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11BnlwwO'rnimma 'r 4IIE EVENING BEE: WEDNESDAY JUNE 23 Na a so 1 AA 18974 tA I 5 OINNEMBM oooooooooooooooooooooooooo A GREAT DISPLAY OF A GREAT DISPLAY OF 0004 MI IN THE ME AN Fa NUE INDORSED 1111 announcement now come of the death of her son George Stanford Schneider The young man had many friends in California where for several years the family resided the father being engaged 01 mining speculations up to the time of his death in 181r2 The young man was a graduate of Harvard He had been engaged since his sophomore year to a Sacramento girl and friends who expected soon to extend to her their congratulations are now offering their heartfelt sympathy 9 11 flu I BUS Xe Ret11111S SilUt lii tH Celileieq le 01110 1101)111)11C011 C(Illiel11101 TEltiO03 8111NE C0111(11e Tile illts Ut tolot IllyePassel Reatillin 9 I AT THE BOTTON OP THE SEA AN APPEAL TO PRESIDENT AND THEY ARRIVED BERK PROM NEW YORK THIS MORNING THEY TALK AND RESOLUTE ABOUT AN HONEST DOLLAR CONGRESS Our this week's WINDOW DISPLAY shows fifty different styles of MEN'S TROUSERS left from broken lots and from suits where coats and vests were sold separately No better ones can possibly be had as for STYLE APPEARANCE and DURABILITY OUR PRICES ARE PLAINLY MARKED on each pair and will be found unmatchable in any other establishment in the country At Deceased Was a Pioneer of California and Was for Many Years Engaged in Mining Along the American the Foundation of a Fortune in This County Praise for McKinley Senators Foraker and Platform Says the Nation Owes a of Gratitude to the of Sympathy for Cuba District Assemblies Everywhere Asked to Use Their Influence to Make the Celebration of the Fourth of July an Occasion for Asking for Their Belligerent Bights cp $1 $29 $250 $39 etc I You will find some excellent values WE ARE SOLE AGENTS for the "NEVER RIP" PANTS at $125 $150 and will replace any pairtthat should rip with a NEV PAIR i Fate Of the Schooner Appia and Amelia June 15th NEW YORK June 23--Fathoms deep on a bed off the treacherous Florida Keys Iles the charred hulk of the American Fehooner Apple and Amelia which burned to the water's edge and sank June 15th Her Captain Willard and his crew of eight men whO barely escaped with their lives from the burning vessel just arrived here on the Mallory line steamer Concho The Appla and Amelia sailed out of the port of Pascagoula MississiPPl June 3d bound for this port Lumber filled every available space below 1 decks and it was piled high on decks When fire broke out near the after-hatch June 15t14 Captain Willard was determined to save his schooner if possible and while three -men were told to form a bucket brigade the others with their felt hats soaked with water and drawn over their faces to protect them from the heat mane a bold dash at the smoking hatch succeeding in tumbling the lumber overboard while their mates kept them drenched with water drawn from the see It was all in vain however for the flames crept along the deck's beams and burst forth from the forward-hatch It was then apparent that the schooner was doomed and the long boat was hastily provisioned Without waiting even to secure the schooner's papers her skipper and crew piled into the boat and were soon afloat They were picked up by a pilot boat and landed at Key West where they obtained passage on Ns Conchor-1 TOLEDO June Republican Slate Convention assembled in this city at 4 yesterday The district meetings in the afternoon resulted in Dick carrying two-thirds of the State committeemen and about the same majority for Senator Hanna out of I 5c1vgixo31-xli II I 5i )Ts 10111p" ilt Ifyil tustsuaucuosolow-- oo4433ooooooooooooooooo0Goooi 040040040404000400040400400404140 WASHINGTON June Executive Board of the Knights of Labor has adopted the following: "Resolved That the General Executive Board of the Knights of Labor does hereby request the House of Representatives and the President of the United States to at once take action recognizing the belligerency of Cuba and "Resolved That we commend the local and district assemblies of the Knights of Labor to everywhere use their influence in their respective towns and cities to make the celebration of the Fourth of July 1897 an occasion for the adoption by the people of resolutions calling on the President and House of Representatives to take in mediate action granting belligerency to