Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1968
Page 4
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, Mm*; 9, Ryun Admits Ht Isn't Running We// f¥e$s Sports Writer YORK (Af») - Jim Rym tiftg'tiaf "It's a long way ffofn •:& world' retard to what -j^e fj(jig ft rufthiftg lately," gels his first real competitive test in months tonight theft he meets BaVe Patrick and Sam Balf in a mile eaee* Pathck of; VdiandVa is the only man to beat ftytih since August, 1965, Bair of Kent State might be the second, Hie three square off in the final track meet to be held in the old Madison Square Garden, the U.S. track and Field Federation indoor meet. The race is being called The Last Garden Mile, *' "I feel very strong right "now," said the 20-year-old Kan- "sas junior, who holds the world 'record for the mile of 3:51.1. "I haven't run any fast times late- '•ly, but I'm pleased with the '.Shape I'm in. I don't know what -1 can do right now." • .Ryun's best indoor mile is •3:58,6, while Tom 0»Hara's "World indoor record is 3:56.4. 5 Patrick dealt Ryun his lone competitive loss in the last 2'/ 2 'years last March in the 880 in 'the NCAA championships. Patrick set a world indoor record -and beat Ryun by a dozen "yards. • ' Other indoor meets this weekend are the Will Rogers Games In Fort Worth, Tex., tonight and Hhe Los Angeles Times Games •and the Baltimore Sun Games r Saturday night. Wants U of A to Deduct Union Dues ,", LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Sen, "W. D. "Bill" Moore 'Jr. of El Dorado attempted Thursday to maneuver the University of Arkansas into compliance with a 1967 act requiring state institutions to provide payroll deduction of union dues for employes who request it. . The Pulaski - Lonoke county 'delegation has introduced a res- jplutlon aimed at bringing about 'the merger of Little ( Rock University with tl\e University, of BATTLE of lh<s sexes m§y have Inspired Jacques Esterel's design 6f this wedding dress with headpiece in shape of ancient warrior's helmet. Spectacular bridal gown was high* light of Paris fashion show. Roil Strike Goes Into Fourth Day By THE ASSOCIATED PREFS Only a limited amount of perishables and some military supplies were being moved on three major railroads today as t strike by the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen entered its fourth day. Spokesmen for the Missouri Pacific (MOPAC) said the car- Her had received reports of sabotage from widely separated points along Us 12,000 miles of track. The threat of a strike against a fourth road. Union Pacific, was halted Thursday by a federal court restraining order issued at Lincoln, Neb. U.S. Dist. Judge Robert Van Pelt temporarily restrained the Union Pacific from reducing the size of its freight train crews and ordered the union not to strike until good faith negotiations on the issues had taken place. Passenger service on the struck lines halted Tuesday. Su« .to attach an amendment to it %at would have forced the UA "to end Its refusal to comply ;with the dues checkoff law. £ The, resolution asks the Com"mission on Coordination of Higher Educational Finance to iprepare a budget under which 'the two schools would operate If they are merged. Moore's amendment would ,have required the UA board of jdirectors to certify in writing that they were complying with sthe dues checkoff law before ;the resolution could take effect. ; Moore lost his battle when Lt. 