Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1895
Page 1
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She |I*mt:nal VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 14. 1895. NO. 114. Anyone can rent a store, put up Higns, blow trumpets, beat tlruiiit*, babble, etc., but it takes more tban money to do tbe kind ot gtorekeepiug that Is truly serviceable to a cotnmuity. Mouey does not put people In possession of principal, artistic taste, genius lor organization and tbe everlasting: keepiag at- the-tliin£-to-liave-it-right because nothing- less tbau tbe right will do HEKE. Without a spoken word this store will continue to stand as an Illustrated essay on commerce, good taste and comtortable and saving shoppi UK , QN THESE PRINCIPLES WE INVITE YOUR PflTRONflGE.. A PALL OF WHITE. Winter Fills the Lap of Spring with "Beautiful Snow." Ex-tsnt of the Cold Wave, and Damago Wrought to Fruits and Crops in Many States. WASH GOODS. We are at the head of the column, we've beon told. People who know say our WASH 'GOODS DKPAETMKN'I i« as complete as the bi? city stores Just cows and ask for something 'new and popular and Hee if we have not got it, litre. A fuw of r.>ur specialties fire: At l~iu lltt; 1'itrd. Court Royal Pique, lirat quality. M 2^>t<; UK; Yard, Pongee Satines. At JSc tin; Yard. Cotton Cj-epons in handsome effects At 121,c tit,-. Yard .Figured LawnH. At 20>; the Yard Clemtttid Crepon. M 23<; the Yard Jaconnette Pelisse, as line a« Silk. At 3~>K the Yard. Dresden Dltnitiod. M Sue the Yard Dresden Organdies. Balloon sleeves; more of those droop ing sleeves; more of those Leg-of- Mutton sleeves; more of those new French sleeves with two buttons in the collar, with cuffs four and six inches long. In fact we have every Novelty that the market affords. Cotne to the headquarters for xour Shirt Waists at 08c., $1.20 and $1,00. Luce Curtains and Draperies Possibly you did not know that we handled these, but we do, and we curry them in every variety of material. In all styles, in all prices. And we have just been fortunate in buying hundreds of pairs of Curtains at tho Jaffrey sale at much below ;heir cost. We're j;oing to sell them heap. So cheap you'll talk about us. That's what we want. At 98c the pair. A Nottingham Curtain that would be cheap in Chic- jo at $1.30. At $1.25 the pair. A handsome 3rasse!ls Net Curtain that would be heap at the mill at $2. At $1,00 the pair. A handsome Shirt Waists—Balloon Sleeves. Four of the most reliable factories in America lire helping us to keep our Shirt Waist stock complete. This morning's express brought us •dozens of all tho latest fads in Shirt Waists. More of those very lar^o i Brussells Net Curtain that a ousto- j mer guessed the prices to be $3.CO, but the Lady wasn't mucn mistaken because she would be getting good value if she were compelled to pay $3.00. Lace Curtains are sold on the same margin as Calico's at the Bee Hive. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the jSrrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud i i the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to how yen; this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Kelier, Tailor ^Draper. 311 Market St. DEAD BUSINESS With my Competitors compels them to advertise great bargains, but they don't tell yon that there are tsvo kinds of (Great Bargains) Clothing. One kind is cheap, trashy aud made especially for fake sales. * Such poods I have none. The other and real bargain goods are well made, clean Bnd perfect fitting goods, and''of the class tny store is crowded. Hence the crowds that throng my store froth Monday morning until Saturday ni^ht. . Insppot my line and I guarantee you will be an addition to the crowds of real bargain seekers that buy their clothing, hats and shirts at the New Broadway store. • DETROIT, Mich., May 13.— Frederic, Mich., reports 9 to 10 inches of snow; Ossineke, 3 inches and still Knowing; Lewiston, 8 inches and still snowing; Menominee, 4 inches, with all gardens and many fruit and shade trees ruined, and Mauistee 2 inches. The frost did no damage to fruit trees at Grand Haven and it is believed thatg-enerally throughout the state fruit has escaped serious injury. ALWC.VA, Mich., May 13.—Snow has been falling-here-since Sunday nig-ht and the ground is now covered to the depth of 2 or 3 inches. This section was visited Saturday night by frost, and probably great damage has been done to early vegetables. The tner- inometer is hovering at the freezing point. GKA.YLIXO, Mich., May 13.