Cuba to the end that 'the cause of freedom and independence in that Island shall be aided to win a speedy and complete victory "GENERAL EXECUTIVE BOARD KNIGHTS OF LABOR" teetton for wool as I ball speedily Increase American lioclua sufficiently to supply all American needs We endorse the wise faithful and I satisfactory administration of Governor Bushnell and congratulate the people of this State upon the financial condition of the commonwealth which demonstrates that the legislative power of the State was eeonomical and honestly exercised by a Republican Lege' lature We promtse acontinuance at biennial sessions of such legislation as may be necessary to remedy the present Inequalitiee of taxation: the making of oree such appropriations as may be properly required for the needs of our rapidly-growing State and the avoidance of unnecessary special legislation having the Republican idea that home rule is best subserved by leaving the broadest possible powers of local Government with the people The views of the Republican Party will insure the advantages of batter schools better roads and all those Progressive Ideas which will keep Ohio at the head of the sisterhood of Stales The thanks of the people of this State are due to Senators Foraker and Hanna for their splendid efforts during this session of Congress and we congratulate the people on their representation In the United States Senate Desiring to continue such representatem and appreciating his services to the party and to the people of the State and Nation and his eminent and proven fitnese for the position we endorse the candidacy of the Hon Marcus A Hanna for the United States Senate to succeed elmself and pledge the support of the party in the next General Assembly to his election to both the short and long terms The mention) of Senator Hanna's name was greeted with loud demonstrations) and after the resolution was adopted Hanna was called upon He thanked the convention for the expression of confidence and pledged himself to co-operate wieh the standard bearer (Bushnell) for Republican success In Ohio Seantor Hanna said Republicans should be warned that this was a dangerous year The Republicans of Ohio fight best when there Is danger ahead The opposition propose to stir up the once-thrashed straw They will revive free silver in Ohio but not free wool He discussed the pending tariff bill at length and paid a high tribute to General Grosvenor for his work In the House of Representatives for protection Senator Hanna said he was now trying in the Senate to keep up with General Grosvenor's pace In the House The Senator paid the highest tribute to President McKinley's efforts to brine about prosperity and the best possible conditions to the country The President had many difficulties to overcome but he would meet the predictions Of his friends Governor Bushnell Lieutenant-Gov ernor Jones and Mr McDowell also ad dressed the convention Nominations were as follows: Gov ernor Asa Bnehnell Lieutenant-Governer A Jones Supreme Judge Jacob Burkett Attorney-General Frank Monnett State Treasurer Samuel Campbell School Commissioner Bone-brake Member of the Board of Public Works Goddard Adjourned till 2:40 Immediately after the adjournment of the convention the new State Central Committe organized with Harry Daugherty as Chairman Fischer as Vice-Chairman and Peter Durr as Secretary Daugherty and Durr are Hanna and Dick men Fisher was a Kurtz man In the contest for the control of the committee All were elected unanimously Manufacturers and Business Houses was saved from capture but the face of President James Scott Brownof the senior class was badly battered in the conflict and Harry Coy was thrown down the stairs of the Ryerson tower and picked up at the bottom with a dislocated shoulder Many other students were more or let hurt An investigation of the light is to be made by the University authorities and the students b011eve that it may result in the expulsion of some of the leaders in the conflict and Public Men Can obtain all newspaper information from the PRESS CLIPPING BUREAU 510 Montgomery Street San Francisco 6863 NO CONDITIONS ATTACHED NEWS FROM PLACETAS pRUIT JARS NIT CANS JELLY GLASSES and SEALING WAX Manly Answer of Wm I Bryan to Bateman's Charges JOCKEY CLUB OFFICIALS The remains of John Shaw a pioneer of California but who has lived In the East for the past twenty years arrived in this city this