The Pomona Progress Bulletin from Pomona, California on July 2, 1958 · 3
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The Pomona Progress Bulletin from Pomona, California · 3

Pomona, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1958
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i French Concerned Algerian Rebels Conscript Men By ANDREW BOROWIEC TIZI OUZOU, Algeria Your brother Ramdan has not left yet but he will go soon if that Is Allahs will. Pvt. Asmanl Amar of the Algerian Liberation Army never learned whether Ram-dan managed to join the rebel ranks. Asmanl was shot down by French soldiers when, clutching a double-barreled shotgun, he went home to see his wife and two daughters after a year in the mountains. . French troops dragged his bodv down the slope. They pulled It by the arms so his fare would not get damaged before It was photographed. Asmanl was carefully searched. Among his belong lngs was a letter announcing his brothers decision to join the rebellion against French rule In Algeria. "One more rebel dead, said a lieutenant, wiping off sweat under a U.S.-made helmet. "He even started to shoot, added a noncommissioned officer with a cartridge belt marked "U5. Soldiers from all parts of France sat near a dusty road, chewing their field rations. To them, the death of As- maul Amar meant little. But his attempt to fight the i Army To Fire Lunar Probes, Generals Told Drought Cuts Japan Suicides N1KKO. Japan CP) To-shiyukl Fukushima of Osaka hiked up to the head of the 330-foot Kegon Falls to commit suicide. Japan is having its wdrst drought In 52 years. Tos'iiyu-ki. 18, found the falls had dried up. "It startled me so milch I decided not to jump, he told police. powerful', y armed French and the fact that more men like him, are willing to take to the mountains these are a matte r of great concern to the French command. "Leaderrs force those Mos lems to Join the bands, said a French officer. They come to the villages at night and take them along. They make them commie crimes so they become criminals and cannot return." "Whnd army consists solely of volunteers? asked a middi e-aged Arab in a crowded bus "True, the rebels kill, drop grenades, Injure civilians. You may stay what you want but this 'Is the only army we have. War doesnt spare civilians. Thst French have tanks and pi aws. Our army has knives and grenades. Stories of terror In rebel bojifds are told by rebel desert eis now serving with the French. Yet not even the Pre-nch claim that the Moslem population supports the rebels .odlv out of fear. Every year some 200,000 ;voung Frenchmen arrive In 'Algeria to fight for their country against Moslem na-f llnnalism. They replace 200,-000 voting men who return to France with a aigh of relief, "We are fighting for the French glory, we are the rampart of anti-communism in North Africa, say career officers In barricaded mountain villages. Why doesnt the world understand us? But those who approve without reservation of this last French stand in North Africa seem to constitute only a small percentage of some 500.000 uniformed Frenchmen who hold this country at gunpoint. The majority of the soldiers want to go home. Even in France, a good many people disapprove of the Algerian war effort WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N. M. (JP) A man partly responsible for sending Explorers I and III Into space says that the Army has been authorized to fire one, or possibly two, lunar probes. These will not strike the moon or land on it, Dr. W. H. Pickering said, but rather "will carry some simple instruments and send back information to us from the vicinity of the moon. Dr. Pickering is head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena, Calif., which helped to put up the Armys Explorer satellites. He spoke to 400 top U.S. military and industrial leaders In the missile field attending the Armys Operation Ammo a demonstration of weapons. The Armys Jupiter, an Intermediate range missile, will launch these moon missiles into space instead of the Redstone rocket which blasted off the Explorers, Pickering said. Heavier Pay Loads "Using a Jupiter booster, very much heavier payloads can be put into orbit around the earth and substantial pay-loads can be sent to the moon and beyond, Dr. Pickering said. Dr. Pickering told Army and NATO generals this country can regain the technical superiority it has lost to the Soviet Union, but he gave no indication when a moon shot may be made. Two missiles never before given a public showing were fired here yesterday for the gathering of military brass and industrial leaders. A beefed up version of the Nike Ajax the Nike Hercules was one, and the other was the low-flying enemy-plane destroyer Hawk. 1, v -4 HAWK KILLS One of the three Hawk antiaircraft missiles, left, speeds from launcher to prove prowess as "Homing All Way Killer" against Jet F80 target plane, simulating enemy, zipping across sky at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. Seconds later burst of flame in sky miles away signals fiery end of "attacking' aircraft that