—A terrific snowstorm set in Sunday and Monday morning the snow was 13 inches deep on the level. It is still snowing and drifting badly. UBXTOX HARBOR, Mich., May 13.— Cool and clear weather till midnight, followed by warmer; steady rain till 0 a. m., has tided fruit safely along in this section. Strawberries will ripen with warm sun within ten days. GAVLO.KD, Mich., May 13.—A raging northeast snowstorm prevailed during the night, arid 'the snow was 10 inches deep on the level Monday morning. LAW-TON, Mich., May 13'.—After careful examination there appears to be about 25 per cent, damage to grapes, and a slight injury to cherries, raspberries and strawberries. It is so cold that the real damage is not apparent, and will not be until the sun comes B warmly so as to wilt the frosted stems. Ho»vy X.OHH in \V)Kcousln. OSIIKOSTI, Wis,, May 13.—An inch of Enow fell .here early Monday morning ancl_the -thermometer stood at freezing. Great damage was done to early fruit, berries and gardens, while winter wheat and early corn also suffered to a considerable extent. It is probable a large acreage will have to be replanted. GUSKX BA/, Wis., May 13.—A severe blizzard prevailed here from micl night to 0 o'clock Monday morning. Three inches of snow fell, accompanied by wind blowing 40 miles an hour. Great damage resulted to fruit, market gardens and growing grains. Freezing weather during the night will com- plete'destruction. Trains cot seriously delayed by storm. Mjr.wAUK.KE, May 13,—Dispatches covering all suctions of the state indicate that the recent cold snap lias caused great damage in all quarters of the state to garden truck and tree fruits except apples. In a great many places the high winds protected the vegetation. As regards small grains the cold was a direct benefit, as they were progressing' too fast owing to the excessively warm weather and were not heading out at all. Corn is all right and will suffer no damage. Tobacco is not all'ected to any extent. The dispatches received cover tho state very completely and show that the total damage will amount to thousands of dollars 311nneHota Suffers. ST. PAUL, Minn., May 13.—Frosts and freezing weather have caused much damage to crops, the early spring seeming to be a blessing with a string to it. Similar reports have been received from other parts of the state. At Virginia, in the northern part of the state, 4 inches of snow fell Sunday and a snowstorm was prevailing on Lake Superior Sunday night. In the southern part of the state grain and vegetables were well advanced, the season being nearly one month earlier this year than usual, and it is feared the damage has been very great. Nebri&Hka .Front Bitten. OMAHA, Jseb., May 13.—There was a heavier fall of frost in Nebraska and western Iowa Saturday nig-ht than Friday night. Gardens were damaged to some extent and fruit also in some sections. Gorn-and other cereals were not damaged and in some places fruit was not touched. In Iowa. DES MOKES, la., May 13.—Reports 6how heavy frosts throughout the state Saturday night. Much 1 damage was done to early vegetables, fruit and corn in low places. Some corn will require replanting. Sioux CITY, la., May IS.—A heavy frost is reported at points in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. Garden truck and fruit trees suffered tbe greatest damage, but the grains -were only slightly injured. Four inches of snow fell in the Black Hills Friday night. Water is said to have frozen at Jefferson, la. ... JDitma£e in Ivans**. 1 TOPEKA. Kan., May 13.—^Frosts are reported in the southern parts of the- state and in the low lands along the Arkansas, Walnut and Kansas rivers and tributaries. Vegetables, small Little lii^rm In lllluolm. CHICAGO, May 13.—Dispatches from interior points in Illinois indicate heavy frosts Saturday night. Beyond nipping tender garden stock, no damage is reported. Little corn or grain is up. Fruit was affected. Indiana FariuerH Worried. IjriHAJfAPOLia, Ind., May 13.—There was frost in many parts of Indiana Sunday night. It is feared that great damage will be done, especially to fruit. Thi» spring has been an unusually forward one, all kinds of fruit trees putting forth their bloom three weeks earlier than usual. There has been continuous • warm wea,ther for SIN \Vwv.ks. and all kinds of fruit have es caped np to this time. The horticulturists of the state say there was never such a prospect for a bountiful fruit crop and they are much worried lest ;he sudden turn in the weather shall blast their hopes. Cold Wave in Missouri. ST. Louis, May 13.