morning by the early train from New York The body was brought in the private car "Argonaut" belonging to the Shaw family and was accompanied by a 'Nfi number of relatives including Mrs NV Shaw Mrs Shaw and and Nelson Shaw Mrs A Towne of San Francisco an old friend of the Shaws came UP from San Francisco last night in a special car to attend the funeral She was accompanied by the following per- sons also friends of the Shams Mrs Blanchard Mrs I Requa Mrs Pik Mark Retina Colonel Long Mrs Xing Miss Lucy' King Mrs Abee Mr and Mrs Goodwin Mrs Mower Miss May Mower Milton Retina Percy King Joseph King Mrs Worden Wordert Mrs Plater Mrs Foster Mrs Bates Mrs Arthur Smith Lily O'Connor Maude O'Connor The train which arrived from San Francisco sit 11:15 o'clock this forenoon brought a number of other friends Iormediately after the arrival of the train the body was conveyed to the City Cemetery where the remains were intered by the side of those of the daughter of the deceased who was buried there several years ago The services at the cemetery which were conducted by Rev Buck of the Sixth-Street Alethodist Church were very simple John Shaw who was buried in the Sacramento City Cemetery was one of the early pioneers of California and he took quite a large fortune from the mines For many years he lived at Folsom in this county and was engaged in mining there and at Mormon Island early in the fifties He was one of the first of the gold-hunters to flume the American River Mr Shaw was married in Folsom to Lucy A Mower They afterwards removed to Sacramento and lived for a number of years at the old Orleans Hotel on Second Street Mr and Mrs Shaw then removed to San Francisco where he engaged in a number of enterprises He built the lk first street car line on Market Street in that city About twenty years ago Mr Shaw and his family removed to New York where he became identilled with several important railroad lines For a number of years and up to a short time ago he was the President of the Toledo and Hocking Valley Railroad Company Deceased waa -nearly 70 years of age KILGORE 8: TRACY CASH GROCERS Northeast Co Eighth and Streets 6160-r twenty-one districts for members for the Committees on Resolutions Credentials and Permanent Organization so that the convention is largely in control of Senator Minna When the convention assembled Hon Crouse Chairman of the State Central Committee reviewed the past campaign counseled harmony and named General Grosvenor as the ternporary Chairman Mr Grosvenor said in part: "I am not here to sound a keynote That duty has been assigned by the comments of the Democratic press but Republicans do not need keynotes The St Louis platform is the charter of the Republican Party It stands unrepealed and no keynote is necessary to enforce its binding obligations upon Republicans and we are unitedly in defense of any suggestion of that platform Our Democratic friends are shouting upon every stump and in every newspaper and all over the country demanding to know 'Where is the lirosperity that you promised? We never promised prosperity This is the language of our platform upon the subject: We emphasize our allegiance to the policy of protection as the bulwark of American independence and the foundation of a Nation and prosperity' Our Democratic friends are to hold a convention in Ohio shortly and they will proclaim their allegiance to the doctrine of free and unlimited coinage of silver taking their stand firmly upon the foundation of a fifty-cent dollar and the appreciation and degradation ol oie coinage of the country The people this country are opposed to anarchy They are opposed to the reign of murder They believe in law and order Let the Democratic Party in its calamity even dare to indorse the Chicago heresy of anarchy and resistance of law and the people of Ohio will win a victory that will forever place Ohio in the front rank of law-abiding States "The issues then upon which this contest is to be fought are the issues of the platform adopted at St Louis We shall follow our leader to a magnificent victory By it we will stand or fail By it we will win victory or honorable defeat Under its terms we will challenge the world and under it we wilt march to victory in November" t' a 5 Says the Revolution Is Ended in Santa Clara Province NEW YORK June dispatch to the Journal from Havana says: A dtspatch from Placetas insists that the backbone of