Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ST{RUJftrlUlNQ>S.j.W£Pf*£SP.At t OIL 25. 1016. Jj HM./'i .'£^jiJfUuaauaaa'i'-'T''i /pCfejau^^.A*'-- ^,u- L-I-JL OCR FALLS DAILY GAZETTE KOCK FALLS. ItLIWGtJ* WEDIJB8DA\,_OCf.j25. |9i6._ REPUBLICAN MEETING- ROCK FALLS BRIEFS .-.» McNp, JWITY FOR BRIDE-TO-BE \s» Hazel Wakeman W.'.s Given a Prc-Nuptial AUcntiu"\ Last Night H+1' ._ B.-orri -C-. '5f.'C chtg. W " r t! 11 n i:; "; i •\ •<•••' M.!7.i--tr !-'i -' ! ;•>. Jii-c',4 U'MJi i- - • -nkillif ;> |i*'.-'ri ! ..'-);, ' •>•• )•:>•">•>•-! Ml-- \V "i" ^!"!^ n si! • !i''--r !'•— tni! '"'ft Vf"Si . w?i«-l« 1 * A Jj'il U w "- i • fttftn !.>«" < '. < in" ami Mi« U"\ '! •fftf-t h lu-im: i'' turn-- • omiMi.' HOnor of U-' >!•!' h 3rti«« VV.'iK-prn.-i'i t«. V. •':, Th'-P 1 w*»« ' vl • t hlR rrnfili'V.-i < ; r f"i»» the lii!f! u t.i'' 1 « l<-|.!i •hw l'iim«'t V.MI- MK«"' .R*rn«» nnd M» vv ' < «•> *o .Mr. id- u iti. < nll> <!M<.I>"' I in a < fl»r p' !»' MM- *i!ti 1 1 .-) M ,«• iUHl . 1 -Jiiif I ov, •- fill <ier or."irii">< In beh'ilf nt til'"--" in«f n! < l J..-H*.. MVin.iKi i "I tl.f i.!i t .ti..n AID SOCIETY BAZAAR n ,''••!.'.•»>• -sirl Saturday • in the 0«t» Building. lie Ai<l - E "iIc-ty of ih<» M'-Hi'-'iHSt 'i-h v.'I! i;Sv.' ih«'H- unriUa! •-tv fjtnl . v -':;!;'?»!;>y ff Ihirt W'-k It) fi.M'i< t.t,iiMiu<:. 'i-in- door west of Mi Miss .\!;tml» Mi> f K->l/itiil. J.i . ! ! h«~-~ home nf lay fur n v|pi! with K Wal;.<- 1 IDM l:i>i,-,:ili V j ,,- ,nii-iir"i, niiiiif. ;iinl fnncy work sell .Ht'l V. ill also hfivc il home eook- iitlf. . Ativone thut is Infi'rt'Mted REGISTERED NURSE intrtncr <hi •»*. .-tut'i: nn KO i oiu«i. I'lin l»'>n *.*.»» « ilite hour I IK- t. u. ".t" d*' »4»m,!im> M !•- - \V il,'Win - HAWAIIAN QUINTET | Graduated From Michael R*e»e Hos\', ' pital in Chicago. 1 \m". fiiii«ln > d n iiif"'<» year ciiuisf at i .\tlcti.n-l lit i •-!• hospital, this 1 t I hrr it i»»t!i»<l'-n't1 nur*>'. .She »lno ! trr.ulii;i!nl with the !il»dte*«- honor In ; i in < i.-iKt La*t Everting in Methodiit ChuceN—Large Crowd. LADIES' AID SOCIETY Of Miiw.ill'in '."ilnfji ,T1 «(•!*. en l.iM i\iiil'H: InW nililielli e 'I In' 'I'lliil very Rood '" (> eM jespiit Kuktiku plan-d on n •""' K» ; 'Which h«> IM the 01 lull m«r. 'tti !*!<• fli.m in»* «,>« <»•}•> *wt'«-t The; Mi titled* mid ji]uyei« \\tn- UnHtiHnn nit-, 14VPB nnd thev Mivtii.: m tin ir' native 0 . Church Will Hold Meeting Friday Aftarnoon. A itl -siieii-ty of the t'hrlsiian \Vill bold lib UHere**UiiK meet- inn-.lne Kr|il:ty afternoon <it the horn** of H, !,. Hhlffer. CATHERINE FRYE wi»d» '*"•' llis " They al«o t.m 4u K«pi;*«h whirh ijn»«. K\er>i n«- who h« ' d<-rfill *ln«i'j« itn-l ll.i , thev ulll hi< ' f Mtd«t. How-' Little «'uth<-rit.i<* J'rye arrived hi urn* tl.iU4il.ut love Sunday from, the ftlcLnln Institution. t » few popular, st l.oiiix. Mo, where ehe h,i* b»>Mi for j»li"!i*»<-d every- in-ntment, Hhe -r-ume« horm« notne- MUl til''."' 