'Gov. Maurice Britt, the presiding officer In the Senate, held 'that the amendment wasn't germane to the resolution and couldn't be attached to it. ,, Pound Sterling .Gets More Knocks - ; GRENOBLE, France (AP) The pound sterling took another tyock .at the 10th Winter Olympics press center here today. 5 In the small bar at the reception center— where drinks have lb be bought with previously purchased tickets- the barmen Save placed a cardboard box on (jje bar for tips, Written on the sides are the freight trains. The strike is over an old issue - size of crews for freight trains. Management contends only two men are needed, that any more amounts to featherbedding. The union argues that a minimum of three Is necessary to operate safely. The subject was settled by arbitration In 1964, permitting the roads to eliminate one man from the three man crews of certain freight trains and yard crews. The award was binding only for two years. The struck roads serve the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast. Florida and the Southeast appear to be the areas most seriously affected by the strike. This is the peak of the shipping season for winter fruits and vegetables. Shippers said they could be in trouble If the strike continues Indefinitely. More than 20,000 of the MO- PAC 's 23,500 employe/! have been__ld!ed Jjy_ Jhe strike, equivalent of at your service In umpteen different languages, ranging from Russian to Korean, But one handwritten message says: "No pounds accepted as they devalued." __ mm WORLD mm § it 4* : M • • i Television Schedule 6:30 (CQLCR) Off ft) SSE TUB VftZARB 7;30 (COLOR) WBfTSt OLfHPlCS soo (COLOR) carrasART CHOIR 9! 00 (COLOR) JttDD Ftft THE DgFSKSE 10.-00 {CCLCR) THE 10 O'CLOCK ftEPCRf 10:30 THE 810 MOVIE "1 Saw What You Did" Joan Crawford, John Ireland list? (CCLCR) JOKf BISHOP 1:00 W. S2:£ OFF SATURDAY. 10. 6:00 AM 6:30 7:00 8t30 (COLOR) 9s00 (COLOR) 9s30 (COLOR) 10; 00 (COLOR) 10:30 (COLCR) 11!00 (COLOR) 11:30 (COLOR) 12:30 (COLOR) 1:00 (COLOR) -1:30 (COLOR) 2:00 (COLOR) /,:00 (COLOR) 5:30 (COLCR) 6:30 (COLOR) 7:00 (COLCR) 7:30 (COLCR) 8:30 (COLOR) 9:30 (COLOR) 10:00 (COLOR) •10:15 (COLOR) TEST PATTERN CASPEft CARTOONS "TAR2AN FINDS A SON" Johnny WeUrs(null«r, THE FANTASTIC FOUR THE SP1DERMAN JOURNHf TO THE CUfTHR OF THE EARTH KINO KCNO GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE THE NEW BEATLES AMERICAN BANDSTAND HAPPENING 66 CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING GADABOUT GADDIS WINTER OLYMPICS WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS WDTTER OLIMPICS DATING GAME NEWLYWED GAME LAWRENCE WELK HOLLYWOOD PALACE FELONY SQUAD THE 10 O'CLOCK REPORT OLYMPIC WRAPUP >10:30 ./.a,*-. THE BIG MOVIE "The Night Walter" Rob«rt Taylor, 11:45 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP 1:15 (COLOR) WEEKEND NWS 1:30 AM SINE OFF SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 11. 