Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Page 5
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•K STERLING. ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY,pCT.B, 191.6.. FAVORITE OF THE FILMS 6C-» And now , — Your Coat Shall it be of richly quiet black broadcloth with its large velvet cape collar flounced with bfdadcloth and a fancy piece down the sidelo give.full- ness?' Shall it be of mpre : 'colorful green wool velour with a raccoon fur' adding smartness toJts cape collar? Or— Shall it be of blue wool velour with deep pockets and with its sailor collar enlivened by a band of fur? Or, perhaps— 4 < )f a brmvnjiud white mixture with belt from —trt4<v to jr«>i11. wiIl4-4J-*-KUim4--yok*'-iit~JT*ni4-tt«4- wilh a partieularly handsome balnmcaan sleeve effect. ? f .AXkaiiiv.!.'r.your answer, your cfiat is her nn<> • onliest. coat that needs hut the touch of vniir personality to make it the most wonderful 'of all coats. Come and see your Coat at Sterling's acknowledged style center. •Wyne Deaver D. G. Co. u,_i in: \s I, * ttif- tisUI. Mr. l-V-^f'! ,-itiiI Mother's Cook Book. ' "\\> prnsi'in a. soldier who lfi«c-s « ).•;• In hntsli- ii^Hlnvt n mnn-fop. Htu is«i we pension H mother who wenrs out her *\ve*ieht tnendlnjf^ hnlf the nljrtif. keeping the wolf frnt!i ilic diiftr, flghtliig off that e.l«'ttiMi!al fo»» of ?hf nice— -Hunger Fright ?' f . . Oatmeal Scone*. Take n cupful of oatmeal, one-third of n cupful of wtu'flt flour, one ten- RfHionfnl of baking -powder flnd onf- lialf -tt'iTVponnful of Pfllt. All! together thorotielily. Cut Into this one tnbl<*t sjp'oonful of butter niid hot tntlk to' tmike H Rtlft dongh. Holl out to n hnlf Itu-h Iti lhlckn«'SH. t'tit In rmjiuls with n biscuit culler and tmko on n grlddl* until brown, then turn \m thf other side. Tear apart nnd butter generously. Serve tit once. ^^ cr Broiled Lamb's Kidney. Hpllt ns ramiy kidneys us tire needed nnd remove the fnt nnd sinew, then soak In acidulated water. Drain and wipe dry. Inunerw In nllve oil iind broil. Serve on tonst, garnished wtlli pnrsley iind lemon. Curried Chicken With Coconut. 1'iirholl n chicken rut In pieces, then roll In flour la which n tenspoonful of curry has been mixed, fry In butter tuid drippings until brown. Have n fresh grated coconut with two cupfuls of wiitef nnd n dn»h of lemon and the coconut milk added to the chicken, thicken and w»rve with rHvd potutut'H. Scotch Fancies. Take one egg, well beaten, add n half cupful of sugar, one-thlrU of n cupful of coconut, n dwell of milt nnd a half tcaspooiifnl of vanilla, a two- thirds of a cupful of rolled oat*, nUx and dmp on a baking tdieet. I^'t stand a few mlmitcK when taken from the oveu to innke them firm. Rice. ____ » -mr« ii Irttcllr "? bu*dne»«, and Is a younn man SOf^J~A"T7~'A~FVAiIR8 I "^*l»lend!d~t>rlm-lt>h'»~nnd~i»—known- P"y*^>- IJ **•*• * ^ :...'JM'.y "I' for his Industry and' Integrity'. 1 ' ' . ",' , i Immediately after the i.-eremony tho bridal party,-consisting of twelve relatives, motored to I'olo where they were entertained at a three course weddfim dinner tit the home of Mr. and Mm/ J...AL. Melburfi, • Mr*. Alelburu IH u sister of the bride. The MelburK home was tastely decorated for the occasion. .Mr. iind Mr«, • Allcorn will not take a wedding trip Itut wilt return to thin Hty. where the ..groom. .Jum recently. built iind furnlHhud a iiuiiKnlow at MO West Bleverith. street. They will lW- at home to their many .friends after December 1. . ™A host of friends -Join In winding thvm.u jjro«perou8 and huppy life. PARSONAGE WEDDING Miss Theressa 0. Williams Be came the Bride Of W. B._ Allcorn Today t This, afternoon at 4 o'olork nl St. "f .Mlts Ttu'reaBa -'Ontrlx AVllllamn and Jlr, William Kdward