—A severe cold wave prevails throughout Missouri and in many places heavy frosts occurred Sunday night. In the southwestern portion of the state considerable damage to fruit and vegetable crops is reported. A heavy westerl}' wind undoubtedly saved damage to growing wheat. Ohio I'rult IJe»troyeii. CLEVELAND, 0., May 13.—A heavy and killing frost visited the northern and eastern portions of the state Sun- flay night. In some places ice was frozen a quarter of an inch in thickness. Fruit of (ill kinds was destroyed. Along the lake shore grape growers kept tires burning all night in their vineyards, but the damage done to the vines is very great, and the loss will amount to many thousands of dollars. Wheat which had commenced heading is badly injured. Garden truck is ruined and young- corn frozen in the ground. Nrw York finipo 1'rospuctn Ruined. JAMESTOWN, N. Y., May 13.—Immense damage wa.s done by frost Sunday night. All fruit prospects are ruined. The grape belt' suffered enormously. It is estimated Chautauqua couoty's loss is fully 82,000,000. LOCKFOUT, N. Y., May 13.—The thermometer registered as low as ?8 Suu- day night. Fruit acid vegetables suffered in Niagara county, and although the extent of the damage is not yet ascertained it will reach thousands of dollars. NI-AOK, .A\ Y., May 13—The cold weather Monday morning made thin ice -in this placv •.:<iH vicinity, and a contfiTWvm;e of tnc io« r temperature, it is believed, will injure the fruit prospects. ST. C-vruEnixic, Ont., May 13.—The cold snap of Sunday did great damage to the fruit in the Niagara district, grapes and peaches being almost entirely destroyed. WILL IT STAND? Impression Prevails That Incom Tax Law Is Sustained. Justices Take the Final Action Tha Is to Determine Its Fate — D«- cision Rendered May 20. YORK, May 13.—The Suns Washington special says Justice Jack son, of the supreme court, left for Phil adelphia to consult a specialist in kid ney diseases. He will return in a daj or two, but will proba My leave for Tennessee before the court reconvenes en May 20. At the consultation of the justices Saturday Justice Jackson voted with Justices Brown, White, Harlau :md Shiras to sustain- the constitutionality of the income tax law, and the vote when announced May 20 will stand 6 to 4 in favor of the law. It is learned that Justice Jackson's attitude was understood Toy his colleagues on the bench before ho came to Washington. He has at all times been fully advised as to the merits of the case, and was furnished with the record and the .awyers' briefs, so that he was fully prepared to vote when the justices' met a consultation Saturday. Mis only •eason for coming to Washington was ,o- gratify the desire of the court to lave the income-tax ease settled decisively, so that the court would not be left divided on such an important question, with the possibility of endless litigation. It is said that some o£ the members of the court are disposed to believe that the majority may have gone a lit- HOOSIER News Briefly Told from Varlou* Towns In Indiana. v Found » Skeleton. \VABASH, Ind.. May 13.—William Bar and William Morgan, residing- noar'. Jonesboro, while dig-trine- a ditch through a swampy piece of land came upon the skeleton of an ndult male. The bones were exhumed and proved to be those of a large-sized man. Over : the remains were piled several pole* and a quantity oi leaves, and acorns., were found among- the leaves, indicat- : ing that the body had been buried itt .•! the fall. The skull was crushed, causing- the suspicion that a murder bad ' been committed. Persons living- in the locality for twenty years can recall no ';' crime of the kind, , EX-GOV. CHASE DEAD. Former Executive oC Indiana SuccumbA , tn Kr.y»lpel:i». Is-DliXAPOLIS, Ind., May 13.