Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio on September 16, 1922 · Page 1
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Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio · Page 1

Wilmington, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1922
Page 1
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WEATHER Fair tonight and Sunday W ilmington N ews -J ournal EKJHTY-FIFTH YEAR. NO. 287 RECEIVES THE ASSOCIATE!) V R E S S I) I S 1* A T C II E S WILMINGT0N70HI0rSATURI)AY, SEFTE.MHEK I«. li»22 ^.1— >■—)> —Ml III— *—1> —" Mi I "1 III —i^ril IHOME EDITION llFA NEWS WANT AD CAN'T iSELL IT. IT CAN'T BE SOLD SIX RAGES Price Two Cents BRITISH SAY DARDANELLES MUST BE NEUTRAL HUGE INDUSTRY CLOSED IN BONUS BILL IS FINALLY SENT TO PRESIDENT fiardinK's Attitude _ on .Measure is Still BiK Question Amonj? All. EXPECT ANSW ER BY FIRST OF W EEK plan Effort to Over-ride Veto Should He Send Bill Back to ConKtess. WASHINGTON. Sept. 16—tby the Atbociated Prei#)—Preiident Harding hai finally decided to veto the soldier» bonus biti and wiHsend htsmea- sage to the Mouse Tuesday, according to some of hit close advisers who have talked with him recently. WASHINGTON, Sept. 16—<By the Associated Press»—The soldiers bonu* bill finally was today before President Harding. The President's attitude toward it it. 11 was the oné big question m the minds of both fnends and fo-s. And ,t was one to which they expected an answer early next week. Should Wr. Hard ng send the bonus back to Congress an effort v.c.'d t made to over ride nis veto, accord ng to those who have had charge of it ' in the House ano Senate. Supporters believe far more than the necessary two thirds majority .n the Mouse coulu be obtained but they were not so certain about the Senate. VETERAN NA.MEI) TO HEAD BRITAIN'S FI.EEl OTHER NATIONS ASKED TO HELP |""™» pi «« protest of high prices FORD PLANT SHUT DOWN AT DETROIT; 100,000 ARE IDLE Admiral .Sir John He Kubeck. Admiral Sir John Robeck, re- fardtd a .1 one of Hritam's atlejit taval olhcers, f.a.s been appointed , command the po v» ful ilri'i.^h "ei't in North Atlantic waters. He ias I>een in command of the Meai- terrancan tleet. » $5,000,000 WHARF FIRE WILMINGTON IS FACED BY FOURTH “BLUE SUNOAY" Wilinlu^ioii :»u. * rv, it.- i u th Ml ■ Humliy iwino;r >)A, im u, li--ition ha\ iii^ biM-n i:Hen tnat the hd, which y,ik. rl.-.mp'd o. rAu lujr Autild bi* lift*'* it 1 .- < ;; t t iic t ity -A ill <iui‘’ rt^aUi t-'ni .rro^^. althmjph ihcri iMii b. (»mc .iir(iu= to ihi- ii*ir n-rc li.xt k Mayor (II«'‘'n- deciurm joduy that he NvouKi uu ■ ietin. re w ith th.' unl'.iadinn tomorrow oí race iior.- P:, or other hw.slock which may b< i-hii'pi'il lure th»' la.r NEW ORLEANS. Sep* 16—(By the Associated Press»—Five blocks of wharves and ware houses along the Mississippi river front were in ruins today, following a fire which last night did damage estimated ni excess of $5,(X)0,000. The wha-vcs and ware houses were erected by the Federal Government in 1918 and 1919 at a cost of more than $5,0CX).000. army officers paid. In addition about 40 box cars loaded with merchandise were de» troyed. SCHOOL HEADS MEET HERE TODAY A lufM't'iiR of lh.‘ Hupenntcnilcnts ft *iv. hrst iiva.io anh I’riiu'ipals o Clinton Cminty was la hi in ( nuiity S ■ . nt. uih lit H. \V. lIoil.Hun s otlice flMl.iV. I'ia.t- for th. fUsuiiiK yi’iir wore ,’iav.-n up by the lUffereiit coniuiitteos %Mth a report of Mie coiU'erenee of t,. >' !