Allcorn, Hev. Father A. J. Burns of- HolntinR u't tho ceri'mony, tin' rinjt MAfvk'e Isidtig UH('<|, The m>rvh'» WUH it Hiuiple one and wa» ut(«nde(l by only the* mpnihora of the Imini'dluto futnllteH. The attund- nntH wnre MiH.s Idmc U'illliiniH and M., C. \VilUamn, nldtor and brother of tlie brldn. The bride, wan bpt-omlngly attired in a bluo pu«Hy. willow taffeta suit with u while picture hat and White Hhoes and carried u huge bridal afternoon. bouquet of lilies of the ..valley and The bridesmaid wore 11 -black roneH. velvet Hull with litii and slioca en- t'OMtume and carried a botuiuet of pink ' In plenty of bo.illng water, season with milt and serve with cream and' sugar. ThlM rice . IH much more nourishing than the polished rice commonly on the market. Mixed Fruit Ice Cream. Take the Juice of tjirtse oranges, three lemons, tlireo banana*, and n cupful of cooked apricots, three cupful« of migur and three cupfuln of rich milk, put the apricots and banatiaH through n sieve and mix the other In- gredletttK until the nugar l» dissolved. Freeze us usual. . Margarita pitcher. JPoptilnr mode actress who has been «<a the Hinge since she was twelve yours «ld and la now one of the highest |iaUl Htarw of tin 1 silent drumu. Here's One for the Amateur Magician to Try on Friends The performer spreads a newApnper on a table, HO that Hit-re may IK* no suspicion of H trap or opening""of any FOR MISS WILLIAMS Mri. G. S. Hall Entertained at a Dinner Party. . . Mm, George g. Hall, of 310 Wallace St., entertained ten ladle-i* members of the Birthday club at a «lx o'clock dinner Monday, honoring Miss Ther- etitm WillianiM, who will become the bride of W. K. Allcorn on We<lne»day Following the dinner the evening wo* wpeitt Kocially. • • -v. - ••• TO ENTERTAM\FFOR TEAMS _ Entertain The bride IH a .very well' known Bterllng Klrl who bus many admiring i «"«or Cf«*» of friend* and- uc<|iiainiunces. For. thej tht F««tb«ll Teams. The .Senior ela** wl the iJixon High; e|t>rk at the J. K. Chester dry «i ' etore, where'-»l(e endeared herself to school will entertain for the and Dlxon football teams after tl Hie patrons and friends, v Hterlintr-Ulxon game to be played here Tho groom Is of 15n«li»h dewWnt an«* Kriday afternoon; The affair will be onlv brcn a resident of Hterllng jtriven in u.mtmmh IIHII HM.I : i»vi. ? iittK tind for .the past Hve years. .. He is en-'jof course, there will be danciiiK. The t4U«ed in the cement and brick con- Mftruu*itt«_or_c)ieMlfa_wIll.Shiy_iuid -fcu^ • Porch Cushions. - 'a-.-.- nriLiiia • • Porch cushloua ar« the guycut , ' of the gay. And they arp striped, J J In conformity with the general • trend toward Btrlped effects In decorations and home accessories of every sort. All the colors of the rainbow arc seen In theno cushions for tho swinging seat, the settee, the rocker, and geu- erar utility, but lh«> x-ointdnatlon of tints have been made BO skillfully that the result, while utule-,1 nluWy-vlvld, in by 'no meant* un- ' pleasing or crude. In the khaki- liuetl couch hammock, or In one of awning stripes In black or white, a group of these bright toned cushlouH presents H deslr- J able contraMt. sort, nud on it sets a glass.of wine. Over this, for n moment, he throws.a borrowed handkerchief. Then, pick- L?JLHP_thj? _covered_ghjjMLhe en-lait HH in the language of Horace: "JS'utic e«t blbendum," nnd, snatching aw'ny tho handkerchief, shows a glass of water, which he drinks. Inside tho glass, nnd dividing it like a partition, is a piece'of transparent celluloid stained of n wine color; to this in attached a piece of flue silk thread, which hangs over the side of the giiiHu, On.the free end of the thread is fastened a small black button, which enables the performer to get hold of the thrend eatdly juud pull out the, celluloid partition when removing the handkerchief. The drinking of the'water Is to do away with the idea, thut some of tho audience may have, of any chendcul preparation.