1 Wo'i- ' Vvil.'lt iml>roV(-il. " \ i l M I,opt- t tiai u|.('i'!! unity In flftir futnn* to IP .u <ua.Jiujni>w-L!ii thi 1 L± he f<lV«'H In l-Vbinaiy I- uinMr ; -r!|, ."U i 1 "!''"' ...Lhu«u ' ilic M-asiuii ..-..-..,-, O. E. S. MEETING. Star held Ihfir ' ENTERTAIN AT DINNER. ' H,-V, \V. K Murray, of Kirkland, ? Mrs. Henry l^mijMlosv j-nler.Uiinnd « riinc hcrt- Soday to at tcml the wedding a't dinner yi'ni'-nl ii\l_AJ ii^lidlil!.llAIili!JLll_^_hlH_-aun-_VVUiUu4iL — LU — -M- Wnkcnum. .- «nd iMrs. Harvey. ) 5 Mother Should Have a Vacation By SIDONIE MATZNER GRUENBERG .\it.-i. Ahiry Xc»hl«>, !/ft in U H.ifvi, Wi't Mr*; J. 1* < fttkfotil. of \V(Until, «|")tt!! t.'tft with Mr. utiil >!t«. T. J, \Vylif. K f> fn.lfilhk. wltn ins-4 b(»f-n f<»t rnrr? — !irst from t'his-npo- with/two euHoadx of rattle, T»oimld, th«- little *»n of Mr, nnd .Mrs. l.»»f::«ll *"rtJ»lH>, \vlio has "I'Vell Very Mr, ':MH! Mr«. <'.ul |,,,, r! |. yt-HtPfility /fr<>r»1 In ttif «'f \ISil Ul Ihc ihff in l»r<T IS A SELF MADE MAN 3en. Michel Alexioff Chief OJ Staff Of Czar, Never Had . An Official >«11. liy \Vm. Dillip il'iiUfl I'I-CHM HtalT (.'(»rn < »|>nni1i > n|.) Itnpciinl Hi-ailfinwriVTH, HimMlati Army, (i«'t. IT. -Mf-ncrwl Mlfh»>t Ah-xft-ff. ' ntut. n»>xl to the Kmpornr. rfsimn»ilil«' fat <i|M-ra- Hit- .wliolv Is the- nun of a i»r4-arh»»r,' nntl n «rlf- njii^f iiinn, lit- Is at t!n» lnjt ln>cnu«<' he put lilitiMdf Hior«- by hunt wmk. Hi- whirh huil a a . Il«»w la A i li i xi« i rf ; \Vh«>M flu 1 HtniM-ror :isMiim«Hl ront- manil «>f the nrrtty ami Ct'iicnil Alfxiuff (•(ttn«' fn-rf In wurk wild him. tli«' <"zar ;uiil his ('hl"f of Htnff nlwityn lunclu-il <n the Pie«rV« qimrti'ri^ _.Th«-_ "nrafriTiT'TT«In, tlu-'t fiiv»>rrMir di thr- I'ulnci*. a i-oii|il*' of AliIi-K-ilo^catnp. the yiktint; heir to the tlinmv, fttnl ihi- KmiH'rnr'M ]i.hyMlclnti WTC tiiwnyii «t and it WUH .suUl'iin thut ent. The lunchim naturally were of .a mitre -or !«'«« formnl nature ending up with foffer und Mnoketi itiuJ the In* evlhilile conversations. In nil consuming ttbout an h«nr and a hwlf. ' ({moral Alexieff stood this fmr w)rh« dayw but U \vu» apimrenl lys' was Ret- tltlK mure* iiiui more ill, at ease. 1-1 n- ally one day'he went to the Csinr. "Hire,'' In* Maid. "I r«*ali*e It is* Irn- iidsnlhle to cut the lunch -shorter, Bui i ani IIIHIJIH a l«t of iinu* vvvty day. (Vrmli me to k*,iit"h with my officers, *it their menu. 1 .will bej very ftriite- "Of cnurse H Bhull hi«' a« you wish (leneral," he wild,- And from t hut dnj on the hief u'lw with hit* in»>n. 'Ptie officer's m««H It* at .a miuliiltion- ed hotel uliout two HiHturen dlxUint from Ktuff 'llvfljltiuariern. Lunch- I:at 1:30 ji. ni. 1'rwlKely at-l:>< *l>l>earn ( ttt the door~ ni and Bt'tM off brlHkly apart ; towunlH the hotel, Thin In a large part •'•|of hl» dally portion of. ph.vNic-al x exer- .'clue- At l:2U$i hy the clock he enter.. 