*.UOt»‘es. ■rhe following FuperintentUHits were pie; eat: Alie .Stiiigley, H, W. Loy. H 1'. !iuke. L. V. Hunyaii. C. 1^. Scott II V i’atton. Ches:» r Johnson, Sher »1 '11 (J. lAuitug. J. B. Worrall, Perry Potts. The following Principals were pre.- e il- A. D Mlackburn. Florence W. lu th and Ethel Thompson. Assi.Ktant Superiiitendent H. W right was also present. IN ACCIDENT UlLl^SBOliO. Sept. 10—Late Hoov n, employe of the power anil light company, had ni.s clothing burned from hi8 arms and narrowly eacap . (I (P'ath when he became entangleil in some wiring at termimiLs of s, A i c'hboard. He will be oft duty ioi vevertil days, but wiU sube» no per inanent injury. Kniflish ( Government Decides Freedom of Neutral Zone is Necessary. AiD OF DOMINIONS ALSO DEIN(i HOUCGHT Mf'^JsaKCB Addressed To a Number of Countries on Subject Today. IJ)NIK)X. Sept. ÎÎ*»—(By the A'sociated Press)— The British KI4i)vernment has adoptefl the altitude that tfte effective and permanent freedom, of the Dardanelles is a vital ne- eovssity for the sake of which it is prepared to make ex- ertion.s, it was authorita- ‘ lively stated this afternoon. The Government, ad- ; dressing Iloumania, Jugo- ! Blavia and (Greece, is ask-j ing their participation in , an eifeelive defense of the! neutral zone, it was learned officially. Great Britain also has invited her dominions to he represented by contingents in the defense of these interests for which they have already made enormous sacrifices. STATE DIRECTORS DISCT'SS DRY ENFOREMENT Ufl to rithl: J. J. Britt, coun.*;^; Kdgar N. lived, WiHconsfn; .Mm A. B. Stallings, Washington .ffice; John Uavb. Pcnn-ylvania; R. O. MathcwH, counsel; Roy Haynes, fe«Ieral commissioner; Ralph A- Day, New York. John I). Appleby. New York, and II. V*. Orcutt, counsel A surprise bv prohibition cn- tain was predicted aft*r state pnsideraWe time was davof to forcement head- ngar.ang the i directors had met in Wishington | laws relating te the raanufact'aro nmiMBt oi alcohol beer may con- i to discuss enforcement measures. I of wine beer. BRITISH FORCES LANDED ( UNSTA.N'Tl.VOPLE. Snpl 16 i B: th<- -<>»'iated Press»—I.argc Rritisb forces witli heavy artáUery nave beer landed at -trategfc jioliit.s in the l>ar (liotlles. COLUMBUS TO KEEP GOING (’OLl MMrS. Sept. I«—(By the As- rocia.'»;?(l PreHK)-- The local aBHeinbling plant of the I'^oni ('ompuiiy will not elose iinmedlately. Materials on band will be used up and it is thought that this will keep the plant in operauon fur tecveral day». MARTINSVILLE MAN IS CHARGED WITH S60 THEFT Claims He Took .Money To Give Women “Shock" to Cure Nervousness. Ellsworth Edwards, of Martins- vilks was taken oft ttie train h»'i.' at 4 o'clock this moiiung by .Night i’a trolmen Adams and Uray Advice wa.s r»M : iv«*d her»- ihi.s iiioin- ing of tlH* allege»! theft of ¡FnO from Mrs. Xuld'T who is « iiipioyfi by .Md ton Andrews, fanner, »)t Maitins\ilh* Edwards, iias been e.illiug on Mr« Nobler for some time in laet they wt*r2 to hav»> been murned iast 'I'lu.i.sdn.. hut dtitu'ullies piev 'mod ae- ‘ruuig to tOie oihcers. lai.st night while .Mrs Nolder wa.