6:30 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Color) THIS COLORFUL WORLD 7:30 ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR 8:00(Color) CHILDREN'S OOSPEL HOUR 8:30(Color) MILTON THE MONSTER 9:00(Color) LINUS THE LIONHEARTED 9: 30(Color) BUGS BUNNY 10:00(Color) BULLWINKLE 10:30(Color) DISCOVERY 11:00 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 12:00(Color) WINTER OLYMPICS l:00(Color) NBA BASKETBALL GAME "Lot Angelei-Boiton" 3:00(Color) AMERICAN SPORTSMAN A:00(Color) OLYMPIC REVIEW 6:00(Color) VOYAGE TO BOTTOM OF SEA 7:00(Color) F. B. I. 8:00(Color) SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE "Cue of LlebelV Van H«fltn, Lloyd Bridge* lO:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10:15(Color) WINTER OLYMPICS RECAP 10:30 THE BIG MOVIE "The Sergeant Wai A L«4y" Martin V<m, VsnetU St«v*nion 12:OOM ABC WEEKEND NEWS 12:15 SINE OFF MONDAY. FEB. 12 do hgve a heart Q>Q//g£/e for you, but it belonged to Q 6:45 AH 7:00(Color) 8:30 10:30(Color) 11:00 il:30(Cofor) 12:DON 1: OO(Color) l:30(Color> l:55(Color) 2:00(Color) TEST PATTERN BOZO'S BIG-TOP SHOW DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "The Eddie Duchin Story" Tyrone Foyer, Kin HOW'S YOl'R HPTHER-! BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE GAME THE BABY GAME THE CHILDRES'S DOCTCf CESERAL HOSPITAL 2:36<Col«*) 3tOO(Color) ' Is 30 5tOO(C6lot) S:30(Cal6r) 6!00(Coior) 7;30<Col<Jt) 8!30(Color) 9sOO(Color) 10:00(Color) !Oi30(Color) 10!45(Color) li:OOM US* Sftow - "SfiCAlttf. Of DATING GAJft DIAUHC FGft OOtLAtS "Mark of thf V*»f>i?»" John &«•!, CoUen Griy ABC NEWS 5s 30 AKfORt 6: JO MBVtfi ] "Wild tUrttM*" Will Ko#tr», Jr., H*uff*ft 0'Suiltv«« WINTER OLYMPICS PEYTON PUC8 THE BIG VALLEY 10 O'CLOCK RKK»T OLYHPtC WRAPUP JOEY BISHOP SINE OFF •«*«'# »{< fop cwote* - ABC - Me (C) KAR Friday, February 9, 1968 6:30 Taraan NBC (C) 7:30 Star Trek NBC (C) The Hollywood Sauares ^fBC (C) News Actuality ''American Profile-Music from the Land" News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnlc Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off Saturday, February 10, 1968 8J30 9:00 10:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 00 30 00 30 00 30 Agriculture U.S.A. Super Six NBC (C) Super President NBC (C) The Flints tones NBC (C) Samson and Goliath NBC (C) Birdman and the Galaxy Trio The Atom Ant/Secret Squirre Top Cnc NBC (C) Cool Me Cool NBC (c) Saturday Matinee TBA Cartoon Parade Hopalong Cassldy Deputy "The Deadly Breed" Wilburn Brothers Show Country Junction Porter Wagoner (C) Andy Williams San Diego Op< Golf Tournament NBC (C) News and Weather Report (C) Arkansas Outdoors (C) Maya NBC (C) Get Snffirt/NBC (C) 5:00 6:00 6:15 6:30 7:30 "Frued'' with Montgomery Clift and Susannah York 11:00 News ahd Weather (C) 11:15 The Saturday Night Mov.'