—"Magicians' Tricks," by Henry lint ton and Adrian I'late In Century Magazine. UY A HAT Now Your Chance* During Our Big Reduction Sale This is an unusual opportunity to purchase millinery -and we will toll you why. Nearly every article of woman's wearing" apparel has increased in price during the last year, excepting her hat, which has shown no perceptible advance. We are selling hats today at $5.00, better values than last year at the same price. Prices are up on nearly everything we eat, wear and use, except millinery. If you doubt this statement come in and let us prove it. See the good looking hats we are selling at $3.98 and below. When (his present stock' is exhausted thorn will mi dohbfediy he nn advance. us it stands fo.ri'iison tha4 with everything soaring; upward \ve milliners will have to pay I'M ore for our merchandise in the future. But light now you 'can save some money, We show from. Some NEW WHITE HATS just received New Line, Fine Wavy Human Hair Switches placed on sale,' all colors. See our hair ad in another column. Don't Miss This Sale a (I. BIG ASSORTMENT to Front Second Floor Lawrtnce Building DILLON HAT SHOP Entrance Firtt Avenu* Talk* Elevator READY TO FIGHT SUPREME COURT Interesting Machine. . Tin 1 i,'n> w l Intern-Mini: pei-p«<tunl Holland Will D»fend Neutrality Against Will Face- : s Colo*»al Task atthe Com--_j IJUU _ Jlmi j l i ue _u'as_.tJic-t:bJck_buJl Uy Carl W. Aeki-rniun. (Cniteil I Yens HtnfT t'oiTl'-spoiident,) The HuKtie. Oct. aii.—The Uiilcti r.»v- irnrnent In ready to KO I" war any ty, liuteh otTlclulN admit it. Holltind i« not tempting Kale, though. ler diplomat* niul Sntluentiiil neWM- nre lining their l>e«t to keep front any combination of circuit!- ntiinri»* that might force her to *ide vlth «<ne helllKercnt or 'he other in the w«r. Dutch official* candidly admit ,U'u-y . (Uy United I'ressJ \V(i>diinKtoii. ort. '.'f>. --Kneed by •int'tbltii: Ilk*'- 7<io CIIMCM Involving- the th will light KmMand for any unneutnil I cunxtltutionul? try. the nine jiiilue* j-oimtltiitiiiK I'liiti'il States Htipri-nie I'mirt today. HI e KriiiiUnc wilt ill-. iKliuih in what JurlMs -,'xpect to lie utie n-f the must memorable wMMlitnx in the hlKtory "f the notirl. Among the tjii»*Klloiin the four! him tu decide are; , Are trtiHtN of any nort ICKH!?- Art- workmen 1 !* compensation I««WH anil Are "l»lu«* wky" lawn tv^nlatlnK mpi- tulli'.iitiiiii of corporation!* eonxtlUilion- .•il? IH the new organic army law nuiHti- Specials for Thursday and Friday Cash Basket Grocery 214 First Ave. PilDUOH Apples Fine cookers, 4 ftjn i» i r neck ..,.. .". I *M5 Fancy (Yoaniory HutttT, JH»I« pound ,.,:'.'...,'.;,. .38c Id jjinimis fancy Sww»t Potatoes for 25e (i poinuis fivsh I'lwiJi Oatmeal for ;55o gc 1 j)ouiuj can I iVrslicy^ft ('ocoa for 35c fto full quurt jars Olives for , '' 'J quarts sol»«J Hipe (.'ran- berries for \ 15c 3 10c pkjLss. i'avorite 1'an- eake Mour Tor 25c Heinx's Dili PiekJes, per tloxcn . .-. 15c J^arjfe Soiir Pickles, p,^«-n 15c 1' pkg.s. fancy'frt'.sh Date.j .'M('<' bars Ivory «Soap.25c. J'lxtra. fancy rmiiiiid tahk Peaclies, Aj>ricots, Pears, 1 - do'/T cans . ; ...... 9Qc Fa li c y clean " Seedless iiaiisiu.s., per ItiT" . , " . . J5c Lar-Me full (jt. ja_rs assor.t : e1?;^|a^^ .. _ Al u >s t a j'd vj/, j- ,,,.,., 150 .. • 5**^ • , j. ....