—The family of J'ra J. Chase, ex-governor of Indiana, on Saturday received a tele- pram from Lnbec, Me., announcing his death from erysipelas. Several months ago he went to that place to conduct evangelical work and was attacked by the illness which caused-his death. IHo was born In Rockport, Monroe county N. Y., December?, issi. and was educated ia the schools of Milan. Ho afterward removed •wlcn his parents to Cool; county, 111., In 1854. There he worked oil his father's furm and taught school. He was in. the Nineteenth Illinois rOKlment during tbe war, Delns 1 sergeant In a company. tie too far in exempting- re7)ts from the income tax, but toe vote taken Saturday did not show a.ny change of heart among those who voted to exempt rentals and .state and municipal bonds. The taxpayers will now have to further appeal to congress. Representative-Elect Francis \Vilson, of Brooklyn, has been selected to lead the fight for repeal in the bouso. next December. TJitilr MinilK Ma do Uj>. WASHINGTOX, May J.3,—There was no further conference of the justices of the supreme court of the United States Monday, from which fact it is inferred that the decision of the court upon the income tax cases reached .by them Saturday, which at that-time was-left open for further.dis- cussion, should any of them desire it, is a finality. Justice Jackson left 1 Washing-ton Monday over the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad for his home, near Xashville, Tenn. The report that the present decree of the court will not be disturbed is circulated with considerable emphasis. .No authentic information is obtainable. Till- Crops Suffnr. COLUMUCS, Ind., May 33.— This part of Indiana is afflicted with new species ; of cut worms. There are three sepaj> ate and distinct kinds of these pests . and complaint of their savage attacks pon young corn especially are Joud. 'he gray cut worm has usually done but little damage in this part of In-. ianii. Then there is a red worm with rapacious appetite. )n addition to :iis army worms have appeared in- many localities. They appear to have .-..leader that directs their course and : '' oung corn aud grasses disappear in. leir pathway. Swlnnler* Arrented. Ind., May Jli. — A trio of Russian Jew swindlers — Joseph. Stein, Barney Ginsberg andJlrs. Jacob IJowenshaft. alias Mrs. Barney Gins-. berg-, ;ilia.s Zetta Boch.'ik — who started • out to make n. fortune without work' lire in jail charged with conspiracy to defraud the Indianapolis Street Rail- way company. It is believed they are ' members of the Freeman gang who were recently caught in an attempt to malct tho Rock Island Railroad company in Chicago. ' : Trolley LI»r to VjilpHrntno. VALPARAISO, Ind,, May 13.— The pro- ;.-. posed electric railway to connect this .. city with Chicago is assured. -.At a'' meeting of the stockholders directors were chosen and the following officers.. '.. were elected: President, A. Morrison,, of Chicago; vice president, Seward. < '' Lightner; secretary, A. J. Smith; treasurer, J. II. Roper. A franchise will be secured at the commissioners' court ':.-'• June 1, and it is hoped to begin opera- •'• tious by July. - ' • .'; ENCOURAGING. Kevlviil of KuKlnctta ID 1'artf ot Pennsylvania, Ohio and AVest Virginia. PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 13.—The Times prints dispatches from all points in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia, on the business situation. These dispatches show that business is booming at every point heard from and that confidence in the future seems fully restored. Xot since the spring of 1393 has such activity been noticed. The revival is not confined to 'any one line of industry, but all classes of manufacture and trade feel the good effects. Old works that have been idle for two years or more are resuming, plants that have been operating on part time have increased working forces, and numerous firms have advanced the price of labor. In the vicinity of Pittsburgh alone over 10,000 workmen received an advance in wages during- the past week. MANY NEW POST OFFICES, TVMtmiui SurK for D SOUTH: BEND. Ind., May 13. — Peter/ Whitman, of Ashley, brought suit in De Kalb county a.gainst the Wabash railroad for S2D.OOO damages. .Whitman was an engineer on a freight train in the disastrous Kingsbury (Ind.) wreck, in which fourteen per- SODS were killed, September 23, 189U. Whitman is a physical wreck. The CJiSc will be bitterly contested and will establish a precedent for other . . litigation now pending, Flrel>ue« at Terrr H*nt«. TEHKE HAUTE, Ind., May 13.