1 the mexH hull, «li!ike.s a few luuii!n nip- Idly, If tht?re are any ti«w menibers of the me»H. walks (o the far'end'of the roam nnd *dts down. Hln hfficcftt follow Miiit. The troopt*r-waItei*H are \valt- in« with the first diuli and the is. for ; t-xampl<>, an a roiiHt. Nulad, a M\v»'et arid ooffct' witti the llKht Crimean t«UU» wlu« If dt>- Mlrwl — elst* milk, kvuKH, ths natlona! 8ho )* Their Companion and Constant Source of Inspiration. fAYB you seen Unit woman lutoly —you know lier name — who Is so devoted tojier chllUr^u that " toj tuoii not left tuoiii for u ' <«>>' .many ywirs? 'DM you «Buin admlro <h'Voti<ni «* you Or, now Unit you know noim«- tpove> "bout children nntl itl»out , did you nithor pily Uu' chi|, _4—WHl 'At first thutitflit It dm* wem M> ««!.• f 101^^ tbnt H moUU'r, la lier con-. ttfttjlT'Uu' «l«'l.;t!ls arrant;*' for n more pleasant excursion in sf jirrh of new Ktrengtli and new Hpiflt. 'The co-operation of ruin* tlvt's and The meal lUHtti on Hn-avernKw 36 min- Today Oeneral Pan, the famiiti'; i General, wan a j?ue«i of the nicsu and 50 tnlnut*4ii were allowed. Tomorrow, vwry prohably, lunell will be cut to^SO minuteM .MO 'General Alexieff can regain «ome- of hln precious nert>nd». Juat an tin- CJenenil'H Hlttlnjl IK the ' for the lunch to beKiu. 1il« rln- iiiK iti the Hlgiml for it to end. Many uvini.i u »..i.i .r. hn M >' oun « officer, incllnvd to talk and would Mtfun to be |,, gt ,,. OV( » r hlH coffee,.i« to bo ne«n push»»K welefiiue. • titttl us avuilulile when ing ha^'k his chair and rl«t«8,*drinking there IK n -reasounbl« In view **'« wulj> din neglected beverage while a* when the.v .H grief or «i«,,my to »»^^^ iK'^te^lft i* relie\ed, • jhall fn-winpty of .all savo 'ttif nvi In lliliililiiK of tho henefldal effec-ts clearing off "the taldeii •• l ~*'' 1! - 4 ' : " ?J -' b of mi iiuiKt .Uttvc Kone' Uiclr duti«w»-flen(fra! IIIUKI. Alt , xk , rf ..jpa^jng, , hp band. n,u IM Munwlvv* uccejit AH. a. « 8 uf |" III? progrlinT-i" h«7d.y' mon> 'Tht- »V4?r out • wf l» % r that they liVit | U for ye«r« of than that of =tlui ^llrwtor of u tfr«at nnd rolorless ilrudsrery. f»Hw«-y nyMteni workinj? In an wfflce VN-Hio'i xhonld not lio n xnliKt'l. ' n " N( ' w Yorl< or f^COlJO. He t V , ./ f ! w " rkH hnnlei*, that. :l« tttl.- HP for u hCe >s in;oiU'(»n: tliut ii.ttg iu...about 7 Take Nobody's Say-so-Your Nose Knows It's your taste that has to be pleased What suits another man may not suit you. WhyX^aKe other people's say-so ? Why try, firsl one tobacco and then another when your nose knows — in a minute — just which is your tobacco. Make this test — it never fails. Rub a little TUXEDO between your palms, long enough for the '•_._ ______ Mcjdon^ to_ bM — ------to your nose. Put other tobaccos to the same test. Only one- ! ^yX _____ : __ factoriiy— convincingly. Only one— TUXEDO— has the volume and sweetness and fragrance that proye supreme flavor, mildness and satisfaction. Make the test Then smoke TUXEDO —all you -want— all day long. You won't be disappointed. There won't be any come-baek—your nose knows. The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette tTHC SeBags "TANKS" ARE NOT NEW James Cowan Constructed One In 1854 But Government Turned It Down. By IiaKO.'Flfth«rty. .