-> upstJiis putiing her young son to bed, fid ward- availed hiniseh of the contents of her iiocketbook to the extent of it is « haru" I Be* fere retiring she discovered the theft an/l reported this to Mr. Andievvs who left immediately f.ir .Midland City in search of Edwards. Nothing could be learned of him there s»* he reported the cas»; to authorities in Wilmington at once. According to Edward's story he walked from MartinsviDe to Midland City and there took the tram tor Washington C. H. When questionei. by aiithoiities lash night he told them that .some one had told him that if Mrs. Nobler would receive some sud den shock it would cure her o ta nervous trouble that she nas been troubled with, and :»hat be intended to r»;turn the money today. Edwards was given a hearing be fore Justice of the Peace, R. Greene a'ld bound over to the grand jury under $l,ut>h bond. AGREEMENT ON SOUTHERN R. R. NOT YET REACHED WASHINGTON. Sept. I—(By the Associated Prei.G—General ch.airmcn of :'h*‘ striking ..shop raff.s union.*» of llu’ Southein Railway an»l o'.fVcia!» ot the roafl fail»,'1 today to rivach an agreenien to s»Uile the stnk»* on the basis of thi- proposaks adopted by -he general prdicy committ *e of the shop crafts The statement was made by railroad oincial» after a brief confer» nc* today with the general i hairm in ‘■tiat "the Southi'rn was willing to settle on the kisis of the Chicago agreement and presented this to the shop- cnift.s chairmen for their sign'dtur»«« but so far they have declined * o sign.* RED HAIR CAUSES HUNTER TO GET SHOT YESTERDAY Was Sitting Against Log When Another Hunter Took Aim and Fired. BELLEF0.NTAI.NE. Sept. M Rav mond Clapsaddle. We>i Man, held, is in a hospital here the vi?*im of i w first hMn'aiLg atcidenc ut tie- oyrvn .squirrel season yt;stcr'iay. !1 :V"Ul- dors, neck and ba»'k wt r»“ prpy i -d with shot from tie- siun .u r’i- u I . ;r.t- cr. also of NV.- t MauMielu Clapsa»ld’i 2 wh'..* lias r<-»l hair, w •» lying behind a log when tired at by Painter, He vvill recover, ueys lan» WA.^JTED BREAKFAST IN HURRY; FIGHT IS RESULT ÜF DEMAND CHARLE?^TO.N. W. Va., Hepi pi l).-pny Sii»*rilt Ihmnaii. m Locai, C.uct. .-tr-ll'-d into ('.>■■ .J ‘fl'-r >n Uui I >- r III . inornine a.,; or !»r** I tir-"k'a I H- \va - in a hurr\ to g< t to i W lt-'i AU< a i a.<t;i trial ‘ Vak' it r-nuppit*' be told tie- w.lit­ er, a le-gru. I Te n-gi< r ÎÜ eo to fua ante.* p» »-d and an arguiiemi fidiowed. The.. < in.e the clash. D. ’in.m .-.iiul til. waiter ^ruck him cn ti"- head vxjili a gla.'.s. Th»’ w.iit r admitted tliis, hut sal'- ].■ ihr* .V tie mi il«' afiei Deiinun ‘ sTu»k a g n in-o my ribs.'’ C''i» t ut Pvdiif Smith ■ ailed the at- i ur a '‘cl.)--a:il ne i I ut." .«ay MUCH HINGES ON TODAY'S GAME WILMINGTON MAY GET NATURAL GAS Well On C'levenKcr Farm, Near Cuba. Locks Quite I’romising. C-5'S COMMANDER DROPS BOUQUET TO HIS MOTHER I Circles Home in Cincinnati and Proceeds on Transcontinental Flight. — (’¡NCI.VXAT I. S*-p;. M A *t»ii s tribu',** to Ids mottier wa.s pahl y»*s- tt-rdi.y aft'-TUooii wle-u .Major Slraiis.s son ot Same»-! .'dranits. ilrugcist. Cin cl»-d lie* C-i the Cuitcd s army »liiigihle balloon, ot wliich le i-* ir coiu'iKiMît, ati'i whirh i-» makitvr a îrauscoutineiital Might from Langley Field. V.» , to ( alifornia. »»v«,r tl > heue* ill Vd iiU »a .Place and dropped a h )uq»e t of flow»*rs for Mr;--. iTtraiiss W ilmmgt»)U may have n.iiuiut TO REACH MINERS SUNDAY JACKSON. Cak, Sept. Hi (By the Associat'd Press) Tiie rescuers wTd break through tomorrow into the Ar- po:mut 'idue. where 47 im'U have b»»ei! cntembc'd sinci .Vugust 27. REV. CULP GIVEN FREEDOM; THEN IS RE-ARRESTED DAYTON, Sept. 16—(By the Associated Press)— -IVhen Rev. \\. M. C ulp was reJeased this morning from the county jail where he has been held on a charge of desertion, he was re- arro&ted on a warrant charging the removal of mortgaged proper'.y. Several months ago Rev. Culp, fornv er Spring Valley pastor, elppeti to Michigan with Esther Hughes. He fted in a mortgaged automobile, which is the basis of the new charge agaTnst him. ST. I/>rk'^. ^ PC HI. (By th*‘ A sociatm! Pres.