.e Sunday, February H 8:00 Gospel Singing Jubilee (C) 9:00 God Is the Answer 10:00 Insight"And Who Has Ever Seen Xanadu" 10:30 The Sacred Heart (C) 10:45 The Christophers 11:00 Pulaski Heights Methodist Church Services 12:00 Meet the Press NBC (C) 12:30 Challenge '68 (C) 1:00 Labor's Language (C) 1:30 People and Patterns (C) 2:00 Shcll',s Wonderful World of Golf NBC (C) 3:00 TBA 3:30 Andy Williams San Diego Open Golf Tournament NBC (.C) 5:00 G.E. College oowl NBC (C) 5:30 Flipper NBC (C) 6:00 Wild Kingdom KBC (C) 6:30 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color KBC (C) 7:30 The Mothers-In-Law NBC (C) 8:00 The Fabulous Funnies NBC (C) 9:00 The High Chaparral NBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 The Million Dollar Movie "The Man with a Cloak" with Joseph Cotton and Barbara Stanwyck Monday, February 12 6:45 RFD with Boh Bulce (C) 6;55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Show MJC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7;30 The Today Show "EC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 8;30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9;00 Snap Judgement NEC (C) 9;25 Nancy Dickerson with the News 9;30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NEC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) U:00 Jeopardy KBC (C) 1U30 Eye Guess X2-C (C) li;55 Edwin Newman with the News HBC 12;00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Lee's Make a Peal KBC (Q) I;QO Days of Our Lives KBC (C) 1;30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:00 Another World ;3C (C) 2:30 You Don't Say »VBC (C) 3;00 Toe Kike Douglas Show (C) <i;30 I Love Lucy "The Kleptomanlc" §.;00 ? Troop v 'The Great Troop Robbery" S;30 Huntley Brlnkley Report KBC (C; 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 The Konkees NBC (C) 7:00 Rowan and Martin Laugh,Jn NBC 8:00 Chrysler Presents the Bob Hop* S'ncv; 9:00 The Golden Globe Awards X3C iO:00 News and Weather (C) |0:|5 Lonnle Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 Tne Tonight Show NBC (C) i?:00 Sign Off «»iO PS fAttlAH * C ?i30 SfAft fftfeX *.C itJiO WJLfcYKOOB 9{68 COimtftV MOStC SPEClAt - C 10 tOO WeWSCOPP. '- fiAVE MCeUI»t VERM SftERMAN * C 10*i§ Ab OOROON ON SPORtS - C IfhJfi THE tONtrtHt SHOW - C lit06 EVENING DEVOTIONAL f gfttUARY 10 Ut&O lit 30 12:00 Hat'* t*i* Th* Jteort Sfww - Llv* 2:00 2 no 3 tOO (fij A8C (6) EWttftjt ««*# * AJH! (t) tew'* 8t« fep toste* Boh trtutts R\»«ntftf S«^ Crtn*e(\i«n«*!i 7:16 AM MQRNtNG DEVOTIONAL 7«1S ' AG REPORT 7:30 POPEYB « HtS FRIENDS - C 8:60 SUPER StX - C 9l30 SUPER PRESIDENT - C 9iOO FLtNfStONES - C «l30 SAMSON i. GOLIATH - C lOiOO RfRDMAN k GALAXIB fRIO - C 10:30 ATOM ANT (. SECRET SQUIRREL - C 11100 fOP CAT - C 11:30 COOL MCCOOL - C 12:00 N THE TINGLER "MOTHRA" - BHW FRANKY SAKAI 2tOO S.E.C. 1A8KETBALL - »*W FLORIDA vs LSU 4:00 PILL ANDERSON SHOW - C 4t 30 HAYRiOE - C 51 30 PORTER WAGONER SHOW - C 6t30 MAYA - C 7:30 GET SMART - C 8:00 YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "SAND OF IWO JJMA* - BSW JOHN WAYNE, JOHN AGAR, ADEl MARA, FORREST TUCKER 0 NEWSCOPB - DAVE MCCLELLAND VERN KT1ERMAN - C 10(15 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10:30 CHILLER - "TIME TRAVELERS" - C - PRESTON POSTER 12:00 THE PEAT - C 12115 E»EN1NO D EVOT1ONA L SUNDAY ^FEBRUARY 11 6t)0 8i«) TIMT« KATV (C) Spottt (C) OtYWtCS - Sight Movlt - * VAR Of KAJO* »«JfflOS" L fi30 lOtOO IOJ.15 I0r20 I0t30 -hill* KATV SUN'bAY FKBR'-'AkY 1 1 7:30 8:00 8:30 9iOO 9:30 10:30 11:00 12:00 1:00 3:00 Th* Vtnai/U- Ouartvt if',) SollvJr.