(United- rrc»» Start- Correspondent. ) '- Ix»ndon. Ot't. ?5,~- The armored care :>r' "tn»kn" an they ore called, which, walk through tttone wallH and over trenchw. ore far ^roifl, : b.filuK.a.i»ew idea in warfare. Way back in J 854, an inventor named. Ja-row Coypn^^conatrut't- n *^a«k" *lmHar ; to those now fn to -When w» HH» puriHise of sueh'l freshness ittid iuteres,!, hut It should ''^ hronkfiiMtM Amofiriin u»Q on the Uritiuli front, except thai constant f*«blon ami KMt*« -at.- one* to hid offlci-'UwaH propelled hy «tealn inmcair or after wli," the tJioiipht and cure of . nro If •wra for our children it would V 4i*n, tbjit .w» took «« owtiKiouiil day | {The mother wlto wssutweu 4t»r *-^- VHjArkl* krjtklfltVtlllfillll III It V 1*1(11* V il iartyraom; l«»t fiw Ji» Hicely oiiJO Uwtttlfully ' monotonous not \.ery children, For . jsxpeot tUo mother tl) bo, more thuu ? $ fftirse or hou«ek'i'epi'r. She Is to be , iMJJlratlon. This slm cannot b« If herself to become a to detail and routine Staff to vhu has noiue at his de»k until th* Czftr ("'land and twn lo roiuid 10 _«lcluclc 3rJu»n— >M t .'-4nrt-l»8rU*ry^"-tvIt •ntrorr-inr-zr .icomatlve steam rani wa« capable-,. un hr- oecujJU- afrlvpa nro ^ _. _,, iou In tiffulrs not tllrectlvfonueeted makeV )fl*iT report, coufvrii with the 1m-} told l«ord 1'almeraton. then premier. <•( vith her ilotncstli* nrohh.'ni Is llki-iv r 11 ' 1 ''"' <'«-»»n'<w»»d<- i r-ln-C r h«if, «et« 'hM effectually annlhUating cavalry and m- Ulll Jill iioiutMK nriiuit in if, IIKI.IJ Inntriiellniin unit H»mttr hlu ,1«tfhni^h 0 u i fiuilrv uiul oruuhliiB urtiUorv hatlerl.irt »,.., „,. ,,..M,t-,,v ,„,-.,„.,„ ,„ ,,n^. j nBlril cUonH and HpndirhlH d^atch^ifw'Ki' «4jd crushing urtlU«?ry batterkw ta Unit extent to he n better iiiother. By this tlineJiJaJLUUQtaiQittvi _-. i J_J4J4iWiujia^ajv-4J>e-^»u44w>ritW refuh^J •Kvpri" •\vheTP n woman Is otdlgtHl to tjo'' After"Tunch, more offlca work. At C to build or help build any of the m«- all of her housework In aiiMKIan to £V&* u "?« «!** ™ m *X Wt »>•. a H»w* ««i* w..<i»ww''ii ; 'U«»«>;* . t ... eurinu fw'lu-r ehUUven she ia likely , rnllltary etiunrll of hlm»eir alid visit -i Ttwlnv*ntor wa» no «nnwsed over the from the vtirloun wee tors '*vvernm*ni'« refuaal ot hU plans Uuu to negleet them xo much that she will of the tiring line. Hut at 7:10 o'clock 1 "^' U«ued a pamphlet telling the ' f HUME NEWS "I Mr, Oldn' two hrotherji, LOUIK ami Arthur, for a—week. -I Kverette' viKitt<i1 bin 'brothers,'; Wholesome Retribution. ' , t "l-hetir they nr««-jfohiu to close up • the s-tjooiif) in CrlnlsoH ttuU'h.