-t A thr<‘"-.iam'' n ■.• which it i>> c»’n»*ra!ly h»-lK v*’il will *'* (ide whiHii'r (Ins year's w»>',d * n will be anotii» r New York C'ty or a .Hrugglc i)»'twepn th ‘ Ea.st an! West wa< to h«'Cin h r,* today, wio n the Yaiiko.'«, with a i;aM»»w h-a 1 ot one-half game, me.t the BrowTu, in tin final contest« of the season hetw.M ii the two By taking two of the tiirc* gun»'.the locals wmuld *aavt‘ a, halt gam- margin whih' the Yankocs waiul»i 1* .la * the city with a »ame ami one Irait h ul in the event they take tw»» of the three games. Urban Hho» kcr and Hula'i l Pruett will pitch the two oiMUilng game.s for the Browns. The YanktH's hav»' little to worry with Bush, Shuwkey', Mays, Jones and Hoyt to send to the hdi. g I- til- ga '>v<’ll on th ' tdcveiu r ; ’i(i n*a¡' l'uh'ì, l'.ìove to bejl " Miei *•>.-. lh;it i* now* pn'«Iiii'-d. there i ■* a poi-.’-dulity <’t th g-i-' hi'Uig piped to tiii.-. »'ity tor u; hc-:e. Til»* w**r. ak<‘.a Jy i-* qu't> p i?,U' i.sing and all »tt'fils to "rap’ it luivt* taik*!Ì, It i» .-an!. i*w,ng to tin- g’taL auu»unt o: ga.-* aluiily struck. Whip' nothing odichtl im- h«'-n about Ik* ni.i'P'U- the.»’ al'. many wdio h- li» ve t liai ( ity ( )Un- cd lo'-c wü : !)»■ d lov a f .a- <-ai.«e to tiUT . h the c.ty with g i.i. GAS FUMES KILL FIVE ON JAP SHIP S\N FRANt'iSl’O. -^*'Pt HI Fiv* .ntmilx-rs <tf a mew t'op.igfl in fund gat dor ;.lm .F.ii.am-se liner Shiny o .Mani wt'i',- kiih-d hy g;t« tiirii.*s in thi aft» r sti't'fago of t!i(* ve-«el lo-r»' y< ti'rday. Thn*" rm'inht-r of th»* cr.-w wen- ptdili»' h'Mlth othior- .uni th»- ollicrs w'r«' . t»'V**ilor»*s, Kight tir*- no'll akso wer»; overcome by -he turn c.s. No Official Announcement Was Made Yesterday From Ford Offices. OTHER FACTORIES FOI.LOWINCi SUIT Small Plants Fumishmg Special Parts For Ford Also Closing. DKTRiiIT, S»-pi. HI—Henry Ford kit»' y. t» r )ay t ,*'jk to «lose hiS D.-troit autmuobile plants, beginning lui^t night tli*-r»-hy throwing upwards to HJU.i'iiu work»*!", in Mi»' IhHroit dis- tri( t out ot mnpi )vm nt fur an in- (leliidt»' p'-riod. He a-kcd o'.flcials of the Dtdroit .Sti'f» ! Railway to rearrange it.s ;-»ch<'»lid«‘.*'> ) care for tho night forces ut his various factories, who will be di.sfniss»‘(l at 11 o’clock, it was announced. ^ Annount»‘tu»*iit ot th»' intendeil closing canu* from otbciaks of the Street Railway couipuny. No official no'Ut from Mr Ford »»r his executives was fortlu’oming late y»_*st»*rday, it having b- n st.u»-d y»'sU‘r»lay morning at th«* Ford olUces thaa ih «2 mamtfac- turer s annourn ,.iaval sevoral «e#llS ago that In w )uM close September 16 ‘‘would sratuk' unless he altered his {»laiLs. The railway cotnpany, it was an* nonrmed, wa- r*Hj«ieHte»l to concen 'rat > its car*- at the Highland Park and otiH r For»! i»!ants at 11 oclock tonight to carry th»* sldftH finishing vvoik at that hour, as well as those rep *rting tor work •> He ir homes. '1 he tlay -lu'it-' will be dis’niss»*d at the mui of tin- working »lay tomorrow, the Str«'»'t Railway Gompany was informed H.mulfaiu oiislv It was announced a nun.ber of sinalh r manulacturing cou- cerii.s h« rt* tha - supply th<* For»! plants wllli parts ;ind accesbories v.dll close, riu’se comiaidc.s « inploy upwards o£ h't.uou men. ’i'li«* Ford workers to )x* thrown i ut «>l • mpluyrnent total ap- lu'oximat^'ly 70,000. jt ^ACE SUICÍDE GIVEN BLOW CLOSING AVERTED HILLSBORO, Sept. 16 -Quick ser vice