once was fliers pride. Army authorities say the missile, designed for use against low-flying planes, is fully mobile for use by forces rushing rapidly across battlefield, (A P Wirephoto) Blast Rocks Negro's House COLUMBUS, Ga. UP) A Negros frame dwelling on the fringe of a white neighborhood was blasted early today, but none of the five occupants were hurt. Detective Capt. C. R. Adair said an explosive probably dynamite was thrown against the house at 12:30 a.m. and caused considerable damage. All windows in the house and numerous windows in nearby dwellings were shattered. The house was occupied by Mrs. Essie Mae Ellison, an Army sergeant and his wife and their two children. Mrs. Ellison said she bought the house from a white owner in April and moved in a month ago. She said there had been no previous trouble. Last night an anonymous telephone caller profanely told newsmen of plans to bomb the Masonic Temple where the Rev. Martin Luther King later addressed a Masonic fellowship rally. No disturbance occurred, however, at the Masonic Temple. King, leader of the Montgomery, Ala, bus boycott, spoke on the delay of school integration at Little Rock, Ark. He said the delay recent-ly granted by Federal Judge Harry J. Lemley would serve as a green light to violent forces in the South. If Lemleys decision is not reversed, King said, such forces will feel that all they have to do is create a little violence to prevent integration. Fregrti-Bultt!n, Pomona, Calif. Wadntiday Evening, July 2, 1950 Page 3, Sec. T Case Said Almost Comic Goldfine Declared Heavily Coached Stardust Hotel Finally Opens LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UP) 'The Stardust Hotel, a 1,061-room addition to the Strip of luxury hotels of this gambling resort, opened today, nearly three years after Lady Luck ran out on gambler Tony Cornero. Comero, famous for his gambling boat exploits off the 3C Measure Our Progress in Terms oC Those We Have Served - since 1892 111 "Made-to-Measure SAVINGS PLANS HOME LOANS HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS STATEMENT OF CONDITION ASSETS FIIIST MORTGAGE LOANS Ot hom and other Improved propertiee. and ara of tha direct monthly reduction type. Of thete (24,894,136 87 are Gl loans which are guaranteed tUe Adminiatrator of Veterana Affaire, and (1,862,025.78 ara FHA insured loans iPROPERTY IMPROVEMENT LOANS These loans are for home modernization. LOANS ON PASSBOOKS AND CERTIFICATES Loant to Investors secured by atalgnment of their Share Accounts. REAL ESTATE OWNED AND SOLD ON CONTRACT STOCK OF FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK The inveatment In the Federal Home Loan Bank entitlea the Association to the advantages of membership and to tha credit facilities of the bank. U. S. GOVERNMENT BONDS $3,569,830.10 CASH ON HAND AND IN BANKS 1,267,667.53 TOTAL CASH AND BONDS OFFICE BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT LESS DEPRECIATION This includes office buildings at three locations, Garay Avenue, Thomas Street and Upland. OTHER ASSETS AND DEFERRED CHARGES TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES MEMBER'S SHARE ACCOUNTS Accounts entrusted to the Association. Each account Is Insured up to 10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. ADVANCES FROM FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK Membership In Federal Home Loan Bank entitles the Association to the advantage of securing advances, which are repayabla over a period of years at low interest rates. LOANS IN PROCESS The Association hat made loant to build, refinance or purchase homes, on which these funds are yet to be disbursed. OTHER LIABILITIES Accounts payable. Savings bond purchases, advance payments by borrowers for taxes and insurance, and other liabilities of record at this date. SPECIFIC RESERVES $ 890,271.95 GENERAL RESERVES 3,711,635.76 UNDIVIDED PROFITS 578,020.45 Specif!? and general reserves set aside for unforeseen contingencies. TOTAL RESERVES AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS TOTAL LIABILITIES $60,152,451.52 1,483,817.59 177,843.72 46,312.50 1,135,000.00 4,837,497.63 1,237,245.91 53,304.11 $69,123,472.98 $57,415,870.08 4,338,579.80 1,861,626.15 327,468.79 5,179,928.16 $69,123,472.98 r BOARD OF DIRECTORS F. B. PALMER Chairman CARL H. L0R6EER .... Vice Chairman I. FRED BOILEAU H. G. MOORE W. R. COON GEORGE STREIT GERALD V. CURRAN PAUL D. WALKER . OFFICERS POMONA OFFICES PAUL D. WALKER ...... President CLARENCE HIELB . . Senior Vice President GLENN CUNNISON .... Vice President H. G. MOORE ..... Vice President MARGARET MIROPOLSKY . . . Secretary RUTH L WEED . Treasurer 8 Asst. Secretary ROY G. DECKER . . . Asst Vice President THOMAS 0. MATZEN . Asst. Vice President RUTH OBRIEN Asst. Secretary ALMA B. GLIDEWELL ... Asst. Secretary MYRTLE HIGHT .... Asst. Secretary RICHARD WHITESIDE . a Asst. Secretary W. W. WELLS Asst. Secretary HAROLD C. BARNETT . . Asst. Treasurer UPLAND OFFICE E. L WICKSTROM . Vice President Manager FRED W. MACK, JR. . . , Asst. Manager MARGARET H. KRAMP . . Asst. Secretary W. F. MONTGOMERY .... Controller WILLIAM