*' "Ves," - Mr. aifil Mrtf." Henry AppenHOller.- of Sterlint!. were out to I'lumo i«> their farm Tuesday.. . Keith .WHUJnuon nnd Tayior - Hand and frlendw drove to CUiiton^rij.U'd^y. Frank Puterxoii. who ban been with hl«. brothel* in WlHconnon, • IH home ugain, • A large number of the members of the Good DeedN t*lrelo of Ktnj?*«* l>uuKhterN met''with' Mrn. Theodore Frank Thursday with the Golden Hule Clivli? of Moiuiiioieiii y, und « very day was Hpt-nt by all. Atr. jttiid 'VIr»*, Frank'Hutncnyi of Morr)«on, and .Mr. and Mrs*. ISiiKem* i'Jnt* l«»r, i»f- and Mix. Taylf»r \V1I- limiiti, of Ku»rUnK. : jmd_ Air. UanulBil, of ~ _ . tooH/tTuTin.'!' ut T¥i<~73uA id IWt- UT- home Monday, L . ___ ____ Ih'iiry Cartridge took wheat to .Mor- jjson o'nV tfu> this \\iH-K to have U ground into flour. hud felon nn hitt band iliin w<>«k. .Mr. and Mrs, Martin Tyne ru TueKduy from ItochesU'r. Minn. Ml»« Klora t'urtrltlKv. of t'hlvngu. coine. to UlelM a little fresher timn hliw bv '"^ ••'* dinner, asnln at th« mi-us. «f •»» wonderful'death-dealing machine tt'iiitid tt «h<»>iivi> tlu*m nil of hi»r iu • AJ>lt ' r '"niter he Continue* to work o& and wf M># itettlnc-wt of the men in pow- would if «he t,UNe timn nu or ner ut- th< , H4 . lttU!l ,, r roftm , U vertnjj an urmy in «r %t that Um«s. The p»mphhrt. retention, (If ooiirue, for mothers Jn tm , lu-ld.. 116 Kvtu to bt-d iatu and man* minted In London paparn today, ( . came out and spent Saturday ami Huu- tlils slhmtkm tU<-iv IK the duu^tir-tliut they will lu» too tlrtMl idiysicully to Blvc'Hji <»'' I'nertsy llutt Jirorttuhle com- rwiwlres. wtt'b ulmut w'ven ho\tr* »|si'p. " w> • s ««'e|« i r and drop** oft aw #oon We must find ««ys for mothers to have "vaentlnu*," for ft little, while dully, and for cumpjeio n»IK»f «t camp-lied, ' the cjetit'ral'w hair- in-white around the temult's. «ifar«te on top of bin head, andl gray. He Is u typical ' type, noet- somewhat turned up. gray oyea arid study in their glitter. H? Iii6p OA'er Departure oWP t"' iftM 1 liBy*M IP' "^ — ' Z-'** — frwi*"'-' —•-T'm«- • - -- _.,,,-_—-.- _ .. - - f * T I J --'•-- * 1-u- .— -.•-. TT-pftSSlble t« urrttuge f.u- u hurried! ovorhunlwiwl tuutJter should rolff* • t ™fc™ «J- M J; SuunK'^ftlilh 11 ^ Departure ami a« ,lnuellnil«» alienee that her M-nm» of duty.must be KuhM tendency- to turn up"at; thi e»d«i On duties. With n Uttle l>y un Intvlilgetit umirvclaUou of the Hh« tunio of hla khaki uniform h« It should be powslble to' uecdx of her chlldrcu, • l* 1t j* r *!. ull } y( * wo . •'•'eomtipjiH. om- be-jny '(I fol ColltlpicUOIlH " juggernaut, a heuvUy urmuiva kfy n jucotnotive beivhing fire from cuns fori uiutaft. hi bold k'tt.tsruit; over the picture, CXm-uii (MVH; ••WubmitU-d to Vfilmerttton and hin and b> aubmined to a aelvct coiumitttf of the. jnoMt experlcnuod vou»rfcus*._ol file ity 10 bt> (?) but in real* -out okl womvii and Kfniji arW6b1wlch"\vnTlfiei- I'eaue- the machine, modelw plum>. etc., to with her father, 11. H. i'urtrldBt>, iitiil Naihun H.uiil and i'uul uutoed to « WKOII SuiulHV and thr <lay with Mr. anil Mr* l'«u I Shaw. Harry l''ord drove to Deer (jrove Kunduy .'