^is - ABC Milton !h,, !<,r,'»ttr - ASt ((,) Llnuti TK« ',. tonrnear t#U - ASC (C; House H<.u,i ir.£ «/ J ijy fryor (C) DI»co-/«ry - MC !<:) First 8<jpr;» t Cr.utch - !'ir.« Bluff t* OtrMj-If.S - A.",C lr.> alr/a, Wi-.,ri«n'» 1000 ,1*t Hoc**-/) NBA BaskvctjJ i - ASC Guest: C<;v«rn ,r ! 4:00 TENTH WJ%.tR •».! '-f\ .'•, - ASK. 1 1. » (Hen's GUM SUi',^, ,:./r,i-r,"» I'iV-i Speed S Hockey; 6:00 .''tv . 6:30 Voyage To Tr,, •.,.:: : ; 7;(X) Ihtf F. g. ;. - A?,' ;, 3:00 Sunday V'.jjhc •'.••::<; A CA5£ OF USE!." Van He f 1 1 r. , 11 j v -J h r i •! ;0:00 10: 15 10:20 !0:50 . AS r (C) & #*th»r (C) -1 World N«v« (C) t 8u<l C«mpb*ll Sport* (C) i ttSTH WI!TT«R OLYMf 1C WtVIfW - , .lo«y Btuhop Show « ABC (C) L I T T L 6 0 C K 7! 30 8tOO 10 (00 101 10 10t30 1 (C>» _. • . i 1 ,. & • •i r 6t55 MORNING DEVOTIONAL 7iOO SPIRITUAL HOUR • ?i30 AMERICA SINGS - C 8i00 GLORY ROAD - C 81 30 GOSPEL SINGING JUBILEE - C 9«30 HERALD OF TRUTH - C lOiOO TEXARKANA TOWN TOPICS - C 10«30 INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL - 10«4S CHURCH SERVICES 111 49 ARK LA TEX FORUM 12tOO MEET THE PRESS - C 12|30 SUNDAY SHOWTIME - B&W "CAPTAIN EDDIE" - FRED MACMURRAY, LYNN HARA, CHARLES BtCKFORD 2i00 SHELL GOLF - C 3,00 TALES 0* "fLl, 0 FAR^O 3i30 ANDY WILLIAMS GOLF - C 5tOO GE COLLEGE BOWL - C 5»30 FLIPPER - C 6iOO WILD KINGDOM - C 61 30 WALT DISNEY - C ,,11,3,0. ,,.,MOTj»EBS r IN, n LAW r C,. .^ . stl ., vit •BtOO FABULOUS FONNIES --C " . 9i00 HIGH CHAPARRAL - C 10i00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND RADAR WEATHER - VERN STIERMAN 10|30 SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW - C UtOO EVENING DEVOTIONAL MONDAY i FEBRUARY 12 6«20 MORNING DEVOTIONAL 6i25 TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C 6i45 FARM DIGEST - C 7«00 TODAY SHOW - C 7»25 TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C 7»30 TODAY SHOW - C 8»25 TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C 8»30 TODAY SHO'V - C 9»QO SNAP JUDGMENT - C 9t25 NBC NEWS - C 10tOO PERSONALITY - C I0l30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C 111 00 JEOPARDY - C 111 30 EYE GUESS - C I2t00 TV PARTYLINE - C 12:30 LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C llOO DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C Il30 THE DOCTORS - C 21 00 ANOTHER WORLD - C 2»30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3«00 THE MATCH GAME - C 31 25 LAFPALOT CLUB '•'"• 31 30 LAFFALOT CLUB - C 41 30 HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - BtW 5«00 MARSHAL DILLON '5«30 HUNTLEY-BRINKLKV - C 61 00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND VERN STIERMAN - O 61 20 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 6i30 THE MONKEES - C 7i00 ROWAN AND MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN - C 8i00 BOB HOPE SPECIAL - C 91 00 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS - C 10i00 NEWSrcPF - DAVE MCCLELLAND 10il5 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10j30 