«„, . - . ' •> -I'Of'.pkgss; Alacaronj ,.25<3 Fashion's Decrees. •ClmrmouKo gowns are prettily worn with small flower-trimmed hats. A great deijj, of shantung is used for Hiniiiner costumes. A simple frock or cout.JlH.Jst,flfll by a -double cape collar of muslin. Many orffiFTTew collars amount to" cupea,.J)t'lng_fuU and reachUjg lo t tbe waistline, ^ ' Feiither-Htlchlng , makes a dainty finish for the edges of the woe tot's frock, \ Charming sports hats are of straw -and-trlmmtHl with worsted tussols. Heavy washing silk is used for the s,erv{ci>uble nnd graceful cross-over blouses. Finish the round neck with u piece of narrow ribbon tied in a fetchiug little bow in front.' , ' The soft pile fabrics In the most beautiful jewellike colorings are constantly being used for big, loose wrujm. Yellow organdie and white tulle muke ~a charming frock, Very demure is the child's frock of organdie with tit^y bows of velvet ribbou'set all the way down the front. • We now have skirts designed esjuv. clully for gardening. They ure'iutiue of lluen and have many large pockets. Frills of tuHe complete some of the new roll collars of muslin nnd m-pe de be worn with tailored suits. There are nightgowns of pongee, and they are trimmed with bunds of Hueu In contrasting colors. ' • Silk basque* finished with cavalier iiili!* are eharmiiig with tlowwred uklrl.s for bridetiuiuids' frocks. Better to Love. Better to love while living, And better than all that's said To #0"with a htarl forgiving~.~ "' The living before the dead, ;' For with the dead it is peaceful,r'". And hearts can ache no more; But with the living, they need yon, And their hunger is never o'er. Better to love while singing, And better jthun ail thnt'H sung The love in a sweet word winging To wed with a heart that's young. For words are an empty message, And life is a sunless gleam Without the passion that purples The silvery valleys of dreum. Better to love while toiling, ' ' , .And better all tail for this—. The touch of a tender spirit, The bloom of an answering kiss; For the toll may tear"us asunder, the care may batter and sear— Hut love with a living wonder Can baffle the bitterest tear. -^Baltimore Suo. C»u«e Explained. "There wus great commotion on the pier UN the "junior ot!lc*»r of the niarine titcppi'd ashore." iy si iui?IerT "Sub nitirine's just «i'rh'fd ~t --- Taking .Nilrlo Acid From Air, AH the explosives, used In this world- war are formed from such apparently harmletia bodies us cotton, glycerin, ~ with nitric acid, the strength of which has to be maintained by admixture with sulphuric ucld. -Until' quite lately the nitric acid etuKmtiut for the production of the ejEnlonlvejj now in Utw could bi made only by distilling ouch nitrates as those of potassium sodium with milphuric acid, and if we hud Htlll been dependent on this wuro<V •all the powerH engugetl in the prenent war would huve hiwh statemattm -i>jf want of i'xplo«tve«. HO cnomioua lii«ui) the amount of acid used. the lu«t few yo.urs, however, have been discovered for imiktug nitric acid from 'the air, ijnd at the Utne, wherever che«i> water can be obtained for tins elwtrtclty, the add I* being In huflick-nt quantities 'to aiafce up the »eco?wory amount. . , of Shamelesa. "A certain old-fashioned siuuer- %vlio went fishing ou Sunday carried hie bf It in a box that resembled H whii«t hljj rod ,'ulilwl up luto H Btick," . . ' "How docs the. modern winner duct himself on such un occasion?" "Un not -only nmkt»<i tio effort to hld« Jils fiiihiug gear, but cuUtt ottc'U- tlen to his depravity by loudly niotor .liorft whey The UH- of today Iras import- uf tuuiurruu. Jgro c^ l-'lrist **ro<iU : "i.s (here-much.competi- tion in (M»'f"\viriu our llncV H(vi)tid Cruok--"Xo- Jlit'f'«'» only sis-^r*»oki* -rfiTKYtR-ii-irfii'ce .»!'. ihi-tn isrc imud-!- JUHnJ |>y pollcv X'iH ' i'tu k,' . tct aitttiiiHt or upon Dutch noil; hut the wirne thliiK now» for lotlniid will flKht her for the name rea- OIIH tnul JUKI a« qtliekly.. Jlollnnd IM devotiiiK 'it* much time, j tutiomil?