>nd K\HH( I lie day wllh hi* father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Ford. lie hrouifht lm«'k bit. littl*- daughter Adi-lino, who .haw been with her erruJidniotlK-r the im»t month. Mi. and MI-H. H, ii. {'urtrid*-.*.* and family 1 «n«l l'"U<ru suiulu> fn of "with d is ~ "For Johnn> Bull i« « Dr H v*>a animal i Jn fJ t £ A Blankets and Comlorlables All Wool Blankets, large size in tan and white, blue $«d white, pink and white and plain grey and tan; with fancy fiorderSj.Si $4.50, $5. ancl $6, Wool If ap Blankets i» plaids andjlain, $2.25. Cotton .Fleeced Blankets — grey, tan, white — $1, $1.25, IJ.50, $2.80, . •* UK- other th«" i«t or«is« of Vludimtr •ottictrN nnd soldu*r>> here ho 4! «' "•I Al. MI ff iu i-i,. u , • .„) i, - f • V" U.\Vrti U * * ** •* **«!*" « f* »M 1111*1 I* *^» *'** ill**l*t't| >*A* 1 11 til t It ! I * ill IWf Vl l\ Ii. action " by-m* tulvni and t.u.KnK.-.t^*. wh.|. ^^ L.'K' V-, Uu- Ha.ui V-une' .,» (jo, Ui «l i kills nf 111*' flitdolp 'Hi ity, «ui<i shift idol and him- he has, unly obtiiltu d uft^r wuilinu* de<pi in li|o.'il nil uvx-r the vuj,.il nn! i,.j i linn h*'"ti bi foin Mr, to >let- Fun on Board * Pacific Un«r.' , . i)ii»* of the hitctfl iuuoviiUou'j for the ^ , . • , ainuinetiietit of jiuhsii'iiKt'r.s on nu oceau ' » • >•« |r|ii N the outdoor ijwluilulug pool, , "'',., •\:."-" 1 •""." " Jttl which consists of a huge aiuvas b«« , ;;;"i^a'''^^^^ A*i'r" > '' ll u*"»a'i' imirling utiont flvo feet of wijii<*r»r Thlu'doubt- ui* \ • ntnu £1. «i'»:« < n jip-'n i» con«trtjcteil on cue of tht* lower vim ni-nnt t*. m ui. i .',-!, ,IH d w .|,s. TUe >»lui>mw dive from tlw^!;;;",:*,;,,^., 1 ,'^: " U V .„ l, u, , tleclj ubove. This belns lo uiuustVitot ,, ,. ( ,,, t | u )i w 'iiiiMiiK arthiii i.f ou!j the swimmers, but the onlookers. j<u *>eiit-tl,i> uuthontiei- \\lu.< ent1n<'.i , , _. , t'tih fufUHJ'Ml tin.- pfoj* ' t f i! t'.v il Mi» Waif-r |!.<,D) au'l Kll.i hH'i'f Suiul ij "rtiih M | ,uul Ml*». Noun Mr. ;ilnl »Ml« l!«'b I'lUtJi .ilnl Mi ilyl'laii t 11.< H i'l MI-HI >•: • Air and ,M« - ' •' i. -.\3 iu . ,-.-• -. «t,»v ut the Jul.e U^u.'t-lw In Hi" Air; iillU -Mia. H»HI 1 > tflifa :«inl < 'i.J dieii' wt nl JJiyiilu-. to Imv.i .1- Mi Geon-e un.l Je»«e and families. Sun- j ,, x ,.