THE "OX~CTT SHOW - C 12|00 EVEKZs'O DEVOTIONAL 12tlO 6:00 6:30 7«oo 8:00 8t30 9iOO 10 tOO 10:30 11:30 12«00 12» 30 UOO 3»00 U:00 5:00 FRIDAY. PSS. Wild, Wild W««fc CBS (C) Oomar Pyl«-oaHG CBS (O) Thit Friday Kighfc Movl« (c) "Blue 3kiBi"-Bing Oroaby, Afltftlro, Joan CaulfUld Neva -George Moore (C) AP&L Wo«th«r-Blli MUohell Sporta Bra-Jim Lundara (C) Cnannol 11 Academy Th»*tr« "M*n«y Ooofl to Rio"Ann Sothern, B»rry Sulliyw Lato Hewa Roundup Sign Off r SATUHDAY. FEB. 10. 3 Sign On/Program Highlight* / Sunrlaa Semwater CBS > Purm Roundup (C) ;J Captain Kangaroo CBS (C) * Mr. Magoo (C) s The Haroulolda CB8 (C) 3hat*an CBS (C) "'•'•••! Space Ohont CBS (C) Moby DUk/>tlghty Mlghtor CBS Superman-Aquaman Hr.Adven.CBS '• Deputy Dawg & Kio Frlenda (C) ' Tommy Trent Show (0) . 1 Road Runner CBS (C) f Saturday Matinee-"Klin''-Brrol j Flynn,DflanStockwell.Paul Lukaa i CBS Oolf Claonio (C) Championship Wreitllng (C) Ernest Tubb (c; 6:30 7:30 8iOO 8:30 9:00 10 tOO 10:10 10 : 15 10:30 12:05 12:10 7»00 700 8:00 8:30 9:00 9>30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 3«30 5»oo 6:00 6:30 7«00 8:00 9:00 10:00 10jl5 12100 TheJaokle Qleason Show CBS My Three Sons CBS (C) Hogan'a Heroea CBS (C) Petticoat Junction CB3 (C) MannU CBS (C) Neva (C) AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell Sporta Eye-Jim Landers (C) Channel 11 Academy Theatre "The Oklahoman N -Joel McCrea, Barbara Hale Late Newa Roundup Sign Off SUNDAY. FEB. 11 Sign On/Program Highlights Sunriae Semester CB3 Frankenstein Jr. & The ' Impoaiilblea CBS (C) ! Tom ie Jerry CBS (C) '* Underdog CBS (C) Jonny Quest CBS (C) ) Sunday Church Service - ? Mabelval* Church of Chrlat t Camera Three CBS (C) \ Faith for Today (C) „ The Answer (C) ,' Pace the Nation CBS (C) Big Picture (C) ' Social Security In Action ' Changing Times National Hockey League Game CBS,; Mttleot Hobo - Cougar Hunter ^ uuddy Waller Show (C) - Texas Tech. va, U. of A. •71st Century CBS (C) ^ The Lone Star Sportsman (C) - '" Lasale CBS (C) • Oentle Ben CBS (C) ' The Ed Sullivan Show CBS (C) » The Smothers Brothers Ccw»»dy Hour i-Ki tu i ••, Mission Impossible CBS (C) ,* t News and Weather (C) CBS Sunday Hews (C) ' Channel 11 Academy Theatre "The Doctor's Dilemma 11 - Leslie Caron, Dirk Bogarde. Sign Off MOKDA'/. . 12 6:28 Sign On 6t30 Economics (Mon, thru • Sunrtie Semester 7 i 00 Arkanaaa A.M. 7>05 CBS Morning Hev» ?130 Arkansas A.M. (C) StOO Captain Kangaroo CBS (C) 9:00 Can4ld Camera CBS (G) 9l30 The Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Mayberry CBS 10:30 The Dick Van Dyk* ahoy lit OQ Love of Life CBS (C) U»25 CES Mid-Morning Jfev» 11:30 Search for Tomorrow CBS (C) illUS The Ouldlng Light CBS (C) 12:00 Eye on Arkanaa* (C) 12 1 30 A» tne World T«rn» 1:00 Love Is a Many 3plendore<} Tnln« CESS (G) 1:30 Art Llnkletter>9 Houae Party 2|00 To Tell the Truth CBS lQ)' 2S2S CSS Afternoon News 2:30 The Edge of Night CBS (C) 3»00 Tne Secret Stor» QBS (C) 3:30 Password (C) « gUafabatfc Montgomery * «*ft$n Landay MOO Perry Mason *Pint 5*i««4 5*00 McHaltt's Navy TV ••« '" v J «? <i 10

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