the revolution in the Santa Clara district is broken It also declares that a majority of the Moneagados Insurgent forces are without arms that all lack munitions and are suffering from scurvy and smallpox Their food supplies are said to be fast diminishing on account of the activity of the Spanish columns engaged in the destruction of the crops The double execution of Isidoro Carmona and Anthony Jordan prisoners of war sentenced for rebellion and incendiarism occurred at La Cabanas this morning The prisoners were court-martialed yesterday afternoon IR Spring Medicine System Builder Preventive and Cure for MALARIA 'CINCINNATI June Enquirer to-day prints the following statement by Bon Wm Bryan in answer to Professor Bateman's attack or Mr Bryan carried by the Associbted Press yesterday under a Lewiston Maine date When asked by an Enquirer reporter concerning the charges by Professor Bateman the People's Party candidate for Governor of Maine last year Mr Bryan said: "No conditions were attached to the monay turned over to Senator Allen except that It should be used according to Mr Allen's judgment for the cause of All donations were made for that purpose The money was divided between Democrats Popu'Ms and Silver Republicans in proportion to the vote cast To have ignored the Populists In the distribution would have been an inexcusable slight The subject of fusion was not discussed directly or Indirectly Mr Bateman I presume refers to the letter produced in my book I took it from the newspapers If Professor Bateman proves to me that it was a miStake I shall make the change in subsequent editions IN THE WORLD IS The Old Board of Directors Was Re-Elected Yesterday 'SAN FRANCISCO June stockholders of the Pacific Coast Jockey Club held their annual meeting yesterday morning at the Palace The stock of the racing corporation was largely repreeented and as evidence of the harmony that at present exists In the organization it was stated that the entire old Board of Directors was re-elected as follows: Henry Crocker Hobart Edward Corrigan Tarpey Malowanster Androus The Directors immediately reorganized again by electing Androus President Henry Crocker Vice-President and Green Secretary After the election President Williams of the California Jockey Club and Attorney Henry Ach representing the absent Directors of that organization conferred with the Directors of the Pacific Coast Club regarding the coming season of racing here but arrived at nothing definite It was reported during the morning that the Directors of the two clubs purposed to take some action towarl (Its! couraging the purported gambling scheme at San Clemente but Messrs Williams and Crocker said the subject was not discussed at the meeting prob ably for the reason that the Information has come to them as well as others that the project has fallen through for la time at least CONE IRON 10111C! SOLD BY ALL DEALECS IL 000iNGS PLAZA DRUG STORE 904 Street MARRIED RAINY SEASON IS ON Figh'ing in Cuba Over for the Season From Gomez NEW YORK June 23--A letter written by General Maximo Gomez dated May 17th: has been received by the Cuban Junta It states that the rains having begun lighting is over for the season During the period of inactivity the Cuban army is reduced to WOO men but writes Gomez these men are well-equipped well-fed sturdy and efficient soldiers The Spanish army the Cuban General describes as Ill-equipped and 111-fed UNIVERSITY DISGRACED SLATER KNOCKED OUT this city June 1S9ri by Bev A Banks Carlton Musgrove and Miss Maggie INsterbrooks both of this city this city at 1304 Street June 22 1S97 by Rev A Herrick John Davis of Stockton and TIllie Miller of Broderick MESE INJURED ZUST ESCAPED BORN DROWNED IN PRANCE domikomwMp ROS11--Tn Monte Vista June IR 1897 to the wife of A Rost a daughter LION city June 20 1897 to the wife of Gallagher a son Ejected From Church NEW YORK June 23--Mrs Herman Warszawlak is seriously ill at her home 30 Marks Place She is suffering front fainting spells and at times is in great pain Her friends say her tilniess ta the result of her ejectment from the Fifth-Avenue Presbyterian Church on Sunday DiED He Fought Dick Case in British Columbia Near Victoria SAN FRANCISCO June just received from Victoria states that Prank Slavin the Australian heavyweight acted as referee in a fight on June 18th between Harry Slater and Dick Case The men were sent together at 5 o'clock in