, l.-Nl l j,i,on, i; [,., Wt, 11 ' I- ,* 1 W, K. DUNMORE Eye .nd:He*lth GLASSES CORRECTLY . FITTED m»wi«. 8TEHLINQ, f C,

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