* muteriul and energy to the'upbulldinK i Can the l.'nlted Stiite« under <if her urmy a»«-«hw IM, to -the. develop- it rent lew fjive (i .5. pur cent .tariff din- rnt«ni of her navy. • ji-mint to foreiKii* icoodH ivnchliiK- these 'womnii of the hour" and the real lead" Aiul CuO odd other*; l /' er of the Kovernrnent of Jlollund. Kor the tlrnt time sinre 1!IH, Kvery• inorniMK a* 8:30 »he In at "her (court'l^'.Nirrtnji'.Witb it full bem-h. «U>«k Mtid-Hhe- works-nil <luy. .-Hbi»--«t--jto- the ^mjlffort' 'iff .','A tend* «very ministerial council and i»he |i}irand(>U"in)(f Clarki 1 , '"This will enable i« Maid to.bav*' written the cleverest khtf rourt to decide many, canes' conxid- of many of Holland's proteHt ./"fed too Important to be di-cideil by the to both Great Britain and Oer- {depleted bench last year. <'d\. M London.ji>weler, ill nth century. This was mat! ^elf-winiilnir by i« barometer attae mi-ill iirrnnKed to ncltiuto a co in Mirh ii iiiiintier that wbetlier meretiry rose'Vir fell the wheel nlwi re\D|ved In tho .same direction K! kept the clock weight always up. The chief dlfllcull-y Cor i overcome.was to prevent overwtn' This ho nccoinpIlMhi'd by u device ciitiHed-the cogwheel to throw Itself of Ki'iir vvhi-u the weight was nearly t" the top. the muny. .-.-..- '-..'- • .- Hollund, UH if well known, IN build- i»m H ureat many Hubnmrlneti. A few days ngo. a new one WI'IH luunrheil and tbe ;(Que«n went out in It for hnlf an hour, tniveliiiK part of the time under water/ The Queen observes utrlct neutrnllty In her own houaehold. • Her hitiibaiid. I'rlnce Henry, wua u Gertnui .prince from Mecklenburg. HO them i duturiilly wome feellnK. umuuK i>ro-AII> Dutch about thlH. Jil« loyalty to Hoi land IH not questioned but in order no Ui huve him »\iM|iecieit In any way Ii is told none i>f the MectTtx.uf state. HI in mitde chief of the Hed CroHH HO In can have KomothliiK to do, but In thi work lie IB nubject to the orders o Ueneral Hchnejdt'r. chief of the tJent at 8ialT. . . A difficulty lit-that AHNociate McKeynold*i, former Attorney General can not »dt in any of the government thut oHKinlated or were on the Optlmlutlc Thought. It \* the nuvai power of a count thut gives it authority In the distant niilidtiH of Uut eartli. calendar when ho wan directlnK tlu Well, Here It Is at Last— the Telephone "Silencer" for Which the World Has Waited A "silencer" for telephones has been In urgent demand for many years and manyinventw's" have cised their ingenuity on such device*. The patent, QfBee records, show, that about eighteen""of them actually hav« been .patented. Many of these succeeded admirably In the object they •namely; to make the voice of talker Inaudible 1«" thosi* around him. but, the voice inaudible w at the dthor «nd, Furtherinore, the , to the listen telephone com pn»y will -not permit any device, good or bad, attached to Its Inst'ru- One of these Inventions that effoctu- »lly 8ll«uci>d tho speaker's volco was that of Maximilian Weil, electrical engineer of New Work. When put Into actual practice It was found thnt thl« so dulled the volco that the listener ut the other end could not hear him. And it hud the further dlwidvnntuge of being attached to the mouthpiece of the telephone, When Mr. Weil found Invention Impracticable he set to work to overcome both the uforemeu- jh'fwtur- -This- he- has^ust -*««*(Seeded in doing with iin invention ho the; "prlvnphone." The ma«V using H cannot bo hoard by those Bit* ting atongtildu of him, but be Is heard distinctly at the other end of the line, And the InMruau'iu N not attached the telephone, which It does uot even touch. Therefore,, the telephone ?ompauy cannot obji«ct to It* Tho" person ,UHlng the prjvuphono it to hla mouth ami talk* Into it u the usual way, holding it directly forward, ami 'a few Inches »way from he telephone mouthpiece,, says tho York -Wtwld.