the morning in a ring pitched in the woods about two miles from town Slater was told by his seconds to wind the thing up in the third round and in trying to carry out his instructions he met his Waterloo He was sent to grass repeatedly and the crowd becoming excited closed in until the fighters and the referee had only about six feet of room to get around in Slavin kept cool and when Slater measured hit length for the sixth or seventh time Slavin picked him up and gave the fight to Case Slater is the welterweight who defeated Holmes McCoy brother of Kid McCoy in this city several weeks ago Chicago College Boys as Big Hoodlums as Those of Hartford CHICAGO June bloody melee on the battlefields of Ryerson Physical Laboratory in which heads were thumped and laaNts belabored put an abrupt end to the senior class exercises at the University of Chicago It was senior day and when the flag of that class was flung to the breeze it was the signal for several hard battles betikeen its defenders and a small of that class was flung to the breeze it was the signal for several hard bat- ties betikeen its defenders and a small 0il11010 1IMNI this city July 22 Joseph only son of Heenan and Annie McAdams native of Sacramento aged 2 months and 7 days Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from residence of his parents I826 street to-morrow (Thursday) at 2 In 6939 FOR THE LADIES OHM Warned in Time Not to Touch the Dangerous Wire John Zust's horse is in the hands of a veterinarian and Zust congratulates himself that be is not a subject for an quest Zust keeps a bakery at Fourth and Streets Yesterday he was delivering bread when near Twenty-first and Streets his horse ran against a drooping telephone wire fThe horse fell forward with the wire drawn taut across its breast Zust was going quickly to the rescue of the animal when he heard the cry from an approaching street ear: "Dont you touch that wire! It's alive!" Zust's horse was smoking where the wire was eating into his flesh The 'warning came in time for had Zust pickeod up the wire he would probably have been killed The wire in dropping from its support had crossed the overhead car wire from which it obtained Its current of electricity 'Alm Sullivan wishes the ladies to know that she will dispose of her millin1 en at auction prices every morning army of under-class men The flag from 7:30 a to 1 rn 6861 Married ladies try 13eguro 6155 Miss Gertrude Weil Lost Her Life in the River Seine PARIS June body of Miss Gertrude Well an art student from Philadelphia was found in the Seine Tuesday and identified yesterday She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs Weil who reside at No 1720 Pine Street Philadelphia he was last seen sketching on the Seine on Saturday June 12th She had previously spoken of suicide upon several occasions She was reported to be engaged to Gleeson another art student Miss Well was 28 years old The body remained at the Morgue six days unrecognized until Monday when the corpse was identified and the dead girl's parents in Philadelphia were communicated with' The case is a most mysterious one for there seems no possible motive for suicide while the fact that 110 francs were found on the body when it was recovered seems to preclude the theory lot murder for the purpose of robbery Miss Well so far as known had no troubles She was comfortably situated amid pleasant surroundings enjoyed perfect health and was a devoted bicyclist Mr Gleeson is an American artist 28 years old He was one of the last to see her on the day she disappeared and thought she had gone cycling to Barbizon but receiving no news of her he notified the police on Wednesday On the following Monday he was informed that her body was at the Morgue WILL BE TRIED -4--- 1111)1111111111111111111111111111111111111E11111111111111111111111111111111111111M111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114 I 1101111CP111111PIMPP1110111 11 a0 C3 1 UHT L'i I 1 A Disbursing Clerk Who Is Charged With Embezzlement WASHINGTON June I Ktrkhoefer the disbursing clerk and chief of accounts of the State Department who was summarily discharged In Deeember 1895 and Indicted for alleged embezzlement of the funds probably will be put on trial shortly The defense is preparing a demurrer and arguments are likely to be heard noxt week Kirkhoefer claims he fully discharged his duties There are two Indictments against htm one in