— Early Sunday morning firebugs started fires in four of the prominent business • buildings of the city, but the timely . discovery prevented serious damage. B'or several weeks firebugs . have been setting fire to barns, some- ;• times four and five iu a day. On the • occasion of the firemen's annual ball ' the building in which the hall is lo- - •; cated was set on fire three times. . . m CIA CILASL'. He studied tar ftie ministry after the irar and "was a minister of the Christian church until he entered politics. He has served as Ueiiartrocnt commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. In ISSS he ivas elected lieutenant poveroor with Gov. Hovey, and, upon the death of the latter, succeeded him as governor. In 1892 .he was ronominated for governor by the republicans, out was cTe.'catctl by Gov. Matthews ID the upheaval of that year Since retiring from the governor's G2!ce he has been engaged in evnnzelical work lor the Christian church. His unfortunate association with the Zimri Dwigg-ins banking scheme in Indiana resulted la his indictment in the Greentown bank failure. After the 1391 jxlm'c Sir'.' Chase was shown to be an innocent victim imposed on by the promoters, and tardy justice iras recently done him Sy the dismissal of the case ot FranWort, lai,. without ever him to trial.]. -._ HundredH of Theui ENtabl tithed During the Pa»t Six Montlm, WASUETOTOJ?, May 13.—The May number of the Postal Guide has just been issued, giving a resume of the most important subjects that have engrossed the attention of the post office department during the past month and showing the changes in post offices from December 1, 1S94,- to Mav 1, UsUo. During this period a total of ],56S new offices were established, of which 67 were in Illinois, 37 in Indiana, 32 in Iowa, 54 in Michigan. 30 in Minnesota. 44 in Wisconsin. As a whole the south had the greatest increase. Bobj- Ktnploff* Orcnnlzc. HAVMOXD, Ind., May. 13.—At a meeting of the ex-employes of the Roby Breeders' association a permanent organization known as the Roby Em- ployes' association was formed, with a membership of ]00, and these officers: President, Col. A. X. Smith; secretary, Frank Oilman; treasurer, Charles W. Eeimbach; sergeant-alarms, M. F. : Philbrick. fruits and small grains were injured^ Fen ii was not material!r Treaty Kaclded. N. May.18.—The last chapter in the Mexico-Guatemala incident was closed oa Wednesday of last week when the Mexican senate ratified the treaty which provided for a settlement of the boundary dispute between the two countries. .Information to this effect has been received from the City 'of Mexico by Mr. Komero, the Mexican minister at this point Jury Couldn'c Ajrrec. LtNCOLX,'Xeb., May 13.—After being ont twenty-nine hours the jury in tbe ease of the state against ex-State Treasurer Hill reported a 'Oisajrrcement at 10 o'clock Saturday ni.j 1 :;:. the vote standing 7 for acquittal. \,j 5 for conviction. ' This -will necessitate a, new trial of the case, which will begin at the next session of the supreme court, beginning May 21. The case related to the liability of the treasurer for state funds to the extent of §300,000 which -he had deposited in tfie Capital national bank and which •was lost by tie zailtLre of that bank in January, 1S03. Ship* Gold to »wroandukna. . Mo>TBE-tL, May 13.—The Bank or Montreal has shipped 8100,000 in gold to its branch inSt, Johns, ST. F., by th» irVamer Bonavist*. Two Puyilclani Inunc. Ind.. May 13.—-Dr. Oscar Ardery, one of the best-lnjoivu practic- . ing physicians in this city, has become .insane from the use of cocaine for a severe pain in the head. Dr. Perry Bow- • ser. of Elwood, a specalist on the cure of the morphine habit, also is insane. He contracted the habit while engaged' in curing it. Both have been taken to ' the Richmond asylum. Cannot lie Extradited. I.vnuofAPOUjS. Ind., May 13.—David C. Bryan, a real estate man of thiscity, who was arrested some weeks ago on a warrant from Chicago charging him with swindling a Chicago party in a real estate deal, was released by the s-npreme court. Bryan is under indictment in the Shelby court on a minor, charge, and could not be extradited. Church Dedicated. MC.VCTE, Ind., May 13.—The Churcb; of Christ, the finest religious edifice in eastern Indiana bnilt by a congregation of the Christian creed, was-dedicated Sunday by Rev. Z. A. Sweeney, of Columbus, consul 10 Constantinople under PresidentBarrison. Thechurcb costSSO.OOO. . ' yaanc Man KaJU tn .Return. KOSTOX. Jnd_,Mayl3.—StewartSyan,: 24 years of age, left hii home iere last ^ Monday for Leavenworth to procure a marriage license, but failed , to return and his parents and friends can get no trace of him- He was to haine marfte'i a young woman of this place. . >

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