- JilH voU^e is inauiU*- >ie n foot, iiwayi but the tek-photie ka It up uud truuwnUs it cUwrly If bt» were t'ttikin« directly iutu ,U. Tho instrument IK MI small that it ciu» n- carried lu the pocket, <>jtab)lng ev- ry person to have Ms UidivtdUlf j hat JH : le^nl IjuHliu-n*. And Mr Hrandclw i-ao't Hit Id uny of the ca«e> liivolvinK workmeh'H compentiatlon. 01 In many of the trinit C««I-H in whlcl he WIIH couiiHdl. On. the court'* decltdon in the Unr- •ve«ter and United State's Hteel ca«eH de|u-ntbi the whole future of the economic sy»tenv of the country, to attorneys. Thene Cii«en will brlnj, up for the first time the question 'whether a "good" truNt— not one'accucied of unfair eompetitlon~»lH They are considered the moHt import - ;»nt- . truKt cawi'H /r.»f hlHtory — far, mor< important than the Tobacco trunt ant Stiindurd Oil canes. •The rcadhiK 'or anthrucite- coal cast will tell whether the aliened coal rnon o|)oly fihnll be broken; the PennHyl- vania railroad case whether the Interstate commerce- ComntlHNlon ha« tlu jibwi'i- to order railroads to fumtob ad- ilitloiial tfiulpment; the divl«or will dii« of HO.OOU.OOO In litigation belewven the Kovernmeist ami raili-oadK over the old railway .mall pay canes; and the 0 "(i'l^vceiit. tariff dim-out cane will text the validity of many trade treaties lld« country ban,. . , Hit or Miss, —Auulogy IB merely a method of convincing without proof. -' • . A man's, shoes may get tl^ht froni taking water, but he doesn't. .._ creation raora men mijjht truthfully boast of royal blood. One writer wnys that satan'a fa.ll was probably due to hla having accidentally slipped on a peal of thunder. ' It takes the wasp to muka 9 lazy man get a move on himself. All H bus to do IB back up against him and push^ The average'ami does just as many* queer things when he Isn't In love as when he Is. but they are not quite so conspicuous, . Tortoise Shell Now that tortoise shell lias once more come into public favor {t is well to know a way in,, which to cle«u and poUsh It, NVheti tor? tolse «ho)J loses Us luster from wear the polished surface may be restored to its orlglntl con- d,ltlen .by cttrefully rubbing it With powdered rottcustoiie aud oil. The rot U'Ustone . should be very curefuHy sifted tbi-ough the Snathe surface of the tortoise aheU are tliua rtmoyeii a brilliant polish may he giv^it by upplyinf geotie friction with » piece of soft leather te whic,h it»vveler.'§ rouge has uiid tntjtt can In 1 lhu¥ ihukiii principle: upon wblcl) this it -works t'UM-!w</>'t>t l>$ told, a* Mr. Well h«s_.j.>nly just applied for tt | ',' ' uwd with any i>o( inercly for .The lu- Th» Consistencies. "Are y<m goli^ ,to .wewr that struw hiu all Hiutt-rT "!siurv',""reij!lktd Mr. M«>i<K(o{i.. "H»iJirk-U« vvorji h<»r fura S&S MARKET CO.S. Special for Thursday, Oct. 26 (At Store only) Best Sirloin Steak', per pound I'ork Shoulder Kotist, per pound ..».. . (In pieces 4 to 8 pounds),J B(?,st Beef, tti. ,.14o 0 . The Big Wort Service ««««•* Tailoring our Facilities and the Know-He Insure Tailoring Service that la ce,. claasy. Individual and flat tory. Henry Bete Kilgour STATIONERY — H\ >oi}—w i'i t i n jf hox«»s or by tho poimdf~ 4 writing pads and ntation- cry of all kinds is u line \v\» sjMH-ialixo in and give particular at lout ion to in this-stun*, - . J \Vi> waul to supply you wHIi everything you need in good stationary or engraving or dies for mono grains; "•"" "j 1 Ordt'ivs promptly lilled and satisfaction iuira- The Store

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