connection with moneys passing through his hands as disbursing clerk and the other as to the trust funds in his care WILL DRAW NO WARRANTS The Controller Will Be Guided bythe Opinion of the Attorney-General In accordancv with the opinion which has been renderedby the Attorney-Generla to the effect that all state printing mustbe doneatthe StatePrinting0ffice Controller Colgan has refused to draw any warrants for printing done elsewhere The fact that the Board of Examiners may have allowed claims for outside printing will make no differomee whatever in this regard whether allow-ea or not the Controller will be guided entirely by the Attorney-General's opinion and will refuse to draw warrants To-day's Proceedings TOLEDO (Ohio) June contest for the Chairmanship decisively yesterday in favor of Major Charles Dick and the entire Hanna slate the Republican State Convention proceeded with the usual business The Credentials Committee report was adopted without opposition as it made no material difference in the personnel of the convention which was overwhelming for Hanna The temporary organization with General Grosvenor In the chair was made the permanent organization and the reports of the other committees were readily disposed of The Committee on Platform was in sessiOn all night trying to frame a platform so as to prevent a contest in the convention over the Cuban and other resolutions Chairman Kurtz did not attend the convention yesterday or to-day and left at noon for Columbus During the day there were conferences between Senator Hanna and Governor Bushnell and the question of new man for the State Chairmanship was still agitated The following platform was adopted: The Republicans of Ohio rejoice in the magnificent victory of last year whereby the people of the United States 'overwhelmingly declared in favor of an honest dollar and a chance to earn it and elected as President that splendid son of Ohio Wm McKinley The platform upon which that victory was won declares the principles1 and policies of the Republican Party To all the declarations of that platform we pledge a renewal of our allegiance and unqualifiedly commend the President and Congress In their wise and statesmanlike execution of its pledges The Republican Party has always been the friend of the downtrodden and oppressed and has always deeply sympathized with the struggle of any people for independence We extend our sympathy to Cuba in their fight tq achieve freedom from Spanish cruelty and oppression and hope that the day of their deliverance is near at hand We commend the course of the President and express our confidence in his speedy disposition of the Cuban question in accordance with wise statesmanlike and a firm and vigorous policy We believe that the Administration In the negotiation of the treaty of annexation with Hawaii has acted wisely and we express the hope that the Senate will ratify the same 4 We denounce the violation of the spirit of the civil service Act by President Cleveland in those orders which extend its operation beyond its purpose and intent and demand such revocation of the orders or a modification of the law aa will accomplish its manifest I EMMIP OWO MOO dEEM MURDERER ARRESTED 0 1 i i' "--4- B3 14 m-- 11 l'' '4 I 1 DEATH SEPARATED THEM Stepped Between a Young Man and His Intended Bride The death of Mrs Stanford Schneider occurred In New York May 28th and the news was received wtth regret by Iher mnny frientla in Sacramento The CHARGED WITH MURDER Alleged to Have Killed Her Husband to Get His Life Insurance LEROY (Minn) dune Dave Gittel formerly Mrs A Pickett has been arrested charged with murdering her husband Pickett in Moody County South Dakota about three years ago Pickett died in a burning house and carried considerable life insurance It Is now claimed that Mrs Pickett started the tire in the house after she had murdered her husband She has since married Dave Gittel who came recently to Leroy from Cheslea Iowa rose Morales in Custody in Ensenada Lower California SAN DIEGO June report Wall received here yesterday from Ensenada that Jose Morales the murderer of Dcputy Sheriff Wilson of Los Angeles County had been arrested two days ago for the theft of two saddles and is now in the Ensenada jail trial An effort is to be made to hold him until he can be extradited Constable Harry Johnston of Los Angeles who has been at Tia Juana for a week past working on a