G. BERGMAN, JR. . . Attorney CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Kojo Q i: ' iff J 'I i: O lbi; ft & it Q Jt Qf CURRENT 70 kmM RATE V 399 NORTH GAREY and 260 SOUTH THOMAS, POMONA EAST FOOTHILL at FIFTH, UPLAND ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $10,000 coast of Los Angeles, personally master-minded creation of the Stardust, the largest resort hotel in Nevada. When he died of a heart attack July 31, 1955, the hotel was 70 per cent completed and more than S5 million had been spent on construction. The big spending habits of gambler Cornero and the internal squabbles of Stardust Corporation stockholders after he died led to a tieup of funds m federal bankruptcy courts. After months of proposals and counter-proposals, U. S. District Judge John R. Ross approved sale of the Stardust to Mrs. Rella Factor, wife of John (Jake the Barber) Factor, brother of Hollywood cosmetics maker Max Factor. Mrs. Factors offer was for $4,300,000 with $1,500,000 down and monthly payments of $75,000 starting July 19. By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (.D No matter how millionaire Bernard Goldfine testifies today, he has already given the impression of a man not prepared on his own to give simple and ready answers to direct questions. This gift - giving friend of presidential assistant Sherman Adams has been heavily coached for days by his lawyers and perhaps by others on how to handle himself before a congressional subcommittee. This subcommittee Is Investigating the relations between Adams and Goldfine, a Boston industrialist, and the relationship of both with the Federal Trade Commission. The fate of Adams will depend heavily on the testimony and performance of Goldfine and his willingness to answer questions. He distributed presents and favors to Adams and at least presents to other men in positions of political power. Already many Republicans mainly those running for election this year have called on President Eisenhower to sack Adams, his No. 1 man in the White House and one upon whom Eisenhower leans more than any other in running the country. Eisenhower himself has called Adams relations with Goldfine Imprudent. Adams, after gifts from Goldfine, got for him some information from the Federal Trade Commission, with which he was having trouble. A subcommittee lawyer says it was against I the law to reveal the information, altho the FTC chairman said most of it already was widely known. Unless Goldfine shows a willingness to answer freely the subcommittees ques- Strange Urge1 Leads Boy To Leave Home LONDON tUPI) A father told a juvenile court Tuesday that his son, who had run away from home 208 times, suddenly seems to be overcome with a strange urge to be somewhere else. tlons, the critics of Adams will be in a position to de-mand more Insistently than before that he go. And Elsenhower, altho he said of Adams I need him, might have to y ield. Goldfine's case, before he ever got near the witness chair, developed an almost comical complexion. His lawyers were so afraid of letting him face newsmens questions that they hovered around him when he arrived here Sunday like a bunch of beekeepers. They carried this so far they wouldnt even let him say he was glad to be here. Yet some of his lawyers themselves talked as much as Goldfine himself might have done if let alone. One of them in a burst of frankness told reporters his client would make a "terrible witness. This was hardly flattering to the onetime poor immigrant who collected both a lot of money and a lot of political friends, or at least acquaintances. Goldfine had a prepared statement to make to the subcommittee today. But handing out a prepared statement, worked over by lawyers, is far different from answering directly and freely the questions fired at him by the subcommittee. It remained to be seen how much answering Goldfine would do. The No. 1 question Gold-fine faced was whether he deducted as a business expense from his income tax the gifts he gave Adams and the hotel bills he paid for him. Adams told the same subcommittee everything Gold-fine did for him in the way of gifts and paid-for hotel bills was the act of an old friend. The gift-giving apparently was a pretty one-sided performance. Adams didnt report ever giving Goldfine much, and certainly .lothing in proportion to the thousands he admitted Goldfine spent on him. But if Goldfine deducted his expenses on Adams as a business expense, he was not considering his favors to Eisenhowers chief aide as a friendly thing. His expenses then could be Interpreted as an investment to get favors from Adams. Usual Store Hours Thursday, Close at 5:30 VALUES GALORE THROUGHOUT THE STORE SAVE 25TO 50 ANDMORE 0RBI1GE GELT mpoRium DOWNTOWN POMONA CILUMMIC NOW GOING ON... Save on holiday and vacation needs , , . swimwear, sportswear, shoes, toiletries! Save on apparel for men, women, teenagers, girls and boys! Save on homewares . . . bedding, towels, tables linens, curtains, draperies, dinnerware, glassware, kitchen needsl CJ i 1C

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