by the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. in pressing the passenger train into service and getting a car of coal t»o tin* plant of the power company averted the closing down of the plant becan.He of lack .if fuel one day^ this week. The supply was down to tne lust shove! full, employes said, when tl’c car was shunted Into tlie yardf. rOurWeatherManTI P( »HTi.AXH Ore., S >p 16 (By llq Asso ‘iat»'d Pi** 'S) Rat'»' bui< id«* wä­ hlt a dtuihh* hkiw by the (b'lierai (‘»m v.'titlun ot the Protestant Episcopal (’hurcli in tin* approval by tu«* House ot Bishops of a report of th«‘ Ciunmis­ sion on honu' and family life in which »'mphasis is placed on th»* duty ot (’îirisliuus to 1 '« ar families, ami th*. a.loption by ill.' Htuise of l). pati«*s of a new prayer in the maniag« service wliieh the Hou.s»* of (lishop.-* proiui.T .\Ivt tie Shotmaker, Frank l.ig ituer | insert, in lie* pray* r lumk ami wliich has b»'<am«* known in onven tion circh's as an "an.:*; ru t sui* i»ie prayer.” ASK DAMAGES IN BUILDING CASE WEATHER FORECAST Fair tonight and Sunday. LOCAL WEATHER Friday maximum 89, minimum 55. Lowest Friday night 52. ami A«lah Lightuer. of Sabina, hav« brought suit in the (’«>mmon Picas t’ourt against H, H. ifrithth. also of Sabina, charging tJiat Grlfhth who ha.s ! 8turte»l to build a busiue.ss building on part of their prop»uty and has ; caust-d damages to the extent of $5u. The plaintiffs are also asking that the building b»t sl«)piH'»l. 1 The hearing has been s»'t fur next j Moiulay morning at h o'clock by Judge Clevenger. WEATHER FOR WEEK M AiSHl.NtKroN. rffp'. K* (By the Associal«;»! Press) Woather outlook _________.... „ _ for the week: Ohio Valley -Gcu» rally Today 8 A. M. 68; 10 A. M. 72; 12 (fair and cool; local frosts in Upper M. 7S; 1 P. M, 73. Ohio Valley. TO PROVIDE AUTOS Auluiuoiiih'.s will he pu. vi»k’<i for dtiose wlio wish ilu'Ut to go to :*he picnic at the College tomorrow in honor of R*’\. and Mrs. fk R. Purdy. ALL SAINTS CHURCH* Evening prayer awl .sermon at «uiU P. M FORD SAYS COAL AND STEEL ARE MUCH TOO HIGH l))*:'i'R()r'k S pi. 16 - I By» the .\sso- ciated Pr< «S» — .\s a prut*'.«:» against 1 lyii.g w hat h<* h,-!ii*\ - I t¡> In* »*x- (.rhilaal pric'* *' u* coa! aii'i steel, 11* i;ry F'd 1 ludav Deami th<- procesti of 1 h) i'lg ii[> tbs Ima* indimtry. \\ itii lilt .«11 pi’nsu>n »'omplete tonight appro.vimaU'ly lO(i,UOO men will I’.ave )i'’i*n rewlore»! idl .* for an ind»'- Coiitt* pericil. Tin* plarFs ;ifiect*'d li> i-:n»h' (he !iw fa-torle» In the Detroit, urea and immers)us assembling stations uv *r the country. Other con- Cl in . the output of will h goes chiefly to t It Foul Ctuuiiany, also are ex* pii’t- d *o sn .peiid opcralions. The [)a«t w»***k brougtF* some improvement in the iiu'l situation. Ford otkeials a«s»'ri»'d, but this, fiiey said, di»! ut'i w.irrant a cliaug»,.' In the sus« l';cnsion oriier. Since d»*ciiling to clos. his faclitrr« ies .dr. Ford has held daily conferences witli his executives in an eiTort to soive the fuel and material problem but in every market coiisid*ered, he iaid, lo' found pri* * s higher than he believ»'d they «houl.l bo. ('OXST AXTIXOPLE Upvvanls of Lktipu persons perished al tlie tire at Smyrna. 25(H) buildings were burned and all th«* Amerb'un property wiped OUL TO OPEN ELKS HOME IllLI.SFORO, S*'p!, 16 Tía* Elk.v iiOiue, w iueh has bi *-n cuinpiet* 2 il, r**- m.!<!t'k-‘d iS ! »■•■I'lr.e-Iu*'l wil! he op«*n.« «*d U*’'.’e Xo\»'iuhi.!' I.

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