| u , Im , d Turunllllil Tim. M The licker- d * y : hurt been Kettlii' jioorer every year tin' Mr. und Mrs. Prank Itrown and Mr., t . U | Ztnis 1>S \ v llllii' to jjo without fur and .Mrs. Will ulwndorf, of n"ar i;.ilo,. {m , |Jle fu| . „„, sut j t ; of i,iiul»hl«' the motored, to i-hie Saturday »*Ki<( am! iijit'iit .Sunday «f' the home of Will Brown und family. Mr. und Mm. Ho> Brown went down Kiinday. Hwtor I'artridgf went to the Kou|y , fann «<a»t-of-SttirllnK t« " fiawed-Off Sermon, Jt wa y U( j U U right for u womnn to this week. corn m ,, ITV | n j,,| H |,» und rej>eht «t lelnure— }but tho mail In the cnse Kehloiii ha« Tcet of a Good Book. Htiy-le)snri TJiut -is u good book which h OIM-IUHI With VX)HH!(»llilUII UUll I'JOKWI WlMli. A.lveilllM. Ill Tin- OttMMfc' (it'olit. It is u xvjyo book Ihnl Is.^ood-i froty lltlo ptiKe t«» the vnd. One mtis- • tt»r|4ece. fulrly mtiKteretJ, |ire|Uireti , TliFT'eui]eno~muster the preai pTcccn ; fit Tlw vucyi'lopediu oC (hllu may be left for lens m cuplcd und Diotighlful niotnents.— Anuw IJnjn- KOU Alcott. . ' " , in Spirit. f "rm'uwfu!!} Mirry that my enj-'aue- iiu'iits prevent my titteiullntj your i-har- i uy eojii'i-rt, but i sj»yi be ^ittv you in "• •i'lii'it.'" "Sjilenilld ! And wheiv would • you like yotir ^|llrit to Kit'/ ( have tick- ci^ hi>n> for hull' a dollar, a dollur, and ' lw« «lollars." "For the mentof Uquor •nd Drug Using l>cf cwifiiiemwrt; no u*« of •Ju)inuUr<-d onl/ by «iciajii. Plea»«>l kindly pJij» Home Write !«!»)•. Oifilnet, ScbnUfc Titalmtit . THE KEELEY INSTATE . bwigkl, 111. *- -a -.,' » dp >- «* i 1916 Crops Increase Western Farm Values ONE OOSt W.I.LU. CONVINCE \Vyoming *4i*v eminent Irrigated Lands i i Nebraska i and $4&0. :; TO, SOWlp » CO,, Sockiails lh.-j*'ui« <_>J'l. went. if'tilfOl'-. llllli- HM'I Ivrtrtr n" tTrTritt weld holm- wnd s^iiid; juii* s'nlij t.»l Uus^ j{o| a tfujis. las'} 1 >ifti 4f''tW£ tu „• ii i i".!- Y- l!u-A. j l t l!>ll!> f Al>J>' lull. I'l-..I' 'I i I i! ii ji >;•' i,t J' till "". i u ill: i - lu I to t - M > • I I.. If ', •:.'!> it'-!' •! ^» 01 1. •!• ! it-»r >i— r t r %V!i)t'.;uvah ' .f.iniiers are fust settling Up thi: 320 line' l-'n-i- Monde!! l;:unl£. lint thelv ix ail iixee.llent wle'rljoii vi.-i f»r yon iu,ar l>ou.t-'lu,s oi> the UnrlliiKion'H m*w t.Vn- 'i-;il VVjuni.lMK li:;iin lint'. •'• ""* ' , ;i!rli lor uulil'.iin uftlloliiieeliieni -opening ll'.uoit ili'ti'7 lH-i»t'r t-'nit. Hi" H'H'ii t'./i.sin, m'-xt lo wonderful (Juverit- . m.'-iit irri'-tjited lov.iSiiy al i'ovvell Write me ubout !l l!',iH>li*'t' wlie\it ei-.tji.; und fi,lVi»|'ub!e li\t^ SttK'k <'(,»lUliti«lls ;in- iTf.iuntr -\vlili ;";'iv;id / dcmun«t for. t'lii'se (feei.le'l luttd* . H'•>«••>! !•!' your ,*',ti>> lU'filre yooit tiilul iiloUd? tl>e liiirjtnj:- fois iin-:u<i.tiiif t!u- I'i^ Horn ttaiilii (.lovi-runu'itt ui'tsati't ,i,iui1>. liun'.ir*' !i.liiio:;t a »5U't, 1 nine yo.u tu *,<•! ni ti.tiji h wil'riiie ;t-t'i'*il^i'. i'>'t'orc the* 1 !'^' !i'. r ti\'Uy i b.ut i" ;tli: ,.),«', I, . ,'f!uli: lit li-.^polli) to tl.c i',*|l.i i fn)»i on t 1|(-.J , S: 0. .HOWARD. •'Immigration Agent K'ocm :-, Q Buitding, Omaha. Neb.^Route

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