clew drove down to Ensenada at once on receInt of the news It you' miss the opening of Me largest and most complete exclusive house furnishing establishment on the Facile Coast you'll regret it sure The entrance to the Crockery Department will be from the Furniture Store People are requested to pass from the Crockery Store to the Carpet Department then into the Furniture Department and take stairs or elevator to the second or third floor The land- wilb stationed on third floor It may be necessary to limit the numblrof people at times in the Crockery DepartmentI if so an inspection of the Furniture and Cadet Departments first will be in order Two stairs lead to the basementizhervthe house furnishing goods are frongtlie Crockery Department the other from thellitklure Store 'Don't overlook this departmait c- Irtir- We ask the assistance of all present to renderouch service as is proper that no serious damage On loss OCCIfro GEORGIA POPULISTS MdliMm 1 A True Honest I Offer! On the south side of Street be On the south side of Street I 0 ffe IOn the south side of I' Street 111 INtENSE AND FATAL HEAT Five Deaths Before Noon To-day in New Orleans NEW ORLEANS June intense heat continues Five deaths have been reported to-day among them being Bishop Dudley a vell-known cotton broker A Platform Adopted Denouncing Fusion on Silver ATLANTA (Ga) June 23--The Georgia State Populist Convention met here yesterday with about 20l) delegates attending A platform was adopted denouncing fusion and re-affirming Populist principles Thirty delegates were named to at 1 nirty ueleteates were namea to t3 4 rwAll a WHAT IS THE USE? I nu IJOMC at-1 purposo tend the Nashville Populist Convention We commend the reforms inauguratel in July Thomas Watson failed to ap-1 in the Pension Bureau under the prespear at the convention and as a result ent Administration and rega1 them as the movement to overthrow National I an earnest of the sincerity of our Chairman Butler did not materialize pledges to the veterans of the nepub pear at the convention and as a result ent Administration and regard them as the movement to overthrow National an earnest of the sincerity of our Chairman Butler did not materialize pledges to the IitteratiS of the 17:4 ow When you drink Ruhstaller's Gilti Edge Steam Beer you know that you are getting a pure and healthful hey- eragc that Is the mason you do not want to take chances on anything new 6518 1 E-- I 1 a I I I I I between filth and 20th I have 40x1150 with new fences and a good two' story full forty-foot barn and stone walk in course of completion These lots arc very good value for 10:10 I also have 3gx40 and comfort I able five-room cottage on Third street near which rents for 116 a month Price $1300 i Money to Loan I 'I WRIGHT 1 1 402 bef tween filth and 20th I have 40x1150 with new fences and a good two- I' story full forty-foot barn and stone I walk in course of completion I These Iota ere very good value for 1 1060 wt I also have Vs40 and comfort- I able five-room cottage on Third street near which rents for 116 a Imonth Price MOO I401 i Money to Loan II I I 1 402 kBefore baying your house wired anal A Before baying your house wired and 1 )f1 gas fixturee changed to electric fixtures see Tom Scott 303 5331 A LJTtT T1 1b -4 lie which we here renew of a watchful THIRTY-EIGHT INDICTMENTS care and recognition and enforcement of their just claims upon a grateful PeoMen Whom It Is Alleged Robbed 0 Ballot Boxes we favor the passage by Congress of DENVER June special such a law as will pmvide a National Grand Jury appointed to Investigate th'e Board of Arbitration to secure PO far 1 robbery of ballot boxes and other as possible the adjustment and settle- frauds committee(' at the late city ment of torch differences as may arise election has returned thirty-eight in- betueen corporations engaged in Inter' dictments against nineteen election State commerce and their employes officers for violation of the election' Faithfully we stand to the principle laws The names of the Indicted have 1 of proteotion and we demand for the I not yet been made public iwool-growers of Ohio such ample pro JOHN BREUNE1 I gmr Nemo' Ark MiIf New The best results obtained by Inserting I en ad on the "Classified" page of The I 13c dia21an irieb014 in Dr Tyrrell has removed to the Breu hat1 ner Building rooms 17 18 and 19 6179 I.

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